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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 19, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news in america this morning, shutdown showdown. with just hours to go before the government runs out of money, a snag in the senate from the fate of young immigrants to children's health care, the big issues keeping republicans and democrats divided. and the blame game. the role of the white house and the question, what happens if the government does shut down after midnight? disturbing new claims in the california family torture case. the 13 children allowed to bathe only once a year. this morning, what could happen next to the parents and new insight on the children's escape plot years in the making. new research on brain injuries and sports shows concussions may not be the only thing to worry about when it comes to the cause of a devastating brain disease.
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plus, the major airline offering free beer and wine. the new push for a hollywood sign. and would you make your 5-year-old pay rent? this mom did, and the internet is weighing in. and we do say good morning on this friday, everyone. we're within hours of the u.s. government coming to a halt and it all comes down to this. if lawmakers can't come to an agreement on a spending bill before midnight, the federal government is expected to shut down. >> democrats and republicans have staked out positions and right now hopes that a deal can be done are fading. abc's gloria riviera has been following the overnight developments for us. gloria, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, diane. good morning, kendis. fading is right. in the 11th hour the house passing that bill that now sits in the senate's hands. senators say they do expect to vote today, but they don't know what it will look like because leaders from both parties indicating they will not
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budge on the issues that divide them, and the current spending deal expires at midnight. >> the yeas are 230. nays are 197. >> reporter: with less than 24 hours to go house republicans managed to pass another short-term fix to avoid a government shutdown. that bill now goes to a deeply divided senate. >> we're trying to keep the government open. i hope the democrats will come forth and help us. >> reporter: gop lawmakers need a significant number of democrats on board to avoid a filibuster. president trump placing the onus on them. >> it could happen. we'll see what happens. it's up to the democrats. >> reporter: on two points of serious contention, the house plan offered first extending the children's health insurance program known as c.h.i.p. for six years, but earlier thursday president trump tweeting, c.h.i.p. should be part of a long-term solution, not a 30-day or short-term extension. the white house later saying trump backs the gop plan. a second point of contention, daca, the d.r.e.a.m.ers act, no
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mention in the house bill. >> the president created this mess, though, by essentially rescinding the daca program and creating this artificial crisis and they need to work with us to fix it. >> reporter: democrats saying any spending deal that does not protect the more than 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to this country as children is a nonstarter. if there is no deal in place by midnight, the government will start to shut down nonessential operations. now, what will that look like? well, there are some real repercussions. the military, for example, would continue to go to work but troop payment could be frozen. diane, kendis. >> gloria riviera live from d.c. for us. gloria, thank you. so, what happens if the government does shut down? well, the last time it happened was in 2013. nearly 800,000 federal workers were out of work. >> and gloria mentioned, but just want to highlight this. the military will still be on duty, as she said, and the troops may not be paid.
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but the national parks would be open through this weekend with limited staffing but could close next week. the same with the smithsonian museums. the post office, social security, air traffic control and the tsa will all continue to be funded. and no worries for members of congress, they'll still get paid but it's the law. we do have a new development to tell you about in the russia investigation. white house communications director hope hicks was expected to testify today before the house intelligence committee, but her appearance has been delayed because of negotiations over claims of executive privilege. sources close to hicks say she intends to cooperate. and "the wall street journal" is reporting that president trump's lawyer formed a private company just weeks before the november election to pay a former adult film star for her silence about her alleged affair with donald trump. according to "the wall street journal" stormy daniels whose real name is stephanie clifford received a check for $130,000. "the journal" reports that check came from a private company set
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up by trump lawyer michael cohen, and all uses fictitious all used fictitious names in the transaction. abc has not independently confirmed that. the lives of the 13 california children allegedly tied up and deprived of food for years. their parents have now pleaded not guilty to dozens of charges including torture. a prosecutor calls the treatment of their children sadistic. abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: the parents accused of holding their 13 children captive for years now the ones in shackles. david and louise turpin facing a judge and a combined 75 counts of systemically torturing, abusing and imprisoning their children who are between 2 and 29 years old. >> this is severe, emotional, physical abuse. >> reporter: the district attorney says the horrors began sometime before 2010 when the turpins lived in texas including in this filthy house. >> the parents at one point living apart from most of the children and dropping off food from time to time. >> reporter: authorities say the starvation and brutality worsened after they moved to
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california. prosecutors say the children were only allowed to shower once a year. were beaten, strangled, locked in rooms and chained to their own beds, sometimes for months at a time as punishment. >> one of the reasons for the punishments were if the children were found to wash their hands above the wrist area, they were accused of playing in the water and they would be chained up. >> reporter: and the district attorney says the emaciated siblings were taunted by their parents. >> they would buy food including pies, apple pies, pumpkin pies, leave it on the counter, let the children look at it but not eat the food. >> reporter: the turpins finally arrested here at their home in perris, california, sunday after their 17-year-old daughter carried out an escape the d.a. says she planned for two years. >> do you think that -- that 17-year-old girl escaped about 6:00 a.m., just before dawn. do you think she chose that hour because the rest of the family was asleep? >> they obviously chose that day
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that that was the hour, and so i can only speculate that they chose that intentionally and then, of course, she made her escape through a window. >> reporter: david turpin is also charged with committing a lewd act on one of the children. he and louise have pleaded not guilty and are being held on $12 million bond each. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. and a third grader from alabama has died from complications of the flu just days after the governor declared a state of emergency. zainab momin had high fever and flu-like symptoms before she was taken to the hospital tuesday where she later died. right now the flu season is considered moderately severe. there are four known flu strains. the cdc says 78% of the cases it reviewed so far are the most aggressive strain. despite areas like san diego reporting a record number of deaths, experts say deaths nationwide have not been unusually high. time now for a look at your weather this friday morning.
