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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 25, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. 5:00 a.m. on the dot on thursday, january 25th. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from rain. >> not really true. >> you're never really more than seven minutes away from your forecast. it does feel like that. >> i think you were correct in that assess am. will the rainfall on you every seven minutes? it is scattered out there and increasing as you see my storm impact scale notes there. this is a 1. it's lighter today. the greatest amount of showers and possible thunderstorms will be across the north bay. lightning, thunder and small hail is possible. so let's take a look at how the day unfolds by showing you showers and some of the yellow up there. a brief downpour is possible when the showers move in. we're still watching showers march towards the peninsula. about hitting half moon bay now.
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here's what's leftover this morning. temperatures runnin in the upper 40s -- excuse me, upper 30s to mid-40s. we'll be in the 50s this afternoon. sue? let's take a look outside as we make your way to the san francisco from the golden gate bridge. marin side of things. they have reconfigured your commute for four lanes in the southbound direction. roads are slick and wet. but the sky right there is clear. no fog. traffic is building along the east shore freeway from university avenue on into emeryville and the macarthur maze. we had an earlier car fire on the bay bridge that had temporarily shut down all lanes. luckily, that's all clear and good. taking a look at the traffic map. things are good. a little bit of green up there. those are the showers that mike is talking in the blue on the map, those are potential for pooling and hydroplaning. use extra caution this morning. at the live desk, let's update you on the crash i
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mentioned earlier. san francisco police investigating a crash overnight. it involved an uber car. reporter janine de la vega is on scene. janine? >> reporter: jess karks the crash scene on alemany boulevard is clear. but the car did take out a traffic light pole that is laying down on the ground right now. it's likely that public works is going to come out later this morning to repair it. take a look at this video. you can see the car here. as you can see, it slammed into the traffic light pole on alemany boulevard near crescent avenue. you can see in the windshield, there is an uber sticker. we're trying to confirm if the driver worked for uber. the crash took place at 2:00 a.m. it's unclear what caused the driver to lose control. we've been told by police that it may have been some sort of medical incident that he suffered. that driver did have passengers with him. they appear uninjured. the driver on the ground, he was being treated by firefighters and paramedics. he was taken to the hospital.
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the roads were wet at the time of the crash. it's unknown if speed was a factor in this crash. reporting live in san francisco, janine de la vega, abc 7 news. thank you, janine. new developments in walnut creek. police arrested a man who hit two pedestrians. benjamin yeager was behind the wheel and hit two people on north main street tuesday night. he's being charged with attempted homicide. the victims were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. michigan state university's president has announced her resignation. this after being under increasing pressure for the school's handling of the larry nassar case. it came hours after the school's former sports doctor was sentenced up to 175 years for criminal sexual misconduct. kendis gibson has the latest. >> ending the career of the long-time educator. lieu an assaye monday stepping down at the university where
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nassar worked for two decades. simon saying i'm so sorry that a trusted renowned physician was really such an evil person. the university is being questioned about how the abuse was able to continue for so long and how the school handled the allegations. >> hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. >> hours before her resignation, a judge sentencing nassar. >> i'm giving you 175 years. i've signed your death warrant. >> the court erupting with applause. his accusers saying it was sexual abuse under the guise of medical treatment. 156 women and girls, some of them olympic champions, sharing their stories of abuse. >> i can't even comprehend how angry i feel when i think of you. >> after the heart-wrenching testimony, nassar still wouldn't say the word guilty. >> are you guilty, sir? >> i have said my plea, exactly. >> making a statement, somber and sullen directly to his victims. >> your words these past several
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days, your words, have had a significant emotional affect on myself and shaken me to my core. >> kendis gibson, abc news new york. look at the front page of the detroit free press. the headline courageous and the name of every one of the 155 women who bravely came forward. 2020 will dedicate an entire hour to the larry nassar trial tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. followed by abc 7 news at 11:00 p.m. san francisco's new mayor is standing strong against a new threat against sanctuary cities. the justice department says it will subpoena two dozen sanctuary city jurisdictions if they don't hand over documents showing they're not withholding information about the immigration status of people in custody. san francisco's interim mayor mark farrell who took the oath of office tuesday night says his administration will be committed to the sanctuary city policy. >> i think it's a point to be
