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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 31, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. take a look here at the time lapse overnight of toxic smoke from a fire in richmond, a shelter in place is now finally. but crews are still on the scene. i'm following the overnight developments at the live desk. our other big story also in the sky. a super blue blood moon. >> yeah. this is the total lunar eclipse happening now from flas anasa's camera. good morning to you on this wednesday, january 31st. never more than seven minutes away from your okay weather forecast. mike nicco, an exciting day. >> unfortunately, some folks won't see it. i wanted to start off with that. you can see petaluma, 4, the fog is getting thicker there. the airport at half moon bay is saying four miles. that's a little higher elevation than down near the city where it may be a little foggier. that's going to hang around for
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most of the mornings. we've got calm conditions out there. a little bit of an on-shore breeze. here's your super blue blood moon planner. dress for temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s by the time we get to the coldest time at 6:00. i'll take a look at your planner coming up. >> it's hard to say fast. super blue blood moon. >> with san rafael, southbound, the taillights past freitas parkway, and you are light and moving well. no fog here. the fog-free commute along the golden gate as well. the san mateo bridge, you've got about a 14 to 15-minute drive across the flat section and towards the high-rise. overall, green is good. we have reports of an accident to the right-hand shoulder near grant line over the altamont pass. may be reason for extra slowing this morning. give yourself plenty of time.
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a big update out of richmond. a shelter in place order has finally been lifted following a large scrap metal fire. i want to show you a live picture of the scene. this is at south 4th street and cutting boulevard at sims metal management. there is cleanup now under way. not much to see at this moment. but i want to show you what happened overnight. when that fire was finally put out, it ignited around 5:00 yesterday afternoon. one fire truck remains on scene right now. they're watching for hotspots to make sure nothing flares up again. the other firefighters have been sent home to sleep. boy, it was a long and arduous firefight. you can see the huge flames coming out of there sending that toxic plume of smoke into the air that affected so many people until just about a half hour ago when the shelter in place was lifted and the cause of the fire remains under investigation. we will have an update in the next half hour as well. back to you. >> jessica, thank you.
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5:02 now. millions of people still tweeting about the president's state of the union address this morning. >> one of the most talked about topics, immigration. president trump introduced his four-pillar plan. >> the first pillar of our framework, generously offers a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants who were brought here by their parents at a young age. >> the second pillar is focused on building the border wall and the third pillar ends the visa lottery system. the presidnt says it randomly hands out green cards without regard to skill or merit. the fourth pillar ends what immigration critics call chain migration. that's the system that allows legal residents to bring in relatives to the u.s. the president wants to limit that to immediate family. some from the immigrant community in san jose did not like what they heard. reporter katie marzullo has the
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story. >> why should i have to pick between me and my parents? >> she's a daca recipient from peru. president trump offered 1.8 million people like her, brought to the u.s. illegally a path to citizenship. it's one of his four pillars of immigration reform. she said another pillar about ending chain migration hurts her family more than it helps. >> you want to call me an american but i cannot petition for my mom so she can gain citizenship. so i don't know. it's making me question whether or not i even want to stay here. >> the president also said dreamers would have to meet education and work riefrequirem and show good moral character. patricia gill wondered how that would be measured. >> it could be educational, talented. how i use it, am i using it for good or bad? >> the president's two other pillars, secure the border and build the wall and end the visa lottery.
