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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 24, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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the good news the rain missed the bulk of the commute. >> we're happen by good morning, america. victims of that deadly high school shooting battling to survive this morning. >> active shooter. four people down. one unresponsive. the shooter's still on site. >> a 15-year-old student opening fire killing at least two, injuring more than a dozen right before class. >> this guy is sitting here pulling the trigger into like all of us. >> students airlifted to the hospital. the shooter take into custody. what was his motive? one of the survivors here. breaking news, isis claiming responsibility for a deadly attack on save the children. gunmen storm the building overseas. and major new developments in the russia investigation. the special counsel closing in, now seeking to question president trump after interviewing attorney general jeff sessions and several
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cabinet members, and the new report, did the president ask the top fbi official who he voted for. flu emergency. hospitals overwhelmed. canceling surgeries to make way for flu patients. now, could you avoid the doctor's office and get your diagnosis and prescription from home? just using your phone. ♪ the greatest ♪ the greatest and king james. his major milestone overnight. what was he just crowned the youngest player ever to do? good morning, america. robin, i am going to answer your question, the youngest player to hit 30,000 points, right there. >> lebron james. that was an easy one, right. >> you can't beat that. and to celebrate he posted a message to himself that included this throwback photo, a young lebron james right there. going to tell you what he said in his message. he wrote it to himself and put it out before the game, before he accomplished the feat.
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>> babe ruth. >> yeah. if you don't believe in yourself, who is going to believe in you. but first, we want to get to the latest on that deadly shooting at a kentucky high school. two students killed. 18 injured. at least three are in critical condition. a 15-year-old student is in custody this morning and steve osunsami is on the scene for us there in benton, kentucky, where a community are all searching for answers this morning. steve, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. police aren't saying much at this point about this accused shooter but tell us the discussion is on about whether he will be charged as a juvenile or an adult. at vigils overnight, students cried and prayed for the friends who are hurt and the two they lost. there will be no school here today. this is a crime scene this morning. >> if you could respond to marshall county high school. marshall county high school. active shooter. four people down. one unresponsive. the shooter's still on site.
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>> reporter: there were moore than 100 teenagers waiting in a common area eating breakfast and chatting with friends when police say a 15-year-old student with a handgun started shooting. kids started running, some with gunshot wounds. >> i took out my headphones and turned around and everyone was broken up. i saw the flashes from the gunshots and by that time i was just -- i was just running. >> reporter: 15-year-old bailey holt died at the scene. the first responder who found her thought she was his daughter. >> one of our first troopers to arrive on the scene saw the young lady that died there on the scene and thought it was his daughter because she had been dropped off at the school this morning as well, same clothing description, same description, and he had to go over to convince himself that was not his daughter. >> reporter: the most seriously hurt were airlifted to a hospital. in nashville. 15-year-old preston cope was pronounced dead at the hospital.
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>> they had a tube already in there helping them breathe. they were awake but sedated and so when this happens to you, everything shuts down and it's going to take a long time to heal both physically and mentally from these kind of issues for these kids. >> reporter: police arrested a 15-year-old now charged with murder and attempted murder. investigators have visited his home and talked with his family but aren't sharing what they think led up to the shooting. just to give you an idea of how chaotic this was. there are grief counselors for these students today and the high school is closed dmrp robin, we'll talk to one of those students. steve, thank you very much. joining us now one who survived that scooting is bryson conkwright and, bryson, thanks for being with us. i know a bullet grazed your hand. bryson, how are you doing this
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morning? >> i mean, it's -- i'm doing a lot better than i was yesterday which yesterday was a lot more shocking than it was today, but by now everybody has had a little more time to process but, we still will never have the answers to this and it's hard. >> yes, can only, only imagine. please tell us what you saw, what happened when you knew something was going wrong. >> well, i was -- i was kind of standing to the group. i was a little bit to the side. i was basically in the group, and like i see this kid walk up. i didn't pay that much attention and i turned back and he draws a gun out from his side and i'm like, i don't -- i didn't know what to do. i really didn't know what to think at all and i saw him draw out this gun and he just points it and by that time, i still haven't processed -- about the time he pulled the trigger it hit me that this kid's -- he's shooting at us. he's shooting at us and i was
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just sitting there in shock and i'm watching my friends and people that i've known forever just -- some people just dropped and it was unbelievable. there was -- it was chaos. everybody was screaming. everybody was running out. it was crazy. >> well, of course, we extend our condolences to the families, those who lost their lives, those who are injured and know some are in critical condition and, as you said, it is a small community, tight knit. what can you tell us about those that were injured and lost their lives yesterday? >> i'll tell you, my honest opinion on it is everybody in that group, they literally wouldn't hurt a fly. the ones that lost their lives, they were -- they were probably the nicest people i ever met and they never had anything negative to say. they always had a smile on their
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face and gage, the one that got injured pretty bad, he is a good buddy of mine. man, he was always so hyped up and happy. you can see him, he was always his happy self and in a split second it all changed. it was crazy. >> bryson, we're not revealing the name of the shooter right now and we don't know the motive and don't want to talk about that. tell us about your school. tell us about your community. give us a sense of what it's like there. >> well, we're very -- i don't know, like this is a great school. like, i would never expect anything to happen. we have a great tech center. everybody, everybody loves each other here and just to see this -- just to see something like this happen, it's going to hit the history books and it will never be forgotten and it's unreal.
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never in a million years i expect this to happen in marshall county. >> well, bryson, thank you and we're thinking of you and everyone there. you're in our prayers, and i know that you all are getting the help you need to be able to process something like this but thank you very much, bryson. take care. >> i appreciate it. >> all right. george. >> okay, robin, thanks. we're going to switch gears and get the latest on the russia investigation and here with jon karl, our chief legal analyst dan abrams, meghan mccain from "the view," and learned rick gates has now hired a new attorney to hold discussions with mueller's team. this attorney has a track record of negotiating plea agreements. >> this is a potentially big deal, george, because rick gates was a very key player on the trump campaign, of course, very close to paul manafort but he stayed at the campaign after
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manafort left, close to jared kushner, close to tom barrick, another one of the president's key advisers. if he goes state's witness that could be a game changer. >> mueller moving step by step. >> yeah, and this is something i think many have suspected because there's a bit of a difference in the way federal prosecutors have been dealing with manafort and gates leading many to suspect that there were ongoing consideration, possibly suggests going on with gates that have not been going on with manafort. >> we've also learned, jon, that mueller has interviewed the attorney general, jeff sessions, and several other cabinet member, the director of the cia and national intelligence, former director of the national security agency, moving closer and closer to the president. >> and we also know mueller's team has made it clear they want to talk to the president directly about the firings of james comey and michael flynn and the key fact is he is now interviewed, we know, key members of the trump inner circle in his cabinet. after news broke that mueller's
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investigation has reached into the president's cabinet, the president said he isn't worried in the least. >> mr. president, are you concerned about what the attorney general told the special counsel? >> no, i'm not at all concerned. not at all. >> reporter: attorney general sessions was questioned by the special counsel's team for hours. nearly a year after he told lawmakers at his confirmation hearing that he had no contact with the russians when he was senior adviser to the trump campaign. >> and i didn't have -- did not have communications with the russians. >> reporter: that turned out to be untrue. he had met with the russian ambassador to the u.s. after that became public, sessions citing his senior role in the trump campaign announced that he would not be overseeing the russia investigation. >> therefore, i have recused myself. >> reporter: sources familiar with sessions' appearance before the special counsel tell abc news that sessions was questioned about his conversations with the ambassador and about the firing of former fbi director james comey. comey himself has been interviewed by the special counsel's team.
