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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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abc 7 news was at the university of san francisco where house minority leader nancy pelosi and the congressman thompson
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plan. >> east bay congressman barbara lee held an open house to talk about the tax plan. he called the event a teach in and she too called the tax plan a tax scam. representative lee said she too thinks it'll hurt the most vulnerable americans. >> it's definitely going to help the people and also setting the stage for some deep cuts in medicare, medicaid and social security. >> republicans argue the tax plan will give more money to middle class. it lets wal-mart raising wages and giving bonuses to their employees because of the plan. >> the president in a tweet is
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blaming democrats for the collapse of a bipartisan deal that would let immigrant children stay in the u.s. that issue was discussed thursday in the oval office when the president reportedly made derogatory remarks about haiti and africa. >> reporter: a racial fire storm is engulfing donald trump while he spends his first martin luther king, jr. holiday weekend as president at his favorite resort in florida and away from washington amid questions about reportedly using an expletive that many refer to as racist. >> mr. president, are you a racist? >> reporter: the president ignoring this barrage of questions prompted by multiple accounts of an oval office meeting proposed by an immigration deal that included protections from immigrants from african countries and haiti and the president reportedly saying why are we having all these
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people from expletive countries, come here? also suggesting we should bring in more immigrants from countries like norway. >> and saying to black immigrants, go to hell. >> reaction among trump supporters is mixed. >> i think it's more important in politics to take a look at it results that are accomplished than the particular rhetoric or tone or what's actually said. >> i just wish that president trump would keep his mouth shut. >> reporter: instead the president tweeted saturday blaming the democrats for the lack of an immigration deal that was discussed in that oval office meeting. i don't believe the democrats really want to see a deal on daca. they are all talk and no action. it happened last night outside the nation's restaurant on railroad avenue. police approached a suspected
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drug dealer who was sitting in his car and then noticed a gun in the center conseal. at first they say the man complied with their instructions but then he reached for that gun and that's when the officer described. the victim only described as a 43-year-old man from antioch. to the mud slides in santa barbara now. highway 101 between santabarbar closed indefinitely. cleanup is taking longer than expected. many local roads are also blocked. at least 18 people died following tuesday's mud slides. the number of missing went down today from 7 to 5 people. new images show the damage, the scope of which is just becoming clear for some of the survivors. >> there's no roads, no houses. i'm devastated by what i'm seeing. >> the destruction so vast it covered 30 square miles in rocks
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and mud. wildfires scorched hill sides on tuesday. >> still so hard to see. just ahead, a rush of criticism ends with big donation from mark walberg. and the main candidates for california governor faced off. the one issue that got them riled up. station houston standby for release. >> also the successful space station delivery made by a spacex capsule that also brought some science back to earth. sunsetting right now in the east bay 5:12. it was pretty today woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear,
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the top candidates for california governor faced off in a spirited debate in los angeles. it help ignited a furious exchange. republican candidate john cox tried to pitch his own plan. >> you know, and by the way the press is here. he said he's always been for single payer. you were discussing again and again and again because in orange county you weren't for single payer. the first time you won't to the nurses you were for single payer and then you sai you were against it. three or four times in the last time in the last six months you said you were for it or against it. and now you're saying you're for it and you don't have a plan. >> that's just factually untrue. that was specific to the details of sb 562. it was misleading and factually untrue. >> we need to have a growing
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economy so all of you can afford your own wonderful health care and not have to rely on the politicians to hand it out to you if you're good boys and girls. >> also taking part today were democrats john chung and delaine easton. the top two finishers will go head to head in the election. actor mark walberg will donate $1.5 million film fee. because scenes of the upcoming film "all the money in the world" had tee be shot after star had be fired for sexual misconduct allegations. also. >> happy birthday to you. >> one of my favorite stories today. a grandmother's wishes come true
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on her 101st birthday. see the moment when it happened. right now it's 60 degrees. we have rain in the extended
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spacex's dragon cargo spacecraft is back on earth. nasa said it splashed down into the pacific ocean about 7:30 this morning. the dragon left the international space station after delivering 148,000 supplies. it brought back studies from science studies. organizers of pavrics were looking to hit the water tuesday, but scratched those
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plans this afternoon due to unfavorable conditions along the san mateo coast. the world surfing league said it will instead see what the rest of the competition holds. a washington state grandmother is now an internet sensation after a rather interesting present for her 101st birthday. grandma eileen gained popularity. what she really likes is to receive letters. she was in for quite a surprise when he walked into a ups store this week. >> i can't believe it. >> virginia, idaho, kentucky. >> i can't believe it. >> people all over the world sent you -- >> this is magic. >> oh, she is precious, isn't she? there were hundreds of letters you can see jammed into her mailbox. herground son says she doesn't really care about fame or the
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money but loves connecting with people. hi, everyone, we do have some fog and it is chilly in livermore. 47 degrees in livermore with vilt abo visibility about 5 miles. concord you have the same thing. elsewhere it warmed up nicely. anywhere from 49 to 70 currently in the bay area. 57, san francisco, oakland 54 mount view and 60 in san jose, gill roy, 64. so really the south end of the bay nice and mild. the half moon bay 59. it looks like a repeat performance for tomorrow. as we look at the golden gate bridge, 55 in santa rosa, 59 in napa. winds gusting up to 49 miles an hour above 1,300 feet over the oakland hills. 15 mile an hour winds in
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hayward, so it took a while to warm up. and if it did, it was still kind of limited out there. we're still looking at a bit of fog beginning to form. we'll have that overnight and sunny and milder. the rest of you are going to have to deal with some of that fog, and look for the wet weather to return as early as monday night. overnight lows in the 40s and 50s. once again, no big changes there. as we go through your sunday, you're going to notice we're going to start to bring in the cloud. monday same story, but look what happens by noontime on monday, some showers offshore. that's when we bring in our storm impact scale. we rate our systems 1 thru 5 exclusive to nbc 7. about a third of an inch for most areas, up to inch in the north bay.
