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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 17, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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this dude in front of us a student pilot alearning paragliding. this guy inflates his wing and suddenly takes to the air. this is his second flight of the day. the dude starts cutting lines along the ridge. he has two hours logged in the air and that inexperience is what causes the trouble in this case. the first light of the day the sun has been on in that case the air was warmer and creates an upslo wind. the sun is no longer on the ridge. the air is cooler, and the thing is, now he's doing exactly what he did in the morning, but things aren't going according to plan. instead of an upslope, there is now a downslope wind. every time elshe's going back f another go it's not working. he's realizing he's not going to get back up to the top of this ridge. he needs to find somewhere to
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land. pulls his left-hander, starts turning toward the beach, hopefully heading towards what could be a soft landing, maybe on the sand, doesn't matter, because he's not gonna make it that far. in fact he's headed straight toward these rocks. >> no! oh no! >> oh! >> yeah, it was a bit of a solid landing actually. the body took a bit of a brunt of that one as well. ended up with fractured third and fourth metatarsals on the left foot and bruises to the arms and legs but it could have been worse. >> the instructor is like "you're doing it wrong!" >> that helps, thank you. the security footage comes from a hospital in india. there is a mother laying on the bed sleeping with her newborn child. in fact, that baby has been born for six hours. we see a woman approaching the bed. she lifts the cover off the child, picks it up, and just as she's walking away, the mom you see wakes up, and sees a woman
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walking away with her child. >> nurse? >> that's the thing, you assume you're in a hospital, this happens all the time when you've got a newborn. >> not only that, she's also groggy from having been asleep, right? it doesn't take them long to realize that is a woman kidnapping the child, because in this next video we see that same woman walking to the streets and away with that child. >> it's a casual nature with which she did it was so brazen. yep, i'll take that one, thank you. >> that's perhaps why she was able to get away with it, with no one noticing, not the nurses, not any security guard that may have been there, no doctors, no one noticed. she got away. police ended up launching an investigation and you'll be happy to know that sometime later, they were able to locate and arrest a number of people that had not just this newborn, but also five other children that ranged from 2 months to 11 years, all girls. >> what for? are they looking to sell them?
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is this for people that want children? what's going on? >> seems like system kind of ring. >> i agree, there was obviously a plan for these children. fortunately they were rescued and police hopefully will eventually find out what their intentions were. bon jour class. in today's french class we'll go over bird names. everybody repeat after me. sena. >> sena. >> that is french for swan and here in geneva switzerland they're saying seen ya to this swan. >> oh, i seen ya walking down the freeway. >> this lady is trying to rescue this water fowl and she doesn't immediately grab it right away. this is on a bridge in mt. blanc and the bird didn't want to go. kind lady decided let me grab the swan. some people may not know, swans are territorial and they can be mean. puts it under her arm and carries it away.
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she does say something, though. she says it's heavy, but the good thing is, they were close to water, and there's a lake nearby. this woman picks it up, carries it and gets the swan into the water. >> the swan is like seen ya, seen ya later. >> that's right, sena is french for swan. in this juken video, these dogs just wanted to play. this man was just doing his honey-do list. his wife said look, i sent my husband outside to clean up after christmas. he was taking the christmas tree to get rid of it, but i didn't see him for a while. this is why. >> argh! >> this man is struggling with two dogs and a dead christmas tree. three against one at this point. the wife is totally tickled. >> oh my georgosh. >> that's one heck of a stick they want to get hold of. watch what happens next. i think what he's saying is
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"no." christian, you love coffee. >> um-hum. >> you love to drink it. how about we paint with it? that's what banana jamana is doing. >> you feel like the lines are shaky. >> she's got a steady hand. i didn't say drink the coffee and paint with it. i said paint with it. she outlines the artwork and shades and fills it in. >> it's basically going to act like water color but she's got the three different concentrations of it, one of them is more diluted than the other two, and it will allow her to have a little bit more definition and have that intensity light/dark color. >> exactly. what she said. and after a while, the picture starts to come to life. >> a venti draft. >> it is a draft. up next she paints a parrot. >> it's cool, a simple use of the shading and water color technique it's really cool. >> then she paints a bird. >> sort of like lick the
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pictures. >> that's exactly what i was thinking. every time you walk past them if you haven't had your coffee, you'll do one of these. >> well maybe. if they smell as good as most coffee tastes, but in this case she just carries on. >> i can see myself licking the paper. >> goodness. >> this is really breaking new grounds. >> she finishes and says coffee is hard to paint with but she made it look so easy. there's something unusual on the highway. >> just saw 59, somebody thought they'd bring their remote control car literally on the freeway. >> see what your theory is on this. >> how do you know it's a remote control car and not like a really small person in a really small car? plus if you're throwing a super bowl party, this may be a neat idea for you. >> this year we have the snack ship for the big game. >> why you'll definitely be on board for this one. take pictures like they did because it's going to get destroyed.
