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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 14, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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something you want to hear. caroline? >> thank you, frances. a big rig caught on fire early this morning shutting down part of interstate 238. one lane is still closed. abc news was in hayward this morning where firefighters tackled this fire on the northbound side of the freeway near the 14th street on-ramp. chp says the semi truck caught fire around 2:45 this morning. lane 3 is the one that's closed as firefighters clean up the mess. developing news. a magnitude 7.1 earthquake has struck off the coast of peru this morning. it happened at 1:18 our time. there have been no reports of deaths or damage. officials say there is no longer a tsunami threat. hawaii residents are still shaken and looking for answers this morning after yesterday's false alert warning of a ballistic missile was headed
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towards the island. >> this is not a drill. take immediate action measures. repeat, the u.s. pacific command has detected a missile threat to hawaii. >> that alert went out on tv and on cell phone push alerts just after 8:00 yesterday morning hawaii time. this left people, of course, to panic. some running in the streets fearing a missile from north korea. 38 minutes later, another alert went out saying the warning was a fake. the governor of hawaii is apologizing. >> what happened today was totally unacceptable and many in our community was deeply affected by this and i'm sorry. i'm, too, very angry and disappointed that this happened. >> now, while the message may have been false, it might have uncovered a real problem that investigators are now looking into. the governor says some people did not get the message on their cell phone. plenty of tourists were
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caught off guard by the missile warning. abc 7 news reporter alyssa harrington talked to a san francisco couple who just started their honeymoon in hawaii. they talked about the terrifying moments of what they thought was the beginning of the end. >> what started as a dream destination wedding in hawaii quickly turned into a nightmare for phil and katie sam. the couple from san francisco was rattled by a terrifying alert that a ballistic missile was headed their way. >> this is not a drill. take immediate action measure. >> they spoke to us saturday afternoon via face time. >> in this moment of fear, you just try to stay calm. you try to stay alert as much as you can. there's this feeling of hopelessness, like so much out of your control. >> the newlyweds got the alert while eating breakfast. they shot this video on their
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cell phones. hotel guests filed into the basement to seek shelter. phil says it did cross his mind, they could die. the couple just exchanged vows january 8th. >> a wedding really symbolizes a new beginning and a new chapter. so there's so much more to look forward to as we begin our life together. it was scary to know that perhaps that could be cut short really at any moment. >> yeah. i think one of my first thoughts was, are you kidding me? this is, like, day four. >> katie says they did their best to stay calm but saw other people crying and panicking. finally, hotel staff announced there was no missile at all. it was a false alarm. >> how did you feel? >> i think i said whoo! >> katie and phil say the incident was confusing. they hope this serves as a wake-up call to be prepared in case of a real threat. it was a nerve racking way to start life as a married couple but they're happy to be alive and they're going to try to enjoy the rest of their
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honeymoon. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. and take a look at this video showing more of the confusion and panic after the false alarm. one family put their children in a manhole for safety. cal says checks and balances are in effect -- a statewide alert would require input from multiple individuals before something is sent out. that means, one person could not hit the wrong button and start a panic like we saw in hawaii. tiffany wilson has that part of the story. >> reporter: just tpush of a button and a handful of words created panic for more than a million people in hawaii. brad alexander says california's alert system could not be triggered by one person hitting the wrong computer key. >> there's no single person in a silo making a decision. it's a collaborative effort on any incident that you're talking about. >> the multiple layers of
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accountability are a priority for california state senator jerry hill. he recently co-authored a new bill to beef up the state's alert system after so many people failed to receive a warning about the north bay wildfires. >> you need a process where it takes a couple of people to make that decision. people are there. so you don't have the chance or take the chance of having a false alarm. >> hill feels that could increase distrust in alert systems in general. >> when the next one comes that isn't a mistake, will people believe it? they lose a lot of credibility when you have one false alarm. that's really a problem. >> hill thinks it's a reminder that everyone needs to make an emergency response plan. cal oes agrees. >> you should be aware of what are the first steps you're going to take. where are you going to go? does your car have gas? do you have money in your wallet? because some of the infrastructure could be down during an emergency. we have all kinds of natural and man made risks in california. we encourage folks to have an
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emergency plan. >> better safe than sorry. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. abc 7 news first alerted people that the ballistic missile threat was a mistake through the free abc 7 news app. we sent a push alert at 10:52 yesterday morning. be sure to enable push alerts to get immediate updates on breaking news. protesters in oakland are at mayor libby schaaf's front door demanding affordable house. abc 7 news was in oakland where advocates for the homeless camped outside the mayor's home overnight. they say she is not doing enough to create affordable housing. in her annual state of the city speech, schaaf challenged residents to offer spare rooms to people in need. protesters say that is not a viable solution. >> the folks that are out here right now struggling are not capable of opening up their houses and, if anything, if the
