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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 2, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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. breaking news out of the north bay. an officer-involved shooting at an armor car shooting. a bullet flew through one person's house into their tv. thank you for joining us. more on that breaking news in just a moment. we need to show you some video that caught our eye of the still lingering storm in our area. meteorologist mike nicco is here. mike, we've been watching snowfall in some places. >> yeah, that's what you're seeing on the right side of your screen, reggie. that snow up on mt. tam. you can see down at the lower elevation, some of the ice made it down to the ground. that is hail in sausalito. we've also seen hail in other places as thunderstorms have run through places like berkeley and
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also albany and emeryville. our storm is going to continue to produce those waves of showers. our storm impact scale is a 1, light, because they'll be locally heavy but they won't be widespread. you need to watch out because they will have lightning and more hail with them. here's a look at what's going on. that thunderstorm that moved through the east bay is now well into the central valley and moving away from us. you can still see some snow falling on hamilton and light rain around morgan hill. and some spotty showers up across the north bay. look at this. what to expect over the next six hours. you can see future radar showing more showers. it won't be a steady rain. you'll see sunshine from time to time, so, watch out for rainbows and snow level down to 2500 feet. it's a great day to is have our app in case you're outside because it will be sun bey one minute and raining the next. you can look on our app to see how long that rain is going to last, reggie. >> you have to have every piece of weather gear with you. you never know what's going to happen, including sunglasses. thanks, mike. you have definitely been heeding our call, coming through with great photos and video of the weather where you are.
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now, we have been seeing, of course, some of that sun and rain and hail that mike has been talking about. we'd love to see your photos and video. share it with us using #abc7now, we may use them on the air or take another look at live doppler 7 right now. download that abc7 news app and enable push alerts so you get conditions where you live. now back to our breaking news out of santa rosa. that officer-involved shooting and an armored truck business. amy hollyfield has the update now from police. amy? >> reporter: hi, reggie. police just wrapped up a press conference detailing what happened here at this facility at 3:00 this morning in santa rosa. we're on northpoint parkway. it's still roped off with crime tape. police say two men tried to rob this facility but they had a gun and there were two employees inside. the employees were able to trigger an alarm and police interrupted the crime.
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officers say one man ran, but they chased him. they say he aimed his gun at police so police shot at him. one resident of santa rosa showed us where one bullet ended up, in her living room, in her television. no one in the home was hurt. police did take both suspects into custody. the one who was shot is expected to survive. >> one of them is at the hospital, still receiving medical care so we've been unable to interview him. tere is one suspect here at the station that's being interviewed now and we're working to confirm his identity. >> reporter: the two employees are okay. they hid in a walk-in safe. so, they're all right. the suspect is also survive. investigators say the officer who shot the man was wearing a body camera. they plan oirinvestigation. they have not released the officer's name but say he will be on paid leave while they conduct their investigation. the police officer gave us one more interesting detail. to his lekn
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been robbed at least two times before this attempt. reporting live in an amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >> thanks for the update, amy. now developing news out oft at central michigan university. that's about two hours northwest of detroit. police say that this is the photo of the 19-year-old suspect, james eric davis, jr. he's accused of killing two people this morning. he is a junior at the university. police say the two victims are not students and that this stems from a domestic incident. the two people killed were found inside a residence hall. as police continue to look for the shooter, the campus remains on lockdown. now new details on the threatening social media messag that created fear across the 27 campuses in the elementary school. a 12-year-old girl was the person behind them. abc7 news reporter matt keller has more on the investigation and what district officials say should happen now.
