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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 20, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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a minivan careens down a sidewalk in the castro forcing terrified pedestrians to scramble out of the way. tonight san francisco police trying to find out why and how it happened. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm dion lim. police were able to apprehend the driver a few blocks from that incident. >> and tonight the cleanup continues. abc 7 news reporter carlos salcedo is live in the castro with more on the terrifying moments. carlos? >> reporter: that's right. some scary moments for the people who were on this sidewalk earlier as a car came crashing through here, actually crashed onto this deli. cleanup under way but definitely a close call for many out here. [ screaming ]
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video captured on cell phone shows the horrifying moments as people were trying to get out of the path of the moving van. some even running after it. >> it was moving slowly enough where people were trying to open the door and trying to get the driver out because he wasn't responding. he wasn't responding. >> reporter: it was around 3:15 in the afternoon when paul and his friend were walking down the busy castro street. >> we heard a lot of noise, turned around, we were being chased by a minivan. >> reporter: the driver of the van jumped the curb near market and castro and drove erratically on the sidewalk hitting rossi's deli. >> i was just finishing a transaction out of nowhere, just a car comes sideswipes the store. >> as a car took out the store window, you can see this man ducking behind the counter in the surveillance video. >> just in the flash of an eye. >> reporter: but the driver kept on going, even driving in reverse. >> you probably don't want to be standing right here. >> i started going that way because i was going to try to take a photoof it and all of a sudden his backup lights went
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on. he was trying to back up. and be everybody's screaming. >> reporter: the driver got back onto the street and was stopped less than half a mile on 18th and sanchez. police have only identified the driver as a 70-year-old man. officials are still trying to understand what led the driver to act so erratic but have ruled out terrorism. other than property damage no one was hurt during the chaos. >> just unbelievable. i can't believe no one was hit. >> reporter: still, many nerves were left shaken. in the castro district carlos salcedo, abc 7 news. >> kind of hard to believe. well, today tens of thousands of people throughout the bay area marched to protest the president and his policies. the second annual women's march comes on the first day of the government shutdown. abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson was in san francisco for today's march. >> this is what democracy looks like! >> reporter: for several hours saturday market street turned into an avenue for people to vent their frustration. >> i'm just tired of it all.
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>> reporter: vocalize their opinions. >> as a muslim woman it's just incredibly painful to see what's happening to this country. >> reporter: and voice their concerns about president donald trump. >> we have a child with disabilities and the morning after the election my older daughter when i told her who won for president she said, we have somebody in office who hates my sister. and that just shattered our family, just hearing your child say that. this man is not just hurting people with disabilities obviously, so many he's attacking and we just felt like we had 20 come and show our voice. my younger daughter wasn't feeling well so she's not here with us but we are here for her and for everybody. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people shared pamela ball's passion, carrying signs and chanting about policies they want changed. >> no hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here! >> reporter: pink hats provided hope and united generations, genders, and cultures. >> i feel like there's real change that's being made in the u.s. and i feel like this is a time to speak out. >> reporter: organizers say this year's march had a slightly smaller turnout than last year's yet they view it as a success.
