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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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going to guide you through. >> i'm tracking a few showers on live doppler 7. let's talk about the storm impact scale first. it's a 1. snow level down to 3,000 feet. we may get dusting at the higher elevations. right now, you can see around bay shore, jamestown avenue toward the bayview district. that yar possibly getting light rain. same thing on morris canyon road and mission road and 680 as you head around fremont this morning. from the east bay hills, the cleaner and cooler air. my accuweather 12-hour planner. mid to upper 40s. might need to dress warmer this morning. 50 to 53 degrees from noon to 4:00. the last chance was showers at 5:19. dress for mid to upper 40s during the evening hours. another chance of rain on sunday. that's next. sue? >> my traffic guy is focused in on the lights. it looks like slowing towards the tunnel. you are stacked up here. but the big issue is happening
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right near richmond with two left lanes blocked with at least four vehicles, including a semi and a box truck having traffic stacked up now past highway 4. so your drive time did increase to 55 minutes getting through this all the way into the bay bridge backup. we'll update this and another accident in san mateo in a couple of minutes. thank you. developing news. lawmakers in washington running out of time to prevent a government shutdown. >> democrats in the senate say they're going to filibuster a four-week governmentwide funding bill that house republicans passed last night. the democrats want to restore daca. that's the d.r.e.a.m.ers act. republicans are arguing that democrats are holding the government hostage over demands to protect immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. if there's nothing in place by midnight eastern time, the government will start to shut down nonessential operations. the senate will start 8:00 a.m. our time. several bay area attractions
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could close. >> muir woods and alcatraz that attract hundreds of tourists every day could shut down. matt keller is live in san francisco with more. matt. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. so many national parks in and around the bay area, including the very popular alcatraz behind me. so if you are planning on making a trip to one of those parks this weekend, you may want to have backup plans for your fun. last time this happened, a government shutdown, was in 2013. horn blower yachts which gives alcatraz tours furloughed every single moye ee at least one day a week. they lost 100,000 customers who would have brought in $3 million. they're reporting the national park service plans to order visitors to leave the park immediately in the golden gate recreational air in the event of a cutoff. there is hope. according to the "washington pos post", even if the federal government runs out of money and shuts down this weekend,
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interior secretary ryan zinke is working to keep the gates to some national parks open. they would not have any rangers or any other staff on site. matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. this morning, more fallout from revelations of sexual misconduct. seven managers and chefs of an oakland restaurant owned by chef charlie hallowwell are threatening to resign unless he divests himself from the business. he has not denied the allegations by 17 female employees. according to the chronicle, he has removed himself from the day-to-day operations of the company. employees of the pizzeria, boot and shoe service, want him to divest completely. san leandro city manager is facing allegations of sexual misconduct. rose padilla johnson of the davis street family resource center claims she was pressured to have a sexual relationship with him in exchange for public funding. johnson claims the abuse began
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in 2012. zapata has not responded to the allegations. millions of women expected to take to the streets acrhow o resistance and power. you're looking at video from last year's march in san francisco. last year it was a demonstration against president trump. this year's focus is going to be on the ballot box. women will be marching to take back the house and senate and they say deal a devastating blow to the gop. there are several marches in the bay area. for a list go to tenants at an alameda condominium facing a 133% rent increase have finally reached a deal. the owner of the condo was trying to raise the rent from $1500 to $3500 a month. our media partner reports the new agreement includes increasing the rent but not right away. it will go up to $2500, then go up from there until next year when tenants will pay the full $3500 a month. the alameda city council was
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getting ready to intervene before tenants and their land lore lord reached a deal. travis kalanick has reached a billion dollar deal and he will donate a significant amount to a charitable foundation he'll set up. there's no word on what the focus will be. the 41-year-old received $1.4 billion yesterday when uber closed a deal with japan's sot bank. he sold about a third of his stake to south bank. the california public utilities commission issued new recommendations to secure the state's substations in light of the 2013 shooting at the metcalf station in san jose. the sparks there on the left-hand side of your screen, in april of 2013, a sniper fired more than 100 rounds at the pg and e substation. knocking out 17 transformers and exposing major security problems. one of the recommendations is to keep spare parts on hand if the
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power grid is compromised, replacement parts would take months to build and deliver. >> which means we would be without power for six to nine months. we can't exist that way. our economy can't exist that way. our public safety can't exist that way. >> hill, who you just heard from, was behind the push to make the puc assess substation security statewide. metcalf has a stone wall surrounding it and security guards on patrol now. right place, right time. two officers rushed to save a dog hit and then trapped under a car. the rescue is all on camera. a new twist in the push to turn california into two separate states. we're still holding on to a chance of a stray shower today. even snow to about 3,000 feet. check out what happens starting sunday. a series of weak storms on the way. more in my accuweather seven-day
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this video looks like people changing a tire. bits an incredile rescue in plaster county. this is a deputy and off-duty officer jacking a car up because there's a dog under it.
