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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 10, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's 5:00 a.m. and it's not raining. >> we're dry. it's nice. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco for the dry forecast. >> setting me up, aren't you? >> setting me up, aren't you? telling me how great it is.
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>> that storm scale does not want to go away. >> a little bit of fatigue. >> it's a light storm. areas of light rain, not all of us are going to get wet. it's going to be less than a tenth of an inch. it's not causing any damage. it's becoming mostly cloudy. it looks dry. dry and nice and not very vesful. as we head through our day planner, it exits the south bay. enjoy an evening that's going to be dry with low to mid-50s. >> need the rain though. no problems here. no metering lights. yes, it is dry. that is nice for the roads. highway 4 to san francisco from
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hercules. you're looking at under 30 minutes. it's a great time, at least the roadways are cooperating. we have this stalled big rig, the lucky drive off ramp is completely blocking the off ramp. you want to use sir frances drake. >> thank you, sue. a late night announcement, san francisco's 9th district court blocks the president from ending daca. >> it protects children of undocumented immigrants. the president wanted to stop the program in march. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in berkeley this morning. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. yes, uc berkeley is one of many places where young people will be impacted by this. they don't have to worry about possible deportation in march. that's when the program was scheduled to end.
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it stands for deferred action for childhood arrivals. it gives legal status to immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. president trump brought lawmakers together to discuss a potential bill. >> it should be a bill of love and we can do that. it also has to be a bill we're able to secure our border. >> reporter: daca covers about 800,000 people. the judge says his ruling must stay in place and protect daca until a lawsuit against the trump administration plays out. california's attorney general calls the ruling a step in the right direction. he has scheduled a press conference for later this morning to discuss this. reporting live in berkeley, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. new developments at uc berkeley, controversy over
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undocumented immigrant named mora. >> the university is working to help the student detained at the u.s./mexico border. she says she reached out to students working to secure his release. the group rising immigrant scholars through education or r.i.s.e. is spearheading the release. they wait add week to issue the statement. they say chryst has not reached out to them posting on facebook this. to this day chancellor christ has not sent any message directly to any of the students who have mobilized in support of louis mora. her silence has been absolute. at the live desk our team tracking the story. search and rescue efforts continue after drenching rain. at least 13 people are dead and that number could grow. at least two dozen others are
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still missing. yesterday morning flash flooding, debris flow and mud slides hit communities devastated by the fires last month. officials say several dozen homes have been either destroyed or damaged. we are getting a close-up look at the grueling work by first responders. >> the spokesman for santa barbara fire is documenting the aftermath and dramatic images on social media. here is a look. >> reporter: at times success. people trapped in the rubble saved like this girl covered in mud. a 14-year-old girl among the survivors seen here on the bottom right between two rescuers. adding in the search rescue dogs. riley looks for victims where homes once stood. military vehicles roll in to move those rescued. other images captured the scope of destruction this is highway 101 in montecito, a big rig stuck in its tracks. and after the rains, the sun setting behind highway 101 at an
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overpass that remains flooded. the calm after the storm as the process of recovery begins. >> thinking about those people down in southern california, what a mess. >> it really hit them hard yesterday morning and it is a lot of work still to get done today in that rescue effort still under way. >> switching gears to an olympic figure skater. one of the latest victims of the auto break-in epidemic in san francisco. >> thieves actually busted out her windows on monday. tiffany wilson explains what priceless items she lost and why she is pleading with the thief to come forward. >> reporter: a u.s. olympic figure skater spent monday sightseeing in san francisco. when she left the restaurant she made a devastating discovery. >> it was a sheer moment of panic. >> reporter: the window of her rental suv was smashed. >> my turquoise roll bag was gone, where my costumes and
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skates were. >> reporter: the skates custom made, her costumes hand crafted. each dress costs about $1,000 to make. they are priceless in emotional value. >> without them i feel incomplete. at first, oh, my god, this is the worst thing that could possibly happen to me. >> reporter: the break-in happened just hours after chief bill scott announced a new plan to combat property crimes. >> we had over 30,000 car burglaries. >> reporter: this resident has had enough. >> three out of four yesterday. these break-ins is ridiculous. >> reporter: he is hoping the thief will come forward. >> these are figure skating dresses. they mean the world to me, to everyone in my sport. >> reporter: however, they don't have much retail value. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. all right, good morning. let's take a look at the temperatures. we'll start with our inland east bay neighborhoods. some of our coolest temperatures here in places like danville and
