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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 12, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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>> robert, miguel. >> i've got 56 on one side. 27 on the other. a fun video coming from the beaches of brazil. everybody appears to be having a great time. why else would they be clapping? then they start chanting something that i can't really make out what they're saying. to me, biased as i am, it sounds like they're saying mexico. i'm not sure that's what they're saying. >> they very well may be chanting a name. if you notice the cam zooms in on that guy holding the kid. >> the way everybody is looking around, i feel like this is team work going on here. >> yep. in fact, the entire beach erupts in cheering.
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that's because they have found that boy that was lost. they started clapping to draw attention to the fact that they had this boy. these women were able to spot their kid. there he is. they hug him and walk away with him. >> everything brazilians do is level. we go -- amber alert. come get your boy. >> it worked. it's not a new thing. it's been around for a really long time, actually. some latin american countries have used it technique to try to get a kid back to the family. >> when we got lost, we felt like we were in trouble. you heard your name over the loudspeaker in the store. you were like, dang. it's my birthday.
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>> flip of siren, honk of the horn. the car indicates and pulls over. the end. no. there's more. >> hello. good mate you. what's your name? >> insurance questions, this, that and the other. >> turn your engine on while we're having a chat and checking up on what's going on. then, bye? he takes off at quite a low speed through the tiny residential british streets. >> they were so friendly. why run? >> the police make an educated guess. >> false plate, stolen vehicle. >> you can see the speed is just under 90 miles an hour. in a 30 mile-an-hour zone. goes a hard right the wrong way, came close to that van right there. another hard right here going
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into some small suburban streets. i think this is where the driver gets himself lost. he pulls into a dead end. finds there's nothing but a fence in front of him. the politeness scale comes down a few notches. >> they mad now. >> they're a little peeved at this fellow who gets threatened with a taser. >> he didn't have the proper registration. >> very, very close. quite simply, this is a family member's car. this young fellow didn't have insurance. scared as to what the consequences might be, took off and eventually got himself caught. you can see his mugshot right there. 19 years old. had he not driven off, would have faced a fee and a few points added to his license. because he did drive off, three months in jail, banned from driving for a year and he will
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have to pass the extended driving test if he wants to get it back. >> watch this. this is in ontario, canada. not being going on. that fox comes out. >> you can't hear those. >> that beauty owl swoops in. i'm just talking a stroll in the area i'm supposed to. the owl goes away. eventually, the owl comes in and swoops down into the middle of the walkway and says you want to come back? >> i wonder what the owl is off to. is he trying to scare the fox off? little rodents under the snow. >> they would eat the same thing. the owl then goes, i'm going to pump up and show you how big i am. the fox is like, how are you doing? then the feathers relax.
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the fox gives a wide birerth. who is braver, the owl or the fox? >> the question all owls want to know. who? >> fox wanders off. the owl is like, i'm king. >> the path in the snow that made him look at the camera. >> a lot of folks are buzzing about the dating site bumble. it's not just for dating anymore. that's its primary use. >> it's called bumble because you are looking for the honey. >> but in this case the honeys are to reach out first. >> how do you think she's going to feel about this? >> we'll see. >> this isn't the first time they are meeting, right? he's not going from 0 to 100, is he? >> of course not. they have been dating. they really enjoy snowball fights. they partnered for a special surprise. she thinks she's going to a
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lollo holiday party. the room is set. >> it's perfect. >> here they come. as soon as they step into the room. >> pretty wild. >> she's loving it. not only because she loves the snow, but also because she spots people she knows. he takes her -- >> starting to sink in. she's like, oh. >> he pulls the box out and he asked her to be his wife. >> will you marry me? >> yes! >>, of course, she says question. >> i can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you. >> all the snow with none of the cold. >> i like that, too. >> where are the cocktails and food? >> it was meant to bumble be. >> what he said.
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by -- >> why let itchy, irritated skin keep you from all the fun this winter? cortisone 10 works fast to heal irritation and relieve itch for ten full hours. cortisone 10. >> they pulled over to the side of the road here. he says that he needed to look for some directions before continuing on. once he figures out what he needs to do next, the next turn is coming up right here. make a right at the light. all is great and smooth. that truck just made a left on the same street. you see a lot of traffic on that left-hand side. the problem is that that truck that just made that turn wasn't paying attention to the rules of the road. watch what that driver does in front of the bike. >> stupid person. >> yeah. without looking, without any regard for anyone else on the road, that driver just continues to make a u turn over a double yellow line to the other side.
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unfortunately, that motorcyclist has nowhere to go. ends up hitting the truck. and ends up going over the curb and crashing down on the sidewalk. >> you [ bleep ]. >> he is so lucky he managed to go between that post and the car. >> what's the genius in the truck have to say about this? >> you will happy to know that that person did pull over and they exchanged information. but the rider of the motorcycle says he never really apologized. which is fine, as long as he fixed his bike. he said he wasn't injured. he had scraping and bruising but no major injuries because of this. as a reminder, keep an eye out for motorcyclists. >> last time justin timberlake came back, he brought sexy with him. he is back again. he is straight up filthy. ♪ put your filthy hands all over me ♪ >> in
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filthy things, your kids. ♪ get your filthy hands up off me ♪ ♪ you know this is the clean version ♪ >> it doesn't matter how clean you were trying to keep your house. those kids and their grubby hands are coming straight for your face. >> there is no clean version. >> they pick their noses. they think it's hilarious. they wipe it on your clothes. worse, in your face. ♪ you wake me up at 4:00 in the morning ♪ ♪ your friends are my friends' kids ♪ >> back in the day, we had that one living room nobody could go in. the mom and dad would sit in there like ha, ha. >> we would smudge it when they left. >> exactly.
