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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 4, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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live where you live this is "abc 7 news." >> good morning everybody thank you for waking up with us on this sunday february fourth. let's start with a quick look at the wealth here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are starting out with mild temperatures at coast live doppler 7 with a few clouds. fog in napa. temperatures are the variety this morning. 66. half moon bay in the city, 44 in santa rosa. looking live outside looks nice and clear but there will be patchy fog novrt. 40s in the north and inland valleys, 50 around the bay 60
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coast side. record warmth temperatures near 70s near the coastline. cooler there when the wind shifts to an on shore component. we are well above average. we'll talk about the trend in a week ahead in details with my accuweather 7 day forecast. >> this morning police at danza college in cupertino looking for a man who commit add hate crime. a transgender student said he was knocked unconscious during the attack. >> and the second i hit the top stair s he had come down and was just facing me. i had zero chance to protect myself and the second he saw me he screamed -- and knocked me in any face and i was knocked out cold. >> reporter: this is what smith says he looks like. went to the police after waking
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up in the garage. >> we consider this a hate crime. >> january 26 the week previous to that smith was hit from behind in the same garage. >> classes are offered late so during the week it is not uncommon to have students between 10:00 and 11:00 at night. what you won't find is exterior security cameras. a. >> and petition went around hoping to get cameras the parking lots and nothing happened. >> the college says there is not fund available for cameras. >> we increased foot patrol of the areas. >> they offered smith on 134 resources. >> i don't eat or sleep, just coming on campus feels unsafe.
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>> reporter: smith said she'll be working for students on campus. >> a dog is dead and another on the loose after they attacked a woman and police officer in oakland. "abc 7 news" on 91st avenue where the dogs escaped on the yard. they attacked neighbors and chase add women. she barely made it inside. her hand may be broken. one of of the dogs charged at a responding officer, he shot and killed the dog. police are still searching tr the second animal. >> police in san francisco arresting a carjacking suspect after a chase through city. started 8:30 last night carjacked from the 5th emission parking garage downtown. the suspect had a gun. the chase ended in hunter point. officers ran after him and made the arrest.
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thankfully, no one was hurt. to a story we brougt you yesterday morning about a armed man in pleasant hill. the man is receiving mental health treatment. spotted in military gear. he ran from officers, police locked down the area as they searched nearly six hours for him and detained around 4:00 yesterday morning. in about 10 years, berkeley's only emergency room will move to oakland. "abc 7 news" was at the campus at add line street in berkeley where the community discussed changes. planning to relocate the acute care services to oakland several miles away to meet state earthquake regulations. nancy sis 450,000 people will be
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put in danger. >> minutes matter if you have a heart attack or stroke. if they are that further that the ambulance has to take you, we can have an increase in deaths, nobody wants that. >> effected services will include labor and delivery and infant intensive care. they are producting a review to make sure the affected people have good access. a senior citizen died when hit by a car crossing the street at union city. "abc 7 news" was at the crash on lafayette avenue. a large box truck hit the man before 11:00 yesterday morning. the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating with the police. thieves snatched four laptops at a popular coffee shop inest bay. the theft happen at caf frk e str ada.