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very clear up front. san francisco always has been and always will be a sanctuary city. it will 100% remain so during my time as mayor. >> san francisco city attorney dennis herrera says the city is in full compliance with federal immigration law. we have new developments on the pleasant hill teenager paralyzed during a wrestling match. ryan joseph is showing some slight improvement. the mercury news reports that the 16-year-old is feeling some sensation now at the top and bottoms of his feet. ryan has remained on a ventilator in the icu since injuring his spinal cord two weeks ago. the athletic director hopes that ryan can be admitted to a medical center in denver for treatment. they've raised more than $143,000 for medical expenses on a go fund me page. so you know you're going to get showered on once in a while today by mother nature producing more storms. but you want to dress warmer for
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sure and have that rain gear handy for the afternoon hours. 39 right now from danville, san ramon and dublin. 40 in pleasanton. also in lafayette. 41 in pleasant hill and livermore. mid-40s out the highway 4 corridor. mt. diablo, 3800 feet, 33 degrees. if one of these storms bumps into it, it could leave it with a dusting of snow. we'll keep an eye on that. 45 in san carlos. 47 in vallejo. san francisco 48. oakland 49. about 39 in novato. sutro tower looks cleaner than yesterday. out and about, the showers will sprout. be careful with that. exercise and you'll be dodging those showers. in the sierra, brought it down through danger. it's still pretty poor because of the blowing snow. the snow is not coming down as heavily as it did yesterday. san francisco, over the next 12 hours starting at 8:00, a shower is possible. temperatures mainly in the low 50s. now, as far as the east bay,
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pretty much the same thing. a few showers this morning. maybe a break at 10:00. from noon to 8:00, there's still a chance of showers. you'll be in the low to mid-50s. let's find out as warm as it gets today, about 54 to 58 degrees. little bit cooler up to the north in the 50s. but tonight, heater may run a little longer. may want to take an extra blanket to bed. we'll be in the 30s on the peninsula. also in our inland east bay neighborhood. even frosty cold temperatures up in the north bay valleys. you will have plans this weekend. i have warm weather in the seven-day forecast. i'll show you that next. here's sue to show you the commute. the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights. we have a backup on the cash lanes. traffic is getting by nicely there. once you get it to the span itself, it's looking real good. no fog to hamper your visibility this morning. let's take a quick look at the drive times. early morning commuters out of central valley. looking at 35 minutes from tracy into the dublin area through livermore and over the altamont.
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highway 4 looks great into concord. a straight shot san rafael into san francisco. no fog over the waldo and smooth sailing with four lanes in the southbound direction on the golden gate bridge. thanks, sue. new developments and the national highway traffic safety administration. sent to investigate this crash involving a tesla and fire truck in southern california. the driver of the model s says his car was on autopilot when it crashed into the fire truck in culver city. the car sustained significant damage. fire officials say the car was traveling at 65 miles an hour when it hit that fire truck. the ntsb says investigators will focus on driver and vehicle factors. we're going to try something new this morning. a push for california to secede from the u.s. is making a comeback. would you vote for that? >> take a look at the bottom of your screen. the poll opened last night. it's open right now. we want you to cast your vote. right this second, go to and decide for
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yourself in real time. we'll see the numbers move as you do this. no registering involved. no app to download. go to the website, it takes a few seconds. we'll update the results in a few minutes. i'm surprised that 27% who are voting say that we should secede from the u.s. >> right. >> moving on. president trump announced a tariff earlier this week. one company is raising prices because of it. >> recent delays. >> a
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maybe today will start better knowing there may be snow in the north bay mountains. around clear lake, lake forest in the higher elevations, we could have 2 to 4 inches of snow from now until 6:00 this evening. even up to 8 inches on some of the highest peaks. that winter weather advisory means it's going to be tough sledding if you're trying to get around the higher elevations of lake county. we have scattered thunderstorms in our forecast. more on that next. hi everyone. pretty sad images coming in from overseas. at least three people are dead, ten others seriously hurt after a commuter train derailed in italy just outside of milan. dozens more may be slightly injured. it happened as the train was heading into milan during the morning commute. the associated press reports passengers felt the car shake and heard a big bang and a car crushed in on them.
