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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 24, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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bulk of our morning commute, mike. that is the good news. >> the big story is the fog and the issues it's causing. i'll talk more about that later. the storm is a 2 on the storm impact scale. that means light to moderate rain. i think it's going to be moderate rain about everywhere today. the breezes will pick up 20, 30 miles per hour. the significant sierra snow. one to three feet there. here's a look at the storm system. the cells are moving from southwest to northeast. the system itself is sliding to the southeast. when is it going to be here? here's my 12-hour accuweather planner. just fog this morning. 39 to about 47 from inlooand to the coast. it's raining everywhere at 4:00. mid-50s. then it starts tapering to light rain by 7:00. temperature around 50 degrees. let's see what the fog is doing to the morning commute. hi sue. >> slowing down. the bay bridge toll plaza.
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metering lights were on about 45 minutes ago with your drive from hercules along the corridor into san francisco. the metering lights are circulating fine yesterday with a big problem with malfunctions there. currently, if you want to avoid the bay bridge altogether. b.a.r.t. is running 49 trains on time. cal train moving up and down the peninsula. looking good. ace trains 1 and 3 rolling on time this morning as well. great way to avoid hitting the roads an the fog. >> thank you. would you pay this. $9 to cross the bay bridge. other tolls may be going up. we've been tracking this proposed toll hike for you. >> you're probably going to get a chance to decide. a vote happening today will determine if a $3 increase will end up on your june ballot. janine de la vega is live at the san mateo bridge this morning. janine? >> reporter: reggie, the toll here at the san mateo bridge would eventually go up to $8. you can see all the commuters are very familiar with the
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congestion and that's where the funds would go, to fixing traffic problems. earlier had month, the bay area toll authority oversight committee voted in favor of a toll hike measure. but in order for it to go to voters, the toll authority board needs to approve it. that decision is expected today. if approved, tolls would increase by $3 over a six-year period. the first $1 increase would take place next year. the next increase takes place in 2022. then another in 2025. the money raised would be used to fund highway projects across nine bay area highways. including helping b.a.r.t. buy hundreds of railcars to keep up with the increasing ridership. the measure would affect the bay area seven-state owned bridges, the tolls at the golden gate bridge would not be impacted because it's governed by a different authority. reporting live from san mateo bridge, janine de la vega, abc 7 news. thank you, janine.
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a lot of people waking up to find out we have a new interim mayor and not everyone is happy about it. >> this is the third mayor in about six weeks. supervisors elected fellow supervisor mark farrell last night. farrell replaces london breed, who became acting mayor when ed lee died. farrell will hold the post until a new mayor can be elected in june. some people are upset. they're calling this decision racist. >> what london representative's mayor is an opportunity for us to rise up and actually take an active role in our p >> supervisor aaron pesce kin called for a vote because he said breed acting as two -- breed is a candidate in the june election also and her opponents felt it may have given her an advantage if she continued to serve as acting mayor. farrell is not running in june. breed tweeted this haas night. it's been an honor to serve the city during this difficult time. i have a vision for an inclusive and fair san francisco and will
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keep working every day on the important issues we face. homelessness, housing and public safety. now a live desk update. >> at the live desk this morning. details on toys-r-us and their plan to shut down 182 stores nationwide. a loit of those are here in california. in the bay area. the move is part of the chain's ongoing bankruptcy reorganization. and not all closings are definite. some may be avoided as toys r russ is able to negotiate more favorable lease terms. here locations in jeopardy include one in pinole, pittsburg, san rafael, brentwood, fairfield emeryville, union city and two in san jose. going out of business sales are set to begin next month. they should be completed in april. that is when the stores are slated to close unless something changes. back to you. all right, jessica. thank you. gunfire in san francisco's
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bernal heights neighborhood killed one and hurt others. this happened at lease street and richland avenue near the new college hill market. they're looking for a suspect who ran from the scene. voters in south bay will determine the fate of a duj criticized for his sentence in a high-profile sexual assault case. a petition to recall the judge has enough signatures to qualify for the june ballot. persky sentenced stanford swimmer brock turner to just six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. if recalled, it would be the first time a california judge has been ousted in a recall election in 85 years. it's 6:05 no. happening today, san francisco could take a big step to ban the sale of fur clothing. it would be the first major city to take that action. the proposal goes before the board's public safety and neighborhood services committee this morning and it is expected to pass. supervisor katie tang who proposed that law is planning a news conference and rally at civic center plaza at noon. if approved, the ban would go