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this happened wednesday morning. the deputies saw the bloodhound get hit by a car on interstate 80. the paw was pinned under a tire. the two managed to get the dog out and get that dog to the vet. somehow the dog had no broken bones. just some cuts and road rash. and the dog is expected to make a full recovery. >> that's great. love to see that. hi everybody. talk about temperatures. 44 in menlo park. 46 at foster city. daly city, 48. belmont, redwood city at 45. cooler tomorrow morning. most of us in the mid to upper 40s. there you see 39 in santa rosa and 50 in san rafael. one of the calmer places, the boardwalk in santa cruz. dangerous waves out there. if you're exercising, it's going to be cooler today and light breezes in you're out and about, especially on the bay. here's more on the high surf warning. westerly swells could get up to 22 feet. we're at 19 right now.
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that means the breakers could get up around 30 to 40 feet. rare chance, one out of 100 that we get up to 50 feet. deadly rip current, beach erosion and waves that run up the beaches much don't turn your back on it. we're looking at a pretty moderate commute for your friday morning. we do have a couple of problem spots. let's highlight that. one is involving five to six vehicles westbound 80 near richmond parkway, including a semi and a box truck and a couple of other vehicles. at last check, the three left lanes were blocked. chp is not issuing a significant alert at this time. you can see a backup beyond highway 4. more towards the skyway. speed at 10 miles an hour until you pass the incident. drive time into the city is an hour and ten minutes from the top of the line. sue, thank you. a big international name is pushing to add a new spot to the olympics. >> we showed you pictures of a
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state university sports doctor larry nassar. he's accused of sexually assaulting more than 100 women and girls. >> you're a pathetic monster that's only sorry you got caught. i'm here today with all these other women, not victims, but survivors, to tell you face to face that your days of manipulation are over. >> a staggering number of women have come forward. more than 80 women have confronted nassar over the past three days. yesterday the judge dismissed a letter from nassar to the court expressing concern about his mental ability to hear from all these accusers. >> spending four or five days listening to them is significantly minor considering the hours of pleasure you had at their expense. >> didn't mince words. he will be sentenced monday or tuesday. he faces a minimum sentence of
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25 to 40 years in prison. efforts to divide california into two states are heating up as advocates announce they'll file their first formal grievance against the state. the 51st state would be called new california made up of rural areas. backers say the current state legislature does not reflect rural values on taxation, education and immigration. analysts say this is a long shot. representatives say the grievance is going to be filed on tuesday. japan could be on its way to legalizing professional gaming tournaments with an eye on winning olympic med allegation. >> right now laws prevent video game tournaments in japan. the country's ruling party is willing to change those laws and make it legal for someone to make a living playing video games. e-sports are a multibillion dollar global industry and global gaming is speculated as a possible olympic medal sport by 2024.