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two cars peeled off the rails, came to a stop at an angle. investigators say the train came off the rails at a switch track suggesting that it could have contributed to the derailment. they are still investigating this at this hour. i will let you know as soon as we get any updates. jessica, thank you. it's 5:14 now. happening today, the 15-year-old suspect in the deadly kentucky school shooting is expected to be in court. prosecutors will say they asked the judge to designate the a -- both students 15 years old. 18 others hurt. the shooting broke out early tuesday morning at marshall high school in the small town of benton, about 120 miles northwest of nashville. a motive has not been released. in today's gma first look, youtube star logan paul returned to the site for the first time since he posted a controversial video. >> paula faris has the details with gma's first look. >> in first look, a seemingly
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somber and reflective logan paul returning to youtube. >> when i found out that one in six high school kids commits suicide, that's stunning. >> the 22-year-old internet star usually known for boisterous antics disappeared from social media three weeks ago saying he was taking time to reflect after coming under fire for posting a controversial video filmed and shot in what's known as japan's suicide forest. >> i've never been so humbled in my life. >> in this new video, he sits down with several prevention professionals addressing his own ignorance on the graph tiff suicide. >> i was shocked to discover just how big this is. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., logan paul's plans to further educate himself and others about suicide prevention. with your gma first look, i'm paula faris, abc news, new york. it appears john kersey considering a run for president -- john kerry is considering a run for president
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in 2020. >> he's strongly considering a run for office. kerry reportedly said that there is a good chance that president trump will not be in office a year from now. kerry is now 74 years old. he had previously said he considered a run in 2017. kerry ran in 2004. he lost to george w. bush. lg electronics raises the prices of laundry machines after president trump signed a tariff on imported products. the company says consumers should be prepared for prices to increase by 70 to $100. earlier this week, the president signed a tax of 20% on large washing machines. it starts at 20% for the first 1.2 million washers imported this year. then it goes up to 50% after that point is met. >> a vote to push forward a ban on fur sales in san francisco is being delayed. anti-fur advocates rallied on the steps of city hall. they're positive the legislation will be passed. they're expected to vote on the
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ban next month. if approved it moves on to the board of supervisors. an effort to split california off from the rest of the u.s. is -- >> go to and you can decide right now if you want to secede. >> or not. >> or not. it's changed since the last time we put it up. 28% say yes. that yes vote is actually rising. now on to the next story. we should mention a cal exit campaign say they plan to relaunch the ballot campaign on valentine's day. the date is symbolic because they will effectively be remembered as california's petition for divorce from the united states. if the measure is approved for the 2018 ballot and passes, californians would vote on independence in may of 2021. but independence would still be a long shot because it still requires a constitutional amendment. >> i jumped ahead. sorry about that. you are never more than seven
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minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. >> even if we voted on it, mother nature would say veto. hi everybody. here's a look at our roof camera. you can see the embarcadero is still damp. you'll find that in a lot of areas this morning. the later you join the commute, the more likely it's going to be drier. we'll get sunshine today. you'll need the sunglasses. but we'll have showers and thunderstorms. the showers will move over the ocean tonight. the rest of us cooler with fog. the rain stays away through the extended forecast and temperatures warm back into the 60s. now, the best chance of thunderstorms right now, you can see i have the live doppler out of eureka. it's mainly south of there. but we've got a chance of a little downpour between bodega bay. some showers moving through the north bay. ocean beach, half moon bay and another one over the peninsula within the next 45 minutes or so to aggravate the situation.
