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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 3, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's saturday, march 3rd. good morning and thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris. lisa, you have that storm impact skill hd to go for us. >> that's right, chris. it's a 1 today. we are still tracking some scattered showers. it's a chilly start with fog around the bay area this morning. breezy, upper level winds. throughout the day, we'll see low snow levels again, 2500 to 3500 feet and we could see the possibility of a thunderstorm that brings down some hail. live look right now, live doppler 7, you can see the scattered showers right in the north bay from mill valley over towards richmond in 580. to the east, some heavier showers we're tracking around 580 and 880.
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further across the bay, as you get towards 84 in redwood city, the san mateo bridge, stanford looking at showers and finally down towards pes ka darro in santa crude. we'll certainly see more of this throughout the day today. visibility at a quarter to a half mile. we're looking at the system to the north dropping to the south. keeping that cold air in place and the availability of showers and thunderstorms. santa rosa, 36. as we go throughout the morning hours, 10:00, we're still in the upper 40s. by 2:00, struggling to make it into the low 50s. chris. >> lisa, thank you. some people may have felt it, a magnitude 278 earthquake hit at 3:04 this morning. accords to go usgs, the epi center is two miles north of piedmont off of highway 24. as of right now, there have been no reports of any damage. new video shows the terrifying
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moments for one snowboarder after an avalanche buried him alive at squaw valley. had this morning, we're hearing from one of those heros who jumped into action. >> so we dug him out, got him sitting up. then his wife came up and, obviously, tears of joy right there. >> abs >> the snow is piling up. five feet is expected by saturday. but all that snow has created big danger. >> people are crying for help, you have to go help them. >> he's wearing the brown and black jacket helping dig out a snowboarder buried in an avalanche in squaw valley. >> about 30 seconds later, people started screaming, yelling at each other, trying to find their kids. >> five people were trapped under three feet of snow. the ski patrol says he was buried for six minutes. one witness crawled 30 yards to
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reach him and clear the snow from his face. >> we started, like, screaming at him and shaking him and he came to. and wanted to know where his wife was. his first words, actually, were where is my wife. >> the border, named evan, was reunited with his wife minutes later. remarkably, he wasn't injured. one person suffered a lower body injury. the body of 42-year-old wen yu shon went myselfing. his friends reported him missing thursday night. another snowboarder fell head first into the deep powder and suffocated. what triggered friday's avalanche friday isn't known. as for joe, h like a good day. >> i'm going to take a sauna and have a cold beer and say a
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prayer. >> abc 7 news. there are disturbing pictures of exposed needles of a b.a.r.t. train and people shooting up at embarcadero station. katie encountered the problem on a b.a.r.t. read this week. she has more information on a new program to address the issue. >> a short b.a.r.t. ride and a sickening discovery. i took this picture of hypodermic needles and cigarette butts strewn across the seats. >> if you see a discarded needle, first of all, don't touch it. secondly, b.a.r.t. wants to know about it right away. go to the intercom in the rear of the train, call the attendant and tell them which car you're riding in. >> we want to address this quickly before the train gets to the end of the line. >> b.a.r.t. is hiring more people especially to train. it's a treatment, not a cure. this picture shows at embarcadero station.
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he shoots up and then passes out. >> we want to address this in a long-term situation so hopefully we have fewer people with these issues coming into the b.a.r.t. system. >> b.a.r.t. has teamed the law enforcement assistance program. >> they're looking for opportunities to find nonviolent drug offenders and give them a choice that's different from being involved in the legal system. >> i think that that's a phenomenal idea, actually. that it's not just about punishing someone for using the drugs, but, like, actually getting them into a program. >> l.e.a.d. is modelled after a seattle program and funded by a $5.9 million grant. since b.a.r.t. joined in october, 15 drug users have accepted is help. katie utis reporting, abc 7 news. a 12-year-old has been booked into santa clara county felony hall. he's accused of sending text messages to his classmates.
