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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 21, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live where you live this is "abc 7 news." >> good morning everyone, thanks for joining us this sunday. let's start with a quick look at t the wealther. >> we're waking up to fog in santa rosa. 32 degrees. live doppler 7, we have cloud cover along the coast here. fog is not wide spread as of yet. we have a cold front that will be sagging to the south today. so hopefully you enjoyed the sun yesterday. increasing clouds and sun this afternoon for some of you. 34 in napa, 33 in livermore, 37 in mountain view and 40 in san
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jose. 30s in the north bay, mid 40s in oakland. mid 50s by 7:00 still? the 50s, temperatures held up, could be looking at rain at that point and in fact, the weak system tonight and tomorrow will only impact your morning commute and then we have a break before level two comes into play on wednesday. >> lisa thank you this morning, san francisco police want to know why a car went down a sidewalk in the castro neighborhood forcing pedestrians to scramble out of the way. "abc 7 news" reporter has more on yesterday easter phiing phiig moments. >> video captured on cellphones show the moments as people trying to get out of the path of the moving man. some running after tfrmgts it
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was moving slowly so people were trying to open the door and get the driver out. he was not responding or stopping. >> paul and his friend were walking down the busy street. >> we were being chased by a minivan. >> the driver jufred a curve and drove on the sidewalk hitting rossi's deli. >> as the car took out the stoor window, ducking behind the camera in the surveillance video. >> the driver drove in reverse and kept going. >> probably don't want to be standing there. >> i started going that way and his back up lights went on cht he was trying to back up and everybody screaming. >> the driver got back on to the street and stopped less than half a mile on 18th and sanchez, identifying the driver as a
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70-year-old man. the officials are still trying to find out what lead the man to react erratic. >> other than property damage, nobody hurt during the chaos. >> i can't believe nobody was hit. >> in the castro district, "abc 7 news." >> this morning a new sense of purpose for tenz of thousands of people in the bay area to remain politically active. the march yesterday to protest the president p his poll sis. the second annual women's march came on the first day of the federal government shut down. tiffany wilson was in francisco [ chanting ] >> for several hours market street became the avenue for people to vent frus administration. vocalize their opinions. >> it is incredible painful to
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see what's happening in this country. >> voicing their conditions about president donald trump. >> and the morning after the election my older daughter when i told her who won for president, she said we have somebody in office who hates my sister. my daughter has disabilities. he is hurting people with disabilities and there's so mommy he is attacking. we're here for her and everybody. >> tens of thousands of people shared pamela's passion carrying signs and showing poll sis they want changes. >> this there's real change being made in the u.s. >> organizers say this year's march hs a slightly turn out than last year, but they have you it as a suck. >> i-- success.
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>> she says the march is about getting out the vote in the midterm. >> in san francisco, tiffany wilson, "abc 7 news." >> last year's women's march brought out a number of people this year much of the same. chicago estimates 300,000 people, new york more than 200,000. 100,000 people in denver and seattle combined. more than 50,000 in philly. tweeting there was 600,000 people, actors viola davis. giving women the confidence to speak up about sexual assault. >> it gives them a sense of self worth enough to break their silence in that's rooted in the shame of assault. >> in the bay area coming up in
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a few minutes. the government is offline in washington, politicians doing a lot of finger pointing about the federal shut down. so far, no deal. negotiations will resume today. "abc 7 news" reporter has the latest developments. >> day one of the government shut down and no end in site. >> we do some crazy things in washington. but this utter madness. >> we are happy and eager to compromise. but we will not be bullied. >> democrats saying they will not agree to a government funding bill if it doesn't include a fix for dreamers, undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> we will not negotiate the status of 690,000 unlawful
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immigrants -- hundreds of thousands of our troops and border agents protecting our country are held hostage by senate democrats. >> the president is working the phones to make a deal but so far no word of a deal. >> some people are going to have to get off of their high horse and come to their senses. >> until that happens, hundreds of thousands of federal employees are bracing for furloughs. likes is like social security employees. >> there are others like myself home not getting paid wondering when the shut down is going to be over. >> and federal parks like the statue of liberty are now closed. >> one of the main destinations in the bay area affected by the shut down. abc 7 was at peer 33 where the
