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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  January 31, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. following breaking news from both sides of the country, two deadly train crashes, first involved members of congress on the train, and also a dump truck that ran into each other. the second here at home. the first ever fatal crash involving a smart train. thanks for joining us today, i'm reggie aqui. kristen will be in later today. the crash happened this morning in santa rosa near hern avenue. we find our reporter, wayne friedman, live with details on what happened here. >> reporter: good morning. if you were on a railroad, this happens eventually, after six months of service, it happened to the smart railroad.
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the scene behind me at roughly 7:40 this morning. this is video from sky 7. smart says the southbound train would have been moving at 79 miles per hour. full speed when the accident occurred. the force of the impact pushed the victim 50 yards down the track. we also have some interviews here with smart police chief jennifer welsh, saying the railroad has video of the accident from the train. >> well, certainly, point of impact, hopefully will be captured on the video, but a lot goes into that prior to what happened, what this person was going, how they were acting, were they on the sidewalk or middle of the intersection. there's a lot of factors to look at to figure out exactly how this happen. >> reporter: they are figuring it out for quite a while. they have not said what happened. they have not said whether it was a suicide or an accident. they are just not saying. smart tells us the traffic arms in the intersection and the lights and the horn of the train were all working.
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one side effect, of course, is this caused delays for passengers up and down the line all morning. smart has been using a bus bridge to move passengers. this train went back to the station at the time. meantime, the railroad needs time to finish its on-site investigation. it hopes to have trains moving very soon. indications are that will happen. >> appreciate that, thank you. an amtrak train carrying members of congress and congressional staff to west virginia, hit a garbage truck this morning in virginia, 15 miles west of charlottesville. the driver of the truck was killed. four others, two engineers and two passengers, were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. that collision caused extensive damage to the truck and locomotive. members of congress tweeted photos of the crash scene and
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describes colleagues jumping into action to save the garbage driver. >> the first were doctors demanding to get off the train. security was concerned because there could have been gas leaking. >> president trump was briefed on the crash and getting regular updates. an east bay scrap metal fire forces people to shelter in place and still burning 17 hours later. a amy hollyfield is there. >> reporter: look at this huge pile of metal. now just imagine this on fire and what kind of chemicals that fire would release into the air. this really did create a big mess. that's not snow they are shoveling. that's foam. firefighters used 15,000 gallons of it, and this morning, it had to be mopped up. they also used 2 million gallons of water to put out this fire which was burning a pile of metal at the simms metal
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management recycling company in richmond. >> the smoke took over the sky. it was, yeah. it was crazy. >> reporter: residents say it was pretty scary to see the fire last night, especially when they heard what was burning. air quality officials were worried about toxic chemicals in the air and issued a shelter in place area. she wanted to stay in when she saw the smoke. >> came in the house. we had to take her out one last time, but, yeah, we stayed in place, closed the windows. >> reporter: the fire started after 5:00 yesterday afternoon. it was out and the shelter in place order cancelled aarp 3:30 this morning after officials carefully examined the air. >> although there was a very annoying odor, there was no high levels of any chemicals or toxic vapors detected in the neighborhood. >> reporter: no one was hurt in the fire. firefighters are trying to figure out the cause.
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as for the company, the se accepti-- receptionist who will comment on the matter is not in today but will later. >> thank you. we sent updates on the shelter in place emergency. stay on top of the developing stories by downloading the app for free and enable push alerts. sonoma county plans to sue pge for the wildfires. they are seeking $25 million in damages because they believe they are responsible for starting the fires. the money would be used to clean debris and rebuild. pge says it's aware of the planned lawsuit. it adds the cause of the wildfires has not yet been determined. we've heard from many of you who got up early to see the moon in a whole new light. the rare super blue blood moon. sky7 had the view at the time of
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maximum eclipse at 5:29 a.m. 100 people took in the view from the uss hornet. matt keller was there. >> reporter: the beauty of the super blue blood moon was undeniable, and add in the san francisco skyline, and it was a morning to remember. >> romantic, isn't it? >> it is, yeah. >> they joined 100 other people on the flight deck of the uss hornet overnight for a chance to see the rare celestial event. for many, this was an educational opportunity for the family. >> we actually saw the solar eclip eclipse in oregon, so we're excited to see the lunar eclips as well. >> it was great. >> reporter: has not happened in more than 150 years. because it's rare, you are cureout about the meaning of the name. a super moon is when the full moon is larger and brighter to the naked eye, the blood moon is second full moon in one month, known as a blood moon, so that's how you get a super blue blood