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the thirty time crooks targeted the business. three people were indication the outdoor area of the coffee shop and grabbed four computers from customers. it is a popular place for students from berkeley. a man on a mission traving to los angeles on his bike. another step to raise awareness about climate change. abhi shee sharma. in a story you will see on 7:00. >> the sleeped bed, back up clothes. >> to say he travels light would be an under statement. >> i don't have money. i only have love and peace in my heart. >> he has a bike and on the beak
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he began his claimant change and world peace awareness tour. visited 988 city. >> check republican, austria and greece. >> what he mound is curious strangers with open hearts and minds. >> i met drug dealers, smug lers. zero bad experience. >> reporter: he captured this amazing journey on camera. his supporters are everywhere. >> he is watching video from moscow, russia. >> reporter: helped him with meals, hotel it is, flights, was so impressed by his message, he hosted him for two days. >> it's absolutely just
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motivational. he wants to go out and connect people, countries, culture. >> reporter: the 29-year-old has three years and 50 countries on his connect the world tour which will end in india. >> his plan is to leave the area tomorrow and drive roughly 320 miles to los angeles, from there he'll catch a flight to australia. >> people across the bay area took advantage of yesterday's record heat. cornell barnard spented day with people enjoying the warm weather. >> reporter: the dog days of winter? this is february, right? >> it feels like the start of spring and summer. it's so exciting and the dogs are excited too. >> reporter: this was the place to be for dog loverers. there was enough breeze to fly a
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kite or chill out by the water. >> it is host for february. i am over dressed. >> the rowing club was giving it theiral and the shopping plaza, a 24 rowing marathon to raise money for the club's youth program. >> we're used to this. we can handle it. >> some years you are out here at 4:00 and it is like 20 degrees. we wait for these days to pop up and jump on them. >> reporter: and there you go. lots of people jumped for a chance for a beach day in san francisco. the beach was pack. a family visiting from delaware. >> i think we left in snow. too bad we are leaving for it few days. >> didn't expect for it to be this warm, had to borrow shorts for my son. >> cornell barnard, "abc 7 news." >> you'll find out how warm it
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will get with the abc 7 app. enable push alerts to get weather updates especially from our meteorologist lisa argen. gorgeous today, can we expect the same today? >> yes, it is 60s in san francisco. 61 now, 44 santa rosa, 58 in fremont. we are doing subtle changes to talk about. lots of vitamin d to be had and records falling again today. i'll have all of the details, coming up. ahead an affordable housing plan up to debate. hoping to build more units in san francisco. celebrities coming together to help victims of the f
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good morning everyone time approaching 5:13 on this sunday morning. taking a live look outside from the emeriville camera and daytime temperatures. how warm it will get in the accuweather forecast coming up with meteorologist lisa argen? this week, they will vote on t weath-- the garage on third street is 53% occupied in peak hours and brings $2.5 million for the city per year. they want to turn it into a tower with hotel rooms and one hundred affordable housing units. a push to create affordable housing on public land. tomorrow, testing on newly installed overhead message signs
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on the san rafael bridge to alert the drivers when a lane is open and closed. that new third lane going to open at the end of april. used to be the right shoulder running to the marin street exit time is 5:14 latest star to add her name to the growing list of women accusing harvey weinstein with sexual assault. >> now accusing disgraced har vi wine sign of forcing himself on her sexually. first working together in the movie pulp fix. the actress telled "new york times," in paris, he held a meeting in his bathrobe and tried to lure here into a steam
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room. he pushed me down and tried to shove himself on me and expose himself. she told weinstein the next day, if you did to me to other people, you will lose your career, family and reputation. >> she clearly thought about what she remembers about thesevents and come out fighting strongly. >> reporter: in a statement, weinstein who is in rehab in arizona. he apologized for it. the claims about being physically assaulted is untrue. >> he made denials, and this is no different. he went through extreme lengths, he, woulded with her so frequently. >> she continued to work him him, and the kill bill series. she only tolerated him in supervised environments. linda lopez, "abc 7 news," new
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york. >> all proceeds are going to victims to the thomas fire and last month's mudslides in southern california. last night's concert featured a rock country band. >> i'm glad people showed up. it's not that we have the best answer on what to do. but those who are lucky enough not to be affected real iedsed we needed to be about something. today, everybody contributing in whatever way they can about what happened and it's a sense of community. >> he grew up in the area. marvels black panther poised to be a block buster with positive reviews and early ticket sales. someone is tricking people not to see it.
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it has a all african american man, an alt right man has a campaign to bring them down. his facebook page was taken down. go to the movie and click on top critics only. the new thriller based on the story of sarah wind chester and the mansion she built in san jose. "abc 7 news" there at the prix mere party hosted at the house. you can see some of the costumes from the film. some really got into the spirit but others weren't so sure. >> i am sort of terrified since i saw thriller and it is freaky. >> we thought we would dress in the victorian era. >> and have fun. >> after checking out the house.
