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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 2, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PST

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matt keller has more. >> reporter: good morning natasha and reggie. it's being held at story and king here in san jose. organizers say this latest i.c.e. operation left a lot of fear here in the immigration community. >> they don't take their kids to school, they don't want to pick them up. they don't want to go to work or drive or do anything. >> last night's siren held a family preparedness workshop. they want people to know their constitutional rights. i.c.e. arrested 232 people in a four-day operation with 115 of them having prior felony convictions. the rapid response network says at least seven people were arrested in san jose. >> they separate families and break up families. what we want to do is avoid any type of incidents where children are left behind. >> reporter: in a statement i.c.e. said the lack of cooperation by law enforcement is hurting the operations in california. statement went on to say i.c.e.
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has no choice but to continue conducting the arrests at work sites which will result in additional collateral arrests. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. oakland mayor libby schaaf, her decision to publicly wash warn of impending immigration raids has attracted the attention of the white house. >> i think it's outrageous that a mayor would circumvent federal authorities and put them in danger by making a move such as that and it's currently under review by the department of justice. >> mayor schaaf is not aware of any investigation into her by the doj. she's defending her warning, call the i.c.e. raids political retaliation against california. gun control advocates will participate in the march for our lives rallies that happen later this month. >> they won't be able to gather in washington at the national mall. the national park service denied their application for survivors of the florida shooting to hold a rally there on march 24th.
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the "washington post" reports that the date conflicted with a local student talent show. the rally is expected to draw 500,000 people. organizers plan to move the event to another location. abc news learned that the white house has delayed unveiling the school safety policy proposals this week because of republican reaction to statements the president made on gun control. the president challenged gop lawmakers to take on the nra saying that they can't be afraid of the group. the nra has publicly opposed the president's proposal to raise the purchasing age for rifles from 18 to 21. he will also face pushback from members much his own republican party. >> a different president now. >> i mean. >> you went through a lot of presidents and didn't get it done. >> it will have to be to bring the republicans to the table on this. the gun lobby would stop it in its tracks. >> i like that responsibility, chris. i really do. it's time that a president stepped up. >> last night president trump met with leaders of the gun
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lobby and what he called a great meeting that is the second such meeting he's had in a week. republicans in georgia's legislature just took a swipe at delta airlines, possibly for its recent stance against the nra. lawmakers voted to kill a tax break that would have saved the airline millions of dollars in sales tax on its jet fuel. delta announced last week yepd that it would no longer offer discounted fares to the nra members in the wake of the high school massacre. that decision angered pro gun lawmakers. a cal -- accused of sexually assaulting another student. isaac lee was -- the victim told police that the assault happened late monday night. a the victim and suspect did know each other. there was no nixel alert to students because he was quickly arrested. granted the go ahead to sue four city police officers he says framed him. jamaal true love spent six years in prison after being convicted of a murder in sunnyvale, then
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acquitted by a second jury. a u.s. district judge has ruled that new evidence may show three officers pressured the only witness in the case to testify against true love. the judge ruled the fourth officer, john evans seen here before his testimony in the kate steinle trial withheld evidence that could have helped true love's defense. breaking news coming in. we've learned more details about the identity of the person accused of sending a threatening tweet earlier this week to the alum rock school district in san jose. police say it was a 12-year-old girl. san jose police told us moments ago they served a search warrant at the child's home in san jose. she has not been taken into custody. there is an investigation still going on. police are not releasing any other details at this point and anyone with information is being sked to call police or is being crimestoppers this morning. certainly disturbing, jessica. thank you. you can check out the conditions throughout the
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sierra. the storm that hit the bay area now blanketing tahoe and creating dangerous driving conditions for anyone who plans to head there this weekend. a portion of interstate 80 is closed right now. we'll have your full toyota tahoe ski report coming up. there's a new plan that removes late fees on tickets for certain drivers and mun incompetent riders much that's not all. we knew it was going to be expensive. now we're getting an idea of how big of a loan you need. let's give you an idea of what to expect the next two days with the storm impact scale. the storms will be light. quarter to a half inch of rain coming out of the rounds of showers that will have lightning, thunder and small hail with a snow level dropping hail with a snow level dropping down to