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san ramone. up in the hills, it's 41. everybody else in the mid to upper 40s. let's take a look at the rest of our neighborhoods. mid-40s, oakland 45. hayward, san jose, mt. view 46. novato, 52. napa is 46 degrees right now. look at the bay bridge, though. yeah, there's a lot of cars. we'll talk to sue about the commute. let's talk about your activity planner. on the bay today, breezy this morning. there's a possibility we'll be wet with those chances of light rain moving through during the mid morning to midafternoon hours. exercising, go out and do it anytime. know you may get hit by random rain. it's not going to be a soaker. you may not need to take the umbrella. temperatures start at 50. cloudy conditions all day and a chance of a light rain through about 4:00. on the peninsula we may see 49. so it's cool there. 57 by 4:00.
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and let's take one last look and that will be san francisco where we'll have 51 this morning to 56 this afternoon. maybe even a little bit of sunshine by the time it sets after 5:00. here's sue looking at some east bay issues. >> let's go first to walnut creek, a southbound 680 with the taillights headed towards the 24 junction southbound. if you continue on 680 southbound we do have reports of an accident, apparently a big rig clipped a couple vehicles. the big rig moved on, didn't realize he'd done so or that person, the driver, had done so and now there's several vehicles in the middle lanes southbound 680 near livorna. chp is en route. traffic is getting by. we'll come bck and come back with more details. >> sue, we will check in with you shortly. the threat of the tsunami in the caribbean is now over. an advisory was first issued last night after a magnitude 7.6 earthquake hit in the sea near honduras. there are no reports of damage from the quake.
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a big honor and thank you to firefighters and first responders for their service. >> abc 7 news was in santa rosa for a special ceremony. the sonoma county board of supervisors presented the brave men and women with a commemorative challenge coin. it's to show gratitude for selfless and heroic acts during the october wildfires. heroes who dodge flames and went house to house making sure people got out. >> frankly, there were so many heroes and people who came to the aid. we want to find a way to recognize everybody. >> while the coins were a thank you from the county, it turns out the county did not pay for them. thousands of dollars came from an anonymous donor whose house was saved by firefighters. amazing. a small token of gratitude but very symbolic. oracle's headquarters on the peninsula just opened a new and unusual expansion, a high school. >> also a local star ending his partnership with h&m following this advertisement.
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and from a wine bottle opener that doesn't open the bottle to a driverless car that looks more like a living room, we are showing you the best from we are showing you the best from day o
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we take a walk back in time, december, 26 dry days. we barely received any. now look at january and so far 6 of 9 days rain with a whole lot of rain monday and tuesday. we'll take a look at today's
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chance of rain up next. here's jessica and reggie with more news. youtube respond to go that controversial video posted by online personality logan paul. >> paul apologized for posting a video shot in japan's forest that showed him discovering the body of a man hanging from a tree. it drew widespread criticism for making light of suicide. youtube says he violated community guidelines and his video was taken down. content moderators are looking at further consequences. >> youtube says we know the actions of one creator can affect the entire community, so we'll have more to share soon on steps we're taking to ensure a video like this is never circulated again. a rapper is cutting ties, launching a new clothing line with the retailer last month. >> he backed out of the deal yesterday citing concerns about a controversial sweatshirt
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modeled on a young black child read coolest monkey in the jungle. h&m apologized and pulled the product after backlash. i can't allow for my name and brand to be associated with a company that could let this happen. today will be the second day of classes for a new peninsula high school campus. >> yesterday was the official first day of school at the newly built design tech high school in redwood city. the charter school located on oracle's corporate campus. the school has been operating in burlingame since 2013. oracle's co-founder came up with the idea for a school where students learn to think 20 years ago. >> talk about a leg up in the tech world. >> one day i'm sure they will be at the consumer electronics show. we get to see some absurd and outrageous creations. >> take this one, for example. this device that lets you pour from a bottle of wine but
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without opening it. you may have seen these ads already. this is a new version that comes with an app. the thin needle keeps the bottle seals and it can preserve the remaining wine for years. for the app you can pick your favorite food or activity and it pairs a wine with it. it should be available for a cool $999.99. >> for free ale come over and drink the whole thing. >> me, too. >> and you won't have to store it. that's just me helping you out. panasonic thinks this is what driverless cars will look like in the future. no steering wheel or pedals, just a cabin that is huge. it looks like a living room with chairs and display screens. guess you want to watch whale sharks around town. the chairs can face different directions or you can face each other and draw on the screen. panasonic envisioned a version with a surround sound system along with side and ceiling screens for movies and music.