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comey's interview focused on the memos he wrote after he said the president asked him to take a pledge of loyalty. last june, the president said he was more than willing to discuss that meeting with the special counsel himself. >> so, if robert mueller wanted to speak with you about that -- >> i would be glad to tell him exactly what i just told you, jon. >> reporter: it's unclear whether the president's offer which he said 100% he'd be willing to do that still stands. people close to the president have urged him to fight the special counsel's request for a sworn interview. meanwhile, we've learned last year the president lashed out at deputy fbi director andrew mccabe demanding to know, george, who he voted for, mccabe said that he actually didn't vote in the presidential elections. >> the questions he reportedly asked james comey about whether he'd be loyal. let me start with dan again. dan, we now see the interviews that sessions -- i mean that robert mueller has conducted so far. the whole question of the interview with the president now on the table and you still see some on the president's team
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according to this reporting to -- thinking about negotiating written questions. that's not going to fly with mueller. >> no, and so what the president would like is probably written only or no questions at all but his team would certainly say, look, send us your questions. we'll be happy to answer them in writing and therefore the lawyers can edit them, et cetera. what mueller's team wants is a full, no limits, no holds barred interview where they can talk about anything they want. the question is going to be, can they work out something in between? are they going to be able to work out something where they can ask him certain things and they'll answer other questions in writing. i don't think mueller's team is going to go for that and that's where you have the potential showdown. that's where you have -- if they can't reach a deal you have the possibility that the president gets subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury and his response may be, i'm just not coming. i'm not going to go to the grand jury. you don't have that power to do that and then you have a really interesting legal showdown.
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>> of course, then precedents of president clinton going to the grand jury 20 years ago. meghan, you see president trump and his allies on capitol hill putting more pressure on the fbi and mueller. >> yeah, i think we need to be careful going into midterm elections with the implications that possibly republicans think anything that happens in this investigation is okay. what's interesting to me is sarah huckabee sanders coming out yesterday saying americans don't care. this is a nothing burger. the problem is every time we're told this is a nothing burger another tentacle on this octopus comes out and the average american, even the trumpiest trump voter wants to know what happened in this investigation, and i think we have to be as clear and transparent as possible and i think anyone taking cover or giving cover to the president if he did, in fact, have the kind of interactions with russia and ambassador kislyak that are being propositioned could be possibly be incredible lethal if you talk about prime time television with president trump testifying in front of congress, you want to talk about getting
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off message and getting off policywise where we need to be will be lethal. >> the one thing we know for sure is that we don't know everything that mueller knows. >> true in that is certain, no question about that. much more to come. over to michael. thank you, george. now to those flooding fears in the northeast. ice jams are forming in the connecticut river clogging that river up. you can see them forming in this image from space. abc's gio benitez is in east haddam, connecticut, where they're facing flooding warning. what's going on? >> reporter: hey, michael. good morning to you. listen, this is just not what we're used to seeing in connecticut. okay, in fact, lifelong residents say they've never seen anything like this. i want you to look right now at our live drone cam because what i want you to see, this just goes on for miles and miles. it just goes on for six miles, in fact, all the way into another town. that's just how far it guess and i just want to take that drone up a little bit so you can see how far this goes down. this is the connecticut river and right now it just looks much more like the arctic. i want you to take a look at
7:15 am
this video right now because here's what's such a danger. these ice jams are just so intense that the water actually started flowing backwards at one point in some parts flooding some areas on the way back and i want you to take a look at another piece of video, okay. because here in connecticut, the coast guard has been sending out ice cutters, but you can just see the trouble they've had here, in fact, some of the cutters have actually gotten stuck so now we're seeing cutters coming in from places like new york, they're coming in from other states just to help out so really, michael, just no telling how long it's going to take to fix this problem. >> some incredible video from that drone, gio. and temperatures were a little warmer yesterday so did that help out at all? >> reporter: it helped a little bit, but the problem here is that starting right now, the temperatures are going to start dropping. in fact, it's going to be below freezing very, very soon and people are really worried about a refreeze. >> thank you very much, gio.
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boy -- >> i can't believe -- all my years living in connecticut never have seen anything like that. now to a dramatic day in court. larry nassar convicted of sexual assault is set to be sentenced as a new investigation gets under way. abc's linsey davis is outside the courthouse in lansing, michigan. linsey, we have seen such emotional testimony from the victims. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. really heart-wrenching testimony over the past week. more than 150 women and girls lashing out, not only on larry nassr but the who they say protected and enabled him and while many are awaiting today's sentencing, the judge has already made it very clear that freedom will never be an option for larry nassar. the former doctor for usa gymnastics and michigan state university pled guilty to multiple sex crimes and now the ncaa announced they will begin an investigation of msu for potential rule violations
7:17 am
related to sexual assaults of student athletes spanning two decades. nassar has already been sentenced to 60 years for child pornography. today he faces an additional 40 to 125 years behind bars, robin. >> all right, linsey, thank you very much. as you said, he will not know freedom ever again. thank you. and we're going to switch gears to the major milestone for king james. yes, lebron james celebrating another crowning achievement, hitting the 30,000 points mark last night with that basket you saw right there. got there really fast, younger player to ever do it and the seventh to do it as well joining that exclusive club that includes kobe bryant, kareem abdul-jabbar but, james, he's the first one to actually congratulate himself. >> why not. >> he posted this picture of himself back in school, high school and posted it on
7:18 am
instagram before the game even started and with the post he said, you know what, want to be one of the first to congratulate you on this achievement, accomplishment, tonight, that you'll reach paraphrased. says there are only six seats at the table. another will be pulled up for you. you should be proud of yourself and went on to thank everybody that he won't get a chance to thank later. but i got to say, he has confidence in himself to post that post before he actually went out and scored the posts he needed. >> i loved that photo from akron, ohio. >> he was a star then. over to ginger. let's look at the dozens of schools closed. from the indianapolis area all the way up to chicago, it is a sheet of ice along the roads thanks to freezing rain that's falling so please be careful this morning. we are going to go through a roller coaster of temperatures here on the east coast. i'll talk about that more.
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good morning i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. get ready for wet weather and cooler conditions today. turning into showers and possibility some scattered thunderstorms through tomorrow and it's going to be dry for an extended period into february. look at these it happens, mid to upper 50s look at the yellow and orange, light to moderate rain this afternoon. showers tonight, temperatures 40s in san coming up, a new way to fight the flu without going to the doctor's office. come on back. come on back.