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there's help for drivers. low income payment plan allows drivers to pay tickets over time and waive some late fees. to qualify you have to meet the income requirement based on the number of people in your household. it's about $24,000 for a single person, $32,000 for a two-person
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household and $40,000 for three people. you can visit the sfmta customer service center to enroll. let's start down in the south bay. take a look at temperatures in los gatos. it's 37. everyone else in the low to mid-40s. downtown, san jose, about 46 degrees. we've got low to mid-40s along the bay shore. up to san pablo. half moon bay and livermore and brentwood in the low 40s much everybody else inland and in the east bay in the mid to upper 30s. near ma netineta, the light sho went over. seeing sheen on the road there. wet spots through the morning commute. damp and dress for cooler conditions if you're taking mass transit. it's not going to be as breezy on the bay today. let's take a look at our temperatures. about 50 to 55 degrees. about 10 degrees cool her than average. showers developing with a chance of thunderstorms. tonight, they taper and temperatures will drop back to the levels we're feeling this
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morning. mid-30s to mid-40s. alexis has another look at the rain in the south bay. >> sure do, mike. it's looking soggy here at 101 and 880. we saw matt a few minutes ago with his umbrella out. probably have to put the wipers on if you're travel around san jose. even if it's not currently raining, it passed through, we've got the road spray kicking up for the second day in a row. take it easy. give yourself a few extra minutes. still no major blocking issues. mass transit looking good as well. b.a.r.t. trains in service. you're looking good and muni, no reports or issues there either. tough getting to and from sierra this this morning. a rodeo is at the center of controversy in the east bay. a meeting got heated with some people demanding change. why the pga tour is commenting on this photo posted by steph curry. are cream conditioners bringing your hair down? switch to new pantene light as air foam conditioner,
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>> announcer: today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. keep an umbrella handy. track the storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. abc 7 mornings. 6:15. a woman could be the next owner of the weinstein company. the beleaguered studio once led by harvey weinstein appeared on
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the brink of bankruptcy. now maria contreras sweet says they have an agreement in place to purchase the company's assets. in a statement, she says there would be a new board and it would be a new company. she was the head of the small business administration for president obama from 2014 to 2017. east baio physicians voted to allow some controversial rodeo events to continue despite animal rights activists calling them cruel and unacceptable. they feature mutton busting, wild cow milking where a beef cow is taken down and forcefully milked and a goat that's tied up up to five times in a single rodeo. the meeting with was mostly filled with ranchers and rodeo supporters. >> i do not believe that this is an inhumane sport. >> they're all going to the slaughterhouse anyway. we're going to abuse them and terrorize them for entertainment
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before we eat them? jesus, what is the matter with us? >> the 98th annual rodeo will continue as planned starting may 18th on dublin canyon road between castro valley and dublin. some warriors season ticket holders have sticker shock. deciding not to renew when the team moves to the chase center in 2019. fans are attending in-house sales presentations and the chronicle reports that some are concerned with traffic, parking and prices. season particulars holders who paid 370 bucks per game will have to pay 600 bucks per game for a similar seat at the new arena. on top of that, they'll need a $35,000 membership fee. now, that fee will actually be but not until 30 years in the future. the warriors say the fee is less than $15,000 for more than half of the seats in the arena. the team also says the response from seat holders so far from where they're sitting has been amazing. speaking of the warriors,
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steph curry is often imitated when it comes to his basketball game. we strongly suggest you not imitate him with his golf game, at least indoors. >> maybe within reach of anything breakable. he posted this photo. and the caption reads, if you feel hike you're on the pga tour and you got to get swings going in the hotel room. #idiot. curry did not say what he broke or where it happened. looks like a table. the pga tour replied saying, golf is hard. also told you, he's always playing invisible golf. >> not so invisible. alexis, they better give housekeeping a huge tip. >> steph curry. so he can take care of that for sure. sure he can cover that bill. take it outdoors next time. we're doing okay on the roads so far this morning. we've got live doppler 7 over the traffic maps. not nearly as much activity as we had for yesterday morning's commute. that means we're seeing really light volumes and of course, it is friday. that's helping too.