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>> i am very, very happy with the turnout. >> reporter: sophia andari doesn't want the momentum to end at embarcadero plaza. she says the march is really about getting out the vote during the midterm elections. >> use your voice by voting. >> reporter: a universal call to action. in san francisco tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. marches took place across the country from los angeles to chicago, washington, d.c. to new york city. los angeles easily could be the largest, drawing an estimated 600,000 people. coming up, more coverage of the marches in the bay area and in a few minutes we'll take you to oakland, where tens of thousands of people packed the streets downtown there. the federal government is offline in washington tonight. a live look from the capital, where politicians did a lot of finger pointing today. and so far there is no budget deal in sight. negotiations will resume tomorrow. abc 7 news reporter elizabeth hur has the latest developments. >> reporter: day one of the government shutdown and no end
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in sight. >> we do some crazy things in washington. but this is utter madness. >> we are happy and eager to compromise. but we will not be bullied. >> reporter: democrats drawing a line in the sand saying they will not agree to a government funding bill if it does not include a fix for nearly 800,000 so-called dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. the white house standing firm. >> we will not negotiate the status of 690,000 unlawful immigrants while hundreds of millions of tax-paying americans including hundreds of thousands of our troops in uniform and border agents protecting our country are held hostage by senate democrats. >> reporter: the white house says the president is working the phones to make a deal but so far no word of a deal. >> some people are going to have to get off their high horse and come do their senses. >> reporter: until that happens
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hundreds of thousands of federal employees are bracing for furloughs like social security employee ahmad ali. >> there's folks like myself in that situation who are at home not getting paid and wondering, you know, when the shutdown's going to be over. >> reporter: and some federal parks like the statue of liberty are now closed. >> it's just frustrating coming pjust to be like told you can't go. >> reporter: elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. alcatraz is one of the main destinations in the bay area affected by the shutdown. abc 7 news was at pier 33 where the ferries are still running taking tourists to the rock. the island will stay hope, but no rangers will give tours. tourists won't be able to visit at night either or get a behind-the-scenes look at the prison. >> obviously, all these people are visitors to our beautiful city and a lot of them, you know, come -- a lot of them have even said it's alcatraz that's the draw and it's a must-see in san francisco and for them not to experience, it you know, especially for people who are
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coming from all over the world, it's disappointing. >> now, alcatraz closed down in 2013 during the last shutdown. some of the boat services furloughed employees and the government had to refund thousands of tickets. mail service will not be affected by the shutdown. however, several popular spots in the bay area will be closed or have limited access. muir woods, since it's in the golden gate national recreation area, is supposed to close tomorrow. other places may be accessible but there won't be any services provided by the national parks service. the marin headlands visitors' krerptd and restrooms will be closed. so will the point bonita light house and stinson beach. fort point will also be closed. for a complete list go to our website at caltrans says it expects highway 101 in montecito to open before the monday morning commute. crews have been working since the mudslides hit nearly two weeks ago swamping the roadway. they've been cleaning drainage areas, repairing the guardrail and signs, and fixing the embankments. they also need to clean and sweep the highway as well.
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the montecito mudslides have killed at least 21 people and damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes. time now to check in with drew for my first time today and see what's going on with the weather. >> you were enjoying a lot of the sunshine earlier today, starting off the weekend on a rather quiet note, but tonight it's getting chilly in spots. look at napa already down to 35. 38 in san ramon. san francisco at 49 and san jose at 45 degrees. live doppler 7 along with satellite today had a lot of sunshine during the day. tonight, though, we're watching clouds approach as our next storm is just off the coast. the water picture, the rain already arriving in seattle and portland, and that's headed our way. so on the storm impact scale it's a light system tomorrow night lingering into monday morning. you can see the highest amounts of rain will fall in the north bay, but we will see rain in most every location over the next 24 hours. south wind picking up 10 to 25 miles per hour. we'll go hour by hour on
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weather time out this storm system and a stronger storm approaching in the middle of next week. >> thanks, drew. for the third time in less than a month a duchlt dui driver hit a highway patrol officer in the bay area. the latest crash happened last night on 101 in san jose near tully road while the chp officer was investigating a crash. officers say hu tai truong's car veered off the road and into the crash scene. he has been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. the officer was not seriously hurt. now, just five days ago chp officer martin landway suffered broken legs when an suv hit him. he was responding to a crash on highway 4 in concord when he was hit. the suv driver has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. and on christmas eve a suspected impaired driver hit and killed officer andrew camilleri when he responded to a crash on i-880 in hayward. arrests have been made in all three cases. four people are staying with relatives on the peninsula tonight after fire destroyed their home. sky 7 was overhead saz san bruno
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firefighters responded to a call to a house on garden avenue. when they got there, the fire was well under way at about 1:00 p.m. the residents got out safely, but they won't be able to go back anytime soon. the san bruno building department has red haf tagged the property and pg&e has cut off power. there's no word on what caused that fire. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, we'll take you to oakland, where thousands of women took to the streets today. the important new focus of the march this year. also, let it snow in the high sierra. skiers flocked to enjoy one of the first powder days of and later -- ♪ go back to bed >> amazing. what's better than your principal breaking the good news to you you that won't have any school? the
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in the north bay a women's march began in sonoma plaza. organizers say this year's event focused on engaging youth and uplifting women leaders and standing up against voter suppression. more than 830 people indicated they were attending on the event's facebook page. the streets of oakland also packed today. tens of thousands walked through downtown. their chants echoing off the buildings. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard was in the middle of the crowd. ♪ >> reporter: a massive crowd on the move through downtown. the oakland women's march became a driving force from lake merritt to city hall. >> i'm here to stand up for my rights, for my rights of my fellow -- >> it looks like we do not have cornell's video. we'll try to get that to you as soon as we can. okay. and also you can check out continuing on now, volunteers took to the streets of san francisco to help keep the city clean and green today.