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guests taken across where they watched the movie. happening today a winter shelt er shelt are opening. the shelter is at the first unitarian universal of society on franklin street. dinner, bedding and breakfast offered to those in need until february 25th. even though the wealth is nicer at night. people still need a safe place to say. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. sunday morning waking up to cloud cover. 40s and 50s for most and the renegade 60s close to the shore line. as we widen the perspective a few clouds. big dome of high pressure over the bay area and record warmth on the way. we have subtle changes to talk
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about. right now we're in the upper 50s in fremont, 61 san francisco, cool in the 40s with limited fog from napa to santa rosa. 53 in oakland and 52 in morgan hill, the range is in the mid to upper 70s yesterday. random 81 degrees at hayward airport. 6 degrees warmer than yesterday and we're cooler in our east bay valley. the highlights are record warmth today, well into the 70s, looking for temperatures above average throughout the entire week cooler tomorrow and looking at the patterns, staying dry through middle of the month. if you are heading up to napa doing wine tasting, should be 50 degrees for early february. 76 today. the changes bringing the temperatures down maybe a couple of degrees tomorrow and then you
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notice we're well into the 70s all week and by next weekend maybe cooler as the ridge begins to shrink some what. in the south bay, very little change. upper 70s for you in san jose, 78 in santa clara, mountain view, redwood city, 76 and san ma ta ya and san francisco, 71 in the north bay. mid 70s, 75 santa rosa and the water and 78 in hayward and 76 castro valley. temperatures in the mid 70s, 74 in pleasanton and 71 in san roman. today will be the warmest day of the week. upper 70s inland and we get into cooling tomorrow with upper 60s
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shore line and tuesday and the ridge begins to rebuild on wednesday and thursday. warmer coast tall, less wind and in the weekend, we'll look for another dry week after this one. you download the accuweather app and you can stay up-to-date. that will take us to february 19th and 20th that we are dry. >> it feels so weird to have all of this warmth. >> it is just lasting. >> yeah. >> because it really started in january. >> yeah. >> so it's been enduring, yeah. >> lisa thank you. just ahead a music legend making a surprise appearance at the super bowl halftime show nearl
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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a new financial website maybe able to sai you money in area you may not have considered. michael finny. not far from the square a few months ago. moving isn't cheap so any money he can save is appreciated. he joined status money. the companies founder and ceo. >> we created status as a way for people to compare finances anonymously and find out where they are doing well and where they can do better. >> reporter: filled out a profile providing savings, debt and financial information.
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ranks him and compares him to people with the same anyone group with the same credit score and living in san francisco. status money suggested he was paying too much on his interest rate for his student loan. >> no one told me i needed to refinance it and i think that this is something that this website is good more. >> reporter: he talked to his loan company and gave him a 3% reduction in interest rate. and determined he spends move average eating outcome paired to others in his age group. >> when you are spending more than your peers in shopping and restaurants. >> status money told him he was spending too much money on his cable bill. he called his company and threatened to quit. he had a 31% reduction in his bill. >> it is important to take advantage of your money when you can. >> reporter: status money said they won't share your
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information with third parties and it is free. it makes money from commissions to refer companies to various companies. >> we are going to do our best to canvas the financial space and give them the best offer. >> they have been in a year before launching in september. a music legend will make a surprise appearance at the super bowl halftime show nearly two years after his death. prince will take the stage as a hol la gram. it is in his home tone of minneapolis. he told me don't ever let anyone do a hollow gram of me, not cool if this happens. justin timber lake will perform. president trump says the controversial republican memo release -- the new democratic push back this morning.
5:27 am
it is super bowl sunday and a very cold minneapolis is already feeling electric as fans gearing up for game day.
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good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> thank you for starting your day with abc 7 mornings. i'm chris win. she's tracking the conditions where you live and not much going on in terms of live doppler 7 lisa. >> we're going to skip over that one chris. we showed that earlier, cloud cover but it's in the winds for the past couple of days and this morning as well. you can see the range of temperatures. 43 in santa rosa, 64 in moon bay. with the offshore component and the elevation winds gusty. allowed for good mixing. and we have a warm air mass.