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in the evening hours everyone is getting wet, but it really ends by midday on tuesday. so it looks like we get a break before we see another round and a quarter round of rain. about a third of an inch in santa rosa, and we will be looking at a nice dry and sunny mild nice day tomorrow. mid-60s over in concord. how about 70 in morgan hill. if you download our accuweather app, you'll be able to keep track of live doppler 7. accuweather forecast shows a lot of cooling on the holiday. and then for tuesday scattered showers break wednesday, chilly with rain thursday and friday, looking at for the first time all season some significant snow. >> we'll be watching. all right, football ain't over yet. it's still good times. >> if you're a football fan, this is the
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the divisional playoffs in the nfl, and we kick off with the top seat. philadelphia hosting last year's champion the atlanta falcons. eagles quarterback carson bulletin board material right there. second quarter eagles trailing
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3-0. blunt gets the carry, but he will score. 6-3 philly because jason eliates extra point will go off. punting, but hit off two eagle players and the falcons will recover with great field position. and they take advantage. matt ryan gets spun around but still makes a four-yard throw tw devaunte freeman. 10-6 atlanta. philly in their own territory. should have been picked here, but instead it's off falcon defender to tory smith. it's going to lead to a 53-yard field goal by jake elliot. and took the lead on two field goals in the second. atlanta now down 5. first down to julio jones. atlanta got the ball to the
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2-yard line. but on fourth and goal pass to julio who fell down, incomplete. atlanta won it 15-10. first home playoff win by the eagles since 2006. a >> our backs against the wall, people discount us, don't give us much credit, whatever it might be for our team to battle against a fine football team, you know a team that obviously this time of year is playing extremely well, hot football team, that's one thing about this team that i love so much -- they battle to the end. and so that was the biggest kind of rush of emotion, just thinking about the players. >> all right, mens college hoops. on the road tabling on the wazoo, first down five and a half.
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check out the bunch. row boat. wazoo shot 54%. disses the franks for the three. cal drops to 7 and 11, one and four in pac-12 today. sad news as keith jackson died at the age of 89. he retired in 2006 after 50 years as a announcer for football and basketball. was on the call for that wild 16 inning wild game between the astros and mets back in '86. he coined the phrase whoa nelly. a very sad loss. we'll have some updates on the warriors bringing some fam okay mcdonald's. i see your one, two and three dollar deals. tell you what, i'll raise you five. introducing value jack's way. five great ways to save. like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices.
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new on abc 7 news at 6:00, reactions to missile alert error in hawaii, including a california lawmaker who plans to make sure it doesn't happen here. plus california making sure it expands college but not for the usual user tonight at 6:00. the 16 penguins get weighed once a month. this time they're being a a a a misch mischievous. some jump over the scale while others are distracted by the
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fish. >> we can go on together. >> that's it for abc 7 welcome to "world news tonight." the ballistic missile scare. an entire state in panic. the warning that went out to all of hawaii, an inbound missile, take immediate shelter. >> this is not a drill. take immediate action measure. >> people running for their lives. families fleeing. for 38 minutes chaos and confusion until finally the all clear. frozen rivers triggering s dangerous floods. residents told to evacuate. temperatures plummeting from the gulf coast through the northeast. nearly 200 million people facing an arctic blast. mark wahlberg paying up in the face of outcry. tonight the superstar's massive donation after earning a thousand times more than his female co-star. terror on board a greyhound bus.


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