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ask your doctor about victoza®. good morning east bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >>lets go straight to sue hall for a quick look at the traffic. >> nothing quick about getting through toll plaza this morning, good morning everyone. we're looking at the 80 corridor. we have a toe truck with the lights on pulling away with a car on that flat bed had been in the very far right lane. so traffic is heavier as usual and the meet orring lights are on. if you are heading out. 850 to dublin, about 45 minutes. highway 4 jammed up into concord and looking great from moran into the city. >> thank you sue. you may
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning it is quite now but it's going to be quite active this afternoon. a light to moderate rain, breeze ji and 25 miles an hour winds. its mainly cloudy. cells moving from southeast entire system sinking to the southeast. we have fog this morning. if you are taking mass transit, wet and breezy on the bay. 9:00 in the north bay, by noon and in the south baby 4:00. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow possibly. >> thank you. coming up for new tools to fight the flu do the doctor on demand apps help. we'll have another update in
7:27 am
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welcome back to "gma." >> wait for it. wait for it. >> that's one of our favorite super bowl commercials. i love the super bowl. just for the commercials and last year that was melissa mccarthy for kia, of course. >> you know what, this year the commercials are a bit of a mystery because we're not seeing as many previews as we usually do but we do have an exclusive look at one for skittles that's rewriting all the rules. the interesting part it's all about a commercial we won't see. yep. we'll explain. >> most of us. >> one of us will. a lot of headlines we're following right now, including that breaking news overseas.
7:31 am
deadly attack on the save the children organization in afghanistan. a group of gunmen stormed the building, they opened fire and injured more than a dozen. president trump will leave washington to head to davos, switzerland, set to address the group on friday. and so many making super bowl predictions. turns out amazon's alexa is getting into the act as well. take a listen. >> hey, alexa, who do you think will win the super bowl? >> i'm flying with the eagles on this one because of their relentless offense and the momentum they've been riding off their underdog status. e-a-g-l-e-s, eagles. >> no, you didn't. >> i am thinking the eagles fan owned that alexa. tell the patriots guys that. >> playing in new england as well. this is not eagles green that i'm wearing. i know people have been saying that. i'm not showing any favoritism.
7:32 am
>> giving you the side-eye. >> serious side-eye. in this half hour we'll begin with the latest on the flu epidemic getting worse. the cdc says there have been nearly 9,000 confirmed flu-related hospitalizations. that is almost double, double the number at this point last year, and this is really taxing the hospitals. across the country. >> that's right, hospitals and medical offices filling up with people suffering from the flu and fears spreading are on the rise so patients and doctors are turning to a high-tech solution, office visits without the office. as more people get sick, the risk of infection growing, hospitals with e.r. beds overflowing now canceling elective surgeries to keep beds available for new flu patients, plus, tamiflu and i.v. bag shortages and hospital staff working overtime. >> people are definitely working over and doing double shifts coming in extra days. there's definitely staffing issues throughout the hospital especially with as full as we have been.
7:33 am
>> reporter: with some doctors urging people not to flood the e.r. unless they are really sick and some patients worried they may catch something if they do. virtual doctor visits are booming. patients getting a flu diagnosis and in some cases even tamiflu prescriptions right from their smartphone. >> we can send it directly to your pharmacy and pick it up within 30 minutes. >> reporter: new york-presbyterian hospital in new york city has nyp on-demand virtual care. >> this is an intimate encounter one-on-one with the patient versus being in a cowed emergency department or waiting for hours in a doctor's office. >> reporter: the doctor on demand app costs $75 for a 15-minute consultation for the uninsured and can treat a range of non-emergency conditions. this flu season has been big for them. >> because this has been such a big flu season, we've seen over 100% increase in our total visit volume, about 1 in 5 of our cases are actually flu-related cases or cold-related cases and so they end up getting a
7:34 am
prescription with tamiflu. >> reporter: too sick to leave home when her 2-year-old got sick lisa used an uber like app called to send a doctor right to her home. >> this is so convenient. we can just stay home. it was just so easy. >> as you saw these apps are not free but all of them tell us they work with insurance companies, doctors on demand, $75 as you heard in the piece, says they work with large and small plans across the country. nyp on demand costs $99 but insured patients may be able to submit a claim and get reimbursed., also 99 bucks, accepts many ppo plans. good idea if you have insurance to check with your carrier beforehand and see if you're covered. one more thing that's not said enough it is not too late to get your flu shots. i took my daughters and all three of us got our wonder woman bandaids. if you haven't got your, get
7:35 am
yours now. >> dr. amy and now dr. jen and you've been saying it's not too late. great to see the girls like that. people want to know, jen, so many questions that people have. if you get the flu and recover, is it one and done or can you get it again? >> so, yes and no. you cannot get reinfected with the same strain and over 80% of the circulating train this year is that type a, h3n2. you cannot get that twice. because your body makes antibodies but you can get infected with another strain less likely but it is possible. >> and when can you spread the flu? even when you don't have symptoms? >> this is the important thing, george. you can be contagious one day before your symptoms start so you could be at work and school and infect others and your symptoms can last up to seven days after they begin so people might start to feel better day five, go back to work or school and be contagious, so keep those numbers in mind. >> okay, but how do you know if you have the flu or just have a cold? >> that's the million-dollar question so i want to you look at this graphic.
7:36 am
it's one of my favorite things from math, the venn diagram and overlap in symptoms, cough, runny nose, sore throat. the key thing with the flu its sudden onset and comes on fast. you tend to see high fevers and those symptoms go below the neck, body ache, chest pain, all of that so it's pretty impressive. >> can i ask another question? my little daughter got a sudden fever, we did the swab. we took her to the doctor and tested negative. >> remember, there are other circulating viruses that can give you fever and not everyone with the flu develops these severe symptoms so some people can have mild symptoms, think it's just a cold and go to work and school and infect others. >> how effective are the flu shots i just got. two weeks before you get full protection. >> two weeks before the full protection. there is some data people start to see some immune benefit in a week. we won't know the efficacy of this year's flu shot until after but it's appearing to be around 30%. 30% better than 0%. >> you know, lara hasn't been feeling well, and she decided to come in today and our executive
7:37 am
producer took one look at her and said go home and -- >> we have a smart executive producer and hat's off to lara for going home. >> she has a job where she can go home and still get paid. a lot of people -- not the case -- >> the bosses have to step up. >> our same executive producer we sent home last week. >> you're right. >> true. >> thank you, jen. when we come back, our little super bowl showdown off the field. the secrets they're using for commercials and how will it change what you see on game day. ange what you see on game day.