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>> get the job done. >> republicans watched together in san francisco. david -- he supports citizenship for dreamers. >> i'm california through and through. born here in san francisco. definitely that's something important as i have a lot of friends that may fall in that category. >> president trump says he will bring the immigration reform into the 21st century. katie marzullo, abc 7 news. let's start with taking a look at what's going on with our temperatures. well, never mind. let's take a look at what's going on with the lunar eclipse out there. it's starting to get near its maximum coverage. yeah. turning that orange blood color that we all talked about for the last couple of weeks. here's a look at the 12-hour accuweather planner. 40 to 43 inland to the coast at 7:00 this morning. fog the main threat and then we'll transition over to high
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clds to come in around noon. have the sunglasses. you'll need them. 59, look at that 64, temperatures will remain mild even with the high clouds coming in. maybe not as bright as it was yesterday. 7:00, 53 to all right. as far as what's going on on the beaches, fog to high clouds today. temperatures in the mid-60s. dry and brighter if you're exercising, at least in the morning. still soggy if you want to do yard work. san francisco, 49 degrees. 57 to 59 for the afternoon hours. back to 53 degrees by 8:00. for our east bay valleys, 43 this morning. jumping to 55 by 10:00. 62 by noon and mid-60s for the afternoon hours. we'll look at the accuweather seven-day forecast and when the 70s get to your neighborhood next. we'll see what sue is watching now. >> back to the richmond-san rafael bridge where due to the earlier fire, we had a shelter in place. the toll takers, they need to
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take shelter as well. they're back at work. so if you are paying cash, they're there to take your money and the fas trackers appear to be getting by too. it's light at this hour, anyway. an overall look at your commute this morning. we're headed towards the altamont pass where this accident is cleared to the right-hand shoulder. we do have slow traffic in the area up and over the altamont pass and the dublin, pleasanton area. we'll check back with drive times in a few minutes. >> thank you, sue. the fbi was spotted searching the lodi parachute center yesterday. five people have died doing jumps there since 2016. it's not clear what agents were looking for. no arrests were made during the search. but they were seen carrying boxes out of the building. the most recent death was this 54-year-old. he died following a solo jump. san jose will remove the christopher columbus statue
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inside city hall. >> there were those against and in support of the statue. the council voted late last night to give the italian american community six weeks to find a new spot. the location must be approved by the city clerk an the city will pay to move it. if a new location can't be found shall the city would then put the statue in storage. >> it continues the lies that there was no civilization here. that my people, the indigenous community were savages. >> there's a small group that is trying to shame and -- the italian community and history itself. >> leaders of san jose italian american community want to move it to the san jose international airport. a lawsuit just filed over the north bay wildfires. scott baio talking exclusively to gma this morning after denying allegations of sexual assault. we have a first look as he takes on his former co-star nicole eggert. >> apparently amazon is moving
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towards a robot to deliver items inside of your home. here's a live look. you know what, this is the best view that we've seen so far. this is what we've been waiting to see. this is from l.a., the griffin observatory. they were expecting a thousand to 2,000 people to show up early this morning to see this blood moon blue also and -- >> super blue blood moon. >> super blue blood moon. >> thank you, natasha.
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hopefully this puts you in a good mood. not only the lunar eclipse, but your weather wellness is moderate to low as far as anything that would affect you, tree pollen or -- with it being so warm this week, we'll keep an eye on the tree pollen for you. here's reggie and natasha with more news. sonoma county plans to sue pg&e over the north bay wildfires. >> the county seekin up to $25 million in damages because it believes pgnd e is responsible for starting the fires. the money would be used to clean debris and rebuild. pg&e says it's aware of the planned lawsuit. but as the cause of the wildfires has not been determined. meanwhile, pg&e wants to remind customers affected by the wildfires, they have access to bill relief. people who lost their homes or businesses will not face collections for up to a year. they can contact pg&e to make payment arrangements. the utility company stopped billing during the disasters and
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returned deposits to customers. don't blink. or you'll miss it. a russian jet fighter flew within feet -- it was over the black sea monday when the russian jet crossed the flight path of the navy plane. nobody got hurt. the navy is accusing russia of not behaving within international standards. the russian government insists all international airspace rules were followed. actor scott baio continues to fight back against allegations of sexual assault. >> actress nicole eggert, his co-star on charles in charge claims he molested her for years starting when she was 14. he adamantly denies the allegations, says he had sex one time and it was consensual and after the show was over when she was an adult. he explains what he says really happened. >> after our only sexual encounter where she, she aggressively sought me out because she wanted me to be her
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first, so that she would be good for her boyfriend. those are her words. >> you say -- when you made your online rebuttal, you said she seduced you. and you stand by that? >> of course. >> later on gma hear why he says eggert's lies have to stop and how they're affecting his 10-year-old daughter now. jury selection set to get under way in a high-profile lawsuit. way mow, a spinoff of the legal battle centers on the actions of a former google engineer who started his own company and then sold it to uber. the jury has to decide whether he stole thousands of google computer files. this next story will amaze you or perhaps creep you out a little bit. >> okay. al zon is planning to create robots to deliver packages inside your home when you're not there. here's a sketch of what that robot would look like.