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ferries are running taking tourists to the rock. the island will stay open, but no rangers to give tour it is. tourists can't visit at night or get a behind the scenes look. >> a lot of these visitors, they have said it's a must see in san francisco and for people not to experience it. it is disappointing. >> it closed down in 2013 during the last shut down. the government had to refund thousands of tickets. mail service will not be affected by the shut down, several popular spots in the bay area will be closed or have limited access. muir woods is supposed to close today. other places may be accessible but won't be services provided
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by the national park service. the visitors visiting center, and point will be closed. for a complete look at the impact of the government shut down in the bay area, we have a list on our website. expecting highway 101 to open before tomorrow mornings commute. crews have been buzz and working since the mudslides hit two weeks ago. swamping the roadway. repear pg the guardrails and signs. they need to clean and sweep the highway. the monosi toe mudslides kills at least 21 people and damaged and destroyed hundreds of homes. quite a mess there. >> lisa here now with rain in our forecast. >> unfortunately going to come
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in time for the monday morning commute. it's going to get started today in the north bay. 46 in san francisco, that seems about right. elsewhere, just hovering above or at freezing. so another very cold morning with clear sky, a little fog in napa. we'll talk about a storm coming in midweek next with my accuweather 7 day forecast. >> we'll take you to oakland where thousands of women taking to the street for the women's march. the important new focus of the march this year. and let it snow in the high like you do sometimes, grandpa? and puffed... well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe.
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chauthis is a live look fror camera at peer 15 going to be in the 50s today in san francisco, cloudy and rain this evening. and spreading south, lisa s she'll be along shortly with all of the facts and figures in the fall accuweather forecast. for the third time in less than a month. a dui driver hit a highway patrol officer officer say the car veered off the road and into the crash scene. he's been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. the driver was not seriously
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hurt. just days ago martin lind way suffered broken legs when a suv hit him. on concord. the driver has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and you'll remember this on christmas eve a suspects impaired driver hit andrew while responding to a crash on interstate 880 in hayward. that driver has been arrested. four people staying with relatives on the peninsula after fire destroyed their homes. sky 7 was overhead. after firefighters responded to a cal on garden avenue. the fire was under way. the residents got out safely but not able to return any time soon. the department has red tagged the property and pge and e cut
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off electricity. no word on what caused the fire. more on the women's marches. organizers say this year's event focused on engaging youth, uplifting women leaders and standing up against voter suppression. more than 2 thu people took part yet. the streets of oakland packed. tens of thousands walked through downtown yesterday, their chants echoing off the building. cornell barnard was in the middle of the crowd. >> a massive crowd on the move through downtown. the oakland women's march becoming a driving force. >> i'm here to stand up for my rights for the rights of my fellow women, everybody faces the world in a different way. >> check out the view from sky 7, 40 to 50,000 people tlooding flu the streets and the march
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stretching for blocks. >> she was at the first women's march last year protegs the inauguration of donald trump. >> that's an amazing thing that people here are trying to stop what's happening in the world. >> i think people are less shocked and my resolved to take action and make their voices heard. >> there was not shortage of donald trump bashing. >> tweet others the way you want to be tweeted. >> this year was focused on voters registration. >> make no mistake, we are not up for grabs grab them by the midterms. >> this crowd demanding answers and change ch. >> they refuse to protect our environment and willing to risk nuclear war. >> a women's march a new cal to action. in oakland, cornell barnard, "abc 7 news." >> san francisco latest public
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restrooms are surprisingly selfie worthy. known as painted potties. the department of public works hope that it helps people from using sideways and door ways as restrooms. volunteers took to san francisco to help keep the city clean. in china town city workers partnering with the city clean team to pick up trash. helping kick off the clean up. >> it's a big problem in san francisco and part of the problem is because there's so many sources of the litter not just people throwing it on the street but it's a windy city. over flowing garbage cans a lot of litter. >> community clean team longest running volg untier program, it keeps the city beautiful with
