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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 16, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning, family horror. two california parents are arrested and accused of torture. their dozen found shackled to beds and so ee mace yashed they looked younger than their age. what neighbors saw happening late at night and the children's grandparents speak out. daddy ported. an undocumented father in the u.s. for nearly 30 years says good-bye to his family as he is deported to mexico. this morning how the immigration fight in washington led to this moment and what's next following president trump's controversial comments. flu death shocker. a 40-year-old marathon runner and mother of three who enjoyed yoga dies just 48 hours after developing symptoms. what her family wants you to
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know about this season's flu virus. plus, the masterpiece found under a ping-pong table in new jersey. an nfl heartthrob gets a famous new girlfriend and a dancing sensation. shows off his moves. ♪ on my wrist so i look better when i dance ♪ if only we knew how to dance like that kid when we were younger, man, he's putting us all to shame as we say good morning, everybody, on this tuesday. we start with that shocking case of child abuse. 13 siblings held captive in horrible conditions, some of them shackled. >> tear parents david and louise turpin are in custody. david's parents tell abc news the family is very religious and that god called on the couple to have so many children. >> and the kids' grandparents say they're shocked at the allegations against their son and daughter-in-law. abc's danya bacchus has new details we're learning from the
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town of perris. >> reporter: inside this home police in perris, california, say they found 12 children sunday after one of them, a 17-year-old who police say was emaciated and appeared to be only 10 was able to grab a cell phone, run outside and call 911. telling police her parents david and louise turpin were holding her 12 siblings captive. police say they found several children shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks. >> this is absolutely sickening. >> reporter: according to a police statement those 13 siblings were held in duncan-like conditions in their own filth and said they were starving. police also making another shocking discovery. seven of the children found were actually adults ranging in age from 18 to 29. >> everybody was super skinny and not athletic skinny like malik nourished skinny. >> they were very, very pale skinned like almost like they've never seen the sun. >> they've been outside before doing yard work at 11:00 at
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night. >> 11:00 at night. >> yeah. like 10:30, 11:00 at night. we were driving home and it's not just that time. it happened before. >> reporter: how old do you think they were. >> presidential probably 10. >> they renewed their vows and 13 children in identical outfits and haircuts. >> you see the faces and you can tell they've been traumatized all of their lives. >> you think you can see that from the pictures? >> uh-huh, even though they look like they're happy. >> they had to have been doing it for some time and disciplined and at the tick louse about keeping them captive. >> both are under arrest booked on charges of torture and child endangerment. each being held on a $9 million bail. diane and kendis. >> danya, thank you. an attorney who represented david turpin said he could not keep up with expenses because he had so many children. turpin ran a homeschool for his
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kids which was registered with state authorities. that's raising questions about any inspections at the home. now to the countdown to a possible government shutdown and the fate of 800,000 immigrants in limbo as a dispute escalates over racist comments attributed to president trump. and we're getting a glimpse of what it could look like for many more families if an immigration deal is not reached. a detroit man with no criminal record was deported last night after three decades in the united states. separated from his wife and kids now. abc's stephanie ramos has the latest for us, stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we may still see a government shutdown this week. both republicans and democrats need to reach a deal and it all depends on the fate of so many undocumented immigrants. today, president trump is back at the white house after spending martin luther king day at his private golf club in mar-a-lago but the potential for a government shutdown and the controversy over his rieshlly charged comments said in private
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followed him. >> no, no, i'm not a racist. i am the least racist person you have ever interviewed. that i can tell you. >> the only short to attend insists he used an offensive phrase to describe haiti and african nations. >> this speaks to america and its view toward immigration. i don't believe the majority of americans agree with the president. >> reporter: there isn't much agreement in washington either. congress has until midnight friday to make a deal on a number of issues before government funding runs out. at the heart of any deal is daca, the program protecting nearly 800,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation. over the weekend, trump posted on twitter that the obama era program daca was probably dead, even after he rejected a potential bipartisan plan last week. this family in michigan already reeling from the immigration
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debate. jorge garcia, father and husband was deported to mexico. his kids hugging him good-bye not knowing when they'll see him again. >> it's a nightmare. they're sad. they're depressed. they don't really comprehend everything that's going on. all they know is that their dad is gone. >> reporter: here in washington democrats are not backing down and insist if republicans want their support on this spending deal it must include a legislative fix for daca recipients, now, kendis and diane, keep in mind if congress doesn't come up with a solution, that program ends march 5th. back over to you. >> quite a few deadlines they have to worry about, thank you. steve bannon is expected to meet behind closed doors with the house intelligence committee. sources say bannon will be questioned about statements in the book "fire and fury" in which he called a meeting in trump tower with a russian lawyer treasonous and implied that donald trump jr. brought the participants of the meeting to see his father.