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mayor wants to open up her house, she's right here. she can let me stay in there for a while, you know, let me get on my feet. >> protesters want more funds redirected to social services to get people off the streets. a large rescue effort helped save a young woman who got stuck on the side of a cliff at baker beach in san francisco. abc 7 news was there as firefighters used ropes and pulleys to hoist her to safety last night. the rescue started around 5:00. but it took nearly 90 minutes to finish. she was not hurt. the fire department warns people to avoid areas of danger while enjoying the outdoors. >> this is winter. everything is moist, not as moist as it could be, as we haven't had a lot of rain. had there been more rain, this could have been a lot more treacherous. >> firefighters also say the rescues are dangerous to the well-trained personnel. they have to rappel down the crumbling cliffs to save people who might be stuck. police have made an arrest
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in an attack on a popular walnut creek trail. friday night police released a surveillance photo. this one of the suspect. they say he grabbed a woman on the iron horse trail, dragged her, threatened her, tried to kiss her. an officer familiar with the case spotted 35-year-old jeremy mickens at the south broadway safe way. police arrested mickens and the victim identified him. he's been booked on multiple felony charges. two boys have been arrested for trying to steal a laptop from a b.a.r.t. rider friday night. the suspects grabbed the skputer from the victim at the fruitvale b.a.r.t. station. they dropped it and when the rider snatched it back, they swiped it a second time. but as they tried to run from the station, they dropped the computer again and they did not get very far. police arrested both. one was cited and released to a parent and the other was booked into juvenile hall. some residents are
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protesting the planned relocation of a methadone treatment center. abc 7 news was at richmond civic center where the residents held a rally to urge local leaders to prevent the b.a.a.r.t.'s program from moving the current location on cutting boulevard in richmond to this location. residents feel the clinic will impact their quality of life. >> it's going to increase crime levels. we already have a huge problem with homelessness. that homelessness problem is going to be exacerbated by the methadone clinic. >> well, richmond officials say the city has no role in the relocation proposal. but they will eventually have to decide whether to issue a land use permit for the new location. well, you'll soon be able to enjoy more crab. the state department of fish and wildlife says crab season in northern california will begin tomorrow. crab season in mendocino,
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humboldt and north counties was delayed after quality testing. fishermen will be allowed to catch crab there starting tomorrow. here in the bay area, as you know, fishermen have been catching crab since november, but it's been in short supply. people will look forward to this new batch. >> yeah. also, i think they'll look forward to the afternoon sunshine today. if you liked yesterday, you'll like today. although we're starting off with fog and low clouds. here's a live shot from the exploratorium camera. you can see some of the low clouds over san francisco. they're over much of the bay area. but i have better news about the timing of the rain for martin luther king, jr. day coming up. >> thank you, frances. also ahead, this november we'll colle select a new governor. the candidates faced off. the one issue that got them riled up. more airlines are banning these smart bags starting to tomorrow. but there's a way to still check
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harassment case against four barrel coffee. jeremy tooker seen in this facebook photo has settled a lawsuit with eight former employees. terms of the settlement not disclosed. he stepped down as the owner of four barrel coffee. the company has now changed its name to the tide. starting tomorrow, three more airlines will ban so-called smart bags if they're equipped with nonremovable batteries. united, hawaiian and allegiant airlines will implement the new rules tomorrow. several other carriers,
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including delta, southwest and american airlines have already taken similar actions. officials are concerned that lithium-ion batteries could cause a catastrophic fire. passengers will be allowed to check their smart bags if they remove the battery and keep it with them in the cabin. now to the deadly mudslides in southern california. the death toll stands at 19. the santa barbara county sheriff's office found the body of a woman a day after finding her sister's body. they're still looking for the five missing. they're trying to wrap their minds around what happened and what they're up against. >> that first day, tuesday morning, was very surreal. we weren't -- couldn't really comprehend the devastation until we got to the area and saw areas of homes that were wiped out and just rubble and debris everywhere. >> and crews are now in montecito trying to begin
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restoring power there. many roads remain closed due to all that mud. the top candidates for california governor faced off in a spirited debate in los angeles. health care ignited an intense exchange between lieutenant governor gavin newsome and others. republican candidate john cox tried to pitch his own plan. >> you know, by the way, the press is here. he said he's always been for single payer. you were discussing again and again and again. in orange county, you weren't for single payer. the first time you went to the nurses you were for single payer. then you said you were agains it. three or four times in the last six months, you've said you were for it or against it. now you're doubling down and saying you're for it and you don't have a plan. >> look, that's factually untrue. >> detail of sb 562. it is misleading.