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♪ take one little nap or two >> that's not going to happen. ♪ i'll be singing oh, oh >> that song is fantastically produced and hilarious, especially if you are a parent. >> ducks are on the loose. find out how gail tackled the situation. >> you have not been paying attention. >> there are 10,000 videos. >> his lady is pregnant. he wants to get a better understanding what she is going through. he is going to try to do it while feeling pregnant. see what happens when he puts on that extra weight. >> shoot. >> oh, shoot. ♪ jen, i've got questions. boots or flip-flops? boot! great. smokey or natural eye? ugh, natural. good choice. how about calling or texting? definitely calling. puppies or kitties?
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promotional consideration prom tional consideration >> if you battle chronic back pain, turn it off with icy hot smart relief. only smart relief is indicated to relief chronic pain among leading brands. turn off pain, smart relief. years in the sun causing dark spots, gold bond, 81% saw appearanappean improvement in sun-damaged skin. >> i got home, it was dark. there were ducks. somebody abandoned them or
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something. they looked like they were domestic. >> we will go to your place for dinner? >> no. duck rescue. i called my friend. she's like, get them in the garage. they will be okay. use walter's old crate. give them some water. the next morning i come out into the garage. one of them laid an egg. my friend came over before her job and put them in the crate. of course, i put them in the car. and disaster strikes. >> some of them broke free. >> come on. come on. >> i'm out. >> not the only maone that made break for it. >> you didn't do a good job sealing the crate. >> you've been outwitted by ducks. >> you think it's easy. >> there goes gail.
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>> this is like that training scene from "rocky." >> this didn't get very far. it got cornered. it made it easy to grab it and pick it up. this other one, i had to chase and chase and chase. finally, behind the trash can and recycle bin. i got you. i was able to grab that one. put that one in the car. my friend says, i have called a place for you. we took a little road trip. they were very willing to take them in. i did not take the ducks in. this cat named ed unicorn took the duck. mama and the other ones had gone. they said the cat who had kittens took in the duck. you could see the duck cuddling up to mama. >> blends right in. once it hides its beak. look. it's like another one in the litter. >> the cats rescued a duck in
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literally a minute. it took you 15. >> nellie is in her third trimester. he wants to see what his lady is going through. he will go to the gym with her. he will try to do it while feeling pregnant. they fit him with a 40 pound vest. >> that's not fair. >> it's not about the weight. it's about what that baby does to a woman when it's inside of her. >> the baby might not weigh 40 pounds. you get weight gain. you have fluids inside. it's pretty accurate. when they start off, he is a little cocky. >> no big deal. >> you are going to regret that. before you know it, he is starting to realize, it's a bit hard. >> does make a difference. >> they get advanced. this mo squatting doing that. nellie's form is way better.
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the first place where he really, really notices the difference is when he goes for press ups. >> she's like -- let's go. the longer they go, the more fails there are. >> shoot. >> oh, shoot. >> look at his legs. >> his chin up is more of a hang. the reason for this whole thing is to sort of understand his mrs. this is what nellie thinks of it all. >> i appreciate him trying to relate to how i feel. you feel alone. and i appreciate he is like -- i want to experience what she goes through. that's fine with me. >> as long as he doesn't have to experience the birth. >> scoring points. >> i know this isn't the real experience. but this is hard. >> josh is spilling his guts about dating latin women.
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>> who is he calling crazy? >> i don't know. i'm glad he was brave enough to ask the question. >> regardless of his rent -- >> you can't go back.
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>> they're on ice. >> coming to you from >> this is your boy josh. >> why don't i date more spanish girls? why you scared of spanish girls? because they crazy? >> who is he calling crazy? >> i don't know. i'm glad he was brave enough to ask the question. very curious about the answer. >> i'm going to tell you why most black men or some black men are scared of latin women. >> before we hear josh's answer, what do you think the answer is? >> that's one of the reasons. >> first thing about dating a latin woman is you gotta meet
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their grandma. she ain't going to like you. she going to tell you to your face she don't like you. >> it's my grandpa. if he brings you makes himself, you are in. >> no. she call dog. grandma don't like me. but your grandma ain't got to say it in my face. she can leave. >> that's the thing about latin people. they tell you to your face. >> grandma ain't going to invite you over for dinner. >> point-blank. >> this is true. >> up next -- >> we scare to date latin women because on the date, you introduce us to one or two of your cousins. >> i went to a new year's eve party with you and you were like, 300. who are these people? my cousins. all of them? >> we can't deal with all that. that's too many people to be fighting. >> you are laughing because it's true. >> it's true. a cousin for everything. i've got 56 on one side and 27 on the other.
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>> did you break up with her? your family don't break up with her. you break up with a girlfriend for christmas or thanksgiving or easter and she right there in the living room with why you are mother knitting sweaters. >> you broke up. go home. >> my man looking at you? don't lie to you. was my man looking at you? if he was looking at you i'm going to cut him and you. >> it's because we love you. >> somebody is getting cut first. who was looking at you. >> you notice how the guy married to a latin woman is just -- >> yeah. i was going to ask about you that. >> ask me nothing. >> then they smell like shampoo and candle wax and lotion and strawberries and raspberries and vanilla. >> and you just hook. >> how do you go back? >> that's for this episode of
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