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those would be the paris games. a lot of hurdles to go through before that happens. but they're talking about it. >> not physical hurdles, though. they just know -- i don't know. is the world coming to an end? is that a sport? >> there are a lot of them. i love you. hi sue. good morning. i think my children would be gold medalists at this without a doubt. here we go. back to the toll plaza. metering lights are on. delays involving an accident up towards the richmond parkway. that's why your travel time is such a bear this morning, at least an hour and ten minutes from the back of the line here. it's involving five to six vehicles, three left lanes. chp says no, we don't need a sigalert. but you can see the traffic is backed up beyond the coming skyway. down to 2 miles an hour inching along. i'm sorry that this is happening for you guys. once you get past the scene, though, the traffic is lightheaded in towards san
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francisco with the exception of the metering lights. we're going to be back in a second with your toyota tahoe report. first, here's mike. >> thank you, sue. we'll open the weather window on sutro tower. you can see how clear the air is. there's a lingering chance of showers, a little bit of moisture in the air. feeling freezing cold in the deepest inland valleys and grab that umbrella. you need it at least three or four days next week. thick fog out there. less than a quarter to 8th of a mile in windsor. novato all the way down past lucas valley into san rafael this morning, a half mile. a light shower hitting the oakland airport towards san leandro. there could be a few sprinkles in your day today. the low to mid-50s. 50 to 56 degrees. look at this inland. freezing cold 32 in santa rosa. 34 in napa. mid to upper 30s in the inland east bay valleys. also fremont, palo
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heater going to be running tonight. here's a look at from 7:00 until noon. you can see once the sun comes up and adds energy to the atmosphere, we have a chance of scattered showers. wherever you see pink and white, that's a wintry mix. the north bay mountains, possibly diablo and hamilton. sunsets, we lose the energy and showers dissipate over land. but over the warmer ocean water tonight, we could have showers continue. but they will stay out over the ocean. rainfall amounts are going to be fairly light out of any shower that runs into you. look at this. a couple of hundredths of an inch. enjoy the sunshine tomorrow. a great day to be outside. temperatures low to mid-50s. breezy with more rain. heaviest through monday morning and more showers to rain tuesday and wednesday. now, it's still snowing up in the sierra. in fact, we have the winter storm warning until 4:00 snow is falling at this
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hour. let's check in with your toyota tahoe report. we've got snow falling. the bases are going to be changing over the next couple of hours. but right now, it's a 3:30 drive to squaw alpine with chains required on 89. chains required on 80 towards northstar. that's starting at king veil towards truckee on 80 and 50, you're required chains on that drive, too, for a 3:30 drive towards heavenly. those chains are from kiebers to meyers. sugar bowl, chains required as we mentioned on 80, 50, yes. sierra tahoe, 3 hours 40 minute drive. it's snowing until 4:00. a winter storm warning. take your time and take your chains. thank you, sue. new details from australia. we're hearing from the rescue teams following this dram the i can drone rescue. the 16 and 17-year-old boys were caught in a rip current.
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a drone was directed to their location. they can actually drop an inflatable life raft to the people that need the rescue. that's exactly what happened. they used that raft to swim safely back to shore. the boys say it only took 35 seconds for the drone to get there. >> it was definitely a sigh of relief. something to hold on to, we were getting pretty tired. probably could have gone a lot worse if they had to take their time and come out in a boat or something like that. >> the call for help happened as a group of nearby lifeguards were undergoing training in the use of those drones. crazy coincidence that they happened to be there. >> teens are lucky. that's incredible. 35 seconds. if you're looking so to satisfy your sweet tooth, you're in luck. >> one of the new features you'll see as b.a.r.t. prepares for a big day. here's ginger zee with a look at what's ahead on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. coming up, the house passing
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a temporary plan overnight. the government shutdown threat remains. one year since president trump took office and negotiations are took office and negotiations are at
6:23 am
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welcome back. let's take a look at the past rainfall from the last storm. less than a tenth of an inch in antioch, concord, palo alto, mountain view. up to half an inch in mill
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valley. the next storm sunday night into monday will offer more rain than this. in fact, it will really impact the monday morning commute. more on that in the next half hour. let's send it to jessica for more news. >> mike, thanks. want to satisfy your sweet tooth. this is the weekend for you. i've put together ideas from our partners at hood line. >> have you heard the saying life is short, eat dessert first. this weekend eat dessert to your heart's content the sweet tooth fest. the first ever dessert festival in san francisco happening at 25 luck near third and townsend. why didn't we think of this sooner? delicious. what can people expect at the festival? >> we have over almost 20 vendors right now. you're talking about the cheese school, city bake house, alexander's -- so many great names. i can run down the list. everybody will be featuring a little bite. the restaurant will be passing out specialty cocktails and specialty wine. >> you heard that right.
