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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  February 18, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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safe. good evening and thanks for joining us. >> the pilot had to land on 101 following mechanical problems. >> you can also see on this map where that plane landed and where the pilot wanted to land at the san martin airport. the pilot tried to glide towards the runway but realized his plane couldn't make it that far. >> lillian kim has the story. >> reporter: eric, here it is, this was the plane towed to the san martin airport. it was quite a sight on highway 101 after the plane landed after 11:00 a.m., moments before the pilot reported engine failure. he was flying a pa 46 and made an emergency landing on the grassy median that splits the northbound and southbound lanes. the plane was intact if nothing was wronged and pilot emerged
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unscath unscathed. flying to watsonville and talked to us as the plane was being u towed to the airport. >> if he had gone in with the traffic i would have ended up hitting cars, i had to go over to tshoulder, the opposite direction. this was just enough room there, my wing tip was out in the number one lane and couple of cars moved over to make room for me. i'm sure it's a day they'll remember and everything worked out fine. >> how scary was it? >> not at all. >> reporter: the pilot says he's been flying for 40 years and spoke to an aviation expert and he says the pilot did a great job landing the plane safely. no word yet on what was wrong with the engine. the faa is investigating. live at san martin, lillian kim, abc 7 news. turning to our weather the beach and snowy mountains what a contrast. very different places to be but
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the constant with both is the cold. >> the mountains and bay area could see record lows tonight. let's check in with drew. >> we have this cold front that moved through today, kicked up our winds and the winds are responsible for bringing that much colder air to finish out the weekend. look at the numbers right now. our wind gusts 38 miles per hour at sfo, 26 in mountain view and 30 in hayward. this cold front also trying to bring a little bit of moisture to the coastline. live doppler 7, a couple of speks of green along the coastline. not out of the question to see a sprinkle on the coast but the bigger story, a winter weather advisory goes into effect at midnight for the santa cruz mountains above 1,000 feet, perhaps a couple of inches of snow. highway 917 and 35 will likely be impacted with a couple of weather related delays tomorrow morning. what to expect the north winds continue tonight, lows will be in the 20s and 30s. it's a chilly nice with a chance of coastal shower and snow in
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the santa cruz mountains. even colder air works in tomorrow night and freeze warnings are posted we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> with the mostly moderate climate we forget to prepare for the problems colder weather can cause. >> alyssa harrington has the story where folks are taking no chances in napa. >> reporter: at the gar ten center in napa, they covered rows of citrus night to protect them from frigid temperatures and windchill and avocado plants and other vulnerable flowers inside. cold weather with freezing overnight temperatures are expected over the next few days. >> for the last few weeks everybody thought it was spring, here come all the buds and as you look around the nursery, everything is blooming. and that's about to change. >> edward field says people at home can cover their plants with a sheet or even warm them up by wrapping with christmas lights and it's important to keep them hydrated. >> it draws water out of the
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ground and out of everything. if the water is not moist, it will draw whatever it can out of that. >> bob wolf says customers have been scooping up pipe insulation. >> it's an insulator to stop the frost from going into the pipe and freezing water. and the water expands the pipe and bursts the pipe. >> wolf says they are also selling a lot of frost protection for plants of the the napa office of emergency service wants to remind people of the risk of hypothermia and make sure space heaters and fireplaces are working properly. and as always, during a cold spell, it's best to bring pets inside. the city's homeless shelters including this one behind me have increased their number of beds to make sure that everyone has the chance to get out of this cold weather. in napa alyssa harrington. >> the gusty winds likely brought down scaffolding at the san francisco construction site. at church and market this afternoon fire crews checked out
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the aftermang. we're told the scaffolding came down just after 3:00 p.m. noek was hurt. a somber weekend for familifamily and friends of a murder victim. they gathered in tracy to honor her memory. reporter kenmy shin ski has the story. >> reporter: many remember lizette for one thing. >> pictures say 1,000 words, always smiling in every picture. that's how she was and we'll remember her. >> reporter: that smile they knew is gone far too soon, gathering with candling to show support for the request of the family. >> over the last few days we found out we have a lot of support. people that we know. people we don't know and we want to thank them, every single one. we know there's no words to find the feeling the support that we are getting, it's just great.