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abc 7 news was in chinatown as city workers partnered with community cleanup teams to pick up trash ahead of the lunar new year. acting san francisco mayor london breed and local supervisor aaron peskin also helped to can kick off that cleanup. >> part of the problem is because there are so many sources of the litter. not just people throwing it on the street but this is a very windy city, overflowing garbage cans, the winds blowing. there's a lot of litter. >> community clean team is a san francisco public works' longest-running volunteer program. it keeps the city beautiful with landscaping and gardening as well as graffiti removal and litter cleanup. abc 7 news was at merced public library as a troop of lion dancers came to celebrate lunar new year. scaring away evil spirits and wishing the kids and their families prosperity.
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the traveling festival has been performing in the city for more than 30 years. it will visit seven more libraries next saturday. it's been a weekend to remember for skiers and snowboarders up in tahoe. take a look. this was gopro video shot this morning at heavenly resort. you can see tlt fresh powder on the ground and finally the surrounding hillsides covered in the snow. more snow is expected tomorrow night. so there could be quite a few people getting colds and coughs come monday. maybe to enjoy another powder day. but we won't tell anybody. >> let's not tell anybody. right now we'll tell you about this. the thousands of people marching in oakland for women's day. here's cornel barnard. >> reporter: a massive crowd on the move through downtown. the oakland women's march became a driving force from lake merritt to city hall. >> i'm here to stand up for my rights, for my rights of my fellow women. everybody faces the world in a different way, and i'm here to stand up for all those people. >> reporter: check out the view
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from sky 7. police estimate 40,000 to 50,000 people flooded through the streets. the march stretching for blocks. >> seems almost as crowded as last time. >> reporter: he was at the first women's march last year protesting the inauguration of president trump. his daughter lily is feeling empowered. >> that it's an amazing thing that people here are trying to stop what's happening in the world. >> i think people are less shocked and more resolved to take action and to make their voices heard. >> reporter: while there was no shortage of not so subtle donald trump bashing. >> tweet others the way you want to be tweeted. >> reporter: this year's march seemed focused on voter registration and electing more democrats to public office. >> and make no mistake about it, we are not up for grabs. grab them by the mid-terms! >> reporter: this crowd demsing answers and change. >> they refuse to protect our environment and they are even willing to risk nuclear war. >> reporter: a women's march.
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a new call to action. in oakland cornell barnard, abc 7 news. hey, we got to see some blue skies today. what more can you ask for? >> well, you can ask for a little more precip if you're up in the mountains. what about us, though? >> we're going to get some rain here but a stronger storm is going to linger probably wednesday into thursday but it could impact your monday morning commute in the next 48 hours. talk about all the storm systems headed our way. live doppler 7 along with satellite. tonight you have the active scan. it's a quiet night at hand. the picture outside tonight, a live look frour east bay hills camera showing you the bay bridge in the foreground. san francisco in the background. sparkling. we have great visibility tonight. and under clear skies right now temperatures are falling rather rapidly, especially in the north bay right now. santa rosa checking in at 37 degrees. down to 39 right now in san rafael, even inland. san ramon and livermore in the upper 30s. closer to the bay waters like hayward and san mateo right now, temperatures in the mid 40s. here's the call from acuwaerthd, overnight tonight we'll have clear skies early on then after
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midnight tonight we'll see some clouds start to bubble up but temperatures still going to get rather cool in the north bay and inland dropping into the low 30s from lakeport to napa even over to cloverdale and inland. starting temperatures tomorrow morning in the mid 30s. other spots close to the bay waters, low to mid 40s will be your nurz tomorrow morning. your 12-hour planner on your sunday will have that cold start inland especially by 7:00 in the morning but what you'll really notice throughout the day, more in the way of cloud cover than we had today. and by 7:00 you can see we're going into the deuce the chance of a scattered shower working into the picture. it ranks a 1 right now on our storm impact scale, and highs tomorrow struggle to make it into the mid 50s. it will feel a little cool tomorrow afternoon. here we go. storm impact scale, let's talk about this storm system. it's a 1. sunday night and lingering into monday morning. the highest rainfall with this storm system is likely going to be in the north bay. it's one of those typical quick-moving systems that goes from north to south. sought north bay seeing the highest totals. outside of the north dbay,
