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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 17, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. a hug and hope pourfor a be tomorrow, after two weeks in federal custody, a uc berkley student is ready it to go forward and go back to school. >> an immigration judge today released luis mora. he was arrested at a checkpoint otside san diego. we are live at the oakland airport where we spoke with his attorney. >> reporter: we caught her as she arrived back from the hearing in san diego today. mora will return this weekend and head back to class next week. it's a small victory for the stuptd, b student but not a long-term solution. luis mora hugged his girl friend
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and attorney outside of a san diego detention facility. he'd been there since border patrol arrested him at a checkpoint in december. today a judge granted release on a $1500 bond. >> it was really shocking to me how much effort it took. >> reporter: the attorney says people who have overstayed their visa are rarely detained. >> we hope congress gets their act together and the white house and come to a solution on this situation. >> reporter: mora's mother brought him to the u.s. on a visa at age 11. he missed the cut-off for daca protection by two years. he is studying political science and says he will use the experience to help others in similar situations. >> i knew it was for a purpose, for a good reason. and i made it worth it. it's going to help me for the future. >> reporter: student groups to senators, pushed for mora's release. >> for anyone who wrote a letter
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o f for him and his release, we're very fortunate. >> all the universities, i think we have a very important role in terms of stepping forward and making that happen. >> reporter: his next court hearing will be next year. he may graduate before it. but his attorney is looking for relief options for him. tonight, lawmakers are demanding information about a reported ice crackdown. kamala harris sent a letter saying diverting resources in an effort to punish california and score political points is an abhorrent abuse of power. immigration officials are now preparesi preparing for a major is sweep.. xavi xavier becerra will hold a meeting tomorrow. you are looking at video
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captured moments after this afternoon's violent impact. at summersville road and highway 4. the contra costa sheriff's office says a deputy followed the stolen truck as it sped down highway 4. emergency lights were turned on seconds before the deadly crash. >> the truck went up on its side and debris flew all over it. it exploded all over the place. >> the crash also injured a mother and h2 year old daughter. they were in the same truck as the girl who died. the suspect is in jail after being treated in a hospital. did you feel the earthquake? was centered near the geysers, reg registered 4.2. so far we have not received any reports of injuries or damage. a live look from the south beach camera. you can see all the fog right now. you may want to leave extra time
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to get to work. by then, the fog will have turned to rain. let's check in with sandhya patel. >> you will be facing challenges. not just the fog but some areas will be dealing with wet roadways. yes, we have clouds and fog around, but i am tracking a cold storm, and this system is going to bring more than rain. there's a winter weather advisory for lake county, begins at 7:00 tomorrow night and runs through 4:00 p.m. friday. this storm is going to bring some low snow levels. a light system for thursday, friday, cold showers, breezy can condition snow levelw levelw lel 3,000 feet. silicon valley buzzing about apple's decision to build a new campus and hire thousands of new employees. this is part of a $350 billion commitment to the u.s. economy.