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closed captioning provided by -- cortizone 10® works fast to heal irritation, and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone 10® >> don't sor of forget to dvr "right this minute" and never miss another video. i always thought if i lived in a building that had a ground
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floor supermarket, i would be thrilled. i have changed my mind, after seeing this video out of china. oh. that's a very popular store. >> it was a popular store. look at that. those are fireworks that were in the grocery store. authorities say some sparks set them off. >> the thing is the grocery store especially there's more rural parts of china, the run-up to chinese new year, everybody is picking them up, all part of the culture and tradition and celebration. no surprise it happens all the time this time of year. >> you want to go to the fireworks show. you don't want the fireworks show to come to you. >> they're relaxed with their rules and regulations when it comes to fireworks. >> you can see the whole eight story apartment building is engulfed in flames. you see the thick, black smoke. what you don't see are emergency crews. according to a report, they say that the fire was put out. i'm saying they let it burn out, or they put it out later because you still don't see fire trucks
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in front of this building yet, and it's fully enflamed. >> where are the people? >> eight-story building, no casualties rompeported. no injuries reported as well. the good thing is nobody was hurt but the bad thing is, all those people out of a place to live. grocery store owner now has no place to work. >> hey, you can come back from all of that. you can't come back from a death and it's amazing nobody died. >> especially because they just let it go. snack stadium for the big game is so last year. >> okay. >> this year, we have the snack ship for the big game, and i gotta tell you, i want to be on board that ship. all hands on deck! and actually no, really, you are going to need all hands on deck because watch this. because the team over at minneapolis-st. paul magazine put together this pretty
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phenomenal ship. check this out. >> how big is this ship going to be? "the titanic" with all the food. >> all on board. >> all of that with all kinds of dips and dipables and snacks and handables. >> iceberg lettuce dead ahead! >> they're going with a vikings theme but i think you can choose whatever theme you want >> they believe the going to the big game. >> that's why they decided to make this a vikings snack ship using products from minnesota companies. now if you're not in minnesota, you can't buy them, use what you want but it's still cool. >> that is the snacks you find ? valhalla. >> the sandwiches i'm sure will disappear quickly. the center is all your dips and your chips and your pretzels and pizza pockets. >> can we ask jessica to make this for the game? >> yes. >> get to work!
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>> entire table will be nothing but snacks. yes! ♪ i am honestly amazed that i can still be amazed when it comes to videos from the road dash cam, things like that. there's no limit to the wins that we can see. we'll start in houston on the highways. >> somebody brings their remote control car literally on the freeway. >> wait a minute. >> it would be exploded right now, yes, on a houston highway, people travel quite speedily, 70, 80-mile-an-hour remote control car flying up the inside lane. >> maybe that is nick. >> that's what i was thinking. i wasn't thinking he'd be mad. i'm thinking it's him. >> the dude in this car record is just as confused as we are. >> just exited. that was his exit apparently. >> what?! >> i love it, "that was his exit." do you think?