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now through 9:00, you can see on mt. st. helena, a little bit of snow in lake county and northward. possibility also, mt. hamilton throughout the morning. you can see by noon, still scattered showers out there. maybe a brief downpour. they'll be so brief, we won't get more than a tenth of inch of rain out of the system. still scattered to moderate showers out there. through the evening hours, the yellows go away. as we head towards the overnight hours, the green goes away except for basically over the ocean. we'll wake up partly cloudy and cooler tomorrow. here's a look at the rain totals. less than april 10th of an inch in -- than a tenth of an inch over you. you could get up to a quarter of an inch. my seven-day forecast. not quite total sunshine tomorrow. temperatures still in the 50s. we'll see more sunshine after the morning fog saturday and sunday. look at that. low to mid-630s for sunday. the richmond-san rafael
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bridge, light commute so far. puddling and ponding on the roadways. extra caution here. about a six to eight-minute drive over to marin county this morning. overall, the traffic maps are looking pretty good. the green is at the limit. red means slowing. the pink on the map is the potential for snow over mt. hamilton. and -- pink and white over mt. hamilton. we'll take a look at your commute over the altamont pass. the green on the map is rain. the blue there is the potential for ponding and puddling. we are seeing slowing. but then things pick up into liver move. first reports of an accident north 17 before big moody curve. they also have a report maybe near the summit. we'll check back with the chp to get an exact location for you. >> thank you, sue. two fan favorites from the warriors spent their day off making a surprise visit to the airport. >> they tried their hand at working for united airlines yesterday afternoon. they attempted it push back a plate on the tarmac. >> look at that dance he's
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doing. >> at the controls of the command center. also made announcements at a gate for passengers bound for washington, d.c. >> i've got good news and bad news. the good news is there's no bad news. you're going to get on that plane. >> thank you all. hope you get to d.c. safe. we appreciate united and everybody here. thank you all. passengers at the gate who looked really concerned and like on the phone and not really -- >> i know. >> is it delayed or not? >> not pleased. >> they will be back at their regular jobs tonight when the warriors take on the timberwolves at oracle arena. >> they must have a marketing agreement with united. plans to retire after his next tour. he will make his last bay area stop in san jose and oakland. >> ♪ >> the 70-year-old says he is in good health and plans to spend
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more time with his two school-age children. when he's done touring, he plans to write and record more music. his bay area stops happen next january. american express pre sale tickets are on sale this morning. general tickets go on sale february 2nd. i think someone correct me if i'm wrong, i think it's called goodbye yellow brick road, the tour is called. >> is that true? that would be amazing. >> right on cue. two bears back in their native habitat in southern california after being treated for burns. a method never used in the u.s. until now. this is a team of vets putting fish scales on the burns. the bears were severely injured during last month's thomas fire using sterilized tilapia scales. it helps speed up the time needed to treat the bears. they've treated human burn patients the same way. this is the first time it was done like this in the u.s. very interesting. >> i guess it's called the
5:23 am
farewell yellow brick road tour. seven things you need to know before you start your day. >> if you're late, we're going to lock up your phone the rest of the day. how does that sound? how students are reacting to how students are reacting to this extreme
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slow down for. put the phone away, and use a knife and fork for. and with panera catering, 's food worth sharing. panera. food as it should be. it's 5:25. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door, your seven things to know before you go. the number one is weather once again. let me show you a map. see that area in sea foam green, if you will. that's an isolated chance of thunderstorms with lightning and hail. it's from san jose northward. that is possible today. number 2, from the live desk. san francisco police right now looking into an early morning crash involving what appears to be an uber car. it happened at alemany boulevard near crescent avenue. the car had significant damage to the front end. slammed into a traffic light. at least one person was hospitalized. number 3, traffic is moving again on the bay bridge after this. a car fire on the new span
5:26 am
blocked lanes overnight. this is cell phone video showing what happened here. a tow truck responded to take that car away. yeah. for a time that had all lanes blocked on the bay bridge. once again, that was earlier this morning. right now we have metering lights on and just inching through. they just were turned on a couple of minutes ago. your drive from hercules into san francisco still looking good. that will also start to increase as the backup here begins in. number 5, michigan state's university president has resigned after mounting pressure for the school's handling of the larry nassar case. yesterday the former sports doctor who also served as usa gymnastics team doctor was sentenced up to 175 years for criminal sexual conduct. number 6, governor brown will deliver his 16th and final state of the state address in sacramento this morning. that all starts at 10:00 a.m. at the state capitol. number 7, new animated emojis, also called an moej is are coming to the iphone x.
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the latest version of the ios will feature a sk dragon. >> and the unicorn. i never asked for those. i want other ones. >> there's a new rule when it comes to cell phones in a massachusetts school and it's working. >> this is interesting. kids at a public school in rochester are required to put their phones in a special pouch at the beginning of the day and the phones are locked up. the principal started the program to decrease cyber bullying and the use of cell phones in class. students say they actually like it. the principal says that some parents are asking how do i get this for my house? >> i want that for my life. we're coming back with a full hour of news. the decision bay area commuters you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat.