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landscaping and gardening and graffiti removal and litter clean up. >> love the lion dancers. at the public library as a troop of lion dancers came to celebrate the lunar new year. scaring away evil spirits and wishing the families prosperity. has been performing in the city for more than 30 years. will visit 7 more libraries nekd saturday. it's been a weekend to remember for skiers and snow boarders in tahoe. we have videos at heavenly resort. they saw a foot of snow. fresh powder on the grounds and the hillsides covered in snow. more is expected tonight. >> now your accuweather forecast
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with lisa argen. >> the first one not a big snow maker but the second one can bring an additional one to 2 feet. mild visibility up in napa, otherwise it is all about the cold this morning and a cold front on the way the tail end of this will get us wet later on today into tomorrow focussing on the north bay. here is a welcome another the cold numbers. 30s. good morning livermore 33 and santa rosa 32 in nevada, oakland, and 30 in san mateo and san jose. another frosty start. chilly temperatures this morning. cloudy for most today, the rain in the north way by the afternoon sinking south. by the evening hours most of you will see it through over night areas and a portion of the bay area for the early morning commute tomorrow, the stronger system i think beforing more snow arrives on wednesday.
5:20 am
highs today under the clouds and mids in upper 50st, the rain line here in the north. 56 today in palo alto although in fremont and over night lows you can see the rain line shifts towards morning from the east and south bay. chilly behind it but this one not producing a lot of snow in the mountain, so as of yet no advisories. late tonight, into tomorrow with the north bay getting anywhere from about a quarter of an inch to an inch. fog one hundreds to a half inch. here we are today about 3:30 rain rushing through sant rose, the rest of us cloudy and 7:00 sinking south through san francisco, you can see showers for the evening hour. and this is midnight, 3:00 in the morning rain in the east and south bay. and just in time for the commute
5:21 am
it sinks south throughout the mountain it is. so hopefully not everyone impacted by the rain in tomorrow's commute. rainfa rainfall amounts. perhaps a half inch in san francisco, an inch up in the north bay. here we are wednesday, the stronger system, noontime. a cold front in the entire bay area. and this is into your thursday morning and it winds down as we get into over night on thursday. so the bigger system on wednesday, the accuweather forecast 7 day forecast cloudy, rain and the north baby the afternoon sinking south throughout the evening and over night hours impacting your morning commute. download the app and you can keep track tomorrow it. we're dry on tuesday and the bigger storm on wednesday it ends by thursday. and looking a the a dry friday and saturday. so two systems to look forward to. and we really should because
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it's looking like we can get pretty dry again after this. >> but we've had a fair amount of rain so far. >> yeah, we're definitely below average but the sierra snow packet, that will be significant. >> thank you lisa. just ahead our playstation theme shoe hitting i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine shown to actually prevent headaches and migraines before they even start. botox® is for adults with chronic migraine, 15 or more headache days a month each lasting 4 hours or more. it's injected by a doctor once every 12 weeks. and is covered by most insurance.
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align with those cards come problems. michael finny has advice. >> when you receive a gift card you're getting the dollar value plus the gift of shopping. what if you receive a gift card from a store you don't use. that happened to chris carter. >> i got a bed bath and beyond card and i don't shop there. >> most of us ignore the card or regift it to someone who might use it. there's a third option. selling the card. e-bay and craigs lift used for this but there can be problems. sheli hunter is the gift card gur rue. >> we used to say treat them like cash, now we are saying treat gift codes like cash. if you sell on a person to person website, make sure you don't get ripped off. >> you have to be careful of giving access to the code itself before you get money in return. when you're trying to sell a
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happen if you mashed up basketball shoes with a video game system. nike unvailed new shoes with a a sony playstation. the colors are the same as the buttons found on the controller. they were designed for paul george of the oklahoma city thunders. each one has a voucher that can be redeemed for a theme playstation four. the shoes go on sale next week costing about $100. still to come, the flu season is showing no signs of slowing down. how it's spreading without a cough or a sneeze. and a bakers field couple who survived the mass
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good morning south bay let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings.