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we are back with the latest twists in super bowl ads. as we count down to the big game. companies are looking for ways to stand out so we have an exclusive look at the new campaign for skittles. t.j. here with that. going to make an ad for one person? >> imagine that marketing meeting. a guy walks into his boss and says, hear me out. we're going to make a super bowl ad, but we don't want the 100 million people watching the game to see it but we're going to show it to one random kid in california. i'm not sure how that was greeted at the time but right now it's brilliant. >> there you go. >> reportesr: skittles is going for the super bowl-sized attention but without the super bowl-sized price of a commercial. >> this year skittles will be
7:42 am
make a super bowl ad and only showing it to one person. >> reporter: yep. skittles is creating a 60-second commercial for the super bowl but the ad won't air during the game itself on february 4th. but it'll be played for an audience of one. this guy. >> if why would you make an ad and only show it to one single person? >> reporter: a teenager from california named marcos menendez. they found him after conducting a search for the ultimate fan. >> whoa, what is this? >> is this really a scene from the new skittles super bowl ad that only one single person gets to watch? i'm kind of wondering that myself. >> reporter: and what can be a purely genius marketing tactic or internet trolling the company is releasing four videos teasing the commercial that we'll never see. "gma" has the exclusive and kind of weird first look. >> because they're only showing it to one single person. >> i'll tell you. >> shut up! nobody asked you. >> exclusive, the rainbow. taste the rainbow. >> if you can get the kind of attention that you want from a
7:43 am
super bowl spot without spending $5 million, i think most people would go that way. >> reporter: and they are not alone. >> good day. losers. >> reporter: the internet lit up last week when chris hemsworth appeared in a trailer for a brand-new "crocodile dundee" film. >> brian dundee? >> yep. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: but speculation is building on whether the movie may just be part of a super bowl ad. >> really. >> yeah. >> really? >> yeah. >> really? >> why do you keep saying really. >> brands have to be more creative and more agile to be able to get people's attention. a lot of brans are wanting to bring us an element of surprise back to the super bowl. >> so how this is going to work, it's going to go up on facebook live so the kid is going to watch. they say it's a real airworthy commercial that they're making. he's the only one watching and we'll all watch him react. >> and we'll play it the next day. >> no, but this -- no, no, they're saying they'll never release it. no one will ever see it except this kid. >> the kid's face. >> i think he'll be eating
7:44 am
skittles. >> probably will. look what this got them. 2 1/2, 3 minutes of advertising on "gma." t.j. will go for this. here we go. >> thanks, teej. >> great job, t.j. and coming up, all the buzz about oscar nominations and tiffany haddish, some asking was she too funny to get a nod? >> consider you don't know where your mouth has been. it can't hurt. know where your mouth has been. and of course, wbyceiydbo we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours hey, what if i wanted to sell my car? wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo? we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo!!! wbyceiydbo!!! no, no, we're cool. i got you. ok. it's the right thing to do. ♪ carmax music sting looking to lose weight this year? try fda-approved alli®. for every 5 lbs you lose,
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that's hand sanitizer. >> it burns. ♪ i'm every woman >> that right there is tiffany haddish's breakout performance in "girls trip," one of our favorite movies from last year, and here she is announcing the oscar nominations yesterday and some people thought she had a rough time with it but others loved it and they were saying that tiffany haddish should get an oscar nomination for hosting the nominations. >> but she didn't get a nod for that role in "girls trip." comedic performances rarely are recognized at oscar time and "the huffington post" is saying we should consider a performance, and larry hackett, you weigh in. what do you think? >> if you're looking for a comedy to be recognized the oscars is not the place to go. melissa mccarthy got a nomination for "bridesmaids." the last one to win was marisa tomei.
7:49 am
the last comedy to win for best picture was "annie hall," 1978. this is not the place that comedies get recognized. at the golden globes, musical and comedy in part to recognize performances like this. >> why do you think comedies aren't valued among oscars? >> because it's an old-fashioned organization that likes to recognize drama, that's why. >> drama. >> that's what it is about. movies that come out in the fall. look at the nominations -- "dunkirk," "darkest hour," "the post." these are the pictures that traditionally lead the pack, maybe not this year, but that is what oscar voters look for. >> movies that a lot of people haven't seen. >> that's right. it's kind of going more and more in that direct. that's not just about pictures made but the way we watch. people are doing it at home and watching netflix which gets nominated but increasing gap between pictures, increasing gap between how movies fit in the culture. not all movies that everybody sees. >> talking to themselves. >> in some degrees they are talking to themselves. >> when you see people talking about the snubs and how this
7:50 am
screenplay didn't get nominated, and cinematography didn't get nominated, that's not what people talk about. >> that's why i loved "get out." dark comedy thriller in terms of its format was genius. >> they're still talking about it in february a year after it was released. >> i thought it was an amazing movie. it was not -- >> funny. >> when you look back -- >> it was a drama, a comedy and sharp political story. >> that's true. everything, george. everything. >> i agree with you, amy. >> all right, hey, thank you, larry. coming up, new details about neil diamond's diagnosis. ♪ they're coming to america ca ♪ romance, to ridiculous plot twists. (gasping) son? dad! we also know you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so we're partnering with cigna
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welcome back to "good morning america." lava spewing 2,000 feet up and you can see it was for miles that folks could see that plume and that was in the philippines. in oregon coincidentally, because we had tsunami watches as of yesterday, a tsunami buoy washed up on the beach. interesting especially given how active it's been out in the pacific and right now we have that storm, another one that comes in for the weekend. you're seeing places like the sierra above 3,000 feet pick up one to two feet of snow with this storm. all that brought to you by consumer cellular. legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes, sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world, by getting lost in it. let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii
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7:56 am
good morning south bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings, let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco we need that umbrella today, right? >> absolutely. light to moderate steady rain and becoming showers tomorrow and heavy snow in the sierra. north baby about 9:00. the heart of the baby noon and south bay 4:00. so the poor skpaugs danger on my activity planner, once this is over, that's it. sue? >> we had an accident eastbound direction, powell street. westbound remains tight and slow and go into the mcarthur maze. metering lights remain and slow traffic on the nasty anymore its from 92 down to san jose on 880.
7:57 am
>> sue, thank you. coming up, new treatments to help reduce the symptoms of menopause. we'll have another news update in about 30 minutes and always on the news app and and remember
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. deadly school shooting. new details this morning on that high school rampage. >> active shooter. four people down. one unresponsive. the shooter's still on site. >> at least two students killed. more than a dozen wounded in a small kentucky town. a 15-year-old student opening fire right before class. >> this guy is sitting here pulling the trigger into us, like all of us. >> the shooter taken into custody. a community now searching for answers. swoets sweet caroline ♪ new details on neil diamond after he revealed he's battling parkinson's. what he's saying about his symptoms and the overwhelming move by fans that diamond says makes a difference. change in a flash. >> i need to speak to an ambassador or an embassy or someone. >> at least 30 million american
8:01 am
women in menopause and so many go through it alone. the new support system many women are finding and the cutting-extremes and dr. yen is answering your questions. and demi lovato here live. a major announcement from the superstar you'll only hear on "gma." that's changing her concert tour coast to coast. and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america. great to have you with us this wednesday morning. >> hump day. we've been talking about the super bowl, the eagles going head-to-head with the patriots. well, wait till you hear what some fans in boston are banning to support their team. this rivalry is getting serious, you know. we'll just leave it at that. >> i saw some eagles fans upstairs so when we go up we got our work cut out forrous. the latest on the school
8:02 am
shooting, the 15-year-old suspect is in custody this morning, let's go back to steve osunsami on the scene in kentucky this morning. good morning again, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. police are deciding this morning whether to charge this 15-year-old as an adult or a juvenile. he was arrested without incident at the high school. they tell us there were many witnesses who say they saw this young man walk in a common area at the high school and start shooting at his classmates. this sent students running, a stampede for the exit. some students running to this body shop across the street. others to this dentist's office next door. one 15-year-old girl died at the scene. she was discovered by a first responder who thought she may have been his daughter. that's how small a town this is. a handful of students were airlifted to a hospital in nashville. another student died there. there are grief counselors available for the students today and the school is blocked off and to give you an idea how
8:03 am
chaotic it was they set up a separate location down the street where students can go to get things they left behind like glasses and cell phones. >> so tragic, steve. thank you. george. we have jon karl, our chief white house correspondent and we'll get the latest on the russia investigation and know robert mueller interviewed several trump cabinet members closing in on an interview with the president. >> yeah, we could see a big battle over this, george. the special counsel has made it clear that he wants to talk to the president about the firings of james comey and michael flynn and we know that mueller has already interviewed key members of the trump administration, the trump cabinet including cia director mike pompeo, dan coats and mike rogers, the director of the national security agency andsnow jeff sessions has been interrogated by mueller's team questioned about his conversations with the russian ambassador and about the firing of comey and comey himself has been interrogated, so, george, virtually every stone unturned.