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adult drinks to wash down your sweets. it's guaranteed to be a sugar rush. it's from noon until 4:00 p.m. also this weekend, join the women's march oakland meant to be a bipartisan and peaceful event to shed light on women's rights. starts at 10:00 a.m. there's a rally and march starting at the amphitheater, ending at the frank a ga wa plaza. you cannot use wooden, metal or plastic sign posts to hold them, purses are a no no. >> the sketch fest. the 17th annual comedy festival in full swing featuring 230 shows in three weeks at various venues around the city. and this sunday they'll spotlight abc's speech list with several cast members, with mini driver. tickets are available online. doesn't that dessert look good? >> i was going to say, where is my dessert? >> i ate it. for more information on these events and others, go to
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january 19th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from our accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco, take it away. >> start with the storm impact scale. a chance of showers today and a snow level down to 3,000 feet. the dangerous surf, 30 to 50-foot breakers. you can see the boulevard there, possibly the eastern side of the san mateo bridge near hayward. that will continue to slide southward. as far as your 12-hour planner, cooler. mid to upper 40s. low to mid-50s from noon to 4:00. spotty, light showers and no showers at 7:00. mid to upper 40s. here's sue. relief is in store if you're getting on the roads. you maerd frheard from the chp, accident involving several vehicles is now cleared. much better news, you will see traffic improving right now. it's still backed up to the skyway with speeds of 4 down to 2 miles an hour. once again, that accident has been cleared out of the lane. you're looking at an
6:31 am
improvement. we'll check back in a few. happening today, b.a. new trains finally making their debut for passengers. >> the debut is later than usual. they're here and you'll be able to ride them. amy hollyfield live for us at the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station in walnut creek. >> reporter: good morning, reggie. b.a.r.t. riders just now getting up, you've got great news ahead of you today. you're getting new trains. getting to ride on one will be a little like winning the lottery. they'll announce later today what line it's going to be on today. that's not even going to be permanent. they'll rotate it to the entire bay area so they can try out the train. a new ten-car train will go into service later today. digital signs will announce the next stop. they'll have fewer seats than the old one. there will be more standing room. b.a.r.t. customers we talk to say they're ready for a new
6:32 am
ride. >> the idea of new trains is just -- it's the time for new trains because these aren't in their best shape. looking forward to it. great news. >> reporter: this debut is late. it was first scheduled for 2016, then november of 2017, but they didn't pass inspections until now. more cars are coming. ten will be here soon says b.a.r.t. the entire fleet should be replaced by 2022. reporting live from walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. developing news. the political showdown in washington intensifying. lawmakers are running out of time to prevent a government shutdown. >> in fact, last night the house passed a short-term fix. but it appears the measure won't really have support in the senate. democrats want to restore daca, the d.r.e.a.m.ers act, which is not mentioned in the house bill. gop lawmakers need a significant
6:33 am
number of those democrats, though, on board to avoid a filibuster. >> we're trying to keep the government open. i hope the democrats will come forth and help us. >> the president created this mess by essentially rescinding the daca program and creating this artificial crisis and they need to work with us to fix it. >> senators say they expect to vote today. the current budget expires at midnight eastern time. the skmunt of antioch is mourning the death of a 4-year-old girl killed in a senseless car accident. a small group of neighbors held a vigil for her last night. she died wednesday when the driver of a stolen vehicle sped through a red light off highway 4 and plowed into her family's pickup. you see video of her father. the driver had just spotted a sheriff's vehicle behind her. sees us cardoza choked back tears as he spoke to abc 7 news
6:34 am
about his family. >> she was really smart and s she -- she had fun when she was with me. we're going to miss her. >> his other daughter, camilla cardoza is clinging to life. their mother is in fair condition. the 23-year-old suspect is is custody on a $1 million bail. from one heartbreaking story to another, the riverside county parents accused of holding their 13 children captive in their perris home have pleaded not guilty. david and louise turpin are charged with 75 counts for torturing, abusing and imprisoning their children for decades. the children were allegedly tied or shackled for weeks or months at a time and starved. the deprivation so severe, the eldest daughter, age 29, weighs only 82 pounds. abc's 2020 will have an in-depth investigation into the family.
