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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  February 8, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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. in the east bay, a deadly crash involving an ac transit bus and car that sent the bus into two homes in berkeley. thank you for joining us. kristen sze will be in later today. amy hollyfield live at the scene at california and ashby. >> reporter: hi, good morning. such a sad scene. we're told by family members that the driver who was killed was a young woman in her mid-20s on her way to work. her father came here to the scene when he couldn't get ahold of her and he heard about the accident. he just collapsed in grief when
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he was told the bad news. it was heartbreaking. her car is still here. so is the bus. you can see them in front of the homes. the father told us -- kept our distance, gave him respectful space but an aunt has arrived on the scene and told us what a tragedy this is. her mother is on her way here from sacrameno. this accident has been upsetting for all here in the neighborhood. one woman was killed in this early morning accident in berkeley that sent an ac transit bus crashing into a home on ashby avenue just past california street. the next door neighbor is hearing impaired but felt the impact at 6:30 this morning and felt it was an earthquake. >> my daughter heard the boom because i'm hard of hearing. i can't hear very well. i can feel vie vibrations. my daughter heard it and woke me up. that's the reason i got up, to see what was going on. the accident.
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>> reporter: dale reynolds and his wife were inside the home that was hit. they are shaken up but physically okay. >> i just heard the first i guess that was the bus hitting the car. after that i heard a bang and then i heard hitting my car in the driveway and then the porch. >> reporter: the bus traveling on ashby did not have a stop sign but the honda on california did. they are still trying to figure out why the honda was in the intersection. the driver of the honda was killed. the bus driver and his passenger are okay. >> he's shaken. he's an incredibly conscientious driver. he's been with the district for three years or so. this is someone who enjoys driving, takes his job serious. he's understandably shaken. >> reporter: so are residents who say this close call has them feeling very emotional. >> 20 feet away, it really makes you think. you never know.
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it could have been my house. i'm happy my neighbors are okay. >> the we just lost audio. i'm sorry to hear about that young woman. s.w.a.t. teams are going door to door looking for two suspects involved in two home invasions in santa rosa. sky7 was over redwood and couch streets not far from highway 29 where three people have already been taken into custody. county sheriff officials tell us two people were shot in the home invasion. one died. a house in san mateo is partially flooded and the high school is in deep water. david is following this water main break for us. >> reporter: good morning. we're standing where this water main transmission line broke at el camino real. it started out as a small break but fire and police on the scene
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said the break kept getting larger and larger and then flooded an entire neighborhood. crews have been here trying to shut off the main. so much water gushed out that it flooded st. catholic matthew's church. the parking lot was under several feet of water. crews were trying to unclog drains but being blocked by mud and debris. the school's new auditorium was under several feet and water. parents and students said it was devastating since they were so proud of the new facility. it's too early to know if it's warped the floor. >> it's run from the corner of notre dame through el camino to the school's brand-new gymnasium to the church and the back parking lot of the school, out through the backs of these people's homes. >> there was a small amount of children that were here for early drop-off. the school officials were quickly able to get them out of
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the school and get them back to where they needed to be with family or parents. >> reporter: sky7 was overhead with a good perspective. classes at st. matthews were canceled for the day. there have been no reports of injuries. because of the extent of the clean-up and the repairs necessary, southbound lanes of el camino have been impacted. from three lanes it's down to one lane only which means there's quite a bottle neck here and will remain so for most of the day. abc7 news news. >> thank you. new this morning, chevron reassuring people that live in richmond that this intermittent flaring you see at the refinery is not a cause for concern. it's highly regulated and monitored. there's no shelter in place at the time. chevron apologizes for any concerns this causes those who
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live nearby. canadian prime minister justin trudeau has arrived and his resume reads like a who's who of silicon valley. matt keller live for us at sfo. >> reporter: this could be considered a business trip for prime minister trudeau. he'll be meeting with top executives in the bay area. he just left sfo and headed to the sales force office to meet with the ceo there. here's video we took in the past hour of his motorcade leaving sfo. he's meeting with salesforce ceo and other tech leaders starting at 11:30. he'll visit the abdirect offices and then meet with amazon ceo jeff bezos who we also saw arrive here at sfo. business insider is reporting this is trudeau's chance to pitch toronto as amazon's hq2.