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it would take packages from the delivery truck and then be equipped to open doors or garage doors. you'd be able to track the delivery using the amazon key app and also review video of the delivery after it's complete. okay. in-home deliveries are -- an effort to crackdown on package thefts or the season of giving or taking. >> package theft such a problem. don't you think thieves would wait for the robot to open the garage door and walk on in. >> i don't know. maybe the robot will have cameras or laser beams that go [ sound ] >> you're looking live at this gorgeous picture from the griffith observatory right now. >> the eclipse will peak at 5:29. we'll show it to you in totality. looking pretty good now, yeah? >> yeah. >> no worries. we'll continue to stream this live on the abc 7 news app.
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we're starting to get that beautiful color, mike. >> i like that. it's really nice. a different shade of cheese this morning. can you imagine what ancient civilizations thought when this happened? they'd be running. screaming. >> sacrifice. >> let's move on. let's talk about what's going on at the golden gate bridge. you can see the flag on the right side of your screen. not quite as unfurled the last couple of days as the offshore breeze is a little bit lighter. high clouds coming in from the west. our highs will remain like this today. a break from the winter chill and rain will go through the entire forecast. you can see it's pretty quiet right now on doppler 7. let's go into the temperatures. one of the cool spots, half moon bay at 63 degrees. that's pretty darn nice. 65 in san francisco and you can see in san jose, about 69. 68 in livermore and concord and napa and santa rose a i noticed
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you were looking at the 70s. 71 in ukiah. 71 in morgan hill. lows tonight, how about 50 in san francisco. our cool spot will be up north. lakeport and santa rosa, 42. everybody else pretty much in the mid to upper 40s. let's take an extended look at my extended forecast. what you're going to see, low to upper 60s today. february starts tomorrow and that's going to start our streak of possible record high temperatures. most of us in the mid to upper 60s. look at the 70s creeping inland. 70s will reach the bay friday. i think a few areas along the coast could get to santa cruz and the rest of us mid-70s. incredible weather there, sue. >> looks like it. my camera froze. darn it. looking pretty good. it's a fog-free in san jose and great viewing of the lunar eclipse. folks are driving at the limit from san jose to cupertino.
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it's about an 8-minute drive. not bad at all. take a look at your drive times, tracy to dublin. continue early morning commuters but an earlier accident near grant line. that's off to the shoulder. but the damage, unfortunately, is done. westbound 4 abt yok to concord and smooth sailing. san rafael, smooth shot to the golden gate bridge. under 20 minutes. someone dumped six dogs along with gar gbage in a fieldn benicia. they got a call about the loose dogs and the police department shared this video on twitter in an effort to find the chihuahuas owner and hopefully find a new home for them. >> a reminder. you can surrender animals at your local shelter. >> no excuse to do that. the first look on gma. a wild two-day standoff -- >> a suspect holed up near the
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university of minnesota. at one point throwing a microwave out of the window. abc's eva pilgrim has the details. >> nearly 38-hour standoff ending in tear gas and battering rams. a wanted man holding himself up inside this minneapolis hotel for days. >> he made multiple threats he was going to kill himself and others. >> they tried to arrest him for a nonviolent white collar crime he allegedly dmitcommitted in arizona. he claimed to be armed. he was starting small fires inside the room and didn't want to go easily. initiating the standoff, taking a woman hostage and locking them both in the six-floor hotel room. at one point calling abc news station kstp. >> he wanted to burn the hotel down where people are staying. >> coming up at 7:00, more from the local news reporter bowman first contacted. with your gma first look, i'm
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kendis gibson, abc news, new york. a formal audit is called for california's high-speed rail project. democrat jim bell and fresno republican jim patterson are seeking authorization for the audit after the projected cost of one segment of this jumped nearly $3 billion. that segment runs through the central valley. building a high-speed rail from san francisco to l.a. is estimated to cost more than $65 billion. more trains will be added to the smart train schedule after they secured millions of dolores in funding. the rail transit district says it will be distributed over three years. smart trains started rolling in august. it is carrying more than 300,000 passengers since then according to the district. speaking of passengers, people loving coming to the bay area. sfo set another passenger record. more than 55.8 million people
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traveled through sfo in 2017. the bay area's biggest airport has set new records for passenger traffic every year since 2011. passenger traffic is also increasing every year for 14 straight years. sfo claims it contributes more than $35 billion to the bay area's economy and helps generate 165,000 jobs. we were telling you earlier this week that san jose mineta seeing big spikes in traffic year to year. officers in one of the largest police motorcycle units sporting new units. >> they're wearing sleek sharp and show i helmets and low weight kevlar reinforced uniforms. they contain padding that serves as an additional shield in the event of a slide or crash. it's the first wholesale change in the uniforms for decades. facebook is banning ads for crip toe currency to stop potential scammers.