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before the board on february 13th. a tans yeransient is accuse stealing a tugboat. the coast guard found douglas crandall on the tugboat monday morning after called to see why it was drifting in richardson bay. authorities say crandall cut the boat loose, hopped on board. that's when it drifted off. the owner was away. you see him there. a neighbor at the harbor quickly alerted him. >> i'm staring at the text thinking what can he actually mean? this makes no sense. how could it not be? it has ten lines holding it to the dock. i called him immediately and he said no, it's floating out in the bay. >> the coast guard intercepted the boat and took crandall into custody. it was built in 1955 in the korean war. it was never deployed. it was converted to a yacht in the 1990s. it's up for sale for $1.5 million if you happen to be interested. another problem for
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california's high-speed rail project. the critical deadline they just met. a california couple gearing up for a legal battle after one of their twin boys was denied u.s. citizenship. good morning, we're on storm watch. i have a level 2, a moderate storm that is, knocking on the door. it's going to become a 1 tomorrow. we're going to go from light to moderate s
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. less than two weeks after four barrel changed the name to the tide, the coffee roaster decided to keep the original name. the reason for the change was to distance itself from allegations against founder jeremy tooker. the reason for the about face, an overwhelming majority of the wholesale customers, cafe emplo against the change. he has relinquished his four barrel shares. let's start with a look at temperatures. in the south bay, the last area to see the rain. in fact, into the afternoon hours. we're at 39 right now. the cool spot in cupertino to about 40 in -- 43 in san jose. mountain view at 42.
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40 in redwood city. 40 right now in napa, novato. 49 in san francisco. here's a look from the east bay hills camera. you can see the fog out there. poor conditions out there because of the rain on the way. if you want to exercise, do it now before it gets here. dangerous conditions in the sierra because of the heavy and blowing snow. temperatures 61 in san jose. most of us around 54 to 58 degrees. even 50 in lake port and u kwie -- ukiah at 51 degrees. inland east bay valleys, about 40 to 45. the san francisco 47. worried about the rain today? i'll show you an hour by hour look at it coming up next. let's take a look at the bridge this morning. sue? >> good morning. no worries about rain right now. richmond-san rafael bridge, we have a solid stream of cars entering the toll plaza. cash paying folks as you look towards the tolls and the fast trackers are right underneath the camera on the left-hand side. about an eight to nine-minute
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drive westbound towards the marin side of thing. busy on the san mateo bridge. no stalls. >> reporter: accidents. just a lot of folks trying to get from hayward to foster city side of things. you're looking at a 20-minute ride. an accident just reported in the macarthur maze westbound 80 to southbound 880. more on that in a few. thank you, sue. shake shack may be hitting a roadblock with plans to build in san francisco. some residents are saying not in our neighborhood. a i was ouhere smoking instead of being there for my son's winning shot. that was it for me. that's why i'm quitting with nicorette. only nicorette mini s a patented fast dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. every great why needs a great how.
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breaking news coming in. a two-alarm fire in sonoma valley including four mobile homes. now several families are without a home. the red cross is there right now. at the mobile home park that's located near sonoma highway and verano avenue. this is new video from the scene we got moments ago. fire started about 2:30 this morning. fire destroyed two empty commercial buildings and then spread to a nearby mobile home park. investigators are now looking into exactly what sparked the flames. firefighters say they have had problems there before since the buildings have been vacant. no injuries were reported this morning. back to you. officials with the high-speed rail authority are under fire again, this time for
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cruising past a critical deadline. a progress report mandated by legislature every two years was initially scheduled for february. now, not expected until june. the chair of the board says the delay is, in part, because of the hiring of new executives and the search for a train operator. taxpayer advocates say that shouldn't be an excuse to delay this report. >> in fact, many legislators called for an emergency audit of high-speed rail because nobody really knows how the money is be spent. the overall cost just went up by nearly $3 billion. so now the total is $10.6 billion. the train is supposed to take riders between san francisco and los angeles in less than three hours by 2029. are you looking for a career change? do you love cats? maybe you should brush up on your resume. >> it does require a move. a veterinary clinic in ireland is looking for a professional cat cuddler.