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zooming into one slow spot in particular here. southbound, 880 approaching 92 that's the typical delays. the northbound side, we have a collision on the shoulder. we could see onlooker delay in that stretch, too. over overall, not bad. metering lights have been on since 5:25 this morning. a quick check of drive times. not bad. we're seeing a lot of green. just six minutes. another 8 on westbound 24. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, still in the green at just half an hour. meteorologist mike nicco is in this morning and not as busy as yesterday. but we're still seeing soggy spots. >> we definitely are. we'll continue to see soggy. the key word is spots. not an overall, all-day rain. it's going to be random in nature. it's going to be waves of it. here's one of the drier areas right now. looking south on 101 in san rafael. we had 2 inches of rain yesterday. just a little bit more than that. areas of showers and thunderstorms. chance will taper tonight.
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it will get cool like this morning and fog possible like around santa rosa right now. tracking another storm for wednesday and thursday. all right. snow level, it is cold enough for snow. you can see it there. that's mt. diablo. blackhawk and danville to the south of it. diablo and alamo to the west of it. more rain around san ramon and into the east bay hills. mt. hamilton getting a light dusting of snow. also, now, not quite as high are the hills and mountains of the peninsula. so you're getting all rain from mond mondayter a to pescadero. it's heading to about sfo. that's the biggest area of rain now. there's some developing off the shore that will rotate into the north bay. here's how it goes. it's very scattered during the morning hours. the sunshine at noon into the afternoon hours. you can see more showers and a little more intensity with locally gusty conditions and local downpours and small hail. 7:00, still keeping an eye on our app in live doppler 7.
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there will still be random showers out there. deeper into the overnight hours, it gets quieter. the showers won't be as widespread as today. here's my seven-day forecast. the storm is a 1. light today and tomorrow. the storm will be light wednesday and again thursday. in between, little touch of spring for monday, tuesday. let's head back to tahoe, mike for the toyota tahoe report. it is treacherous. can't stress this enough. i would delay your trip unless you have to head up there this morning. we've had a lot of full closures at 80 and 50. we actually got 80 back open in both directions. boy, definitely chain requirements in place. chains required for 50 and several closures along 89 and 88 trying to get to the resorts. squaw alpine, 38 to 80-inch base. north storr, 18 to 60 inches. i know that those will go up big time once they're updated base totals this morning. sugar bowl, 34 to 52.
6:20 am
sierra at tahoe, 60 to 119. kirkwood, if you can delay the trip until later on today, give them a chance to clear the roadways, highly recommend that. it's still dangerous driving. 50/80 are back open. >> or stay in the comfort of the closer in bay area and watch the oscars. on sunday, no one should watch the oscars alone. whether you want to get dressed up or stay casual, we have great events for you. >> footie
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check out these rain totals as march came in like a lion. nearly 2.75 of an inch. nearly that in oakland. 2/3 of an inch in san jose. rain totals today about a quarter to a half inch. here's reggie. >> thanks, mike. the oscars are this weekend. >> i'm a firm believer that no one should watch the oscars alone. you can get dressed to the nines or hang out and watch the oscars at a food truck park. the choice is entirely yours. at the high end, academy of friends at the met reon city view. this is the 38th annual event benefiting hiv-aids organizations. if that's high for you, check out the free oscars party at
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soma street food park. this is outdoors, but no rain in the forecast sunday and they have heat lamps and $25 bottomless mimosas. if you've ever partied on mission street, you've seen doc's clock. the sign was iconic until the lights went out and he moved it literally down the street to 20th and mission. the sign didn't go with him. after a lot of hurdles, it's going to replace the temporary painted version that's been sitting at its new location. >> friday night. doc's clock is having a party to raise money to pay for the sign's relocation. not just for us. we want our sign back. but we're doing it for everybody in this neighborhood that we're losing too much. everything is changing. it's really nice to have one little beacon that will stand out, that will be the same. >> and finally this week, another fundraiser for the oakland museum of california. it's the white elephant sale.
