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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 9, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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tires squealing. >> ran out to the bus, rendering aid to the children. bus driver was pregnant, panicking. i did what i could. >> the driver, i brought her a blanket and just held on to her. consoled her. let her know everything will be okay. >> reporter: the driver who was 34 weeks pregnant, the man who drove the vw and a passenger in the silverado were rushed to the medical center in walnut creek. out of an abundance ever caution, chp says four of the children were transported to kaiser in richmond and three were transported to children's home oakland. in the end, they were all okay. san pablo dam road was closed for five hours as crew worked to clean oil off the road and the investigation was undertaken. >> drugs and alcohol war not a factor. possibly feed with the wet slick roadways. >> reporter: this surveillance video that shows the accident will likely be a big part of the investigation. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news.
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force of the impact was so great, officials say the engine in the vw was knocked completely out of the car. in the meantime a wrong way driver is dead following a crash in the south bay. abc 7 news was in milpitas was a total of five were involved in the crash. the california highway patrol says the driver is a 52-year-old oakland man who was in the van. the chp says it first heard about the wrong way driver just before 5:00 a.m. it is still not clear where he got on the freeway in the wrong direction, but officials do say weather conditions were very bad at the time of the wreck. another driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. severe weather in southern california has killed at least eight people, several inches of rain had fell causing mud slides. there have been dozens of rescues out of the mud. do
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>> reporter: this morning rainfall was exceeding 1 inch per hour in some areas. too much rain too fast on top of burnt ground triggered deadly mudslides and flooding. the rain fell hard and it was intense. bearing down on the same parts of southern california seared by those devastating wildfires. >> i mean look at the hill, nothing slowing it down. >> reporter: and with nothing to hold the soil in place, debris and mud floes reeked havoc. >> this is the old saloon. >> reporter: prompting rescues. this is video of firefighters carrying a 14-year-old girl on a stretcher after she was trapped inside a home for hours. mandatory evacuations forcing people to leave, dozens dropped off by a military vehicle. drone video shows a mudslide on the 101 freeway. >> it actually moved me to the left side of the road. i was terrified. >> reporter: mudslides shutting down different parts of that major freeway, cars stuck in
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mud. intersections inundated with floodwater. the slick roads causing multiple accidents. and with more rain in the forecast this evening, officials are expecting more rescues and evacuations. and the storm is not over yet. flash flood warnings remain in effect here throughout the evening. d d first responders are also sharing images of the storm damage. these show destruction and floodwaters nearly a road sign on the right side of the screen. a stretch of 101 is closed and chp says people continue to get stuck. >> looks like a swamp there. an l.a. sun valley neighborhood mud flowed down a charred hillside and shut down a major thoroughfare. you can see the debris and even in the front yards of some homes. several cars got stuck in the mud including a police vehicle.
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the officer wasn't hurt there. the hillside that gave way was burned in last month's creek fire which consumed more than 15,000 acres and damaged 60 homes. >> and take a look at the muddy mess caused by the rain in malibu. there is a car stuck in thick mud up past the tires. the l.a. times reports an lapd cruiser also became mired in a separate debris floe. also a problem in burbank and some were evacuated. and in las vegas, this is the lake hotel on the strip. looks like a raging river has taken over the parking garage there. this is the first rain that the city has seen in 116 days. and remember, it's busy with all the tourists for the ces show. as of this morning, vegas picked up 25% of its annual rainfall in less than 24 hours. >> what an interesting sight for las vegas. >> yeah, don't want to be stuck in that.
