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tv   Nightline  ABC  January 24, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, trump country. meet the neighbors in the most pro-trump county in america. with some opinions you wouldn't expect. >> i think he's a bafoon a blow hard. >> but voting with family, freedom and taxes on their mind. >> voting for him helped me and my own out and that's who i have to look out for. >> after a year in office, did the president live up to their hopes? plus oscars, so out. >> g"get out". >> "get out." >> "get out." >> it's the low budget box office claim that is nominated
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for four academy awards. writer and director beale. >> where there's fear there's a horror mirror. and i golden age, bringing milestone for industry known for fafrtd youth. oscar nominees for best actress in supporting rule are all over age of 40. including mary j. blige.
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♪ good evening on a night when washington is yet again consumed by the russia story with news breaking that the special counsel wants to interview the president, we're going to take you to the most pro-trump in america, roberts county, texas with population of 900 people and one stoplight. we've been visiting throughout the first year of trump's presidency. >> i donald john trump do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute the office of president of the united states. >> it's been a year since president trump echoed those extraordinary words and promised to transform a nation. >> we will make america proud
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again. we will make america safe again. and yes, together we will make america great again. >> his was a message that resonated with millions of people across the country. especially here in roberts county, texas. where 95% of the votes went to him. that's the highest county percentage in the entire country. we wanted to spend time with folks on the ground here to better understand why they supported trump in the first place an to see what changes in their lives during his first year in office. it's february when we make our first trip to this quiet community and meet mitchell lock. >> i was born and raised here mand great great grandfather helped to found the town. >> he's fifth generation cattle ranchers. >> sometimes it's hard where do you draw the line father-son to
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employer-employee he called me at 6:00 wanting to talk about work, i said we'll talk about this at work and hung up the phone. >> the avalanche is worth millions of dollars and though been in the family for generations because of the value of this land mitchell will have to pay a hefty tax on it when he inherits it from his father. >> my dad is 72 years old when he dies we'd have to pay the value of 50% of the land something he worked his entire life for. >> so mitchell voted for trump a man he didn't even like. >> i think he's a baffoon. think he's a blow hard. >> but he promised to get rid of that estate tax. >> voting for him helped me and my own out. that's what i had to look out for. >> plenty other headlines coming out of the capital. >> donald trump has informed fbi director james comey he's been
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terminated. >> robert mueller has been appointed to be the special counsel looking into the russian collusion of the election. >> there's no collusion. >> when we return to roberts county in june there was plenty to discuss with the folks here but we arrived to find something else taking up the town's attention. the annual cow calling festival. >> hey, how are you. >> this is steve porter. he was one of last year's champions. >> they're gonna put me in the movie. >> now retired he spends most of his time tending his farm. ♪ somewhere in the west ♪ i'll build a little nest ♪ and let the rest of the world go by ♪ >> he says' vote for trump is a vote for america first. >> he is a strong leader and is putting forth a forceful image of our country. >> but he's not a fan of everything the president does. >> i disagree with him doing those tweets without asking some of his smart people.
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if i had a brilliant daughter and son-in-law like he has, i before i would tweet i'd ask them. >> he ran on this idea, banning people from entering the country if they were muslim. did you agree with that? >> it's not the most popular religion with me because what it's done is it's put its woman down to a third rate. >> you know that's not the religion as a whole, right. i mean there's millions of muslims in america who don't practice it that way. >> sure. my first roommate in college was full blown islamic. and his name fawa we called him fuzz. every once in while would throw out his magic carpet between our beds. >> his prayer rug. >> well i called it his magic carpet you know. i loved fuzz. he told me all about his world of saudi arabia and when i saw
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those planes -- -- excuse me. when i saw those planes fly into those buildings and they said that they were muslim and i thought, that can't be. people that are fuzz's people. >> understanding why people here put their hope in donald trump means understanding what it means to live in roberts county. the county is overwhelmingly white and christian on average they earn more than the rest of the country but not everyone takes all those boxes. >> nice to meet you. >> meet joania lopez who emigrated from mexico no 2005 and said only one other mexican american family in town. her citizenship was still in the pipe pipeline so couldn't vote
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but her husband did. >> what do you think when donald trump talks bad about people coming in from mexico. >> i don't like anybody talking bad about anybody. strong country is because they have good families. he's our president but i pray for him to change his heart. and his mind a little bit. for good. >> just around the corner we meet chad and aaron breeding they just welcomed twins into their family. >> this is the itemized just for me. >> but of course with babies come bigger bills and being able to afford health care on a public school teacher salary has aaron strepsed out. >> we're going broke paying health care premiums, broke. >> so yes they say cheaper health questionnaicare would be would tax cuts that's why they voted on president trump. >> there's some things, eh, the
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comey stuff, i don't care, it doesn't affect me. >> it's fall when we make our next trip back to roberts county not long after the president weighed in on the nfl protests. >> wouldn't you love one of the nfl owners say get that son of a [ bleep ] off the field right now he's fired. >> over coffee, steve porter told us he's glad the president spoke up. >> that's the feelings of a great deefl americans that see great deal of americans that see guys playing minimum $14 million playing football and won't show respect to the national anthem or the flag. >> do you feel that way too. >> yes i feel that way. they need to show respect. >> when we check in what mitchell he says he's tired of the nonstop coverage of the trump investigation. >> if trump is arrested for
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collusion with russia if it doesn't affect me i would get up the next morning and do the same thing i do the day before. >> do you still see him in the same way. >> absolutely. >> anything changed in the last ten months. >> no. still crossings my fingers something good comes out of it. >> at the same time a lot of the things being said and done coming out of washington 24e may not affect you every day but they affect a lot of other people, right. if they end the daca program you're talking 800,000 people whose lives have already been thrown into incredible uncertainty. >> i don't doubt that. say hillary was elected and she raised taxes on high-income earners, we'd have to sell our land to the point it wasn't sustainable for two families and what we have been building for six generations over. shoez those should those can -- would those daca people have
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been concerned about me if the roles were reversed. i have to try to take care of me and my own. that's what it comes down to. >> two months later we return to roberts county one last time and sonya lopez is getting ready for christmas. >> nice to see you. >> yes. >> she tells us the stories of deportations and uncertainty around daca weigh heavily on her. >> what about donald trump makes you think he will help. >> because i know he's worried about the economy and the people with legal papers if they are legal they can do more for the country. i have my expectations high for trump government. >> but back in d.c. the president is focused on pushing through tax reform. >> the tax cuts and jobs act is passed. >> we are making america great again. you haven't heard that have you? >> but the plan they passed doesn't repeal the estate tax as
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mitchell hoped would happen. >> would you still vote for him today knowing what you know. >> i got another things, like supreme court candidate, and reductions in regulations and things like that, and things haven't got worse for us. >> after the first year people here say life hasn't changed much in roberts county for better or worse that's just fine by them. >> when you look back at the first year how you've processed it what comes to mind? >> it's like, well, nothing's burned down, yet. nothing's caught fire yet. we're still okay. i mean, we'll see how next year goes. if >> for "nightline," from roberts county at t county, texas. >> our thanks to our reporter her first story here on "nightline" can watch that and many other documentaries on the abc news app and features.
