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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 10, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. developing news this midday, the fight to stop the trump administration from terminating the daca program is taking center stage in california. a federal judge in san francisco has temporarily saved the program and is giving dreamers new hope. hi and thanks for joining us. i'm jessica castro. the daca program protects children of undocumented immigrants from being deported, many who live here in the bay area. and now new this morning, california's attorney general is responding. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in oakland this morning with more, amy.
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>> reporter: hi, jessica, yeah, we're at the area where they are getting a lot of calls from immigrants who to be optimistic, but are feeling a lot of anxiety about what this will mean for their life. one attorney here told us while this is a good step in the right direction, she's been doing this process for too long to know not to get too happy that things change quickly. >> mixed emotions. i was excited. you know, it's a good step forward, but attempt if daca does continue, it doesn't solve our problems. we need a permanent solution and the government can appeal it. it may not ian go forward. >> reporter: the white house and congress are aware of the need for a permanent solution. president trump summoned lawmakers from both parties yesterday to discuss crafting a bill for people who wee illegally brought heerl as children. so the-called dreamers. the white house called the judge's decision outrageous. especially in light of the
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successful bipartisan meeting. california's attorney general called the ruling a step in the right direction. >> it's a good day for our state. it's a good day for dreamers, but as my father and my mother would show my by example, any time you get up and go to work, it's a good day. so to the dreamers in america, go to work. go to class. it's a good day. >> reporter: back in the bay area, that is the advice, don't do anything yet and be very careful. >> to make sure the community knows it's the same form to not get too excited to do something because there are people out there that want to take advantage and may say pay me thousands of dollars and i'll submit it tomorrow, you know, other attorneys aren't doing it, but i'll do it. and we don't want people to get caught up in that fraud. >> reporter: she points out that the government hasn't even announced yet when it will start taking renewal applications. there's also the possibility of appeals. a lot of legal things to sort
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through, keep people informed and protected. live in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. meanwhile president trump is blasting the court's decision. he tweeted this morning about the daca decision saying, quote, it just shows everyone how broken and unfair our court system is when the opposing side in a case always runs to the ninth circuit and almost always wins before being reversed by higher courts. a bond hearing has been scheduled for next wednesday for uc berkeley junior morrah taken into custody by i.c.e. that's according to to the daily californian. morrah was detained on december 30th after making a wrong turn and running into a temporary immigration check point just east of san diego. he was denied release on his own recognizance. new this morning, an immigration raid at dozens of 7-eleven stores happened just before dawn. u.s. immigration agents targeted about 100 stores nationwide.
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no word yet if any bay area stores were hit. agents interviewed workers as part of an employment audit. officials described it as the largest operation against an employer under donald trump's presidency. the investigation began with the four-year-old case against a franchisee in new york's long island. the hiring audits could lead to criminal charges or larger fines. and now to developing news in the south bay. in the next hour, san jose police are scheduled to update us on a deadly shooting outside a power plant there. a man armed with an ax was shot and killed last night. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the details on the investigation now under way. matt. >> reporter: jessica, san jose police have been very quiet about this incident. only confirming to us that this was an officer-involved shooting. however, san jose police chief eddie garcia is going to be issuing a statement at 12:30 this afternoon about what exactly took place last night. here's some video from this morning, from the site of the
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shooting. this is at the metkafl energy center. crime scene units left a little less than 12 hours after the shooting the night before. here's what police were saying when they arrived on the scene. >> that energy center. black mercedes at the front gate, he's walking back and forth. >> might be coming back towards the vehicle and there is a large sword on the front seat, i can see that. >> reporter: our media partner the bay area news group reports an intruder was carrying an ax. he refused it a st tonep officerro and d killed. a spokesperson for cal pine corporation, the company that owns the power plant tells us no employees were hurt. after police chief garcia gives his statement on the shooting, he's scheduled to unveil an online portal where the public can see information about the department's use of force policy. city's also scheduled a study session for next week to look at procedures related are to what happens after an
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officer-involved shooting. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. happening now, search crews are out again trying to find people missing in those massive mudslides in southern california. at least 15 people were killed, more than two dozen others are right now hurt. and here's new video showing the scene this morning. you can see home after home devastated by mud. other parts of southern california are also hard hit. here's abc news reporter marcie gonzalez. >> reporter: a desperate, difficult effort through thick mud. >> mud is so deep. >> reporter: to find the two dozen people still missing in southern california. >> my mom and i'm fighting with all my heart to find her. >> reporter: an emotional and so far unsuccessful search for robert's mother. disappeared when heavy run unleashed mudslides. >> hurricane or freight train.
