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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 16, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> a model on a catwalk in a head dress that's pretty big. the scary moment it becomes very flammable. are you having a bad day, sweetie? >> that's a golden eeg until bad shape. >> the talons are bent and connected. >> the story of what she managed to survive. >> you're all right, sweetie. it's a snack holding a family secret. >> you got to bite toward the center. >> why it left somebody with a bad taste in his mouth. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. including using a cute pooch as a wing man. it's just drawing the ladies in. but what happens when this dog
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owner's secret is discovered? >> she's like, nah! we're going to head to el salvador for this video, a beauty contest, cultural show. we're about to have the grand entrance of the goddess of the harvest. her headcress so massive she cannot get through the curtain they've laid up at the back. she has to bend down a little bit to finally get through and she is revealed! >> is this her audition for victoria's secret? >> no but i could kind of totally see that. that headdress very cool, very something else, too. this i saw a mile away. you know where this is going. oh, yes. >> no. >> it's caught on the tiki torch and now -- >> take that thing off her head. >> it's a part of the show, it's lit. >> no, this is definitely not part of the show. some guy jumps up from the crowd and snacks it off her head. >> why did they think it would make?
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>> it was spacing. they didn't block it correctly because it would mix, it would have made for a beautiful show. >> clearly there was no dress rehearsal, or if they did, they'd have to test it out with the torches. a panic for 20 seconds but eventually calms down. don't worry. as huge as that was, she's unhurt. she just had a good scare. there was no massive harm done, no one went to hospital so i guess it was lit. give credit to the emcee who comes out, everything's fine, nothing to worry about. part of the show. part of the show. okay, where are we going here? it's a golden. >> this is martin with the southwest wildlife foundation of utah and he got a call from state officials. somebody hit a golden eagle.
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>> hit with what? >> a car. >> no way. >> and with his typical care, and the way he talks to them, martin brings out this beautiful raptor. >> there we are. >> ooh it's a big one. look at the talons on that thing. >> i know and those talons are bent and connected. he's going to try to coax them apart. >> yeah, pretty little girl. >> now he's going to check her out and this is where he finds what's wrong. >> oh, okay. is this something that can be stitched? yeah, we'll let it sit for the night and see where we're at. >> she's got a chest injury and now it's time to check her wings. >> wing feels good. >> it's amazing it survived and they can care for it and hopefully get it back to one hundo. >> both of the wings seem to check out but they took it to a local vet next day after letting it rest one night. martin thought that chest wound
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needs to be stitched up and you can see here in the still shots how that work was done. they discovered there was a joint problem in one of the wings of that bird, so she's being kept in a quiet, dark place, and he says it will be about a month before they know if she can survive and be released into the wild, because they say they have to make a full and complete recovery for them to be released. it's always nice to see a good samaritan, somebody who decides to help someone else in need. notice thin this case a man wita high visibility vest, sees a man in the wheelchair and stops to help. he starts to push him forward and then he turns him around and faces him away from the camera and starts to talk to him some more. >> oh! >> oh my god! >> suddenly a driver comes swinging their way, smashed right into him, missing the person in the wheelchair. here's where things get real
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ugly. >> oh, no, he's driving away! he's driving away! the driver backs out. two other people come running, trying to stop him. the good samaritan suffered minor injuries. >> he got lucky. the hit-and-run driver was a 24-year-old and driving under the influence. don't leave the scene of an accident. don't do it. the guys in the next video didn't catch that psa. >> whoa! >> you'll notice these cars go speeding past. >> oh, no way! >> yikes! >> oh! >> here comes the second one, and unfortunately, they go crashing into the vehicle that's driving in front of the car that we're in. reports are that vehicle rolled over at least seven times. >> oh, yeah, it was just tumbling and tumbling and is this the same car zipping by before? >> that is the car zipping by before. both of these cars were stolen. the first car came back to pick up their buddy. >> what about the innocent
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people? >> did they render aid? >> fortunately the driver stopped for help. the folks driving that car were senior citizens. >> oh, no, were they injured? >> they were injured, taken to the hospital, released later. >> big accident right in front of me. you got to imagine when you're a little boy and you already have two sisters the greatest news ever is that you're going to get a third! right? well these little kids are about to learn the gender of their newest sibling, and of course, this little guy already has two. he's hoping for a little bro. >> dustin, what would you like it to be? >> boy, please. >> he asked nicely. you have better chance of getting what you want. >> whatever it is, you're going to love it, okay? >> els >> he's not so sure. >> you said that before twice. >> all right, you know that inside will be filling either pink or blue. >> i think the little one is just happy to have a cupcake.
