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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 2, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PST

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rain is gone. we still have the chance of showers and the possibility of thunderstorms today and tomorrow. that should bring a sigh of relief to you if you're headed out the door. the lack of green on there. just how sporadic and small the green is showing up on live doppler 7. it is green right now. they're light showers. watching for fog. look at santa rosa. visibility down to a mile. i'll keep an eye on that. i noah lexis will also. here's a look from the roof camera. see if the embarcadero is an indication. there's still a lot of damp streets this morning. 12-hour day planner looks like a lot of rain. the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds. that means scattered clouds. sunshine to showers to possibly rainbows. 30s and 40s. low to mid-50s in the afternoon into the 4:00 hour. by 7:00, mid to upper 40s. we'll take a look at the rest of the weekend. drier weather on the way. here's alexis. >> that sounds good mike. drier weather always good for the commute. we're looking much, much better
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than at this time yesterday. there was heavy downpours yesterday at this time. we had heavy winds as well. not seeing that so much today here at the bay bridge toll plaza. a little bit of a stack-up in those cash lanes. other than that, traffic is flowing fine through that area. we should have the metering lights on. about 5:25, we can maybe push it to 5:30 since it is friday. hopefully we'll have friday light volumes this morning. a quick check of drive times. we're in the green all the way around. another eight minutes on westbound 24. no delays out of the central valley. tracy to dublin under a half an hour at 28 minutes. president trump defending his plans to put tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. when a country is losing billions of dollars on trade it does businesses with, trade wars
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are good and easy to win. example, when we're down $100 billion with a certain country and they get cute, don't trade any more. we win big. it's easy. he announced yesterday that he's going to sign orders for new import tariffs on steel and aluminum next week. it's causing fears of a trade war over the possibility our exports could now be taxed by other countries and many people are urging the president to make exemptions for some of our key allies. after this tweet, who knows if that will happen? back to you. >> it's 5:02 now. an upcoming rodeo with an intense board meet not guilty h ing in -- while others say the rodeo should stay as it is. here's lisa amin gulezian. >> are any of those considered inhumane in your mind? >> i do not believe that this is an inhumane sport. >> the debate is over specific
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rodeo events like mutton busting where children ride sheep. wild cow milking, where a cow is forcefully taken down and milked and tying up baby goats. they're tied up, up to five times during a single rodeo >> this was at the recreation and park district. >> they're all going to the slaughterhouse anyway. we're going to abuse them and terrorize them for entertainment before we eat them. what is the matter with us? >> action for animals wanted the board to take major steps before the ranch rodeo. but in in room, ranchers and rodeo supporters were the majority. >> my oldest son turns 4 and so excited to be able to do the mutton busting. >> some of these events are not only outdated but harmful to animals. >> the video of the cow milking, mutton busting, show intestinal
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acts of unjustifiable -- >> they voted 4-1 to allow the controversial rodeo events. in hayward, lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. happening told, the funeral service for the reverend billy graham. the coffin left washington, d.c. where he laid in honor at the capitol rotunda. the man known as america's pastor later arrived in north carolina. he will be buried in charlotte at the library that bears his name. the funeral will be held under a large white tent invoking his revival that happened nearly 70 years ago. he died last week at the age of 99. gun control advocates will participate in the march for our lives rally later this month. >> they won't be able to gather at the national mall in washington. the national park service denied an application from survivors of the florida shooting to hold a rally on march 24th. the date conflicted with a local student talent show. the rally in d.c. is expected to
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draw 500,000 people. organizers plan to move the event to another location. abc news learned that the white house has delayed unveiling its school safety policy proposals this week because the republican reaction to statements made by president trump regarding gun control. the president challenged gop lawmakers to take on the nra saying they can't be afraid of the organization. the nra publicly opposed the president's proposal to raise the purchasing age for rifles from 18 to 21. he will face pushback from members of the republican party. >> you have a different president now. >> i mean, you went through a lot of presidents and you didn't get it done. >> mr. president, it has to be to bring the republicans to the table on this. the gun lobby will stop it in its tracks. >> i like that responsibility chris. it's time that a president stepped up. >> he met with leaders of the gun lobby and what he called a great meeting. it was the second time in less than a week he's had such a
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meeting. republicans in georgia's legislature took a swipe at delta airlines, possibly for its recent stance against the nra. lawmakers voted to kill a tax break that would have saved the airline millions in sales tax on jet fuel. delta announced that it would no longer offer discounted fares to the nra members. it's angered some pro-gun lawmakers. montecito and santa barbara county under a mandatory evacuation. deputies have alerted neighbors door to door. at least 21 people died in last year's mudslides. authorities hope that the urgent warnings to evacuate will avert another tragedy. interstate 80 through the seer is a partially reopened this morning after being closed at donner pass because of dangerous driving conditions.
