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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 19, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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good morning on this monday, february 19th. it's presidents' day. as you can see, we're patriotic today. >> no one wore patriotic than mike. pull out the tie a little bit so
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we can see. full flag. red white and blue. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> let me put that away. >> it's an exciting day for me. if you don't have to drive through this. matt keller is headed to santa cruz to see if he can hook up with some of the snow showing up right now near low man creek and towards la more wintry mix. also half moon bay. let's take a look at the big picture. this is going to continue the next couple of hours. we'll have more redevelop this afternoon. in between, the big story, my accuweather 12-hour planner, are the windchills in the 20s and 30s this morning. even though near 50 at noon, windchills in the 40s. same thing at 4:00. then by 7:00, oh, my. is it going to get cold tonight. i'll show you that coming up here, sue. >> i'm shivering thinking about it. we have chain control on all
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major highways, 80, 50 and 88 headed to kirkwood. we're taking a look at the light richmond-san rafael bridge. a couple of cars coming through. we call that holiday light, i believe. little farther to the south, across the golden gate bridge, they've reconfirmed the lanes or reconfined the lanes i should say to a -- pardon me 4 in the southbound and 2 in the northbound direction. overall, traffic map is looking great. it's all green. so yeah, keep it up. keep up the good driving this morning. >> we like it. >> we're tracking that freeze watch this morning. >> there is a chance of snow in the santa cruz mountains. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live on highway 17. good morning, matt. >> good morning reggie and natasha. we're at 1800 feet here at the summit on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. we haven't seen any snow yet. but there is a winter weather advisory from national weather service. that means there could be 2 to 4
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inches of snow. haven't seen any moisture though, yet. it is cold everywhere. a lot of people are preparing for the cold. ativan win den's garden center, they're trying to protect plants from frost. you can use a sheet or christmas lights. the hot item is pipe insulation at a hardware store. >> it's an insulator to stop the frost from going into the pipe. water freezes and expands the pipe and bursts the pipe. >> reporter: it may look simple, can prevent a flood. another reminder for some, if you have a space heater or fireplace, make sure it's working properly. unlike my mouth which is a little frozen in the santa cruz mountains. there's also a freeze watch for late tonight into tomorrow morning. it's going to be cold for a while. reporting live in the santa cruz mountains, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> you make winter look
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fashionable. >> hat is on point. >> if you see snow or frost, snap a photo or take a video with us. we can share your con tetent one air or san francisco officials have expanded the shelter schedule. any adult can take a vacant bed at any facility with or without a reservation. anyone who sees a person in need, call 311. we have a list of locations and more details on if you felt shaking early this morning, you weren't dreaming. a magnitude 2.9 earthquake hit in the east bay about midnight. it was near monday at that vista high school in danville. 2.5 hit an hour and a half later. no reported damage. we're getting a new glimpse of the teen accused of the deadly school shooting rampage in florida. >> the suspect was caught on camera fighting at the school in 2016 and later suspended. the family who took him in after
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he lost his mother has broken their silence calling him a monster. here's kendis gibson. >> overnight, new video of the alleged florida shooter fighting with classmates. first obtained by our miami station wplg. that's him in a white shirt in a brawl with several students last year. the family who welcomed the shooter into their home said we had this monster living under our roof and didn't know. kimberly and her husband telling the sun sentinel newspaper says everything everyone seemed to know we didn't know. the alleged killer moving in with the sneeds after his mother's death. he followed every rule of their home to the t but he was battling depression and days before the shooting took him to a therapist. the day of the massacre, kimberly sneed left home to run errands. by the time she returned, the alleged shooter was gone. the next and last time they saw him he was in custody. they say he apologized. one classmate telling abc news he likely waited for valentine's