8:04 am
the big question is, will the president himself agree to be interviewed by this special counsel? >> the preliminary talks on that. another potential major development. rick gates who has been charged already in this investigation has hired a new attorney to hold discussions with mueller's team. that could be a sign that he's looking for a deal. >> and if that happens, it could be a big deal because although rick gates is not exactly a household name he is very close to paul manafort and he stayed at the campaign after manafort was fired. key person throughout the trump campaign, close to jared kushner, close to the president. >> keep a close eye on that. how about happy news on capitol hill. illinois senator tammy duckworth has announced she is pregnant. she'll be the first ever to have a baby while in the senate. the democrat is a mother of a 3-year-old girl, abigail, who was born when duckworth was in the house. here's how the senator made the announcement. want to share some exciting personal news.
8:05 am
all the ducks in a row. she's retired lieutenant colonel who served in the iraq war and expects daughter funnel two this april when duckworth will be 50 years old. >> good for her. >> yeah. >> fantastic. coming up here new details about neal diamond's diagnosis. when he found out he had parkinson's and the symptoms to look out for. change in a flash. the new community for women supporting each other through menopause and cutting-edge treatments and dr. jen will be back with that. guess who else is here? demi lovato and i'm confident you'll hear what she wants to say. she has an announcement coming up and we have a great audience as well as she's taking selfies up there so don't go anywhere. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by splenda naturals. the best-tasting stevia.
8:06 am
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welcome back, everyone, to "gma." we have this wednesday morning, i got to tell you we have some real team players. lara spencer is normally sitting here and came in, was a real trouper and wasn't feeling well and said you got to go home and called adrienne bankert. she came just like that. thank you, adrienne. >> you are so nice. >> i told you, you can't live that close to the studio. >> i know. i'm within a mile. i'm within a phone call. ten-minute drive. let's talk about "pop news." honored to be here with you all, as always. as always. ryan reynolds is said to produce and star in "clue" based on the parker brothers board game that so many of us played as kids.
8:11 am
probably not going to be pg or even g considering this. the twist, it's being written by the "deadpool" screenwriters. >> oh, no. >> the project with his position as a blockbuster producer and won't be connected to the earlier "clue" adaptation. maybe he'll come in as miss scarlett. we'll see. possible but definitely not g-rated. let's talk about music because you know i like to sing. i do. i like to sing. right now in my head would be -- ♪ half of my heart is in havana ooh na na ♪ >> michael, stop laughing. this could be music to your puppy dog's ears. creating adoptify matching pets with potential owners based on
8:12 am
their musical tastes. why didn't anybody think about this. you can watch earlier with the puppies which shows which types of music they like from hip-hop to classical. find a puppy dog whose taste in music matches your own. inspired by a study out of the university of glasgow which says every dog has a taste in music. i wonder which kind of puppy i would want or have. >> amazing how you can get sing nothing whatever you're doing. >> happy people sing, right? >> love that about you. it's your trademark. >> you got to keep singing. keep singing, keep smiling, and, boston, you're not messing around. when it comes to the super bowl in support of the new england patriots, he practice nad park banned all kinds of philadelphia products through february 5th. okay, no philadelphia eagles apparel, of course, serious no-brainer. >> no philadelphia cream cheese. >> you called it. no cheesesteaks.
8:13 am
sylvester stallone and will smith, you can't go and basically anything green. you can't wear that dark green color in that park in boston. the bald eagle is banned. >> i'd be in good company right there. >> that's right. [ applause ] >> they'd have your back. i have a feeling they'd have your back. y'all would go get a cheesesteak somewhere. >> every philadelphia eagles fan if they walked down the treat in boston, nobody is messing with them. believe me if that's "pop news." >> adrienne, thanks for stepping up to the plate. we appreciate you for that. [ applause ] we're going to turn now to our "gma" cover story. we have new details about neal diamond's parkinson's diagnosis. the singer announced he's retiring from touring and learning more about the symptoms and deborah roberts is here with more. good morning, deborah. >> good morning. we're hearing a few details from the singer himself about his
8:14 am
struggle. today is neil diamond's 77th birthday and while this revelation isn't exactly what he planned to celebrate the love and support he's getting from all corners is giving him comfort. ♪ everywhere around the world >> reporter: this morning, tributes pouring in for neil diamond, fans still shocked after his revelation that he's battling parkinson's disease and retiring from touring after five decades. ♪ good times never seemed so good ♪ ♪ so good so good >> reporter: now the legendary musician telling abc news he was diagnosed within the past month. that his symptoms had been coming on for some time. >> people with parkinson's will experience motor symptoms which are primarily tremor and slowness and stiffness. some people also get walking imbalance problems. some people will get nonmotor symptoms which can be everything from mood and memory problems all the way to sleep problems. >> reporter: a million people in
8:15 am
the u.s. are living with parkinson's. a chronic degenerative neurological disorder. the average age of diagnosis, 60. though some are diagnosed at 40 or younger. >> every person's symptoms and the degree of their symptoms and their course will differ. so you can have one person who has very mild symptoms and progresses at a very slow rate and then you can have another person who has maybe more significant symptoms and progresses at a seemingly faster rate. >> reporter: diamond fighting the disease like other famous faces including actor michael j. fox and the late muhammad ali. on tuesday the singer forced to cancel those tour dates in australia and new zealand got a surprise from fans. his wife katie tweeting, wow, i received a bunch of messages from people in australia and new zealand who are donating their ticket refunds to good causes, parkinson's research, animal rescue group, fire victim funds. prompting this reply from the
8:16 am
legend himself. this makes me smile. thank you. thank you to everyone for your outpouring of love and support. it makes a difference. in fact, there is no end to the love being shown for the singer. this summer diamond will be presented with the recording academy lifetime achievement award. he says he's going to keep writing and doing all kinds of work and on another hopeful note the fact that diamond is a performer may be in his favor. experts say that music can ease the symptoms of those suffering from parkinson's disease and we've all seen him sway on stage. they say will definitely him help along the way. >> promising. >> thank you, deborah. the latest on logan paul as that youtube star who faced a fear backlash for posting a disturbing video and his brother jake who has a huge following speaking out for logan. you got the details in if you as a parent have never heard of hi, i know, george, you were telling me your kids have watched his video, you might want 0 have your kids school you. his very famous brother, a youtuber jake paul is speaking out saying logan is worthy of a
8:17 am
second chance. >> it's too fast. >> reporter: he has a teen fan base that rivals rock stars. 21-year-old jake paul has built an empire and a fortune on youtube. ♪ it's every day that disney channel flow ♪ >> reporter: sound familiar? jake's the equally famous brother of disgraced blogger logan paul, finally addressing the global outrage created by logan from that gruesome video he posted showing a dead body in japan's so-called suicide forest. the video so controversial, we're not showing it here. >> in no way, shape or form is suicide a joke or should be made fun of in any way, shape or form or any behavioral mental issue in general. like it just -- i don't think it's right what he did at all and i know in back of his head he didn't mean to offend other