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that's factually untrue. >> we need a growing km kme k you can afford your own health care and not rely on the politicians to hand it out if you're good boys and girls. >> john chung and easton, along with republican travis allen. the primary is in june. the top two finishers will go head to head in the november election. bay area members of congress met with constituents to talk about what lawmakers call the negative impacts of the republican tax plan. abc 7 news was at the university of san francisco where house minority leader nancy pelosi and congressman mike thompson called the gop tax plan a tax scam. representative thompson says the rich will benefit the most at the expense of the poor and middle class. >> any benefit that will accrue to individuals is going to sunset and be gone in a few
5:17 am
years. and the richest people in the country are going to benefit greatly and the corporate benefits are permanent tax benefits. >> thompson says the plan adds $2.3 trillion to the national debt. abc 7 news was at lane i college in oakland where east bay democratic congresswoman barbara lee held an open house to talk about the gop tax plan. she called it a teach-in and she termed it a tax scam as well. representative lee says what's included will hurt the most vulnerable americans. >> we have to get organized so that we can begin to try to unravel it. it's definitely going to hurt so many people and setting the stage for deep cuts in medicare, medicaid and social security. >> republicans argue the tax plan will give more money to the middle class. they point to major u.s. companies like walmart and some airlines raising wages and giving bonuses to their
5:18 am
employees because of the gop tax plan. immigrants from el salvador under the temporary protective status program gathered in san francisco to learn what could happen next as protections come to an end next year. the immigrants were able to speak with legal experts and community organizers yesterday afternoon. the meeting also sought to get congress involved to pass a legislative solution. the status was granted to salvadoran nationals in the u.s. after devastating earthquakes in the country in 2001. >> please allow us to stay here. we just keep -- please keep us and let us be part of this. keep being part of the community. >> an estimated 195,000 tps holders are salvadorans. 49,000 of them live here in california. the department of homeland security has given them until
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september 2019 to leave the united states. we're going to have to wait a little longer for the return of the famous mavericks big wave surf contest. organizers were hoping to hold the competition this coming tuesday. but they have scrapped those plans because the conditions along the san mateo county coast just aren't favorable at the moment. the window to hold the competition is open through the end of february. all right. good sunday morning. i'm abc 7 meteorologist f f dinglasan. you can see the gray out here and visibility is limited as well. a mile, even less in spots. you'll notice san jose quite fogged in with the two-mile visibility in that area. if you're headed to sfo right now, there are some low kouds over that as well. we could see flight arrival delays later on.
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we'll keep you posted on that. san francisco, it's 49 degrees. san jose, 47, oakland 46. low 40s in gilroy. half moon bay milder at 52 degrees. this is downtown san francisco. more temperatures for you. cool in santa rosa. 46. check out the 50s through napa, nova novato, fairfield. concord. here's what you can expect today. it's much like yesterday. fog and low clouds for the morning hours and then a sunny and mild afternoon. we could be a degree or two warmer in some spots. then the wet pattern starts tomorrow. but i have better news on timing. also, you heard carolyn say that maverick was canceled. but there is a high surf advisory starting this morning at 10:00. breaking waves up to 20 feet. be careful if you're headed to the coastline. it continues until 4:00 p.m. tuesday. strong rip current, beach erosion expected as well. highs today will once again be mild in the 60s. we'll see a few passing high clouds.