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facebook said in a blog post yesterday that promotions for those kinds of products may be deceptive and threaten security. the new ad policy that's called intentionally broad. it will be enforced on instagram as well. the seven things you need to know as you start your day. the oakland as are making a major change. you can track the moon eclipse during the commercial break. matt keller and a bunch of
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to bring the love..., zales invites you... shop our valentine's day specials now through february 14 to find a gift... as brilliant and stylish as she is. shop and save today at zales. the diamond store. psst, we are the new light & fit with zero artificial sweeteners. zeroooooo!! ooh eye contact. ♪ ♪ yeah girl, 13 grams of protein. yaaassss! we're the new light & fit greek nonfat yogurt with zero artificial sweeteners. 5:24. here are the seven things to know before you go. number one from the live desk, within the last hour or so, a shelter in place in richmond was lifted after a huge fire at a scrap metal yard. flames were finally put out
5:25 am
overnight as well. one fire truck is still monitoring hotspots. number 2, it's a lunar -- here's a live view of the moon. it's putting on a rare cosmic show with the supermoon and a total lunar eclipse. 5:29 will be the maximum eclipse. that's about four minutes away. number 3, if you're headed out, temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s. break continues7 to 10 degrees warmer than average. in february, it offers even warmer temperatures. number 4, president trump delivered his first state of the union address last night. he claims to have fulfilled a number of key promises, also charted the course for the second year of his presidency. number 5, actor scott baio is saying that his charles in charge co-star, nicole eggert aggressively pursued him because he says she wanted her first sexual encounter to be with him. he also says he did not sexually
5:26 am
assault her. number 6, we're following your wednesday morning commute. the bay bridge metering lights have been turned on. as you can see, the carpool lanes are getting by just fine. 5:20 was the magic number this morning. delays are starting to build right now from hercules into san francisco, though. still about 30 minutes. sue, i know we're excited about this. number 7, shake shack revealing the location of its first restaurant in the north bay. it will be at the marin county mart in larkspur this fall. we're coming back with why cal state leaders may be forced to raise tuition this fall. move over fedex and ups a bay area startup putting a twist on delivery. getting this huge fire out in richmond, we'll have a live report and update from the scene coming up. it's 5:26. abc 7 news, the only coverage to get a view of the total lunar eclipse. >> where is it? >> it's
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we had reached the maximum eclipse. 5:29 is the moment the moon is closest to the center of the shadow. this is a live look from sky 7. remarkably steady. well done. total eclipse started -- >> it's worth it. >> this looks great. >> as we've been telling you this morning, it's called a super blue blood moon, which is a mouthful. basically it means and mike can correct me if i'm wrong, the moon is very close to us, relatively. >> yes. >> and it's two full moon this is one month. >> yes. >> and the red part is because it's an eclipse, right? >> bingo.
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nailed it. >> science. >> we also have king tides today because of that. they're going to be this morning. i heard sue go oh. she knows what that means with the moon being that close. the tides will be high. absolutely gorgeous. >> yeah, lovely. some people not able to see it. where are those people? >> so disappointing. let's talk about it, guys. let's go straight to live doppler 7. i've overlaid the fog layer. fairfield, napa, santa rosa. if you're seeing it, it's very murky through the deck of fog that stretches all the way across 37 from napa, american canyon to novato and possibly san rafael. the fog along the coastfor now. it's still lurking out there. keep an eye on that. here's a look at the super blue blood moon planner. temperature right now, about 49 po 43.