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more business meetings will follow tonight. trudeau says this is an opportunity to meet with government and business leaders in the u.s. to explore new opportunities for collaboration and growth. trudeau will meet with gavin news newsom. today the clock runs out on government funding. senate leaders on both sides have struck a major two-year budget deal, but as abc's kenneth motten tells us, democrats are upset there's no agreement on immigration. >> reporter: congress is working to avoid another government shutdown in a month. a two-year budget deal among senate leaders includes big boost in domestic spending and defense. fund child care for low-income families and help the nation's veterans but no funding for president trump's southern border wall. in the house, conservatives furious the deal adds to the deficit. >> i'm not finished yet. >> reporter: yesterday nancy
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pelosi held the floor for a record-breaking eight hours for the dreamers. today reiterating she's withholding support for the budget until there's a deal to resolve the fate of those undocumented immigrants. >> we are willing to fight for them on the floor of the house. >> to anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem and bring up a daca and immigration reform bill, do not. >> we praise god for how truly blessed we are. >> reporter: this morning president trump at a national prayer breakfast talking god and faith. earlier this week he was pushing for a shutdown over immigration. >> let's have a shutdown. we'll do a shutdown. >> reporter: now in an about-face, the president supporting the agreement. the white house says budget first, immigration second. the deadline to fund the government, midnight. happening today, we expect to learn more about a lawsuit being filed over damage from last year's massive flooding in san jose. it has been almost a year since the rain-swollen anderson res
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reservoir caused coyote creek to overflow. several homeowners are suing county officials saying they were warned way too late about the impending disaster. water officials say they have taken steps to prevent future flooding. according to napa valley register, a suit has not been filed with the county looking to recoup $6 million for retree removal and guardrail replacement. they claim it sparked october's fires. pg&e says no official cause has been determined. uc-san francisco will build a new hospital thanks to a $500 million commitment from the hillen diller foundation. they have given $1 billion the hospital. .
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construction expected to tb completed by 2030. some breaking sports news this midday. the largest deal in nfl history. and it's worth $137 million. drowsy driving on the roads. it may be a bigger problem than we realized. the disturbing numbers out today. the new delay that has many tesla customers very upset this morning. good morning to you. i'm lisa in for mike nicco and the haze is fading away. lots of sunshine. it's 60 right now around oakland and emeryvile. cooler at the coast. a more
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some breaking news. a huge payday for jimmy garoppolo. the football star has reportedly agreed to the biggest deal in nfl history. a five-year contract worth more than $137 million. this is all according to the nfl network. it says the team is putting the finishing touchings on the deal now. the 49ers are expected to make the formal announcement today. it's the highest paid on a per year average for garoppolo. this morning, drowsy driving may be a bigger safety issue than we once thought. jessica castro is taking a look at a new study released today. >> it turns out drowsy driving could greatly increase your chances of getting into a crash. awe new study suggests it's a factor in severe crashes eight
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times more often than federal rates suggest. the study was done by aaa and claims to be the most in-depth study into drowsy driving ever done in the u.s. they studied dashboard video from 700 accidents. researchers then tabulated the number of times drivers' eyes were closed seconds before impact. the study showed sleepy drivers are a factor in nearly one in ten crashes nationwide. also points out tactics like drinking coffee, singing or rolling down the window will not keep you alert. it says the only way to combat drowsiness is to get some sleep. they suggest if you're feeling drowsy, pull over to a safe place where you can take a quick 20-minute power nap. for long trips, they say schedule a break every two hours or every 100 miles. we have a link to the full study on rour our news
11:15 am happening now, another wild day on wall street. yikes, that's a lot of red. taking a look at the big board. we're down 464 points and counting. earlier this morning the dow was down more than 600 points. the morning started off fine, but that changed as the morning went on. losses have been extending throughout the day so far. today's volatility comes several days after the dow's largest point drop ever. of course, we'll keep tracking this. to today's money morning report. whole food shoppers will soon be able to get groceries delivered in two hours through amazon prime. amazon making the announcement this morning. two-hour delivery will be free on orders of $35 or more and there is aid one-hour option if you wanted to pay an extra $7.99. delivery only available in four cities for now. the bay area, unfortunately, not included in that. they say is it will expand to the rest of the u.s. by the end of the year. after four years as a public company, twitter has finally had a profitable quarter.