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elsewhere less than half an inch of rain. and the winds will pick up a little bit but not damaging. south wind 10 to about 25 miles an hour. let's time this all out for you on future weather. hour by hour we go, watch the time stamp. tomorrow morning 9:00 in the morning we're completely dry. just a lot of cloud cover overhead. skies will continue to thick nguyen that cloud cover throughout the day. even 5:00 in the evening future weather saying hey, there could be a light sprinkle but that's probably around santa rosa and points to the north. the majority of the region during the daylight hours tomorrow, we are just completely dry. it's late at night sunday. we're back on air for abc 7 news at 11:00. we're seeing those light showers in the north bay start to sink south of the golden gate into san francisco and oakland and likely not reaching the south bay until early monday morning. and monday morning 7:002349 morning we could likely have some wet spots for the commute. total rainfall with this system, highest amounts once again in the north bay but then you see outside of the north bay and really into the south bay, we're
11:22 pm
going to struggle here from fremont to mountain view in san jose, likely just a tenth of an inch of moisture. the accuweather seven-day forecast, planning our next seven days four. evening shower sunday night in the north bay, then showers sink south sunday morning. dry tuesday. then a stronger storm looks to arrive wednesday, not only rain but also bringing stronger winds, into thursday and we'll dry out friday into saturday.
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have you ever wondered what would happen if you mashed up some basketball shoes with a video game system? well, you might get this. nike has unveiled some new shoes with a sony playstation theme. the tongues have illuminating logos that pulse when you press them. the colors are the same as the buttons found on the controller. the shoes were specially designed for paul george of the oklahoma city thunder since he's a big gamer. and they go on sale next month. >> hey, the best $110 you can spend. >> is that all it is?
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>> only 110. yeah. >> i think she gets a discount. >> paul george played well today. clearly it's worth it. steph curry, on the other hand. he said he made two of his worst plays of the season tonight in houston. and i say only two? no. sorry, steph. he was not
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good evening. the warriors saw their 14-game road win streak come to an end tonight in houston, a game that may have been a preview of the western conference finals. check out sparky on the left, pretty pumped up. and the kid on the right, he was probably sad by the end of the night. rockets had seven threes in the
11:30 pm
first quarter. they shoot like 40 a game. 68% from the field. chris paul back to back. 33 for cp-3. rockets scored 40 points in the opening quarter. third quarter's been the dubs' best all season. kevin durant losing his sneaker and feeds draymond green plus the foul. look at my biceps. chris paul against kevon looney. up and under. cp-3 was very good in this game. fourth quarter they let draymond shoot and he knocks down a couple of threes. had 21. four minutes left. warriors up one. p.j. tucker corner three. bottom. all rockets down the stretch. harden with a killer three stepback against steph. he had 22. rockets win 116-108. here's our mike shumann at the toyota center. >> the warriors' win streak on the road ends at 14 games, which ties a franchise record, but when you're away from home for ten days and play five games, fatigue has to be a factor. >> we fouled too much. too many turnovers. 19's way too many. and when we do those two things it's hard to get out in
11:31 pm
transition, hard to move the ball as well as we usually do. >> i felt like we were in control early in the fourth and then we did not play a smart game overall and we didn't play a smart fourth quarter and that's a good team. >> i showed up for game 5. so you can call me jinx. that's pretty good. we've got to watch out for you next time. >> coaches and players can't wait to get home and thanks to jinx shumann the win streak ends here in houston. reporting from the toyota center, i'm mike shumann, abc 7 sports. >> jinx is going to stick. sharks hosting penguins tonight. team teal without martin jones. the goalie day to day with a lower body injury. how about 15-year-old hayden bradley? signed the three-day contract with the sharks in the make-a-wish program. ceremonial first face-off against sidney crosby. are you kidding? how cool is that? first period sharks down 1-0, joe pavelski feeds timo meyer. timo time. we're tied at 1. second period aaron dell just got the start in net because of
11:32 pm
the injury to jones. delicious. 31 saves on 32 shots. third period tomas hertl on the rebound and the sharks are victorious, beat the champs 2-1. >> they're always a good team, real fast, and i think we handled it really well tonight. we didn't give them a whole lot. and we just kind of battled through and stuck with it. >> he was great in the net, saved a lot of chances. and it's a huge point against a team that's playing really good and it's two big point for us. >> abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. shu was talking about being a jinx. i wore this just for the game tonight. first time of the season. >> and? >> i'm thinking about burning it. you guys, let me know on twitter what we should do with it. >> it is kinds of tight, right? around the biceps. >> that's a problem i can't get around. >> that was too easy. okay? >> that was a gift, larry.