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conditions are too hazardous to allow big rigs on the freeway. as you can see from the cal trans cameras, still plenty of snow across all the lanes. chain controls in effect along 808 and 50. >> it's going to be easier later today to get up there as the snowplows will be able to get out there and the sun will help it just a little bit. but the snow, it's still going to come down at a moderate clip as you can see. once in a while, you see big fat flakes falling. impressive. heavy wet snow there. let's take a look at what's going on. as far as your temperatures, dress for up to 16 degrees, possibly 18 degrees cooler in the north bay, 4 degrees cooler in the south bay. 5 to 7 for the rest of us. it's cold here in san francisco. 42 in petrillo hill. sunny side and excelsior. the mission, the castro. the presidio at 44 degrees. downtown, it's 46. mid-40s all the way into the south bay. some mid-40s around pleasanton. 38 walnut creek and american
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canyon. 35 in petaluma. the bay bridge toll plaza, see how damp it is. some much our roads and streets are still slick due to the rain from yesterday. caution this morning if you're out on the roads. it will definitely be drier by the afternoon hours. on the bay, not going to be as breezy as it was yesterday. temperatures today, even cooler than yesterday. low to mid-40s. about 51 to 55 degrees. that's it. tonight we'll be back in the mid-30s to mid-40s with those scattered showers. in fact, here's a look at the plan for the peninsula. just because it shows rain doesn't mean it will be rainy that entire time. that's why the sun behind it, you know there's scattered showers. at 8:00, we'll be cloudy and 45. by noon, scattered showers possible with low 50s up through 6:00. we'll take a look at the rest of your accuweather 7-day forecast and bring you more dry and spring-like weather. here's alexis. >> we'll definitely take that on the roads this morning. yes, i have live doppler over the traffic maps.
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we're seeing a little bit of wet pavement and we have had spinout crashes. one of those on the eastbound 80 off ramp to treasure island. however, they were able to get that cleared not long ago. no backups anymore and things are looking fine if you're leaving san francisco. check out the westbound direction. looking great as well. seeing friday light volumes this morning. another collision for westbound 92 just before you get to this point here at the san mateo bridge. it's a little bit further back near hesperian. doesn't sound like a blocking situation. i believe both vehicles are off to the side. we'll check out drive times at 5:20. the warriors new arena giving some fans sticker shock. why they have to raise prices.
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welcome back. all attention turned to today and tomorrow and our chance of moderate showers, even thunderstorms. because they're scattered and they'll be localized, along with their breezes, the storm impact scale is just a 1. if you get caught under these, you can get a quarter to half an inch if you're caught under a couple of them over the next 48 hours. i.c.e. says the latest round of bay area raids is over. clearly the fear is not. >> agents arrested 232 people this week. tonight a protest in the south bay aims to demonstrate the harm that the aids are inflicting. matt keller is in san jose for
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us. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. >> people in san jose say there is still a lot of fear in the immigrant community. >> when we heard the news, we were scared. we have young kids. >> reporter: miguel rico came to prepare this workshop to get information. officers arrested 232 people in a four-day operation in northern california with 115 of them having prior felony convictions. santa clara county's rapid response says 7 people were arrested in san jose. the operations can paralyze the community. >> they don't take their kids to school. they don't want to pick them up. they don't want to go to work. they don't want to drive or do anything. >> in a statement, i.c.e. said local law enforcement's lack of cooperation is hurting its operations in california. statement went on to say i.c.e.