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day to carry out his plan. love was something nick never understood. i feel like valentine's day might have been a trigger as to why that day was the day he chose to do this. >> this morning, we know the alleged shooter evoked his right to remain silent. he's being held in solitary confinement and remains on suicide watch. >> there's no doubt in my mind that nikolas cruz shot many people, killed 17. the killer is in custody. we'll move forward with the legal process. >> kendis gibson, abc news, new york. kimberly and names snead are peek speaking with abc news in an exclusie interview on "good morning america." we'll have more from them. the full one will air on gma at 7:00 a.m. after abc 7 mornings. 5:06 now. president trump is spending much of the weekend venting anger at the fbi and the russia investigation. the president has been sending a series of tweets from his estate
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in mar-a-lago in florida. he tweeted, they're laughing their as off in moscow at the election interference. he says the obama administration bears some blame for this. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein's declaration -- one much president trump's former campaign aides will plead guilty to fraud charges and testify against the president's ex-campaign chair. this is rick gates on the left side of your screen. gates faces charges stemming from his work in ukraine long before he was involved in mr. trump's campaign. the los angeles times reports gates will testify against one-time trump campaign chair paul manafort. man fort also faces fraud charges. we have video of a plane that landed in the middle of a highway in san martin. in happened after 11:00 a.m. the plane on highway 101 after
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it made an emergency landing on the median. officials say the plane had a mechanical problem and lost power. the pilot attempted to glide to the san martin airport but quickly realized he wouldn't make it. >> wasn't available to make it. i was going to set it down on the fro way. it started backing up. i couldn't set it down without hitting cars. i landed on the shoulder in the opposite direction and fortunately, nobody got hurt. the pilot was flying away. a golf cart towed the plane to the airport. they realized he was making an emergency landing. oakland reportedly run out of money for its fire prevention program. the lack of funding is partly because voters rejected the renewal of a $65 parcel tax that paid for wildfire prevention activities. the chronicle reports that the city allocated about $600,000. it will not be released until july. some city council members want that money to be released early. now, your accuweather forecast with mike nicco.
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you know what's got my eye this morning? the pink. the wintry mix, the white, the snow possibly falling in the santa cruz mountains. all the way down to the summit where matt keller is right now. falling on matt keller. i think it's abc 7 on social media. he does a great job. you can see the showers rolling on in and the snow level dropping down to at least 1500 feet. pretty impressive, huh? here's what's going to happen the rest of today. this is a morning event. this will happen until 10:00. there you see shaded here, which is what we saw all of the wintry mix color coded by live doppler 7. 2 to 4 inches possible. gusting up to 40 miles per hour. watch out for rain and slick spots through at least the lunch-hour. in the lower elevations, you can see we're in the low to mid-40s on peninsula. 39 in palo alto. 37 in san ramon and napa.
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42 here in san francisco. you're still in the 40s at 10:00. barely in the 50s from noon to 4:00. then back in the 40s by 8:00. as far as the north bay, 35 this morning. 45 at 10:00. 51 to 53 throughout the afternoon hours. already back to 42 by 8:00. don't forget, a hard freeze is comi coming tonight. we'll check the commute right now on 101. the headlights headed northbound. just under the 880 overcrossing and it's pretty light conditions, especially in the southbound direction. we'll pop over to the other side of up to and look at 280. once again the headlights are headed in the northbound direction under 17/880. you can gauge where you are. it's about an 8-minute drive from san jose towards cupertino. overall, traffic maps are looking great on this holiday. thank you, sue. passengers are calling it the
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cruise from hell. the sim will misstep that led to violent brawls. the race for san francisco mayor. when it comes to campaigning online, not everything is what it seems. it's 5:11. we want you to have a better day. day. we kuip
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here's what's going on. this is what po expect today. we're going to have a lot of wind out there.
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that wibd is going to keep us in the chance of some showers. even some thunderstorms over the ocean and once they get into our mountains, down to about 1,000 feet, snow. that's the white you see moving through the peninsula mountains an the santa cruz mountains right now. keep an eye on that. talk about freezing temperatures tonight, too, coming up. thanks, mike. many voters go online trying to learn about who is on the ballot. now in san francisco, there's cyber confusion in the race for mayor. if you type in london, you'll see this. mark leno's image. the website promoting his bid for mayor. someone else owns london and want to sell it to her for $100,000. so far, breed has refused to pay for it. leno's campaign denies that it is behind what is happening. >> wow. today's gma first look, nearly 2 dozen members of the same family kicked off a carnival cruise ship after getting into a wild fight with security guards.
