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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 10, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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now searching for survivors. a desperate, difficult mission. to find the two dozen people still missing in southern california including these sisters and robert's mother after heavy rain unleashed massive mud slides. >> my mom, i'm fighting with all my heart to find her. >> reporter: dozens pulled to safety including this family of five. at least 15 people were killed including the head master of a catholic school in ventura. roy was found dead after he and his wife were found swept from their home. his wife was rescued. >> i'm stunned. >> this follows the state's largest wildfire in history that wyomings out vegetation that could have slowed the fast moving tornlt of mud and debris. the powerful onslaught ripping homes and burying multimillion-dollar mansions. so deep in places, only the
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chill anies are visible. >> my neighbor's house. devastated. >> oprah winfrey posting this video on instagram about the destruction around her home. >> in montecito, hundreds of people stranded. taking out the water main and draining the reservoir leaving people with no drinking water and still no electricity. officials say it could be months before that water service is restored. meaning the entire town may now have to be evacuated. live in burbank, california. abc7 news. >> a couple of quick questions. were the areas under evacuation orders before the mud slides and did people know about the risk here? >> reporter: there were mandatory evacuation orders for some areas. but this area that was hardest hit was under a voluntary
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evacuation order. residents were warned that the sandstorms bring severe mud slides. many people say they just underestimated how bad it could be and many of them regretting to stay in their homes. >> i can imagine. >> and here's another look at some of the video marcy showed us. a coast guard crew rescuing that family including a newborn baby. the family was tram in the their home in carpenteria. crews helped the family to the roof where they were put in baskets and hoisted to safety in a helicopter. in napa county, we're awaiting the name of a man who died in a steep accident on a mountain road. highway 121 is open again but drivers beware. >> the case of bad timing and worse look at the bottom of a ravine sflfl the car got hit by a rock and a sland slide and then taken over the edge of the cliff. >> a cold recitation of facts.
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the large tumbling boulder this toyota 100 feet down. >> it might have hit the driver door. >> reporter: no one knows how big the boulder is or where it ended up. we know it landed here. it left a dent in the roadway. and it came from way up there. do you see the tree? pulling the car up took several hours with the victim still inside. cal fire had been to the scene last night after a witness called. when they found the driver already dead, first responders left him there for fear more boulders might come down on they will. >> if there was somebody to rescue, we would have continued our efforts. we have to be safe at the same time. >> caltrans has sent a to search out the danger. the agency now reports it is
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unstab unstable. >> there may be more acts of nature coming. all we can do is prepare the best we can. >> with the car hauled up and the victim taken away, highway 121 has reopened. right now, the story of the driver in the wrong place at precisely the wrong time. >> the ground is still moving in the oakland hills from last year's storms. the street caved in on shelterwood drive one year ago and one lane is still closed. the first of several major storms was ravaging the bay area last january and several places in the oakland hills are still showing the damage the 11 behind. >> it is pretty dangerous. a lot of times we've got cars coming both ways. it's pretty dangerous. >> we haven't seen anybody out here doing anything. >> this kay-in has not only closed the street for months but when the hill came down it
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filled the home with a gooey mud. there are no tarps but no permanent fix. no word on why a whole year later, there is been little done. >> what a mess. i want to head to spencer christian with a look at the forecast. >> it's been a drizzly day. we haven't had any heavy rain but it has required windshield wipers. we still have lingering clouds and it is pretty damp and drizzly. there is view. a dreary view. these are some of our rainfall totals. our shower totals. most locations as predicted received only a few hundredths of an inch. .02 of an inch in bodega bay. the storm is a 1 on the storm impact scale. slick roads, of course, spotty
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drizzle and patches of fog. our six-hour pattern shows he light rain and drizzle. the chance of any precipitation should be fading. later, the skies will get a little drier. around midnight, perhaps a little before, we start to see little areas of fog. i'll tell you about tomorrow and the weekend ahead. >> okay. thank you. health officials in santa clara county confirm another flu related death. the warning, we haven't hit the peak yet. statewide, 25 people under the age of 65 have died from the flu. chris has more from san jose. >> reporter: will this afternoon, health officials in santa clara county confirm another flu related death. there one, a person under the age of 65 who did not receive the flu vaccine but had no previous medical problems. so far at least five people countywide have died as a result
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of the flu. >> if you are severely ill, difficulty breathing, chest pain, et cetera, definitely come to the emergency department and seek care. >> as widespread activity continues through the region, the doctors say their emergency department has also been slammed with patients who are seeking nonessential services. the. >> reporter: there are also daily medical responses. >> these viruss are get go vicious. >> reporter: as local emergency rooms fill up, the praf telemedicine has become an option for patients how want to be seen immediately. he serves as chief medical officer. >> so rather than having to wait hours in an emergency room, you can be treated in the comfort of your own home and that's important for the flu. you really need to get treatment within the first 44 hours. >> for these come down with a
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fever, health officials say you shouldn't return back to work or school until 24 hours after it has completely resolved. otherwise you could be putting others at risk. >> when you sneeze, it goes everywhere. it is airborn. you're saying, it is a simple sneeze. you don't know that. that could pass to other people. a man shot and killed by san jose police was armed with a six-foot pipe and an axe according to the police chief. chief garcia revealed details about last night's shooting saying it started with a call about a suspicious person at the metcalf energy center. they said police ordered the man at least 23 times drop the weapons. police say he refused. >> we have an individual that once again, as has been happening, an individual is undergoing a mental crisis and articles sxhifl the officers to have had deal with it.