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has no choice but to continue to conduct at-large arrests in local neighborhoods and at work sites which result in an additional collateral arrests. they're holding a rally tonight here. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. brand new this morning, we've learned about an assassination attempt on the queen. documents just declassified say a new zealand teenager tried to shoot queen elizabeth during a royal trip in the year 1981. the queen was visiting thend th. the 17-year-old, christopher lewis, apparently tried to shoot her motorcade from a building overlooking the royal parade. he missed. was never charged with attempted murder and instead, only got minor firearm offenses. the plot to kill the queen was hushed for decades. the shooter was later diagnosed with mental health issues. reggie? some warrior season ticket
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holders deciding not to renew when they move into the chase center. some fans attended sales presentations and come away confused about traffic, parking and price. the warriors say the response to about 200 groups of seat holders has been amazing so far. a source says the renewal rate is significantly higher than when the 49ers moved to levi stadium. the warriors are raising prices and charging for a seat license to help pay for the privately financed arena. a nursing assistant accused of sexual battery is in police custody. cody back a of clayton turned himself in last week. authorities began investigating him following allegations from a patient where he works. he faces two felony charge baca is on administrative leave from the hospital now.
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a woman could be the next owner of the weinstein company. he appeared on brink of bankrupt bankruptcy. a business woman says her investors' group has an agreement in place to purchase the company's assets. in a statement she says, there would be a new board and it would be a new company. she was the head of the small business administration for president obama from 2014 to 2017. you have to believe that that's going to be a rename of that company. >> absolutely. in first look, it's something out of a cold war spy novel. a woman accused of poisoning her look alike with tainted cheesecake. >> her aim to -- >> diane macedo unravels the plot. >> a glamorous new york woman is behind bars after allegedly trying to kill her friend. the weapon of choice, cheesecake. prosecutors say in 2016, 42-year-old victoria targeted
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olga who looks strikingly similar to her, giving her cheesecake laced with a powerful tranquilizer. >> she told me, i'm going to bake you delicious cheesecake. when i eat the cake, i feel right away very, very sick. i, like, lose my vision. >> nazarova pleaded not guilty. coming up at 7:00 a.m., we'll have the latest on the alleged motive and how her love for selfies landed her in jail. with your gma first look, i'm diane macedo, abc news. new york. check this out. a pretty dramatic view of paris thanks to a drone. the city of lights blanketed in snow right now. several landmarks covered in white stuff including in front of the eiffel tower. extreme weather affected air travel in europe. the excitement is building in hollywood this morning. just two more days until the oscarsment. >> here's a live look at the dolby theatre in hollywood.
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the hottest actors, producers and directors will be there sunday to see if they can take home the big prizes. not everyone will win, but all the nominees, at least the ones in the director and the acting categories, get a gift bag worth nearly $100,000. it includes several vacation packages. the big one, 12 nights in tanzania. i'm talking about all-inclusive. they'll get a 23 and me health and ancestry kit to help them get to know their roots. a painting. a year's worth of fruit delivery, plus several bottles of a high-end maple syrup. that's the highlight i'm sure. personalized skin care products which uses artificial intelligence to help create its products. >> what? >> our complete coverage of the oscars begins sunday at 1:30 in the afternoon with on the red carpet. at 3:30, the oscars opening ceremony and the show starts at 5:00 p.m.