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the buzz coming despite the fact that the project is not going to be built in california. katie marzullo has the sorry from san jose. >> the jobs aren't going to be in our back yard, but they're still on our street. >> reporter: a new apple campus and 20,000 new employees is a big win for the silicon valley, even though tim cook says it won't be built in california. >> we want voices speaking up in favor of pro-technology policies in des moines, salt lake city, nashville. >> reporter: apple's announcement follows new federal tax policies. they plan to bring back $250 billion from overseas at a one-time, low tax rate of 15.5%, an incentive courtesy of president trump's tax reform. >> what the tax reform did was mandates a payment of tax regardless of whether you bring the money into the united states. so now companies are looking at that and saying, well, if i have to pay the tax on it anyway --
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>> reporter: apple's tax bill will be about $38 billion. tim cook spoke with abc news from reno. >> there are large parts of this is that are a result of the tax reform and large parts that we would have done in any situation. >> reporter: president trump tweeted, i promised it that my policies would allow apple to bring massive amounts of money back to the united states. great to see apple follow through as a result of tax cuts. huge win for american workers and the usa. as for which city gets the new campus, the big reveal is expected later this year. in san jose, katie marzullo. the highway patrol wants to hear from you if you've witnessed anyone throwing objects or shooting at buses carrying apple or google employees. you are looking at one of the five charter bussing that wes t damaged yesterday. >> we could have been from a small rock it to you know somebody reported like it might
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have been a pellet gun. >> what's with this violence? i don't understand it. >> sky 7 flew above apple's headquarters when employees boarded buses to head home this afternoon. buses will follow different routes for the time being as a precaution, and it that may delay riders. a terrible sorry is captivating the country, the story of more than a dozen children held in torturous conditions by their own parents in a southern california home. rob mcmullen from los angeles has the latest tonight. >> reporter: investigators walked out of the home with several boxes, two safes and pieces of wood it ththat appeare part of a bed frame. for neighbors, it makes makes that's alleged to have happened all the more real, where the parents have been accused of torture of their children. >> it's getting more real by the
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hour. more real bit day. >> reporter: kimberly milligan was one of many neighbors to watch as investigators also looked through the garage. there were shelves of movies. a play slide. for a lot of people, it was their first real look into a home where the doors were almost always closed. >> we just didn't get a glimpse of the house in the way the front door is, if you walk by, you can't really see, because there's an alcove before you get to it. >> reporter: we're also getting a first look at one of the turpins' past homes in ft. worth, texas. when they were foreclosed on, the new owners arrived to find the carpet soiled and stained and marks on the home. they thought it might have been from pets, but now they don't know. t >> i thought it was like a religious compound. they home schooled the kids and
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kept them away from everybody and wouldn't say names. i just thought they were a little out hear. >> you don't think it's abnormal. you think they were always funny anyway before they even had children. >> reporter: elizabeth torres is louise turpin's sister. >> i thought they were really vib strict, but i didn't see any type of abuse. coming up, a chance to smile for an olympic skater who's been going through a tough month. and who police are thanking for recovering items important to her. and big things going forward for a group of aspiring actors. and an arctic blast hitting a part of the country not used to freezing temperatures and snow. but first, here's a look at what's on jemimmy
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an olympic figure skater got happy news. police found her costumes and skates. >> lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: here they are, now in the possession of san francisco police. two dresses and a pair of ice skates which will soon be returned to olympic bronze medalist. she was eating with her family in japan town when the items were solen from
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the department received numerous tips from the public. the fact that the items are one of a kind made things easier. >> due to the distinct nature of the items, that helps out investigation because you're looking for something so unique. >> reporter: the dresses, each custom made were about $1,000 each. but behind the price tag was the sentimental value. she had just finished competing in san jose. >> without them, i feel incomplete. and at first i was like oh, my god, this is the worst thin tg t that could possibly happen to me. >> reporter: she was the latest victim in the car break-in epidemic. there were 30,000 last year. police are hoping a new program will make it better this year. a san francisco theater announced its 2018 season with a special surprise. ♪ out of the shadows
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♪ >> abc7 news was it at the historic theater tonight where san francisco students took to the stage in a special preview of the tony award winning musical. they'll perform that later this year. the owner hopes it will become a creative space for yuoung actor. >> it's a place that hopefully all of the suntudents who performed today will find their spot here. >> other shows include "head over heels" and "holiday sauce". people in parts of the south are cranking up the heat as he deal with an arctic blast. at least 12 deaths are blamed on an arctic blast. it caused slick conditions like at the atlanta airport. parts of tennessee felt like 10 below zero with the wind chill.
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meanwhile, the ground is crumbling around a three-storey home in malibu. you can see a landslide ripped apart a fence. no injuries reported but the house has been red tagged. for us, we're keeping an eye on the sky and live doppler 7. rain is coming. >> yeah, maybe as early as tomorrow morning. >> let's take a look it at the sorms. we have three storms. they're all level the if you've been waiting for rain, they're all level one. the first one comes in tomorrow on the exclusive scale, rain will turn to showers at times about a half an inch. it will be breezy at times and dangerous surf accompanying this storm. one thing you'll need to watch out for as we take a look at this live picture is the fog tomorrow morning during parts of your commute, you will have to deal with very heavy fog.