5:30 am
53 in hayward, 58 in fremont w. that warmer air in place, the winds kept things mild. it hasn't cooled off too much except for the north bay. some fog. 40s there, around the bay 50s, 60s to near 70 and we'll see cooling with a slight on shore wind today at the coast. hey, another beach day, why not? mid 70s around the bay and inland and we'll talk about a mild evening. we have the first week of february heading our way, can we get any rain, i'll let you know, chris. thank you breaking news, a crash involving a amtrak train. hit a freight train in lex i think ton county the fatalities are from the amtrak train.
5:31 am
injuries range from minor cuts and bruises to broken bones. amtrak said the lead engine and a few passenger cars derailed still waiting to find out what lead up to that collision. developing it news out of oakland, police boek up a large side show near fremont high. some car ks being towed away. the side show happened at 2:00 in the morning, near high street, spectators broke windows of businesses and through bottles at officers. no arrest or injuries reported. last weekend an officer hurt in richmond trying to break up a side show. president trump says the memo released on friday vindicates him. but the russian witch hunt goes on and on. no conclusion and no obstruction. the four page memo focuses on a narrow aspect of the
5:32 am
investigation. a warrant to monitor the communications of a former trump campaign foreign policy adviser. according to the memo it relies on information from a spy who's research was funded by democrats. experts say it was unlikely that was the only evidence. >> tough have layers of corroboration to get the fbi, department of justice and the judge to sign a wiretap order. >> democrats say the memo is an effort to undermine the special council on going investigation related to russian alleged election interference. republican senator, lind si gram says nothing in the memo under cuts the investigation. that memo will be front and center this week. george stephanopoulos will speak to two members of the committee that helped compiled the member. you can see here on abc 7 followed by abc 7 mornings at
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9:00. there were demonstrations up and down the california coast about trum trumps -- the group save our shores said more than 1,000 people put the words no drilling. people held hands and formed a line in the sand. 5:33 and happening today, record cold, more than one million fans is in minneapolis to watch the super bowl. "abc 7 news" reporter, maggie ruly has a preview from minneapolis. >> the mood here in minnesota is electric. we have met fans from the patriots and eagles. everyone wants to see justin timber lake. >> reporter: it is a actually of two quarter backs. tom brady, getting better with
5:34 am
age and trying to add ring number six to his collection tnchts is a lot of experience and a lot of times doing it coupled with the things you have to say and i'm there at this point. >> and the other back up qb, he started -- went do unwith injury. the eagles em braegsing their under dog roll and they are ready to bring home the trophy for the first time this history. they had the same match uch in the 2005 super bowl. >> two different teams but the eagles challenge remains the same. out maneuvering brady, head coach bill bella check and looking foreredemption, justin timber lake taking the stage for the first super bowl appearance since that wardrobe malfunction. >> i think vegas has a lot of
5:35 am
odds on it about special guests. from n'sync to jay to chris stap l ton to jant. >> we do know that pink will be kicking off the night with the national anthem. physical she can battle through flu. the singer said you can can't on her to wow us. for fans at the game, they get to be inside that warm heated dome stadium where it it will be about 70 degreeses. >> thank you. the chp asking people to designate a sober driver today. the chp says during last years super bowl one person killed in california in an alcohol collision and 40 hurt. the same day officers easted 250 people on suspicion of dui.
5:36 am
all state highways will be patrolled, and a zero tolerance approach to drunk driving. triple a is offering their tow service. call service and ends tomorrow morning at f. it is like a home security camera but in your vehicle. we'll introduce you to the bay area start up to help you catch thooefs in the act. as we head to break. the time is 536 and taking a look at our east bay hills ♪ ♪
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a tradition dating back to 1983 in the east bay. >> "abc 7 news" in pediatric month for the annual boy scott pineville dur by. starting with a block of wheels and racing. >> i had a kid saying he had more fun making the car than racing it. >> even if kids didn't race, they were given out awards for best design and decorated cars. >> a lucky mascot stolen from a bar back with the owners. the connecticut yankee bar after the championship game, the
5:40 am
statute rob, mitsing from the garden. the staff was crushed. they discovered an instagram account traving all over the bay area. the person behind the account returned the statute last night. >> this is going to mean a lot to us tomorrow. go patriots. >> the bar's owner say they were worried if the patriots would loose if it was not returned. they told the mystery account own are, shots are on them today. >> nice they didn't press charges. >> yeah. all of these super stigss. it should be a good game and a nice day if you are not into the game. spend the day outdoors. we'll see records. yesterday in oakland we had 67 and 77 in half moon bay. 60s coast side.