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the 90th annual academy awards with host jimmy kimmel. our own dion lim will be reporting live from hollywood today. she does not get the swag bag. >> that's what i was going to say. they can afford their own vacations, own 23 and me kits. >> a lot of people forgo it because they don't want to pay the tax on it. >> see. >> i would take it. i'll take it. i want that trip. >> trip is worth the taxes. >> but not the maple syrup. >> so we're 7 minutes away. should we jump to weather? >> let's do it. leave the swag bag behind. maybe grab an umbrella. there was no diamond or gold plated umbrella. it's going to rain today and tomorrow in l.a. not sunday. they'll be fine. here's a look at 280 and 17 in san jose where it's mostly cloudy and about 46 degrees right now. areas of showers and thunderstorms today. the chance will taper tonight. it will be cool and foggy, especially up in the north bay
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valleys. in the extended. tracking another storm for wednesday and thursday. trying to get that miracle march to squeeze everything out that we can. livermore, you can see a live shower there heading off to the east towards tracy. just north of the san mateo bridge back to millbrae, south san francisco, pacifica, looks like a shower towards san leandro and lorenzo. could move through the dublin grade. something over the skyline boulevard towards saratoga. cupertino and sunny veil. making things more challeging more the morning commute. a few showers in the north bay. headed into the afternoon hours, especially once we get past noon, still random showers. look how the sun's energy generates more showers and even snow up around clear lake in the higher elevations. by 7:00, you're heading out this evening, there could be a few showers out there. so be aware of that when you head out and grab a heavier coat. >> overnight, higher elevations
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could get dusted with some storms dropping snow if they bump into them. tomorrow, just random showers out there. not a washout. it will be cooler saturday. sunday, we'll just have no chance of wet weather. warmer with extra sunshine and we'll get back to average. low to mid-60s. >> feels like spring one day before another storm comes in. we'll see what alexis is watching this morning? >> light traffic this morning, too, mike. much better driving conditions. a little bit of wet pavement. but nothing like yesterday. want to take you down to the south bay. we've got a disabled vehicle, southbound 880 past state route 237 in the mitt milpitas area. we're sending a tow truck out there. we're not but chp is dispatching one to the scene. seeing green traveling conditions around that stretch. that is not slowing you down. southbound 101, san francisco to the airport. if you have an early flight in morning, you shouldn't have issues getting there. nine minutes in the green.
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northbound 880 from 238 to the maze, just about 13 minutes and northbound 101 between highway 85 and the san jose airport, you look great in the green, 11 minutes. thanks, alexis. black panther and oakland a's fans, mark your calendar when the a's take on the orioles. game time is 6:00. you may want to get there early. the a's are known for giving away bobbleheads for the first fans through the gates. this time, it will be a black panther bobblehead. i'm sure that will be a popular day on maye 5th >> >> the resale value will be high today. the northern california best friends behind a viral challenge. what they need you to do that could save one of their lives. mike and alexis, helping you mike and alexis, helping you make this a better
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here are the 7 things to know before you go. chance of scattered showers today but all of us will be from to 12 degrees cooler with highs in the 50s instead of the 60s. mike, thank you. crews are making progress around the bay area cleaning up following yesterday's storm. a tree that fell in alamo on castle crest road has been cleared from the roadway. number 3, snowy conditions in the sierra forced officials to close part of interstate 80. shut down from coal fax to the california/nevada border. if you plan to go to the sierra, take chains and plan for extra time. number 4, 50th -- 88, 9, trying to get there is difficult. right now in the bay area, we're looking much, much better. looking at much better driving conditions and really one of the only slow spots i can find at the moment is westbound 580 approaching altamont pass to 23 miles an hour much that's better than the rest of the days of the
5:26 am
week. we'll take it. it's friday light. the dmv at the oakland coliseum will remain closed until further notice. it was supposed to reopen this week. but repairs have been delayed there. the dmv flooded last month. president trump saying trade wars are good. he september out a tweet this morning defending his plant to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. he announced the tariffs yesterday and said they'll roll out next week and stocks immediately plummeted. it's national dress blue day. it's to raise awareness for colon cancer. sf city hall and sfo will be lit in blue tonight. a sacramento man and his best friend are hoping to break the record for the most bone marrow donation sign-ups in a 24-hour period. correspond bet en court has leukemia and he was given a year to live. they began the lemons for leukemia challenge to raise awareness for bone marrow
5:27 am
donations. they took a bite out of a raw lem lemon. they're asking the challengers to sign up for the national bone marrow registry. >> we're trying to set the new world record for the most amount of bone marrow sign-ups. >> a donation is the only thing that could save his life. he still has not found a match. if you would like to help, we have a link at we're coming back with a full 90 minutes of news including the new development in the wells fargo account scandal. >> mark farrell is taking a stance when it comes to police using tasers. we use so, why do we pay toters have a phone connected,.
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good morning. coming up on 5:30, march 2nd, friday. we're all here together. hey alexis, how are you doing. >> day 2.