6:35 am
that airs tonight at 10:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. this morning, the city of santa rosa is facing a major budget crisis because of the north bay wildfires. according to the press democrat, the city manager told the council yesterday they're on track to spend $18 million of their $37 million reserve fund. he says the city will have no money at all if state and local governments are going to end up paying 25% of the $750 million costs of removing debris from the wildfires. the city council says it has not yet figured out how it's going to solve this budget shortfall. new details on an east bay student paralyzed after getting hurt in a wrestling match last week. college park high school student ryan joseph had a successful procedure on wednesday to make it easier for him to breathe. that is a big step forward for joseph. he was able to mouth the words "i love you" to his mother and father after the procedure. a go fund me page reached $112,000 of the $500,000 goal in just one week.
6:36 am
i.c.e. officials are accusing the oakland city council of telling people to disrespect the -- city council passed a resolution directing oakland police not to collude with immigration agents. the measure was in response to an i.c.e. raid last august when police helped with traffic control during the raid. oakland's police chief claims i.c.e. told her it was a criminal raid, targeting human trafficking suspects. police say they would not have helped i.c.e. if they knew it was an immigration raid since oakland is a sanctuary city. surfers in for another wild day along the coast with swells up to 50 feet high expected again today. >> stunning video. huge waves pounded mavericks beach in half moon bay yesterday. the blog surf line says swells were between 35 and 50 feet. the world surf league anticipated starting the mavericks challenge on tuesday but had to cancel due to less than ideal conditions.
6:37 am
the contest needs waves with 25-feet drops. the window for the competition closes february 28th. an announcement could come at any point until then. and this high surf advisory expires at 4:00 this afternoon. 30 to 50-foot waves with a 50-foot with the exception. every one in 100 is supposed to be that tall. let's take a look at what's going on. fog around santa rosa. please be careful. that will be around for the entire morning commute. they'll start lifting around 9:00. temperatures, look at this. anywhere from 1 to 12 degrees cooler. it will be cooler tomorrow morning. let's talk about south bay. in the mid to upper 40s until the hills in los gatos. it's 41 degrees. 49 in san jose. that's one of the warmer temperatures along with alameda and san francisco while the rest of us are pretty much in the low to upper 40s. you can see it's still damp in spots as we look at the richmond
6:38 am
side. the richmond-san rafael bridge. exercise caution on the roads with the commute this morning. need a jacket today. only warming in the mid-50s today. on the bay, a random shower. looks like it will be pretty nice out there. light breezes. for the kids, definitely dress them warmer. 44 to 47 at 7:00. if they're able to go outside at noon and 3:00, make sure they have something to keep them comfortable in the 50 to 53-degree range. let's talk about what's going to happen moving forward. outdoor activity great tomorrow after a chilly start. total sunshine and highs back in the mid-50s. then a string of light storms that develop sunday and hit us again tuesday and wednesday. i'll have more of that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. how about that friday morning commute. anywhere we need to be concerned about, sue? >> we are improving but problems out there. let's start with the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is stacked up here due to the metering lights which were turned on at 5:26 this morning. the carpoolers are getting by
6:39 am
fine. ironically, the cash folks are driving route up. it's the fast trackers that are stuck into the macarthur maze. this is an improved drive time. we have an accident in richmond that has been cleared out of the lanes. it was blocking three lanes for a while involving five to six vehicles. now that's out of the way. but traffic is just solid up towards the coupling speeds only up to 24 miles per hour. san pablo avenue is a suggestion. that might be a better route this morning. but this should be clearing shortly. we'll follow it. thank you, sue. a chance of rain is forecast this weekend for santa barbara county, including the town of montecito devastated by mudslides. the storm is not expected to cause new slides. last week's mudslides killed 20 people and left dozens of others hurt. three people are still missing. crews are working 24 hours a day to clean up and repair highway 101 so it can reopen sometime next week.