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moon. >> the red hue is just the sunlight passing through the upper layers earth's atmosphere and make it to the moon of the you know the sunsets are nice and rich and red, it's the same thing causing the moon to light up bright and orange and red like that. >> reporter: photographers were in heaven. some taking photos all around san francisco last night before getting a prime spot for the blood moon on the uss hornet. >> it's great. never seen a lunar eclipse before, so this is wonderful. >> reporter: you don't have to wait 150 years to see the next one visible in the u.s. that takes place next year on january 21st. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> and here's some the photos you sent using #abc7now. elizabeth white says, this was worth the wait. a san francisco based photographer captured this photo of the moon just above hoyt tower this morning. that's a gorgeous shot. and ryan louis took this photo
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above the bridge near the end of the skek ight. we want to see your pictures. use the hashtag and see your photo. the cdc director resigned after reports she bought stock in the tobacco industry. the government announced that in a statement this morning. they say dr. brenda fitzgerald stepped down due to investment issues. she's been in the position for six months, yesterday, "politico" reported she traded stock while leading antismoking efforts with the cdc. records showed it happens one month avenue becoming director. the former team doctor for usa gymnastics is not finished hearing how awful his actions were. he's in court today for sentencing in another case than the one from last week. he's in a michigan courtroom for a sentencing hearing that centers on assaults in a gymnastics club. he admitted to abusing three
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girls, and nearly 60 women and girls plan to address him in court. >> i felt what my 9-year-old self felt then, alone, scared, and in pain. his hands touched me, and this was the first time. this was the first time i had a flashback. >> remember, last week, a judge gave him at least 40 years in prison in that separate case. meanwhile, several former gymnasts sexual assaulted by nassar spoke out wanting them to report abuse claims to police. michigan state university named its new interim president after the previous one resigned over the school's former sports doctor. former michigan governor is leading the university. the board of trustees unanimously voted him as the interim president today. we have new images of two dogs involved in a violent attack in san jose. city officials said two german
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shepherd mix and a terrier mauled animals in a zoo last week. they have been captured and likely will be put down. the terrier is still out there somewhere. they killed a miniature horse on the first night and dug under a fence the second night and mauled three more miniature horses and a donkey. >> the dogs appeared to be on a mission. what's disturbing is it appears they were looking for food. >> the zoo made changes to prevent another attack. president trump facing heavy criticism from democrats after his state of the union address. this morning, san francisco's nancy pelosi weighed in. calling for an uber does not necessarily mean getting a car. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. a gorgeous morning, wasn't it? i hoepe you saw the lunar eclipse. look how dry it is here with most of the rain east of the
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rockies. that also means we got a run at warm weather and record high temp
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president trump pushes for an ambitious agenda for the second year in office. his plan for immigration draws criticism from democrats. here's the details now from washington. >> reporter: president trump ditched his tough, often
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divisive campaign talks, instead calling for unity in the state of the union address last night. >> the state of our union is strong because our people are strong. >> reporter: he touted the rising stock market, the defeat of isis, and $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan. democrats sat on their hands for most of the night, a stark contrast to republicans who seemed to clap at every phrase. even the president at times clapped for himself. it was president trump's immigration plan that sparked the most outrage. on the democratic side of the aisle, many brought dreamers as guests. >> under the current broken system, a single immigrant can bring in virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives. >> reporter: offered to allow 1.8 million people brought into the country illegally as children a pathway to citizenship in exchange for scaling back immigration and multibillion dollar border wall. >> two problems. one, that up until a couple days
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ago, no one knew where the president was on this because he kept saying different things to different people. now we have a plan that he's articulated, that plan is he knows is a nonstarter on capitol hill. >> for dreamers, they need a solution now. the daca program expires in march when they could face deportation. the president needs democrats to get to the 60 vote threshold to fund the government, and another deadline is coming up next week. abc news, washington. house minority leader pelosi criticized the address saying he stooped to a new low. >> our expectations for greatness of vision for the president are not high. he stooped to a new low in terms of how he dealt with issues, for example, the immigration issue and what it meant to our country, and how he characterized it. >> she said the president's address was, quote, devoid of vision. fema is not cutting off age
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to puerto rico today as earliey ieier they plan to stop sending food and water to the area if grocery stores open today. puerto rico is still recovering from hurricane maria four months after the storm. resources are hard to come by in rural areas. as of last week, nearly half a million customers were still without power. new details in the effort to replace san francisco's hall of justice. city leaders are asking governor jerry brown to fund the construction of a new criminal courthouse. they want the state to return $1.6 billion to the judicial counsel for the project. the money was repurposed to deal with the budget short fall. the governor's office said the proposal to rebuild all of justice has not gone through the proper approval process. google is offering a new feature. it might ease your stress if you are headed to the airport. a live look right now at santa cruz.