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do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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good morning bay area. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning on this thursday, january 25th. hope you're doing well. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. it's not the rain like yesterday. but sprinkles to expect. >> it's not going to be a steady rain. it could have lightning, thunder, hail and maybe even graupel. with our freezing level hanging around about 3,000 feet, hamilton, diablo and the north bay mountains may get snow. lake county, may accumulate. i'll show you that. the storm is a 1 on the storm impact scale. here's a light shower moving through san francisco from downtown through the western addition in the marina. that will move across the bay bridge. one of the heavier cells near grown ert park. moving on to the ocean and neighborhoods throughout the day. here's how it breaks down in the accuweather planner. dress warmer this morning. 39 to 42. 49 to 53 the coverage increasing
5:31 am
in showers. this afternoon through the evening, we'll have a best chance of thunderstorms. still damp out there. let's see how it's affecting the commute. sue? >> where you mentioned over penn grove, first reports of an accident. i'll check on that in a couple of minutes. mass transit this morning. 47 b.a.r.t. trains on time. the golden gate system, ferries and buses moving nicely and ace trains 1 and 3 on schedule this morning. green on your map is good. we're moving nicely. we have a problem in the santa cruz mountains. i'm not seeing any slowing here. it's northbound before big moody curve. tow truck on scene and should be there in about 20 minutes. it's off to the right hand shoulder. traffic is getting by so far so good. sue, thank you. happening now, rain here means much-needed snow in tahoe. >> that's a lot of fun once you get there. it's the getting there that becomes the issue. reporter amy hollyfield live along i-80 this morning. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. this could be your last dry stretch of highway headed up to
5:32 am
the sierra especially since we have a winter storm warning in place for the area through tomorrow morning. here's what it looks like in truckee right now. winter has finally arrived. they are getting snow and the locals are so grateful to see it. skiers happy to see it as well. but you have to get there first. we did meet up with one driver who was working hard to get his chains on in these conditions. >> this is the first time i put it on while it's snowing. i practiced while it wasn't snowing. i got to go forward. >> truckee ice rink is covered in snow. pounded by wind and snow. had to close. locals say they'll take it. they need the snow to translate to business at bars and restaurants and ski resorts. everyone is looking forward to this. they think it's going to be a great weekend. white-out conditions are possible on the drive there. so be careful. chains are required.
5:33 am
cal trans has called out all of its employees to work on clearing the snow out of your way so you can get there safely. reporting live from fairfield, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. appreciate the update. thank you. all lanes on the bay bridge are open after this car fire. it happened at 3:30 this morning. take a look at this cell phone video. the entire westbound side of the bridge was shut down. again, it is all clear now. a judge banned parents from contacting the 13 children they're accused of torturing for three years unless it's through defense or prosecution lawyers. david and louise turpin pleaded not guilty to accusations they starved their children, held them captive inside their riverside county home. their kids range in age from 2 years old to 29 years old. the charges against the couple do not include the 2-year-old. the other children are being treated for malnourishment at a hospital. >> if you think about what the allegations are here, the allegations are that they
5:34 am
controlled these kids so much, you can't have those people now talking to them who are as potential witnesses. >> the deputies rescued the victims after their 17-year-old sister escaped through a window and called 9-1-1 on january 14th. detectives believe the family was getting ready to leave california to move to oklahoma at the time. now a live desk update. >> from our live desk, a big reminder to check your smoke alarm. firefighters urging residents to do so after a fire destroyed a mobile home. look at these pictures that we got from overnight. it's destroyed. the fire started just before 8:00 last night on panorama and marin valley drive. the homeowner escaped with only minor injuries. crews say damage to the home is now estimated at $450,000. a vehicle parked on the property in the carport also burned and firefighters want residents to have working smoke alarms so they can alert them in the early
5:35 am
stages of the fire. unclear at this point what sparked a fire. investigation ongoing. jessica, thank you. it's 5:35. the young woman at the heart of the police scandal that rocked bay area police departments is dropping a lawsuit against one of them. jasmine abuslin dismissed her federal lawsuit against richmond police. she accused six officers in the current and former police chiefs of sexually trafficking her in exchange for police protection and information. abusl abuslin's allegations that she had sex with officers from several police agencies sparked several investigations. the city of oakland agreed to pay her a $989,000 settlement last summer. university of california students may not face a tuition hike in the fall after all. uc regents are putting off a vote to increase the fees in time to lobby sacramento for more money. yesterday the regents were expected to approve a hike for