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>> the officers say he had a large sword. a second axe and six throwing knives. the chief said he was previously admitted on a 72-hour psychiatric hold and had three warrants out of santa clara county. >> today, the case of an uber driver who went missing. the officials confirmed remains found in a hayward warehouse are those of this person. he vanished on mother's day. police named bob letang as a suspect and say he was not a homicide investigation. police were set to interview him in june but he never showed up. it is believed he fled on cambodia. the wife tells abc7 news, the sfam deeply saddened by the news but they're confident police will solve the case and justice will be served. >> the cabreabrerabrerabrerabr a
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closer to hire tolls. another vote could put it on the june ballot. backers plan to use the money to fund highway projects across all nine bay area counties. >> if voters approve the measure, that allows to us begin selling bonds to finance these problems right away. ? approved, it could increase $1 next year. so the rush hour drive would be $9. money from hire tolls would help b.a.r.t. buy hundreds of rail cars to keep one ridership. >> this is about steady as you go or exuberance followed by regret and pain. >> governor brown announces his state budget proposal. what's new this year. >> and a san francisco police dog euthanized.
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>> reporter: the san francisco police department issued this press release saying the shepherd had to be put to sleep. the dog served the darrel for the past seven years. he lived with his handler, officer matt, and his family. here he is. abc7 news spoke with the current and former canine handlers, both from sfpd and other law enforcement bagss the order to euthanize the dog. both said they were angry about the decision even though most agreed that deputy chief in charge probably followed the letter of the law, he violated its spirit. here's what happened last thursday. the officer noticed he was acting strangely after a full day of strange on wednesday. he took his canine to the nor cal veterinarian hospital in daly city. the veterinarian said he was bleeding internally. possibly with a ruptured tumor. that the dog needed exploratory
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surgery to determine if he had cancer. a procedure that could cost up to $8,000. the other choice would be to put him down. either way, the decision had to be made quickly. the officer reported the findings to his superiors. according to our sources, he asked them to retire the dog to him. he said no. that the process could take too long and the medical costs too great. he ordered the dog euthanized. the dog was put to sleep later that afternoon. canine officers we spoke with say a memorial fund established in memory of a canine office here died during a training exercise could have paid for the surgery and other medical costs. it is administered by the spca and is funded to the tune of $1 million and was set up specifically to care for retired police canines. now, sfpd released a second statement following our
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inquiries. quote, the decision was not made lightly and done in consideration of the suffering he was experiencing. all of us mourn the loss of a loyal and valued member of our department. no one we spoke with, and again there are more than half a dozen current and former canine officers would go on camera. several had spoken with the officer and told about how emotional it was for him and his wife and children. everyone agreed, there should have been a better outcome. abc7 news. >> thank you. today governor brown unveiled a $132 billion budget. his final one before leaving office next year. it includes $3 billion for k-12 education. $18.7 billion for education programs and improvements and $3.5 billion for the rainy day fund. there is now a $6.1 billion surplus which one family member says californians pay too much
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in taxes and. at a pairs should get money back. >> the way we collect taxes requires large surpluses. d 20 or 30 years ago, you didn't need it but you do now. p>> governor brown's budget proposal goes to the legislature for revisions. >> assemblyman phil letang is here with us and he is the chair of the committee. thank you for being here. delighted to have you with us. what do you like about this budget proposal? >> the two bigge esgest things put out a blue print and said we should put aside a significant amount of money into reserves. it is going to be raining in the future economically. we want to make sure the money is there so we don't have to do drastic cuts. if the republicans would join to us raise taxes or lower taxes,
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that would be fine. but they are never willing to raise taxes when we need additional revenue. because of that with our boom bust cycles, about six years ago we had the deficit. most of that was teachers, nurses, felt by california. we can't just lay off teachers this year is that hire them two years later. it doesn't work that way. so we want to put the money aside. we love that he put $3 billion into education. that's our biggest priority. >> is there anything that you don't like? >> at this point no. we go through a four-budget dance with the governor so it leaves a lot of room for discussion for our priorities. we're looking at universal health care and doing tax cuts. >> very good. let's talk about something else. you introduced a bill that would ban the sale of gas power to cars in california by 2040.