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when his low budget horror movie grossed more than $250 million it was clear that jordan peele struck a cord now "get out" is nominated academy awards including best picture probably because it came out of fear. >> "get out" could sweep four
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academy award nomination best original screen play, actor, best picture is the biggie. low budget horror films are not supposed to do that but "get out" is a timely profound picture about race and the oscars aren't quite so white any more writer/director jordan peele tweeting this today -- you did this thank you. last february the film grossed $250 million worldwide 55 times the cost it took to make. sleeper box office smash turned now oscar contender, holding a horror tinted mirror up to our faces. >> temming the story of a racial monster that lurks under the surface that we weren't talking about. >> you got your tooth brush. >> sure. >> here's the basic premise.
12:57 am
>> do they know i'm black. >> should they. >> she plays a rich white girl taking black boyfriend chris home for the first time. >> have you been home through the going to the parents house with the white girlfriend. >> yes. i am married to a great woman, obviously. i wrote this before i met her so can't blame this on my current in-laws. she will toy with her family and imply it's them. i'm like no, not true. >> take some road trips. don't go all bujy. >> there was time in the past i met white girlfriend's parents and i was nervous. where there's fear there's a horror movie. that's the state you want a horror movie to be in. >> why daniel? >> daniel, just, i mean, really, you know the answer because you've seen the movie look at the guy. >> how are you not scared of
12:58 am
this man. >> was he actually cry sng. >> yes. five times in a row the guy does the scene the tear start falling. >> it's like all them moving. >> because they're probably hip advertised. >> i feel everyone has opinion on interrelationships. it's a horror film about that. i mean, i want to see that. what happens, how, how does it manifest. >> apparently a bunch of broerngs mibroerng brothers are missing in the suburbs. >> is genius producers got it. >> among them jason blum. >> 99 ways it could have gone wrong, happy jordan peele got it right. anyone else did it don't know if it would work. the timing of joke. timing of a scare. where you put it. the rhythm.
12:59 am
it's harder than one would think. >> why horror? >> for me it's about conquering my own fear. facing my own fear. the reason anybody watches horror movies is just that. question get to look our deepest fears straight down the barrel. laugh at them and walk away having dealt with that. >> so is it true? is it better? >> wow. >> wow. >> is your beepest fear the axe murderer or the casual rapist. >> it's a little of both. >> you ever play golf. >> two years ago. i wasn't very good. >> i do know tiger. >> that's great. >> i know tiger woods. >> does that stuff happen to you? >> oh, yeah, that's every day being black in this country. i think they are trying to say something good but inherent in that is a disregard for the humanity of the person, you automatically see color first.
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it doesn't enrage me but what it represents does. >> i did think have i ever done anything like that tiger woods thing. >> as you should. i have. you have. my view is not that white people are bad. everyone is genetically pre-disposed to categorize. the way we are meant to deal with that is to be woke. to be able to acknowledge that in ourselves. >> so how long has this been going on? this thing? >> say someone is saying something to you and are trying to be welcoming but the actual impact is that it's eliminating and makes you isolated. >> four months. >> five months. actually. >> she's right. i'm wrong. >> atta boy, better get used to saying that. >> and because they don't come from your perspective they don't understand. it's a lack of understanding. >> no matter who you are, where you're from, when you step into
1:01 am
that theater you see the world through chris's eyes. >> are you now jordan peele the horror movie director is that who you are now. >> say it again, i love it. yes i'm complicated. >> a golden statue march 4th would make him simply jordan peele oscar winning director. i'm nick for "nightline" in los angeles. >> next is this a new golden age for hollywood. how this year's oscar nominees might be setting a tone for a new era. >> announcer: abc news "nightline" brought to you by geico. 1, 2, 3, push! easy! easy! easy! (horn honking) alright! alright! we've all got places to go! we've all got places to go! washington crossing the delaware turnpike? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sean saved by switching to geico.
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finally tonight an exciting and important surprise in the 2018 oscar nominations. for decades the film industry has been notorious for discriminating against women of a certain age but now is hollywood growing up this year's nominees for best actress in supporting role are over 40. including mary j blige and -- big congratulations to all of them. we want to thank you for
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)


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