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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 24, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PST

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it. >> brian has been a mu sick for over 10 years. it is no surprise when he proposed to his high school girlfriend cath leej, he did it through an original song called all love. they had a better idea, the moment they are pronounced husband and wife, they will start shooting a one shot music video for that very song. with 200 friends and family watching this beautiful moment in chester county, pennsylvania. the plan changes slightly. >> luke, you may now kiss your bride. ♪ >> the second they kiss, the heavens open. >> the rain is coming down in sheets. ♪ >> they had no control over
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this, and it completely soaked everyone. including the cameras, and that great plan they had. >> straight out the wing doe. >> i was watching that guy with that expensive rig with no rain gear on it. >> it's not going to stop them. >> we've been down since high school. 11th grade when i told you i liked you. >> they made another version of the video at the party, later on. ♪ >> if you want to see the entire video, and i recommend you do. click on tv sh one of the coolest things to do is get on a dirt bike and go
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out there into the desert, through some trails. pretty freakin' rad. this guy decided to stick to the track. control the environments. you go over a few mounds, pick up some air, no big deal. >> not as easy as you're describing it, but go ahead. >> that would be correct. >> that's the kind of fall that you just feel everywhere. >> never make that face again. >> you know, you've all -- >> why am i here, why couldn't it be a dirt bike? >> he slams really hard down on the ground. and then you see him. he comes off the bike and falls crashing to the ground. and it's as bad as it looks. >> we are on another track in massachusetts, you see a woman there with the giant yellow flag.
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can't miss her. or can you? >> she was holding a giant yellow flag. somehow -- >> the bike's on the other side ended up colliding too. >> you do see the woman getting back up. you can tell she's in a lot of pain. hopefully she's okay. >> this is percy, he's an international photographer. you see him building a camera trap. he's taking it into a cave in central america. >> i hope he catches some cameras. he waited four years to capture the first image in the world of a jaguar in a cage. he had to find a reserve that was okay with him setting up the camera. he said all kinds of calamities happened before he was able to capture this photo much
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>> he has a heart shaped spot on his side that's why he called him romeo. >> he's going to be releasing more episodes of what they caught on camera. >> when an elephant has an itch, no tree is safe. this elephant was getting his scratch on in thailand. >> trying to get that one spot. >> we know how that is. we can ask someone to get it. but he had to do this. >> that tree almost didn't make it through that scratch session. this elephant leaves no spot unrubbed. >> is it growning. because it looks like he should be. >> that tree provided full service for this elephant. >> he should really take it out to dinner. >> i see how strong the tree is.
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>> the tree did survive, barely. our buddy stewart had a bit of an accident. he's on crutches and he has a trunk full of groceries. the kind people of provo, utah offer to step in and help. they grab as many of these groceries as they can, and walk them up to stewart's apartment. when they get to the apartment that stewart described. you might have the wrong apartment. >> no guy on crutches here. >> free groceries? >> now these folks have to gather up all these groceries, walk back down to where stewart was parked. stewart isn't really hurt. and that spot is occupied by these two. >> what do these people do with the groceries? >> take them home, i'm telling you. >> here's where the real mind
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screw comes in. wait a minute, that's my name p.m. what the -- how the -- i don't know, my mind is blown. >> if that wasn't trippy enough. >> you here to help us move? that wasn't me, i'm here to help these people move. >> yeah, the last box. >> the girl in the purple and white thinks she's crazy. stewart and his accomplices accuse these nice people screwing with him. >> all my checks bounced. >> wow! a woman is about to experience one of the little things we take for granted. >> what's happening that has her
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kissing and crying. he has a bag over his head, a hole in his heart and theft on his mind. >> what he's stealing in this case is an inflatable companion. >> see why it does it again and again next. >> find out what he's asked to do and see if he's able to
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listen up, this video is going to make you appreciate the
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little things we take for granted. we're just checking each elect electrode. >> this is at a medical office in washington, d.c., opinion this woman just had her cochlear implant installed, and they're about to turn it on. >> i can't talk 37. >> oh, mi god. >> that's her husband we can hear. he's just as excited as she is. she's so overcome with emotion. >> i want to make noise. but i don't know what to say. >> that's all you have to say. >> is this the first time she's hearing his voice? >> also herself sniffling. >> oh, my i just heard myself sniffle. >> she's learning all of these noises that for the rest of us go unnoticed.
