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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 18, 2018 3:00pm-3:29pm PST

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we have a live accuweather update, there's a lot of cloudiness over the bay area, but pockets of light rain and showers. focusing in on the activity on the peninsula, across the bay, the east bay, pockets of sprinkles in oakland, over the bay, over the bridge, as a matter of fact, but the rain is not heavy or widespread. now, there was a batch of steady rainfall just moving down to the south bay, over in the mountain hamilton area, in the higher terrain, away from densely populated areas. the storm ranks a 1 on the storm impact scale, a storm of light intensity, with us through the overnight hours into tomorrow, continuing to produce pockets of light rain or showers, and rainfall estimates range from .25 to .50 inch, and
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dangerous surf with us. snow down to 3500 feet as cold air sweeps in overnight. for the remainder of the cmmute, we'll see the pockets of light rain and scattered showers, however, the pavement is wet, remaining that way, so the roadways are slippery. the scatters showers continue throughout the night, and wave of rain develops over the north bay later tonight to swing through in the late night and overnight ours. tomorrow morning, into the morning commute, looks like commuters will have to con tend with wet and slippery pavement. the complete seven-day forecast coming up at 4:00 p.m. join us then. today's storm is level 1, that means light gas starts to everywhere. some of the employees start to run away from the truck. one dude goes to hop inside and i believe he's going to try to take off. >> i see flames. i see flames behind the wall. >> oh! >> they hop back into the truck, the entire thing goes up in
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flames. now he runs off as well. there have been reports that suggests the fire was ignited when the man hopped inside and turned on the engine. there are people scurrying around, there were five people inside of the home. nobody was injured. >> so many weird mistakes being made in this video. the way they were moving it, the size of the tanker. there must have been some sort of rule they weren't adhering to. >> the house was severely damage. the loss totalled about one million pesos, about $54,000. here's the kicker in all of this, it's all under investigation, and it's going to be left to the authorities to the good thing is there's video so at least they've got that. >> maybe because they took off. >> all those employees have just vanished? >> yeah, they just left the scene. >> if we needed anybody to send in a video to be a correspondent
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out in the field for right this minute, this is that video. >> we're trying to get the door unlocked, but there's a mama bear. >> oh, yeah, there's mama bear. but what makes you a mama? babies. >> we're going to have to hurry and open the door. >> oh, it's in the car. >> right. right there. >> right there. so now our correspondent is giving instructions. >> go! go! oh, god. it didn't work. >> oh! >> it didn't work out well. >> they're going to make another attempt. >> let's try. okay, there's mama. mama is like -- >> somewhere. >> mama's close by. so a guy makes another attempt. >> just hurry, babe, hurry. okay. oh, god here he comes. oh. >> oh, the damage has been done. >> keep watching, because the action isn't over. >> oh, my god, and now we've got a bear trying to get in the
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back. okay. oh, my god. and then we've got mama bear and we've got the bear scratching at the window. >> the bear wants out. >> he's like help me. >> mark steps in. >> mark is shooting his gun, trying to get them away. >> after the gun fires you see mama running right there. we don't actually see the second rescue attempt, just so you know nobody was hurt, including all the bears. >> except for maybe the vehicle. >> it's trashed. >> oh, god, here he comes. oh, here he comes. >> this is going to give you cold sweats from beginning to end. devon and preston headed out to this ridge in utah on their dirt
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bikes. when i say the ridge, i mean the very thin tippy top. >> look at the casual nature. they're so confident. i'm loving the way they're manipulating their way around it. this is like the best way to see this. >> exactly. they're manipulating around it until they're not. >> oh, no! >> oh, sketchy. >> that wasn't sketchy. sketchy is what you're about to see. >> oh! >> oh, my god. >> there's no where for them to go. there is a tip and then vertical drop on either side. >> ride down the mountain. >> funny you should say that. that's really the only choice they have at this point. and he goes for it. . >> oh. >> he ends up falng again. >> it's only now you understand the scale of what they're on. it doesn't look as big as it
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suddenly does. >> it's huge. >> the mountain is crumbling underneath him. >> he's snowboarding a motor bike right now. >> basically, yes. >> he makes it all the way to the bottom. >> i was holding my breath for half of that. >> i told you you were going to be freaking out. >> that was scary. >> hold on tight, everybody, we're heading to brazil. police have reported a sedan stolen. we're going up the shoulders. very busy highway. you can see the black car up ahead and there's still so many cars on the road it becomes one of those cases where they're weaving and out of traffic. >> our police don't do that anymore because of the danger on the road. >> the vehicle goes off on the left-hand side. you start wondering just how long this can keep going before something goes wrong.