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meteorologist mike
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good morning, again, starting with a weather window from south bay to the east across the bay bridge. looks stunning outside, doesn't it? a few high clouds will thicken, and temperatures riding warmer than this time yesterday. we got 60 in san ramone, and 62 in concord, brentwood at 60, half moon bay at 66. clear lake at 61. here's a look at the pattern. you can see the clouds
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encroaching from the north. call it increasing high clouds today, but we won't get any rain from the clouds, and we'll still be very mild today. here's a look from the east bay hills. hazy out there. no spare the air today, just clouds increasing and highs mild. that's the first highligt. how about tonight? clouds linger, and with the clouds on top of us, the fog is not as widespread. patches in the north bay, but not as thick or as widespread for tomorrow morning's commute. a break from the winter chill and rain through the extended to weeks. 70s today, santa cruz, morgan hill the extremes. in between, we have a jumble of temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. 69 in san jose, concord at 68, oakland at 66, and san francisco at 65 with richmond. nice view this morning. not a bad view found today. my 12-hour planner, temperatures after 60 at noon, 59 at the coast, 62-65 in the bay as
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clouds increase. they keep us in the say 51-54 degree range at 8:00 and welcome in february at midnight, around 50 degrees. on the way down to a little bit milder temperature tomorrow morning because of the clouds, low 40s deepest inland, and rest upper 40s and san francisco at 50 degrees. what's going on in the seven-day forecast? what you're going to see is when we flip the calendar, it gets warmer tomorrow. we start getting to 70 in early february. that is when we start talking about record high temperatures and, you know, it only gets warmer into the weekend with the 70s making a run at the coast while the rest of us are in the low to mid 70s, and next week, well above average. >> now it's too warm. you know, like, slow down over here. slow your role. >> slow your role, mike. all right. >> thank you very much. today's morning money report, uber started a new
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service with the dockless bikes called jump. the service is uber bike, allowing you to rent a jump bike through uber's app. two bucks for the first 30 minutes and additional per minute fee after that. jump has 250 electric bikes already popping up in san francisco. they are looking at possibly doubling that fleet by the end of the year. google's flight feature will soon predict airline delays before the airlines do. this according to tech crunch. google uses historical data and algorithms to alert passengers when the flight may be delayed. they will provide a reason for the delay like bad weather or arriving aircraft coming in late. passengers should always, of course, double check with the actual airline. the international smoke already expanding its hours. the barbecue restaurant starts serving lunch monday. it's going to be the same menu as the dinner one.
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lunch open to walk-ins, exciting for those with a hard time scoring a reservation for dinner. it's very popular. international smoke just opened two months ago inside the millennium tower. this giraffe needs help. >> they are being hunted for their tails. >> see it next "right this minute."
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reminder we're on 24/7 on our news app and we posted pictures of the moon today, and if you're logging on from the phone, download the news app for breaking news alerts, and tune in for the latest news and weather here on the next newscast that happens at 4:00 p.m. a new tourist attraction in the bay area involving marijuana. the first cannabis store is expected to launch tomorrow. a startup called emerald farm tours take online reservations for the tours last week. it offers stores in san francisco or berkley and oakland, it's $295 per american. this doesn't come cheap. we're told that you visit several dispensaries and a cannabis lounge. i don't think you are ready for this, mike, okay, the length of the tour? four hours and 20 minutes. >> like when you tour a brewery and you get to sample?
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>> are you skipping over the fact it's four hours and 20 minutes, 4:20. >> oh, oh, i was thinking how time flies -- i heard -- >> i don't know if you can sample, but they can't give away things. >> really? >> yeah. they only give like hats and pens. that's the law. >> okay. >> yeah. make your own good choices out there. from us here at abc 7 news, thank you for joining us." who wants to be a millionaire" is next. i hope you have a great day.
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>> from caesars entertainment studios, it's celebrity week, las vegas. today, cindy williams from "laverne & shirley" and "menopause the musical" is here playing for charity. trust me, she has no intention of leaving here without a very big check. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] hey, everybody, welcome! it's celebrity week las vegas. [cheers and applause] look who we have here. our first celebrity contest, from "menopause the musical" at harrah's las vegas, the beautiful, the talented, ms. cindy williams is here! >> well, thank you, chris. thank you. >> thank you so much for being here. truly appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. i appreciate it too. >> it's good to have you here in las vegas, and we'll talk about the musical and all that good stuff, but first i want to talk about


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