4:19 pm
very ambitious goal. we reported this on our newscast why. do you want to mess with our mustangs and our v-8's? this is car culture. >> we love our cars and i love my she havy volt. it is my favorite car in a long time. we think people will love these cars. if you have an old she havy must attention, keep it as long as you want. we're saying, by 2040, we only want to register clean cars. we need clean air. we passed very strict climate change cars. in order to reach the goals, we need clean cars on the road. 40% of the gas emissions is coming from vehicles you and i drive. >> is this an opportunity for california to lead the way? >> absolutely. but england and france are already talking about it. >> do you think you'll get a huge pushback is this. >> absolutely.
4:20 pm
not just automakers but also the oil industry. they are evolving very quickly. >> they're going to sell cars no matter what. >> two-thirds will be electrified with gm. so going to 2040, it doesn't seem like a big stretch. >> i would shake your hand but we're both sick. >> i hope you feel better soon. i don't know much about the rainy day fund but i know about the drive. >> i drove through it myself today. and although we didn't have much measurable rain, 2 a drizzly day in many locations. it still is in some locations. the cloud cover showing up over the embarcadero. the current temperature readings from 54 to about 56 degrees in most locations. san francisco, oakland, gilroy is at 58 and 54 at half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville looking at lots of clouds.
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55 inrosa.. a more live view, back to the roof top camera. most of the tower cams, you can't see anything. there are too many clouds. so this is the view from our roof top camera. the forecast features clouds and drizzle will ling entire the evening hours. we'll have partial clearing late tomorrow and we'll get a sunnier and milder pattern. what is left of this current storm ranks only 1 on the storm impact scale. it will continue producing spotty drizzle. we'll have slick roadways for the evening commute which is underway already. and we'll see pockets of fog developing as well. so here's the forecast animation starting this afternoon at 4:00 by 8:00. we will see a few lingering clouds. we get into the overnight hours and the clouds return. it will be a little foggy and cloudy. tomorrow afternoon it starts to
4:22 pm
clear out partially once again. the overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 40s. a little chillier in the valleys where the lows drop into the 30s. as we look at the 12-hour planner, we start with pockets of clouds. then some sunshine breaking through. it will be a dry day. virtually everywhere tomorrow. mainly in the upper 50s. in the far north, we may see a few pockets of light drizzle. the highs will be in the mid to upper 60s. low 60s on the coast but then the clouds thicker again to monday, martin luther day. a slight chance of showers on
4:23 pm
tuesday. >> thanks very much. "the new york times" with james franco, and how he is responding. thinking of heading to your favorite national park for the
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the palo alto native was supposed to talk about the latest movie, disaster artist, at a "times" talk today. he said given the recent allegations, it was cancelling the event. on the late show, he responded. >> the things i heard on twitter are not accurate. but i completely support people coming out and being able to have a voice. they a voice for so long so i don't want to shut them down in
4:26 pm
any way. >> two women recently accused him of sexual misconduct. act or michael douglas is denying allegations of misconduct from three decades ago. he said that an upcoming report would contain claims that he acted inappropriately in front of an employee about 32 years ago. douglas decided to get ahead of the story by speaking to deadline calling it a complete lie. some members of congress plan to take a cue from hollywood from the state of the union speech this month. many dress in the black to protest sexual harassment and sexism. for the january 30th state of the union, the work group is inviting all lawmakers to also wear black. a number of prominent politicians have resigned or retired in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations.
