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tv   Nightline  ABC  February 14, 2018 12:37am-1:08am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight role model, meet the cover queen of the new sports illustrated swim suit edition the third african-american woman in the magazine's history. drawing inspiration from the first. >> i always wanted to be like tyra. >> and christie brinkley's daughter thinks these photos are about empowering women not objectifying them. >> to think anyone could take what we've been doing and label it as object fiction makes me sick. >> plus superman flying after a lifetime of overcoming adversity. >> watching him die, literally, can't describe it. >> battling back from a near
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fatal illness to win gold in the x games now is olympic glory the next chapter in his story. and the top dog show, the competition was, sorry, rough, so which of these lucky dogs took home the best in show. first the "nightline" five. htline" five.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ ♪
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good evening. in recent years the "sports illustrated" swim suit edition has been challenging societal standards of beauty and body type featuring plus size models and even mother daughter with christie brinkley now do these objecti objectify or empower women. here's my "nightline" co-anchor juju chang. >> daniel herrington was just crowned cover model of this year's "sports illustrated" swim utah edition. >> it's amazing i feet "sports illustrated" is iconic. >> huge. >> the 24-year-old from compton, california, is only the third african-american to grace the cover ever. after tyra
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>> i seen her on the cover and was like i'm black i want the to do it. she's my role model now. >> she went from rookie to cover girl in just one year. the magazine has become a launching pad to household name status, if not gold plated brand name status, kate upton, chrissy teigen the list goes on. >> it's not just about who looks best in a bathing suit. it's a platform for them. >> some argue all of those cleaveage and booty shots are objectable in the midst of the #metoo movement, but editor insists the issue has been an unlikely crusader for body confidence and creativity. >> a lot of people say it's
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object fiction. >> we're about celebration. i don't do anything thinking let's sexualize this person. i want to create beautiful imagery that captures people's attention and celebrates beauty and these women. >> the criticism that the swim suit edition gets is it's all about objectifying or sexualizing women what's your thought on that? >> i think women should have the ability to express themselves however they want to. i feel like they should still get respect for that. >> you should meet tyra. >> she got to a chance to meet her idol as part of the reveal. >> nice to meet. >> nice to meet. >> what was going through your mind? >> everything from being a little kid watching her -- sorry. from being a little girl watching her on television and to seeing her, like, you know, go on and be super successful in everything she did and you know, it just, i -- like.
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>> it gets you. >> gets me every time i think about it. >> what makes you so emotional? >> i guess, like, just growing up in compton and just having a dream to be something bigger and to be, you know, something bigger than myself. and that's like what tyra was for me. she was such a huge influence on my life and my career because i always wanted to be like her. >> what did she say to you? >> she said do you have a good accounta accountant, she told me go to the party but not the after-after party. >> she's not just your fairy god mother but your mom a little bit bgs tough. >> yeah to hear that from her i'm like okay i want to follow in your footsteps and do everything can correctly. >> the issues her all-female
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crew have been steadily breaking the cookie cutter standard model of beauty putting graham on the cover in 2016. >> that cover was cultural touch ninety absolutely made everyone rethink what normal was in this industry. no one looks at ashley graham and sees anything but a beautiful woman. she's also changing the game. with her cover on swim suit there came a cover on "vogue" and she changed everything for a sub set of women that can look to that and say i'm good enough. i can do this too. >> this issue features scant illy clad women of all shapes and sizes. >> maybe it's athletic, lean, willowy, curvy, maybe it's petite, maybe its mid size you will never make everyone happy
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but we go to great length to be inclusive. >> yet "sports illustrated" readership is still 78% male. last year only three covers features women. this year the magazine featured a nude project titled "in her own words" created and shot all by women. >> giving voice to these women that so often have no opportunity to speak to who they are outside of their physical appearance, a mother, a nurturer. >> in my 12 year career never had an all-female career. it blows me away. >> i can see it in your eyes it's really vital, important, why? >> because he want it to become normal. all women for any workforce whether surgeons or doctors more you see it more it becomes normal. >> the ten women painted words on their bodies to express themselves, an idea conceived by hunter valentine.
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for sailor brinkley cook -- work in progress. >> sailor, when you saw the images, what was your reaction? >> i was so excited. i mean, i mostly, i've struggled with my body since before i could remember. >> last year cook was photographed with a veteran si cover girl her mom christie brinkley and sister. this year she's rookie of the year. she said she grew up insecure and felt attacked by the tabloid spotlight and internet trolls that follow. >> there's always going to be a critic. >> always. >> no matter what size you are. i've been a size 0 and a size 12 and always had someone coming at me for something. you know. i truly realized i need to just be okay with myself. why try and continue on trying to please everyone. because that's literally impossible. >> valentine says the models were in control of the shoot. >> this was not about body, not
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about physical, this was about voice, about inner beauty, inner strength, about allowing these women to step forward to have a voice and a platform the right way. >> to think that anyone could take what we've been doing and label it as object fiction makes me sick because i feel like for me and for tailor and for robin we've been ftrying to create ths image and message, that is, standing in your truth and power and taking control of your seflt and who you are. for these women it's about redefining beauty. it is in fact more than skin deep. >> i don't have a problem if someone says the issue is over sexualized because that's normal. i also have a problem who looks at "sports illustrated" issues and say that's amazing, beautiful, gold, aspirational, that's a healthy discussion that we should all be having because i think human nature doesn't lend itself to one way or
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another but should lend itself to acceptance. >> when i was growing up was signed as a runway model in l.a. and i had curves so it was like, oh, no she's a little too curvy for this or that, and it's like, why not, how come i can't, you know, be part of it too. why do i have to fit a mold you know. i feel with "sports illustrated" they celebrate it. they love me for my curves. >> curvy's okay? >> it's okay. >> for "nightline" i'm juju chang in new york. ♪ next here skiing up the side of a super pipe, flipping twice, and landing on his feet, compared to what he's been to in his personal life off the slopes, this is no problem. ♪ ♪ (avo) if you're burdened by belly pain and constipation, and you've tried any number of laxatives, probiotics, and fiber, it could be wearing on you. tell your doctor what you've tried and how long you've been at it.