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it posted the job on its website recently and said the candidate has to have gentle hands and be willing to pet cats for long periods of time. >> check. >> the cat cuddler should speak softly. >> i can do that. >> and understand the different types of purrs. it's the only clinic just for cats. they do not discriminate against dog lovers in their application. >> i love dogs too. >> my friend is moving to ireland for a brief time. he was posting yesterday, this could be a good side hustle. >> side hustle, i had not heard of. >> keep us apprised of what's going on there. >> i will. >> of course, we'll have perfect pet friday on the midday show. i'm not sure what we have. cat, dog, snake, rabbit. who knows? here's what i do know. it's cloudy looking at sutro tower. sales force tower right through
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the low clouds this morning. the fog that's out there, wet and breezy as the day unfolds. also tonight we taper the light and moderate steady rain to showers with the possibility of some thunderstorms. that means lightning and hail. that will last through tomorrow. it looks like we're going to be dry through the rest of the month. so the fog is lifting just a little bit. the visibility is improving a little bit. auto 3 in livermore. if you go back in time, it was zero at times in those areas. so we've still got to be careful for the patchy fog. 7:00 this morning, pretty quiet out there. let's look up to the north. you see yellow, you see the green there. that's light to moderate rain that moves into the north bay as the commute ends. it's pouring on you at lunchtime. then it moves into the rest of the bay. by 4:00, it's starting to move into the south bay. still holding on to the moderate characteristics. we lose the steady necessarininf rain. snow level to around 3500 feet.
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9:00 tomorrow morning, still scattered showers out there and the possibility of thunderstorms as we head into tomorrow evening, all the way up until the overnight hours on friday. if you're traveling this morning, ukiah is the only place with measurable rain. by the evening commute, everybody has measurable rain. it keeps raining overnight. i'm thinking about 3/4 to an inch in the north bay. about a half inch to 2/3 of an inch around the bay and third of an inch in the south bay. with the scattered nature of the storms, the storm will be 1, light. in the 50s friday and dry. hi sue. good morning. coming up on 6:20. we'll look at san jose. this is 280 at the 880 overkrogs. we have an accident towards cupertino. it's north at the off ramp there. pardon me, the bird off ramp in cupertino blocking the off ramp. heads up there. a couple of problems in the macarthur maze, westbound 80 towards southbound 880. we have reports of an accident
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blocking a lane there. you can see the yellow sensors there that it is slowing if you make that transition to southbound 880. we also have a problem in san jose. north 87 near kurt ner. chp is en route. traffic is stacked up beyond the capital expressway for delays of 17 to 20 minutes. sue, thank you. a lot of people talking about this next story. a gay couple in southern california is suing the government after one of their twin sons was denied u.s. citizenship. meet ethan and a dan. ethan's biological father is isray rail i and the -- but the fathers are married. ethan was not granted u.s. citizenship because of his father's israeli citizenship. that couple is arguing that ethan is entitled to u.s. citizenship because they're married. they have now filed a lawsuit against the state department accusing them of discrimination. >> it's confusing. because you would think that because they're married it would be automatic. >> right.
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>> i don't understand what the issue is. >> what is the issue. >> see how that goes. you likely remember a lot of hype over the first proposed shake shack coming to san francisco. >> it turns out some people are not happy about it. they say their community needs a grocery store instead. shake shack's first location in the city is expected to be at the corner of fillmorn berth street. shake shack hasn't officially locked in a lease yet. they're attending the meeting tonight at 6:30 to have their say. >> it doesn't team like there's a -- is there a grocery store that wants to move in? >> maybe not yet. but they certainly want to clear the way for it. >> this is going to be a fight. because people love that shake shack. >> that's true. banned from a beauty contest over botox. the unlikely contests causing a stink and missing out on a prize. the bad flu season getting worse. the high tech way more people
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are getting care without going to the doctor's office. here's george stephanopoulos with a look at what's ahead at with a look at what's ahead at 7:00 a.m. on
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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i'm the one clocking in when you're clocking out. sensing your every move and automatically adjusting to help you stay effortlessly comfortable. i can also help with this. does your bed do that? oh. i don't actually talk. though i'm smart enough to. i'm the new sleep number 360 smart bed. let's meet at a sleep number store. so far 13 of 23 days have been wet. that's about to end. this is the last good soaking until possibly early february. light to moderate rain, a 2. it becomes a 1.