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i came back. >> the rain is a little lighter today, too, mike. >> absolutely. i'll give you a bonus look at tomorrow's forecast by showing you the storm impact scale, which is 1, light, for pockets of moderate downpours. even a chance of lightning and small hail and locally gusty breezes. here's a look at one of those showers right now moving across the peninsula from pa those are moving off to the east. heading through the day, the chances get a little better. it's not going to rain all day. there will be a chance of rain all day. temperatures in the 30s and 40s at 7:00. but low to mid-50s for most of the afternoon hours. we'll round out the 12-hour planner. 7:00, grab a coat. 46 to 49. all right. >> day two, huh? >> i did come back. day two. you tried to scare me off with the day on the roads. today is much, much better. 5:25. we've got the bay bridge metering lights on. starting to fill in through the
5:31 am
maze, but friday lights, volume this morning, no major incidents so far either. knock on wood. hopefully we can keep it that way. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze. another 11 across the bay bridge. southbound 101, san francisco to the airport looking good in the green. thanks, alexis. howling winds and saturated soil caused trees to come down in the bay area. it took out power for 1500 people. >> one downed tree has been cleaned up in alamo. amy hollyfield is there for us live. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. a good news for the residents who went to bed with a tree blocking the street. now they can count on using the street today. the tree has been cleared but there are pieces of it over there. out of here. here's a look at what it looked like when it was down. it fell across castle crest road in alamo. it cut off access to dozens of homes. just ai big old tree blocking everybody.
5:32 am
no one was hurt, though. that's the good news. another one came down up in the north bay. this 100-foot tree came down in the storm on occidental road in occidental in sonoma county. this one brought down power lines, 1500 homes lost power in sonoma county because of this tree. pg and e worked hard to get power restored for the people. now 476 people still in the dark. they are expected to get their lights turned back on at 10:00 this morning. reporting live in alamo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. orinda, east bay mud crews worked into the night to repair a ruptured main. it burst at 8:00 on thursday morning, then it punctured a gas line. they had to wait for pg&e to repair the gas line before continuing repairs. it damaged up to six properties. right now investigators trying to figure out what caused a fire at a vacant building on
5:33 am
treasure island overnight. firefighters arrived at keppler court just after 11:00 last night to find the structure fully involved. high winds made that fight pretty difficult. crews dook a defensive position. they let the fire actually burn out for an hour before it was dee layered out. there are no reported injuries. it's the third vacant building at least in the last few days to burn. the first two were in oakland. they were thought to be started by homeless people and we're still waiting for a cause on this one. back to you. a center to help people recovery from the north bay fires, the disaster loan outreach center opened in santa rosa in the days following the fires. it provided assistance to businesses and residents. that center has helped hundreds of people, however, the deadline to apply for a property damage loan has passed. it's no longer needed. 34 people are waking up someplace else this morning following a fire that heavily damaged a fremont apartment building. here's sky 7 showing you the
5:34 am
aftermath near mission boulevard and interstate 680 yesterday. we're told as many as 12 unit are destroyed, damaged or uninhabitable. the cause of the fire under investigation. >> another shakeup at san francisco-based wells fargo. four members were planning to resign at the meeting next month. this as they face increasing pressure as they deal with new allegations of improper sales practices. investigators are looking into whether they made inappropriate referrals for 401(k) plan participants and other investments. federal sanctions in place until the bank fixes its problems. >> oakland dmv damaged by flooding is going to remain closed until further notice. the dmv suffered water and roof damage last month when someone broke in and stole copper piping from the roof. it was supposed to reopen this we week. the bay area newsgroup reports it's been delayed. they're still conducting driving
5:35 am