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waves up to 60 feet high pounding the pacific northwest. two people were reported missing off the coast of oregon. now, the same storm system whipping up the surf will bring know to the higher elevations and looking at today's temperatures, it'll finally warm up in the south after that deep freeze made driving rough. schools, however, will be closed again today from new orleans to atlanta up to charlotte. warmer in the northeast as well where it will be near 50 this weekend. well, still ahead right here, the airline offering free beer and wine on domestic flights. >> all right. also ahead, former new jersey governor chris christie responds to reports that he tried to get special treatment at the airport by trying to bypass security. and the new details about a suspected serial killer linked
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in case you need another reason to slow down in bad weather, watch this. that's a tow truck driver just trying to do his job near detroit when a speeding car nearly takes him out. the car itself goes airborne. luckily that tow truck driver ran away and avoided being hit. the speeding driver now has quite a few citations. a new development in the bill cosby sexual assault case. prosecutors are now asking a judge for permission to call 19 other accusers to the stand during cosby's retrial. the first trial ended in a hung jury. the next one begins this april. cosby is charged with drugging and assaulting a temple university employee. former new jersey governor chris christie is learning what it's like to be a civilian again. police say he was turned back from a special access area after trying to bypass a tsa security checkpoint. officials say christie was then taken to the regular entrance
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but christie responded on twitter saying it was airport police that led him and his security detail to the wrong entrance, and he denies that he was trying to bypass security and go through the entrance he used as governor. american airlines is offering a new perk for some travelers between new york and chicago. so, the airline will be offering free beer and wine in the main cabin of shuttle flights between new york's laguardia airport and chicago's o'hare. that's 15 daily flights which will have their own dedicated gates starting in april. all right, well, a flight from paris landed in new york carrying one more passenger than it left with. a pregnant woman went into labor over greenland. luckily a doctor and second year medical resident were on board and helped with the successful delivery. little jake was born after 30 minutes of pushing. mom and baby are fine. >> cute. coming up, the concern about a shocking increase in young women taking certain prescription drugs. but first nine murders in less than a month. the suspected serial killer captured. the families of the victims speaking out after the shocking arrest. and later, the home where
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theraflu expressmax. new power. i just i just miss her coming home, coming into the room, saying that she loves us. >> we're back with some heartbreaking comments from these two teenagers after their mother was one of nine people killed by a suspected serial killer. investigators say that accused killer went on a three-week murder spree in the phoenix area. >> yeah, police arrested cleophus cooksey for the murder of his mother and stepfather, but while in custody, cooksey was connected to seven more murders, all of them from november to december. the victims include maria villanueva. her daughters saying they're still trying to process the loss of their mother. >> she was just an outgoing person. she was the light of the family. she always tried keeping us all together. >> sometimes i think she's still home. sometimes i think she's in her room doing something, like it's
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just very, very hard to understand that she's not here. >> police say cooksey is the man seen in videos posted on youtube rapping about killing. they say the motives for the murders range from sex and money to drugs, and they haven't ruled out linking him to more killings. three days of emotional testimony are apparently taking a toll on former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar. more than 80 women have unleashed a torrent of anger on nassar during his sentencing hearing in the sexual abuse case. but in a six-page letter to the judge nassar complained that the women's impact statements, the impact statements from the women he's accused of abusing, well, those statements he is saying are hurting his mental health. the judge responded calling him delusional. >> spending four or five days listening to them is significantly minor considering the hours of pleasure you had at their expense and ruining their lives. >> more than 100 women in total are expected to come forward with victim impact statements.