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>> that is bigger than a lot of people's living rooms in san francisco. okay, if you're not comfortable with riding one of those, how about a self-driving car that delivers food to you. ford and domino's unveiled a specially equipped ford fusion that comes with self-driving technology and an oven. customers will enter a number on the touch pad near the back window. the window then lowers revealing the pizza. ford and domino's have been testing them out for a few months. >> then it doesn't come to my door. >> you have to go to the car. you have to take off the pjs, put on sweatpants -- >> so put out. >> we've seen extreme weather and it's giving us incredible footage like this. >> alligators encased in ice at an animal park. this happened in north carolina. would you assume that animal was dead? i would have. in extreme cold alligators slow
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down their body functions in hibernation like process. they peek out. they have now thawed out and are perfectly fine. >> so bizarre. okay. and you are looking here at a rare snow in one of the driest and hottest places on the planet, the sahara desert. this is from a town in algeria and reportedly this is only the third time in 40 years they've ever seen snow. a photographer says it started snowing on sunday and it was cold enough that it stayed on the ground and didn't start melting until the evening. what a sight. >> the same storm that slammed us in california is doing the same in nevada. yikes. part of the las vegas strip looks more like a raging river. this is the parking garage at the hotel. after going four months without a drop of rain, vegas is getting much more than it bargained for. >> it's incredible video but i will say this. whenever it rains that parking lot floods.
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i lived in las vegas for five years. every time it rains -- >> that particular. >> i don't know why something hasn't been done. >> it is crazy. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco. >> is that the kind of advertising you want? >> hey, it's making the news. >> a look at walnut creek. 42 degrees under a mostly cloudy sky. clouds will gather today keeping us cool and also bring us a chance of light rain. fog will form. it will be patchy because the clouds aren't going to completely clear. a dry and warmer weekend with temperatures nearing 70 somewhere. 60 is as warm as today. places like palo alto, san jose and morgan hill. 71 in santa cruz. the rest of us from 56 in lake port. tonight 50 in san francisco. mid to upper 40s around the bay. low to mid-40s inland. some areas may drop into the 30s.
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now they haven't told us yet but with cloud cover and low clouds some arrival delays into sfo. you've seen live doppler showing rain and snow as it heads to mt. shasta and over to tahoe. the leading edge of random with the bulk. by noon more of it's into the bay. and then by 4:00 as it moves into the south bay it starts to fall apart. your commute, dry this morning. mainly dry this afternoon. maybe not quite as much as this morning. if one of those random light rains hits you. across the north bay tomorrow and a look at brighter afternoons and temperatures hitting the coast. let's turn it over to sue, some issues out there. what's going on? >> highway 37.