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also i would advise to stay away from the coastline. high surf warning until 4:00 p.m. friday. westerly squalls up to 22 feet. the surf will be dangerous and rip currents are possible. live doppler 7 showing you fog and clouds. quarter mile dense pentagon fog oakland. petaluma, concord, pretty low visibility. that's what you're pacing for tomorrow's commute and showers. here's a live look from the exploratorium camera. rye try to find that ferry building, a little difficult. north bay at 5:00 a.m., light showers, by the time we head into 9:00 to 10:00 a.m., most of the east bay and parts of the san francisco peninsula are getting wet. these showers are going to be very cold in nature. 3:00 looks like the most
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widespread activity. scattered showers pofor the evening commute. snow is possible in lake county. the snow level's coming down, it's going to be pretty chilly tomorrow night and friday more isolated in nature. when we do see the showers, could see moderate pockets at times during the morning commute and later in the day as well. still looking at mixed precipitation to the north, accompanied by possibly an isolated thunderstorm or two for your friday. we'll keep that going through friday night until things wind down. it's not going to be a lot in f totals, maybe a tenth to a half an inch. as far as when you can head to i tahoe, i would mott not go tomo. i would hold off until saturday. the snow doesn't wind down until about saturday. winter storm warning, 12:00 p.m.
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thursday. could see 18 inches at the highest elevations. tomorrow morning, upper 40s to low 50s. watch out pofor the fog and sli roadways. 50s for your highs and the accuweather someday forecast, wet and chilly for thursday and friday, breezy as well with a potential for snowshowers above 3,000 feet. and a level one system sunday evening into monday, another one coming your way on wednesday. download the accuweather app and check out live doppler 7 anytime you want. >> thank you, sandhya. next, big progress tonight on the new warriors' home in san francisco. we'll take you for a special inside look. and recreational cannabis. it may be legal, but is it safe? you could be smoking pesticides,
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even toxic fungus. what bay area labs have
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make a look. the warriors tell us construction of their new home is on time. abc 7 news sports anchor mike shumann toured the center. it will start looking less like a giant erector set and more like an arena in the next few months. they plan it open it it n of 2019. >> they had a couple scary moments. jordan bell left in a wheelchair. and dunn was
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. couple of scary falls in tonight's warriors game in chicago. one early, one late, in between a splash brothers performance. the warriors won their 14th consecutive road game. lopez going off of a dunk and bell goes for the block, lands awkwardly on his left leg. they took him up in a whole chair. second quarter, zach levin working his way back from kno surgery. look at steph, using the left hand so well.
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klay thompson starts with three straight threes, first to reach 150 triples on the year. season high 38 for klay, back to steph. it's all about the splash. dubs on a 24-6 dunks, crashes face first, lost a tooth. that's why i don't dunk any more. a 14th consecutive road game. next stop is houston. the rockets going to be without gerald green. he was suspended for entering the ha harden and paul were not
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punished. college hoops tonight, stanford hoping arizona state. might want to guard reed travis. up by 11, josh sharma, the big guy with the block. sharma, please don't squees the sharma! he had 14. cardinal up 6. davis. now tied for first with arizona. the cats were in berkley. check out your alma m 41-28. cal's down. justice suing. more than 11, but the wildcats, too talented. alonso treer. and diondre aden, 7'1", that's what 7'1", 250 will do
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for you. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> this is where the mono'smonos made. >> abc 7 news continue now online, twitter, facebook and your mobile devices
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>> i'm larry beal. >> i'm kristin zee. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, tony goldwyn, natasha leggero, and music from lauv, and now, furthermore, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you for being here tonight. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. very nice that you're here. what a day. we are very lucky to be here in southern california. it was sunny and 80 degrees i


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