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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  January 30, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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assaulting a child. viktor kavaniaev, most recently worked at the westlake school for performing arts in daly city. it was while he worked in contra costa county officials say the assault took place. he was arrested at his home on 16 counts including sexual assault involving a child under 14 and suspicion of rape by force. authorities have not revealed when the alleged assault took place. developing news where the highway patrol is looking into whether there's been another attack on a tech shuttle bus. investigators received a report of a bus with a shattered window on interstate 280 late yesterday. officers could not find the bus or the person who reported the incident. at least five buses have been hit in the area in the last month. it is 4:30 now. if you're just joining us on a tuesday, a quick update of your weather starting with meteorologist mike nicco. good morning, guys. let's talk about fog because it's more widespread this morning thanks to the lack of cloud cover compared to yesterday. visibility zero in petaluma. only one in santa rosa in napa.
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the north bay is going to be a foggy commute all the way up until at least 9:00. and notice there's no wind up in the north bay, so the fog for the most part is going to stay up there but it will move just a little bit maybe to the south and to the west as we head deeper into the morning commute. my accuweather 12-hour planner, 40 to 50 degrees. that's our spread at 7:00. look at those temperatures, 60 to 62 at noon. a little sea breeze at the coast. you're going to be a little bit cooler, 58. the rest of us at 4:00. and then we'll have 53 to 55 with a lot of stars at 7:00. now we do have the lunar eclipse tomorrow morning. we'll talk more about that coming up. sue? a couple problems that are affecting your drive right now. that accident we mentioned off to the right-hand shoulder but very slow out of the central valley this morning. and now a new report of an accident in san francisco southbound 101 near cesar chavez. i've not seeing any slowing on
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the freeway but we'll check back to see if it's blocking or not. sue, thank you. at the live desk the contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating a shooting and a crash that unfolded after 10:00 p.m. last night. someone was believed to be shot on city streets in unincorporated richmond. the sheriff's office confirms the car carrying that shooting victim got into an accident in richmond. no word yet on the extent of the person's injuries. and also developing news the victim in the brock turner sexual assault case will not contribute to a garden that stanford university is building at the site of her attack. the university rejected two quotes for a memorial plaque taken from the statement she read during turner's sentencing in 2016. stanford said it did not feel the quotes were appropriate for that space. those quotes were not made public. turner served three months in jail for sexually assaulting the young woman behind a trash bin in 2015.
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protesters plan to be at san francisco city hall after city leaders voted to rename columbus day to indigenous people day. the vote last week upset some italian americans in the city who say they are losing the october holiday meant to celebrate their heritage. the italian community says the board of supervisors lacked transparency and should have had a public forum to discuss the issue. the board will take a second and final vote today. republicans voted to release a secret memo on the russia investigation. gop lawmakers shows improper surveillance of the trump campaign by the fbi. they claim it proves political bias against mr. trump within the justice department. democrats called the move an effort to undercut the mueller investigation into russian meddling in the presidential election. it is not clear when and how that memo will be released. from the live desk president trump will make his first state of the union address tonight. a growing number of democrats say they're not going to be there. others are attending but are inviting guests as a way to
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protest. here's abc news anchor kenneddi gibs gibson. >> reporter: the speech will be an attempt to appeal to bipartisanship and tout economic success. >> we have an economy that is booming. isis is on the run. we're remaking the judiciary in a way that actually believes in upholding the constitution. there are some great things happening in this country. >> reporter: mr. trump is expected to make the case all groups are benefiting from a roaring economy thanks, he says, to his tax cuts and deregulation. >> so we have a lot of things to discuss and we'll be discussing them, and i hope you enjoy it. >> reporter: not everyone is onboard. trump's first year in office has been marked by controversy. prompting a growing number of democrats to announce they will boycott the speech. among them civil rights icon representative john lewis of georgia who said, in part, i cannot in all good conscience be in a room with what he has said about so many americans.