8:18 am
hurt anybody. >> reporter: within hours of posting it the 21-year-old took down the video and apologized. >> i made a severe and continuous lapse in my judgment and i don't expect to be forgiven. i'm simply here to apologize. >> reporter: that move not enough to stop the po he tests against his presence on youtube. more than 500,000 people signed a petition for youtube to delete his channel. youtube says we've decided to remove logan paul's chapels from google preferred. >> he's still able to make money from his videos but has no access to premium advertisers anymore. >> reporter: his younger brothering saying he's remor remorseful. >> i think what logan did was very, very, very wrong and he made a huge mistake and not only is he paying for it, but he is learning from it. >> now despite the controversy loganen paul's popularity on youtube is still amazing, his followers now 16 million. in the past month a lot of folks
8:19 am
have been talking out saying we miss you, we love you, we forgive you and hope you'll come back. a lot of people saying i don't happen to agree with what you did, logan, but, again, you deserve a second chance so -- >> a big test for him to see what he's learned from it. >> and see if he's going to use his channel now as a portal to promote good. >> thank you, adrienne. to ginger. >> it's time for your "gma" moment. this one comes from scranton, pennsylvania, one of our favorites of the week for sure. little vivian is learning if she's having a brother or a sister and she said the one thing i can't do is have a brother. she is not happy. she did not want a brother. i'm going to tell you right now. hold on. one of my favorite parts. >> i have a baby brother and i like him. >> look at her face. >> no! throws that bow. she is devastated. he's going to come soon. you'll love him, i promise. i love this video. can't wait to show
8:20 am
good morning i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. get ready for wet weather and cooler conditions today. turning into showers and possibility some scattered thunderstorms through tomorrow and it's going to be dry for an extended period into february. look at these it happens, mid to upper 50s look at the yellow and orange, light to moderate rain this afternoon. showers tonight, temperatures 40s in san all right. we have a new series called change in tay flash taking a closer look at menopause and how it affects roughly 30 million american women at any given time and, amy, this is experience that a lot of women have gone through alone but that is changing. >> that's right. menopause is not widely talked about as we know leaving a lot of women with so many questions about what's really going on in their bodies and whether others are going through the same
8:21 am
things too but now we are seeing a new kind of support group. in "sex and the city 2." >> i need to speak to an ambassador or embassy or someone in menopause. >> and "house of cards." >> i hate how they just hit you like that with no warning. you get night sweats too? >> reporter: fictional characters but a very real topic, menopause. the time in which millions of women experience the end of their reproductive periods. in the u.s. it starts for most around 51. >> i had heard about menopause but absolutely had no idea that it was going to be something that would be so scary and lonely. >> reporter: at 54 years old seattle resident gwen harris was hit hard. >> the menopause symptoms made me feel like i was kind of from another planet. >> reporter: instead of stuffer suffering alone she started a private facebook group to share experiences and support. >> people don't have a problem talking about it. >> reporter: on facebook women asking questions like what is the most drastic change to your
8:22 am
body and have you ever been cold and hot at the same time? and members describe their symptoms which include weight gain, thinning of hair, changes in mood and the most common, hot flashes which occur when changes in the hormone levels cause blood vessels in your skin to dilate. a woman will feel intense heat in the face, neck and cause sweating and increased heart rate. >> it's to provide loving support to each other as well as offer solutions. >> reporter: the support network helping over 11,000 members around the world. >> i was not the only one going through this. that i was not the only one feeling these ways so that was just a comfort. >> yes, you are not alone. this one facebook group has members in more than 0 countries and experts agree that most women can benefit from talking about their experiences with others and, gwen encouraging them to join by contacting her on the group's facebook page, menopause support group and you can also look for menopause support groups online or in your
8:23 am
own community. in yeah, wonderful that they have each other to help. it is very important. you know this all too well. >> yep. >> and just talking about it and it's just -- it's more than just the symptoms. what it does to a woman's body. >> absolutely and to be clear, this affects 75% of women. this is not fluff or something to laugh about. it goes head to toe in terms of the symptoms that women can experience. the big ones heart disease, a lot of the risk factors for heart disease we see go up in the perimenopausal period and a recent study found severe increase in african-american women, osteoporosis, we know we lose bone density which can be serious, weight gain is almost universal and it's not about eating more or backing away from the food. this is a hormonal and metabolic change and mental health and this transition can be associated with depression and other emotional problems. >> you're reporting, what did you find to be the biggest challenges and misconceptions.
8:24 am
>> i think a lot of women think it's something older, older women get and we talk to women who were in their 30s. i went into it at 40 because of chemotherapy so whether it's drug, medication, genetics. this can happen so much earlier than people anticipate and no one wants to talk about it because it's almost as if they don't want to transition into this other phase and there's a stigma to it. but just talking about it is so freeing, it was so beautiful to see everyone sharing. me too. me too. it feels better knowing that you're not alone. >> it's not an older woman's condition. >> i went through it too through keep thee therapy. wasn't that an extra bonus. >> okay. odessa has this. she says i love how she says besides hormone therapy which i'm scared of, what else can be used for what i call power surges. >> listen, treatment options more than ever, there are hormonal, nonhormonal option,
8:25 am
the biggest one is off label use of certain antidepressants which are incredible effective for treating vase so motor symptoms and no woman can go through her day agained with sweat turning red. i don't care whether you're in the boardroom or kitchen. that is not a way to live. >> what do we have here? >> i'm so excited. a lot of options in terms of treating. a lot of these obviously off label but let's start with things in our environment that are cooling mattress, fan, certain pajama, sheets that are helpful for a woman at night and things that are really off label but have been very promising. one is called thermiva. radio frequency and has $1300 a treatment but nonhormonal and online reaction has been positive and then something called relaven.
8:26 am
bee pollen extract and sleep and hot flash, you order it online, about $50 a month and cancel any time. >> incredible. >> both of those more options than ever. >> my partner amber started using essential oils that really help with the symptoms. >> it's about individualizing treatment and speaking to your health care provider. suffering is out. this is 2018. women have options and we need to stick together. >> you're going to have more reporting on this tomorrow. >> yes, and it's very eye opening. so many of the things you touched on. women weren't expecting and, you know, just to know it's coming is so helpful. >> all right. some more tomorrow. dr. jen will answer your questions live on our facebook page this morning. join her here. demi lovato is coming up.