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>> here's gio benitez. >> in gma first look, they're hardly the images you would expect from a ten-day cruise around the south pacific. but it's what passengers saw aboard the carnival legend. a series of violent brawls. >> you couldn't even -- >> the man in the blue t-shirt pins down the man in orange shorts. security encircles the pair and starts kicking. then a woman throws herself on top while the kicking and screaming continues. at another point, this security guard balls his fist drawing back his arm as he's about to punch a woman in the face before stopping at the last minute. a cruise worker then tries to swat away the camera from the person filming. >> snatch is straight out of your hand. >> we'll have the latest on what may have started the chaotic scenes coming up at 7:00 a.m. with your gma first look, i'm gio benitez, abc news, new york. what were they serving in that midnight buffet?
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>> i don't think it's the buffet so much as the drink receptacles at play on that cruise ship. that is crazy. one film took home the top honors at the british academy film awards. >> three billboards outside ebbing, missouri. >> three billboards took it home. five best awards, including best film, outstanding british film and leading actress. the film is about a mother's quest for answers about her daughter's murder. the other top winner, the shape of water with three statues. awards are equivalent to the oscars. in the past ten ceremonies, there are four times in which the winner -- the best film didn't win best picture at the oscars. i said that in a negative fashion. i think it means that six times the past ten years they've matched. >> the same. >> this is nba all-star game featuring a new format where
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they pick their own teams. >> they were the only team to have four allstars in the game. klay thompson and curry on team steph. kevin durant on team lebron. it came down to defense. in the end, team steph couldn't get a shot off in time that could have tied the game. >> got to make a play. didn't work out. that was kind of a tough way for our team to end the game. i think it was a great show fort fans. >> that was a great defense by myself. i like myself on the back. the game was good and competitive. it was the best one i've been a part of. >> team lebron won. 148-145. the third in his career. the warriors, still, though have a few days off until they host at oracle arena. >> we're going to be talking about the national anthem later on this morning. we have thoughts. >> is that what that was? >> it was really something else. >> putting their own touch on
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it. >> meteorologist mike nicco. >> it's a long sentence. >> i want to hear what you have to say about that. good morning everybody. here's a look from the east bay hills. looking back towards san francisco. looking right across the bay bridge where it is breezy this morning. in fact, it's going to be breezy, chilly breezes all day today under a partly cloudy sky. they're going to bring us a chance of rain and snow showers. the best chance along the coast this morning. a chance along the east bay hills in the diablo range during the afternoon hours. then the freezing cold we talk about starting tomorrow morning through friday morning. here's a look at the big picture from the radar at the summit at matt keller at abc 7. that's where all the action is. you can see from 7:00, there may be new action up along the sonoma county coast. again along the santa cruz
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mountains. until about 9:00. then we see a little lull heading into the midday hours. definitely need the sunglasses. there you go. at 4:00 this afternoon. once we've had the hottest temperatures of the day heating up this cold air mass, we've got enough instability that we could have rain showers and snow showers on mt. hamilton. once we get to 9:00, it's just about over. temperatures today will run in the low to mid-50s. want to make sure you see that. we're going to have freezing cold temperatures inland even around the bay. everybody, but san francisco needs to be prepared for freezing cold temperatures. tonight and again tomorrow night. there's another storm coming in wednesday to thursday. another light storm thursday to friday, which means we could have more showers, maybe even snow along the coast. here's sue. speaking of snow, we have chain requirements on all the sierra highways. on 88, 50 and on 88. so just be aware if you're heading out there. it's pretty smooth sailing at least here from the bay area.