5:31 am
the climax starts to wane. by 6:00, 38 to 40. let's find out about the morning commute. hi sue. >> headed back to the richmond-san rafael bridge. there was a big fire in richmond overnight. they had to put the toll takers, among everybody else, to shelter in place. you don't normally think about that for the toll takers. they're back at work now. you can pay your cash. they'll take it. the fastrakers were never affected by that. traffic is looking pretty good towards marin county. leaving marin southbound on the golden gate, you've got four lanes and two lanes in the northbound. it's fog-free and a beautiful ride over the waldo. all right, thank you so much. good morning to everyone not usually up right now but set their alarm to watch the super blue blood moon. take a look at the shot from sky 7. >> it's beautifl. it sounds like a word jumble. it basically means a rare look
5:32 am
at a lunar eclipse that looks reddi reddish. peak viewing is right now. abc news reporter matt keller on board the "uss hornet" in alameda. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and natasha. what a great place to watch the super blue blood moon. there are about 100 people who paid $35 to spend the night, $17 to wake up early to wake up and watch the moon from the flight deck of the "uss hornet." you have the beautiful san francisco skyline behind it and the bay waters underneath it. this is a beautiful morning. check it out from sky 7. you can see how great it looks. we just passed the maximum eclipse at 5:29 a.m. the total eclipse ends at 6:07 a.m. why is it called this? >> it is when a eclipse and super blue moon happens. once it's completely submerged in the earth's shadow, of
5:33 am
course, it is beautiful out here this morning. a little chilly out here on the "uss hornet" but it's well worth it for the people who came out to see it. next lunar eclipse visible in the u.s. next year on january 21st. reporting live in alameda, matt keller, abc 7 news. even the skyline view this morning in san francisco is worth the price. we want to see the moon from your perspective. snap a photo and post-it on social media and use the #abc7now. this is the best viewing of the super blue blood moon. >> snap that photo. you're not going to see this for a long time. now to our other big story this morning. fire crews in richmond finally able to put out a fire at a scrap metal yard. that means the shelter in place for so main residents are also finally lifted. although you can smell a little bit of that smoke in several parts of the bay area.
5:34 am
because boy this fire was huge. we want to get to abc 7s amy hollyfield. she has an update from firefighters. amy? >> hi, jessica. they described to us what they're doing out here. you can see behind me that the fire is out. they have crews here watching for hotspots. they say one issue they had to deal with as they were peeling away layers of this huge pile of metal. fire would flare up when oxygen hit it. that's something they're keeping a close eye on. this is a huge pile and that's been an issue for them overnight. here's what it looked like when the fire was going. this is the sims metal management in richmond on fourth street. firefighters say this was a tough firefight. this is a huge pile of metal on fire. they are very concerned about the air quality. a shelter in place order was issued for the neighborhood. this fire started at 5:00 yesterday afternoon. the fire wasn't lifted until 3:40 this afternoon. they were very careful when they
5:35 am
made that decision. they did a thorough check of the area. >> report of monitoring in the neighborhood where we declared a shelter in place. some surrounding neighborhoods, although there was a very annoying odor, there was no high levels of any chemicals or any toxic vapors detected in the neighborhood. >> they also declared the fire out at 3:40 this morning. look at this foam. huge piles of it out here. quite a mess. they tell us they use 15,000 gallons of it to get this fire out. so it was a tough firefight for them. took them several hours. they have left fire crews to get them home. they brought in relief crews doing mopping up. at this point, they don't know what started this fire. happy to report no injuries because of this fire. reporting live in richmond, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. the abc 7 news app has been sending out update on the
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shelter in place on the emergency in richmond. you can stay on top of this developing story. you just download the app for free and be able to enable push alerts. also at the live desk this morning, a major milestone for president trump after delivering his first state of the union address. he zeroed in on the economy, immigration and hopes for bipartisanship. we want to go to serena marshall with the latest from capitol hill. >> jessica, good morning. while the economy was the president's focus. he did touch on immigration, infrastructure and threats to national security. one topic he steered clear of, the ongoing russia investigation. >> walking into a joint session of congress, president trump seeking to unify a divided country. >> we all share the same home, the same heart, the same destiny. >> in his first state of the union clocking in at nearly an hour and a half, the president focused on the economy. his signature legislative victory, tax reform. >> this in fact is our new
5:37 am
american moment. america is a nation of builders. >> an offer of bipartisanship. >> i am extending an open hand to work with members of both parties. >> the democratic response coming from massachusetts congressman joe kennedy, grandson of bobby kennedy. >> this administration isn't just targeting the laws that protect us, they're targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection. >> pushing back on the president's picture of unity. as the president was leaving the chamber, he was caught on a hot mike saying 100% when asked if he was planning to release the controversial memo. serena marshall, abc news, capitol hill. >> serenserena, thank you. for the full transcript of the president's address, head to our website, we also have a fact check and much more.