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we want to see something happen with daca. >> and the clock is ticking that could put the government budget in jeopardy. and a warning if you're planning to travel to mexico. five states on the highest travel list. people are fighting type 2 diabetes... with fitness... food... and the pill that starts with f. farxiga, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. lowering a1c by up to 1.2 points. do not take if allergic to farxiga. if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction such as rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking and seek medical help right away. do not take farxiga if you have severe kidney problems, are on dialysis, or have bladder cancer. tell your doctor right away if you have blood or red color in your urine or pain while you urinate.
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here are the stories making headlines it's a 4:30. helicopters crews have rescued 42 people in the past 24 hours from the mud slides. these mud slides have killed 17 people. there's so much mud. a 30-mile stretch he in montecito will remain closed until at leaf monday when crews clear it all up. a napa driver was killed last night in a rock slide. a geologist is checking on the hillside's stability. the road reopened today. a man who was shot and killed by police last night advanced at officers with an axe. we'll have the latest at 5:00.
4:31 pm
president trump attack following a court decision that temporarily ends daca. a live update from washington. >> a busy day on capitol hill for immigration talks. lawmakers with in negotiations for hours to decide fate of hundreds of thousands of young immigrants who call the u.s. home. the fight for the d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> we need on make sure that they're protected and included and welcomed now. >> democrats standing at the capital with the young immigrants brought illegally as children. now at risk of deportation. president trump's plan to end the daca program this march temporarily blocked by a federal judge. trump tweeted it shows everyone how broken and unfair the court system is. when the opposing side in the
4:32 pm
case as dlak always runs to the ninth circuit and almost always wins before being reversed by the higher courts. >> hours before the court decision, trump was negotiating in front of the cameras. >> what about a clean daca bill now? with a commitment that we go into a come pre hencive reform procedure. >> i think that's what he said. we're going to do daca and then start immediately on the phase ii. >> trump in the white house later correcting that state. >> would you be willing to sign an immigration deal that does not include funding for the border wall? >> no. it has to include the wall. we need the wall for security. >> that gop house bill in the house for months is expected to have little support from democrats. there were bipartisan meetings that happened and we understand that gop lawmakers and democratic lawmakers, they both say that they're getting very
4:33 pm
close to a deal that will definitely include and protect d.r.e.a.m.ers and security. >> do we have any idea where the main sticking points are? or even when it may be ready? >> lawmakers we spoke with, they would not outline the sticking points. they say that they're very close and very optimistic about an agreement that could be reached sooner ran than later. remember there are hundreds of young immigrants, dream here's are use go the protections every day. >> more than 200,000 in california alone affected. >> president trump went after diane feinstein after she released testimony regarding the trump-rush dossier. he called her sneaky saying it
4:34 pm
was possibly illegal and a disgrace. feinstein insists she did nothing wrong. >> i think people are entitled to know what was said and the lawyers also wanted it released. i see no problem with releasing it. >> the testimony is that of glen simpson. the co-founder whose firm released it written by christopher steel. he said that he became alarmed and went to the fbi out of concern that then candidate trump could be black mailed. vice president mike pence will lead to u.s. delegation to the 2018 olympics in south korea. pence and his wife will attend the games scheduled to run from february 9-25. pence will stop in alaska to reare view defense zpems in
4:35 pm
japan. they will stress systems to leaders of south korea and japan. a heads up for anyone traveling to mexico. tuesday state department issued a revised travel alert today. the government is warning not to travel to five states in mexico including two very popular with tourists. sinaloa where mazatlan is located, guerrero, the other states. the upgrade warning puts people? the same category as somalia or afghanistan or syria. and the state department said americans should reconsider traveling to alit ing ting to .
4:36 pm
>> a former secretary of state is laid to rest. how she was remembered today. >> and a ski getaway turns into a real nightmare for dozens of tourists on a ski getaway. a drizzly and drury day but there's some sunshine in santa cruz. and not feeling too sunny on 101 in san jose if you're heading in the south wardly direction. it is backed up pretty badly there.