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apparently this was a problem yesterday with malfunctioning signal lights at 121 by the racetrack there. they are flashing red. they thought they had them fixed yesterday but they're flashing red today. four-way stop could be slowing your drive this morning. a traffic break near livorna. a big rig swiped a couple of cars. it is cleared of lanes still on the side of the road but not causing any delays there. causing any delays there. and back to napa. closed between vichy and wooden valley road. the sig alert is in effect. >> thank you, sue. today's "gma first look" british airways making a major change to its seats. >> forget taking the snap on that flight because some
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passengers will no longer be able to recline. >> you have no choice anymore. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma first look" british airways ordered planes with seats that don't recline at all. >> in the 1950s and '60s we had three to six more inches of space between our knees and the end of the seat in front of us. and every year that amount of space keeps shrinking as does the size of the seats. >> reporter: why? apparently unreclining seats are lighter saving fuel, but could the savings be passed on to the customers? >> i can't see any way this will lead to lower fares for consumers. that's the marketing spin. >> reporter: this will, in fact, enhance the flying experience saying these new nonrecline seats will only be on short haul flights, at least for now. will the other airlines follow
5:23 am
suit? >> i don't like that. i sleep on every flight. >> i'm remaining silent because i don't like it when people come down and recline in my space. >> remind me not to sit in front of you. >> the seven things you need to know to start your day. >> the candidates who will run for mayor of san francisco in june. there could be someone new in office next week. >> an orphaned mountain lion cub getting a second chance at life in the east bay. the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely.
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and number two, live doppler 7 shows we're off to a dry start. i am tracking a weak storm that will bring us a chance of light rain throughout the day. following your wednesday morning commute, we have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. traffic is flowing pretty nicely, though, for about 18 to 19 minutes from hayward over to foster city. number four, san jose police are investigating an officer involved shooting at the metcalf power center. the bay area news group reports an intruder was carrying an ax last night when he was shot and killed. number five, a reprieve for thousands of young immigrants benefiting from daca. a federal judge in san francisco has issued an injunction ordering the trump administration to start the program back up again which protects them from deportation. dr. james franco is denying allegations of sexual misconduct after multiple women came forward to accuse him of inappropriate behavior. in an interview he says the
5:27 am
things he heard are, quote, not accurate. and number seven, starting today the oakland a's giving away free tickets to the white sox game in april to celebrate 50 years since the a's have been in the city. we are coming back with another 90 minutes of news including governor brown's final budget. find out what he says threatens the state's $7 million surplus. also, the dire new warnings state health l
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hey, good morning. it is wednesday, january 10th. you can put your umbrella away at least for a little while. >> i say just go ahead and risk it. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. there's a better than average chance you're not going to get
5:30 am
wet, right? >> a good way to qualify it. you could take the route like jessica if you did your hair and everything, if you're like reggie and i, the rainfall amounts will be less than a tenth of an inch. light, not a soaking rain. it's cloudy right now on live doppler 7. mid to upper 40s by 7:00. cooler this morning. the rainfall during the morning commute in the north bay, into the heart of the bay by noon exiting by 4:00 when we're in the upper 50s and then dry. here's sue. >> the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks like metering lights have been turned on. still not a bad commute all the way to san francisco including this. that will probably increase.
5:31 am
it will increase now that the metering lights are on. come on through and once you get on the span it's looking good. you have about a 40-minute drive up and over the altamont into dublin and pleasanton this hour. at least 15 people have died in southern california following severe flooding and mud slides just weeks after several fires tore through the area. >> crews are now working to clear mud flow that is left homes destroyed in montecito and santa barbara county. reporter jay hernandez has the very latest. >> reporter: this video shows the scope of the disaster, home after home destroyed. the mud reaching all the way up to the roof line after the devastating debris flow and burned well into the night.
5:32 am
this woman was found charging her phone in her car. >> we couldn't get out on time. we dug trenches around the house, the floods came. >> reporter: air 7 captured a river of mud all the way down to the 101 freeway. several sections buried under several feet of mud. crews are working to clear the freeway which connects santa barbara and l.a. it could take days. >> we were told to evacuate. i said i'm tired of hearing the word. we thought it would be just rain. we've had rain before but nothing like this. >> reporter: fortunately her home wasn't damaged and she didn't need to be rescued. the burnham country club became a heliport. neighbor who is remain have to find a way to get by until they
5:33 am
can be dug out from underneath the mud. a coast guard crew rescued several. a mother, father, and their three children including a newborn were rescued from their car home. in south san jose a big investigation under way after a shooting at a power plant. >> matt keller is live on blanchard road. matt? >> reporter: good morning, jessica and reggie. the onscene investigation has wrapped up. this is around 4:30 and you can see the crime scene unit along with several other police units. more than 11 hours after the officer involved shooting. here is what police were saying. >> a male in the black mercedes is walking back and forth.