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>> young, a student stating they're going to kill other students as well as shoot up the schools. we take that very seriously. and his parents, we should be diligent and molg to.monitor ot children's social media. and police say a shooting threat in the alum rock school district was traced back to a 12-year-old girl. she has not been arrested. the fear of school shootings in san jose organizing. students spent last night getting ready for a march against gun violence they hope will be thousands strong. katie marzulo has the story. >> daniel, if you can get on that. >> it's friday night, but this is no social gathering. these the students are organizing a life had-changing event. >> i believe it's far pft tiaste for change. >> on march 24th, students will take to the streets for the march for our lives w, a protes
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of gun violence. >> i don't want more thoughts and prayers. i want legislative change and i want people to not feel like they're not safefy more. >> we want to make it known that our generation is not the generation that's going to stand the by and allow rhetoric to just keep being spewed after a tragic event, like a mass shooting, a school shooting. >> the main event is in washington, d.c. but these students will make sure their voices are heard in san jose. >> on the 24th, if we can see so many people come together to agree there needs to be some kind of change and agree we're not doing enough right now, i'll be satisfied in that. >> thousands of people have expressed interest in the march. 150 students have signed up for the first volunteer meeting on saturday. >> they could use your help if you'd like to donate. there's a link on our website,
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last night, 700,000 customers were without power the across the northeast. streets are flooded or buried in snow and thousands of air travelers are a wi abc 7 news anger eric thomas has the details. >> the massachusetts coastline battered by this cyclone. streets were flooded over. dozens had to be rescued, including these children. dry ground on a front loader. this nor'easter's biggest change danger is wind and falling trees that killed more than half dozen people ages 7 to 77. upstate new york could see up to two feet before the storm ends, combined with powerful winds, it has made for drufangerous traveling. this flight in d.c. had to abort its landing in the last minute. >> climb and maintain 2,000. >> the cancellations reached the
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bay area. >> in almost every other flight i saw was canceled. >> doesz of flights were scrubbed. one traveler landed in charlotte, but could not land in washington, d.c. >> i was told they could get me in on sunday, but that's not incredibly helpful for a conference that ends saturday. so they flew me back here. >> this morning, use extreme caution if you have to to drive this weekend. a rare sight, snow among the vines. francis port copola winery tweeted this picture. and there was hail in sausalito coming down pretty hard on sherwood drive. we are tracking the forecast. we have been asking for the rain spt snow aand the snow andy have some. >> rain around fremont and hayward. but boy, it's cold out there, as
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well. temperatures are in the 30s in many locations. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge, mid 40s in oakland, 39 half moon bay. 34 in nevada. so a chilly day today. the possibility of more hail and a dry day, as well. we'll put together a seven-day swrout look that looks a little wet, a little dry and a bit like spring coming up. also ahead, you never know who you're going to meet on the red carpet. the unexpected stars of oscar sunday. plus, the gracing i can't believe it comes in... how great this tastes! vegaaaan. and organiiiic. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! in it's vegan! and it's organic!