tests there. appointments like renewing registration have to be done elsewhere. two more major retailers taking action on gun control. l.l. bean will stop selling guns to anyone under 21 in maine at the flagship store. rei suspended its relationship with the company that supplies some of its most popular brands because it also manufactures guns and ammunition. l.l. bean and rei join walmart, dick's sporting goods and kroger now to restrict gun sales. gabby giffords is demanding nationwide action on gun control. she appeared at a uc santa cruz scholarship event last night. her husband, astronaut mark kelly and janet napolitano was also there. her former aide died during an assassination attempt on giffords in 2011. giffords says everyone needs to come together for change. >> democrats, republicans,
5:36 am
everyone. we must never stop fighting. >> napolitano says she believes the power of student voices and corporate reaction to the shooting in parkland, florida, is putting pressure on politicians to now take action. check the temperatures in the north bay. we're freezing cold. petaluma at 32. rohnert park and santa rosa, temperatures near freezing at 33. we've also got fog forming. so need to keep an eye on the temperature. if we get to 32, elevated surfac surfaces, some of the moisture could cling to it and turn into black ice. keep an eye on that for you. temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 30s until vallejo at 40 degrees. bodega bay at 41. little milder around the bay. san francisco and alameda, 45. dress for 44. san jose at 46. cooler in lafayette and fairfield, 37 and 38. the heavy snow continues to fall
5:37 am
in lake tahoe. this part of my activity planner, since it's friday, if you're out and about, caution for the spotty showers. same thing if you're exercising or if your kids have a game or practice or after-school activities. you could get a moderate rain shower and small hail. i remember doing that in little league. we were playing a game and it started hailing, we stopped the game. half hour later it melted and we played again. low to mid-50s for highs today. a lot like this morning, mid-30s to mid-40s. the east bay, the 12-hour planner. it looks like we have a lot of chances, many chances of rain. but that's because they're going to be coming through in waves. they're going to be random in nature. today is not a washout. just a cool day in the low 50s. let's turn it over to alexis. much quieter this morning? >> oh, my goodness, yes. it's friday and much better driving conditions. we certainly will take it. checking out the east bay right now. we're looking at a lot of green
5:38 am
driving conditions there. want to zoom in and take a 3d look at conditions on northbound 880 if you're heading up towards the coliseum. you can see by the number of vehicles on the roadway there, not too tough of a commute. if you're one. few who has to work on friday, at least you should have an easy time getting there. here's a quick check of the golden gate bridge as well. no issues reported in the north bay this morning. southbound 101 looking great as you head into the san francisco area. we are hearing about a new report of a collision in south san jose. so i'll get more information. i'll check on that coming up at 5:50. the future of san francisco's famous flower mart is now in question. the possible move that has businesses worried. countdown to the oscars a
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5:41 am
everybody is going to get rain or mountain snow. except for the desert. the warm spot because of that. you can see scattered showers throughout the central valley. snow to our north and this is going to be the colder temperatures you need. but the moisture is not going to be as plentiful. still, up until 10:00 tomorrow evening in lake county, over in the sierra, the winter storm warning continues until 10:00 tomorrow. here's the difference. now there's an avalanche warning. travel again not recommended. nor is drifting into the back country boundaries until 7:00
5:42 am
this evening. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast. moderate snow and it will become light. if you tried to get up there later today, good luck, take the chains. take extra food and patience. snow showers for saturday and then becomes dry sunday through thursday. natasha. >> olympic gymnast aly raisman is announcing a lawsuit against the olympic committee. nassar was molesting raise man and others. in a statement she said my highest priority has been to push for change so future generations of athletes will become safer. it's painfully leer clear that organizations have no intention of properl addressing this problem. >> mark farrell is backing a police union ballot measure to let voters decide whether to arm officers with tasers. his support for the measure puts him at odds with the police chief, william scott.