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the company announced today it made $91 million during the fourth quarter of 2017. twitter lost $167 million during the same time in 2016. jack dorsey, the company's co-founder and ceo responded to the good news this morning on twitter saying, quote, i'm so proud of the twitter team. we did what we said we were going to do. our focus and self-discipline continues to improve. thank you, team. thanks to all of our shareholders for the patience and support. 2018 is going to be a great year. meanwhile, people who ordered tesla model 3s are having their patience tested again. the company telling people they may not get their model 3s for at least another nine months. tesla reported it was running into production delays last month and costing the company financially, too. the automaker says it lost $675 million in the fourth quarter of last year. that's the largest quarterly loss ever for them. elon musk says it stems from
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bottlenecks in the industry. and added, if we can send aid roadster to the asteroid belt, we can make tesla 3s. the reason people are moving out of the hot spot they're ending up in. a live look. a little haze hanging in the air at home.ld generate your own energy,
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hi there, everybody. starting out with a lot of sun shine. certainly was hazy this morning. that's improving. as we look at live doppler 7, you can see fog off the coast. that's where it's going to stay
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today. the wider perspective shows a big arc is really carved out. that's the ridge keeping us dry and above average for over a week now. here's a look outside from the city where temperatures are very mild. 64 downtown. san jose, 65. 62 in gilroy. the cool spot is half moon bay at 57. you can see a little bit of haze here in san francisco. mid-60s for santa rosa. 64 for novato. concord at 69 degrees. compared to yesterday, we are still cooler than where we were so the trend is for the slightly cooler air along the shoreline today and elsewhere we're still going to look at records. it's 68 at tahoe valley airport. going to be a high of 58 in sierra valley. we will have some cooler continues due to onshore push at
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the coast. otherwise, the cooler weather really gets going tomorrow and into it is weekend with upper winds. san francisco, oakland, low 40s for you. upper 40s along the peninsula. typically cool once again, but if you're planning the next several days, let's plan it together. looking at the temperatures today -- tomorrow, i should say, in the 60s around oakland so coming down 3 to 5 degrees. notice still those yellows are 70s inland. saturday we get the gusty wind in the upper elevations. the yellows are pretty much gone and that means more 60s. by sunday it is cooler for everyone with temperatures still even above average. south bay, 75 today. san jose, 74. redwood city, palo alto. mid-70s for petaluma. near east bay, more low 70s from san leandro.
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inland, mid-70s. beautiful day. you download our accuweather app, can you track the temperatures hour by hour. we're still warm tomorrow. above average. as gusty winds get going, we are cooling off. but are we going to get any rain in here? still in the next two weeks, almost to the end of the month, looks dry. >> dry, dry, dry. i can't believe valentine's day is sneaking up. that graphic at the end of the seven-day, where did that come thank you. we're tracking new video into our news room out of berkeley. it shows police clearing out a homeless encampment near old city hall. it was cleared because of safety concerns. there were numerous reports of used needles in that area. this is near mlk and alston ways. the area was cleared while the operation took place. turns out more people in the bay area are packing up and moving out according to real estate broke ridge redfin. 16,000 residents have moved out
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in the recent months making the bay area the top region for outward migration in the country. the most popular destination, sacramento and other tech hub cities. silicon valley says the number of people moving out has hit its highest point in more than a decade. if you or your loved ones love big macs, don't miss what we're serving up after the break. find out how you can get your finger in this $12,000 bling mac ring for free.
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we were just talking about this. valentine's day already next week. if your significant other loves their big macs, maybe they'll be into this. mcdonald's giving away this bling mac, it is a ring. 18 karat gold, gem-entrusted version of the sandwich reportedly worth $12,000. for a chance to use it, social media users must tweet out their love for the big mac. mcdonald's says the person with the most creative vows will win this ring. wow. >> what do you think? >> well, i'm a french fry girl, so -- >> oh, yeah. all day. >> yeah. from all of us here at abc7 news, thank you for joining us.
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