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>> closer to home for us, at least we're starting to dry out. >> looks like the worst of the rain is over. let's get right now over to spencer christian. >> it's just about all over as you can see on live doppler 7 except in the south bay. sprinkles south of san jose. and it's winding down. but of course by the mumpt of t movement of the storm here, it moved down into southern california which of course produced the problems and all the damage you just saw on the earlier video. the storm is now weakening in the l.a. area as well and our next shower chance is just out to sea moving in our direction. it will be bringing some more showers into the bay area tomorrow. it ranks only 1 on the storm impact scale. storm of light intensity. best chance of showers tomorrow from this storm is in the north bay. it looks like it will produce less than a 10th of an inch of rainfall, so a relatively weak system. i'll give you a closer look at that and the full forecast coming up. even as mother nature
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continues to wipe out roads, caltrans made some residents of the santa cruz mountains very happy today. >> they reopened a section of highway 35 that was destroyed by a massive mudslide during the storms that hit the bay area back in february. >> david louie was there for the road opening. >> reporter: all that you see here was wiped out by a massive mudslide including 220 feet of roadway. items opening 11 months later is faster than local residents expected. sarah was one of the first to drive on the restored road. >> we can see our friends with four minutes away with much more ease rather than driving down los gatos and coming up highway 9. >> reporter: flfts no rthere wa boone cutting. a truck driver decided to ignore his gps. >> my gps was saying it was closed the whole way, kept telling me to turn around. i just took a chance. >> reporter: and the road
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closure had blocked castle rock park. special materials had to be used to build the retaining walls. this 4-foot thick retaining wall is crucial to keeping it safe in the future. that is because of underlying terrain here as you can see is mostly sandstone. it's very porous and can give way quickly under heavy rainfall. runoff from this week's heavy rain is already draining down the hill. construction crews still have work do installing a permanent guardrail and completing the drainage system. landscaping and trees will come later to stabilize the soil. the project costs $10 million. >> it was a big challenge to make all things happen at the same time. this is like herding cats. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. and you're looking at what happened after a car jumped a sidewalk and smashed into a store in san francisco's richmond district. this happened on clement street
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right around 2:00 this afternoon. nobody was hurt thankfully. san francisco police are trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control. muni briefly diverted a police officer is due in court friday. justin mcxaul is currecall is c on bail after being accused of assaulting a person after the victim was passed out. he faces felony charges. he is suspended without pay during the investigation. alameda county taxpayers will now pick up the tab for the private attorneys representing ghost ship fire suspect max hir ris. the judge granted a defense team request for public funds. maris' lead attorney calls the decision a win/win for his client and alameda county taxpayers. >> it is a matter of saving the county money because if we could have moved forward another attorney would have been paid or
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public defender would have been paid to remediate and to relearn all these facts that we've learned and do a lot of the work we did. >> attorney briggs says such moves by the court are allowed, although they are wrar. he wouldn rare. he only described the amount as nominal. harris and his co-defendant are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire in oakland. oakland city leaders praised both police and community activists with violence crime declining for the fifth year in a row. abc 7 news was inside city hall when the mayor credited neighbors with urging the city to adopt a program called cease fire. oakland began implementing cease fire in 2012. drops in violence crime and police using deadly force followed. >> reduced shootings by 50%. home sides by 42%. robberies by 38%.
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this is by no means mission accomplished, but it is progress acknowledged. >> this is transformational policing. it is a reflection of deescalati deescalation. >> cease fire aims at building stronger partnerships between citizens and officers. palo alto police are looking for suspects in what was a brazen robbery at the nordstrom department store in the stanford shopping center. witnesses said somewhere between 9 and 20 people ran into the storm last night, ripped designer handbags from the racks using knives and wire cutters. preliminary estimates say the thieves got away with $100,000 worth of merchandise. nobody was injured. just ahead, didn't get your flu shot this year? why state officials are telling people it's not too late. plus -- >> i'm all in, i only live one time. this is something that i feel deeply strongly about. >> oh, yeah. jon gruden back in silver and black. fans are excited.
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mike shumann will have the latest on the raiders' huge move. and trick shots everywhere. a lesson from our very own from the one and only harlem globetrotters. >> see if they have a trick to get out of this, this is the skyway in downtown san francisco. at least it's not raining. but pretty much bumper-to-bumper in both directions as you try to get out of san francisco or down towards 101 south.