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(clucking noises) everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, nobunny knows easter better than cadbury. we're just one day away from the 90th annual academy awards. stars are converging on
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hollywood. on the friday before oscar sunday, among the media crews, the stars walking the plastic covered red carpet look a bit different. >> i am playing sam rockwell and he's one of my favorite actors. so yes, he's terrific. >> rehearsal actors like ron waldren has been standing in since the real celebs since 1984. >> we rehearse the show as if they're not there. >> for these actors, it's often their only shot of being the real thing. >> we have that oscar moment of winning and we act all excited and it feels like a dream come true. >> then there is a different kind of star like oakland's own rafael sadik from the movie "mud bound." this is his gift back to the bay area. >> the he bay always held me up. it's good to show love back to the bay. >> asked if he's going to take home that golden oscar statue on
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sunday, he's not sure. >> we'll take it one step at a time. i'm on the court. let's see if i can shoot a three like golden state. >> i expect the unexpected from this year's academy awards. >> what is for certain, this year's nominated pictures. >> because these are mostly what we call specialized films. these are not the comic superhero movies that make gazillions of dollars. >> abc 7 news. >> our complete coverage starts with on the red carpet at 1:30, at 3:30 p.m. we have the preceremony show. copola's winery made a special
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oscars 90th edition label for the occasion. although copp the ola owns th winery, the wines were created by the winemaker of his director's cut collection. >> he doesn't wander around while we're doing that work, but a archemedies is one of our favorite wines. >> coppola winery is providing 2,400 bottles of wine for the oscars. if you go to the winery, you can check out coppola's five oscars and movie memorabilia. our current storms may be great news for our water situation, but they're accelerating a messy pollution problem in san jose. mounds are trash are being pushed through storm and water drains and into the bay. to help stop the problem at its source, the environmental group
5:16 am
"save the bay" is asking officials to take action against the caltrans. >> so caltrans is four years out of compliance with requirements to reduce trash. they're violating the clean water act. they're poisoning the bay. and they still haven't said when they're going to reduce the trash on the roads. >> save the bay is asking caltrans to install trash catchers on storm traps. caltrans has budgeted $9 million to make improvements over the next five years. it is slow going for those trying to get to the ski resorts around lake tahoe. leslie bringly made the drive yesterday to give us a firsthand look at what it's like getting to the sierra. >> it was a slow drive to tahoe. caltrans speed controls,
5:17 am
spinouts everywhere. >> it quit snowing long enough for it to freeze over. then all the snow that was on the roadway became a sheet of ice, which makes it even harder to remove. >> once you're up in the mountains, it's breath taking. >> quiet streets, big, beautiful flakes falling and snow piled up on balconies and in driveways. time to shovel. >> you're getting a workout. >> yeah. well, it keeps you young, doesn't it? >> it was too much for this coke truck that drifted off the delivery route and got stuck. according to sugar bowl resort, over 50 inches of white stuff has fallen since wednesday with more on the way tonight. >> this is the kind of snow, the powdery snow that skiers and boarders love. it's been coming down, accumulating fast, and the wind has been picking up. >> so the wind has been blowing the snow all around and into pockets so you find some really deep areas. some areas today were shoulder
5:18 am
deep. it's really good out there right now. >> sugar bowl expects big crowds here by sunday, financial relief here from the warm, dry february that stifled business. >> next week, we have another huge storm coming in, maybe another 8 feet of snow. it will be a great time. >> we hope you get a lot more snow and then we'll have a lot more water for the summer. >> it warms your heart thinking that in the future we're going to have water for the bay area, water for southern california, wherever. >> a march miracle. up in the sierra, i'm leslie brinkley, abc news. in between the rain and the hail yesterday, there were some other dazzling sights around the bay area. rainbows started popping up from san francisco to livermore and some were double rainbows. now your accuweather forecast with lisa. >> that's beautiful. today, another chance of seeing some of those rainbows. we're going to get some sun, a mix of scattered showers. we're seeing a few right now. here is live doppler 7 going into the east bay where you can
5:19 am
see a few showers from san ramone to dublin and south towards fremont this morning. so the pavement is certainly wet and down towards the santa cruz mountains, pockets of showers. we widen the perspective and this system will be dropping down from the north. and with it, we'll see a line of showers increase through about 9:00 this morning. right now, visibility less than a mile by the delta. a quarter of a mile petaluma, santa rosa. you can see down where it is rainy around the bay. 6 miles hayward. so boy, is it chilly out there. we're looking at numbers at freezing right now. fairfield, temperatures in the upper 30s. around vallejo. 34 santa rosa. certainly the possibility of a rain/snow mix on mt. hamilton and a high surf advisory until 9:00 this morning. the next few hours, 10 to 12 feet waves with breakers up to 20 feet. be careful out there if you're checking out the beaches. forecast highlights features that wintery mix throughout the day today.