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 morning. >> good morning to you i'm natasha abc 7 mornings take a look at our traffic now. >> there's nothing quick about this, free way, bumper to bumper, if you are merging on from 850 near golden gate fields, there's an accident with a motorcycle down. 850 eastbound near central and you can see slow traffic on the approach. emergency crews on the way blocking the left oh good, you're awake! finally. you're still here? come on, denise. we're voya! we stay with you to and through retirement... ...with solutions to help provide income throughout.
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning, we'll start with the storm impact scale, light to moderate instead ji rain breezy conditions. it is going to be treacherous there. rains up to the north right now so let's talk about the roads. foggy this morning wet for the afternoon hours. wet and breezy if you are you're going to be out on the bay. into the south baby 4:00, tomorrow statered showers even isolated thunderstorm, natasha. >> thank you for getting us ready. we have another "abc 7 news"
8:30 am
update in 30 minutes and on the news app and and join the whole team ♪ time to get the chains off back here with the very talented lovely demi lovato. she has -- [ applause ] she's been taking selfies with our audience all morning long and, i know, she gets it. she gets it. [ applause ] they're so excited because they saw themselves. known, of course, for -- too many hits to name, account comfortable gent," "sorry not sorry" and has a very important announce. you know how i feel about you. you keep it real and empower so many people and so appreciative of what you're going to do here but let's chat about "sorry not sorry." >> okay. >> what does that mean to you. >> so that song actually i started writing it in the studio. a lot of people think it's about
8:31 am
a relationship or something like that. but i actually wrote it about bullies that bullied me in school when i was younger and how my life is so great today and i'm unapologetic for it. >> you are unapologetic for it and you have been very open and the reason -- i wish you could see in the commercial breaks. i love you, demi. everyone shouting out and the connection you have. what do you hope that people, especially people who follow you learn from your story? >> well, i hope people learn from my story -- i mean i make it my life goal to inspire other people. i think that it's important that i use my voice for more than just singing and i just know how important it is to use my platform to help others and to share my story in hopes it inspires people to either get into recovery or better themselves. whatever it is, i just want people to know they're not alone and i'm here for them. >> you've been so open talking
8:32 am
about things that some people people to know they're not alone and i'm here for them. >> you've been so open talking about things that some people don't want to talk about when it comes to mental wellness and mental health and that and you have not shied away from that at all. >> i haven't, no. i think it's really important to take away the stigma of mental illness and i have bipolar disorder and i'm very open about that because i think that mental health affects so many people and we need to take the stigma away from it. >> that is what you're doing here. >> yes. >> with your announcement and you have a partner. >> i do. >> what is it called? >> cast centers. that's a treatment center and wellness program that i actually co-own with my business partner but really, really good friend mike bayer. >> a perfect entree for mike. come on out, mike. the green. >> you look great. >> how are you doing? >> oh. >> bless your heart. >> got the memo with the green. you're not an eagles fan? >> no, i just knew we'd match.
8:33 am
>> what has it meant to you to work with somebody like demi who doesn't just lend her name. >> right. >> she's very much involved. >> it's been incredible, you know, it's been such a journey watching her go from being a patient to advocate to now being an owner. it makes me so happy to see her joining group over at cast and mentoring other women when she doesn't have to. and so it's been a really great experience to have someone who doesn't just lend their name but is very involved so i'm proud of her. >> okay. [ applause ] >> we've kept people at the edge of their seats. what is the announcement? >> we are actually bringing cast on tour, so we -- [ applause ] so we -- >> the reaction from people. >> so last year or whenever i did the future now tour we
8:34 am
brought cast on tour and it's basically a -- basically like a therapy session before the concerts and we have speakers from all over and we're also helping out with different charities from around the country, so it'll be incredible, very moving and inspiring experience. >> tell us a little more about how it will work, mike. >> so it's free. if somebody has a concert ticket. and people should sign up at because it will probably sell out pretty quickly. you're welcome to speak on tour if you'd like. >> i would love to. i would love to. >> that would be amazing. >> absolutely. >> it's people who have inspiring encouraging stories who share that with fans because for demi and i we believe it should be mainstream and just as cool as going to the gym, working on yourself so we just really want to encourage people to better themselves and so we
8:35 am
have speakers come out and then we also will help mental health charity in every city and during the concert, this concert is going to be insane. insane. yeah, no, it's -- [ cheers and applause ] it's such an amazing journey and at a certain point on stage demi is going to be doing something that supports the charity and all the money will go to that group so what's awesome is demi is coming to different cities and not just having people show up and giving back and that is what we do at cast on tour. >> okay, i'm confident it'll do really well. you get it. you get it. confident. [ applause ] explain why this is something -- you don't have to do it. why? >> because it was such an incredible experience the last time we did this on tour. i have actually met people that go to cast because they went to cast on tour and realized this he needed to get sober or needed to better themselves in some
8:36 am
other way and it's changed lives and i want to be able to do that again and it's a part of my whole -- i don't know. my whole life, you know, about giving back and i think it's really important that i continue to do this while i'm on tour. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. i will definitely take you up on it. all the best to you. continued blessings and thank you for sharing your love and light and music. it soothes the soul. it does. if you are interested, i know you are in getting involved make sure to check out cast on tour all across the country. ready to get up? ready to laugh? eugene and dan levy are here live. [ cheers and applause ]
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back to "good morning america" and i am back now with the living legend, of film and television, yes, it's minnie mouse, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] i'm telling you, people walking by are in the hallway and just smiling and we love all your ears. you received your official star on the hollywood walk of fame. feels overdue, doesn't it, on her 90th anniversary. congratulations to minnie and there for the celebration. you can see disney chairman and ceo bob iger there and katy perry so you've been busy, minnie, celebrating here, too, of course, disney brought our audience these minnie mouse ears to join in on the fun. i'm telling you, you should see
8:40 am
as soon as she walks out everybody starts to smile. minnie, please stay here every day. this is what good morning i'm meteorologist mike nicco get ready for steady light to moderate rain moving into the north bay at 9:00 heaviest at noon and the rest of us get it michael, we'll send it back over to you and do a good minnie double wave. >> thank you, ginger. thank you for those waves. i'm here with two guys who make everyone else happy as minnie does, hilarious duo, eugene levy and his son dan who play father and son in a show. we can't say the name of the show on tv so we'll call it bleep creek. you get the idea about a wealthy family who loses everything and forced to move to a town they bought as a joke. so welcome to you guys.
8:41 am
>> thanks for having us. >> you guys not only star in this but co-write, do all this stuff. did you always think about working together? >> no, no. no, it never occurred to me because right -- all through his life, he did everything on his own. he never really came to me for everything, for any advice or any help. he wanted to -- >> a parent in the entertainment industry you have to sort of carve your own path because i feel there's such an impulse for people to like say that you got the job because of who your parents were so i really needed to fight to make it on my own and then when i felt like, you know, i had my footing then i came to my dad and thought, you know, let's try this. >> and that was a moment. >> that was a moment. what was it like for you? >> it was incredible as a father when dan came up and said i got an idea for a show, do you want to work on it with me, i almost collapsed. because i never thought it would happen, you know.