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headquarters today as the raiders officially announced the return of jon gruden as their new head coach. mike shumann is live at raiders headquarters. i tell you what, we both watched that news conference. this seem like the perfect fit. >> reporter: no question. and marc davis said he has been chasing gruden for six years and nailed him down with a 10 year $100 million contract. i was skeptical, but you could feel the culture change when he walked in the building. >> i never wanted to leave the raiders. i never thought i'd be back. but here i am and i'm ready to get to work. >> reporter: gruden coached from 1998 to 2001 and was then traded to tampa bay by al davis for four draft picks and $8 million. former raider charles woodson asked jon an important question. >> all of just want to know is there is a no trade clause in your deal? >> you're going to make me want
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to go home back to florida. there is a no trade clause. >> reporter: gruden has been away from coaching for almost a decade. i remember interviewing him with the raiders at 3:00 a.m. his first time around at age 34. is this your first early morning interview? >> yeah, first time i've ever done this before, that is for sure. >> reporter: but he sehe changes in the game and players. will he change his coaching style for the updated game and players? >> i got a lot to prove, i know that. but the game is still decided by play hers between the lines and we all have to adapt every year. >> i don't think he can change. i don't thihe should change. he has to be who he is. and i told derek carr, this will be a real grind. but just hang in there with him and i'm telling you, he will take you places. >> reporter: coach gruden said this was the only franchise he considered returning to. >> big reason i'm here is my passion for the city of oakland and this franchise.
4:16 pm
and people in the black hole, if you're out there listening, i can't wait to see you guys. >> reporter: i couldn't be in the black hole, so i brought it to you. hasn't missed a game in 22 years. his wife took this picture years ago of jon gruden lighting the flame. and gorilla, i'll ask you if you can describe your feelings today in one word, what would it be? >> super bowl. >> that is two word, but i'll take it. reporting in alameda, mike shumann, abc 7 news. >> we should auld add him to th sports department right there with that kind of insight. he's bringing as much as you are, brother. >> oh, man, burn. >> tiger woods tweeted this, he's back, #raider nation.
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>> tiger is a huge raider fan as well as a stanford fan. people in antioch are celebrating alabama's victory last night because antioch high grad naja harris played a big role in their comeback. the freshman led bama with 64 yards rushing, 35 on this carry. of course ranked player in the nation out of abiliof antioch j year. those of you who grew up in the 808 lover seeing a local boy do well. and shifting gears now, california health urging you to get a flu shot. >> and a twharng this infection is about to get worse. kristen sze here has the
4:18 pm
details. >> statistic public health department urging everyone to get vaccinated. they say 27 californians have died from the flu so far this season. and there is a sign things are getting worse. visits to the doctor's office and hospitalizations have surpassed some of the most severe flu seasons on record. of the 27 flu deaths in people under 65, four were in santa clara county. top state health officials held a conference call with reporters to raise awareness. >> it's mainly spread by tiny drop lets that form when people cough, sneeze or talk. these drop lets enter the mouth or noses of people who are nearby. >> although flu peaks between december and february, the virus can continue as late as may which means it is not too late to get a shot. vaccine effectiveness varies from year to year. experts say this year's may be up to only 30% effective, but some protection is better than nothing, right? and if you do come down with the flu, the cdc tweeted taking
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antiviral drugs can mean the difference between a milder illness and serious illness that could result in a serious hospital stay. >> thank you. and getting to the weather now, are things drying out? >> looks like we some sunshine on the way. >> we do indeed. lots of clouds lingering over the bay area right now, but what is left of the showers is way down south near gilrogilroy. and looking from our rooftop camera, it is currently temperatures in the mid-50s, 54 to 56 degrees in virtually all these locations. check out this view, that is just stunning view of high clouds, low clouds, mid range clouds looking westward from ed emeryville. 60 in santa row tasrosa.