5:20 am
freezing cold morning. certainly tomorrow when we get into more clear sky, but we're looking at those 30s this morning. it will be dry tomorrow through wednesday. if you're plan ago bike ride or clean up around the house, tomorrow looks like it will be your day. this is that line i spoke the of. by 9:00, we have a line of showers from i-80 across the bay, san francisco, the peninsula, it pushes through. with it, some sunshine. maybe the possibility of heavier downpours and a thunderstorm. you'll notice throughout the day, the trend is for drying conditions by about 3:30, 4:00. rainfall potential today, anywhere from about .2 of an inch to .3 of an inch. not a whole lot, but some of these downpours could come down. in the mountains, the snow is pretty much over. the winter storm warning through 10:00 this morning. 3 to 6 inches of additional snow. it is icy in spots and, of course, reduced visibility. these are the amounts from last night until about 10:00 this morning. so, still, an additional foot of
5:21 am
snow is what they picked up since the overnight hours. certainly good news, 9 inches incline and 21 inches in kirkwood. so today, underneath that cool atmosphere, the chance of a shower, possibility of a thunderstorm only in the low 50s today. certainly a chilly day. 52 in oakland, 53 in fremont with 54 in san jose. tonight, as the skies clear, low 30s, freezing in the north bay with 30s elsewhere, really. it's going to be a cold night everywhere. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a 1 on the on storm impact scale. sunshine tomorrow. rising temperatures the, warmer monday and tuesday. signs of spring throughout the middle of the week. but looks like another system heading our way late thursday and friday with a chance of showers. download our accuweather app and keep track of the rain in your neighborhood. >> it's always nice to see live doppler 7 right at your
5:22 am
fingertips. so a really great resource. >> right. and today with the scattered showers coming in handy with the breaks. >> lisa, thanks. just ahead, you can take a trip back in time this weekend. the san francisco landmark that is opening its doors.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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wooefk talking a lot about the oscars this week. reggie has some party ideas. >> you can get dressed up to the nines or hang out watching the
5:25 am
oscars at a food truck park. now, at the high end, there is academy of friends at san francisco's metrion city view. this is the 38th event that benefits hiv organizations. the tickets start at $300. if that's high, check out the free oscars party going on at soma park. they have heat lamps and $25 bottomless mimosas. coming up this weekend, the white elephant sale billed as northern california's biggest rummage sale. that happens saturday and sunday. for directions and hours and all that jazz, just go to abc 7 we'll bring you up with hoodline. this weekend, you can go back in time at the old mint in sfran san francisco. yesterday, hundreds of local school children got an early look at the dozens of exhibits that are set up. there will be presentations, film screenings and much more.
5:26 am
>> you can learn everything from our ancient past, all the way through to our remarkable rich diversity of the city. >> history days run today from 11:00 to 5:00 and tomorrow from 11:00 to 4:00. it is free to attend. scientists have stumbled across a hot spot of penguins at a remote park in the antarctic. the animals are crammed on to an archipelago called the danger islands. satellites run by the usgs and nasa picked up the evidence of the penguins, not the birds themselves, but large pockets of guano. the team used a drone to help them survey the island. a sacramento man with leukemia can check one thing you
5:27 am
off his bucket list. he inspired a record number of people to sign up to be bone marrow donors. he started the lemon challenge with his best friend. yesterday, registery group be the match announced the challenge help them sign up. still to come on abc 7 mornings, caught on camera, we'll give you a close up look at a suspected dog thief who struck in the bay. we are just a day awa
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5:29 am
thanks so much for being with us. i'm chris gnyun. >> we rate our storm systems 1
5:30 am
to 5. this is a 1 throughout the day today. featuring scattered showers, low snow levels. san ramone, you can see more scattered showers headed towards the coast and around pescadero and around north bay. this is the shower line we're watching a watching as these showers move through. petaluma and santa rosa, look at the 30s around the north bay. low 40s in san jose. your forecast today calls for 30s and 40s and isolated thunderstorm through the early afternoon with scattered showers. chilly temperatures and by 4:00, we'll see a sun/cloud mix. we're drying out this evening and potentially more freezing temperatures overnight. we have a dry sunday on tap for you. chris. >> lisa, thanks. hollywood's golden night is almost here. this year's 90th annual academy