5:21 am
but mostly blue skies out there. san francisco, 63. oakland, 62. san jose one. warmer spots at 67 degrees. nice in santa cruz at 70. now here's the storm impact scale. we rank each storm 1 to 5. the next storm is a 1. it's light. this moves in monday afternoon through early tuesday morning. we're going to see light to moderate rain and less than about .25 inches for most areas. maybe more in the north bay. so the latest forecast animation model shows better timing of the rain. i think you're going to like it because tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be mostly dry through the bay area. we could see some rain in parts of the north bay. it moves in 5:00 p.m. you want to bring maybe a light jacket just in case a stray shower hits you in san francisco or through the san jose area. but it's looking pretty dry. each until 8:00 in the evening. that's when we start to see more moderate rain through parts of the north bay coast.
5:22 am
the heaviest rain or moderate rain will move in overnight. midnight. you see the areas of orange and yellow. that will continue into the early morning hours so you will wake up to wet roads on tuesday for your commute. but then it looks like we'll get a good break tuesday into wednesday. rainfall totals again, around a quarter of an inch or less. more in novato and napa. about half an inch. monday, rain, tuesday early morning, wednesday we get a break and then thursday, friday and saturday looking wet right now. so here's the accuweather seven-day forecast to show you what you can expect. another sunny beautiful afternoon today. we're going to see the showers come to the bay area tomorrow. but, again, the timing is a little bit better in the afternoon and evening. and then it continues into early tuesday morning. little bit cooler for wednesday but dry. chilly showers on thursday. cold wet and breezy friday and next weekend is looking wet carolyn. >> okay.
5:23 am
well, we need that. it is that time of the year. >> we could use the extra rain and snow in the sierra. >> thanks, frances. just ahead, california is expanding community college. but it's not
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california's first fully online community college could begin next year. the governor set aside $120 million in his new budget to launch the program. courses would be geared towards
5:26 am
adults who don't have time in their daily schedule to attend classes on campus. the courses are unique focusing on job skills in fields like health care and manufacturing. the online community college is expected to kick off in fall 2019. spacex's cargo craft said gad b goodbye to the international space station. the craft is carrying 4,000 pounds of cargo. it splashed down into the pacific ocean west of baja, california. it will then be put on a ship to long beach. still to come here on abc 7 mornings, daca recipients have another chance to reapply for the program. the action the government announced overnight. and new outrage over president trump's vulgar comments about immigration. why some lawmakers are defending his words.
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welcome back everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa this morning. >> carolyn, good morning everyone. we're starting off with the satellite image. much of the bay area covered in low clouds and even fog. here's a live shot of 101 in san jose right now. the airport reporting no delays but there's limited visibility, less than 2 miles there as you drive through the area. here's the 12-hour day planner. fog and low clouds during the morning hours. temps in the 40s and 50s. partly cloudy by this afternoon. and then we'll see some sunshine and it's going to be mild again. we'll see the mid to even some upper 60s in some localized spots. it's going to be a pleasant evening with high clouds moving through and i have better timing on the rain coming tomorrow and i think you're going to like
5:30 am
what you'll have to hear. carolyn? >> thank you, frances. you better believe they are probably still talking about it today. many people in hawaii woke up yesterday to a text alert or they saw it on tv. the message warning of a missile headed their way. they found out 38 minutes later, no, the threat was not real. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has reaction to the errant alert. >> this is where we stayed after we prepared. >> this woman who lives on kauao shows us where they stayed. ballistic missile threat, inbound to hawaii, seek immediate shelter. this is not a drill. >> was overwhelmed with the thoughts going through my head that there's a missile coming our way. i don't know where to go or what to do. >> she got her kids to a downstairs bathroom. >> i felt really scared and ran
5:31 am
downstairs and sat there and prayed to god. >> most of hawaii got the same frightening alert. on the last day of his vacation, this man got the news. >> my wife and daughter and her friends, her girlfriends were in tears. i'm trying to drink a my tie and i might have to run for my life. >> they're on vacation on the big island. he was told to shelter in his room. >> i want an evacuation plan. what should we be doing right now? >> these tourists were told to seek shelter in the basement of this hotel. >> i was still scared. >> she was crying. >> i was scared. >> it took almost 40 minutes before the public was told the cell phone alert was a mistake. it happened when a worker at the hawaii emergency management agency hit the wrong button, prompting this apology from the governor. >> this should not have happened. we are investigating the sequence of events that occurred. an error was made in emergency management. >> molly watson is on her way to