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thank you for staying with us. good evening. i'm dion lim. >> i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines a chaotic scene in san francisco's castro district this afternoon. cell phone capturing a driver going onto the sidewalk near market and castro. the van damaged the front of a deli and broke the window of at least one other business. police caught the driver a few blocks away. he's a 70-year-old man whose name has not been released. he was the only person hurt. at this time police say the incident does not appear to be intentional. hundreds of thousands of people hit the streets across the country for the women's march. crowds packed the streets in the
11:37 pm
bay area. many of them clad in pink. last year's marches were about empowerment, and this year organizers wanted the focus to be on action. >> negotiations are set to resume tomorrw in washington with no end in sight to the government shutdown. democrats want dreamers included in any deal while the white house is standing firm against that proposal. the shutdown means many national parks are closed or have limited access. now to the especially dangerous strain of the flu sickening people across the country tonight. >> the epidemic shows no signs of slowing down, taking the lives of more children than at this time last year. >> abc 7 news reporter marci gonzalez has more on how this flu is spreading even without a cough or even a sneeze. >> reporter: this year's deadly flu epidemic claiming more lives. 79 people killed so far this season just in indiana. 70 in california including 27-year-old katherine gallagher. >> young people hear this, they will realize that this is not to
11:38 pm
be trifled with. >> reporter: and across the country at least 30 children are among the victims including this third-grader in alabama. the cdc calling this the worst through season in eight years. with 32 states now reporting high levels of flu activity, tonight doctors and nurses across the country are slammed. >> i'm going to swab your nose for the flu. >> reporter: testing for the virus on the spot. >> to know that the flu is a little more serious this season and to seek help sooner can definitely help save lives. >> reporter: a new study from the university of maryland showing just how contagious the flu can be. >> across a short distance i could just be breathing and little particles might travel and you might breathe them in and get sick. >> reporter: the predominant strain this season called h3nit especially powerful. jenny spell almost died after contracting it in 2014, spending a year in the hospital. she shares this advice. >> the best way to protect yourself and the people that you love is the flu shot. >> reporter: and doctors echo that, especially with concerns that the worst of this flu season still may not be over.