6:25 am
billed as the biggest rummage sale that happens saturday and sunday. i love that doc's clock is getting its sign back. >> that photo of them carrying it. >> it's funny. it's great. for directions and hours and the other information, go to abc 7 news com and we'll link you up with hood line. new fallout from wells fargo as the san francisco-based company continues to recover from the bank account scandal. >> we're learning details about a lawsuit against youtube. it's being accused of not hiring white and asian men. former congresswoman gabby giffords made some comments at an event in the bay
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>> announcer: good morning bay area. >> let's get up and get going. coming up on 6:30. welcome to friday. almost at the weekend on march 2nd. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco. it looks decent outside. >> not bad for most of us. we're going to try to distance ourselves from that really heavy rain and steady rain we had yesterday. we still have the cold air mass over the top of us. you've got to keep a storm
6:29 am
impact scale of 1, light. the possibility of thunderstorms with some hail and local downpours and some local breezes. this is the way it looks right now. you can see moving through the east bay, from san leandro and san ramon, about to get to brentwood and discovery bay. here's a look at the planner. looks like a lot of rain. but every single time frame is a chance of scattered showers. for all of us, it's going to be cool again today. low to mid-50s. rainbows and rain today. alexis? >> all right. hopefully we'll catch some of those rainbows. not seeing one yet in san yoes. we could. we've got a little sunshine peeking through. some scattered showers this morning. that was about 15, 20 minutes ago. still seeing the road spray kicking up. you will have to kick on the wipers. we've been lucky. no major blocking issues. highway 4 to the maze and the green at 19 minutes.
6:30 am
southbound on 101 to sfo, that still looks great. in the greep at ten minutes. p 100-foot tree took down power lines. >> another tree has just been cleaned up. amy hollyfield is live for us there. good morning, amy. >> reporter: hi, natasha. this is a busy street. quite a relief for the people in alamo trying to get to work. this road is available. the tree is gone. there are still pieces of it over here on the side of the road. they did have to chop it up to get it out of here. here's a look at it when it was down. it fell across crest avenue here at castle crest road in alamo. it cut off access to dozens of homes. so it was definitely a hassle. no one was hurt, though. but just a side effect of that storm. there's another one that came down up in the north bay. this 100-foot tree came down on occidental road in occidental up
6:31 am
in sonoma county. this one, though, brought down power lines with it. that each caused bigger headache up there. 1500 homes lost power. so they were in the dark and in the rain. 476 people still don't have power this morning. so pg&e has restored power to some but not all. all the lights are expected to be back on by 10:00 this morning. some alarm clocks probably not going off there in occidental this morning. reporting live in alamo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. orinda, mud crews worked into the night to repair a water main. it burst at 8:00 on thursday morning. the asphalt broken by the rupture, punctured a gas line. crews had to wait for the gas line to be fixed before beginning their repairs. the water damaged up to six properties. developing news, a former employee suing the company over discriminatory hiring practices. arnie will berg was a recruiter at youtube.
6:32 am
he worked at google for nine years. they stopped hiring white and asian men for tech positions because they set quotas for hiring women and other minorities. the lawsuit filed in superior court show they fired him when he complained. they said they're hired based on merit not identity. the cause of a fire on treasure island. you can see the fire from a tower camera. firefighters arrived at keppler court after 11:00 last night to find the building ungefled. crews took a defensive position and let the fire burn before it was declared out. people waking up somewhere else other than their own home following a fire that heavily damaged a fremont apartment building. look at the sky 7 video. it shows the aftermath near mission boulevard and interstate 680 yesterday. we're told as many as 12 units are either destroyed, damaged or potentially uninhabitable. the cause of the fire still
6:33 am
under investigation. another shakeup at wells fargo. four board members planning to resign at the shareholder meeting next month. this comes as there's increasing pressure for oversight. investigators are looking into the wells management decision made inappropriate referrals for 401(k) plan participants. federal sanctions are in place until the bank fixes its problems. an oakland dmv damaged by flooding will remain closed until further notice. the dmv at the oakland coliseum suffered water and roof damage when someone broke in and stole copper piping from the roof. it was supposed to reopen this week. the bay area newsgroup reports that's been delayed. the dmv is still conducting driving tests there. other appointments like renewing, registration have to be done somewhere else. two more major retailers are taking action on gun control. l.l. bean announced it will stop selling guns to anyone under 21 at the flagship store in main.
