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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 31, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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now, from abc 7, live breaking news. >> and that is thousands in
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richmond warned to take in doors. >> the urgency to get out can bb seen at the toll plaza. right now, it's especially. no one is there to take tolls. >> that fire started at 5:00 tonight and still going strong. right now, it's burning at south fourth street and cutting boulevard. shelter in place has expanded through the night and now covers most of the city. kate is where the fire started, kate? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that this fire is still burning here tonight, very strong and they are really trying their hardest putting a ton of water on the flames. you can see behind me, that the fire trucks are back by those piles of debris and smoke is still just coming off, filling the air, a strong chemical taste and smell in the air right now. just spoke to the deputy fire chief that said, they will be
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out here at the scrap yard for a long time tonight because the flames are beating back when the retardent slows down. heavy equipment pulling piles of debris away from a toxic fire. >> this business takes in cars. they dismantle them, they sell the metal. so we have a heap of metal out there that is burning. >> reporter: richmond deputy fire chief said that there's more than 40 firefighters on scene who have been trying to put out of the 25 foot high pile of flaming metal since 5:00. but the firefighters can only get some close. >> we would be able to remove the piles of debris, at the air quality nearest the fire, was better. but because it was so bad, and it was below 20, 20% in oxygen, there's no way anyone can survive. >> reporter: hazmat teams have been monitoring the air because of carbon monoxide levels being
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high. because of the poor air quality the fire department has ordered a shelter in place for nearby neighborhoods. >> shut off the air conditioning and the shut the windows and close the doors and keep your kids inside. >> reporter: shell, and dow chemical and chevron resources are on scene to help put out of the flames as well. i checked in with the deputy fire chief, he thinks the fire is maybe 30% contained. he said it's unexpected when full knock down will happen. maybe 2:00, 3:00 this morning. they will about out all day tomorrow to make sure none of it reignites and we will be updating the shelter in place orders that are evolving as the smoke changes direction, so check the website. abc 7 news doiblth and of course, our social media sights throughout tonight to learn the latest on the fire and the firefight. the cause under investigation tonight. live in richmond, kate larson, abc 7 news. >> all right, kate, thanks very much. intense as you can tell, stay on
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top of the breaking news with the abc 7 news app. you can receive the latest information on the shelter if place order, enable the push alerts for immediate notifications. >> in his first state of the union address president trump promised a new era of prosperity and no mention was made of the ongoing russia investigation. he focused on the economy, immigration and bipartisan ship, we have more from capitol hill. >> good evening. the economy seemed to dominate much of the president's speech, but he discussed also threats to national security, including north korea and said that he in fact may be keeping open quan y guantanamo bay. >> the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. >> reporter: in his first state of the union address, president trump focused on the economy and his signature legislative victory, tax reform. >> this in fact is our new american moment. there has never been a better time to start living the
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american dream. >> reporter: the white house promised an up lifting unifying seech from president trump. >> i call upon all of us to set aside our differences, to seek out common ground and to summon the unity we need to deliver for the people. >> reporter: but some of those on the left expressed skepticism on the call of unity. >> this administration is not just targeting the laws that protect us. they are targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection. > several democrats boycotted the speech, others wore african textiles and protest of the president's controversial comments about immigrants from africa. but bipartisan ship will be needed to pass a new infrastructure bill and immigration reform. >> my duty is to defend americans. to protect their safety, their families. their communities and their right to the american dream. because americans are dreamers
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too. >> reporter: and congress has a week and a half to come to a consensus on the fate of daca before time runs out on the current continuing resolution to fund the government. if the applause serves as any indication, president trump faces an up hill battle and strict opposition from several democrats and members of his own party to some of his proposals, including immigration reform. reporting from the capitol, abc 7 news. >> this was the most tweeted state of the union yet. topping last year's record. the top two tweeted moments were, when the president called out athletes for not standing during the national anthem and when he discussed immigration reform proposals. and despite president trump announcing a path to citizenship for dreamers some from the immigrant community in san jose did not like what they heard tonight. abc 7 news has that story. >> why should i be like having to pick between me and my parents? >> reporter: she is is a daca
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recipient from peru, president trump offered 1.8 million young people like her whose parent s brought them to the u.s. illegally a path to citizenship. it's a pillar of immigration reform. but said that another legislation concerning chain immigration hurts her. >> you are not allowing me to petition for my mom. >> the president said dreamers would have to meet education and work requirements and show good moral character, patricia gill wondered how that could be measured. >> i could be talented, how do i use it? will i use it for good or bad? >> the president as two other pillars, secure the border and build the wall and end the visa lottery. >> get the job done. >> reporter: republicans watched together in san francisco. david kinsel said he supports
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citizenship for dreamers. >> i'm california through and through, born in san francisco, i have a lot of friends that may fall in that category so it's important to me. >> reporter: he said that his reforms will bring the immigration system in to the 20th century. abc 7 news. >> a fact check of the president's speech head to our websi website, you will find the full transcript there. >> a dog involved in a vicious mauling in the south bay is on the loose tonight. the attacks happened last week at the popular happy hollow zoo in san jose. the first night three dogs, two german sheppard mixes and a terrier killed a miniture horse. the dogs returned several nights later and dug under a fence and mauled three more miniture horses and a donkey. two of the dogs have been captured and will likely be put down. >> these dogs were on a mission. what is disturbing about this, it appears that they were looking for food. >> reporter: changes are being made to prevent an attack from happening again. it's still tot clear if the
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animals are going to be replaced. someone dumped six dogs along with garbage in a field in ben benecia, animal control got a call about loose dogs and the police department there shared this video in an effort to find the dog's ownerment. the fbi searched a sky dive center where five people have died in jumping since 2016. it's not clear what the agents were looking for at the parachute center. no arrests were made during the search, and they were seen carrying boxes out of the building. the most recent death this was man, brett hawton, he died in september following a solo jump. >> san jose will remove the christopher columbus statue from inside city hall. abc 7 news was in the city hall council chamber when people spoke both against and in support of the statue.