4:20 pm
56 at livermore. and looking out over san francisco, you see a lot of blew up there. and we'll see isolated showers ending this evening. in fact they are ending right now. light rain is likely tomorrow mainly in the north bay. and it will be drier and milder, in fact dry and milder thursday through sunday. overnight look for a few patches of fog perhaps up in the north bay, lingering clouds, call it partly cloudy. overnight lows will be mainly in the 40s, mid to upper 40s for most locations. low 40s up in the north bay where it will be a little bit chillier. and we have some more rain coming. storm impact, tomorrow's system ranks one. best chance of showers from this storm is in the north bay, although they could pop up in other locations. and we expect less than a 10th of an inch of rain in most locations. here is the forecast animation starting about 9:30 tonight, we'll be dry and today's storm will have completely moved out of the area. and overnight, we'll see more clouds coming in and then early
4:21 pm
tomorrow morning, we'll see the first few pockets of light showers forming in the north bay. and midday, showers will move south just a bit perhaps on to the peninsula. and they will pretty much fizzle out in the afternoon hours going into the evening and we should be dry by the time the evening rush begins tomorrow. may be some wet spots, but the rain will have ended. so our 12 hour planner, early part of the day until about noon, some isolated showers starting first up in the north bay and then they could pop up just about anywhere by midday. we'll start to see a little shun he breaking through in the afternoon as a chance of showers starts to fade and the clouds start to open up and give way to brighter skies in the evening hours. tomorrow's highs will be mainly in the upper 50s, we may so 60 at palo alto, 61 at santa cruz, but everywhere else, upper 50s. and this is the accuweather 7 day forecast. so once again, light rain likely too many. the ranks only a one.
4:22 pm
and then it will get milder towards the end of the week. highs in the mid-60s. not much change on monday except a few extra clouds and then it may cool down a little bit next tuesday. and that is a look at the 7 days ahead look pretty dry. it's a royal outing. prince harry and his fiance have their first public appearance of the new year, but it is the littlest royal who is getting all the attention. would be a lot of fun. i noer her veknow ♪ it's time for sleep number's 'lowest prices of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400.
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oprah for president, she sparked speculation about a possible run for the white house in 20 of20 in a speech at the golden globes. president trump was asked about
4:25 pm
the possibility. >> it would be a lot of fun. i know her very well. i did one of his last shows. this is before politics. her last week and she had donald trump and my family was very nice. no, i like oprah. i don't think she's going to run. >> the president added that he would beat win friday if she were the democrat's nominee. there are mixed reports as to whether win friday is considering entering the race. in the past she has ruled out running for public office. a big day for the engaged royal couple as they have their first interview of the new year. this comes as kate celebrates her 36th birthday today. molly hunter has a closer look. >> reporter: on a drizzly delay afternoon, a ray of sunshine lit up south london. when meghan markle arrived. a vibrant multiracial, multicultural neighborhood alongside prince harry, they visited a community radio station, represent fm. the radio station also trains young people in media skills.
4:26 pm
>> it is really important to harry to meet people, ordinary people, and him and william are key on young people. >> reporter: fans lined up early and the screams not just those of high school girls. >> are you excited? >> i'm excited. >> reporter: meghan and harry worked the crowd. and big excitement from way down here from the littlest fans. meghan identify as multiracial and for many this was a statement. >> such a strong hold for that community which is why they are making this the visit. >> reporter: after the couple sped away, meghan deleted her social media account. a clean start.
4:27 pm
excitement building for their wedding and the markle magic in full effect. molly huntsder, a hunter, abc n washington. it is back to business in washington and immigration at the top of the list. >> president trump is fighting for an empty symbol rather than smart policy. >> the issue that could bring about another government shutdown. plus a devastating earthquake more than 15 years ago, now the clock is ticking for refugees who came to the foust help. what one bay area school what one bay area school people are fighting type 2 diabetes... with fitness... food... and the pill that starts with f. farxiga, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. lowering a1c by up to 1.2 points. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer.