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>> reporter: relief this morning for parents and students in the alom rock school district in san jose. they identified the person who sent out a threatening tweet against the school district as a 12-year-old girl. the district found out about the tweet on wednesday. at it didn't threaten a specific school, it did say the person wanted to shoot up all of them. >> one of the things i know about children and individuals and investigations is that we cannot judge until we have all the facts. >> reporter: a search warrant was served at the 12-year-old's home last night but she was not arrested. police have been telling district officials and the public, they did not believe the threat was credible, but they did have a bigger presence on campuses to reassure students and staff. district studeuperintendent say this is a good educational opportunity for families. >> an open and honest discussion with our children about this is very overdue. they need to know there are consequences that the once you post something, it's out there
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in the world and you never know how many people you're going to affect. that's what happened to us. >> reporter: superintendent bower says she still doesn't know if the suspect is a student in her district. she says she's going to wait for more information on the investigation before moving forward with her response. in san jose, matt keller, abc7 news. good-bye to billy graham. the funeral wrapped up in charlot charlotte, north carolina, within the last hour. his family escorted his casket to the billy graham library, 2,000 people attended the service, including president trump, the first president pence. happening today, santa clara's rapid response network will hold a rally in the wake of massive ice raids. during a four-day operation in northern california, 242 people were arrested. 115 with prior felony
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convictions, according to immigration officials. seven of those arrested were from san jose. even though i.c.e. says its operation is now over, a palpable fear still runs through the immigrant community. >> they don't take their kids to school, they don't want to pick them up. they don't want to go to work. they don't want to drive. they don't want to do anything. >> in a statement i.c.e. said our local law enforcement's lack of cooperation is hurting its operations in california. the rapid response network sends volunteers to observe i.c.e. action when it's reported. the rally is at king and story streets at 5:00. president trump is in another twitter war with actor alec baldwin. the war of words and the possible reason the president deleted one of his tweets. plus, the reason why one hollywood insider believes it could be a tight race for
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san francisco mayor is backing a ballot to let voters decide whether to arm officers with tasers. it puts him at odd with police chief william scott. the chief believes it should be the police to decide. the mayor thinks it's taking too long. both support having officers armed with tasers. new details now on the oakland dmv damaged by flooding. it turns out it's going to
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remain closed until further notice. the dmv at oakland coliseum sfrd water and roof damage when someone broke in and stole copper piping from the roof. it was supposed to reopen this week. the ga arbay area said that's nw delayed. appointments for renewing your registration has to be done somewhere else. that was fast. just a day after the country music association named former arkansas governor mike huckabee to their cma board of directors, he's resigned. many country music industries protested when the former governor was named to the board on wednesday. they don't want the cma foundation aligned with his controversial views on gay marriage and the nra. no official reason was given for huckabee's resignation. president trump engaged in a tweet and response with actor alec baldwin this morning. in an interview, baldwin said playing the president on "snl" was agony. trump tweeted baldwin's career
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was dying but saved by the impersonation. the president misspelled baldwin and dying and then deleted it and repeated the tweet. baldwin said he wants to hang around for the impeachment and helicopter ride to mar-a-lago. if you don't know what i'm talking about, you have a lot of movies to see before the oscars on sunday. jessica castro is here with that. jess? >> i know it's your favorite. right now, "shape of water" looks poised to be the big winner with 13 nominations. whether you like it or not or have seen it or not, there's a lot of reasons to tune into hollywood's biggest night. we expect big surprises but also for the stars to take a big stand towards equality. when the envelope, hopefully the right envelope opens for the grand prize at the academy awards, there could be a surprise. the favorite for best picture is "the shape of water," but abc
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entertainment reporter chris connelly says, don't be so sure. >> i think it has two big rivals. i think "three billboards" has that buzz, shares in some of the strong feelings at the moment and makes it a likely competitor and then "get out" which in 2017 was the most talked about movie of the year. >> and people are still talking about social movements empowering women and people of color. we'll likely see official acknowledgment on the stage, not just grassroots efforts. do you think the buzz from some of those movements like the me too movement is part of the reason people tune in to watch the oscars, especially as of late when some of the more popular movie, for example, "wonder woman," aren't gettin some of these big nominations for some of the big categories? >> i think there are a lot of reasons people tune in, and i wouldn't be surprised if one of the reasons was what you just mentioned. i also think it's like the super bowl of entertainment in a way. i think you see people performing under high levels of pressure and expectation, and i think the unexpected tends to happen.
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>> our complete oscar coverage begins sunday at 1:30 p.m. with "on the red carpet" and at 3:30 the oscars grand opening ceremony and at 7:00 p.m. the academy awards with jimmy kimmel. we'll be the only place you can see the big show, so tune in today. no word on yet if "the shape of water" monster will be on the red carpet. >> i'm so looking forward to that surprise. if you need plans for the oscars, we have suggestions, places in san francisco where you can watch your favorite actors take home gold. and is driving for lyft and uber an adequate side hustle? the research out today breaking down the numbers. >> "the shape of water" so far today has been in the form of frozen water, ice and snow. so, we've established you need an umbrella. you need sunglasses. how about a coat, too? temperatures are about 8 to 12 degrees below average and more showers and thunderstorms are on the way for the
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather,
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and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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♪ when seeds we sow ♪ give free their fruit ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at some people were enjoying the weather a little more than other people trying to get around today. this is from jonathan in the east bay, specifically berkeley, down near bay level they had a lot of hail. most melted in his yard or he scooped is all up and made this cool hailman, is that what you would call that? instead of a snowman. that was awesome. appreciate you sending that to me on twitter. here's richmond where one of those showers just rolled through. that's what you'll run into today.