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a light storm. you can see, nothing. we'll talk more about this coming up. let's get to natasha for more news. >> thanks, mike. another weapon in the fight against the flu. the doctor on demand app. it allows users to get diagnosed by a doctor over the phone for a wide range of nonemergency conditions. the app is especially handy for people who are too sick to leave home or for those afraid of getting more sick in a hospital waiting room. the app costs $75. it works with a range of doctors and insurance companies. check your benefits. this is the intimate encounter where they're one-on-one with the patient versus being in a crowded emergency department or waiting for hours in a doctor's office. >> ahead on gma learn more about another new app that brings the doctor to you. that's on gma at 7:00 a.m. on abc 7. the next story is making me laugh. >> you're not going to believe it. 12 beauty contestants have been disqualified in a scandal that rocked a pageant in saudi
6:26 am
arabia. >> those contestants are camels. some were kicked out for using botox. officials say that their handlers resorted to the injections to enhance their lips, noses and jaws. they were hoping that it would help them clinch their share of the $57 million prize. that's at stake. $30,000 -- 30,000 camels competing and they're looking plas at the-sized. >> wouldn't you fix your grille first. their teeth are like this. >> are we body shaming camels? what is this? >> it's 2018. all bets are off. next at 6:30, if you're worried about an earthquake rattling your home, now is the time to act. thousands of dollars available to keep your family safe. parents accused of chaining their children inside of their home are facing another court
6:27 am
hearing today. attorneys will try to keep them from contacting their children. a fire damaging several stores in san francisco in the
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i have no idea where my rain jacket is today. that's going to be a problem for me and for you if you don't know
6:30 am
where yours is. it's dry right now. another storm is on the way and it could pack a punch. >> hold the newspaper over your head as you walk. >> again? >> protect the hair. it's wednesday, january 24th. alexis is off. mike nicco is back. you're bringing us rain today. >> couple hours delay for the rain. you have time to get prepared and find your jacket and umbrella. hi everybody. here's a look at the storm impact scale today. it's a 2. moderate. light to moderate rain. breezy conditions. about 20 to 35 miles per hour. shouldn't cause any damage. we'll talk about the significant sierra snow also over the next half hour. here's a look at live doppler 7. it's spinning up at mt. st. helene with the storm out of northwest. it will be the first one to tell you it's raining in your neighborhood. it's mainly cloudy out there. 39 to 44 with areas of fog through 7:00. rain in the north bay at noon. knocking on the bay door. it will be everywhere a at 4:00. it will start tapering to light
6:31 am
rain and showers. mid to upper 40s heading out. 7:00. how about the commute, sue. >> we don't have wet roads to deal with right now. that's good. we have fog represented by the orange on our map. that is pretty dense as you make your way through the central valley and the central portion east bay. all right, we have this accident partially blocking the lane. it's still out there westbound 80 towards southbound 880. it's very slow in the area. take a look at your approach to the bay bridge and the macarthur maze. 20 to 25 miles an hour on that approach. we have this accident north 87 at curtner in san jose. very slow with emergency crews on scene. you're backed up beyond capital expressway. san francisco has a new interim mayor this morning. it's ruffling a lot of feathers. >> we saw an emotional and sometimes chaotic city hall meeting last night. it ended with calls of sexism and racism. supervisor mark farrell is now taking over the temporary position from board of supervisors president london breed. amy hollyfield live at city
6:32 am
hall. amy? >> reporter: reggien another surprise move, progressives supported this move. mark farrell was sworn in last night with his wife and children by his side. progressives like that he will be a caretaker mayor. he is not running for mayor in the june election. he addressed concerns about race as he replaced an african-american woman. >> to me, this isn't about politics. this is about moving the city forward and again the continuity all i can say is that i will work to represent every single san francisco resident, no matter race, ethnicity, religion. it doesn't matter. my job for the next six months is to make sure our city government continues to function. >> some who voted for mark farrell say that london breed had too much power as board president and interim mayor. she is running for mayor in june. after hours of public comment