5:34 am
>> he might be coming back towards the vehicle. and there is a large sword on the front seat. i can see that. >> reporter: our media partner reports an intruder was carrying an ax. he refused to drop it and was shot by at least one officer and was killed. the company told us no employees were hurt. an interesting note today san jose police chief garcia is scheduled to unveil an online portal where the public can see information about the use of force policy and will be asking for more details about what happened here last night. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. highway 121 is going to remain closed through at least this morning following a rock slide that killed a driver. a car went off the road after it was hit by a rock. the vehicle landed on an
5:35 am
unstable hillside. authorities have to wait to recover the body until a geologist determines that it's safe for them to do so. they are work to go see if the wildfires weakened the soil. 121 is closed. happening today governor brown will introduce his final state budget proposal before leaving office next january. that includes anticipated revenue. the budget is estimated to have a surplus of $7.5 billion. leaders expect congress to cut funding under president trump's plan that reduces federal revenue. it will include shoring up and combatting climate change. santa rosa is beginning to build next year's budget. the city is still uncertain about how much the october wildfires will cost. the fires destroyed nearly 3,000 homes and 50 businesses in the city.
5:36 am
the press democrat says they have spent $5 million more in the current budget than planned. there's no indication when it will be reimbursed by state and federal governments. the city council plans to set up meetings to get input from the public on spending priorities. state health officials say the flu season is turning out to be one of the worst in a decade. >> and it could get even worse before it gets better. 27 people under the age of 65 have died from the flu so far this season. four of those were in santa clara county. flu-related visits to the hospital surpassed some of the most severe flu seasons on record. most patients are catching the h3n2 strain of influenza deadlier than other strains and 30% of people who died got the flu vaccine. health officials say you should still get the shot because it can reduce the severity of
5:37 am
symptoms. wanting a vote on interim mayor following the death of ed lee. >> the board of supervisors would need six votes to come up with an interim mayor. if they cannot reach a consensus london breed will act as interim mayor. some think that gives breed too much power and a leg up in june's mayoral election. eight candidates filed papers before yesterday's deadline to enter the june 5th election. >> good morning, dress warmer. temperatures from to 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. our east bay shoreline, 48 in alameda. we have san leandro and berkeley in the 50s. the rest of us from the castro valley to 47 in free throw month and richmond. across the bay warmer.
5:38 am
antioch, fair field, napa and san jose at 46 degrees. a dry san mateo bridge looking westbound. in the mid morning to midafternoon because of the rain coming. random rains means if you wait for mass transit you may get wet. east bay at 49. over on the peninsula we're 49. you'll jump into the mid-50s by noon. our best chance for wet weather around 8:00. for the rest of us, i'll show you your best chance of getting a random shower. here is sue with a look at the morning commute. taillights are heading southbound at the limit.