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>> lizzette's dad would call her tornado because of her infectious energy, something he'll miss most about his cousin. >> we were close as kids, i still love her and i'll miss her a lot. >> the family says they are still in shock but will use the memory of her will to survive as a reason to push forward. >> right now we're doing a little bit better. we're following the liz dzette's fghting spirit that she never gave up and that's what we're going to do. we're going to always think about the will power she had. >> reporter: it ended with the release of balloons and simple message. >> i love you, lizette. >> it was very emotional, it's like saying good-bye to somebody you really love, symbolically saying good-bye. it was tough. but at the same time, you know, people here, it's -- it was a little comforting. >> a community finding comfort
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in each other with candles lighting the way to healing. so very sad. that was ken reporting. a go fund me account has been set up to raise money to help her family. you can find a link to it at our website, abc 7 a warning tonight from authorities in southern california after a buffalo gored a man. this happened last night as the man was sitting on a log on catalina island. the buffalo was grazing nearby and as it came closer he tried to move but the buffalo charged him. he was treated and air lifted to the hospital. buffalo are common and roem freely on the back side and don't usually charge at humans. if you see one, be careful. >> at 6:00, it's a bird, it's a plane? no, it's a giant inflatable chicken of course. you might have noticed this sailing around the bay this weekend. what it was doing here and the message organizers hope to convey.
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>> i'm larry beal at the nba all-star game, some are concerned they haven't been playing at a championship level. what do they say about it? >> why the warriors reversed course and plan to let a group of talented children see an upcoming game for free. coming up later at 11:00, do the crosswalk buttons in your community do anything? michael finney has been looking into that and shares surprising
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check it out a group of protesters set out forral ka traz with an inflatable chicken that's supposed to look like president trump and with the number 00045, a reference to the 45th president. it is nicknamed donny and popped up at numerous tax protests across the country. the protesters have been demanding the president release his tax returns. >> can you imagine calling and saying you saw that and what they think about you. >> the warriors, the report in the kron kel says the third
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graders got an invite but then came another message telling the school it would cost $85 for each student that wanted to attend. family and friends would have to pay $95 and there was a 75 ticket minimum. the chronicle says it got to management and they backed off the ticket demands. they came together to witness the debut of a book created to inspire people of many ages and backgrounds. at the main library where kids and adults read from the hard worker. one of the founders of poor magazine explains why she wrote the hard worker. >> we're telling stories of poor people and homeless folks and tell the truth about our communities under attack right now from police from -- >> the bilingual book tells the stortry of a young boy who fights a disability and
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homelessness while collecting e recyclab recyclables. >> ground control to major tesla. how can you track the journey through the solar system. coming to you next with the frigid accuweather forecast. stay with us. >> the nba all-star game being held in the staples center, larry beal looks to the all-star
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we have good news to share with you tonight about two young black bears badly burned during the fire in southern california. veterinarians from uc davis stitched fish skin under the burned paws to promote healing and photos and gps tracking shows both are doing well after being released in the wild the team also treated aid burned mountain lion after hearing about fish skin to treat human burn victims in brazil. >> modern medicine is incredible. you may remember earlier elon musk launched this roadster into space. if you're curious where it currently is, someone created a
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website, where is >> it's currently about a million miles from earth moving towards mars at more than 42,000 miles an hour. it only has another 137 million miles to go. this was the last time the roadster was captured and telescope picked it up about a week ago. look real close, it's a payload of books expected to be preserved for millions of years and one day could be aliens only memory of the human race. >> and accuweather tonight, we're in store for frigid temperatures and then even colder air works in here for our monday as well. winter has returned after a warm start to the month. live doppler 7 along with satellite. you can see the cold front responsible for the chillier air today. it's trying to produce a few showers along our coastline but unfortunately a majority of the region will remain dry tonight.