4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
snow causing hazardous conditions, trapping people at a resort. the abc reporter has more. >> reporter: 13,000 tourists have been trapped in a swanky swiss ski resort. it snowed too much. now people in search of the slopes can't get out. >> we're very cold. looking forward to getting back down the mountain. >> helicopters spent hours air lifting people and others remained stuck for a second day. long lines on the tarmac. water bottles distributed and luggage flown to lower ground. >> we're very happy to leave now. it was too unpredictable to get the train. >> the 11 snow blocks, roads and
4:40 pm
railings now warning of dangerous avalanches and given the risks, he stranded tourists are not allowed to the slopes. as the spokesperson said, it is not possible to go skiing. but that's okay. it is a bit romantic. everyone is pretty relaxed and everyone is having fun. >> having fun, eating some cheese and probably drinking some wine. later it is set to reopen. ice became a danger in manhattan yesterday. take a look. it fell 20 stories from the manhattan building crushing this parked car. lucky no one was inside the car at the time. the owner was just around the corner at the time. he said he was lucky and unlucky. here's a look at some much
4:41 pm
tamer weather. we have some spotty drizzle around the bay area. when what is left of this ranks only one. a storm with wide intensity. slick roadways for the evening commute and there may be some pockets of fog developing. look out for the sprinkling and the light rain. about 10:00 p.m., drier skies but lingering clouds. and splen some of the inland areas. look for low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. it will be a little bit chilly we are lows see about the upper 30s. then tomorrow, here it is. the action weight forecast. we'll see a slight, slight clabls of drizzle. then we'll see brighter skies friday. a little warming trend over the weekend highs in the mid to upper 60s. and then it will cool down as
4:42 pm
more clouds enter the picture. a last-minute reprieve for daca. the fight to stop the trump administration are from terminating the program takes center stage. and the gadgets making waves in los angeles.
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sfx: tsfx: feet shufflingc life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california. we offer free expert help choosing the best plan for you. and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today. of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you. services were held today for march phuong yu who died last
4:46 pm
month. she was considered a trail blazer at a time when very few minorities were in the top echelons of power or politics. laura anthony has the story. >> it was a celebration of life for a woman who lived hers to the fullest and who paved the way for all those who came after her. >> the outpouring of love reflects what you mean to so many. >> march fong yu died last month at the age of 95 surrounded by her family. it was what she accomplish in the sacramento that will be her legacy. >> march was a woman of her time. she will always be the one who broke the mold. she will always be the one who provided the inspiration. >> in 1966, march fong yu was the first asian woman elected to the california legislature. as an assembly representative of
4:47 pm
oakland. eight years later she baecame te first secretary of state. a post she held for 12 years. >> loyalty and respect. march had that relationship with so many people. >> reporter: in 1969 she famously slashed to it on the steps of the capitol to protest the time when you're notals were free. she was well aware of her power, are she never abused it. >> she didn't rub in it people's faces. she didn't say look what i've done. she said look where we can go. in oakland, laura anthony. abc7 news. the current secretary of state alex padilla announce that had the secretary of state complex in sacramento will be renamed many march fong yu's honor. california's attorney general is praising a federal
4:48 pm
judge's ruling that blocks the trump administration's decision to tend deferred action for childhood arrivals program. javier bester was one of the attorneys general who sued. dlak affects about 800,000 young people who were brought to the u.s. illegally as children. yesterday a u.s. district judge ruled the program must remain in place as the lawsuits proceed. >> it is a good step forward. at the same time, if daca does continue, it doesn't sof our problems. we still need a permanent solution. and at the same time the government can appeal and get an emergency stay so it might not go forward? the trump administration has vowed to challenge the ruling. joining us today to help us understand what's at stake, deechbt lawsuit at the university of san francisco. thank you for coming in. happy to be here. we talked about how the trump administration will appeal. for now, how does the ruling
4:49 pm
affect the >> it was a decision to keep daca intact. daca was a good policy as a temporary whacks congress wasn't doing anything. now we see the president and congressional leaders together all saying we need a permanent solutionful that's where the action will be. >> they are all saying that there needs to be a legislative solution. however, yesterday president trump said i'll sign anything you put on my desk. today he is saying the border wall needs to be a part of that and that seems to be a nonstarter. how optimistic are you that they'll reach a compromise quickly? >> no guarantees about a compromise quickly but there's growing sentiment for both parties that there needs to be
4:50 pm
solution for the daca kids. the president himself has tweeted several times, seemingly on behalf d.r.e.a.m.ers. he said does anyone want to throw gout and accomplished young people who have jobs? how can those tweets come in to play? >> the president seems to have a bit of schizophrenia on this issue. sometimes he wants to be nice to the daca students and other zbraen immigrants and other times he is opposed. there is a split in the administration. so those things can be used in the courts. what this needs is a legislative political solution between congress and the president. that will enable the children, the students to have a permanent solution. a permanent status in the united states which most people want to have. >> how does it impact their lives on a day to day base bliss they don't know if their stat
4:51 pm
lust change? >> we see it among our own students at usf. we see in it communities where people don't know day to day, week to week if they can stay in the only country they've grown up in. and even if they're able to stay, their parents may not be able to stay. so there's tremendous uncertainty. all the more reason why we see senator feinstein take the lead to get this passed and get a permanent solution. >> ten seconds, is it advisable for the d.r.e.a.m.ers to leave the u.s.? >> no. they should check with an immigration attorney before they take any steps to travel outside the country. >> all right. we appreciate your time. >> the annual consumer electronics show is underway. assal, it is turning heads with the latest in high-tech gadgetry.