6:33 am
and the vote, some of her supporters accused the board of sexism and racism. farrell is expected to appoint his replacement on the board. he will not stay in that role on the board of supervisors. he will just be interim mayor. then that person will have to run for the position in the next election. farrell represents -- represented district 2. so that position is now open. that is the northern section of the city. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. this morning, investigators trying to determine the cause of a three-alarm fire that burned several stores on west portal avenue in san francisco. in fact, chief joanne hayes white says it appears the fire started in one of those businesses near yu low a street about 10:45 last night and the flames quickly spread through a common attic between four different buildings. a hardware store, salon and
6:34 am
newspaper store burned. another store was vacant and also damaged. fortunately, the stores were closed and no one was injured. fire was contained just before midnight. chief hayes white says the fire at this point does not appear to be suspicious. >> jessica, thank you. 6:34 now. san leandro city council voted to place the top city administrator on paid leave during an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct. rose padilla johnson claims that zapata made her feel uncomfortable. she's the ceo of the davis street family resource center. during a meeting in 2017 she said he suggested a romantic relationship and in exchange the city would forgive part of a $1.5 million loan to the nonprofit. he's denying the allegations. a pair of small earthquakes shook the bay and the coast. >> magnitude 3.6 and 2.7 struck before 10:00. the epicenters near watsonville. people called in and said they could feel it up in marin.
6:35 am
no reports of any damage. quakes, of course, can be unnerving if you live on a fault line. california is offering financial aid to help retrofit homes in communities most at risk. >> it can cost between $3,000 and $7,000. the state is offering the grant program to residents of cities most at risk for quakes. the state is concerned about older homes built before 1979 which have wood frame construction and a raised foundation. >> if you don't bolt and brace your home, you're going to lose it. you're going to end up living in a homeless shelter or living with relatives and you got to put your whole life back together. >> the deadline to apply for the retrofit grant from the california earthquake authority is february 23rd. we do have a link on our website. >> now a live desk update. >> our team here at the live desk is still working on getting information on exactly what happened at this auto shop in walnut cream. several people were hurt.
6:36 am
they had to be taken away by ambulance. this happened near nick's automotive service in walnut creek near main street and second avenue. look here at this video from overnight from the scene. those victims had to be put on stretchers and taken away. we do not know their condition and we don't know if police have any suspects in custody. as soon as we do get better details, we'll pass those along. thanks, jessica. santa rosa police say a homeless man is under arrest accused of assaulting an officer. this happened last night at the safe way parking lot. he was accused of getting into a fight with another man. the suspect ran off. the officer chased him, tackled him to the ground and that's when the suspect punched the officer. he was eventually handcuffed and arrested. happening today, university of california regents are expected to vote on a proposed tuition hike. the regents are considering a 2.5% hike, which, if approved, would start this fall. it would amount to $350 more for
6:37 am
students in the upcoming academic year. the regents approved a similar increase last year. cal students are planning to protest at sproul plas plaza at 10:00 a.m. today. 6:37 now. anticipating you getting wet today. all of us are going to get light to moderate rain. butlet start with what's going on now. temperature from 45 in west portal, san francisco to 49 in the marina, financial and also the ferry building. the castro, mission and bay view at 47 h 39 at palo alto. look at santa clara. 37. 41 in pleasanton and walnut creek. p 47 in daly city. 42 in petalumament san mateo bridge looking busy but dry right now. morning fog, afternoon and evening rain. caution there. caution if you're mass transit. you'll get wet today. wet and breezy. small craft advisory if you're going to be on the roads. for our kids, mainly fog.