5:39 am
no delays through marin southbound. a straight shot into the golden gate bridge. it is fog free this morning. let's take a look at a couple of problem spots up to 37 right by the raceway there. the signal lights are flashing red. they thought they fixed it but it will be at least an hour from now until the folks get out there to try to fix the signal lights. o course a four-way stop. right now the sensors are green so we'll keep an eye on that. it's right there at the stoplight at the sonoma raceway. reports of lanes blocked near mason in vacaville. details coming up. another note on your commute, riders may be enjoying a faster, smoother drive sooner than expected. this says caltrain is pursuing million in grants from the state. that money would help speed up
5:40 am
conversion from diesel to electric service. caltrain began the $2 billion electrification project. trains are scheduled to begin service in 2021. take a look at your screens. the first to travel on highway 35 in the santa cruz mountains. the reopening comes after caltrans built a retaining wall. dockless in san francisco. rental bikes you can leave wherever you end up and they're electric. and if you want to go to a baseball game but ♪ ♪
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i feel ready to shine. some whitening toothpastes only remove surface stains, colgate optic white high impact white is different. it has hydrogen peroxide, to whiten four shades for a visibly whiter smile. trust your smile to colgate optic white. we're back and it's 5:43 on this wednesday. i wanted to show you good news around socal, light rain. high surf advisories. tracking the light storm you can see the rain in green and the snow in white mainly across northern california. it could move into the sierra and down to sacramento. watch out for that. as far as bringing additional accumulation to tahoe, not likely, maybe an inch or two at the highest elevations.
5:44 am
it will get warmer than average and then a weak storm will possibly bring some rain and snow tuesday. jackie spear and other lawmakers plan to show support for the me too and time's up movement by wearing black at the president's state of the union address. >> a lot of celebrities wore black to take a stand against sexual harassment. scandals have plagued congress in recent weeks. in november spear revealed the sexual harassment she faced early in her career. the state of the union happens january 30th. the oakland mayor and police chief says there's still work to be done. >> homicides fell by 8% last year from 77 to 71. 14%. violent crime has dropped for the last five years. oakland's top brass, the success fighting crime after city
5:45 am
leaders adopted the ceasefire program when they stepped up outreach to those at highest risk of being shot or killed. >> when we talk about homicides. >> 2012 was the year we decided to put all our efforts. >> the police chief promises to do more to reduce the number of car break-ins after they went up by 33% in 201. steep hills in san francisco are no joke especially when riding a bike. >> the ford go bike bike share service will add 250 bikes from a company named genze. they provide extra power as you pedal. they won't cost any more than any regular bike. the company that operates the system in the bay area does hope to expand the bike system in the
5:46 am
future. a bike and leave it wherever. it just issued the city's first permit to operate a stationless bike share service part of a pilot program with jump bikes. the mta says you'll be able to park your rental at a bike rack or in the furniture zone of the sidewalk. okay. the city is trying out the program for 18 months to see how it works and go from there. >> that reminds me when you were a little kid, you throw it wherever you want, and then your mom gets mad at you. >> the furniture zone of the sidewalk. this morning a mountain lion cub is being nursed back to health. >> the six to eight week old cub was found on the side of the road in bad shape. the other cubs came to the zoo in early december. all those cubs -- the two, i should say, the other two were
5:47 am
found in orange county. they all will be taken care of at the zoo. take a listen. >> it would be a death sentence without the proper mom training. she was on the brink of death when she came in. we've been doing our best to help out. a new home at the california trail. it doubles the size of the grizzly bears, black bears and mountain lions. california trail opens to the public in june. >> it does. >> free tickets for fans. >> you don't get a deal like this every day. this morning starting at 8:00, the game against the chicago white sox. season ticket holders will get
5:48 am
their tickets loaded on to their my ace tickets account. the warriors are used to having the biggest stars in the room. even they were in awe when they saw who walked into practice. >> dr. dre and jimmy iovine paid them a visit yesterday. their partnership was the focus of the documentary "defiant ones." part of the team's business basketball meeting giving them a chance to talk to two of the biggest players in the music industry. like him and snoop have stuff we still rock to today. his ability to make others great. >> that's tough to do in our group. they've seen a lot.
5:49 am
>> steve kerr and the warriors take on the clippers at oracle tonight. tonight. >> go warriors. >> hi, everybody. let's talk about needing an umbrella today or not. it's pretty dry as we look at an area that had nearly 4 inches of rain out of our last system. leave the umbrella home at your own discretion. fog will become more dominant in our forecast. friday morning into saturday morning and sunday morning. temperatures today mainly around 58 to 60 degrees. as you head further to lake port, ukiah 56 and 57. 50 in san francisco. mid to upper 40s around the bay.