6:34 am
the company sells guns for hunting and target shooting. rei suspended it reels ship with the company that supplies the most popular brands because it also manufactures guns and ammunition. l.l. bean and rei join walmart, dick's sporting goods and kroger in taking steps to restrict gun sales. former arizona congresswoman gabby giffords demanding nationwide action on gun control. she appeared at a uc santa cruz event in san francisco last night. her husband, retired astronaut mark kelly and uc president janet napolitano also there. the scholarship is in honor of giffords former aide, gabe zimmerman. he died during an assassination attempt on giffords in 2011. giffords says everyone needs to come together for change. >> democrats, republicans, everyone. we must never stop fighting. >> napolitano says she believes the power f student voices and corporate reaction to the shooting in parkland, florida, is putting pressure on politicians to take action.
6:35 am
6:36 now. a center opened to help people recover from the north bay fires will close today. the small business administration's disaster loan outreach center opened in santa rosa in the days following the devastating october fires. the center has helped hundreds of people, but the deadline to apply for a property damage loan has passed. all right. we talked about how much cooler it would be this morning. you could really feel it in the north bay. especially santa rosa. up to 21 degrees cooler. plus you've got that fog up there we're keeping an eye on. in the south bay, 4 degrees cooler. might want to grab a heavier coat. here's a look at temperaturewise what's going on. 40 to 45 degrees. let's take a look elsewhere. mid-40s along the east bay shore and into san jose. up in the hills, los gatos 36. upper 30s to low 40s in the inland east bay neighborhoods. santa rosa, freezing cold at 31 with the fog out there. got to keep an eye on the bridges and the overpasses.
6:36 am
the elevated surfaces, black ice may be possible until the sun warms it up a bit. let look at what's going on for the activity planner. just wanted to show you this. that's funny, aloha friday here. then we've got snow in tahoe there. i didn't plan that. i didn't know they were going to put aloha friday there. let's talk about the activity planner. out and about, spotty showers. exercising, dodging drops in the difficult travel if you're headed to the sierra. alexis told me they finally opened 80 both ways. we'll get more from her on that. school forecast, dress warmer this morning. have the kids know that spotty showers are possible. they'll look for that at recess. if you see lightning and you hear thunder before 30 seconds, head inside and wait 30 minutes until you head back outside. here's alexis with more on the morning commute. >> good morning, mike. you're right it is treacherous getting to and from the sierra. both directions of interstate 80 reopened just a little bit after 6:00.