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and it comes back in, he's lost control. this is where the officers immediately get out, guns drawn. you hear that? what sounds like a gun shot. if you look closely i think you can see the gun casing. this chase is over. they're able to secure the situation. they did search the vehicle and they found property for the person who actually owned the car and they also found a pistol inside as well. >> that wasn't a p.i.t. maneuver? >> reports are saying they lost control. you can't tell exactly what happened because they swing over from the left-hand side to the right. we lose sight of them for that moment. when they come back in, they're spinning all around. what i'm thinking is as they swung over the back end got a bit loose and they got into one of those situation. >> they were probably going to try to go across that greenery and head back the other way and the car was like, you're done. >> considering how fast this
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chase was and how wrong it went. do you see anybody else get involved? they got lucky. >> they were taken to local police stations but there's no reports of any charges at the moment. >> these two get a magical surprise. >> we're going to disney world? >> you guys, that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> the story behind the trip that's really a dream come true. >> yes! yes! >> and dude's got a fish on the line. >> that he's using for a line for the big croc. >> why? >> see what happens when he takes the bait. brought to you by allstate, are you in good hands? does waiting around trying to protect your house from a lighting strike give me the same rush as being golfball-sized hail? of course not. but if you can stick to your new year's resolution,
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i'm an imaginary friend of a kid just like you.ada! you probably have lots of questions. but look, we'll get through this together. closed captioning provided by -- f relieves five frustrating symptoms
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of eczema. my skin's back. we always know that from australia we get really cool animal videos. these two will not disappoint. >> uh-huh. >> especially when we're talking about little crocs. this guy has a fishing rod and at the end he's hooked a fish he's using as a lure. when the croc sees the meal he starts charging. >> when they go fishing they go fishing for crocodiles? >> yes. >> of course they do. >> it's a nice size fish though. brother's got to eat. >> this one is a bit more of a gentle encounter in the water. it's taped at hardy inlet in augusta, western australia. it's pretty shallow water but that doesn't stop the stingrays.
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>> hey. >> apparently they get fed a lot in this area so they know to come. and they know they're probably going to get you a treat. >> i'll give you a pretty picture if you give me a treat. >> they're perfectly designed for this water, there's not much water. >> there's no venom, no injuries, it's not trying to kill us. >> it's cool. just feed me dude, come on. where is the fish? >> you said we were going to do something fun this weekend as a family. >> yeah. >> well, we're going to do something fun for the entire week. >> what could that be? >> mom, trisha, is telling her daughters, thea on the left on the white and lily in black with dots. >> chores, that's what they're going to be doing. >> yeah, because parents do have a really twisted idea of fun. >> you will learn how to clean.
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>> inside those bags, if you can figure it out, will tell you what we're going to do. >> of course, it takes one second for little lily to figure out one of them. >> i think i know. we're going to disney world? >> you can't even shock these kids anymore. they're on youtube. what to expect when mom is taking us to disneyland. >> that's just the tip of the iceberg. >> we're not just going to disney world, there's other stuff in there too. >> i can guarantee there is not a mop or a dust pan in the bag. >> bathing suit, what are these for? >> we might go swimming because it's going to be warm there. >> yes! >> it's florida. it has a long coastline on both sides. >> we'll take a rocket ship. >> where else do you think we're going to go. >> they realize they're going to the beach, they're going to disney world. >> kennedy space center. >> yes. >> it's a special advisory for thea.