4:52 pm
it caught the eye of elliott. >> we were struck by two automatic laundry folding machines. one is called the fold-a d mate. it could be available next year for about $1,000. you put the clean clothes in the top. they go through some automatic rollers. if you want to take it a step further, there's something called the laundroid. it has visual recognition technology. it starts the clothes by the person they belong to. fris tag may be a bit of a drawback. if the perot time holds true, about $16,000. >> also, causing some buzz, an all electric suv from a chinaize coil of the it features some interesting new technology using facial technician. >> instead of having a key or
4:53 pm
something like that to start car, when the driver approaches and is recognized by the car, the doors open, the configuration seats, really interesting. the chinese company called biten. >> he said he the suv is expected to have a sticker price of about $45,000. so silicon valley based telecon introduced some pricey new equipment. they unveiled the peleton tread. it comes with a touch screen to stream live classes. it costs $for you,000. are it gained popularity for its exercise bike. recreational marijuana may be until they california but not everywhere. where you'll want to make sure you're not packing some pot. >> and it feels like the edge of the world. the new plan for a d.r.e.a.m. home that became a disaster.
4:54 pm
>> plus, taking timon while pregnant. researchers say could it hurt how little girls develop. the benefits of
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
recreational cannabis may be legal in california but that doesn't mean you can light up anywhere. >> and could you still be arrested, depending on where you are. >> when traveling to a national park, park officials recommend leaving marriage at hole saying possession in use of marijuana is prohibited by federal law. as a result, is prohibited in national parks. if caught with cannabis, officials say it will be confiscated and you could be fined. these are the rules regardless of proposition 64 which legalize the drug. the concept makes sense to caroline. she lives on an indian reservation where it is illegal to use marijuana, medical or recreational. >> i think people live on federal land are very could goies in ant of the laws but people visiting may not know the
4:58 pm
limits. >> at sequoia, officials say they don't have any recent statistics available on the number of people caught with cannabis. they say state and local laws pertaining to marine don't apply here. >> until laws change, we have to go with the flow. when in rome. that's what i always say. >> abc 7 news. >> in case you're wondering, pot is illegal in all the state senate approved legislation which would allow adults over 21 to have up to one ounce of cannabis and two plants. >> that will do it for now.
4:59 pm
officers observed a large sword and an axe. >> the man was fully armed and then it got worse. it's the last home if a devastated part of the peninsula. the owners say it will be hard to watch. >> i've never seen anything like it. >> cleaning up in southern california. a freeway turns into a swamp. cars just band only on the road. all this as the death toll just went up. ice raids 7-eleven stores across the country and the administration says it is just getting started. >> agents arrested 21 people suspected of being in the u.s. illegally. >> six bay area cities were
5:00 pm
involved. >> abc7 news has the story. >> reporter: it is the largest raid of an employer under the trump administration. customs enforcement, i.c.e. targeted about 100 stores including this one in los angeles. night santa clara. ice agents stayed clear of san francisco 7-eleven stores. the statement today, i.c.e. will enforce law. if you are found to be breaking the law, you will be held accountable. that prompted this reaction. >> with the sentiment that this administration has been expressing, i can't say that i'm completely surprised. >> the chairman of the republican party in san francisco said president trump is merely fulfilling a campaign promise. >> under obama, they had a president who didn't support them. now they have a president who he will support them doing their job. >> und


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