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up to the sierra. take a look at highway 80. this is through emeryville and into the macarthur maze. lots of gaps there. everybody is moving at the limit. once you get into the bay bridge, here's what it looks like. no delays. probably no metering lights. we will be you. thank you, sue. former first lady rosalyn carter is reconferring from surgery. -- covering from surgery. carter is expected to remain at atlanta's emery university hospital to rest and recover. she is 90 years old. married to former president jimmy carter in 1946. a quick blast of winter weather caused major problems on iowa highways. you see it here. up to 70 drivers involved in a chain reaction crash yesterday. this is just north of des moines. it shut down interstate 35. police say people were driving too fast for the conditions. traffic backed up for nearly
5:21 am
three hours. >> saw brake lights so i kind of started sliding. >> pumped my brakes and got to the point where i was sandwiched. i couldn't go anywhere. >> amid the crumpled cars, the most serious injury, a person with a broken arm. just 12 days ago a similar crash happened on the same freeway just ten miles north. people from across san francisco came together over the weekend to witness the debut of a new book created to inspire people from many ages and backgrounds. abc 7 news was at the main library when children and adults read from the hard worker. the author explains why she wrote the hard worker. >> we're creating children's books that tell the stories of poor people, disabled people, homeless folks to lift up and tell the truth about our communities under attack from police, from pol tricksteres. >> the bilingual book talks
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about -- next the seven things to know as you start your day sfliefrmt we'. we'll take you to a popular spot for penguins. all dressed up for their annual trip. >> one dollar. >> say thank you. >> plus, the efforts to take a stand against hunger. a local charity wants to get you involved. mike and sue, hoping to make this a better day. keeping you up to date
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a fire in martinez overnight. it's actually the second fire there in just 24 hours. there was a fire yesterday morning and it reignited at eastgate lane at arnold drive. at least seven units were damaged. number 3, the family who took in the teen charged in the shooting in florida told us that they had a monster living under their roof and they didn't know. they're going to be on gma coming up at 7:00. >> number 4, president trump is spending much of the presidents' day weekend venting anger over the fbi and russia investigation. he said russia is laughing at the fallout and the obama administration bears some blame for the meddling. number 5, family and friends of lizette cuesta hon. toward her with a balloon release this weekend. she's the teen found stabbed on tesla road in livermore last week and named the suspects with her dying breath. number we're following your presidents' day holiday light traffic. but we have wind advisories on
5:26 am
the san mateo bridge which you can see here. traffic is very light and we have a wind advisory very nee benicia bridge as well. it says number one, because it's number one in our hearts. we're catching a whole lot of heat for her rendition of the national anthem. that's draymond green not able pjimmy kimmel.ight face, nor is she sang the national anthem before the all-star game. it was scat, it was marilyn monroe, happy birthday mr. president, it was santa baby. it gave you everything. it was also cats. cats screaming. >> it was so much. i wish we could -- >> talk about this the rest of the morning. she wrote that big girls don't describe but they don't sing either. >> fighting hunger in san
5:27 am
francisco. that's where jose feef alonzo set up their p lemonade stand. opportunities are limited for young kids. >> children who are younger want to give back to the community. this is something that me and my family benefited from in the past and we're glad to be able to do it. $1 provides two meals. all of the proceeds go to the sf food bank. >> alonzo told us the website offers tips for young families to fight hunger. >> we're coming back with 90 minutes of news including much more on potential snow. high winds and extreme cold to start your week.
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nine seconds to 5:30.
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thanks for joining us on this presidents' day, monday, february 19th. >> that's right. you're never more than 7 minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco. special day today. let's go right to doppler 7. we've got rain on 92. across the dunbarton bridge. it's the white that shows up. 35 -- 84 come together and keep heading south. you keep running into snow showers. there's a possibility of 2 to 4 inches up until 10:00 in the santa cruz mountains. for the rest of us, partly cloudy this morning. look at those temperatures. 32 to 36 degrees. noon will be barely 50. with the north winds gusting up to 20, 25 miles per hour. windchills in the 40s. same thing at 4:00 when another chance of showers develops. by 7:00 it's over. we look forward to freezing cold temperatures. getting snow in the sierra as well. chain requirements on all major sierra freeways.