5:43 am
now chief scott believes it should be the police commission that decides the issue. mayor farrell says the process has taken too long. abc 7 news reached out to the police commission for comment but we've not heard back. florists are worried that a temporary move to the embarcadero could jeopardize their business. they plan to develop a new state of the art mole whole shale flower market. construction could take several years, meaning that vendors will have to move for the time being. piers, 19, 19 and a half and 23 are -- >> our staff visited it. we think there's going to be a lot of in and out, ingress, egress issues with major trucks up and down the pier. there's a lot of tourists, workers and residens. >> we've done a traffic analysis
5:44 am
that shows the traffic is lower than at the current site. >> supervisor kim says that she supports another site at cesar chavez. construction could begin within two years. the 90th oscars are days away. even before the show, some of the movies are making history. >> lady bird is one of those films. greta gerwig wrote and directed it. she's the sole female in the directing category and the first female nominee since the hurt locker in 2009 for katherine bigelow. >> surreal. and to be recognized by these people i looked up to my whole life and then to be brought into this incredible group of directors. everything about it is amazing. >> actress saoirse ronan nominated for best actress, laurie metcalf is up in the supporting actress category. our complete oscar coverage begins sunday at 1:30 with on
5:45 am
the red carpet. then at 3:30, the opening ceremony and at 5:00 p.m., the 90th academy awards with host jimmy kimmel. dion lim will be reporting live. her reports start from hollywood today. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. that means meteorologist mike nicco. >> hi everybody. here's a look at walnut creek. significantly different from this time yesterday. it's 38 degrees. it's also significantly cooler. so round of showers, lightning and hail today. could say rounds of showers. because that's really what we're going to have. chance that will linger all the way through the chance of showers, lingers through saturdaywarmer for sunday, monday and tuesday. crossing over the bay, san leandro, heading up crow canyon road from castro valley to san ramon. so they're about to get a little wet as will 680. check out the snow possible here
5:46 am
in the santa cruz mountains to the west of saratoga and los gatos. so am of that will turn over to rain on stevens canyon road there. possibly a little dusting of light rain in the south bay for your morning commute. it will rotate through the south bay heading through the next hour to hour and a half. that's just what's going to happen. moisture coming off the ocean as we're still stuck in this area of low pressure and because of that, we'll see a little bit of sunshine. the energy and the buoyancy needed. the showers are more numerous this afternoon. we talked about the snow. you may need an umbrella. dress for temperatures in the 40s. 2,000 feet tomorrow morning. look at this. tomorrow the showers won't be even as plentiful as today. they're scattered today. my seven-day forecast. don't change your outdoor plans for tomorrow. just keep an eye on live doppler
5:47 am
7 and use our app for that. sunday, it will be better for outdoor activities, monday and tuesday the warmest days. hey, alexis. good morning, mike. we're looking good for the friday morning commute. want to take you to the central valley where we're seeing a little bit of red on westbound 580 past 205 towards altamont pass. still averaging 23 miles an hour. that is pretty decent for that stretch of roadway. especially this time of day. yep, we're enjoying pretty friday light traffic volumes all the way around this morning. southbound 101 past heldier avenue. a little bit of moisture left on the roads. a few scattered showers too. that was briefly blocking the two right lanes. down to the far right lane. no injuries. so that should be clear soon. westbound 92 just before you get to this point at the san mateo bridge, we did have a collision off on the right shoulder that fully cleared up as well. we'll look at decent drive times coming up before 6:00. now a live desk update.
5:48 am
>> i have more news from the royal family. really caught our attention. they are inviting some of the public to the royal wedding on may 19th. i want to show you the tweets sent out overnight. this one saying they're going to invite 2600 members of the public to windsor castle for the wedding to watch the arrivals of the bride and groom in the carriage procession. actually, they sent out a series of tweets explaining who exactly is going to be invited to this. apparently, 1200 will be young people who show leadership in their communities, 200 from some of the charities that the royals are involved with. about 100 kids from some of the local schools there and then lastly, some of the workers at windsor castle and royal household. pretty cool. back to you. >> at least some members of the public get to go. that's cool. jessica, thank you. twitter ceo jack dorsey is asking for your help to make the social network a nicer place. in a series of tweets, he admits the tweets haven't met expectations. twitter needs to reengineer the
5:49 am
service for critical debate and healthy -- they need outside experts to curb growing abuse, spam and manipulation. drones are everywhere these days. for the first time, stanford undergrads will learn how to make them. sthu dents come up with concepts for delivery drones and have quad cop terse outfitted with delivery mechanisms. if you're considering a nose job, first of all, you're beautiful the way you are. second of all, don't use a selfie to help you make that final decision. >> according to a new study, selfies apparently lie when it comes to our nose size. jama facial plastic surgery says the selfies can make the nose appear 30% larger than it is. the increase in perceived size occurs when the selfie is taken at a distance of 12 inches from the face. when the photos are taken from five feet, the distortion isn't
5:50 am
nearly as significant. >> you know what's horrifying, when you open the camera app and it's from below and it's that underneath shot. nothing is less flattering than that. >> i like a prominent nose. >> a strong nose. >> keep on keeping on, people. new at 6:00, relief is on the way for people with a parking or transit citation. bay area black panther fever. oakland landmarks with a slightly different look. a homeowner's frightening encounter with a life raft. better days start here. welcome to friday. we're glad you're here. we're tracking a little bit of rain. we'll keep you posted and be right back. >> announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely.