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here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. a pregnant school bus driver is among 12 taken to the hospital following a crash that was captured on surveillance video in the east bay. abc 7 news was where the school bus kaer bus carrying special needs children collided with two vehicles. two are in critical condition, neither of them was on the bus. none of the children were seriously hurt. at least 13 deaths are now blamed on this week's storm in southern california. our sister station in los angeles tweeted as the santa barbara county gave the update about half an hour ago. much different picture in the north bay today. wayne freedman tweeted blue skies and no significant flooding or mudslides in the
4:31 pm
fire zones. to the white house where the president joined prp republicand democrats to negotiate immigration reform. it happened as congress works to avoid a government shutdown. kenneth moton has the latest live from washington. >> reporter: extraordinary bipartisan talks on immigration at the white house today and it all comes as krocongress really needs to work over the next seven days before the shutdown next friday to fund the government. from the capitol to the white house, negotiations under way to overt a government shutdown. >> so i'm appealing to everyone in the room to put the country before party. >> reporter: immigration at the center of the debate, president trump flanked by congressional democrats and republicans. hashing out immigration reform right in front of the cameras. and d.r.e.a.m.ers brought to the country as children, a bill to address their fate expected this week. >> this will be a bill of love,
4:32 pm
but it the has to be a bill where we're able to secure or border. >> reporter: the big battle likely to be overhas to be a bie we're able to secure or border. >> reporter: the big battle likely to be over s $18 billion request for the southern wall. >> if we do not do something with the security and chin migration, we are noare fooling other that we solved the problem. >> there is not a democrat that is not for having secure borders. >> reporter: on capitol hill, a harder tone from democrats. >> president trump is fighting for an empty symbol rather than smart policy. >> reporter: leaders are also trying to achieve a funding bill that sets spending caps, reauthorizes the children's health insurance program and provides emergency disaster relief. >> so we have deadlines, we understand these deadlines and i think we're having good-bye partisan conversations. >> reporter: lawmakers are also signals as the negotiations continue, it is likely congress will have to pass a short term funding measure to keep the lights on and keep the
4:33 pm
government funded past next friday. again, there are seven working days for congress to get this done. >> and within quick question. was any progress actually made on the immigration talks at the white house today? >> reporter: larry, the short answer, no. but the white house argues yes. and reality, republicans and democrats are still very far apart on immigration ahead of the president's march deadline on those dreamers. the president said at the end of that meeting at the white house that his border wall has to be a part of any deal involving the d.r.e.a.m.ers. democrats say no way. but there still is hard line conservatives who are also against the president on this because they believe he is giving too much -- essentially giving amnesty or citizenship to those d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> kenneth, a lot to be resolved there. new developments with steve bannon. he is stepping down as executive chairman of the breitbart news network. bannon was a target president trump last week after being quoted in the book "fire and
4:34 pm
fury." bannon called a 2016 trump tower meeting treasonous and unpatriotic. >> yesterday president trump's administrati administration, today the oakland unified school district reacted by vowing to help families who may face deportation. here is lyanne melendez. >> reporter: 18 schools have a good number of students of salvadoran decent. many of their parents were allowed to move and work here following the 2001 earthquakes that destroyed thousands of homes and devastated that country. most of these children were of course born here in the united states and their parents were here legally after president bush granted them temporary protection status. homeland security now says el salvador has sufficiently recovered from the natural disaster, the original conditions caused by the 2001 earthquakes no longer exist.