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>> reporter: this is the same area still recovering from the thomas fire. the largest inferno in california history destroyed vegetation and ig that could stop the flow of this fast-moving mud and debris. it's now killed at least 15 people in santa barbara county. >> we couldn't get out in time. >> reporter: multimillion dollar mansions left buried, so deep in places only the chimneys are visible. >> it looked like a battlefield. >> reporter: ellen degeneres showing the flooded 101 freeway. >> this is how deep the mud is. >> reporter: and oprah sharing this video of her backyard. some signs of hope, the coast guard rescuing this family of five and today 14-year-old lauren canton recovering in a hospital after being pulled caked in mud from the rubble. crews still searching today for her father and brother. another look at the kind of damage we're seeing in los angeles county, two vehicles like this destroyed by that
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powerful flow of mud and evacuation orders remain in place as you can see, the clean-up is just starting to begin. marcie gonzalez, abc news, burbank, california. >> yeah, really tough to see that, still so many people missing. that system really wreaking havoc in southern california. meteorologist mike nico, are they in the clear? >> as far as any extra rain that could cause anymore flooding, absolutely, jessica. hi everybody, doesn't that just break your heart? i have the live doppler set up in southern california. you can see a few light showers down there. the big concern moving forward is actually going to be the high surf advisories they have from slow all the way down to san diego. and you can see future radar over the next six hours, not much is going to fall. as far as any additional rain causing any additional mudslides, that's not going to happen. back here at home, we've got a few radar returns throughout, but the gray you see, a lot of cloud cover out there. and those clouds have a lot of moisture, it's just hard to get that moisture out. that's why we're going to have areas of light rain today with
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less than a tenth of an inch of rain. ed up in the hills, it's going to be breezy. this storm is a one on the impact scale, light. i'll give you an hour by hour look at it for the rest of the day, coming up, jessica. >> thank you. from anywhere here in the bay area, abc 7 has you covered with the abc 7 news app. you can get forecasts and track storms of live doppler 7. it started at the chaplain of the chimes. and nearly a new this morning, from the state capital in the last hour, governor brown released his
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final state budget before leaving office next year. adds up to $132 billion. that's a 5% increase from last year. the budget calls for the creation of the first holy online community college in california increasing health care coverage to low income residents and $55 billion in new transportation funding over the next decade. brown also wants to set aside $3.5 billion for a rainy day fund. >> this is about steady as you go or exuberance followed by regret and pain. so that's what this is. this is a prudent budget. >> the budget now goes to the legislature for revisions. san francisco's board of supervisors could vote on an interim mayor as early as tuesday. that person would not run in the mayoral race this june. eight candidates are in the running to be the city's next leader including board of
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supervisors president london breed. she became acting mayor december 12th after mayor ed lee died unexpectedly. an investigation into a deadly rock slide in napa is now under way. find out why the victim is still on the scene 18 hours after the crash. plus, the reason the "new york times" pulls an event today featuring recent golden globe winner james franco. and our record-setting rain is over. we're still not back where we should be as far as our seasonal average of rain. we're anywhere from 45% to 79% of average. i'll see if today's rain could
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happening now, investigators are on the scene of a deadly rock slide in napa. sky 7 flew above highway 121 where a car went off the road last night. the vehicle landed on an unstable hillside and the driver unfortunately was killed. authorities now have to wait to recover the body until a geologist determines it's safe for them to do so. highway 121 is closed. and we are tracking developing news in morgan hill. can you help identify this man? take a close look here. police are looking for him after a string of vandalism and theft at live oak high school. they believe he may be responsible, these photos were taken over the weekend morgan
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hill posted them on facebook. they hope someone will recognize the suspect and give them a call. the court case set to determine whether voters have the right to decide the height of buildings along the water front is set to begin today. the california state lands commission is challenging proposition b which san francisco voters passed in 2014. it says that if a developer wants to build a project higher than existing laws allows, voters have to approve it. the state lands commission says the port commission should be making that decision, though not voters. the pay disparity in hollywood takes a new twist. the wage gap between two of the main costars in all the money in the world. and a live look right now at our tahoe camera, look at that snow on the ground? is there more snow and perhaps more rain on the way for northern california. we'll check in with
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at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. in case you were asleep this morning, check out this beautiful, look at the color, the explosion of colors this morning before the sun came up. you can see that it's bouncing quite a bit and the winds are still gusting around 30 to 40 miles per hour up in our hills and that will be the case as we head throughout the day. but absolutely gorgeous. you can see the clouds thickening as that storm got closer too. and all of our measurable precipitation that's been around inches has been above 2,000 feet so far today. look at the change from yesterday in san jose, remember, it was raining this time yesterday. we had puddles. now it's dry, but these clouds could give us light rain today. my highlight for tonight, clouds will linger and the air is going