5:51 am
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i'd of said you're dreaming. dreaming! definitely dreaming. then again, dreaming is how i got this far. now more businesses in more places can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network.
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welcome back at 5:53. i'm tracking fog. visibility down to a mile at the airport in soibt rosa where the official reporting station is. we could see this replay again tomorrow morning and sunday morning. natasha. 5:53 now. it is national dress blue day. people urged to wear navy, cobalt, periwinkle, any color of blue to raise awareness for colon cancer. san francisco city hall and san francisco international will be -- they'll be lit up in blue tonight. colon cancer is the second leading cause of death among those in the u.s. guy fieri served up grub and gratitude for law enforcement following the north bay wildfires. the chp rohnert park office posted these photos to facebook
5:54 am
after the diners, drive-ins and dives surprised them with pizzas. this is his way of saying thank you to the brave men and women on the frontlines during the devastating fires. attention, black panther fans. may want to drive around oakland for a little while to see this. projections of wakanda forever on landmarks the past few days. it's the rally crying from the movie technologically advanced homeland in africa. the fix shonl nation has a connection to oakland where character is born and where the writer, director of the movie grew up. taking a look at the roads this morning. so far so good. hopefully i'm not jinxing anything. we're looking at typical backup in the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights flipped on this morning, friday light volumes. take awe little while to get through the toll plaza and the
5:55 am
metering lights. quick check of drive times. westbound 580, tracy to dublin holding steady at 30 minutes this morning. westbound 4 antioch to concord in the green at 15. southbound 101, san rafael to san francisco, looking great at 16 minutes. let's check in with mike nicco. not as soggy on the drive in today. >> not at all. it will be that way. this isn't an all-day rain anymore. it will be an all-day snow in the sierra. hopefully we can trend the percentages up. don't expect them to jump a lot. this is the biggest storm we've had. 22% depending which part of the sierra you're in. 24% of average. that will creep up more thanks to today's snow. it's 24. that's the gusts at atlas peak. tamalpais, 18. look at the breezes where we live down in the valley. just about nonexistent. the difference between yesterday and today, not an all-day rain.
5:56 am
we'll see some sunshine and temperatures, while they're the same, they'll feel warmer thanks to that sunshine and lower breeze. also, if you see a shower, look for rainbows today. mike being thank you. we've been getting plenty of rain falling from the sky. but it was something else entirely that came crashing into a home in florida. take a look at that gaping hole. that is where an inflatable raft crashed through an apartment rooftop after falling from a royal canadian air force helicopter. the chopper was headed to a u.s. coast guard station in miami-dade county at the time. the woman living there was lying in bed when the raft came crashing through her ceiling. >> boom, big impact. i heard her screaming. >> incredibly, she was not hurt. the canadian air force is providing temporary husband hou -- temporary housing for the woman. >> what a story. what happens when steph curry pre tends to play golf inside a hotel room? nothing good. we have
5:57 am
libby schaaf, getting the attention of the white we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts.
5:58 am
and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
5:59 am
let's get up and get going. >> good morning on friday, march 2nd. it's 6:00 a.m. now. you haven't missed anything. we're glad you're here. alexis decided to come back for day two. >> i did. i set my alarm again. >> if she can do it, you can get up and go to work. hi, mike nicco. >> that's nice. >> nice having you back. >> thank you. >> try to bring you better weather today. we have issues in the south bay. light rain from alum rock, san jose, cambria park. los gatos and towards mt. hamilton with a dusting of snow. san leandro across the east bay hills into san ramon and danville and possibly dublin a little bit of wet weather also. here's a look


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