5:36 am
students from california and 3.5% increase for out of state students. instead, they bowed to opposition from students and state lawmakers. they decided to put off the issue until may. bay area commuters will decide if they want to pay up to $9 to cross the bay bridge. a measure approved for the june ballot yesterday would increase tolls by $1 in 2019, again a $1 in 2022 and again in 2025 for all the bay area bridges, except the golden gate bridge. among the projects this measure would pay for, the b.a.r.t. extension in downtown san jose and santa clara, plus a cal tran extension to the transbay transit center in san francisco. clearing up confusion this morning. the napa county district attorney is trying to reassure property owners who were sent bills for cleanup from the october wildfires. several property owners contacted the fbi. they thought that they were receiving fraudulent bills for fire removal services. the d.a. now says that the bills are preliminary lien notices from subcontractors who performed legitimate debris
5:37 am
removal services. some are not familiar with federal contracts and it appears they filed the lien notices as a matter of routine. property owners should contact the contractor and make sure t debris removal was done by a federal agency. governor jerry brown will deliver his final state of the state address in sacramento. he will likely address california's financial state. things have really turned around since he took office in 2011. the state faced a $27 billion budget deficit back then and unemployment rate was 12%. last year the governor projected a $6 billion surplus. brown's office will only say that -- they plan to work on the speech until just before he gives it. the state of the state will be delivered at 10:00 a.m. at the state capitol. as promised, some accumulating snow will occur today. it's up in lake county. about 2 to 4 inches. look at that, up to 8 inches possible. that's why you're under a winter
5:38 am
weather advisory through 6:00 this evening. love to see some pictures. i know we've got viewers up there. send them to me at mike nicco abc 7 or hash tag them abc 7 now. the stahades of wliet and gray the snow. the rain showing up in green. let's talk temperatures on the peninsula. this is mild compared to what we'll deal with tom morning. 41 in redwood city. foster city at 42. half moon bay, 41. upper 40s. we've got mid to upper 40s along the east bay shore into san jose. los gatos hills, 39. napa at about 37 degrees. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see it is wet this morning. it's definitely going to be damp for the morning commute. maybe a little drier as we get towards the end of it. showers could keep it damp for the evening commute. dodging showers if you're taking
5:39 am
mass transit. another small craft advisory for the bay. for the east bay valleys, mainly quiet and 43 degrees. by 10:00 through 6:00, a chance of the scattered showers and mid-50s. a slight chance of thunderstorms for the north bay. they could start at 8:00. all the way about -- temperatures go from 41 at 8:00 to about 51 at 2:00. look at all the afternoon temperatures. on the cool side again. if you don't get wet, dress for 54 to 58 degrees. lake port, ukiah. finds a way to stay warmer. freezing told temperatures in santa rosa and lake port. 30s everywhere until around the bay in san francisco. low to mid-40s. take a look at the chance of showers and thunderstorms coming up next. here's sue. >> i checked again with the chain controls in tahoe and sierra. yep, we have chain controls on both 80 and 50 at this hour. let's go to the east shore freeway here. we have reports of an accident eastbound on the right hand
5:40 am
shoulder. we took our live camera shot and scanned all around. we could not see it. traffic is flowing both directions nicely as a matter of fact along the east shore freeway. we'll highlight that for you in a couple more minutes. up towards penn grove, we have reports of an accident off the roadway. they will have to get that vehicle back on the roadway. they have a lane blocked southbound near penn grove. the off ramp there with emergency crews. we'll be following that as well. back to the santa cruz mountains. tow truck reporting on scene. northbound 17 before big moody curve. that, too, is off the roadway on to the right hand shoulder. i'm not seeing much slowing there. it is slick, be careful. shake shack causing a stir in san francisco. one neighborhood coming together to say they don't really want it. man's best fr
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5:43 am
let's take a look around the state. it's active about everywhere. even so cal will get a few showers this morning. 63 to 64. even 71 up in palm springs. you can see it's still snowing across the sierra. in fact, we have the winter weather advisory. less snow around the lake and a lot more snow trying to get to the lake. 6 to 12 inches through about 10:00 tomorrow morning with another foot and a half above 7,000 feet. let me show you my accuweather seven-day forecast for tahoe. that's it. snow today and feel like winter
5:44 am
chill tomorrow. then temperatures above average by the weekend. right now, the president in switzerland for the world economic forum. air force one landed in zurich just before 1:30 a.m. our time. you were probably sleeping. right before that, the president left the u.s. and he appeared to be one step closer to talking to special counsel robert mueller in the russia investigation. big news. abc news reporter kenneth moton is in washington with the latest on that story. good morning. te press was having an off the record session with white house chief of staff john kelley when the president dropped in and made big headlines. the president saying the interview with the special counsel could happen in two to three weeks. president trump left the white house bound for switzerland. a couple of hours before appearing eager for possible interview with special counsel robert mueller. >> i'm looking forward to it, actually. >> just awe second. there's been no collusion