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>> i love you. >> she's now heard her husband tell her he loves her. now, with love comes a kiss. >> can you hear that kiss? >> i did. >> and that is where she completely loses it. overwhelmed with emotion at that moment. a refreshing and very unique time lapse because this thing is mounted on a cargo ship traveling the world. this is a cool thing to see. 80,000 pictures were shot, showing this cargoship going into different port s
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to see it go from day to night. >> all i could think is watch the amazon packages. >> jeff h.k. says the cargo operations take about 13 hours. during that time, some people will go ashore, some will rest. now you see the boat take back off, go out of port. and just as a storm is approaching, all the lightning and clouds rolling in and out, it's a unique look at something that i have never seen before. you see these ships looking like they're immovable objects. now to see it in time lapse, well done. >> this guy with the plastic bag on his head is breaking into a vending machine. >> what he's stealing in this case is an inflatable companion. >> he had a bit of a
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his mrs.s. >> he takes his new companion home. i think this one may have been too big. he c back with a new bag on his head, breaks in again. >> maybe he was going for a crowd. >> i can understand. >> 20 minutes later, guess what. he turns up once again to break in once again he's looking for an inflatable companion that's just right. >> i'm going to go on record saying, side nerd. >> the thing is, he did come back for a fourth one, but abandoned that theft, because his shift was starting and he needed to go to work. you. >> got into a beef with your wife and you decide to cheat on her with three different sides opinion. >> is that cheating? >> i don't know. >> he stole these things.
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>>. >> he has now been detained for theft. but there's been no information as to any punishment. i guess he's just feeling a little deflated by now. a guy and his wife enjoy some fishing. >> nature doesn't really like him today. >> why a good deed on the sea comes back to white him. plus, he's found a way to beat box the really low notes. >> i want to do this so bad. >> no, no. >> see how he gets the sound coming up. skill. >> oerng
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about to go on our first maiden voyage. that's john, he's going kayaking in la jolla, he's there with his smokin' hot wife. they're going to do a little fishing. as you see there. it didn't take long to catch one. >> he's pumped. >> and so is the fish. >> you don't get a fish slap, nature doesn't really like you. >> i hate this. i literally think -- >> he's right there. >> oh, my gosh. >> he said he noticed that his
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fishing line was pointed this way, and started to go crazy, he looked up, and the seagull he believes caught the bait on the end of the line. and got caught on his hook and kaley is really worried good the bird. >> we're going to fix you up. >> it bit him more than one time. >> you got me. i feel so bad. >> and has a real hold on his finger there. >> that seagull is in really capable hands, john is in med school, he has pliers and he gets that hook out of its mouth. successfully releases it back out into the air. >> he should get a good doctor's review on yelp from that bird. >> this is 85th, this fella is about to do something pretty wild. >> i'm beat boxing.
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>> it's a gas that's five times more dense than air. >> it's opposite of helium? >> yes. >> he has his boy on hand to make sure things go the right way. >> any type of gas you put in your lungs that replaces 0678 again, you don't want to do it for too long. >> don't try this at home. here they are filling the balloon up with hexaflour i'd. let's see if it works. >> this is insane. >> now, for the good stuff. ♪ >> that is kind of cool. quick, i want to hear him record a base track like that and loop back over
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♪ >> this is real, right? because i'm really excited and i don't want to be disappointed. >> no, this is real. >> now, his boy nick jumps in on the action. >> soundses pretty good, man. >> i got it all out. >> that was pretty sick. mom and daughter hands cuffed to one another for 24 hours. >> we've seen couples do this. >> that's different, though. you have a vested interest in it working out. how will this s like a flower. >> so much awesome in this video. >> i'm kelsey. >> i'm christie. >> this mom and daughter duo going to handcuff themselves
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together for 24 hours. kelsey and christie are very tight. they're like best friends. the handcuffs go on, and -- >> do i have to do anything? >> it doesn't matter, i'm coming with you. >> this entire situation is interesting. hour, they go and get a little micro blading done. >> what are they going to learn about each other. >> think about that, they didn't really know. >> they say they have a really close relationship, and they know each other pretty well already. they're not afraid of anything that may come out. mom's really attached to her cell phone. that's the interesting part. the entire day, she's just on her phone, either talking on it or working. they head over to do shopping, trying on shoes and clothes. >> i'm trying on -- >> as the ninth hour comes to an end, they finish trying clothes. then it's time to take a shower. >> it's not idea. >> i'm not coming in there.
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>> before i go to bed, i like to do yoga. >> she has to figure out how to do yoga with her mom. >> it was not relaxing on that night. >> think of all that time you got to spend with your mom, this is one of those moments you will never forget. especially if you live through it. >> mom is a work aholik, she has business to take care of. >> as the 16th hour rolls around, mom is getting her zzz's, daughter not so much. >> my mom gets up at 7:00 a.m., so i'm getting up at 7:00 a.m. >> time to get back to work. >> we're familiar with the triguys, they get up and head to brunch with them. mom can put away minimum osas with the best of them. >> i think they get alongwell enough to do this.
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to do it successfully. >> you love me? >> yeah, i love you too. have a great day, everyone, we'll see you on the next all new rtm.
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(laughing) (colonial penn jingle) a live look there. in a few weeks that stretch of hollywood boulevard you're seeing will be transformed into oscar red carpet. >> we're already getting excited. the nominees for the 90th academy awards. and we're seeing a lot of fresh faces and women bringing more


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