5:38 am
it's almost 5:38. head outside and check out the climax of the lunar eclipse this morning. look at the temperatures you need to dress for. also in dublin and livermore. 39 in pleasanton. low to mid-40s for the rest of us. mt. diablo in the low to mid-50s. 50 in san francisco, 51 in pacifica. easily the warm spot until you look at los gatos, 59 degrees. there is warmth lurking. it's just up in the hills right now. got to wait for the sun to come up and warm the air. that will slide into our neighborhoods. 42 in oakland, hayward, 47. bay bridge toll plaza, stacked and packed. that's not why i'm showing it to you. i'm using it as a backdrop to talk about the roads. dense fog in the north bay and along the coast. dry all day if you're taking mass transit. light breezes if you're on a ferry today. >> here's my 12-hour planner. by 7:00, still pretty much in the low to mid-40s with mid-30s
5:39 am
in the north bay and east bay like now. by noon, 59 to 62 with high clouds coming in and they'll get thicker in the afternoon hours. temperatures still very nice, 59 at the coast. 64 inland and mid-50s by the time we get to 7:00. here's a look at the south bay. 45 this morning. 54 at 10:00. 61 at noon. mid-60s during the afternoon hours. back in the mid-50s by 8:00. let's go up the peninsula. start off at 46 this morning. 54 at noon. 59, i should say 54 at 10:00. 59 at noon and low to mid-60s in the afternoon hours. grab the sunglasses and enjoy the warmth. we'll look at record highs coming up in the seven-day forecast. how is it going, sue? >> you know who has a great view of the eclipse, those traveling westbound on the bay bridge of san francisco. traffic is busier this morning. we do have metering lights on. they, too, as they're waiting for their turn to go through the tolls, they do have a good view this morning as well. just drive carefully. try to keep your eyes on the road. it is a big driving distraction
5:40 am
for you. all right. northbound 101, we do have roadwork still in lanes until 7:00 this morning. they're working on the spencer overcrossing and so you are down to a couple of lanes in the northbound direction. here's a look at your mass transit options at this hour. 48 b.a.r.t. trains run og n schedule. ace trains 1 and 3 are running on time. sue, thank you. the oakland a's taking action to keep fans safer from foul balls. they're extending the netting to the far ends of both dugouts. the additional coverage will ensure fan safety and is in line with recommendations made by the major league. the team says the netting's green color will be similar to the grass and hopefully will minimize the visible impact to fans and also television viewers. for better or worse, we now know where the shake shack is setting up in the north bay. >> college teu tiuition may be increasing in the fall.
5:41 am
a live look at the lunar eclipse happening right now. giving us a lot of orange glow. you can watch this throughout you can watch this throughout the
5:42 am
5:43 am
you're doing and watch this amazing shot from sky 7 this morning, the way they're able to
5:44 am
hover and zoom in on the moon like that and show all of its orange and almost blood red glory, kind of looks like a blood red orange. absolutely. i'm kind of hungry. if you can go outside it's going to be around in this phase about another 20, 25 minutes. i'd love to sit here and watch that. you can probably watch it on our website and also our app. go there, too. dense fog advisory in san joaquin valley. about 2.1 million people. visibility less than a quarter of a mile until 10:00. once that evaporates, mid to upper 60s there. about 75 in san diego. and that's not tahoe. but it's still a gorgeous shot. that's your accuweather seven-day forecast for tahoe. record high yesterday and record high today. possibly more record highs saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. i don't like to hear that during winter. from the live desk this morning, a recap of what could be the most vague interview in
5:45 am
talk show history. adult film star stormy daniels appeared on jimmy kimmel live last night following the state of the union address. she is the woman the "wall street journal" claims was paid $130,000 in hush money to deny she had sex with president trump and sign a nondisclosure agreement. legally, daniels says that she can't say if she signed the agreement, nor did she answer any questions about the alleged incident last night. so kimmel was a little creative. >> never have i ever had sex with a married man. >> forgot if that's yes or no. >> that was yes. >> i'm bad at it. >> never have i ever had sex with a married man at a golf tournament. good, good. >> kimmel did make a point to say if daniels didn't sign an nda, she would be able to say she didn't.