5:41 am
san francisco, 49 in livermore. cooler in the shore line what's a few degrees? we'll talk about it next. also next. the warriors need the all star break now. after a tough win over the can he thinks, it caught up with golden state in denver. altitude equals tire it
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5:43 am
welcome back everyone. time is 5:43 taking a live look outside from a quite golden state bridge camera on this sunday morning. hope you are enjoying the awesome weather throughout the bay area. we'll get a check on the photographs in a little bit. first in sports, it is super bowl sunday, tom brady looking
5:44 am
to win its 6th super bowl. the eagles looking to win its first. battling in minneapolis, kick off there is at 3:30 this afternoon. last night, the warriors look sluggish against the nuggets. it seems the all star break can't come sooner for golden state. mike shumann has more in this morning's sports. >> the warriors running on empty after three straight years in the nba finals and a trip to china in the preseason, they are tired. stats and sloppy play. last night they gave it away in denver. beautiful night in the city. first quarter, kevin durant to klay thompson. he's going to throw it down and has 16 points. second quarter, zaza a two handed did you think.
5:45 am
56-55 dubs at the half. kevin durant two handed jam leading with 31. a minute later tied at 99. drains the three, down two, draymond green with anger. ties at 104, next possession, gary harris partially blocked by durant and gets the rebounded and hits the three and 30 seconds left. down four, nick young for three, misses he wanted to foul. warriors fall 115-108 and lost two of their last three. >> they came out with a lot of energy and hit shots tonight. we fought all night and made plays and down the stretch couldn't get it down. >> we had 50/50 balls go the other way and extra possessions. and in the fourth quarter, and we didn't make the play or keep the separation the back to back in the last 12 minutes is going
5:46 am
to be tough to get through. >> even the kids have beards in houston. james hard wg a reverse lay up, crazy control with 16 points. 83-50 rockets in the third. one sided game, chris paul with the handles and floater. team high 22. scary moment in the third. harden comes down on eye is a ya thomas's foot, rolls his angle, the rockets win big. 120-88 your final. pro-football all of fame announcing eight new members the night before the super bowl. wide receivers and line backers. terrell owns, playing 15 years, eight with the niners. ranked second all too imand had 153 touch downs, third all time. hot and cold on and off the field which landed him on five
5:47 am
different teams, six time pro bowler. >> 1996. also in wide receiver randy moss, safety dawkins, line braker, brian urlacher, safety and 49ers did not make the final cut. red skins and bobby beathard and doctor doom robert brazile, congratulations to all. brady, lead mvp, third time winning. 177 yards, 32 touch downs and eight intervepgs. 1.208 quarter back rating and competed 66 edelman sepd the award for him the oldest player to win the
5:48 am
league, 40. both from the same high school, from san mateo. what are the chances? that's the ball bounces i'm mike shumann and i'm taking the eeg tols get one of these today. we'll see you at 5:00. >> it may be hard to see inside today. temperatures into the 70s around the bay area and a live look outside. boy, is it nice this morning in the city in the 60s. the sutro tower camera, no fog and it's a beautiful start. once again, temperatures cool in the north bay and record highs likely and the dry and warm trend looking at that for the next 10 to 15 days, in fact, last check, the forecast model goes out to february 20th with dry weather. as we took another vantage point outside. looking still with no winds.