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>> welcome back we are starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> temperatures at or below freezing in my locations in the north and east bay. 33 in san rose and livermore and the delta down to 31. 34 in napa and nevada, morgan hill. 37 mountain view, san mateo. upper 30s in oakland. we have a cold start and we'll see a sunshine for a while and raining in the afternoon in the north bachlt it will be a rainy evening for everyone taking us through monday morning commute. stronger system on wednesday, we'll sum it up for you in a few minutes carolyn. >> thank you. for those tense know allegations in washington no end in sight of day one in the
5:31 am
government shut down. abc 7 news reporter has the details. >> we do some crazy things in washington but this is utter madness. >> day one of the government shut down. >> reporter: little evidence of progress. >> we are about nine hours into the schumer shut down. >> this is a shut down that president trump welcomed. >> tweeting that this is the one year anniversary of my presidency and the democrats wanted to give me a present. >> he gave us a train wreck and now one year anniversary, a big fat failure f. >> democrats drawing a line in the sand for a funding measure that includes a fix for the dreamers, 800,000 undocumented
5:32 am
immigrants brought to the u.s. ags children. >> some people are going to have to get off their high horse and come to their senses. >> >> reporter: the clock midnight, gop senator trying to rally support of three weeks of funding. >> i feel like i'm switzerland with an army -- >> revealing new details about his 90 minute oval office meet with the president. he included to include funding for the border wall as part of the deal. >> the president said many times he would take a deal that included daca inin exchange for the wall. i put that deal on the table. hours later he called changing his mind. >> negotiating with president trump is like negotiating with jell-o. >> if it is like that as you said, then how are you going to
5:33 am
get it down and are you willing to go back to the white house this weekend? >> it is hard given the past history of what i said. you have to be willing to try and i am. >> a by partisan deal on the dreamers the president rejected is being worked on. >> i don't think going into there and throwing a temper tantrum is right -- >> there appears to be little congress at this point. congress racing against the clock. before the federal employees furloughed on monday. capitol hill. >> more now on thing next steps following the government shut down will continue on this week with -- coming up at 8:00 a one-on-one interview with white house legislative affairs legislation tur mike short. >> this week starts at 8:00 after "good morning america." >> a new abc 7 washington post
5:34 am
poll showing american attitude towards president trump after one years in office. three-fourths of respondents disagree with the president that he is a genius. they disagree with that. 48% believe he is mentally stable. based on a sample of 1,000 adults surveyed over the phone last week. at least 6 people dead after an attack in afghanistan. five gunmen in the capitol of kabul firing at security guards and guests. afghan forces killing all of the attackers. this is the second time terrorists hit that hotel since 2011. now, to the especially dangerous strain of flu sickening people all over the country, the epidemic showing no
5:35 am
signs of slowing down taking the lives of more children than at this time last year. "abc 7 news" reporter marcy gonzalez on how this flu is spreading. >> reporter: this year the flu claiming more lives. 79 kill in indiana, 70 in california. including this 27-year-old. >> if more people hear this, they will reelize this is not to be trief led with. >> and 30 children among the victims incuding this third grader in alabama. alabama. 32 states are slammed. >> at the time of the accidenting for the virus on the spot. >> to know that the flu is serious this season and to seek help sooner can help save lives. >> a new study from the