5:31 am
walnut creek looking good. holiday light for most of our freeways this morning. the taillights are headed southbound just past north main on 680 towards highway 24. an easy drive through the caldecott tunnel. green is great out of the central valley. we're not seeing any slowing. here's a look at quick drive times on 80 to the maze. there's the bay bridge. no metering lights and your ride from san francisco to sfo. >> thank you, sue. president trump facing new criticism for attacking the fbi. in a tweet, he suggests the focus on the russia investigation led them to miss warning signs in the massacre at the parkland florida high school. >> members of his own party and survivors of that shooting say the president went too far. abc news worpter is live in washington. good morning, arlette. >> good morning, natasha and reggie. in the days after the shooting, president trump praised law enforcement for its response. he's turned to bashing the fbi. while the survivors of the massacre are issuing a call to
5:32 am
action. >> president trump unleashed a new attack on the fbi linking one of the deadliest school shootings in history to the russia investigation. the president tweeted, very sad that the fbi missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter. this is not acceptable. they are spending too much time trying to prove russian collusion with the trump campaign. there is no collusion. morgan williams, a student who witnessed the shooting, slammed the president in a tweet. oh, my god. 17 of my classmates and friends are gone and you have the audacity to make this about russia. have adamn heart. students are calling for nationwide walkouts and marches next month, demanding an end to gun violence. >> march 24th in every single city, we'll be marching together as students begging for our lives. >> the white house says the president will hold a listening session with high school students and teachers later this week at the white house. he'll also meet with state and
5:33 am
local officials to discuss school safety. in washington, arlette saenz, abc 7 news. arlette, thank you. we're hearing from the family who took in the 19-year-old who police say killed 17 people at that florida high school. nikolas cruz had been living with the snead family since thanksgiving after his adoptive mother died of pneumonia. james and kimberly snead's son was friends with cruz. they say they were aware cruz had weapons and kept them in a gun safe. james snead said he thought he had the only key to the safe. the couple has a message for the families of the victims. >> i can't imagine the pain they must be feeling. like he said, nothing that we can say is going to be any kind of help. but we're very sorry that they had this experience. never should have happened. >> you can hear their full interview coming up at 7:00
5:34 am
right here on gma after abc 7 mornings. good morning everyone. a fire at an apartment complex in martinez overnight. unfortunately, a bit of a deja vu for folks there. this was the second fire in less than 24 hours at the same building. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in martinez with more. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, jessica. look behind me at the aftermath from the latest fire. a lot of foam from what the firefighters use to put out this fire. firefighters have left, which shows that they feel confident that this won't happen again. this is the second fire here. this latest fire was at 1:25 this morning. this is a condominium complex on east gate lane in martinez. it didn't take them long to get the fire out. just about 20 minutes. no one was in the building at the time and no one was hurt. they say that this was
5:35 am
second fire within 24 hours. the original fire was yesterday morning at 4:15. firefighters say that one started because of a pot that was accidentally left on a kitchen stove. five of eight units had severe damage from that original fire that can't be lived in right now because of the fire. one firefighter was hurt. but officials haven't said what happened. they do not think this is suspicious, just saying that accidents and rekindles which is what this one is, accidents and rekindles happen. live in martinez, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. high winds are fueling a wildfire grown to 900 acres. afternoon. out yesterday - as many as 200 people including campers at the pleasant valley campground were ordered to evacuate. sheriff's deputies have been going door to door urging people to leave. so far, no reports of damaged structures. the windy weather has been causing problems with people
5:36 am
traveling this holiday weekend. that includes flights on the east coast. >> passengers have been landing late at sfo. in the past five days, 19 flights on their way here from the northeast have made unscheduled stops halfway across the country because of significant headwind. from jfk, it had to touchdown in denver for nearly an hour to refuel. >> i've never experienced that. he's been with the business ten years. this is for a stopover. the wind will be -- >> it felt really slow like you were driving a car up a really steep hill and you're flooring it. >> overnight, high wind advisories were issued for the san mateo bridge and the altamont pass. gusty winds likely brought down scaffolding at a san francisco construction site. p this was at church and market street yesterday afternoon as fire crews checked out the aftermath. the scaffolding came down after 3:00 p.m. fortunately, no one was hurt. police arrested six men suspected of stealing laptops
5:37 am
from a cafe near the police went undercover on saturday night. two men grabbed two laptops and hopped back into the car and took off. other officers stopped the car and found the stolen laptops. the six men inside were arrested and now face several charges. >> a former employee of an assembly woman facing sexual harassment allegations filed a complaint with the state. the former staffer says christina garcia of bell gardens fired him after he refused to play spin the bottle with her. in his complaint, jay david kerr nick says garcia was disparaging to staff and others, used vulgar language and discussed topics inappropriate for the workplace. the assembly is investigating claims she dunk enly groped a former staff member. she denies the allegations. let's keep turning our attention with live doppler 7 to the snow falling in the santa
5:38 am
cruz mountains. the pink is a wintry mix. the white is snow. you can see as it's rolling northwest to southeast across there, there is the possibility that we could get 2 to 4 inches of the white stuff to accumulate on some grassy surfaces up until 10:00. plus the winds are blowing about 20 to 30 miles per hour. that will create some random slick spots through 10:00 also. let's talk temperatures in our east bay neighborhoods. we're in the upper 30s in san ramon, danville, walnut creek, livermore. 2100 feet. mt. diablo at 3800 feet. you can see it's a chilly air mass on top of us. low to mid-40s from novato, vallejo to san jose. los gatos, 34 degrees. it gives you an idea where the freezing line is. around 2,000 feet in the santa cruz mountains right now. as far as your 12-hour planner for the peninsula, chance of showers through about 10:00. you can see more sunshine, just low 50s this afternoon.