5:32 am
kauai from sfo. she's glad it was a false alarm but it really scared her relatives. >> they were terrified. they had friends on other islands that were being sent to bomb shelters. >> a day many will never forget. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. and take a look at what happened on the university campus. students panicked after getting the false missile alarm and started running. this video was taken at the university of hawaii. some students said their first instincts was to jump out of bed, grab necessities and call their loved ones. the white house issued a statement. lindsey walters wrote, "the president has been briefed on the state of hawaii's emergency management exercise. this was purely a state exercise." >> the federal government is once again taking daca renewal
5:33 am
requests. immigration officials announce yesterday the deferred action for childhood arrivals program will continue until further notice. it gives legal status to immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. you may recall last week a federal judge in san francisco ordered the trump administration to resume the program. now, d.r.e.a.m.ers who is deferred action expired on or after september 5th, can renew their grant for deferred action. officials are not taking requests from people who have never been granted deferred action under daca. president trump is blaming democrats for failing to make an immigration deal. meanwhile, there's new outrage this morning abroad after his profane comments last week. lawmakers in his own party are now being forced to defend him. abc news reporter david wright has the details. >> reporter: president trump is blaming the democrats for the current impasse on immigration reform. great opportunity missed he tweeted.
5:34 am
too bad. this at the end of a week that began with trump showing off the art of the deal. >> i'll take the heat. i don't care. i don't care. i'll take all the heat you want to give me. >> flamboyantly hosting a televised meeting with both parties to demonstrate he's a very stable genius on complicated policy matters. >> when this group and others from the senate and the house comes back with an agreement, i'm signing it. >> but what may have ultimately torpedoed a deal was the president's own vulgar language behind closed doors to describe the countries whose immigrants he'd like to exclude. >> he said put me down for one or more europeans to come to this country. why don't we get more people from norway. that's what the president said. >> the president's comments are a laughing stock in norway. >> elsewhere, the president's comments are a cause for outrage. the african union wants an
5:35 am
apology, not just to the africans, but it all the people of african descent around the globe. at a town hall meeting in ioiowa, republican senator chuck grass lee had to answer concerns to his constituents about the commander in chief. >> are you personally concerned? >> i'm not president of the united states. that's my constitutional responsibility and i guess i'm going to do what i can under a constitution, make sure that nothing bad happens to our country. >> david wright, abc news, west palm beach. the president's vulgar comments on immigration are still a hot topic, of course, for discussion on capitol hill this morning. coming up on this week with george stephanopoulos, a one-on-one interview with georgia representative john lewis. you'll hear from senator david purdue who is depending the president. this week starts at 8:00 right after "good morning america."
5:36 am
wild winter weather continues across much of the country. a coastal storm is causing temperatures to drop in the northeast as millions are under flood watch. southern states like louisiana and parts of texas are getting snow, ice and freezing rain. in tennessee, the wild weather can be blamed for a massive pile-up. the frigid temperatures are expected to stick around through this week. still ahead here on abc 7 mornings, the new way to track down your lost items from keys to luggage at the airport. one bay area airport wants to make sure you get your stuff back where it belongs. here is a live look from our emeryville cameras. we saw that bad weather elsewhere. here, nothing but beauty. probably in the 60s today throughout most of the bay area. frances is shaking her head yes, that is correct. she's got your full accuweather forecast in just a few.
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consumer electronics show gives us a peek into the future each year. it ended with a few standouts. several publications named toyota best in show. it's an autonomous vehicle that can be anything you want basically, from public transportation to a food truck or a mobile storefront. e-pallet will get a test run at the 2020 olympics in tokyo. robots are popular also. this year featured buddy.