5:46 am
in regards to the official statement released online last night denying the affair, daniels said she had "quote, nothing to do with it. jessica, thank you. a dog involved in vicious maulings is still on the loose. it happened at happy hollow zoo. the first night, a terrier and a german shepherd mixes killed a miniature horse. they dug under a fence another night and mauled to death three more miniature horses and a donkey. >> these dogs appeared to be on a mission. what's disturbing about this, it appears that they were looking for food. >> and the zoo is making changes to prevent another attack from happening. san francisco elementary school teacher is accused of dangling a student over a balcony on campus. police took him into custody
5:47 am
yesterday. investigators say that the incident happened on december 19th at marshall elementary where he teaches. the child was not harmed and the school immediately put him on administrative leave. police began their investigation earlier this month. going to a cal state school may be even more expensive in the fall. csu trustees are looking to raise tuition for the second straight year unless the university gets more money from sacramento. the trustees say the $3.8 billion in the governor's proposed budget is only a fraction of what they need. the proposal they're considering would raise tuition for undergrads by $228. the trustees will hold off on a decision until may when a final state budget takes shape. silicon valley startups are racing to lead the driverless delivery market. this was in san mateo yesterday. 18 secure cargo compartments and the idea is you walk up to it, tap a button on your phone and it unlocks an assigned space. the company can monitor and control the vehicles remotely
5:48 am
and allow for overrides and human assisted guidance when possible. >> the fact that it's two blocks away, being able to reschedule delivery. you can summon the vehicle to the local starbucks or wherever you are. >> vehicles won't be fully autonomous until regulators relax the years in the next few years. there is a person behind the wheel. the company hopes to have 1500 of these vehicles on our roads by 2021. >> how does it work in the city? you know what i am saying? >> challenging. >> when there's no place for that to be to sit and wait for you to open the door. >> problems with ubers and lyft and parking. shake shack revealed the location of the first restaurant in the north bay. >> the chain will set up shop at the marin country mart in larkspur. it should open in the fall. earlier this month, the popular chain said it will open in palo alto and plans to add another location in san francisco's cal hollow neighborhood. some burger lovers consider the
5:49 am
shake shack to be the in-n-out of the east coast. it's controversial because of parking issues in larkspur and where the smart train took over a lot of the spots. let's look at the blood moon. it's more and more beautiful. sky 7 is showing this to us. we passed that total eclipse moment where the closest we would get to it. it's just getting brighter now. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco is here. >> i'm showing it again from sky 7. this is live as they hover over the city. really, zoom in. nice job for the folks flying that and manning the camera this morning. we sure appreciate that. the colors are fantastic. high clouds return this afternoon. above average highs. let me go back and -- now the next total lunar eclipse that we can see is going to be january 19th of next year. you know what, it will be in the evening hours. so maybe more people will be able to see it. thicker high clouds, milder lows
5:50 am
tonight. a dry storm track through valentine's day. here's a look at the sunny start. you can see the clouds being steered our wa by the upper level winds. that's why we'll see increasing high clouds. you'll still need the sunglasses today. still going to be mild. let's start on the top end. at least 70 in santa cruz. morgan hill and ukiah. on the low end, about 63 in half moon bay. most of us about 65 to 69 degrees. tonight, with the cloud cover out there, notice there's not as much fog as the last couple of mornings. notice the temperatures are a little bit milder. 50 in san francisco, mid to upper 40s for most of our neighborhoods. now we'll hit low 40s in the north bay valleys in the east bay valleys. the accuweather seven-day forecast, our break from winter stretches into february tomorrow. that's when we start to get warm. look at the 70s for our inland neighborhoods much those reach the bay by friday. even a few neighborhoods along the coast will be 70 saturday and sunday while the rest of us are low to mid-70s. let's get over to sue and find
5:51 am