5:39 am
remember the breezes make it feel like the 40s. you'll drop into the 40s. 47 by 8:00 with clear conditions. san francisco 42 this morning to near 50 at noon. that's it. back to 45 by 8:00. >> big story in the snow this morning. the freezing cold temperatures. possibly through friday. that's coming up in the seven-day forecast. sue, how about the bay bridge toll plaza. are you seeing anything? >> pretty light. holiday presidents' day light. a couple of cars going through. no metering lights. there's a look at your drive time from hercules into san francisco. did want to talk about tahoe, chain requirements are in effect. i posted a nice little picture of some snow. they are getting a few inches there. green is great. that's what we're seeing overall. we had an earlier accident over the 'em "baggagembankment. they're waiting for a heavy duty
5:40 am
tow truck. it's in the eastbound direction. i'm not seeing any slow traffic past the scene there. >> thank you, sue. facebook is going low tech in its effort to find election meddling. >> it was a somber weekend forp >> it was a somber weekend forp family and friends of a
5:41 am
5:42 am
let's take a look at the entire state. talk about 15 million people are going to be affected by freezing
5:43 am
cold temperatures all the way down the border with mexico to all the way up into redding and near eureka. as far as precipitation, you can see the scattered snow showers throughout the sierra snd into the grapevine. near the coast in the afternoon hours. here's a look at tahoe. we've had a little bit of snow this morning. sue has been talking about it. snow showers will continue today. not as breezy tomorrow. but look at the temperature, 30. snow returns wednesday, thursday into friday. keeps us right around 32 degrees. we'll stay in the mid to upper 30s saturday and sunday with breezy conditions and windchills in the 20s. >> mike, thank you. 5:43 now. it was a somber weekend for family and friends of the 19-year-old murder victim who named her suspects with her dying breath. people who loved lizette cuesta honored her memory this weekend. she was found on tesla road suffering from stab wounds.
5:44 am
she tipped off the -- those who loved her lit candles to show their support for her family. >> right now we're doing a little bit better. we're following the -- lizette's spirit, she never gave up. that's what we're going to do. we're going to always think about that, the willpower she had. >> the vigil ended with a balloon release. her family is still in shock but will use her will to survive as a reason to push forward. a go fund me account has been set up to raise money for the family. you can find a link at p facebook will rely on the post office to try to prevent foreign meddling in u.s. elections. the company will send postcards to potential ad buyers to confirm they actually live in the u.s. the recipient would have to enter a code in facebook. it was discovered that thousands of ads linked to russian accounts were purchased during the presidential election.