11:39 pm
marci gonzalez, abc news, santa monica, california. >> at least five people are dead and six others injured tonight following an attack on a hotel in afghanistan. four gunmen stormed the intercontinental in the capital of kabul, firing at security guards and guests. afghan forces have since moved in, killing at least two of the attackers. dozens of people were caught in the crossfire. this is the second time terrorists have hit the hotel since 2011. outrage at a north carolina gym tonight after videos from the owner popped up on social media with sexual innuendos. the posts have created a wave of anger. one woman says she agreed to appear in videos to empower others, not to be objectified. she has since quit her job at the gym and says she felt the need to speak out. the owner says the videos were taken out of context. >> someone took offense to it. they took a picture of it. and they've put it in a way that i can see how it can be, you know, misunderstood. >> it's a big deal right now in
11:40 pm
our country that women are taking a stand and we're not silent anymore. >> the owner posted a rant on the gym's facebook page. it was later deleted. a bakersfield couple who survived the las vegas mass shooting will get a free dream wedding. it was love at first sight for jordan bar and jordan adamchek. that was put to the test when they found themselves at the route 91 harvest music festival in the middle of the country's deadliest mass shooting. >> the five minutes where jordan laid on top of me and i was on my side just looking at him, all i could think about was what my life would be like without him. >> after surviving that nightmare they get a chance to spend a lifetime healing together. with the help of the fairy godmother foundation, barr and adamchek don't have to worry about a thing. the big day is october 6th. next now, for kids what is better than a snow day? how about your school principal
11:41 pm
singing to you the good news? >> this is pretty epic. abc news reporter adrienne bankert has more on the school's closed song sweeping across the country tonight. >> reporter: there's always the cool teacher in every school. ♪ if you look inside your phone ♪ but principal chad cadel on the coldest of days might just be the coolest. ♪ that school is canceled for today ♪ ♪ go back to bed and go out play ♪ cadel sings the snow day alerts for his students at union-point academy and puts them online. >> i just think it's a sin to bore students. >> reporter: parents love his garth brooks impersonation. ♪ stay inside and play some netflix ♪ >> and kids definitely recognize this taylor swift beat. ♪ school is closed, that's the case ♪ ♪ oh, no with over a million views reaching beyond the campus in
11:42 pm
kentucky, he's now called the singing principal. >> we'll do everything we can to provide students with an uncommon experience. they'll every time reward us with an uncommon effort and attitude. >> reporter: eat your heart out, mariah carey. ♪ you can thank me really soon ♪ here's a snow day just for you ♪ adrienne bankert, abc news. >> it's a little in your face. >> i'm trying to picture mr. earl lee, my high school principal, singing to me, and it's just not the same. >> not registering. only that guy can pull it off. >> that's right. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, it's never too late to make dreams come true. next the local teenager with a reason to smile wide this weekend, all smanthanks to the jose sharks. i'm meteorologist drew tuma starting the weekend with dry
11:43 pm
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11:46 pm
. it has been a big weekend for a north bay teenager who's going through a difficult time. >> tonight hayden bradley took the ceremonial face-off at the sharks game. it was all part of the make-a-wish foundation's work to help a dream come true. >> abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has our story. >> he's got it all, speed, size, physicality. likes to fight a little bit. >> at the sharks' practice facility in san jose 15-year-old hayden bradley is living out a dream. >> passing, shooting. it was so fun. i don't know how to describe it. it was so fun going out there. >> reporter: with his family cheering him on from the stands, an acknowledgment of the journey that may have never been. >> seeing him in that hospital bed, you know, almost more than a mother can bear. >> reporter: born with a heart defect called pulmonary atresia, bradley's pulmonary valve was closed thereby obstructing the outflow of blood from his heart to his lungs. this picture shows him as a newborn in the neonatal intensive care unit at ucsf, the
11:47 pm
first of four procedures to widen the valve. last spring the junior hockey player underwent open heart surgery to replace the valve completely. that's when his uncle got in touch with make-a-wish. >> through the open heart surgery this is just him all through his life. i mean, from the day he was born he's been a fighter. >> reporter: but adding to the challenge of his recover contribution bradley's family narrowly escaped the north bay wildfires. their home in coffey park was spared but the devastation remains just outside of their doorstep. over the next three days bradley will get to leave his troubles behind as an honorary member of the san jose sharks. captain joe pavelski is glad to have him not board. >> guys are excited to see him, know he's been through a lot and you can just see the excitement on his face. >> reporter: this kid living proof that faith and perseverance will lead to you where you eventually need to be. >> it's nothing like if they're playing with him. it's so crazy. >> reporter: the sharks' newest player taking it all in stride.
11:48 pm
>> abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen. >> smile on his face. let's check the weather now. here's drew. >> and guys, tracking rain moving in but it's likely after the sun goes down tomorrow. so highs tomorrow very similar to where we were today in the 50s. it's dry during the daylight hours. then the rain enters the picture later at night. so on a storm impact scale it's a 1, light system lingering into sunday night to monday. highs in the north bay. we'll have a south wind creeping in about 10 to 25 miles per hour. by 5:00 some light showers in the north bay, probably north of santa rosa. and then as you get later type the night on sunday that's when you see the light showers begin to leave the north bay and sink to the south. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you evening showers lingering into monday morning. a break in the activity on tuesday. and then likely a stronger storm arriving here wednesday evening with not only rain but also strong gusty winds lasting into thursday morning. >> this pattern has made me run out of creative things to say.