5:36 am
university of maryland showing how con teenage us it can be. >> across a short distance i can be breathing and get sick. >> h 3 n 2 it is powerful. nearly dying after contracting it spending a year in the hospital. >> the best way to protect yourself and the people you love is the flu shot. >> doctors echo that especially with concerns that the worst of the flu season still may not be over. >> marcy gonzalez abc 7 santa monica california. videos from the owner popped on social media with sexua enewe endos. >> agreeing to appear in videos to empower others not to be objectified. >> the owner says the videos
5:37 am
have been taken out of context. >> someone took offense to it and took a picture of it and put it in a way that i can see how it can be a misunderstood. >> it is a big deal right now in our country that women are taking a stand and we're not silent anymore. >> the owner posted a rant on the gym's facebook page and has been deleted. >> a bake ears field couple who survived the shooting will get a free dream wedding m it was love at first sight. it was put to the test when they found themselves at the music festival in the middle of the deadliest mass shooting in modern h modern history. >> he laid on top of me and i was looking at him and all i
5:38 am
could think about what my life would be without him. >> after surviving that, they spend a life tame of healing together. the fairy god mother foundation is picking up the tab of the entire wedding, october of next year. still ahead on abc 7 mornings, new evidence that may change the way we understand concussions and it's affect on a person's brain. on here is a live look from thie camera. off to a cold start. temperatures in some places below freezing and rain coming for everyone this evening.
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welcome back everyone, 5:41 on this sunday morning, this is a live look from the work cam showing you the beautiful bay bridge and the ferry billing there. not too bad in san francisco. about 46 degrees right now. many places below freezing and get prepared, do you still have your umbrella around and rain boots out? because it is going to get wet for everyone one of us later tonight and into tomorrow. should be along tomorrow with an accuweather forecast. happening today, eat dessert at the sweet tooth fest. first of a kind dessert festival. adult beverages to wash down the sweets. take a start at $30 for a
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guaranteed sug gar rush. the festival going from noon to 4:00 this afternoon. what's your sweet treat? >> anything chocolate. >> i like licorice. >> good morning, everyone hopefully you like the rain. we have a dry today except if you are in the north bay. things will change. the hills camera right now, it is in the 30s in oakland, 33 brentwood, livermore. mid 40s in san francisco. 37 at the coast. cold start, cloudy afternoon and rainy evening, coming up for you next. >> thank you, lisa. the end of the warriors road trip turns out to be the end of their winning straek. a tough loss as golden state
5:43 am
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>> in sports championship sunday. the jaguars verse the patriots kicking off at 12:05 in afternoon. the minnesota vikings battle the philadelphia eagles kicking off at 3:40 this afternoon at lincoln financial field. following a ten day road trip wrapping up in houston against the rockets. abc 7 sports director larry beil has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> the warrior saw their winning streak come to an end in houston.
5:46 am
may be a preview of the western conference finals. >> on the left pumped up for the game. the rockets hitting threes. chris paul back to back. third quarter, the the best period. kevin dur rant looses the shoe, plus the foul. chris paul here. man of 1,000 moves up and under. fourth quarter, draymond, they give him the three and he knocks it down. the warriors up one, p.j. tucker the rockets loves their threes. j james harden. they win. >> warriors win streak ends at 14 games which ties the franchise record. fatigue has to be a factor.
