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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 11, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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live where you this, this is abc 7 news. >> sea lions strike again as a swimmer is attacked in san francisco. this morning, that woman is in the hospital. thank you for joining us, i'm im that taunatasha zouves. kristen sze will be in later. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow joins us live with the good samaritans who jumped into action. melan melanie? >> reporter: quite a few people who jumped into action to help this woman, she's a member of the south end rowing club. a lot of swimmers were out here this morning when she was out here. they tell us her name is irene chan and she's been swimming in the water at aquatic park for years. they say she'd go out every morning with a huge smile on her
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face and it was this morning, unfortunately, she was bit by a sea lion. one of the fellow swimmers, another member of south end rowing club, says she has known her for a year and a half and this morning when she heard her scream for help, she went to see what was happening. >> heard a yell for help, literally i swam over to her, i asked her what happened, she said she'd been bit. i go, okay. i said is it bad? it was dark so you couldn't really see anything. i started swimming with her, i said do you want me to pull you back to the beach? said no, no, i can swim my myself. i just can't kick because the sea lion bit me on my knee. >> reporter: and once they war on the shore, it was another person who sprang into action, get this, a retired san francisco fire department paramedic who also is a member of this club and also had been swimming out here this morning. she tells us that she stayed with chan until the ambulance arrived. that swimmer, irene chan, has now been taken to san francisco
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general hospital. where a spokesperson says she is in good condition. also at her side is her husband, and her son, who i'm told happens to be a doctor, is also on his way to be with his mother. officials are recommending that swimmers here swim closer to the shore and also that they swim in groups. live in san francisco, at aquatic park, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, i know you've been working the story since it happened. thank you for bringing us the new details. out to southern california and the massive mudslides that left 17 people dead. santa barbara county officials announced this morning that eight people are still missing. here's abc 7 news reporter marcie gonzalez in burbank. >> reporter: search teams back out trekking through the thick muck desperately searching for survivors after the powerful mudslides in southern california. >> oh my god, mom. >> reporter: marco recorded tuesday as the fast. moving flow of mud and boulders came surging down his street in
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montecito and into his home. >> wake dad up. >> reporter: the family stuck in thigh-high mud for an hour and a half finally managing to escape. >> i turned and apologized to my folks. i didn't force them to evacuate. there was a really emotional moment. >> reporter: emotions high as the death toll in the community rises. >> i know people already personally who have cdied. >> reporter: after days of searching -- >> fighting with all my heart to find her. >> reporter: robert learning his mother, rebecca, a prominent realtor is among the 17 killed in the mudslides. eight others report the missing, swept from homes and neighborhoods, now buried with debris to the top of the houses. some searching with canines and by air holding out hope. officials stress this is not yet a recovery mission saying because there are areas they still haven't been able to access, there's a chance some of
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the missing could be found alive. marcie gonzalez, abc news, burbank, california. >> as marcie just mentioned one of the victims had been identified as rebecca risken and has family in the bay area. risken is the sister of teresa drenic, spokesperson for the alameda county district attorney and was in southern california this week helping to search for her sister. marin county sent a search and rescue team to montecito. the crew drove down overnight to santa barbara county to help emergency responders today. california air national guard members based in silicon valley are already in southern california and posted these fee photos of what they saw from their helicopter. after fears of tumbling into the ocean a woman's dream home is no more. a little yellow house was demolished this morning. the last one red tagged in pacifica. here's abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield. >> reporter: you may watch this and see a demolition job. melissa mcconnell sees it
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differently. >> the kitchen sliding glass door just went down. >> reporter: she knows every inch of this 900 square foot home. it's not just a kitchen back splash being ripped out, that was a find she proud lly got of craigslist. the siding is only six months old. >> my pretty little house. >> reporter: today it turned into rubble. the pacifica cliff it was perched on has eroded away to the point that living here is too dangerous. the city said the house had to go. bought it from the mcconnells and today tore it down. the mcconnells were here to watch and say good-bye. >> i love this house as much as any of my dearly departed pets i've ever had. and if you have to take them to the vet because it's time to end their suffering, that's what you do. and i kind of see this that way. >> reporter: neighbors across the street watched with mixed emotions as their view suddenly changed and they lost two nice
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neighbors. >> it was something mom joked about when we first moved in, like, 30 years ago, oh, if those houses fall in, we'll have an ocean view. it's not funny anymore. >> reporter: two hours after they started, the bucket delivered its final blow. taking out the new bay windows the mcconnells installed themselves and flattening the place they called home. but they had the crews save a few beams of redwood from this house with the hopes of installing it in a new home in pacifica, their favorite place on earth. in pacifica, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. nearly 100,000 signatures are in. the campaign to recall judge aaron persk said it ended up with 70% more signatures than needed. they handed them in this morning. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has been live tweeting this. he joins us now live. good morning, matt. >> reporter: the signatures are in the thanhands of the registr. it will take two weeks to count. once that is done, the issue