6:38 am
may be hard to see if walking to school. dress them for 40 to 47. around 54 degrees with rain at 11:00. especially in the north bay. you can't miss it everywhere this afternoon with temperatures in the mid-50s. the north bay is the first to see the rain at 10:00. then it will start to taper from 4:00 to 6:00. south bay will be the last to see the rain. not until 4:00, but then it will keep raining during the evening hours. more on the hour by hour look at your forecast coming up next. here's sue. we are taking a look at our overall traffic maps. once again, orange is fog. we do have slow traffic over the altamont pass for about an hour and ten-minute drive into dublin, pleasanton. the macarthur maze, an earlier accident. that's been cleared. westbound 80, it's just red and speeds 17, 11. when you funnel into the macarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza, 4 miles an hour. metering lights are on but they are functioning properly this morning. that's great news.
6:39 am
yesterday it was a heck of a commute with over an hour delay getting into san francisco. that was yesterday. all right, northbound 87 near curtner, an accident in the clearing phases. traffic stacked up beyond the capital expressway. a new accident near alum rock. san jose is experiencing some slow and go this morning. >> we appreciate the update. thanks, sue. 6:39 now. happening today, the doctor accused of molesting dozens of young athletes will be sentenced. this is days after emotional and scathing victim impact statements, including from aly raisman and mckayla maroney: larry nassar pleaded guilty. under the plea agreement, he faces a max of life in prison. he's accused of a bugs more than 150 girls and women. >> i want you to apologize to me right hear. i want to forgive you but i also want to hear you tell me you regret all the hurt that you caused. >> many athletes say they reported the abuse but nothing
6:40 am
was done. one gymnast who accused nassar called on house speaker paul ryan to pufsh through a bill to strengthen the laws. attorney general jeff sessions has become the first trump cabinet member to be interviewed by special counsel robert mueller. abc news confirmed that mueller met with sessions for several hours. mueller has indicated to lawyers for president trump that his office will seek answers directly from president on the circumstances around the firing of former national security adviser michael flynn and former fbi director james comey. >> the president wants to see this end and he wants to see them finally come to the same conclusions that i think most everyone in america has, that there is nothing to this. >> at this point, there's still no formal interview request from the special counsel forward if president trump would actually agree to such an interview. a third lane on the upper
6:41 am
deck of the richmond-san rafael bridge is in the works for bicycles and pedestrians. some transportation leaders want to add cars to the mix, too. a security flaw on tinder could allow hackers to take over your dating profile. how to protect yourself. here's what's coming up at 9:00. good morning. >> hi there. >> coming up on live, we'll chat with james cordon about hosting with james cordon about hosting the grammy awards. there's only one place where ...more adventure,. more woo-hoo! more magic. and more happy.
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today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. so gear up before you go out. and drive safely. track today's storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. we will share that storm with just about half the state today. down to monterey and yosemite by the evening hours. in so cal, mostly sunny and about 72 to 74. we desperately need more snow. at 23% of our average up to yesterday's date. 12% of the yearly average. here's what's going to happen. winter weather advisory, less snow over tahoe than on the western slope where you have to travel today. i wouldn't recommend it. 1 to 2 feet there. 3 feet in the highest peak. 60 mile per hour winds. it's dangerous to nearly impossible to travel there. that goes from noon today to 4:00 friday morning. here's a look at lake tahoe and
6:45 am
the accuweather forecast. lighter snow tomorrow, breezy both days. mostly cloudy friday and then it starts warming above average as dry weather sets in for saturday through tuesday. reggie, natasha. >> mike, thank you. here's a question for you. would you pay 9 d instead of 6 to cross the bay bridge? we've been tracking the proposed toll hike on several bridges. >> the toll authority will decide whether it ends up on the june ballot. janine de la vega live over the san mateo bridge. >> reporter: reggie, check out the traffic behind me. that's what this is about. easing congestion that the commuters know very much about. this all comes with a price. this toll hike here at the san mateo bridge, if it happens, it will go up to $8. the bay area toll authority will vote whether to approve a resolution directing the board of supervisors in all nine bay area counties to call for a special election on a toll
6:46 am
increase. the regional measure would increase tolls over the next six years with $1 likes in 2019, 2022 and 2025. the money would go to fund transit and highway projects across the bay area. that includes helping b.a.r.t. buy hundreds of railcars to keep up with increasing ridership. if the toll authority votes to approve the increase, the measure would then appear on the june ballot. so that means that the toll at the bay bridge would eventually go up to $9. but remember, again, that is phased over a six-year period. reporting live from the san mateo bridge, janine de la vega. >> a lot of people interested. 6:46 now. if you drive on the richmond-san rafael bridge to marin, you know that traffic can be very slow. right now, there's a plan for a third lane on the upper deck for bicyclists and pedestrians. a new proposal wants to add cars to that lane as well to help with the growing congestion. the transportation authority of marin wants to move a barrier to