6:37 am
we got that westbound side back open. eastbound has been open for about an hour and a half at this point. you have to chain up if you don't have four-wheel drive. scattered showers this morning around the bay area and very few blocking incidents. one past the orinda minnow pablo. we've had solo vehicle spinouts. we have wet pavement and you'll slow down and take it easy. no major backup from that. southbound 680, cruising towards 24. you're looking fine. we'll check on mass transit around 6:50. now, a live desk update. >> from abc 7 mornings. want to show you a live look at the billy graham library in north carolina where the funeral for reverend bill you graham will take place shortly. he was known as america's pastor. he was 99 years old. graham was known for being the spiritual counselor to numerous presidents, both republicans and democrats. a lot of people there in attendance getting ready for
6:38 am
that funeral. the president will be attending. in fact, i want to show you a live picture from the nation's capitol as well. you see air force one there about to leave washington, d.c. to head to north carolina in just a few moments. dpram graham's funeral service will begin at 8:30 our time. he'll be laid to rest next to his wife. reggie? mark farrell is backing a police union -- whether to arm officers with tasers. it puts hip at odd with police chief william scott. the chief believes it should be up to the police commission. mayor farrell says the process has taken too long. both the mayor and the chief support arming officers with tasers. abc 7 news has reached out to the police commission president for comment on this. we have not yet heard back. gymnast aly raisman is taking new action against the u.s. olympic committee. >> president trump's tariff increase is causing some prices
6:39 am
to increase in the u.s. >> a really big day for the big board at the new york stock exchange because of the tariffs that were announced yesterday and the dow plummeted yesterday. we see it down now 352 points. that's 1.5%. we'll have another update on the markets next. the rich get richer. we're getting a look inside the we're getting a look inside the swag bag that oscar for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
6:40 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis.
6:41 am
i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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>> announcer: today's storm in level 1. keep an umbrella handy and trab the storm any time on the abc 7 news app. download it now. welcome back at 6:43. want to look at the california forecast. everybody except the desert gets touched by rain or snow. we're going to have sunshine, 73 in palm springs. let's focus in more on what's going on to the north. we have the winter storm warning for lake county until 10:00 tomorrow evening. look at all that snow. up to 2 feet on the highest peaks. as we head into the sierra, still going to snow. maybe not as heavily, but it's still snowing. avalanche warning foreign the back country areas above and below the tree line but not in the ski area boundaries until 7:00 this evening. look at that. doesn't that look awesome. snow showers tomorrow. but it will be dry sunday through thursday.
6:43 am
>> thanks, mike. i.c.e. says the latest round of bay area raids is over. but the fear is not. >> agents arrested 232 people this week. tonight a protest in the south bay aims to demonstrate the harm that some say the raids are inflicting. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us in san jose. matt? >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. the rapid response network says at least seven people were arrested here in san jose during the most recent i.c.e. operation. >> it breaks up families and what we want to do is avoid any type of incidents where children are left behind. group siren held a preparedness workshop last night. they arrested 232 people in a four-day operation in northern california with 115 having prior felony convictions. i.c.e. said local law enforcement's lack of cooperation is hurting its operations in california. the rapid response network sends
6:44 am
volunteers to observe i.c.e. action when it's reported. they're holding a community rally tonight at story and king roads here in san jose. they're hoping to get a lot of support out there. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. matt, thank you. it's quarter to 7:00. more fallout from the larry nassar sexual abuse scandal. olympic gymnast aly raisman is announcing a lawsuit against the olympic committee and the usa gymnasti gymnastics. she's calling for an independent investigation by federal authorities. in a statement she said quote my highest priority is to push for change for future generations of athlete will be safer. it is painfully clear that the organizations have no intention of properly addressing this problem. an end to a fight to keep politics out of entertainment. a day after the country music association named mike huck a bee to the cma foundation board of directors. he resigned. many leaders protested when the
6:45 am
former governor was named to that board on wednesday. they say they don't want the cma foundation aligned with his controversial views on gay marriage and the nra. no official reason was given for huckabee's resignation. designs and makes electric choppers. harley davidson has made an equity investment in the company. according to the website, it produces custom batteries that are the smallest and most energy dense battery packs in transportation. harley davidson, which is based in milwaukee hopes to have electric motorcycles for sale in about 18 months. bmw offering a major discount on the new electric car. just to a certain few. german automaker is offering discount on the i-3 electric cars for customers of through may 31st. buyers can receive a rebate from the state and may be eligible for a federal tax credit worth up to $7500.