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she's like whatever you are doing is grownup business. >> keep making babies because this is the best. >> break it open in the middle. >> it looks like the universe didn't hear him. >> and then the evil laugh coming from the little sister. >> it's okay. >> meanwhile the baby is like uh-huh, the cupcakes are great. now these girls in minnesota are on their way to drop off their parents at the airport. >> you don't have to say good-bye because you're coming with us. >> we're going to disney. >> we're going to disney. >> we are? >> yes. >> we are? >> yes. >> and it's going to be awesome. >> we're going? >> yes. >> she's not buying it. she's like you're not getting my hopes up. >> i've seen enough pranks on video. >> you're right, they didn't go to disney. i'm joking.
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they did go to disney. they have a picture. >> do you believe her? >> no. there's a robbery in progress, but then a twist. >> and he showed up right on time. >> find out why the dramatic scene still has the web wondering. >> they messed with the wrong guy. and prepare to have the heebie jeebies. >> my skin is crawling. >> see what's hatching and doing it well. >> they were quite pleased with the amount. >> yeah. >> good for them. brought to you by mucinex, start the relief, ditch the misery. let's end this. you, and then i fell. i'm not eating pizza from the trash. then i discovered mucinex. huge difference. one pill lasts 12 hours, and i'm good. oh, here kitty, kitty...ah! not a cat, not a cat!
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we've seen situations like this before, but nothing quite as intriguing as this. that's why this video is making its rounds. at a convenience store, two men walk in with hoods on. they instruct the cashier to put his hands up and he follows suit. >> he's cool as a cucumber. >> doesn't have a choice. the man in the black hood hops over the counter as well. >> oh! >> not quite a customer but not so fast, buddy. >> is that a security guard? >> it most definitely is. and he showed up right on time. several shots were fired. looks like one of the guys has been hit but he doesn't care. he's letting him know they need to calm down and stop. >> they say you live by the sword, you die by the sword. you went into this. you're carrying weapons, you have to be ready for what's going to happen. >> it happens a lot faster than these guys imagined it would i'm sure. >> that first shot he took, i
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mean the guy that works there was standing right there. he even ducked out of the way. >> yes, and both online are calling this dude a g. he walked right in and meant business. talk about taking immediate action. >> he's point blank. >> wow. >> here's where things get murky. some folks say this happened in new jersey. some say it happened in california. some question the authenticity of all of it. there are reports this took place in hamilton, new jersey, but police say it didn't happen in that county. we have calls in to the police department and convenience store headquarters but didn't hear back by her deadline. lot of people online are questioning whether or not it's staged. it's all just up in the air. >> it's fake. it's fake. hello. diversity is what chris from
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primo media youtube channel is calling this absolutely stunning video shot in the big island of hawaii. >> my goodness, it's so beautiful. >> what i find interesting is that when you mess with time in a video you can take the ordinary and the mundane and make it special. if you slow it down or speed it all the way up it starts showing you the way of things like the lava. >> he shot tens of thousands of photographs in two weeks to put this video together. >> to think that's two weeks, three minutes, three and a half minutes of video. >> yes, but did a great on. >> i bet it was fun, just traveling around hawaii and finding pretty places. >> he's like honey, i'm working. >> really bad, might to an extra week just in case. >> head over to, click on tv show and check it out on our mobile app. recently, i told you about a crazy australian job title, venom keeper. today's crazy australian job
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title is head of spiders. check out this spider sac. these are baby spiders hatching out of the egg sac. these are one of the most venomous species in the world. they live at the australian reptile park, they're harvested for their venom so they can make anti-venom. they were quite pleased with the amount, 150. >> good for them, great sac bourque. in taiwan the last person you want to go eating with is remi. you know who remi is? ratatouille? >> oh. >> remy is right there, in the condiment bowl. >> just feasting. >> the mom is like let me get that camera going. she went to the manager and said hey there is a rat going into the kond imcondiments said you have a refund and you can take
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it home. the woman put it online and the manager offered her an officer saying the man was not that experienced. here is icy water challenge. >> just commit. >> does he? >> next "right this minute." and still to come, these goalies are practicing in unique ways to keep them on their toes. why the internet is getting a kick out of the crazy techniques. plus -- >> my back's turned, my back's turned. >> his lady is about to reveal her new do. >> at this point they both seem nervous. he doesn't know to expect. >> how a big change makes for the most perfect reaction. >> oh, wow. boot! great. smokey or natural eye? ugh, natural. good choice. how about calling or texting? definitely calling. puppies or kitties? sorry, cats. dry eyes or artificial tears? wait, that's a trick question. because they can both get in your way. that's why it is super-important to chat with your eye doctor
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expect and she doesn't know how he's going to react and here she comes. >> okay. >> okay, turn around. >> he turns around. >> oh, wow. you are so hot. man! >> hey, girl. >> best man reaction ever to a new look. >> if you like that, it only gets better from here, because he wraps his arms around his lady. >> ooh. that is so hot. >> hey now! >> that is like hollywood star. >> oh. >> you look awesome. >> oh. >> i agree with him. she does look pretty cute. >> yes, she is beautiful. now this is so shocking to him, because she's had locks for the last 20 years. >> really? >> and decided to cut them, and surprise him. >> not cut them, let's shave them. >> yes, she went from locks to nots of any kind of hair.