4:35 pm
>> the trump administration really is attacking people of color. >> reporter: this woman's mother arrived in oakland seeking political asylum and eventually became a legal resident. but many of their family members are here because of the temporary protection status program. >> so many of our family members don't have anybody in our countries, so they will be going to nothing. >> reporter: the board of education student director supports the efforts to work with families to get the proper legal screenings they need. that is part of what the sanctuary district task force does. >> someone who has immigration issues, we'll work with them to get the legal aid that they need. >> reporter: the trump administration now says that the people affected will have until september 2019 to apply for and receive personal residency, which can be a difficult process. >> so it is really important for us to talk about it and keep on this conversation because this affects really our whole community. >> reporter: the salvadoran government has said it is not
4:36 pm
prepared to adequately handle the return of its nationals. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. a major breakthrough in relations between north and south korea. the countries today agreed in a joint statement to hold talks on reducing military tensions and to participate in next month's winter olympics in south korea. the agreement came following the first formal talks in about two years between the countries. south koreans are calling the talks a step in the right direction. >> i think it is great news that they are talking again. >> i think it gives lots of meaning to the world as well. >> south delegation tried to bring up the issue of denuclearization, but received no response from their northern counterparts. the talks happening amid rising tensions between the u.s. and north korea over north korea's growing nuclear weapons program. hottest housing market in the nation and it is right here in the bay area. >> shocking, right? not so much.
4:37 pm
plus the wet weather still causing problems all across the bay area. the concern right now on the roads. and it is beginning to dry out a bit. that is good news. i'll have the complete accuweather forecast coming up. and speaking of the wet roadways, taking a look outside, this is a live camera picture from highway 101 in san jose. you can see there on the right hand side of your screen, southbound lanes pretty backed up leak a parking lot. maybe a good thing given the road conditions. keep tha
4:38 pm
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it's starts to dry out, but when it rains like it did last night and then again this morning, mud and rock slides are always a concern in the santa cruz mountains. we saw all around the bay car accidents and power outages. matt keller with a look at the impact in the south bay. >> reporter: when it rains, it falls in the santa cruz mountains. chp was called for boulders in the road. didn't seem like much when we arrived, but caltrans was busy in the area. several inches of rain helped energize saratoga creek, but not everything was a peaceful as this. weather conditions were rough when a wrong would i driver on southbound 880 near the 237 interchange created a chaotic and horrific crash scene just before 5:00 a.m. >> i don't know where he got on the freeway traveling the wrong
4:41 pm
direction. but it wasn't very far from here where we got the call. >> reporter: in the end five vehicles were involved, the wrong way driver was killed, and another person taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the morning complete was a mess. palo alto, stop signs were apparently just a suggestion for this truck. the power was out at the oregon expressway and vine street intersection. gordon reed said the power went out about 11:00 last night. >> the oven doesn't work unless i have electricity. so if i don't get it soon, i don't get the cookies baked and students will be disappointed. >> reporter: we're hearing that more calls in the santa cruz mountains for slides. of course you want to be extra careful when driving up there, you could be the first person to come around a curve and fight something in the roadway. in saratoga, matt keller, abc 7 news. and we do need the rain, all of the reservoirs in the south bay, are barely over the halfway
4:42 pm
mark of what is considered normal this time of year. water officials, they say the rain is encouraging after such a dry december. it's not a dry january. the most recent storm has just about ended. we have clouds lingering, but hardly an isolated shower to be found. san francisco received nearly 3 1/2 inches from the recent storm. over 3 inches at santa rosa. nearly 3 inches at palo alto. all around the bay area, we had a nice even distribution of substantial rainfall totals. overnight, look for partly cloudy skies, mid to upper 40s. cooler in the north bay valleys. and another storm coming tomorrow, a light one though. think are aing on i ranking only one on the storm img pankt scale. light showers mainly in the north bay at first, but we may see a few drifting into other parts of the bay area. and less than one-tenth of an
4:43 pm
inch is expected tomorrow. the high temperatures in the afternoon will be mainly upper 50s, maybe up to about 60 in palo alto, san jose. 61 santa cruz. and here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. after tomorrow's isolated showers, we'll have a few lingering clouds on thursday. and then friday through the weekend look for mainly sunny skies, dry and mild conditions. a nice change coming our way. spacex says its rocket performed as expected during sunday night's launch of the federal government's secret zuma mission. the comments came after multiple reports that the spacecraft launched from a falcon 9 rocket failed to reach orbit and was lost. spacex says the reports are false, however the "wall street journal" is quoting unidentified congressional officials who say that the satellite didn't separate from the second stage and plunged through tathe atmosphere and burned up. you probably know jeff bezos is rich. how rich is he? the surprising new ranking.