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will be in the habnds of the voters. >> tell any what democracy this looks like. this it what democracy looks like. >> reporter: a movement that started in june 2016. 95,000 signatures were delivered to the santa clara county rej star of voters in san jose in an effort to qualify the recall of judge aaron perski for the ballot. >> the voters of santa clara sk are saying loud and clear they'll hold him accountable, pattern of bias, athletes and other offenders who commit sex crimes and violence against women. >> reporter: in march of 2016 a jury found former stanford swimmer brock turner guilty of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus the previous year. the victim in the case identified as emily doe read a statement in court in june right before turner was sentenced by judge perski to six months in jail. the victim's statement went viral leading to worldwide outrage over turner's sentence and eventual campaign to recall
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judge perski. the registrar's office has 30 days to count and verify the signatures and send it to the board of supervisors to put it on the ballot. >> we definitely feel, as i said, we're at a national inflection point. with women standing up all over the country. and refusing to accept the normalization and enabling of violence against women. >> reporter: we've reached out to judge perski for reaction. we have yet to hear back. if this qualifies, if the petition qualifies, cit will be on the june 5th ballot. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. another sexual misconduct allegation against actor james franco. five women accuse the golden globe winner of inappropriate behavior according behavior. the "times" reports four women accusing franco are said to be
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former students. one claims he was her mentor. franco denied previous allegations we two women. he's not yet commented on these newest accusations. presiden trump is stepping up his attacks on the russia investigation as the house votes to approve a controversial surveillance bill. at first mr. trump took to twitter to object to the bill and within minutes he reversed his position. and back tracking on whether he'll sit down with robert mueller and his team. >> we'll see what happens. certainly i'll sigh whee what h but when they have no collusion, nobody found collusion at any level, it seems unlikely you'd even have an interview. >> after nearly a year in office the president also took on the f fbi's investigation into his democratic opponent hillary clinton asking where are crooked hillary e-mails? sad ending to a search for a missing college student in southern california. what investigators discovered more than a week after his disappearance. a new report finds uber is
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prepared for police raids. the secret tool it uses to hide sensitive documents. also coming up, controversial figure skater tonya harding back in the spotlight after nearly 30 years. how she says she's picked up the pieces of her life since scandal rocked her career. and with a weak system moving to the north of us we just squeezed out a few showers in santa rosa at 50, but it's 60 and getting sunny in san jose. i'll tell
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infortunateunfortunately we now developments in the search for a college student. they found the body of 19-year-old blaze bernstein in a park. they're investigating his death as a homicide. family and friends held a candlelight vigil for him last week in lake forest. the university of pennsylvania student was home for winter break when he disappeared january 2nd. we all know rent in the bay area is so expensive. the effort to expand rent control across the state will take a big step guard. happening now a state assembly committee in sacramento is holding a public hearing, talking about repealing the law that prevents cities from imposing rent control on housing built after 1995. the bill was introduced last year. it was put on hold at the time because of strong opposition by landlords. so many people talking about this, tonight on abc 7 a two-hour special on tonya harding, olympic skater, of course, caught up in scandal in the '90s.
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comes as the movie "i, tonya," sheds light on her life and career cut short. jessica castro has a preview of tonight's special and joins us live. >> tonya harding has moved on with her life. it's been more than two decades after her infamous incident with nancy kerrigan at the u.s. figure skating championships. the 47-year-old skater is now happily married with a young son. she says she's been given a second chance at life. harding talks with "good morning america's" amy robach about how she's picked up the pieces in her life. >> no money, abusive relationships and you kept going. >> i'm not going to let people stop me from doing what i love. people always telling me that i'm going to not amount to anything. not going to be anything. i'm fat, i'm ugly. i'm stupid. and, yeah -- >> you goi're going to prove th wrong. >> absolutely. i may be blond but i didn't fall
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off the turnip truck backwards. >> listen to this, harding wants to try to do the triple axel again, the jump that made her famous. her life story including the fallout from the kerrigan incident is the subject of a new movie in theaters now called "i, tonya." "truth and lies: the tonya harding story" airs tonight on abc 7. i'm jessica castro, abc 7. news. most tech companies likely don't expect police to raid their offices. uber perhaps is not like most companies though. according to bloomberg, the san francisco-based company has a secret tool to keep cops in the park. think of it as a panic button. uber used the button at least 2,000 times to lock down equipment in offices shielding files from police raids. uber is cautious because of sensitive information it has about customers and locations all around the world. safety, not discipline, is the rule of thumb for police
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officers at san jose schools. the police department says it's reach add new agreement with several school districts in the city. it sets guidelines for officers on high school campuses. the police chief says school administrators are responsible for disciplining students. officers are supposed to keep students safe from intruders, develop positive relationships with students and the community. and support school staff in dealing with items prohibited on campus. not every day we treat yourselves to a multicourse meal. where you can get fine dining at a discount this week only. a live look right now at our mt. tam camera.