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the council voted a short time ago to give the italian american community six weeks to find a new spot. the location must be approved by the city clerk. if a new location cannot be found the city would then put the statue in storage. >> columbus day became a thing of the past today in san francisco. abc 7 news was outside city hall where italian americans protested as supervisors voted to rename columbus day to indiginous people's day. >> a lot more to come, an east coast classic is heading west. a look at the moves from a fast food burger joint that is going to shake up the area. >> and a east bay football jagr naut, thanks to the kindness of strangers. >> all eyes on the moon. a super blue blood moon coming your way early tomorrow morning. i will let you know if the weather conditions will cooperate coming up. >> yeah, and a super, super
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lunar party happening tonight. i'm on board the uss hornet, come board with us. coming up next. >> thanks and all of that is ahead, here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> hi, i'm jimmy kimmel. tonight a full recap of the state of the union. daniels is here, so bundle up. ji
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the burger chain consider the in and out of the east coast is coming to the north bay. an agreement has been reached for shake shack to set up shop. it should open in the fall. now, earlier this month the popular chain said it will open in palo alto and will expand in to san francisco. >> they are football champs as we reported to you. and soon they can show it off. today, oakland firefighters pitched in $4500 to help football players purchase championship rings. the football team won back-to-back state championships. that's the first time it's ever been done in california. this was a joint effort by the local 55, black if firefighter's
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association and firefighter's sports association. >> well done. happening now, the bay area is getting ready for a rare lunar triple play. the super blue blood moon will be seen on the west coast in a few hours. we are live aboard the uss hornet in alameda where a watch party is going on. hey, cornell. >> hey, it's a party on the uss important tonight, hundred hads are gathering, in fact, a lot of them have gone to bed down in their sleeping quarters below deck to get a chance to see that amazing super blue blood moon in the morning. >> it's out of this world. >> reporter: the moon is about to give the bay area a triple treat. harry morrison and his family going to great lengths to make sure they don't miss it. >> it's been 152 years i think since the last one, so looking forward to it for the, what do they call, the super blue blood moon. >> i think it will be really big and red. >> reporter: what better place to watch it than the flight deck of the uss hornet. >> hopefully if the skies are
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clear, it will be beautiful. i understand there's telescopes available, so i would like to use that. >> but the event starts around 3:30 in the morning. >> reporter: these moon gazers have paid $35 each for a chance to overnight on the aircraft carrier that has more in common with the moon than you think. >> it seemed like perfect opportunity for us to hold a community event and invite people aboard the historic vessel that was the recovery ship for the first lunar landing missions. >> the rare event, a total lunar eclipse converging with a super blue blood moon will be most visible between 3:30 and 7:00 a.m. wednesday. the crew member will provide this wake-up call. >> that's called all hands. >> reporter: people are going to hate you for that in the morning? >> they will, but it's life. >> camera and telescopes will be ready to watch history be made. the next super blue blood moon will not happen again until 2037.