5:45 am
whatsoever. >> you would do it under oath. >> i would do it under oath he said mr. trump was peeking hurried -- speaking hurriedly and arrangements are being worked out. trump open to granting citizenship to the d.r.e.a.m.ers after a 10 to 12-year period. >> i think it's ouri issuissue. i think it's better for the republicans than the democrats. >> back to negotiating a deal to address the fate of nearly 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the u.s. as children. >> trump set a march 5th deadline to end the daca program protecting them from deportati n deportation. he's open to extending the deadline if a deal is negotiated. lawmakers are making bluetooth devices aren't secretly gathering data on you. there's a bill bound for the legislature that internet
5:46 am
devices will install -- lawmakers say the proposal would work to prevent critical user information from getting into the wrong hands. the bill passed in the state senate this week and is now awaiting a vote in the assembly. a new danger discovered at the southern california spot considered the intersection of luxury and fashion. seismologists say an earthquake fault line runs right underneath beverly hills rodeo drive. new data from state geologists uncovered this. the fault had its last sizable quake in 1973. but seismologists say its potential for destruction is great. it could cause far more damage to l.a. than the 6.7 magnitude northridge earthquake in 1994. okay. the latest on shake shack now. neighbors in san francisco's cal hollow neighborhood are apparently upset about an east coast burger chain moving into their old grocery store's building. >> if the city issues permits, the old market will transform into a rubble gym and a shake shack burger restaurant next
5:47 am
year. many people were excited about the announcement but some are concerns in the crowds and how it will fit if the corner. >> it's very residential here and bringing up the noise level and congestion which we're already experiencing. >> with regards to making sure it's clean and not noisy, center cal employs its own property management staff responsible for cleaning up the streets on a daily basis. >> the developer says that they along with the original owners of the market actually spoke to more than a dozen grocery businesses about leasing that empty space. but they say they couldn't find a viable tenant. okay. we'll see how that goes. the hometown hero in the east bay. the golden retriever is receiving praise for saving a man in distress. >> it's not unusual for moe to bark when he sees something in the backyard. his owner, john newman says it's typically a cat or a raccoon that sets him off. yesterday the bark was different. wasn't as loud or aggressive. >> i believe it was because it's
5:48 am
a human being opposed to a threat. he's a people dog. he loves people. >> newman went outside and found an elderly man in distress. he had fallen into the water and couldn't climb out of the rocks. newman pulled him out but credit moe for saving the man's life. paramedics took the man to the hospital and is expected to be okay. pittsburg police are calling him a hero. they thanked him with special treats. >> great that the owner didn't just dismiss it as a raccoon. i would think my dog was barking at a pigeon or something. >> who's a good boy? moe. yesterday like the cats have different purring. maybe dogs have -- >> you have to listen. >> you have to know. >> cat not going to save you, though. cat is going to sit there and judge you. >> you're absolutely right. that's what's funny. good morning everybody. here's a look from the
5:49 am
exploratorium camera. we'll see sunshine today. i'll call it partly sunny. but we have showers and thunderstorms in the forecast until the sunsets. then they move over the ocean tonight while the rest of us will become partly cloudy, cooler with foggy spots. an extended period of dry weather. >> we have redwood city a shower. 280 moving towards 101. from san mateo, hillsborough towards san bruno and sfo. wet. hasn't quite made it to highway 17 yet. it will. you can see the scattered showers across the north bay. as we move through time, the showers will continue to drop. even some brief downpours at times. and some snow down to about 3,000 feet. you can see some on mount st. helena and clear lake and lake port. towards lunch, still be yellow out there. that means still brief heavy downpours from the scattered showers. the yellow goes away by 4:00. starting at 4:00. then after 4:00, you'll see the
5:50 am
green starts to taper. definitely after 7:00, most of the showers out over the coast. you can see the white evaporating. that's the cloud cover. that's why we wake up so much colder tomorrow morning. because of the colder start, we'll end up in the low to mid-50s for highs tomorrow under a partly cloudy sky. we'll have fog saturday and sunday morning. then we'll end up with total sunshine. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. that's your accuweather seven-day forecast. how about the maze this morning? >> search and you shall find. the accident was reported eastbound 80 at powell. take a look. we finally found it in the macarthur maze where westbound and 580 merges on to eastbound 80. this partially blocking the right lane with a tow truck on the scene there. it is right around that curve. it's pretty dangerous if you are going to be traveling there or know somebody that is. stay to the left if you can. once again, this is within the mack ar they are maze blocking the right lane on the westbound 580 merge to eastbound 80. otherwise, we'll take a look at the traffic maps.