6:47 am
allow cars to use the new lane during peak times. they admit, though, accommodating cars, bikes and pedestrians would complicate this project. happening today, the southern california couple accused of shackling and torturing 12 of their 13 children is due back in court. the riverside county district attorney will ask the judge to prevent david and louise turpin from contacting their children before the case goes to trial. this is the latest step by authorities to sever ties between the parents and their kids. about 20 people from across the country have covered to take the seven adult children and six minors and keep them together. a teen's family is asking for help in finding those responsible for his murphy. he was shot and killed last jan january. they're offering a $10,000 reward in hopes of solving the case. he was riding his bicycle when it happened. he was a junior at hayward high school and wanted to go to
6:48 am
college to become a registered nurse. moving a hed to build a new jail facility. the board approved a plan to replace the 1950s era south wing of the main jail. the project will cost the county $257 million. the state will kick in $80 million. the new facility will focus on housing inmates receiving mental health treatment and on classrooms for lower-level offenders. big changes announced by starbucks this morning and for the first time ever starbucks baristas will get sick leave. the move is among a series of new benefits the coffee giant announced today. eligible employees will receive about one hour of sick leave for every 30 hours worked. they will receive $5 hn in stock grants and all u.s. hourly and salaried employees receive a pay raise in april. the coffee giant says it's accelerating benefits expansion thanks to the recently passed
6:49 am
tax law. starbucks also announcing some new jobs this morning. 8,000 positions, plus 500 manufacturing jobs. back to you. now your morning money report. alphabet, outspent all companies lobbying washington bureaucrats and politicians last year. >> they doled out $13.6 million on lobbying firms. that edges out at&t which spent much of his effort on takeover of time warner. part of the effort focused on defending itself about questions about russia's effort to plant false or misleading news stories. it lobbied on immigration, net neutrality. if you have an e-banking account, it's not going to be free anymore. you have to pay a $12 monthsly fee unless you have direct deposit and a minimum daily balance of $1500. some customers are so upset by this, they've launched a petition to drop the new rules. attention tinder users.
6:50 am
they found vul nermts in the android and iphone apps. it allows hackers on the same network to take control over your profile pictures. also, swap them for inappropriate photos or advertising instead. check marks notified tinder about the issue in november. tinder is still working on a fix. in the meantime, it suggests that you use a secure wi-fi signal as you swipe. boarding pass. >> check. >> valid government issued i.d. >> check. >> sunscreen? >> what? >> it is very important to slather on that sunscreen during your flight. >> you do this? >> i already do this. >> why? >> because i know that the sun's rays are more powerful through the windows when you're closer to the sun. >> that's the exact reason why the experts are saying you need do it. it poses a greater risk for skin damage and cancer. experts say you should be slathering at least spf 30 on your skin before flying. i'm begging you not to put on the one that smells like --
6:51 am
>> the rropical. >> the pina cola one. >> i drink one. don't want to smell it for six hours. the warriors players planning a surprise visit to the airport. >> the two already helping out united airlines this morning. here's the thing. mainly in the united club, though. they'll be issuing boarding passes to people there. it will push back planes for departure too. they'll get a chance to see the larry o'brien championship trophy. >> got to be in that fancy lounge. >> yes you do. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is free here. >> we need some way to stay dry today. that's the big key later on. hi everybody. here's the setup. you can see two parts of the storm. the steady, lied to moderate rain. then we'll get showers and the possibility of thunderstorms,
6:52 am
especially tomorrow. that's the storm track for the next 48 hours or so. right now, you can see it's mainly cloudy out there. patchy fog as we look from sutro tower. my accuweather highligts, wet weather and cooler. showers through tomorrow with lightning, thunder and small hail. then an extended period of dry weather. probably not going to get another storm until maybe early february. for today, let's go from the top 50 in lake port. 51 in ukiah and 54 to 58 for the rest of us. san jose at 61 degrees. that will be the warm spot. tonight, mid to upper 30s in the north bay valleys. the san ramon valley. about 40 to 45 elsewhere. you get to san francisco, it will be 44 to 47. degrees. pretty quiet outside. light green, yellow, moderate, orange. moderate also by noon. that's where the steady rain is in the north bay. you can see by 4:00, it's moving through the bay and into the south bay. then we lose the yellow by the time we end the evening commute. then light rain.