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new details about the murder of a 19-year-old student at the university of pennsylvania found in a shallow grave in southern california. he was home on holiday break and police say blaze bernstein was stabbed more than 20 times. now, the 20-year-old samuel woodward was arrested and taken into custody after police say dna evidence linked him to bernstein's death. the two apparently knew each other from high school and an affidavit obtained by the orange county register, the newspaper there indicates bernstein may have been planning to sexually pursue woodward. we turn to the winter storm causing major delays for this morning's commute. schools are closed from southern texas up to kansas city and st. louis and down to nashville, memphis and jackson, mississippi, because of the icy conditions and snow. a state of emergency has been declared in alabama and now let's take a closer look at your forecast for this tuesday. good morning.
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we have double trouble on the east coast, first storm will push through bring in scattered snow showers and wednesday a second storm will begin to work on us, accumulation 4 to 8 inches throughout connecticut as well as massachusetts and along the east coast and looking for 1 to 2 inches everywhere else and moving down towards the south tuesday, travel disruption as long 81, 64 as well as 95 and as far as accumulation is concerned possibly up to 3 inches in some areas. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. still ahead where one of the biggest indictments ever was just discovered. >> ooh. also ahead, some dramatic new video shows a car that ended up crashing into the second story building. we have a new angle now on that crash. the major change coming to beauty
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this new surveillance video from a bus that was nearly hit by the flying car. you'll remember we told you about this. you see it there as the car goes airborne and ended up in the second floor of a dental office there. it went airborne after hitting a median, we're told, and nearly hitting another vehicle going the opposite direction as well as that bus. two people in the car suffered minor injuries. the driver has admitted using drugs. police are investigating the collapse of a walkway at the indonesian stock exchange in jakarta. unbelievable there. at least 77 people were injured included many college students who were touring the building at the time. a consumer group is demanding police hold the building's management accountable. cvs is changing its photoshopping policy when it comes to some of its ads. it'll begin eliminating images that have been materially
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altered on its beauty products like cosmetics and other personal care items. here's an xanling. a digitally altered photo on the left and the original on the right including a new watermark that tells customers the image is unaltered. it cited the connection between unrealistic body images and negative health effects in girls. the car industry is handing out its equivalent of the oscars at the auto show in detroit. the honda accord named north american car of the year. voters were impressed by the interior, larger trunk and new engine options. the suv goes to the volvo xc60 and truck of the year is the lincoln navigator an suv built on a pickup frame. boeing is offering a first look at its new space-age military aircraft. it's the sun of blackbird. a reference to a legendary cold war u.s. spy plane. boeing says this new model could hit 3800 miles an hour. it would be used for spying and
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attacking targets. one of the largest indictments inveher t seen has been found in africa. the 910-carat stone unearthed in ly soto, weighs more than a baseball. experts say it could sell for at least $40 million. >> do they take a layaway? >> i'm guessing not. all right, when we come back the big coaching news overnight in the nfl. but first a 40-year-old marathon runner dies just days after catching the flu. her family's warning to everyone this morning. one of the most famous athletes in the world now claims that she too was abused by a former team doctor as he prepares to be sentenced. ght of mount everest. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress
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o'riordan. her family says they're waiting for information from authorities. she had a history of both physical and mental health problems. she was just 46 years old. nearly 100 victims are expected to speak in court starting today at the sentencing of larry nassar, he was the doctor for the u.s. allegedly a dozen girls. and now as he faces the likelihood of a life sentence one of the most famous athletes in the world is coming forward to say that she too is one of his victims. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: one of the biggest names in usa gymnastics simone biles saying she too was abused by larry nassar. in social media posts the 20-year-old olympic gold medalist writing for too long i've asked myself was i too naive? was it my fault? i now now the answer to those questions. no, no, it was not my t.ot and
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carry the guilt that belongs to larry others.naar, biles joins a list of more than 140 women who accused nassar of abuse including her fellow gymnastics stars gabby doug glis, mckayla maroney and aly raisman. as biles trains for the olympics, show says i won't let one man and the others that enabled him to steal my love and joy. nassar already serving 60 years in prison on child pornography and sexual misconduct charges will be sentenced again this week after pleading guilty to seven charges of sexual assault. dozens of his accusers will have the opportunity to read victim impact statements in court. nassar could get a life sentence. linzie janis, abc news, new york. and usa gymnastics criticized for not doing enough to stop him said the
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organization is absolutely heartbroken, sorry and angry that simone biles or any of our athletes have been harmed by the horistic acts of larry nassar. our support is uernw athletes w we're hearing from the family of a 40-year-old mother of three who died fromhe hours developed symptoms. katie oxley thomas was a marathon runner and loved yoga and healthy eating. but her condition declined so rapidly her parents say she was moved into intensive care placed on life support and died all in the span of just 15 hours. >> this was like nothing i've ever seen how quickly this attacked her was amazing. >> we just thought she'd be back home in a couple of days and she wasn't. >> and her parents believe she did get a flu shot. they're urging people not to ignore symptoms of the flu. so far this season in california alone, 42 people under the age of 65 have died of the flu.