4:44 pm
and the harlem globetrotters are here in studio with us and we'll show you a little bit of game. >> you might be able to
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a new report. >> shawn: san jose is the hottest housing market in the country. home values in the silicon valley hub gained 17.4% over just the past year, fastest growth among the 50 largest metro areas. and get this, zillow predicts median home value of $1.13 million will grow by nearly 9% this year supported by a robust local economy. new report claims amazon ceo jeff bezos is now the richest person of all-time. bezos' net worth reached $105.1 billion yesterday, surpassing the record previously held by microsoft founder bill gates. forbes which also tracks the net worth of the world's richest but bezos' riches at $104.4 billion. the majority of his wealth comes from his shares of amazon stock which total $98 billion. ♪
4:48 pm
harlem globetrotters made famous decades ago, still going strong, they are back in the bay area and have shows in oakland and san jose. and we're joined large in buys is by scooter and zeus. so you're both in the guinness book of world records. >> yeah, longest duration of spin on the nose. 7.7 seconds. >> do you think he can beat his record or come close to 7.7? >> i didn't know that was going to happen. >> something i'd like to see. >> i'm not sure if i'll bet the record, but i'll give you a piece of what i got. let's me see. get a good spin.
4:49 pm
>> 1, 2, 3, 4 , - -- oh, on hisd now too. so are you like the modern day curly neal. >> kind of a bit. >> do you dribble on your knees? >> yeah, i dribble on my knees, a slide, two basketballs, all kind of stuff. >> and you're just here for good looks. >> that is easy, right? >> and you got involved with the warriors in recent years. and which one you was talking about shooting the four point shot? >> me and dizzy introduced the four point shot which is 30 feet away from the baskets, we introduce that had to klay thompson. and he was like that is it? that is a lay-up. >> and he actually hit it on his first attempt. he is a great basketball player. he'd be a great globetrotter
4:50 pm
too, i think. >> i think he's doing pretty well in his present career. so the three point line is 22 in the nba. he could spin the ball really well. >> first attempt, knocked it down. >> splash brother, that is the whole deal. is that 30? >> that was the 30-foot attempt right there. and that is dizzy, also. we shoot a lot of those in the game. in fact you'll see us shooting a lot of those if you come out to one of our games here in the bay area. >> you'll be at or came ral and as well as san jose. the thing that i was surprised at is that steph curry cannot spin the ball on his finger. at least he claimed he could not. >> he said he couldn't spin the basketball on his finger. that was actually in 2015. >> the two ball dribble routine. >> yeah. >> can you do the two ball? oh, you can. i don't think he could spin it
4:51 pm
on his nose. >> no but he said that was one his dreams to have to spin the basketball, but have the globetrotters spin it on his finger. so i was actually honored do thto do that for him. >> and she is mad because she had to stay over there. but could you spin the ball? i'm terrible at it. >> are you right-handed? >> left-handed. >> okay. >> so try to look at the camera. not the ball. >> don't look at the ball, how am i going to do this? so this is a weakness in my finger. that was my fault. >> see how sturdy i was holding it? hold it like a statue, don't move. >> let's try it again. >> one more time. >> he knows i got no chance. >> there we go.