5:49 am
winds are calm. we see breezy winds, 20 to 30 miles an hour and weather systems that will ride over the ridge anchored along the eastern pacific and what it will do for a time is shift our winds to an on shore component. slightly cooler at the coast the next couple of days. right now at the 50s and 40s, 49 san roman, 60 in pittsburg, and mifr more. and san francisco, 62, pacifica, 77 yesterday and half moon bay. 61 in -- 43 fog napa and santa rosa this morning. compared to yesterday, we have cooling in the inland value yes i and south bay and elsewhere it is warmer. all in all we'll look for a day similar to yesterday, except for the subtle changes at the coast. let's skip to tuesday where we've got temperatures in the 60s. notice the color contour, the
5:50 am
yellows and greens, the greens are cooler with the 60s here, 70s inland. wednesday, little change. numbers coming up a few degrees after the weak system pushes. 70s elsewhere and thursday, we are above average. where are the changes? they flux wait a little bit coming down a bit the next few days at the coast. another look into mifr more, today a high of 73, 59 and then tomorrow your temperature goes up a degree and drops with little change as we go through even into friday. highs today around the bay in the 70s, perhaps low 70s to oakland to san francisco. -- 75 in the north bay, 74 in the north bay. and then over night tonight we'll see the 40s and 50s again
5:51 am
with that fog in our inland valle valleys the accuweather 7 day forecast well above average the only butch we see is the numbers coming down tomorrow and tuesday at the coast. for february standards, who's not going to take mid and upper 60s at the beaches and in fact, they were crowded yesterday. tons of people at the beach. and looks like you know, pick your day, it's going to be beautiful either way and download the app and you'll be able to check temperatures in your neighborhood. >> my facebook feed was full of people showing themselves outside enjoig the temperatures. we'll take it. thank you. from alarm systems to security cameras, a whole industry dedicated to proprotecting your home. what about your car. a start up that wants to stop crooks from messing with your ride. >> reporter: we've seen the videos, burglars caught in the
5:52 am
act. >> it is hard to look for statistics without seeing it happening around the car. >> reporter: in san francisco alone, 28,000 report the car break ins last year which means there may be a lot of people interested in this it comes from a team that, woulds on the original drop cam and other proukts. >> first generation, iphone, first generation -- >> they are used to starting from scratch. >> how do you cut the cord on security. it should not stop when you step off the sidewalk into the street. >> a car that uses a lot of power and data. so they have to figure out how to catch what you want and get it to you quickly. >> take away how video security works at home and turns it upside down. >> reporter: it connects to the cloud through cellular, and then $10 a month. it doesn't stream all the time t
5:53 am
waits for something to h there' >> reporter: it sends an alert. >> if someone breaks in, the enside camera has blinding white lights and. >> you can talk to the person that is in your car. >> that can scare off your thief and it can work while driving, sense and record an accident. >> and i said presto, i saw something crazy happen. the clip starts 10 second before you utter the words. your car did tell you when it is in distress. >> you think the car would say hey, come help me. >> jonathan bloom "abc 7 news" tnchts is race day here in the bay area, t
5:54 am
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hey hun. look at all this extra room i have on this king size ikea bed. are you wearing a... duvet cover? why yes. yes i am. where's mom? we finally redid our bedroom and she's prettttttttttty into it. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. welcome back everyone here are the winning numbers from last night 145 million power ball drive.
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15, 23, 27, 48, 53, and power ball number six. it goes up to $165 million. thousands of runners con venching on golden state park. the run is spon tored by kiezer, runners will pass for the panhandle and enjoy views from the pacific ocean from the highway. the race promotes a healthy lifestyle. runners take off at 8:00 this morning. god luck. next on abc 7 mornings at 6:00 a south bay college student says he was knocked unconscious in an attack that police are calling a hate crime. the second assault he suffered in the same place an call puss in t -- campus. nothing but a bike and positive vibes.
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good morning bay area. let get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning and thank you for joining us on this sunday, february 4th. look at the weather, with lisa argen. >> we'll see a few clouds and a dominant ridge of high prr providing the fair and warm weather for the west coast and you can see a few cloud to the north. sunny day. the camera shaking a bit, breezy in the upper elevations, 58 downtown and 52 oakland. 64 at the coast and another vantage point looking at the sutro camera. 50 in concord and the forecast throughout the day and the next 12 hours shows that not only wi


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