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some rainbows are possible. remember, if you see anything, awesome, like that, #abc7now, we'd love to see it. round of showers, lightning and hail, lingering through toement. it's not a steady rain so don't cancel your outdoor plans. dry sunday, monday, tuesday before another storm on wednesday. if you're headed out for lunch soon, from about half moon bay, san mateo northward up to petaluma, a wall of water is coming in. so, be prepared for that. let me show you the area of low pressure. remember, we said it was just going to sit here and spin. remember that sit and spin toy from like the '70s, uyou'd sit n it, spin, and get sick. it's a whirling dervish and makes for temperatures in the low 50s but not as breezy as yesterday. with the extra sunshine it should feel warmer outside. here's the drive at 280/17 in san jose. you can see numerous chances of
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wet weather in my accuweather seven-day forecast. if kids have practice this afternoon, be prepared. if you see a dark cloud coming, keep an eye on it. listen for the lightning or thunder produced by the lightning and remember to come in for a while and let that thing pass. you can also follow it on our app. here's a look at tonight's temperatures, cold once again, mid to upper 30s inland. here we are at noon through about 5:00, 6:00. you can see how it gets more intense with that extra heating. then overnight it becomes very isolated by tomorrow morning. and you can see just some scattered showers. by 7:00, they're just about gone except for right near the coast during the overnight hours sunday morning. sunday morning we could have temperatures in the 20s. yesterday we were at 23 and 20. now we're at 32 and 28. and it is still snowing up in the sierra. check out the big flakes that are falling there as they're still working on that up to 7 feet of snow that's possible. let's take a look if you're heading up that way, chains.
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it is going to be a bear. but have some fun skiing when you get there. all right, so a storm impact scale is light today, light tomorrow. a touch of spring monday and tuesday with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and then another light storm comes in wednesday and thursday. we're trying to make that miracle march happen. >> the award for most dramatic goes to the weather. >> it's been all over the place. i like how you said that. >> it's true, though. thanks, mike. new developments regarding a popular instapot. a voluntary recall has been for gem-65-8. they were sold from walmart. return it and you'll get a free placement. the multicooker's distributor got more than 100 reports of overheating, five resulted in minor property damage. we have more info on this recall on our website, hundreds of thousands of people drive for ride share services like uber and lyft, but they're not making bank,
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according to a new study. researchers at m.i.t. found most drivers earn less than minimum wage. the median pretax profit, just $3.70 an hour. nearly a third of drivers lose money on the job if you take expenses like gas and car maintenance into account. uber and lyft have high turnover rates among drivers. a report last year found just 4% of uber drivers work for the company for more than a year. the oscars this weekend, of course, and no one should watch the show alone. hoodline is hooking us up with the biggest place to >> at the high end there's academy of friends at san francisco's metrian city view. 38th annual event benefiting hiv/aids. tickets are $300. so you can check out free soma
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street park. they have heat lamps and $25 bottomless mimosas. if you've ever partied on mission street, you've surely visited or seen doc's clock. it opened in the '50s and its sign became iconic, until the lights went out last year and they moved its bar, literally, down the street to 20th and mission. the sign didn't go with them, but after a lot of hurdles, it's finally going to replace the temporary painted version that's been sitting at its new location. friday night doc's clock is having a party to raise money to pay for the sign's relocation. >> we're doing it not just for us, because we want our sign back, but we're doing it for everybody. everybody in this neighborhood that we're losing too much. everything is changing and it's nice to have one beacon that will stand out that will be the same. >> finally, this week, another fund-raiser, this time for the oakland museum of california. it's the white elephant sale billed as northern california's
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biggest rummage sale saturday and sunday. for directions and hours to all those events, go to our website, we will link you up with hoodline. now, one of our favorite segments of the week. after the break, meteorologist mike nicco will introduce us >> it's all about kid talk. >> i've
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we'll be watching prince harry and meghan markle get married on tv but some lucky folks will be able to attend the wedding in people. kensington palace says 2500 on the guest list, nearly half of those will be members of the public. the couple ask people chosen are from a wide range of backgrounds and ages. the guests will get to watch them arrive at the chapel on may 19th. meteorologist mike nicco will introduce us to this week's perfect pet. >> this week we're going to have a cutie for us. this is dagmar, an 8-year-old chihuahua. she's very friendly and knows how to sit as well as several other commands. now, she's run into a little hardship. this is her second time at the shelter so she could really use a forever home. if you're interested, call friends of the alameda animal shelter at the number on your screen, 510-337-8565.
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no word on why she's been back twice, but she's well behaved, knows commands. >> she needs another chance.
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