4:52 pm
>> i did not set a world record. and you have a different style. this is good. >> globetrotter 101. you got to be extremely good looking like you said earlier. >> that is sweet. we have a nerf game coming up and you may be in trouble. we sort of dominate. >> we're ready for that. >> wish we had more time for you guys, but you can see them january 13 and 20 and also january 14 and 21. for more information, go to dionne will spin the ball on instragram later. >> did you break a nail? >> i'm not that fragile. >> sounds good. just ahead, a popular mid western restaurant finally comes to the bay area, but just months after opening steak 'n shake closes its doors.
4:53 pm
a sign of the changing economy or something else? and dan will join us with a look at what is coming up at 5:00. saying thanks, the big honor for thousands of first responders who put their lives on the line during the north bay fires. a floating community, residents looking for answers after one city ordered them to leave. and senator feinstein with her big day in washington, what she did in the name of transparency that has republicans furious. those stories and a lot more when christian and i see you for abc 7 news at 5:00.
4:54 pm
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coming up at 8:00, the middle followed by fresh off the boat. and then blackish and modern family. concern probably saving the world. and then abc 7 news at 11:00. what was expected to be a very popular restaurant in the south bay has shuts down after just four months in business. >> some are wondering who is to blame for its failure busted victim of bureaucracy or simply
4:57 pm
a case of poor management. >> chris nguyen has the story from campbell. >> reporter: it was billeds at next in-n-out, but after just four months, shake shake and sheikh has shut down in campbell. >> i was near by, thought i'd come back and give it a go. and walked up to closed doors. >> reporter: customers who stopped by this afternoon were greeted by this sign informing them of the closure. many shared their disappointment after learning the lights were out. >> probably my first hamburger in life from being a transplant from central illinois where steak 'n shake was the routine diet. >> reporter: runs of residents initially petitioned the planning commission fearing it would bring unwanted traffic congestion to the area. after a close review, city officials signed off on the project hoping for the business to succeed. >> there are very few cities that the public say i want to talk to the mayor, city manager. and they're there, they are
4:58 pm
accessible, they will talk with that individual. >> reporter: the expected crowds never came. the franchise operator and as well as steak 'n shake officials did not return our request for comment. the company also closed its daly city restaurant. that location survived a little over a year. a sad end for both the business and its customers who wanted a different outcome. >> we were looking forward have something stake and it won't happen. only one philanthropy xhfra inside the student union building operated by a different owner. and we want to remind everyone you can get the latest updates on news anytime with the upgraded abc 7 news app. it now has enhanced live video features, customization and personalized push alerts. thanks for joining us at
4:59 pm
4:00. and on behalf of all 6 us here, thanks for watching. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. worst i've ever seen it. we thought the fire was terrible. >> mudslides, and dozens still unaccounted for, residents deal with another disaster tonight. and i'm tracking the destructive storm with live doppler 7 still sending sthohow our way. >> and it is not just california dealing with major flooding tonight. >> also saying thanks, the big honor for first responders who put their lives on the line during the north bay fires. and questions tonigh after a frightening crash in the east bay, why did this driver go barreling across traffic? this is 101 north, it is 100% covered in mud. >> breaking news tonight in southern california where the death toll from a destructive rainstorm has now risen to 13 and tonight rescue crews are out trying to find anyone who may
5:00 pm
still be trapped beneath all of this mud. tonight about two dozen people remain unaccounted for. >> thanks for joining us. santa barbara county officials just finished a news conference. >> we're heartbroken obviously for the lot of life and search to find those who are missing. and we still may need to rescue. but i do want to mention that the efforts last night and today also resulted in many lives that were saved. >> today's rain took wildfires scorched hillsides and reduced them to walls and rivers of mud as you look live now, look at the destruction from that mud on the move. it spared nothing in its path and including lives. it wiped out roads and left entire neighborhoods in shambles. >> so that was a live picture where they are still trying to rescue people as well. the evening commute is sloshing its way through inundated roads like


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