5:47 am
>> fouls, too many turn overs, 19 is too many. and we do those two things it is hard to get out in transition and move the ball. >> i felt like we were in control early in the fourth and didn't play a smart game overall specifically a smart fourth quarter. >> you can cal me jings. >> we have to watch out for you next time. >> the entire roster, coaches and players can't way to get home. thans to jinx shumann, reporting abc 7 sports. >> the sharks hosting the championship pittsburg ping wins. 15-year-old sign add three day contract with the sharks part of the the make a wish foundation. what a moment. first period, sharks down one
5:48 am
nothing. the team -- second period, got the start that would be delicious robbing justin. burns with a shot from the point. hertl puts it in in the 13th and the sharks win it 2-1. >> i think we handled it well tonight and didn't give them a whole lot and battled through and stick with it. >> huge point against at the end, played really good and two big points for us. >> that's a wrap on morning sports. enjoy the nfc and afc championship games, i'm larry beil. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> this sunday morning, a cold start to the day. it is dry though and will end on a rainy night. this stm here, live doppler 7,
5:49 am
the bulk of activity heading into the northwest. the north bay will see rain by the afternoon. right now, look at all of the 30s in the south bay. 36 in santa clara. 40 in san jose. chilly in the east bay valley, one degree over freezing, lvr more, napa, fog, 46 for you in san francisco. so we're looking at a chilly start, more clouds today. we'll look for the rain to start in the north bay later this afternoon and going to sink throughout south throughout the entire bay area and will be with us for the morning commute. the weaker of two systems, the stronger one arrives on wednesday. highs today cloudy skies for much of the bay area in the mid 50s, notice a few peaks sun in in the south bay.
5:50 am
by the time we get to about 4:00, but over night tonight it ends in the south bay, so the early morning hours will feature the wet weather south and east. the storm impact scale allows us to rank our storms from 1 to 5, most of the rain in the north bay, a quarter of inch to an inch, five one hundreds elsewhere and breezy sourt land winds. the rain in clover dale, so sinking south throughout the early evening hours. getting sonoma and napa wet through early evening hours through san francisco, about 8:00 and takes all night loening to push into the east and south bay. so 3:00 in the morning it is still raining in livermore and san jose and 7:00 scattered
5:51 am
showers over about 68, and 880 and 101 tards the santa krus mountain it is. 410 in oakland. widely varying rainfall amounts with that rain shadow effect coming into play with a tenth of an inch in the south bay. picking it up on wednesday. looking wet all throughout the evening into the over night hours and by thursday this cold system will again to exit and by thursday night, we're cold and dry. the accuweather forecast cloudy skies, one on the impact scale. in the north bay. tonight for the rest of us over night ending about midday tomorrow, we're dry on tuesday and by wednesday we have a stronger system of two on our storm impact scale. thursday, the system exits. download the app and you can check the rain in your
5:52 am
neighborhood. dry next friday and saturday. we do need the rain, of course. >> and you're right to tell people to keep the app handy, things change. thank you lisa. a new study can shake up the way sports team helps athletes against brain damage. concussions and the long-term affects. anchor christian sze has the details. >> more than a decade teams have worked on symptoms to track concussions. used routinely on the sidelines. now new research from boston university and the lab suggests that concussion may not be the real signal of long-term brain damage known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy. >> you don't have to be con kused to get it and vice versa, they are distinct. >> william moss and the team at
5:53 am
the livermore lab used super computers to image data on impact expeerts on animals. they show blows to the skull is enough to show stress damage to the brain without symptoms of concussion. and a separate study, that repeated impacts may trigger changes in the brain that trigger cte. >> that's important. what it means is for the people who love football which is american, mostly everybody. that concussion protocols may be insufficient to protect the athletes. there's something extra that might have to be done. >> it can be diagnosed after death with an autopsy on the brain. researchers are identifying to markers in the body that can lead to early detection in living athletes. christian sze, "abc 7 news." a fancy food show
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5:57 am
thousands of people marching to protest the president and his policies. ♪
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good morning bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning everyone i'm carolyn tyler, thank you for joining us on this sunday, january 21st let's look at the weather with our meteorologist, lisa argen. >> we have freezing cold temperatures and clouds thickening up. today is a day of transition to a wetter weather pattern, visibility is a mile many napa. we have a front we're watching invading the north bay before the day is out. 32, 33 in danville with 35 in block hoks. so chilly in the livermore, 45 in pacifica. so with those 30s this morning lasting through 7:00 hour. we'll have numbers struggling to get into the


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