6:46 am
that's another $10,000 off the $44,000 price. the tariff increase will cost the price of cars and trucks to go up. this is due to increased production costs. more than 930% of the steel and -- 90% of the steel and aluminum comes from the u.s. the company did not say how big of an increase to expect. >> hi everyone. right now i want to show you a live look at wall street. the dow down 312 points right now. about 1%. we've been seeing it down throughout the morning since the stocks opened a few moments ago. yesterday, stocks also plummeted after president trump announced plans to put tariffs on steel and aluminum imparts. this morning, he's been defending his plan via twitter all morning long. this is the latest tweet. it's new from earlier. it says when a country taxes our products at, say, 50%, we tax the same products coming in at zero, it's not fair or smart.
6:47 am
we will soon be starting reciprocal taxes so that we will charge the same thing as they charge us. he mentions the deficit, says we have no choice. a lot of people, though, since yesterday's announcement have been urging the president to make some exemptions for some of key allies fearing a trade war. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. we're just two days away from hollywood's big night. jimmy kimmel is letting us know what to expect during the telecast. >> he will know within 30 seconds of taking the stage if he's in trouble or if it's going to be a great night. kimmel says that he's got his comedy bits ready to go. he is happy with how things are going so far. >> there will be a big unscripted surprise in the show. that's basically all i can tell you. >> i hope so. i'm going to try to make this the longest oscars show ever. >> kimmel says we're actually in for several surprises.
6:48 am
remember last year he walked in a bunch of strangers, random people from the street, thought they were on a tour. remember that? >> that was fun. >> that was a good bit. a live look now at the dolby theatre in hollywood. not much going on there right now. but you can be sure on sunday it's going to be a busy place -- the only thing going on right now is raindrops. mike, it's supposed to be good weather on sunday shall right? >> it will clear out and be a little cool in the 60s. everybody else still looked nice. >> let's look at the swag bag. we need to get through this first. i'm not trying to rush you. >> all the nominees will get this gift bag, mike. worth $100,000. tell me if you'd like this. several vacation packages. 12 nights in tanzania. 23 and me ancestry kit. >> not sure. >> other than just italian and handsome. >> i don't know my biological father. that might be good. >> we'll get sgo that later. . >> sorry. >> year's worth of fruit
6:49 am
delive delivery. high end maple syrup. that sound good. personalized skin care products that uses a.i. to create products. cool and techy. watch out for that. >> our complete coverage of the oscars begins sunday at 1:30 with on the red carpet, then at 3:30, we have the oscars opening ceremony and at 5:00, the 90th annual academy awards with jimmy kimmel. dion lim will be live there and she'll have live reports starting today. >> we're ready. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. shears meteorologist mike nicco >> let's move on to the weather, shall we? something hot to put the maple syrup on. can you put that in coffee? >> yes. >> there you go. a look at one of the -- what's left from one of the showers that rolled across the south bay this morning. this is 101 and 880. it made everything wet once again. here's a look at the exploratorium. you can see some of the showers moving through the south bay and over into the east bay.
6:50 am
this is looking to the southeast. round of showers, lightning and hail. not only today but also tomorrow. then we'll have dry weather for sunday, monday and tuesday. almost gets spring-like. you can see the scattered nature of the showers out there. even some snow up around 3,000 to 3500 feet. that will be the case, mainly drop down to 3,000 feet in the afternoon hours. put this into motion. you can see pretty much around the san pablo bay to the dunbarton bridge. we have the best chance of wet weather. future radar. take a look at the temperatures first. sorry about that. 50 to 55. still 10 to 12 degrees cooler than average. the breezes a little slower. won't feel as cold or crisp as it did. isolated showers and mid-30s to low 40s. there's the clock at 7:00. you can see by noon, still a few random showers out there. but during the afternoon hours, that's when we have a better chance of brief hail, brief downpours and locally gusty winds. they'll continue during the
6:51 am
evening hours as temperatures drop into the 40s. make sure you take an umbrella and heavier coat. tomorrow at 7:00, a random shower. you can see the showers not going to be as numerous tomorrow afternoon. don't cancel your plans. keep an eye on live doppler 7 with our app. storm is a 1 today, 1 tomorrow and low to mid-630s. our warmest day tuesday before more rain on wednesday and thursday. we've been talking about a friday light commute all day. exhibit a. san mateo bridge, westbound 92ment you're looking great. we're moving along at decent speeds just about everywhere this morning. we have had a few solo vehicles, spinout crashes but nothing major blocking so far today. hopefully we can hold on to that. lighter volumes overall and conditions have been better as well. ace route, no delays there. 59 b.a.r.t. trains in service. the only mass transit issue is muni, the j-church line due to an equipment problem.