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we do have snow in tahoe, live doppler 7 tracking flurries around lake tahoe, probably 2 to 4 inches of snow once the system is all wrapped up. not a big snowstorm by any means but any fresh powder helps. san francisco, you can see clouds along the coastline responsible for the isolated sprinkles but temperaturewise, we struggle to even hit the 50 degree mark today. numbers right now in the 40s and 50s, even 39 the current number in clearlake. we're at 48 in san francisco. currently 46 in fremont and san ramon a temperature of 48 degrees. it was all about the winds today and they continue to be very active tonight. look at the wind gusts right now. oakland 28 miles per hour, 30 in san carlos, sfo currently gusting to 38 and fairfield a wind gust to 26 miles per hour. and those winds will remain active throughout the next 12 hours. future tracker wind gusts 11:00 and we're back on air for abc 7 news at 11:00, winds gusting 30
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miles per hour and tomorrow morning as you wake up at 7:00 in the morning, close to the coast those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour and areas around the immediate bay waters anywhere from 20 to 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts. that will factor into a cold night on the way tonight. here's a call from accuweather. it's going to be chilly across the region tonight. in the north bay especially, we'll drop in the 20s from napa to santa rosa and lakeport, even along the immediate bay waters and oakland 38 degrees and san jose dropping to 39 the same in san francisco and inland we're chilly with livermore dropping to 33 degrees. need to break out the winter jacket and scarf and gloves early tomorrow morning. it will be windy and brisk. temperatures mainly in the 30s. it's a nice looking day but that breeze is with us even in the afternoon gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. so that once again we'll keep temperatures limited to only the 50s. even colder air works in here tomorrow night into tuesday morning. it's for that fact a frost advisory will go effect up
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through mill valley where lows will drop between 32 and 35 degrees. away from the coast line, even colder than that, a freeze warning will go into effect for a majority of the region shaded in purple. lows drop below the freezing mark. please bring in pets and protect plants, it will be chilly the next couple of days. the cold morning cool afternoon will continue through wednesday. a chance of a shower on thursday, i'm not excited about it. otherwise we're back to average next weekend. >> 67th annual nba all-star game being held down in l.a. with four warriors steph and kd and klay and draymond. larry, there seems to be a lot of warrior fans worried about the dubs in the time 24 games of the season. >> you're too kind. i would say panic is too strong a word but there's mild concern amongst dubs fans about the
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warriors chances of winning a championship this year. they don't like right out there. i had a chance to talk with steph and kd about the situation, they have 24 games to play, they've been really sloppy at times, just not playing at the championship level that we've seen from them in the past. xbl we hold ourselves to a very high standard and this is our fourth year going at it. and it's not a great feeling the way we've been playing the last three or four weeks whatever it's been. and i think that's okay right now. i think that will help us kind of create that edge we need going down the rest of the season and really gear up for a tough grind of a playoff run and trying to win another championship. beyond that it's just what are we going to do about our performance to change the way we've been playing the last four weeks. >> we want to play good basketball and it's a long season. we're going to have some struggles, we're getting better every single day and we'll be
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fine. it's not -- it's nothing to panic about. >> when i said to durant that the regular season seems like an inconvenient truth, he looked at me and he's like, where are you getting this from, man? i said kd, i'm watching the games. we'll see if they crank it up in the time 24 games of the regular season. we got a pretty good all-star game, 52-51 team steph as we approach halftime. all of the highlights later on tonight. live at staples center, larry beal, abc 7 sports. thanks, larry. 60th running of the daytona 500 lead changes 27 different cars in three major wrecks and final mix-up happening with two laps to go. the great american race, two laps to go and ryan who led for 118 of the 207 laps, sets off a chain reaction, multiple cars involved and will not compete for the checkered flag. it's a two-lap race, final lap,
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amen role la gets bumped by the 3 car and 20 years after dale earnhardt senior wins the 3 car is back in victory lane. the checkered flag winning the race, grandson of richard childres, the owner 20 years ago. >> did it for the team guys we had to run and stayed in the gas. that's what it is here at daytona but it is so awesome to take the 3 car back to victory lane 20 years ago. this is for dale earnhardt senior and senior fans, i love you guys, we're going to keep kicking butt the rest of the year. >> bubba watson looking to make a rinne fwin for the third time. you see the run, not enough speed, finished 10 under par. bubba shot nothing but net. two-shot lead with that birdie. never looked back. on 18, two putts from 5 feet
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from the win. the first in two years, longest drive for the two-time master champ and he was very emotional with the victory. the big game against the stars, pavel ski, 20 minutes into the game, carlson added another, 2-0, six minutes in and then two more goals and two and a half minute span 4-0 after 1:00. the sharks are up 5-0 and we'll have the complete high lalights later. see you then. >> we're saying, don't worry, be happy. >> not an inconvenient truth. >> thank you very much. >> next at 6:00, black panther excitement sweeping across the world tonight. this
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, facebook is turning back the clock tonight. the methods old to verify identities. >> and at 11:00, as teenage survivors of the florida shooting lead the charge on gun control, local authorities make an arrest over a new threat. finally tonight, a record
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setting holiday weekend for the marvel super hero movie. >> north american sales exceeding $192 million for "lack panther." after tomorrow it's expected to become the highest grossing money ever directed by a black director featuring a largely black cast. it's also the most successful february opening ever. >> peter rabbit second with $17 million and fifty shades freed under 17 million.
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