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meanwhile, in alabama a 38-year-old father of three is now in a medically induced coma because of the flu. his wife says they delayed going to a doctor. she says in a 24 hour period he went from talking on the phone to fighting for his life. >> we'll switch up things now and talk about sports. kevin durant has made the golden state warriors and cleveone-sid. hela scondred 32 points last ni in the team's second meeting in three weeks. the warriors won by ten. they've taken seven of nine games against lebron and company since durant moved to oakland. the coals are expected to hire josh mcdaniels as their new head coach the deal expected to be finalized one the patriots win the super bowl. wait, what. and nascar driver danica patrick has revealed she and green bay packers quarterback aaron rodgers are dating. patryssak fan but roots for rodgers. the chicago tribune was trolling on rodgers with this headline
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flavors and place them in a jar. he then presented the starbursts trump. >> ntoow w ae know. now to an amazing find under a ping-pong table in new jersey. >> so three brothers found a dusty painting in their mother's basement and decided to put it up for auction. >> bided started coming from around the world reaching $1 million. they didn't know why the price kept going up. finally one of the bidders clued them in. it is a long lost rembrandt. >> one of his earliest works painted when he was a teenager and the brothers sole it for $4 airline passenger in iceland tried had is best to avoid excess baggage fees. >> he had too much to fit in his suitcase and didn't want to pay to check a second suitcase so he put on all of his extra clothe, eight pairs of pants and ten shirts. >> british airways wouldn't let him get on the plane and when argued he was arrested. meanwhile, the bag he had checked did make it to britain just fine.
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4:27 in the morning on this tuesday. back to work for some of us. we're all here. >> that's right. it was a holiday. i forget about holidays. you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. it is wet outside. >> a little damp and fog we're watching, also, we being me and sue. let's talk about the storm impact scale for those pockets of light rain, less than a tenth of an inch, making it slippery for our earliest commuters and our best chance of wet weather in the eastern parts of contra costa and alameda counties. let me broaden this out and put it into motion. warm moisture off the ocean. that means we'll have the light rain through the morning commute and it's very mild this morning.
4:28 am
upper 40s in fairfield and brentwood. 51 to 55 except in fremont, san jose and half moon bay where it's 56 to 57. we'll look at your accuweather 12-hour planner next. here's sue. we look at the east shore freeway fog free here. the chp has issued a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. i came across it about an hour ago. the worst fog is up and over the waldo grade. it's pretty dense there. the bridge not so much but it is moving around. be aware of that. things are looking great here. the san mateo bridge, no issues with fog here with a 15-minute drive 880 to 101. thank you, sue. developing news, a chp motorcycle officer is recovering from serious injuries after a chain reaction crash in the east bay. >> that officer was responding to a crash in concord and then was hit by another vehicle. it happened last night near the port chicago highway off ramp. lanes were shut down about two hours. the officer is expected to
4:29 am
survive. and in a sign of how pressing the situation is, the cdc is postponing nuclear preparedness meeting to instead discuss the flu. >> a south bay family is reeling from losing a loved one. she went to the hospital and died hours later. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live in san jose. matt? good morning, reggie and natasha. this is a horrible story. a mother with flu symptoms was taking her to the emergency room at good samaritan hospital and just 15 hours later she died. the family is still in shock. 40-year-old katie oxley thomas was in intensive care and put on life support within hours of arriving good samaritan hospital in san jose. her three children and other family members were by her side when she died hours later. it's believed she received the flu shot. the family remains in shock but wanted to share their story as a way to encourage others to take the flu seriously and get vaccinated. >> it's important to go out there and get the flu shot and take care of the symptoms.
4:30 am
we just thought she'd be back home in a couple days, and she wasn't. >> reporter: katie thomas is one of 42 adults under the age of 65 who died from flu complications since october. 19 here in the bay area. katie was a marathon runner and did yoga as well as pilates. a healthy, active person who was expected to beat the flu virus. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> trying to figure out how this could happen, matt. just awful. thank you. it is now 4:30. a quick update on your weather and traffic. hi, mike nicco. hi, everybody. let's talk about the fog that's out there, also. here is a look from our san rafael camera. we're looking south on 101. you're driving into the abyss of fog. rainfall amounts have been light. it is definitely damp on 101. the thickest fog from petaluma at about one mile. the visibility to


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