6:52 am
a shuttle has been put in place. altamont pass commute coming up in less than ten. breaking news from the abc 7 desk. central michigan university is on lockdown after reports of shots fired on campus. the school sent out this tweet only a short minute ago. about 20 minutes ago. students are now being warned to take shelter. call 911 if they see anything suspicious. police are telling abc news they are currently searching for a suspect who ran away. just one suspect. there's no word yet on any victims. i will be tracking the story. of course, we'll have update for you on our abc 7 news app throughout the morning as well. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. twitter ceo jack dorsey is asking for your help to make the social network a nicer place. in a series of tweets, he admits the company has not met users' expectations. they need to reengineer to maintain civility. twitter is looking for outside experts to help it curb growing
6:53 am
abuse, spam and manipulation. happening today, it is national dress blue day. people being urged to wear navy, cobalt, periwinkle, any color of blue to raise awareness for colon cancer. san francisco city hall and international will be lit up in blue tonight. it's the second leading cause of cancer death among men and women in the u.s. health officials are urging anyone 50 and over to get screened. black panther fabns, you'll love this. someone has been posting wakanda forever on buildings. it's the rally cry for the fictional nation. it's where michael b. jordan's character is built and where the writer and director ryan coogler grew up. >> i love this. it's amazing. up next, the seven things to know before you go. >> here's a live look outside with abc 7 news now. not bad, right?
6:54 am
especially considering we're not especially considering we're not under a tremendous amount of
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:58 on the dot. whether you're joining us or headed out the door, seven
6:57 am
things to know before you go. the accuweather planner, tracking some showers around the san mateo dunbarton bridge towards dublin and danville right now. there's a chance of random showers and thunderstorms throughout the day. number 2, crews making progress around the area cleaning up following the storm yesterday. a tree that fell in alamo on castle crest road has been cleared from the road. number 3, if you were planning a trip to the sierra this weekend, you may want to reconsid reconsider. driving is extremel dangerous right now. in re have been chain controls and road closures. number 4, i just saw they're holding interstate 50 once again, u.s. 50 in several locations because of spinouts. it's tough going. the immediate bay area. westbound 580 approaching altamont pass. 60, 44 miles an hour. we'll take it and we have been friday light pretty much all morning. breaking news we've been following. san jose police say a 12-year-old girl is behind some threatening tweets sent to alum
6:58 am
rock unified school district. she's not been taken into custody. number 6, crowds are gathering for billy graham's funeral in north carolina. hundreds expected to attend, including president trump. number 7, a live look at the dolby theatre in hollywood. we don't have it. there is raindrops this morning. hopefully not on sunday, though. the stars will be walking the red carpet for the oscars on that day. tnz is reporting that fay dunaway and warren beatty will announce the best picture this year. it can't happen twice in a row. >> you never know. that's why it's fun to watch a live show. i believe in second chances. >> yeah. >> i think a lot of the young people watching will be saying who are those people? >> ooh. >> right? >> probably. >> it's been a little while since they've been on the big screen. >> bonnie
6:59 am
good morning, america. the new warning as two monster storms hit both coasts. a nor'easter pummeling 70 million from the carolinas to maine with hurricane-force winds, rain, and snow. while out west, police are going door to door ordering people to evacuate. changing course. president trump meets with the nra late last night. the group's top lobbyist tweets trump does not want gun control a day after that bipartisan meeting. this as the president announces new trade actions igniting a possible trade war. sending stocks tumbling. poison plot? this woman behind bars this morning charged with attempted murder accused of lacing a cheesecake to allegedly kill a woman who looked like her and steal he


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