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new york senator gillibrand announced on twitter she's bringing san juan mayor cruz as her guest hoping to remind the president puerto rico is still struggling to recover from hurricane maria four months after the storm. kendis gibson, abc news, new york. go into a rage and enter the nuclear launch codes. how bad does it have to get before congress does something? >> the "l.a. times" reports billionaire democratic donor and san francisco resident tom steyer plans to start this new ad during tonight's state of the union address. it features steyer giving examples what the president could do in 30 seconds including ordering the deportation of millions of immigrant children and threatening an unstable dictator. >> abc news will have live coverage of the state of the union and the democratic response. it all starts at 6:00 p.m. here on abc 7. you can also stream it through
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the abc 7 news app. happening today state treasurer john chung will reveal what's next to create a public bank for cannabis businesses. they're operating on a cash basis because of the federal laws against the drugs. banks are reluctant to take their money out of fear they could be running into legal trouble in the future. the state is trying to figure out how a private bank could be run. 158 acres of prime real estate in the north bay w will the topic of conversation today. we're talking about the san geronimo golf course. the marin county board of supervisors will consider an agreement that would have it handle daily maintenance. the land would be open for walking, running, and dogs on leashes. golf would not be allowed right away but that could change in the future. trying to fix the flooding. high tides can turn the mark and
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ride under 101 into a lake and force the closure of the northbound off ramp there. the county wants to use $300,000 from the state to figure out why the flooding is happening and how to stop it. you can thank king tides for that a lot of times. a look at our temperatures. how heavy a coat should you get? we'll start off with 40 and jump up to 46 in pittsburg. low to mid-40s throughout our inland neighborhoods. now as far as what's going on with your commute it's pretty clear out there across the bay bridge right now. our roads will be dry. watch out for that really thick fog up in the north bay. if it starts to spread we may have to put caution on here for the rest of us. for mass transit cool but very nice this afternoon. and around the bay smooth sailing on the ferry. take a look at the north bay starting off at 39, jumping up to 47 at 10:00. 56 at noon. look at these temperatures in the mid-60s from 2:00 to 4:00 and down to 57 at 6:00 and 51 at
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8:00. if you live on the east bay, 46 this morning. 53 at 10:00. you can see around 57 to 56. so we'll go mid to upper 50s from about noon to 6:00 and then down to 53 by 8:00. take a look at our seven-day forecast. natasha, it's still broken as far as the rain goes. that was a joke yesterday. natasha said that graphic was broken. let's see if the commute is broken. sue? just for some people and, unfortunately, it's the early morning commuters out of the central valley. an earlier accident has things jammed but that accident fortunately is cleared. now we have an overturn in san francisco apparently blocking one of the off ramp lanes to cesar chavez from southbound 101. so heads up there. i'm not seeing any slowing on the freeway. we'll check back with chp on that and road work over the waldo grade should be picked up in another 20 minutes or so.
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that's pretty much what else is out there on 880. several lanes closed for road work. we'll check in with that in a couple minutes. a fight over micro breweries has gotten so intense sheriff's deputies are being called in to keep the peace. elon musk wants to sell you at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing,
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with energy upgrade california.
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it's about 4:42 on this
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tuesday. as you look around the state today cloud cover but no real radar returns so high clouds and sunshine today and temperatures 79 and san diego mid-80s around los angeles and palm springs. 68 in fresno. cooler in monterey. 62 in yosemite. 54 up in tahoe. 30% of average of snowpack. notice as i get out of the way fog is the big story again this morning over lake tahoe like it was yesterday morning. it will give way to high clouds and temperatures already ten degrees above average and getting warmer. some record highs are possible in tahoe. natasha? the family of a man whose shooting death was posted to facebook is now suing the social media giant. robert goodwin sr. was shot and killed last easter sunday in cleveland. he uploaded that video of the deadly shooting to facebook. the lawsuit claims facebook should have known that he was a threat based on his posts. the suit seeks more than $25,000 in damages. hayward police are crediting
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a vigilant parent for the arrest after convicted sex offender. melvin flemings offered to give lessons to a student. the parents searched his name online and found he was a convicted sex offender. police are trying to determine if there are other potential victims. 4:43 now. a battle is brewing in alameda county whether to allow more microbreweries. as reporter lilian kim explains, a lot of people don't like the idea. you're saying people aren't going to be driving up and down that road drunk. >> reporter: the issue over microbreweries has become so heated in fremont sheriff's deputies were brought into this meeting in case things got out of hand. wineries have flourished in alameda county, specifically livermore county. leaders are considering whether to allow craft beer establishments also known as microbreweries. >> when you're trying to do agro-tourism, that type of environment for people, you want to give them options.