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this is the longest she's gone without having chemo. she was diagnosed with a brain tumor when she was five months old. lily is told get that book out of the bag. >> oh, i wanted these? >> i do you think we're going to go? >> seaworld? >> the only thing left for me to say is i volunteer as tribute nanny. give me a call, you'll need someone to take the kids for a few minutes. i'm your girl. >> it's the best day of my life! >> what it's like to be a boy mum. >> goodness. >> see it, next right this minute. still to come, the guys from the grand tour brought their jaguars to the mountains. see if the hot car makes for a smooth ride on the slopes. plus, an unexpected diagnosis
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to heal irritation, and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone 10® have you ever jealous of two television jobs? t clarks and hammond and may from the grand tour because they get to do stuff like this. >> holy mother of god. >> they're going downhill, quickly. you might have seen it, it's already out. the jag episode where they took their jaguars to the mountains of colorado and tried to ski them. >> why not? you never know, what if you find yourself in this predicament. >> this is why they are the motoring enthusiasts' favorite automobile journalists. >> how does a jag handle on the slopes? >> at first, rather sketchily. >> that was just insane. >> you can see the jag is very suited to impressing the ladies,
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it's not so great on the slopes in colorado. >> none of us died. >> yeah, it turns out the jag is perfect for carving epic lines. >> are you kidding? >> i'm jealous, i love this show. it's the best! they come out every friday, new episodes on amazon pride. the latest one will be dropping any day now. find out if they died. >> now you know what it feels like. >> bernie dawson is described as an average guy. he was 48 years old, single dad, worked as a pool man. life was normal >> can you tell me what your diagnosis is? >> it's an aggressive form of als. he loves music and he had aspirations of being a singer/songwriter. prior to this he started taking
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vocal lessons. >> i'm a voice teacher. i got this e-mail, and this guy wanted voice lessons. >> a few months later, he suddenly lost his voice. >> we learned his condition was terminal. >> at that point, they had become really good friends. she really cares about him. he may not have a voice but he still has a song. bernie asked essence to be his voice. he send handwritten letters that would become lyrics to the songs she would sing. ♪ no matter you cry >> the album is a love letter to his daughter, it's called connection. >> a huge honor and a lot of pressure at the same time for essence to essentially be his essence. >> she stepped up to the plate. to pull off this feat, essence decided to turn to bernie's community and start a gofundme
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page to fund his album. >> it's great for people to see that he's appreciating what they're doing even if he couldn't express it in words. >> he can still communicate. essence and his daughter and a team of other people go into the studio to put the final touches on one of his songs. >> bernie, we've got to finish this record. ready? we are almost done. we have finishing touches. so we want to put on some final voca vocals. then you decide what goes on or doesn't go on. ♪ ♪ >> they ask him what he thinks about it. >> i think we got a thumbs up. got a thumbs up. >> this must be so special for his daughter, too. eventually in time she's not going to have him around anymore but she's going to have his love through these songs forever. >> they'll live on. >> bernie's having a hard time
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physically and emotionally at the nursing home. he wants to be at home with his family. essence has launched a second campaign to help him do that. the video was put together courtesy of gofundme studios, if you would like to help bernie out, head over to our website. >> an adventurous couple exits the plane in the sky. >> it's all part of the plane. >> how taking the plunge proves
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something after eating that.
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>> that's the way you get not kissed. >> supporting a friend's fitness. ♪ ♪ >> georg >> they'll about to take the plunge. they're in this aircraft because they're going to jump out of a airplane. they are wearing parachutes. their whole relationship has been about skydiving. they actually met at this exact same place. >> it's so romantic. >> they even started dating after they got their a license. as they're going back down towards the earth, they're in a weird position almost.
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like he's on his knees. >> oh, snap. >> look at this. this is a monster ring. >> i was concerned. >> is it a ring pop? i hope it's a ring pop. >> it's not a ring pop. but it's not the actual ring. of course, you can't exactly, hey, do you want to marry me? >> uh-huh. >> so to make himself clear he whips out a ring the size of paris hilton to make himself very clear that i want to take the plunge with you. i must admit to giggling a little bit. he's trying to hug her. it's not easy to do when you're skydiving. he ends up hugging her ankles a little bit. love you. love you. the sweet part is he did have the engagement in his pocket next to his heart. george, nice one. don't forget, if you like what you see, go to rightthism
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