5:40 am
a robot that works like alexa. is able to communicate and watch over your home. another robot had long lines to try out. a ping-pong tutor built in japan. it's not available yet on the market. one of the most popular demonstrations, a printable nail %-p off. you apply a gel t and print on to your nails. >> i was like, i want one of those. how about the weather? >> it's going to be really nice and sunny this afternoon. expect gorgeous temperatures in the 60s. but rain is on the way. although, the timing a little bit more convenient for folks doing stuff for martin luther king, jr. day. i'll have the details coming up. thank you, frances. also ahead, the warriors blow a huge lead in toronto. but they are still able to hold off the raptors. it was k.d., kevin durant, to
5:41 am
the rescue as golden state wins a 12th straight game on t
5:42 am
5:43 am
welcome back everyone. 5:44 on this sunday morning. thank you for waking up and joining us for abc 7 mornings. this is a live look from the san jose camera. you can see they are really socked in there. it is extremely foggy. frances says the visibility is only about half a mile. i hope they are driving carefully there. this is all going to lift and dissipa dissipate. the day will turn out to be a beautiful one, with the temperature about 67 degrees. frances in for lisa and she'll have an accuweather forecast in just a few. let's check out sports.
5:44 am
today the patriots and the eagles will find out who they'll be hosting in the conference championship games next weekend. this morning, the jaguars will try to upset the steelers in frigid conditions at heinz field. it's expected to be just 6 degrees when the game kicks off at 10:05 this morning. this afternoon, the saints battle the vikings indoors, thankfully, at u.s. bank stadium. kickoff at 1:40 this afternoon. tomorrow night, the warriors will be in cleveland to take on the cavaliers. last night, golden state tuned up in toronto. mike shumann has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, the warriors, a brutal five-game road trip. they started with back-to-back games in milwaukee and toronto. dubs grab a tough one and -- steph curry back after aggravating his right ankle in practice. he finished with 24 points, 9
5:45 am
assists. helping the dubs score 43 in the first quarter. a season high 81 in the first half. draymond green, two of his 14. not all things went right. kevin durant, easy dunk and he misses. draymond green finds him for the alley oop. dubs up 27 at the half shooting 71% from the field. toronto dominates the second ha half. he had 42. outscored in the fourth. durant ices it with that jumper. he had 25, warriors hang on 127-125 winning their 14th straight on the road. hosting the coyotes. warriors night at the tank. ceremonial first puck. beat two defend eshs. couture hits a wide open net. donskoy racing for the puck. scott wedge wood, 4-3 sharks after two. coyotes took a lead in the third. 16 seconds remaining, donskoy
5:46 am
finds the back of the net. sends it to overtime and the extra frame. joe pavelski, denied by skoj wedgewood, but marc-edouard vlasic pokes it in and the sharks win 6-5 the final. nfl playoffs, titans and patriots, tom brady and his pats with three td's in the second quarter. pass to james white. tied at 7. brady, 337 yards passing and three tds. patriots 31 first downs. fourth quarter, brady with his final td pass to rob gronkowski. brady the oldest quarterback to win a playoff. second straight afc title game. they'll face the winner of the steelers/jaguars game. falcons and eagles in philly. philly, one td in this game. it came in the second. legarrette blount, one yard. 6-3 philly after the missed extra point.
5:47 am
jake elliott had three field goals. including this 53-yarder at the half. eagles down 10-9 at the half. 1:05 left in the game. fourth and goal. falcons down five. matt ryan looking for julio jones. the pass is incomplete. eagles win it 15-10. they'll host the vikings or saints in the nfc championship game. and that's the way the ball bounces. we'll do it again tonight at 5:00. hope to see you again. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. all right. good morning, i'm frances dinglasan. a live look at live doppler. low clouds and even some fog out there. very limited visibility in some spots. as carolyn mentioned, san jose down to about a half a mile. less than two miles in mountain view. but it will clear up and we will see lots of sunshine this afternoon. right now, we're in the 40s, few 50s and 30 ez out there. novato at 50. ukiah 39.