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>> the white pickup truck that's in front of it i'm assuming whoever is controlling that car is doing so from that pickup truck so there is no information either way as to where it came from or where it is going. it's just one of those "right this minute" videos. head over to canada for our next video, things get rather strange. look up ahead on the right-hand side. >> oh geez, oh my god. >> i'm wondering what caused that. i didn't see anything hit it. it at some point gives way. all of these flashes, all of these sparks but the best part of this video actually comes from what the person he's on the phone with ends up saying. >> i got that on camera. >> oh, geez. >> he's [ bleep ] watched "fargo" one time? >> should have said oh for the love of god. >> yah. >> oh geez. this little cutie loves when
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mommy makes monkey noises but mommy goes a little overboard. >> aah, aah. >> a little too much, mom. back up. they decided to drive over 100 hours. >> they'll attempt to buy one snickers bar at every walmart. >> find out the purpose behind this. >> why?! great. smokey or natural eye? ugh, natural. good choice. how about calling or texting? definitely calling. puppies or kitties? sorry, cats. dry eyes or artificial tears? wait, that's a trick question. because they can both get in your way. that's why it is super-important to chat with your eye doctor if you're using artificial tears a lot and your eyes still feel dry. next question. guys, it's time for some eyelove! ♪
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[ crying ] >> oh, precious. got a little too >> that makes this little one, just not ready. it's bath time and this baby does not look amused. every emotion that the baby is thinking and feeling comes across his face. that face is precious. mom's like it's going to be okay and her face says it's not going to be okay. it's all right, baby, you get back with some explosive diaper one day. >> i'm sure. why do they hate baths? i don't get it. >> they don't hate them. it's just new. schaapchat filters are new to this little one. >> my name is mark. >> mark. >> i am 1-year-old. >> old. >> 1. >> 2? >> i'm enamored. >> hey, mars. >> hey.
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♪ oh, boy, this is a horrible idea. >> yes, mr. beast's idea is beastly terrible. they're going to attempt to buy one snickers bar at every walmart. >> every walmart where, in north america? >> in his city, neighborhood? >> well this is in north carolina, and they're going to every walmart in that state. >> we're approaching another walmart. this one was literally three hours away. pretty horrible drive but got to get that snickers bar. >> do you have to get that snickers bar? why? is he sponsored by snickers? sponsored by walmart or one of those ridiculous things. >> three hours away? >> yes. >> there's a walmart on every corn per. >> it's 11:00 p.m. guess where we are, another walmart.
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>> why?! >> it does seem completely useless and pointless, right? because at the end they're probably going to end up with as many snickers bars as they would have if they just bought a box. but they're not just buying and keeping all of those snickers. in fact, they give them away. >> jimmy's busy, so we're going to give away all of the snickers we bought. >> he's like the oprah of snickers. everybody gets a snickers! >> but not everybody's thrilled with their charity work. in fact, at the end they get kicked out of the mall by security guar. >> bye-bye. >> they're giving out candy. >> um-hum. >> wow. this waiter is being a little attentive to grandpa. >> you know when they're overattentive? joseph is dealing with one of them. >> there's a very special reason for it. >> you talk to me on the phone a couple sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling life can change in an instant. be covered when it does... ...with a health plan through covered california.
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>> i'm just holding my glass. >> wow. it doesn't matter your age, everybody loves a good surprise.
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that's what's happening in both of these videos. first up, we'll start with linus. >> happy birthday. >> oh. >> oh, thank you. it's a big one. 70th birthday. >> nice, they got it decorated all pretty. he's ready to party. >> i was surprised. >> he was surprised but that's the entire point there, buddy, but there are more surprises. >> you've got a little bit of a surprise out here. >> hi, happy birthday! >> now that is his sister, lori, who has flown in all the way from minnesota. this is in dallas-ft. worth, and he's had a bit of a tough year. they wanted to make sure that his 70th was one to remember. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. now this next video, joseph's just trying to get on with breakfast and you guys in the states you have very attentive serving staff but you know when they're a bit overattentive? well, joseph is dealing with one of them. >> what do you want for breakfast? >> food. >> i love seniors because they've lived long enough to tell you exactly what they want
2:08 am
and don't want. >> at this point, the waiter asks. >> you don't recognize me? >> no, i'm legally blind. >> i'm legally blind. i genuinely don't recognize you. the thing is, he really should. >> you recognize the voice? >> voice known for many years. >> you only talk to me a couple times on the phone every day. >> oh, for god's sakes. >> finally the penny drops and it's his josh, who loves his grandpa so much. he says it's been the hardest part having to be away from him. it's his role model in life and he wanted to give him a big surprise. he didn't think it would be as hard as it was. >> but it was worth it. thanks for watching. why supermodel chrissy
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teigen is getting involv in the crisis involving u.s.a. gymnastics.
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