out what's going on with the morning commute. >> what did you call the backup at the bay bridge a couple minutes ago? >> stacked and packed. >> that's an apt term. metering lights are on. the carpoolers are getting b nicely. they're streaming right on to the bridge. it's always a great option if you can. otherwise, a 35-minute ride from highway 4, the top of the corridor from 80 into san francisco. not bad. most of that delay is there at the bridge. earlier accident off to the shoulder in the altamont pass. westbound near grant line. the damage is done. you have a 45 to 50-minute drive to get over the altamont. about 20 boxes in the left lane came off the back of a truck and cars are swerving to avoid them. until they do a traffic break to get out of there, have a heads-up, 680 near scott creek. now people living in one santa rosa neighborhood have a new problem. with their water. >> first, apple addressed its
5:52 am
issue of slowing down your older iphones. that's not enough to stop a major investigation. plus, swiping citrus. this could be one of the more unusual heists you'll see. sky watch on total eclipse watch. a gorgeous look in the sky and steady work on their part. i'm impressed with the view they're giving us. not just any total eclipse. this is the super blue blood moon. moon. we're going to leave this up moon. weunlike ordinary toothpaste, colgate total fights bacteria on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums. giving you the confidence of a healthier mouth. colgate total. be totally ready for life.
5:53 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
5:54 am
as we get deeper into this wealth of warm wint he weather, you would think the air quality would deteriorate. so far, those who put out the
5:55 am
alerts is saying we're going to be fine through saturday. >> here's natasha with more news. apple is under investigation for slowing down your older iphone models. the department of justice as well as the securities and exchange commission are looking into whether the company broke any laws by doing this. apple admits that the latest offer update slowed the operating speeds of iphone 6s. the company said it did it to preserve aging batteries and to prevent the phones from turning off. an update is coming to allow users to turn off the speed tlot willing function. there's a lot of pulp here, but this is no fiction. it's an orange heist. >> you're going to let that go. that opening line was amazing. >> i just drop it and let it explode. >> i like it. three vehicles following closely. they pulled over the suspects, found 9,000 pounds of oranges. the suspect said they had just picked the fruit. however, after police put the squeeze on the suspects, they
5:56 am
found out the oranges were taken from a ship. >> the juicy story. >> boom. orange you glad we showed it. southbound 101, san rafael,ter a linda past the north gate mall and freitas parkway. a fog-free commute for you there. nice viewing once you head to the golden gate bridge of the big bad blue moon. something eclipse. leave it at that. slow and go over the altamont. you have a 45-minute drive into livermore. sbbm. super blue blood moon. don't use that. that was terrible. let's talk about what's going on for the next two weeks. see all the brown over my right shoulder. that is drier than average weather. where is all the weather going to be? it's going to be in the front range of the rockies and
5:57 am
spilling into the east coast. they're set for a couple of outbreaks once again while we'll be warmer than average and they'll be bitterly cold and bitter towards us because it will be in the 70s here. >> thank you, mike. sausalito pushing back on a plan to bring more tourists to the city. a vote leads to the removal of a statue in the south bay. where does it go now? a major update on the huge fire burnin in richmond and why residents are breathing a sigh of relief this morning. a live look now at the super blue blood moon from sky 7. an amazing look at
5:58 am
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right now at 6:00, take a look at our lunar eclipse this morning. sky 7 showing the moon still covered by the earth's shadow. >> it will be like this about an hour. the moon will return to normal in a few minutes getting
6:00 am
brighter and brighter. it is beautiful in all of the stages, mike. >> jessica is back. coming back for a beautiful thing in the sky. >> absolutely. anyway -- yes it's beautiful outside. let's take a look at what's going on. unfortunately, i'm getting reports of people that can't see it. that's because of the fog. remember, these reporting stations are near the airports in napa, in santa rosa. if you live away from those, maybe you are seeing the lunar eclipse or able to see it a little better. look to the west. that's where it is, barely above the horizon as it starts to set. if you're headed out right now, dress for these temperatures. we're in the 30s in our inland valleys. mid to upper 40s around the bay. 50 in fremont and san francisco. here's sue. >> all right. we're headed out to take a look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. traffic is looking good. there's a little bit of a


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