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they could continue into tuesday. the 54-year-old nassar faces a minimum sentence of 25 years in prison on top of a 60-year sentence on child pornography charges. a new study finds that any kind of hits to the head not just concussions can cause the devastating brain disease cte. researchers at boston university now say the disease can occur even when concussions do not and they say football players aren't the only athletes affected. they want everyone playing any kind of impact sport could be at risk for cte. there's some new concerns about the number of women taking drugs to treat adhd. prescriptions handed out to young women rose 340% in the last decade. the big concern is many women of childbearing age aren't aware of the potential downsides. the cdc says there's a lack of consensus about whether the drugs are safe to take during pregnancy. all right, turning now to sports and all the talk about sunday's game between the patriots and jaguars has been about tom brady's hand injury. once again yesterday brady did not practice but jaguars running
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back leonard fournette had his own scare in a car crash. he's okay. it was just a fender bender and he posed with police and even autographed his damaged bumper. he says the driver who caused the crash was a steelers fan. >> ah, there you have it. >> oh, conspiracy. and now to some basketball highlights. let's check in with our guys at espn. >> good morning, morning people. he's stan. i'm neil. >> let's get started in the nba. the cavaliers lost four in a row and had orlando at their place, magic had already won in cleveland earlier this season. cavaliers up by 21 here. lebron james gave the cavaliers a 23-point lead with that bucket. said he was garbage in this game. didn't like the way cavaliers played the second half. orlando was that close to winning this game. the bucket won't go and the cavaliers hold on to win it 104-103. they got oklahoma city coming in
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saturday. >> went for 1 for 17 in the second half. >> from three-point range. >> absolutely. the 76ers and the celtics. joel embiid, his favorite fleetwood mac song is "rhiannon." the 76 going to win this game and pull away from the pistons. they will pull away from the pistons for eighth spot in the east if the playoffs start. they don't start now. embiid, 26 and 16. >> you know, neil, they had lost three in a row. >> thank you, stan. >> now they've won six of seven overall. >> that is a lot of information you have. >> absolutely, but that is all. >> all you get. >> we'll take it. coming up, the mother who charged her 5-year-old daughter rent and the debate it's sparking. and also ahead, why a second hollywood sign might be coming to los angeles. plus, the hefty new item on the menu at burger king. i accept i don't conquer the mountain like i used to. i even accept i have a higher risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem.
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♪ say good-bye to hollywood ♪ say good-bye my baby all right. time to check "the pulse" starting with a little billy joel and some talk about building a second hollywood sign. okay, so we'll say hello to a second one possibly. people who live nearby have been complaining about hordes of tourists posting near the iconic sign clogging traffic, making noise and leaving behind a lot of trash. >> and now the city is considering whether to build a duplicate sign in another less congested area. other proposals include installing an aerial tram to the original sign and creating a shuttle service that way. >> we'll get more people for trash. a georgia mom is getting mixed reviews for making her 5-year-old pay rent. >> yeah, in a facebook post essence evans says she gives her a weekly allowance of $7 but she charges her a dollar for rent, a dollar for water, a dollar for electricity, a dollar for food and a dollar for cable
4:23 am
tv. that leaves her with 2 bucks at the end of the week. >> wow, in this economy. her facebook post has more than 3,000 shares. some calling it a great idea. chareise said i wish i would have thought of this. it teaches your kid responsibility. >> others see it differently. loree says, really, just a kid. i'm all for teaching then responsibility. that's too much. tell us what you think on our website, a dollar for rent, though. very good steal. next to a property in miami with a cool way to get around. from the outside you would never know what it's best feature is. >> so this one isn't a dollar. once you get inside you can join a 90-foot lazy river that runs between the rooms and three separate buildings. the home is 18,000 square feet. >> yeah, so in addition to the lazy river, it also includes a lagoon, a waterfall and a jacuzzi. it sold for just over $2 million.
4:24 am
>> that's it? >> maybe they are charging $1 or rent. >> that's a virtual steal having seen a lot of miami properties. >> none of them with a lazy river. >> we're not sure who owns that place but they are future friends. burger king and mcdonald's have intensified their beef with each other. >> i see what you did there. bk's new double quarter pound king sandwich hitting the menu in response to mcdonald's double quarter pounder. >> for those watching their weight, the new burger king sandwich packs 900 calories and 54 grams of fat. >> so, not topping the list of new year's resolutions. >> no, but, hey, if you're on a high fat diet. hey, if you're on a high fat diet. because each day she chooses to take the stairs. at work, at home... even on the escalator. that can be hard on her lower body, so now she does it with dr. scholl's orthotics. clinically proven to relieve and prevent foot, knee or lower back pain, by reducing the shock and stress that travel up her body with every step she takes. so keep on climbing, sarah. you're killing it. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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this is abc 7 mornings. good morning. it's friday, january 19th. finally friday. we have been waiting for it,
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