6:40 am
lawmakers in sacramento and washington, d.c. are considering new legislation that deals with harassment in the wake of the me too movement. taxpayers would no longer have to pay for sexual harassment settlements involving members of congress under a piece of bipartisan ledge lakes. it would require house members to pay settlements out of their own pockets. in sacramento, a move is under way to give more rights to victims of sexual harassment by ekts tending the statute of limitations from one year to three. >> most people know with what has happened something will change. we can't have all of this attention to a systemic problem and then have it die down. >> the bill is the work of a bipartisan group of lawmakers. they say the current system is broken because many victims are not even aware that there's a statute of limitations. happening today, the 45th annual march for life steps off in our nation's capital and thousands of people will march in opposition to abortion rights. many of them religious and social conservatives that make
6:41 am
up the core the first sitting president to dough this. >> the local superstar just matched his money. nancy approximate he lows i about to go where no political leader has gone before. leader has gone before. rupaul's drag race.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy. track light rain. download the abc 7 news app now. our storm in san joaquin valley and into the mountains where it's producing amounts of snow. you can see scattered showers behind that. that's going to be in our forecast the rest of the afternoon. if you're headed down the grapevine, there could be snow and rain in l.a. and san diego. up until 4:00 this afternoon, we have a chance of 3 to 6 inches of snow. it will be easier to drive during the afternoon hours than this morning. here's a look at tahoe. we have the lifts running there. we'll have light snow sunday evening. light snow monday, tuesday. moderate to heavy snow wednesday. thanks, mike.
6:45 am
if democrats and republicans remain deadlocked on budget talks, the federal government will shut down at midnight. >> some of the national parks here in the bay area could pay the price. abc 7 news reporter matt keller breaks down the ramifications and explains why there's still a glimmer of hope. matt? >> reporter: good morning jessica and reggie. we know how hard it was to get off the island as prisoners on alcatraz. this weekend it could be as hard for tourists to get on to alcatraz. that's because it's a national park and it could be closing if there's no deal. the last time this happened was in 2013. horn blower yachts furloughed employees at least one day a week. they lost 100,000 customers that would have brought in $3 million. the chronicle is saying they plan to make visitors leave the parks immediately and the golden gate recreation area in the eept event of a cutoff. there is some hope.