11:49 pm
all right, drew, thanks. today we had a parade. tomorrow we'll have rain. and tonight houston rained on golden state's parade. >> good one! >> wow. >> how many hours did it take you to come up with that? sounds very well done. he's right, tho. what he said. the warriors were trying to run the table on this road trip. rockets more than just a speed bump. dubs into the ditch. 19 turnovers.
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the warriors were trying to finish up a perfect road trip but the rockets had some other ideas. chris paul and james harden, they yut played the splash brothers and the rockets take the season series two games to one. dubs looking like a team on the end of a ten-game road trip. steph curry with the steal but just a terrible pass. leads to a chris paul three. cp-3 played really well. he had 33 points.
11:53 pm
dubs 19 turnovers. steph would heat up in the second half, finish with 19 points on 6 of 20 shooting at five threes. klay never got it going, 3 of 11. eight points. splash brothers combined for just 27. james harden one on one with steph, dagger three. 22 for the beard. warriors fall 116-108. the 14-game road streak is over. mike shum wynn steph after the game. >> one of those games that seemed to get away from you at the end. at the beginning even more so. we played right into their hands in the first half, turned the ball over. i was the biggest culprit of that early. and then fouling. which are the two things that against this team you can't do. you understand they have a lot of talent and james and chris are going to try to get theirs and they're going to make tough shots. but if you don't give them possessions and get them easy points at the free-throw line we're usually in pretty good shape. just got to shake this one off. obviously it's the end of a road trip and one that we wanted but we'll be all right.
11:54 pm
>> 19 turnovers. i got 23 points off of that. is that fatigue from the road trip? because there were some kind of ugly turnovers and ugly fouls as you mentioned. >> maybe. but you can't have any excuses to be honest. we've won 14 row or we had won 14 in a row on the road. and we finished off road trips better than tonight. but just got to understand the details of playing against this team. probably even more important than the game plan against anybody else because of how dangerous they are on the offensive end. we understand that and we'll be ready. >> did you feel a little off kilter tonight? >> no. well, i mean, i guess yes because i was playing so bad. but it happens from time to time and you've got to be able to bounce back and learn from those mistakes. obviously, i know i can play better personally and do some things differently. to put ourselves in a better
11:55 pm
position to win. if we see them in the playoffs down the stretch of the season, i'll know what those are. >> i showed up for game 5. so you can call me jinx. >> that's pretty good. we've got to watch out for you next time. >> thanks a lot, man. all right. jinx shumann. back to you guys. >> thank you, shu. stanford, they've been a surprise so far in the pac-12. they won five straight including an upset over 16th ranked arizona state on wednesday. on the farm, i need more cowbell. dorian pickens, all of his 15 points came in the final stages of this game. the three ball there with 4 1/2 to play. and they're up by three. minute and a half left. pickens. oh, no. loses it. parker, jackson, cartwright. scooped to the hoop. three seconds left. stanford now down two. it's pickens for the win! he arizona survives 73-71.
11:56 pm
stanford drops to 5-2 in the pac-12, 11-9 overall. >> i'm proud of the guys, and it was -- it was a battle, and outside the first six, eight, ten minutes of the game i thought we joined the battle and competed at a very high level. there were a lot of positives that we'll take away and obviously a ton of things that we can learn from as well. but at the end of the day i think we competed at a high level. cal hosting arizona state. big game for marcus lee. 10 of 13 from the field. with authority on the put-back right there. led all scorers with 23 points. using that big frame down low. cal was down five. couldn't get any closer, though. remy martin. like a smooth cognac. arizona state had ten threes on the night. i know what eric's drink is. dequan lake cleaning up. cal files 108-73. tom brady's going to start for the patriots in the afc title game against jacksonville despite the hand i am. the network reporting brady
11:57 pm
needed stitches after a collision with running back rex burkhead during the week. tommy apparently will wear a glove during the game. see how he throws the ball. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. remy martin. >> used to be a hennessy guy. but here we are. >> i have a vision of him after the newscast in a velvet robe. >> you need to stop thinking that. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. >> that's all we've got. i'm dion lim.
11:58 pm
woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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