5:51 am
we had this earlier accident in the santa cruz mountains. tow trucks should be on scene there. it's moving pretty nicely and drive times for you. highway 4 into the maze, about 22 minutes. just turned to orange. the bay bridge backup, the metering lights are on there. a straight shot from san francisco to sfo at this hour. sue, thank you. new at 6:00, revealing talks of a secret society inside of the fbi targeting president trump. why officials say that is not the case. new concern about what happens after you get the flu. plus, burger king tries
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy. track the storm any time on the
5:54 am
abc 7 news app. download it now. and great advice. because we do have 80% of us seeing and feeling wet weather today. it's a good day for rainbows. if you capture one, hash tag it at abc 7. the storm prediction center put us in a general area you see shaded here for thunderstorms. that means lightning and hail it possible out of the storms today. natasha. >> mike, thank you. a new study shows the flu virus can trigger a heart attack. researchers out of canada, the risk is six times higher after a flu diagnosis when compared with the year before or after. most of the people had a heart attack. they were over 65. they were older adults. the study author explains that during the flu, a dip in oxygen levels and blood pressure can lead to increased risk of heart attack. burger king's new ad isn't about selling burgers at all. >> it tries to explain net neutrality. >> it's on the menu with fast,
5:55 am
medium and slow. >> mbps or hyper fast or fast. >> mpbs standing for making burgers per second. >> we have to pay $26 now. >> burger king corporation believes they can sell more and make more selling chicken sandwiches and they're slowing down the access to the whopper. >> you have the bag. i can put it in the bag in 42 seconds. >> burger king's ad ends by saying it could be the same price for everyone. they voted to repeal net neutrality last month. >> this is not the point they're trying to make. but that makes me think of onion rings. >> looking at that whopper. i'm telling you. that accident in the maze has been cleared. we watched it being pushed off by the tow truck. so westbound 580 connector to eastbound 80 all free and clear. we'll take a look at another accident just reported in the south bay. northbound 87 near 101 with
5:56 am
possible lane blocked here. i am seeing slow traffic with the yellow and then down right slow with the red there. we'll keep following that. chp should be on scene shortly to give us more information. today marks our 15th day this month where we've had measurable rain and today is only the 25th. but as we've talked about the rest of the month more than likely going to be dry. >> we still have snow falling in the sierra. looks what happens friday morning. we could possibly get another seven inches in blue canyon. another foot at donner. 2 to 4 inches at lake level. about 10 inches for kirkwood. so little dangerous getting up there now. but for the weekend, enjoy that fresh pow pow. it will be groomed and ready for you. be careful getting up there. thanks, mike. a woman who turned 107 is sharing her secret to a long life. her name is jo sunder lynn. she's from minnesota. a good minnesota name. she had her birthday yesterday. she was a third grade teacher
5:57 am
until she was 65. one thing she does to stay young is daily crossword puzzles. joe offered this advice. she says don't worry about the little things. if you can't do anything about it, then just forget it. she looks great and has two cakes. i love everything about it. >> elton john sitting down with abc news. what he's revealing about his decision. we have new details about the boy paralyzed while wrestling. the bay bridge
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪ it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. good morning on this thursday, january 25th. glad you're with us. comi coming up on 6:00 a.m. we're almost at the weekend. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. showers, maybe a brief heavy downpour. some thunder, lightning, hail.
6:00 am
that's all in my storm impact scale because of the rainfall amount is going to be less than a tenth of an inch. the greatest impact across the north bay. here's a look at live doppler 7. you can see the wet weather off the ocean and heading on to our shore especially along the peninsula coast and into the north bay. it is marching east. just about all of us will get touched by it. santa rosa visibility um to a mile now. here's a look from the east bay hills. 3/4 of an inch of rain. temperature upper 30s to mid-40s. low to mid-50s at noon. we'll throw thunderstorms into the forecast for the afternoon and early evening hours. temperatures back into the 40s. how about the commute, sue? >> let's look at the east shore freeway. an earlier accident in the macarthur maze. look at this solid stretch of headlights moving along at 40 to 45 miles an hour. just getting pretty busy out there. it funnels in with the metering lights on to the bay bridge. green is pretty good.


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