5:45 am
the warriors are rethinking charging some bay area children who want to sing the national anthem. a report in the chronicle said the third grade students got an invite but then came another message telling the school it would cost $85 for each students who wanted to attend. family and friends would have to pay $95. there was a 75-ticket minimum. the chronicle says the story got back to warriors management and the team backed off of the ticket demands. >> quarter to 6:00 now. happening today, the recently closed cafe on the peninsula will hold a silent auction and say one last goodbye to customers. it closed its doors earlier this month after 34 years. the construction happening on both sides of the station really hurt her business. the cost of real estate, she can't afford to reopen anywhere else. it's cash only and runs from 6:00 this morning until 5:00 tonight. we do have good news about two young black bears battling burns in southern california.
5:46 am
this is really innovative. veterinarians from uc davis stitched fish skin on the paws to promote healing. photos and gps tracking show both bears are doing well after being released into the wild. they treated a burned mountain lion the same way. amazing technology. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here. >> it's partly cloudy. about 44 degrees. one of our warmer spots right now. we'll be partly cloudy which means take the sunglasses. also, you may want to dress in layers. no kidding. if you have to be outside, the winds will be that strong. it's going to make it feel about 10 degrees cooler than the actual temperature. that means low to mid-40s. chance of rain and snow showers throughout the day. that will fade tonight. that will lead to the freezing cold conditions. want to keep an eye on this batch of potential rain and snow showers. the rain in the green p and the
5:47 am
yellow, the snow and the pink and the white. moving through the santa cruz mountains. the snow level is around 1800 feet or the freezing level. that would put the summit in play for some snow. we've got matt keller there. keep an eye on social immediate yachlt matt keller on abc 7. up in the north bay once again. 9:00. it starts to calm down for now. noon, not much going on. by 3:00, we start to see showers develop around the bay and in the higher elevations it could dust us with snow through 7:00 and then by 9:00, 10:00, it's all over. this is what's going to happen tonight. frost advisory in the light blue. that's everybody. the coast, the bay shore, except for san francisco. the harder freeze, the darker blue. that's where we need to bring in the pets and protect the plants even more so. temperatures will stay below freezing in the north bay through at least friday morning.
5:48 am
so each day you're going to have to cover things. at night or in the morning uncover them. you don't suffocate them. my accuweather seven-day forecast, this continues through saturday. we're seeing holiday light pretty much everywhere this morning. an 18-minute drive if your travel takes you from north san rafael or south novato all the way into san francisco. straight shot here across the bridge. we have a problem on the altamont pass or past the altamont pass. it's eastbound 580. we told but this overturned truck off of the roadway over an embankment. now the chp is on scene with a tow truck. they're going to have to shut down eastbound 580 at the split. take west grant line road to get around this. if you normally transition on to 205 in the eastbound direction, they're going to close it down to get the big rig off the roadway. we'll be watching for you.
5:49 am
>> i feel like i'm the only person who didn't see black panther over the weekend. >> let's make it happen. >> record setting -- directed by ryan kugler. sales exceed the $192 million this weekend. that makes black panther the most successful february opening ever. it is expected to become the highest grossest movie. featuring a largely black cast. peter rabbit was second. way far behind. 50 shades free, under $17 million. black panther is produced by marvel. like abc 7 is owned by disney. >> another critically acclaimed movie featuring a star is year mp release of get out. they're giving away free tickets for a 7:00 p.m. showing. bay street in emeryville and the mercado 20 in santa clara. tickets are first come first serve. don't forget, you can watch the
5:50 am
oscars live on abc 7. they happen sunday march 4th. jimmy kimmel is the host. reveals the staggering number of times san francisco city employees sped in company cars. ground control to major tesla. the way you can track the unique tesla roadster's journey through our solar system. a group of passionate model railroad enthusiasts are fighting to keep its home. how you can help. a better day starts here on a better day starts here on abc 7
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♪ they're super... ...but they can fly. ♪ united. helping superheroes fly.
5:52 am
we've got several more storms coming our way. here's wednesday morning. a slight chance of showers near the coast. again, during the afternoon and evening hours across more of our neighborhoods and as we head
5:53 am
towards thursday morning, there's a slight chance near the coast. thursday afternoon, another chance for the rest of us and then it's finally over. >> thank you. 5:53 now. the number of children killed by the flu has unfortunately spiked again. according to the weekly report, 22 more children died from flu-related symptoms. that's the total number of flu deaths to 84 since flu season began in october. 3 out of 4 deaths they had not received the vaccine. more than half of the kids who got the vaccine avoided the illness. a model train club launched a legal fight to stay open. you're looking at what people see when they visit the napa valley model railroad society. it's launched a go fund me campaign to help them fight eviction from its home of 48 years. it occupies the building at the napa valley expo. the napa valley register says they want to replace the building with a parking lot.