5:48 am
san jose currently at 47 degrees. here's a pretty view as we look out towards the bay bridge. what you can expect this morning is much like yesterday. fog and low clouds during the next few hours and sunny and mild this afternoon. temperatures might even a little warmer compared to yesterday. then a wet pattern starts tomorrow. get the umbrellas out. you'll be using them quite a bit. high surf advisory start at 10:00 this morning and it continues through tuesday afternoon. so especially for beaches facing the northwest or west, you could see very big breaking waves, up to 20 feet. again, this makes for a dangerous strong rip current and even some localized beach erosion. highs today in the 60s once again. really comfortable and mild and san francisco 63. san jose hitting 67. even 68 in morgan hill. santa cruz, 70 degrees. we'll see low to mid-60s through parts of the north bay. so on abc 7's exclusive storm impact scale, the next storm will be a one out of five.
5:49 am
it's a light storm. it moves in tomorrow night and then continues into early tuesday morning. we're talking light to moderate rain, though. so most areas less than a quarter of an inch. a few spots may get close to half an inch. here's how it plays out with the latest forecast animation. notice, monday morning, pretty much dry. even by 1:00 in the afternoon, we'll start to see showers in the north bay coast and then mostly dry for everybody, each at 5:00. just a few scattered light showers through parts of the north bay. into the evening, we could see more scattered showers starting to move south. the heavier more moderate rainfall moves in overnight. monday night into tuesday. we see the areas of yellow and oranges. more moderate rainfall. and it quickly passes through in the early tuesday morning hours. really not too much of a big deal. less than quarter of an inch. some spots may get higher. like novato and napa.
5:50 am
close to half an inch. here's the chances of rain. rain monday, tuesday only in the early morning and then that wet pattern thursday, friday and saturday. probably even into sunday you might need your umbrella. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows a beautiful afternoon. lots of sunshine. temps in the 60s. and then get ready for the afternoon and evening showers for the holiday. if you have it off, grab a jacket just in case you get a stray shower during the afternoon. and then early morning showers tuesday, dry on wednesday, then wet and cooler towards the end of the workweek. >> good looking forecast. >> thanks, carolyn. >> thank you, frances. recovering something you lost at the airport is said to be one in four. monette ahsan jose is deploying a new technology to boost the rates. david louis shows us what tile can do. >> we're constantly reminded to
5:51 am
keep a close eye on our bags and personal items at the airport. but we must not be doing a good job of it. >> the following item has been left at terminal b checkpoint. laptop. please return to the checkpoint to claim your item. >> items left behind after clearing tsa checkpoints were at the curb when arriving or leaving add up. there are 10,000 items in the lost and found at monette ate aa jose airport. this is a bluetooth device to connect to something. you can locate it by going to a smartphone app. the tile will ring your property, making this sound. the entire footprint of the airport has been set up with access points to pinpoint the whereabouts of your lost items. you don't have to be within earshot. >> we have a future -- we have a sensor that usually through the tile app in your phone, you can see whether you're getting closer or further from your
5:52 am
item. >> file is available at airport stores ranging from $37 to $60. while tile is a physical device, it can also be deployed in devices such as headphones by installing special software. they have partnerships with sams night and other companies. san jose is prout to be the first airport to offer tile coverage. >> silicon valley's airport should be on the leading edge of technologies. we want to be representative of our community and create a sense of place for our passengers. in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. the place where the highest number of luggage lost at curbside as passengers are being picked up. probably in the rush, they sometimes think someone else grabbed all their bags. in early testing, tile marked a 20% improvement in finding lost items. coming up, celebrating martin luther king, jr. the annual musical tribute to the civil rights icon.
5:53 am
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happening today, a musical tribute to honor luther king, jr. ♪ ♪ it is the 16th annual in the name of love musical tribute. the concert begins at 7:00 tonight at the scottish rights center. tickets are on sale now. up next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, protesters camped outside oakland mayor libby schaaf's home. what they're demanding from her an the city. and stuck on the side of a san francisco cliff. trapped in darkness. we'll show you the rescue effort to hoist a young woman to safety.
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this is abc 7 news. good morning everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, january 14th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. hi carolyn. good morning everyone. we're dealing with dense fog once again this morning. live doppler 7 and the satellite image showing much of the bay area under gray skies right now. check out the fog and limited visibility in san jose. this is 101 near 880. no flight delays reported for the san jose airport. so fog and low clouds for the morning hours, most temps in the 40s. but then we'll see lots of clearing by lunchtime. it's going to be another mild, beautiful afternoon, hitting the


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