6:46 am
according to the "washington post," even if the federal government runs out of money and shuts down this weekend, interior secretary ryan zinke is working to keep the gates to some national parks open. they will not have any rangers or other staff on site. matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. former 49er, colin kaepernick revealed a local superstar who is helping him finish his million dollar pledge. >> today i'll be donating 10k to united players. the organization that my brother steph curry chose. >> i appreciate colin being able to help me support the bay area and keep doing what it's doing, man. >> this is pretty interesting. kaepernick tweeted that video at 4:00 this morning. steph is matching kaepernick's donation to the bay area organization, united players. it has spent the past 20 years in violence prevention and youth development. 10 grand for a summer program
6:47 am
for kids, the other to an adult re-entry program. it's to help organizations that work in oppressed communities. united airlines has announced it will soon add a new premium economy class on select international flights called premium plus. customers will receive a more spacious seat, more leg room, upgraded food and alcohol service and a saks fifth avenue pillow. united joins delta and -- it will set travelers back as much as $2,000. your morning money report. a japanese system of budgeting with shredding debt is sweeping the nation. >> it's called -- we told you about it earlier this month. you make a daily journal and have a monthly budget planning session that allocates your expenses. >> you start at the beginning of the month with this sys you write down your goals and income. that's going to help you organize your decision-making
6:48 am
process. >> it's also called the envelope system of your monthly income d divvy it up into envelopes called survival, options and culture. the system helps one couple cut $24,000 in debt in only 15 months. >> that's a lot of cash. did you see that? they actually use cash. okay. traffic at the world famous hollywood sign in los angeles is causing more and more problems. one solution that's been thrown out there is simply build another sign. that's just one of several suggestions from a study looking at ways to ease traffic. the second sign would be on the other side of the hill from the original and would face towards the suburban san fernando valley. other ideas would be a shuttle to trails near the sign and aerial tram to offer a bird's eye view. i do like the tram idea. >> okay. house minority leader nancy
6:49 am
pelosi is going to appear as a judge on a show. >> the program is a reality competition series that features putting drag queens through a series of challenges. eventually leading to a winner. >> there was a tweet that says, all i can say is you betta werk. had a fabulous time with rupaul and good luck to all of the queens. >> this morning, chain controls are in effect for areas. >> area skiers and snowboarders are braving the conditions to get to the hills. >> the blankets of snow in truckee and officials expect several feet of fresh snow. until now, most of it has been man made. >> unable to have a great guest -- you're able to have a great guest experience. but it doesn't hurt to have a little help. >> sure doesn't hurt.
6:50 am
>> definitely helps. >> thank you, mother nature. in the bay area, business picking up at the ski shops all across california. ski and boot sales, as well as rentals are on the rise after a fairly slow holiday season. but now we have mother nature helping. >> yes, there is hope for the season after all. hi, mike. >> yes, we've got the winter storm warning until 4:00 this afternoon. best travel after the noon hour. but things will refreeze during the overnight hours. back here at home, sprinkles showing up on the eastern side of the san mateo bridge heading towards hayward. this will slide down 80 hit newark, fremont and destination for hamilton. this could dust it with a little snow. something to keep an eye on. big pictures, we have an area of quiet weather tomorrow and look at these two areas of low pressure. that's the storm track that will be rather active next week, in fact starting sunday evening. here's a look at the weather
6:51 am
window. it looks damp as we look at the san mateo bridge. partly cloudy, cool, chance of showers today. clearing tonight, our coldest morning tomorrow morning. maybe frost in the deepest valleys and that series of light storms will round out the accuweather highlights. the temperature 53 to 56 degrees up to ukiah, 50 to 52. definitely going to be frost around santa rosa, possibly in san marrone valley. you get to san jose, oakland, san mateo northward to san rafael, low to mid-40s. here's a look at the chance of showers. notice, it actually increases a little bit once the sun comes up and we energize the atmosphere with some of the energy from the sun. by 4:00, you'll see it starting to taper. by 7:00, it's just about over. overnight, let me get out of way. the warm ocean water will feed our chances of scattered showers. that's where they're going to stay. my seven-day forecast, even with all the sunshine tomorrow, temperatures will the same as today. the rain moves in sunday night
6:52 am