5:54 am
earlier this month elon musk launched this tesla roadster into space. this was the last photo of it. if you're curious where it is, someone created a website to track its whereabouts. it's called where is according to the website, it's currently about a million miles from earth and change. it's moving towards mars at more than 42,000 miles per hour. it still has more than 137 million miles to go. this is the last time it was captured. take a look. a telescope picked it up about a week ago. you can see it there in the middle of your screen. its payload of -- is expected to be preserved for millions of years. that's our way to get that into the pop kurt you. >> they're looping david bowie in that car. so if an alien finds it, what are they going to >> i -- to san rafael, southbound. the taillights headed towards
5:55 am
the southern part of marin and central san rafael. you're looking at a smooth ride all the way into san francisco for this holiday light. 5:55 in the morning. we do have a problem eastbound 580 at the 205 split. chp is on scene with an accident. they have to right a truck that fell over the embankment. the roadway is closed eastbound after grant line at the 205 junction. sig-alert in effect. you may want to take west grant line or wait it out. it doesn't look like there's too much of a delay. let's look at the high temperatures today. kind of been ignoring them because of everything else going on. upper 40s in lakeport and ukiah. 50 to 54 degrees for the rest of us. it will feel five to ten degrees cooler than that. mid-20s in the north bay of the we'll have upper 20s in the san ramon valley. palo alto at least with scattered frost for the rest of the bay shore and out towards the coast. here's a look at what's going to happen in our inland east bay
5:56 am
valleys. we know the north bay will stay freezing cold through possibly friday morning. but it looks like inland east bay it could be freezing cold this morning. tomorrow morning. getting close thursday morning. we may have to protect the pets, plants and pipes for several nights. >> this might sound odd. there's a warning from authorities to anyone visiting catalina island in southern california. there was a buffalo attack. it happened saturday night as a man was sitting on a log on catalina island. officers say the buffalo was grazing nearby. as it came closer, the man tried to move but the buffalo charged and gored him. the man was treated at the scene and airlifted to a hospital. buffalo are common and freely roaming on one side of the island. they don't usually charge at humans. an east bay veterinarian is behind a proposed law that would allow dogs and cats to receive mouth to snout resuscitation. only veterinarians are able to use that to serve a pet in need. first responders and their
5:57 am
employers would be protected from damages or prosecution after providing emergency care. supporters say that waiting until pets are taken to the hospital can be the difference between life and death. new at 6:00, what draymond green is saying after becoming a meme during the all-star game. the reason is nothing to do with basketball. we're getting new video from a perspective after a plane landed on highway 11 in san martin. >> it's so cold this morning. a team is tracking sn
5:58 am
5:59 am
i know for a lot of you those heaters are working overtime as many of you are off on this cool presidents day. >> we're tracking chances of snow? the santa cruz mountains. meteorologist mike nicco saying this is not the worst of it. is that true, mike? >> we'll be affected by the freezing cold temperatures coming tonight and possibly through friday morning. we'll start with live
6:00 am
doppler 7. hi everybody. let's go down to the santa cruz mountains where we've color-coded the radar. the yellow and the blue is rain. around 1800 feet and above, the pink is a wintry mix. in the white, that is snow. you can see it sliding right across the summit now. it's heading down to look at that. it's going to hit the big sur mountains and leave more snow there. possibly 2 to 4 inches in the santa cruz mountains by 10:00. 6 to 8 around big sur. hoping snow hit that. once the sun comes up, we'll look at the accuweather 12-hour planner. 31 to 42. it's going to be near 50 at noon. feel like 40. low 50s at 4:00. low 40s with another chance of showers. by 7:00 this ound round is over. good morning. we're going to take a look at this problem in the altamont pass in the tracy area. connection to 205 shut down at this hour. there's a


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