6:53 am
during the evening hours, transition to showers. all the way through midnight tomorrow. for the morning commute, rain up in ukiah. for the evening commute, everybody is going to be driving on wet streets. my accuweather seven-day forecast, even with the threat of thunderstorms tomorrow, the storm will be a one on our impact scale. it will be in the 50s. dry friday and then upper 50s to mid-60s from the coast to inland sunday through tuesday. sue has an accident. here she is. >> update in san jose. a couple of problems to plug your commute this morning. let's check this out. better news here. northbound 87 near curtner. that accident has cleared. damage is done, though. it's very slow from highway 85. this accident in the center divide. it is northbound 101 near tully. that accident backed up beyond the capital expressway towards heldier. look at those speeds there. it's out of lanes and hopefully improving. may have to block a lane to get the emergency crews in there.
6:54 am
a tough ride-along the commute there for you guys in san jose. 280 might be a better bet. highway 85 to get around this. we have a new accident towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check that in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, sue. we love this next story. a year goes fast. the hippo is celebrating her first birthday today. the cincinnati zoo released a few fun photos and videos. enjoying some cake there. you know, she stole our hearts. >> is that a kong? >> it's a giant kong. little dog toys work for fiona too. she was born six weeks premature and struggled at first, but proved to be a fighter. new parents often track their ba baby's weights closely. she went from 29 pounds to nearly 700 pounds now. everyone loves her. the zoo says that visits spiked and social media blowing up.
6:55 am
we can't get enough of her. >> we need something like that here. >> yeah. >> can we produce a really cute animal? >> maybe a baby raccoon. >> get on it san francisco zoo. that transitions into the next story. if you have kids, you can have them get in for free the rest of january. >> all children under 14 can enjoy the zoo for free as long as they're accompanied by one adu adult. it gives families more access to the wildlife there and there are more than 2,000 exotic and dangerous animals. open 10:00 to 4:00 during the winter months. fiona the bat. fiona the bat.
6:56 am
6:57 am
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let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii . all right. 6:58. whether you're just joining us or headed out the door, seven things to know. the first one is get prepared for fog during the morning commute and wetness from noon through the evening commute. number 2, san francisco city hall erupted into chaos last night as supervisor mark farrell unseated acting mayor london breed in a 6-3 vote by city supervisors. farrell was quickly sworn in as mayor and will hold that office until june. number 3, investigators trying to figure out what sparked this fire in west san
6:59 am
francisco. a hardware store, salon and newspaper store burned in the fire. another vacant store was damaged. raising tuition by 2.5%. it would amountto$350more for students in the upcoming academic year. all right. number 5. uc reg cents scheduled to vote on that. get to number 6. toys "r" us could close 180 stores by april nationwide. nine of them here in the bay area. the move part of the chain's bankruptcy reorganization. going out of business sales are set to begin next month. all right. number 7, we are looking at a bay bridge backup with a possible accident in the backup lane number 4. it's already been stacked up most of the morning. the east shore commute into that area is about an hour now. metering lights were turned on this morning. at least they are functioning properly. that's the good news. good news.
7:00 am
a nightmare. the good news the rain missed the bulk of the commute. >> we're happen by good morning, america. victims of that deadly high school shooting battling to survive this morning. >> active shooter. four people down. one unresponsive. the shooter's still on site. >> a 15-year-old student opening fire killing at least two, injuring more than a dozen right before class. >> this guy is sitting here pulling the trigger into like all of us. >> students airlifted to the hospital. the shooter take into custody. what was his motive? one of the survivors here. breaking news, isis claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on save the children. gunmen storm the building overseas. and major new developments in the russia investigation. the special counsel closing in, now seeking to question president trump after interviewing attorney general


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