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abc 7 news. >> yeah, don't miss your chance. now, if you don't want to stay up until 3:48 in the morning. you can see highlights of the super blue blood moon right here on abc 7 tomorrow morning. coverage starts at 4:30 a.m. >> we will get you great shots to be sure. but it should be perfect viewing for this tonight. >> yeah, a lot of people plan on watching it. >> yeah, and i think they should have good conditions across most parts of the bay area. all right. i will show you when you want to take a look. the super blue blood moon tomorrow morning, it will start at 3:48 and maximum eclipse is at 5:29 and then the partial eclipse ends at 7:11 a.m. you want to look to the west. you don't need any special glasses. but one thing you will have to keep in mind is you will definitely want to get away from the foggy areas. i will show you those in a moment. the earth will move between the sun and the moon. it's the second full moon of the month as you know and the earth's shadow gives the moon a reddish tint which is why it
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will look red issue. check it out, 5:00-6:00 a.m. will the best viewing conditions. i have to say, we have fog around tonight. i want to show you what is going on in terms of the fog. but i will show you the stunning time lapse first from the roof camera. you will notice the moon rising tonight and the skies were perfectly clear to capture that imagery. here is another image captured by jeff in san francisco of the stunning moon there. you will want to send in your pictures, #abc 7 now tomorrow when you get a chance to view the celestial treat. hope you have a lot of luck by the way. patches of dense fog have formed. fairfield getting ared to see some fog there. half moon bay, 4 mile visibility. the rest of you looking good. temperatures right now in the 40s and the 50s. live look from the tower camera in san francisco is visible tonight. so, favorable weather for most of you in the morning if you are
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going to view. spring like conditions the rest of the week and record highs are possible in the up coming weekend. tomorrow morning when you get going watch out for the dense toing in spots out toward the delta. north bay and a few areas around half moon bay. patchy fog. for the rest of you, other than high clouds you are doing fine in terms of viewing conditions. 30s to 50s for temperatures. tomorrow afternoon, mild, low to upper 60s for the bay area and mix of sun and clouds. good day to hit the beach. moderate uv index, 63 in half moon bay and 67 in santa cruz. make sure to have sunscreen, it's one of those days. and the accu seven-day forecast, don't want to miss the lunar eclipse, tomorrow afternoon with the rest of the work week, above normal conditions in terms of temperatures. february starting off with warm weather. warm holds on friday through sunday and monday and you are looking at mid 70s, and the bay area will be in the 70s, download the accu weather app
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and you can check out of the temperatures hour by hour, minute by minute, and you don't want to miss our morning news cast, 4:30-7:00 a.m. our team will be showing those pictures. >> yes. >> of the super blue blood moon. >> are you guys waking up early? >> are you? >> it's just a bit past my bed time. >> i would not have a good disposition if i woke up that early. >> thanks very much. >> just ahead, it's a crime caper with a lot of appeal. the
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> after beating boston in a possible nba final s preview, te warriors started the road trip in utah with a dud. the jazz scored and often and then late and often. how about sparky and his brother. they were jazzed. while the jazz were wearing the flame thrower unis, had not seen it before. a back board pass to gobert, he had nine. warriors down all night. klay thompson one of the bright spots. no answer at all for joe ingles. 6 of 8 from beyond the arc. 20 points, kevin durant went for 17 and called it his worst game of the year. dunking here. he was supposedly guarding ingles and not guarding him, blow-out alert. rubio, team high 20. remember, minnesota took them over steph years back.
1:36 am
warriors with by far the worst loss of the year. they lose by 30. 129-99. fear the beard. james harden, record setting night for the rockets against the magic. he looked happy. fourth quarter, shot clock winding down, harden, he has 48 points. 107 a piece. the step back daddy. like step daddy. he has 54. less than a minute to go. oh, it's going up and it's going down. three plus the foul that gave him 60 points and a triple-double that has never been done before in nba history and the rockets win thanks to the beard, 114-107, has bad news for cavs forward, kevin love broke his left hand and expected to be out six to eight weeks. he was selected with the all-star game, there was speculation that he could be traded, forget about it for now, he is on the shelf. brett burns tossed a fan a puck and it got stuck in the glass. hockey fans are resourceful. he got it. 1-0 penguins in the second.
1:37 am
brett burns having instant karma firing a snap shot from the blue line and we are tied at one. sharks power play. joe pavelski, no, couture, right place, right night, these kind of turnovers keel you. backfires, and malkin ties it at two. this was worse, martin jones, would you like this gift? another malkin goal, he had the hat trick as the sharks fall to the defending cup champions by a final of 5-2. nfl news and the redskins stole super bowl thunder today. they have agreed on a deal to acquire alex smith from the chiefs for a third rounds draft pick and kendall fuller. mr. smith's arrival in washington means the redskins will say goodbye to kirk cousins. smith, once upon a time, first pick in the draft by the 49ers has agreed on a new four-year contract, $71 million guaranteed for alex smith. oh. and the chiefs will go with pat
1:38 am
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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> hey! >> a cow chase ace truck and when you see what it's carrying -- >> is that plains everything. >> the touching story behind bram brahma mama. grannie has places to go in the snow. >> absolutely nothing will stop her. >> how a tough old broad is showing the need for change. >> why are you keeping the rubber boots dry? a scenic drive through a narrow one-lane road. the impatient idiot is going to need a ride home. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. and a in a ma jigs's dramatic trick on the masses. >> what's going on in! >> the losing the head prank that has people losing their mind. >> this is in the streets of india and you can see that cow running alongside that truck, but if you look in the bed of the truck, that explains
1:42 am
everything. >> oh. my baby, my baby. >> you're right, that is her baby. that baby is 2 months old. that calf had a wound, it was infected, so a nearby veterinarian put her in the truck, it was 500 yards away. mama ran alongside the entire way to the vet's office. they were able to treat the cow, and they kept it for several days, and mama stood outside. mama stood outside for two days while this animal got care. this animal is a stray, but the veterinarian said i had to treat it anyway and he did. two days later, the calf was deemed to be okay and mama and calf went off together like mama wanted them to. >> very sweet, isn't it? it's like, you know, the idea that cows have that kind of bond and you know. >> the idea is that cows have that kind of bond with the indian people is interesting, too. like we have street dogs. they have street cows. >> cows are


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