5:50 am
look at all the cloud cover and fog. more to the east than to the south. most of it's up if the north bay. what does fall, it's green which is very light. to the heart of the bay and by 4:00 you're seeing that shield shrink. your accuweather seven day forecast. warmer weather with mid to upper 60s. here's sue. highway 101 is closed so use i-5. it's really unfortunate down there what they're having to go through. a problem near mason street.
5:51 am
trying to get the tow truck in and out within the next 15 minutes or so. now backed to up to the 505 merge in vacaville. mass transit, 47 trains running on time for b.a.r.t. six to ten minutes coming from fremont for ace train 1. 3 remains on time. new at 6:00, the texas man suing air bnb over a $7,000 booking mistake. first, if you thought you missed out on this extended runway in san jose, it's so popular it's getting an extended run. plus, looking for motivation to keep your resolution of losing weight?
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app. download it now. >> the rain we get today will be less than a tenth of an inch. salinas is the lowest. two-thirds in san jose. around three-quarters where we should be in san francisco and oakland. an hour by hour look when the rain gets to your neighborhood if you get some up next. here is reggie. the sonic runway is getting an extension because it's so popular. it's a path outside city hall that features 24 arches filled with l.e.d. lights that respond
5:55 am
to music. it went on display in november and was scheduled to be taken down in a few weeks. because of popular demand it will stay up through march 9th. this is the first in a series of temporary installations from the burning man project. >> it's pretty cool. getting healthy, a resolution for a lot of people. >> so here's brand-new workout equipment that could help you with your goals. it's going to cost you. peloton has unveiled a high-tech treadmill. it's called the peloton tread. the price tag $3,995. >> ouch. >> so what do you get? you get an hd touch screen and it streams live fitness classes including circuit training, hiking, and walking. you may have seen ads for their bike that does much of the same thing. the machine also features shock absorbing technology. sue, do you have $4,000 to lend me? >> no, i have a lot less expensive gym membership.
5:56 am
i'll just go there and use the treadmill. there we go. green is good. slowing out of the central valley, up and over the altamont pass, typical for a 40-minute drive. this accident westbound hoping to have that clear. it's in the left lane partially blocking the off ramp and you're stacked up to mon at that vista and before the 505 merge onto 80. a look at your drive times from 80. hercules to the maze, 21 minutes. add 15 minutes on to that. you're looking at 36 minutes all the way in to san francisco. once you're there another ten minutes to sfo if that is your destination. mike? >> sue, thank you very much. hi, everybody. we'll talk about the rainfall by 7:00 about .03 in ukiah, maybe .01. it's going to be dry for the morning commute. by 9:00 you could see it starts to spread southward and by noon that random -- some of the random rains may bring us a
5:57 am
tenth of an inch. from san francisco southward and into the east bay valleys nothing. it's not until 4:00. we may see a shower or two reach those neighborhoods. very light but it could make things slick for the evening commute. >> mike, thank you. new at 6:00, the high-tech way officials will be checking the san francisco sea wall after an earthquake. a local judge puts president trump's end to the daca program on hold for now. what that means for thousands of people. and an olympic figure skater becomes the latest car break-in victim in san francisco. we'll tell you
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 a.m. >> yes, that's right. it's been raining quite a bit lately. we had a little bit of a reprieve from that. you're never less than seven minutes away from the
6:00 am
accuweather forecast. we want to check in with meteorologist mike nicco here at the top of 6:00. the brief reprieve, i'm still tracking light rain today that will move north to south from about 7:00 this morning until 5:00 this evening leaving less than a tenth of an inch of rain. that could make things wet at times. mainly dry this morning, though, on live doppler 7. 101 and 880 in san jose. my 12-hour planner, best chances through 7:00. dress warmer this morning. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. in the mid-50s at noon with the rain moving into the heart of the bay as the rain starts to move and exit out of the south bay. it will be a dry evening. let's see how that drier morning commute is this morning. hi, sue. >> it's not too bad. we do have, of course, a c problem spots. on the east shore freeway traffic is getting busier but we're


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