into monday morning. we'll wake up with a treacherous morning commute and another chance of wet weather tuesday and wednesday. let's turn it over to sue. >> better news. traffic is very slow to clear. we have this accident near richmond parkway. it's been going on for half an hour now to the right hand shoulder. traffic is very slow to clear. it's backed up to the cummins skyway with speeds well below it. at least a 45-minute drive to get to the bay bridge toll plaza there. we have a new accident southbound 680 near marina vista backing up on to the benicia bridge. that's blocking a lane of traffic there as well. we'll update you on both of these and look at the bay bridge backup in a couple of minutes. thanks, sue. you have to live every day like it's your last. those words from a michigan tow truck driver after a near brush with death. >> oh! >> incredible dashcam video
6:53 am
shows tow truck driver fred kennedy narrowly escaping a flying car in detroit. the video starts with kennedy walking towards his truck with the carloaded on the back. the driver then speeds towards kennedy crashing into the back of the car on the tow truck. the car misses kennedy who runs on to the highway to avoid getting hit. >> i seen the car losing control. once i seen it, i stepped back. after that, i had to run. >> michigan state police say the driver of the car who crashed into the tow truck was going too fast for the icy road conditions. the driver insists he wasn't speeding but lost control after hitting a patch of ice. somehow, some way, nobody got hurt. >> that's incredible. especially because he ran on to the highway. he could have been hit there, too. wow. a peninsula man has found what appears to be a popular hangout for mountain lions and he has amazing video to prove it. check this out. dave kent set up a camera at a peninsula hiking trail that's frequented by mountain lions,
6:54 am
particularly at night. there were encounters on january 3rd, 5th, 12th and the 17th. kent believes there are two mountain lions featured on his video. if you look closely, you can see that one of the cats finds the camera and gets a little curious. you know you're in california when a redwood can turn into a bear. >> abc 7 news in walnut creek as a sculpture featuring three bears was lifted in its place. it was built from a piece of redwood. it's the work of a sculptor ed warner and his son wyatt. they have sculptures like this one all over contra costa county. >> this has all the hair forming. he wants a percentage of the profits. [ laughter ] >> want to do this, finish it and then we're going to work on two otters for dana hill swim team. >> wyatt swims on the dana hill swim team.
6:55 am
his dad owns warner tree service. you can see the three bears outside the waterford at ross moore retirement home in walnut creek. a high school football team will be honored for a championship. a victory parade in oakland at 1:00 p.m. it starts and ends at the high school. it's followed by a rally at 4:00 p.m. last month they beat the golden west high school capping off a west high school capping off a perfect
6:56 am
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welcome back. 6:58. whether you're just joining us or headed out the door, here's seven things to know before you go. a chance of showers. they're isolated this morning. they could pick up a little bit heading from noon. then they'll taper again at 4:00 and 7:00. starting off in the mid-40s. destination, low to mid-50s. number 2, democrats in the senate will filibuster a government funding bill house republicans passed last night if a bill isn't passed by tonight, the government will start to shut down nonessential operations. number 3, a popular oakland restaurant may soon be short staffed. seven managers and chefs are threat toeng resign unless the owner, charlie hallowwell
6:59 am
divests himself by tomorrow. he's facing sexual misconduct charges by 17 fee mayle employees. we're expecting new numbers in the flu epidemic later today. there are 60,000 confirmed cases right now. doctors say two tests may be necessary to positively confirm an infection. number 5, b.a.r.t. will finally unveil its new cars today. they'll be part of a train that will leave macarthur station this morning. the cars were supposed to be up and running last year. number 6, we're following your friday morning commute. we have a rough one on the east shore freeway. metering lights on at 5:36 this morning on the bay bridge. it continues to be a rough one. the accident is cleared. traffic stacked up to the cummins skyway with very slow speed. number 7, a stud toy reduce traffic around the world famous hollywood sign has come up with this gem. a second sign on the other side of the mountain where the original sits.
7:00 am
they do make another eiffel tower. that's in las vegas. that seems lik good morning, america. bracing for a government shutdown. the clock is ticking toward that midnight deadline. overnight the e passed a temporary bill, but the senate not sold. the race to strike a deal and what a shutdown would mean for millions of americans. flu emergency. this third grader now one of the latest victims of a deadly virus as schools close across the country. we're taking you inside one. how they're trying to stop the spread. new fallout over that gymnastics abuse scandal. team usa now cutting ties with the coaches they trusted for decades. and no mercy from the judge for that doctor. as emotional athletes take the stand slamming him with their testimony. chilling new details about life inside that house where 13 children were held captive.


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