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>> she is rocking that short hair. her old look was just as fabulous. this is how she looked rocking her locks. >> oh, cute. they were long too! >> yes. >> oh, wow! oh, you are so hot! >> you go, girl. >> i reckon you should try it. >> i have dents in my head because i was hard-headed as a child. if you thought soccer was a weird sport before i showed you these videos i can only imagine what you'll be thinking after them. i'm sure you ladies are going to like. he's on holiday in argentina his home country, doing the cross bar challenge. basically you kick the soccer bar and try to hit the cross bar of the goal, but he's doing it from half way. ♪ everybody get up >> whoa! >> he's celebrating. >> takes such precision to be able to do it but as you can see, no problems for him. >> whoa!
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up next, we have some of the strangest training videos i think i've ever seen. when you think of soccer, do you often think of what you have to deal with the flaming fence that's in front of you? in this case goalkeepers, also in argentina, trained by diego and this is his unique approach to keep them on their toes. >> i like that approach. you'll nail that every single time. >> if you don't catch the ball you catch fire and you die. so catch the ball. >> they get stranger guys. i don't think i've ever seen a goalkeeper hanging by their feet. >> oh, interesting. that's actually a very clever skill. >> i'm here for it. >> there's a rope hanging from a goalie post when you go to a game, it's because of their training. dude's using a dog to woo the ladies. look at that. it's like a magnet. see what happens when the prank has him looking like the pooch.
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diamonders. >> looks so easy. ready for winter. ♪ they were on mill avenue and i'm going to be using bobo to pick up some girls. >> the ultimate ice breaker.
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>> and it works every time. >> dude, give me my dog back. >> he dared me i couldn't go up to the prettiest girl and get her number and i wanted to prove him wrong. >> it's like a magnet. it's just drawing the ladies in. >> i rescued him from a fire. >> oh, he's laying it on thick. >> i rescued him from a fire and he was like sprinting out and i saw him, he literally came right into my arms. >> oh, please, give me a break. >> it's working. look at them all, uh-huh. >> is that a real story? >> a real story. i was trying to get your friend's number. >> just for bobo? >> just for bobo. >> dude, let me have my [ bleep ] dog. >> she's still giving him the number! >> she's like 999-9run. >> i got him for my parents. >> bro, you got to stop using your girlfriend's dog to pick up girls. >> bobo. >> you got to stop taking my dog
3:27 pm
from my backyard. how did you manage to get in there, dude? >> that was great. >> that's my neighbor. >> so awkward. so awkward. >> they're playing off the whole situation. it's kind of like a sketch. >> i also think steven doesn't know what his buddy is going to say so i think that helps to the awkwardness of the situation. he has to improv. >> he's my little angel. >> mom is going to call the cops next time you take my dog. >> she's looking, leave us alone! >> oh. >> what's your name? >> emma. nice to meet you. what's your name? >> she's like, nah. >> that's my girl, you did what you supposed to do. >> if you are using the dog to meet girls, use your own dog. well that's it for this episode. thanks for watching, everybody.
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tonight, several developing stories. we have you this reporting here, the horror inside that home. police say 13 siblings, the youngest just 2, held captive. some chained to furniture, malnourished. now the family photos. and video of the parents renewing their vows. led away now in handcuffs. how did this go unnoticed in an american neighborhood? and the daughter who crawled through a window to escape. the winter storm hitting the east right now. snow, ice and then bitter cold right behind it. from texas all the way up to the northeast, and the chain reaction crashes already. tonight, president trump's health. what the doctor said late today, and the cognitive test the president asked for. the other major news, steve bannon reportedly subpoenaed by robert mueller after those comments saying donald trump jr.'s mee


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