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♪ he's been skiing since he was two years old and at 15 became one of the youngest ever medallist in the winter x games but torah wallace has battleed back from near death experience to compete for olympic gory. >> bagging six x games medsal is among easy there things that wallace has braved in his short life. >> was my get away as a kid. >> back from a career threatening injury that took him to the brink of death and
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turmoil and near tragedy is primed for a finish in pyeongchang but this 22-year-old knows most anything can happen on the mountain and off. >> it happens. it sucks. you have to adapt to an older version of yourself at a young age. >> his extraordinary life subject of a new documentary," back to life". >> the first time i saw him at x games one of the immediate questions in my mind was why is this little kid riding like his life depends on it. >> it did. a life of peaks. >> you kick it with obama and end up on a pop tarts box. >> and near death. >> to watch him nearly die lit early i can't even describe it. >> was it conscious decision to get all this out it will. >> more to just tell the story that happens to be real life.
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>> his life looked great on the surface, easy smile, ski jumping girlfriend, an insane talent raised in the mountain town of aspen, colorado, well off, his man was a wine dealer. but when he was eight. >> want people to see what our life was really life. >> i was indicted. >> we lost everything. >> his dad pled guilt why i to mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering and served over five years in prison. >> they took my dad from my sister and i and my mom, was emotional and hard time to grow up as a kid without a father figure, it's difficult. >> free skiing is his escape. >> it's way more fun. >> you start to float even six inches or a foot, you literally
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can die. >> >> he collected but in the pipe so intense and high quality and his passion for skiing is overwhelming he drives off it every day. >> his event the super pipe. >> the alley-oop 009 is such a difficult trick. >> we first ran into torin last month in as didn't pen. >> he's chill, friendly. even though his life and the lives of his family have long depended on how good he is. at this. >> first time i even made money at a national contest i made like 2000 when i was 12 and went right to my parents room.
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>> >> his income income income e surviv survived. >> at 15 winning silver in sochi in the pipe and gold in the x games and then this. >> got up really early. skied one run through the half pipe. and was laying on the ground just gasping for air. and they x-rayed me and told me i had a collapsed lung. was just that thought of, why me. >> there was much worse to come. >> my mom was diagnosed with cancer when i was going into the olympic qualifying process for sochi. she was in and out of the hospital in a horrible state. >> he made it to sochi but understandably under performed way off the medals. pyeongchang is a shot at
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redemption and miracle he made it. >> when you are near death everyone comes to a very similar picture. >> one morning in 2014 he felt rough going out to ski. >> he goes, i can't figure out how to breathe. >> before i knew it i was being flown to a hospital in salt lake and in a medically induced parls. >> he had an infection in his liver. he had tubes in his liver, in his lungs, in his stomach, in his arteries, in his veins, in his airway. >> he an extremely rare and extremely dangerous strep infection. doctors told his parents to prepare for the worst. >> really not okay, not a broken bone or collapsed lung this is no joke, this is my organ, this is my inside. >> it was a tough road to recovery. >> i was sent home with a tube
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into my liver and a tube into my gallbladder draining fluid 24/7 for a month straight but i was getting better. >> mere months later having cheated death torin won gold. >> it was special, really cool. >> his life now certainly not what it seems on the shiny surface, he says his sport is also misunderstood. >> it's much nor of a routine as public things. they target us as extreme athletes, we have done this a million times. not just hucking my body hoping i don't die. >> his mom is healthy again and dad is out of prison. >> he's still my hero, the person i look up to, nothing's changed i still love my dad to death. >> and they're going to the olympics. >> throughout all those things you just come to have a shield,
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i suppose. i like to think i'm always ready. >> maybe his parents can watch him win a medal, maybe. >> the standard is unprecedented,it's insane. if you have the slightest problem i will give up and ski down because it's not going to score high that's how competitive the sport has gotten. >> he's got a sore foot and he did this at the x games guys that sore foot. >> i absolutely think i'd be entirely different person if i hadn't had to go through all these things. maybe it was meant to be in way. >> from "nightline" in aspen, colorado. >> and "back to life" is streaming on red bull tv starting march 1st. coming up next which of these best of friends took in best of show in today's we
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♪ and finally here tonight at this year's westminster kennel club show it was the dogs who gave us a treat. it's the clash of the canines. the super bowl of being a dog. featuring ferocious competitors like bean the brown bomb shell. and kai the trust worthy and biggie, the small. but can only be one top dog that was flynn the fluffy, claiming
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best in show from pool of 2700 prime pooches proving champions aren't born they're bread. take a bow, don't get too comfortable kai is on your tail. thank you for watching, and good night. night.
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