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>> reporter: there have been 18 public meetings on this proposal but concerns here in fremont are the latest holdup in getting the ordinance passed. the big concern is more i son canyon road, many fear will be used by customers if one resident opens a microbrewery. the owner made it clear he has no plans to do any such thing despite having built a 12,000-square-foot barn on his property. >> and i'll tell you all we do not want a brewery on our property. >> reporter: still, many remain unconvinced and are worried opening up rural land to craft beer makers will make the area worse. >> it's getting crazy. animals are getting hurt. animals are getting killed. >> reporter: the pushback from residents will now likely lead to revisions to the microbrewery ordinance, a process that will likely take months. in fremont, lilian kim, abc 7 news. detachable caps on plastic bottles could become a thing of
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the past. a bill requires all plastic caps to be tethered to a bottle by the year 2020. lawmakers say the caps are often found littered on public land and beaches and pose a big threat to fish and other marine life. the beverage industry opposes the measure saying manufacturers aren't equipped to make the change. 4:45. you're never more than seven minutes away from your forecast. hi, mike nicco. the fog in the north bay. i wanted to show you san rafael. it hasn't quite made it here yet but it is possible it could sink southward as we look south on 101. it is going to be brighter and warmer this afternoon. my accuweather highlight, thin clouds for the lunar eclipse. even warmer weather for the weekend. a look where the storm track is. it's well to the north and will stay in the pacific northwest for the next several days. what does it do to our temperatures today. mid to upper 60s. two to four degrees warmer than yesterday. only the coast will see a little
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bit of cooling as a localized sea breeze will keep you from reaching the 70s like yesterday. a look at ton's temperatures. if you get up early tomorrow morning to view the lunar eclipse, this is what you should dress for. temperatures in the upper 30s in our north bay valleys, the san ramone valley. upper 40s in san francisco. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. it gets warmer tomorrow and it just keeps getting warmer when february starts. near 70 at the coast and low to mid-70s. it feels like spring. there may be some pollen in the air soon. sue? >> i've already started to see blossoms pop up out there. an overturn on its side at the blocking one of the lanes of the cesar chavez off ramp to southbound 101. so southbound 101 itself is not affected yet. they may have to close off part of the ramp to get emergency crews in there. road work on northbound 880.
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that's a big stretch. i'm not seeing any slowing right now but hopefully they'll get that up in time. we have the broadway tunnel. that should be picked up by 6:00 this morning. a law to stop elon musk from selling millions of dollars worth of flamethrowers. musk tweeted video of himself using one of these over the weekend. they cost $500 a pop. musk claims they are legal because they don't shoot flames beyond ten feet. >> oh, my goodness. >> he joked in december he would sell them if his company called boring sold 50,000. man, it's loud. >> ten feet? >> musk says he has presold 10,000 of the 20,000
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flamethrowers. an assemblyman says the idea is in bad taste following several deadly wildfires in california. what could go wrong? >> i have so many questions and it is so early. all right. so if you set your alarm and you're going to be awake this time tomorrow, the good news is you'll be in for a rare treat you can see in the sky. also a little star power of a different kind. zendaya drops in to meet students in the bay area. a man trapped in a burning car and the hero who risked his safety to save him. first this morning's "tech bytes." in today's "tech bytes," apple is reportedly cutting production of its most expensive phone ever by half. >> the company is expected to crank out about 20 million iphone xs in the first quarter of the year instead of 40 million. the $1,000 price tag is being blamed for lower than expected sales. and amazon has opened its own amazon rain forest called the sphere for its employees in seattle. >> the giant conservatory houses
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plants from 50 countries with custom l.e.d. lights for creating synthetic sunshine. creating synthetic sunshine. >>
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anytime we talk about record high temperatures in an extended period of no rain we start to think about poor air quality. so far the bay area air quality district says no spare the air is on the way today through friday. that could change. we'll keep an eye on it. here's reggie. i'll take it, thank you,
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mike. floodwaters threatening toups. water not expected to start receding until later today. nearly double normal rainfall this month. about 1,500 people have been evacuated from their homes along the river. some underground metro stations in paris closed. it will take a week for the water level to return to normal. >> a lot of kids in oakland probably still buzzing about a visit by a hollywood star. zendaya paid a visit. zendaya's mom taught at this school for 20 years. she was back in her hometown with verizon and project lead the way. that's a nonprofit that helps bring hands-on learning experiences to the classroom. so kids were able to learn how to make their own emojis, mix music and take part in a virtual reality lab. >> especially in underserved communities there's rarely a chance for technology or the budget to be incorporated into the curriculum or brought into the school. it's cool to see the kids get
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excited. >> i forget how young she is. she's done so much already. she says if she weren't in show business she would be a teacher. >> she's awesome. happening today crews will begin converting the oakland coliseum in a supercross track to get ready for the weekend's race. sky 7 overhead last year's race. the field will be covered by a tarp and then with pebbles and plywood for the supercross championship. more than 500 truckloads of dirt will have to be dumped on the floor. the race is this saturday afternoon. tickets start at $15. there will be a very special sight in the sky this time tomorrow morning. >> we'll be treated to a rare triple threat known as a super blue blood moon. >> what now? >> okay. so the super part is because it's at its closest point to earth. it's blue because it's the second full moon of the month that doesn't happen very often. and a blood moon because, look, it has a reddish tint.