8:42 am
and i said, you know, sure, sure. yeah, let's do it. and then my big nightmare was, we start the project and, gee, what if he doesn't have it? >> oh. >> we're still questioning that. >> what if he doesn't have it but right out of the gate he had it. he did. >> what is it like for you to go to work every day with your dad? does he ever have a dad moment where he's like, dan, you know -- >> he like well -- he's very enthusiastic and is a cheerleader for all of us ultimately, but there are scenes, a kissing scene where my dad would like to -- he'll be at the monitors watching it happening and you're thinking, can someone just please ask him to step away from the monitor while i'm kissing someone -- it's just a strange dynamic. >> it wasn't that easy for me either. [ laughter and applause ] >> but this show is truly a family affair. your daughter sarah plays twila on the show as well. >> sarah plays twila. does a great job.
8:43 am
twila is like the little heartbeat on the show. a ray of sunshine on the show and the weird thing for me as a dad is i'm actually working with my son on the show playing my son and i'm working with annie murphy, lovely actress playing my daughter on the show and i feel like i'm working with my daughter when i work with annie but then i work with my own daughter sarah on the show who plays twila, the waitress and i still feel like i'm working with my daughter on the show so it gets -- >> confusing. >> it's a little muddy for me. >> i do love the premise of it and last season where it stopped off you guys were running this hotel/motel then this year, you kick it off in the season premiere where you have like an -- a gift that wasn't so good for you that was left over in one of the rooms. >> if you call a dead body showing up in one of the rooms a gift, then, yeah, sure. yeah, the season kicks off with a dead body, someone passed away
8:44 am
in one of the rooms and johnny and stevie who works at the motel with him have to figure out what to do with this dead body so as to not scare the other -- >> say no more. we got a clip. here we go. bleep creek. >> stevie, do we know how this man expired? >> do i look like a coroner? >> i don't think you want people answering that question. >> it feels like every time the motel sells out someone dies. >> we've only sold out one night. >> exactly. [ applause ] >> but, dan, your inspiration came from a very unlikely source. >> at the time i was watching some reality television and i think you're looking at a housewife and a kardashian and thinking there's so much money all around them, what would happen if the money went away. what would the families look like and that was really the foundation of what this show became which is a wealthy, wealthy family loses it all and
8:45 am
what does family mean when money is not around? >> that's all you got at the end of the day. i'm glad you two are working together. i love watching this father/son duo because i could not do this with my father. we would kill each other. great to see you working together. >> i'm glad we could make it work. >> it is funny. check it out, season four of bleep creek premieres tonight on pop tv. make sure you check out dan. [ applause ] coming up it's workout wednesday. we've got simple moves you can do at home to get in shape. there you go. giving us a preview.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> welcome back, y'all. it is workout wednesday. the top new year's resolutions are, no surprise, to eat better and exercise more. that is why "gma" is partnering with our sponsor splenda for a simply better you series and this morning we've got the ceo
8:48 am
of barry's boot camp, joey gonzalez here with us with some of the best moves. barry's 20th anniversary. congratulations on that. if you haven't checked it out it is one of the hardest workouts i know i've ever done. why do people struggle every time they make this resolution. >> i think the first thing to remember is it's a marathon, not a sprint, right. you don't want to just be fit for january. you want to do it all throughout the year. my tips are always to find something that you enjoy doing and do it with somebody you really like, right, so there's accountability. companionship. that's why a thing like barry's is so special because you have the support of the community around you. >> yes, and you can't help but push yourself. speaking of pushing i know you guys do interval training and what we're seeing. >> what makes barry's so great we do both cardiovascular and strength training and what i'm going to ask these treadmill people to do because i can't keep cueing them is they'll do like a 30-second jog, 30-second
8:49 am
run and then a 30-second sprint and keep repeating that. they'll avoid steady state when you start to burn muscle and focus on burning fat on the treadmill. >> do that for yourself. it's easy that you can do that. and then you start -- then once you do it from the treadmill you go to the mat. >> these are all barry's instruckers by the way. everyone will jump up on the bench and start off with a simple arm exercise but never too simple at barry's. these are called around the world so you'll come up narrow grip and go out wide and lower slowly. always slowly on that. thanks, guys. that works all the different areas of the bicep, inner, outer. the center, all of that. >> i'm very good at it without any weight. this is what i'm finding then something we can do down on the mat, right? >> they'll lie down and we'll do another combination move, chest press with abdominals and so this is a jack knife. [ applause ]
8:50 am
it's always great in terms of keeping the calorie burn up nice and high to work multiple body parts at the same time so here they're working every single abdominal. they're also crunching up to the top. >> it looks -- >> and their chest too. literally everything. >> my abdominals have been suffering a little lately. i just got this thing here. >> you look amazing. >> something i can do too. it's all level, right? so there's -- >> we modify for everybody so, for example, i could have joe just bend his knees if he had a bad lower back or some type of injury and he's still getting the same work and can take it down a notch and have him do the chest press without the combination. >> so now i think that there's one i get to do? >> yes. we'll go down to the floor and we'll do a plank position. >> all right. >> you guys are going to put your weight and join me on the floor, plank. perfect. >> i was going to say i'm good at this until i have to lower and something gets in the way.
8:51 am
>> at barrys, we always like to keep it a little complicated. you'll alter nate shoulder taps so one arm at a time holding your body weight and love it for abs. not only are you working abdominals but chest and shoulder, a lot of secondary muscle groups. >> nice. you're staying all the way steady. now we want to get the audience involved so you at home can do this with us too. one more move for everybody. >> i want the audience to stand up. everybody at home stand up. if there is a chair or couch behind you, perfect. you'll need it just in case and what we'll do is sit down for three seconds in an imaginary chair and then we'll jump, two then we'll jump, one, jump and then you go right back to the squat. three, two, one. jump so we're combining an isometric hold and if you have to modify two, one, you stand and go right back down and this combines the strength training, right? this hold down here with raising that heart rate at the top.
8:52 am
>> do you guys all feel good? a way to get started. no matter what your new year's resolution is, thanks to our sponsor splenda. this is really cool. last chance to win the $5,000 by the way to help achieve your resolution so go to sweepstakes and splenda is giving everybody a fitbit to take home today. thank you so much. thank you all very much. i'm inspired. let's do this. we'll be right back. "gma's" simply a better you is brought to you by splenda naturals, the best tasting stevia.
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good morning bay area. let get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning to you, i'm natasha sfr abc 7 mornings and meteorologist mike nicco tracking the rain today. >> the storm is a 2, moderate on the impact scale. instead ji light to moderate rain. breezy conditions and not much damage. rain is up to the north right now moving to the north bay during the hour the 9:00 hour and south bay 4:00 so all of us will be dealing with rain for the evening commute. scattered showers and thunderstorms, sue. >> with the orange on the map representing fog for your drive this morning. we have an accident in the city, northbound 280 march ra poe is a with the slow lane blocked and traffic stocked up. >> we're going to be back at 11:00 a.m. and the reporting continues on the news app and
9:00 am you can join us >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, host of the grammy award talk show, james corden. and after eugene levy. and "jan-you-ary" continues as we begin ryan's hobby search. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> kelly: hi!


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