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at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. welcome back. now on to today's morning money
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report. walmart is boosting its minimum wage to $11 an hour and giving employees a one time $1,000 cash bonus and expanding maternity and parental leave benefits. the retailer made the announ announcement this morning. these changes will impact more than a million hourly workers in the u.s. the wage increase will start next month. remember circuit city? the electronics story is apparently coming back. the company's new ceo made the announcement at the consumer electronics show in las vegas saying it's relaunching next month. circuit city which has been out of business for nearly a decade now will come back online first then launch retail stores at a later date. the relaunch will begin on february 15th. this is exciting, today is the start of restaurant week in o oakland. about 80 businesses are taking part this year. choose from a prefixed menu ranging from $10 to $50 a meal. search restaurants based on how much you want to pay online. we have all the information on zbljs. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argne. >> hi there, veryone, look at the cloud cover.
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still a lot of it out there. there's weather system pushing to the north and dropped a few one-hundredths up toward santa rosa. as it continues to exit, the fog improves but high clouds will stream over head. three-mile visibility half moon bay. everyone else up above seven miles. look at santa cruz, 60 degrees. they had nothing but sunshine all morning liong. going to be a nice day there in the low to mid 60s. san jose getting brighter and warmer at 59. on the coast, 54. a little hazy from our roof c came camera. we're beginning to break out into some hazy sunshine. it's 50 in santa rosa. lot of cloud cover still in the north bay with the cool numbers. 56 concord and livermore. so delays of 15 minutes at sfo. that continues. see it's gray on the peninsula. so still an outside chance of a spotty shower north, becoming partly cloudy elsewhere. and we'll look for more sunshine the next three days.
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i have to tell you, the forecast models are trending drier for that system that we were hoping to come in tuesday and wednesday. and now it looks like it's going to push it back toward wednesday and thursday. so this is why you check back with us. things do change. this is slykely to change again. . if you're having a touch time blank blank tough time tough time coming into terms. 58 tonight in richmond and san francisco. with the fog and low clouds, not as cool but we start out once again with reduced visibility in the north bay, parts of the east bay. we'll get into sunshine. beast hazard statement from the north coast to santa cruz. swells 8 to 10 feet. awfully rough out there. saw how pretty it was in santa cruz. but until tonight we have the risk of sneaker waves, large surf and strong rip currents. do be careful out there. tis afternoon, by 2:00, notice the high clouds are with us. they're thinning out in the south bay and east bay. in the north bay, yes, the fog
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comes back quickly. and we'll be looking for this system to arrive and hopefully stay together into next week. now it looks more promising on this model, so we have several forecast models to look at our extended outlook so we'll keep you posted. highs today upper 50s san francisco, 60 in palo alto. accuweather seven-day forecast shows partly cloudy skies for most of us today. a little bit more fog tomorrow. milder over the weekend. here's the holiday. little cloudier and openfulhope more rain next week. >> lisa, thank you. costco is known for its generous return policy. one customer may have crossed the line. you be the judge, when abc 7 news this dog's welcoming the campers back home. >> i'm getting on my back and you will rub my belly. >> next rg.
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welcome back. a reminder, we're on 24/7 on the abc 7 news app and today on the website we posted a behind the scenes look, this is what happened when the harlem globe trotters visited us at abc 7 news. pretty impressive. if you're logging on to from your phone, be sure to download the abc 7 news app to get breaking news alerts and tune in for the latest news and weather on our next newscast, abc 7 news at 4:00. of all the things people are returning to stores after the holidays, one particular shopper in the l.a. area returned her christmas tree. she even got a refund because she said the tree was dead.
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scott saw what was happening at his local costco, posted about it on facebook. his chronicle of the entire event is going viral. he says this woman returned her christmas tree last thursday, all dried out and desiccated and done. surprisingly, costco actually gave her the refund she asked for. he was actually pretty salty about it. we'd love to know what you think. go ahead and tweet us @abc 7newsarea. breaking in new shoes, going to be a rough day, roscoe the police dog. video posted on facebook by the police department shows roscoe struggling a bit in his new kicks. he's really cute, though. people loving the video. one person writing "hope the bad guys realize little shoes or not, roscoe will still chase you down." from all of us at abc 7 news, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. yes, it was socked in this morning but look at how it looks
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in santa cruz now. hopefully you have a long weekend this weekend and can enjoy the weather before we have wet weather on our way. thank you for joining us. have a great rest of your day.
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>> when i tell people i host this show, they always ask me, what's my favorite question? well, it's one i hope i get a chance to ask someone today: how's it feel to win $1 million? it's time to play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ i hope i ask this guy that question in just a little bit. >> so do i. >> welcome to the show. are you guys ready to go today? [cheers and applause] good. we're in the middle of a great game. i'm here with christian sorge, our returning contestant, who's a bit of a gambler. took some chances in our last game and he has gambled his way to $20,000. lots in the bank. >> not bad. >> that puts you six questions away from $1 million. >> wow. >> and even closer, you're just two questions away from that $50,000 threshold, so couple big stops


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