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it will happen at 5:29 in the morning. live coverage right here on abc 7 starting at 4:30. >> tell me we won't have fog obscuring this. >> we may have fog in the north bay. >> okay. >> yeah, unfortunately, and in the central valley. a high veil shouldn't keep us from seeing it. the moon gets in the way of the sun this time and that's going to happen as we head towards tomorrow morning. it starts about 3:30 and peaks at about 5:30 and then starts to wane as we head to the morning. look off to the west. the best time between 5:00 and 6:00. no special viewing glasses needed like a solar eclipse. you're just getting the reflection of some of the light off the moon coming back at us and it's not strong enough. dress for temperatures, though, in the 30s and 40s if you're going to be outside. here's sue. that will be interesting to see on our way in. your drive through the 80 corridor through hercules into
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the city including the bay bridge is less than 30 minutes. your slowing out of the central valley because of an earlier accident is typically slow but that accident is pushed off to the shoulder by the 205 junction. an overturn on the off ramp near cesar chavez blocking one of the lanes so they have to get that righted as well. and a quick look at your drive times. tracy to dublin. highway 4 looking good. a great drive this morning. a sheriff's deputy in oakland county, michigan, hailed a hero during the daring rescue you're about to watch. >> is something wrong? >> yeah. >> what's wrong? >> my leg is broke. >> stay there. hold on. >> that is deputy michael bouchard saving an 18-year-old man trapped inside his burning car. he crashed sunday after speeding and losing control on a gravel roadway in lake ryan. deputy bouchard freed the man and dragged him to safety. paramedics treated him for a
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broken leg and cuts. >> thank goodness for the deputy. super bowl ads this year appear to be playing it safe. >> if you're looking for an edge you may have to look elsewhere. ♪ the land is dark and the moon is the only we'll see ♪ >> i think i'm going to like this one. so this is an ad from budweiser called stand by you and it shows you how the king of beers filled cans with millions of water for disaster relief efforts. bud provided water for hurricane victims and wildfire victims here in california, too. >> that's how we do it on the farm. >> cut. break for lunch. >> barbecue pringles, pizza pringles. >> you made barbecue pizza. >> wow. >> i've been forced to watch this one.
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pringles calling this wow for obvious reasons. advertisers hope to woo 110 million viewers on sunday and spending $5 million for the commercial time. >> forced to watch is a good way to put it. >> yeah. new at 5:00, the push from child advocates to shut down a feature on facebook. a san francisco-based a san francisco-based company addressing concerns that
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good morning on this tuesday, january 30th. >> jessica has the morning off. the four of us are here. mike, you're kicking it off today.
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in fair field and petaluma at one and napa up to one. an ebb and flow from clover dale out to point reyes and into the central valley. temperatures cooler about 40 to 50. low 60s at noon. grab those sunglasses and you'll feel the warmth at upper 50s to mid-60s and still pretty nice evening out there, temperatures 53 to 55 degrees at 7:00. we'll talk more about the record potential in our accuweather seven-day forecast. we have no metering lights yet but a little bit of a delay for cash paying folks and the car-poolers, of course, heading through with no


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