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to be so moist, drizzle and fog to contend with during the commute and the fog will get thicker the next couple of mornings. brighter and warmer afternoons afterwards. here's a look from emeryville. you can see the layers out there. that'll bring us the sprinkles and light rain. the chance will start to fade at 4:00 and will be in the mid to upper 50s. we'll see some stars emerge from the clouds by 8:00, low to mid-50s, and if you're out at midnight, we could see the fog and drizzle start to form, 48 to 51 degrees. we'll drop down to similar levels tomorrow morning that we were at this morning. so that means san francisco, the warm spot at 50, mid to upper 40s around the bay. and the coast. and some low to mid-40s in the inland neighborhood. here's the best radar return, and it's the higher elevations to the east of san jose and also up towards livermore and the pass. so they may need the windshield wipe tlers, and also on well highway 5 out in the central valley or interstate 5. if you have to turn the wipers on, even without the rain, it
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continues to get label the longer. about 64 minutes right now at sfo. here we are going through noon to 4:00. you can see the green, the chance of light rain shrinking. gray shrinking by 7:00. that's where the stars start to come out and look at the clouds reform during the overnight hours. and tomorrow morning, that's where we could be dealing with the drizzle and fog. we have a storm that's going to swipe the north bay. look at this, some green up there, scattered rain or two is possible in extreme northern sonoma county and up and towards lake and mendocino counties. it may drop 100ths of an inch of rain. so small, so minor, didn't put a storm impact scale on it. after the fog, we'll have brighter afternoons and temperatures will start to push the mid to upper 60s away from the coast sunday with low to mid-60s for the holiday monday. and a slight chance next tuesday low to mid-60s once again. here's jessica with more news. at least a short break for that umbrella. thank you. serena williams is opening up to vogue magazine about her
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terrifying medical ordeal after giving birth. she talks about it in next month's issue. williams' said she had to deliver the baby by emergency c section in september. soon after the 36-year-old says things went bad. williams had a pulmonary embolism and blood clots. >> you imagine this, veins in your leg or torso, a clot forms. if this dislodges, travels to the heart, the lungs, it can range from a minor issue with breathing or it can be fatal. ♪ ♪ >> williams says she's almost back at full strength and embracing life as a new wife and mom and hoping to compete in march. she'll miss the australian, but she'll be back. the "new york times" has cancelled a public event with james franco days after the golden globe winner has been accused of sexual misconduct. the times talk vent was scheduled for today. franco was supposed to talk about his latest movie, the disaster artist, the times said,
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quote, given the controversy surrounding recent allegations, it was cancelling the event. on the late show with stephen colbert, franco responded to those claims. >> the things that i heard that were on twitter are not accurate. but, i completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice because they didn't have a voice for so long. so i don't want to -- i don't want to, you know, shut them down in any way. >> both actress violate payly and film maker sarah capland recently accused franco on twitter of earlier instances of sexual misconduct. meanwhile all the money in the world may be raking it in at the box office, but some say too little money was paid to the film's costar michelle williams. after sexual misconduct claims forced kevin spacey out, film makers had to reconvene the cast to reshoot his scenes. usa today reports that mark wahlberg's team negotiated $1.5
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million for him, while michelle williams got less than $1,000. making a grocery list while driving? the reason romantic vermont adventure. as if there wasn't enough ice around. >> exactly. >> next "right this minute."
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welcome back. we are on 24/7 on the abc 7 news
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and abc 7 and today we posted the before and after of highway 10e 1 in santa barbara county following those deadly mud slides. if you are logging on to abc 7 from your phone, also be sure to download to get breaking news alerts and then tune in for the latest news and weather right here on our next newscast abc 7 news at 4:00. tonya harding is back in the spotlight more than two decades after that infamous incident involving nancycare began. the disgraced figure skater is the subject of a critically acclaimed movie and now there's a special airing tomorrow night right here on abc 7. truth and lies, the tonya harding story. today i spoke with amy robok who was hosting the special. she talked about harsh feelings she had about harding two decades later. >> i really think this two-hour special is going to challenge a lot of those beliefs or at least soften, i think, some of the --
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i don't to want say may tread, but really negative feelings people have about ton da harding. >> truth and lies, the tonya harding story airs tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. hey guess what, you'll soon be able to use alexa inside your car. the automaker announced it'll integrate into some of his toyota and lexus vehicles later this year. you'll be able to use a speech demand, get the news even shop, you can see alexa, call mike nico and tell him to bring donuts tomorrow morning. >> i won't be here tomorrow morning. >> what? i'm going to have to order some. >> i'll send some. >> okay. >> great idea though. >> yeah. from all of us here at
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