5:31 am
awards are being held in hollywood. that is where we find danya bacchus. she joins us live with a look at how they're getting ready for the big show. >> good morning, chris. celebrities will make their rounds and the area is still under construction. but tomorrow, this area will be the red carpet and it will be all about the nominees. >> they've rolled out the red carpet. the heavy lifting is almost complete for the 90th annual academy awards. this year's show is once again hosted by jimmy kimmel live host jimmy kimmel. >> if you get asked a second time, it's much better because it means you did well the first time. >> a best picture nod alongside "lady bird," "call me by your name" and "get out." >> "shape of water" is a big
5:32 am
favorite, but "get out" will pull a few surprises. >> the average age for the best supporting actress is 55. >> ageism is a huge issue that women in hollywood have been tackling this year. >> among the nominees, kumel ajani and jordan reese who is now the first black woman to ever get an oscar nomination for writing. >> there's a mistake. "moonlight," you guys won best picture. >> pricewaterhousecoopers took the situation last year seriously enough to put those structures in place. i don't think we're seal a repeat. >> of course, this will be a live show. in addition to the fashion and the awards, there will be
5:33 am
performances. reporting live from hollywood, danya bacchus, abc 7 news. and the you can catch all the excitement of the oscars exclusively here on abc. our complete coverage begins tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. with on the red carpet. at 3:30, we have the oscars opening ceremony. then at 7:00 p.m., we have the oscars with host jimmy kimmel. abc 7 news was at a rally in the south bay last night where people were protesting ice operations. hundreds of arrests by agents took place earlier this week in northern california and that sent panic throughout the latino community. abc 7 news reporter jenean de levega has the story from san jose. >> a call to help each other and the not panic, that was the message this afternoon at a rally in east san jose. earlier this week, people spotted newly russ white at this pointed vans with windows
5:34 am
driving slowly through this parking lot. a government lns with the department of homeland security confirmed their fear that i.c.e. was there the area cleared out. >> we saw seven or eight hours where the streets were empty. business was down significantly. >> since monday, the rapid response network has received 400 calls from people who witnessed or heard about i.c.e. activity in their neighborhood. the organization says at least nine people were arrested in san jose. advocates are reminding people of their rights. >> you have the right to have requested an attorney. you have the right to not have your home searched without a warrant. >> that enforcement and the local sitings have been disturbing for the local community. they say parents have been nervous about taking their children to school. >> it is very difficult for i.c.e. to be able to be allowed
5:35 am
to get on to a school campus. schools are actually considered what's called a sensitive location and that means unless some very specific exceptions are met, they should not be entering or trying to arrest individuals on a campus. >> i.c.e. says the majority of people arrested were either convicted criminals or had previously been removed and returned to the u.s. in san jose, jenean delavega, abc news. the california state bar is putting out a fraud alert warping those looking for legal help to be careful and to vet attorneys or other legal providers. the first piece of advice is to ask for attorneys' state bar numbers. something to watch out for is a provider asking for a cash payment. immigrants are being advised to be aware of people calling themselves notarios. oakland mayor libby shaft says she's remaining focused on
5:36 am
her job despite her decision on immigrationing raids over the weekend. i.c.e. arrested more than 200 people between bakesersfield and the oregon border. thursday, her actions were under review by the justice department. the mayor said she was trying to give residents time to know their rights and their legal options. >> it has always been my intention to be law-abiding, to act within the contypes of the law, but also to do what i believe is right. right for my community. >> the mayor says her office has been flooded with angry messages, but she doesn't believe there's a threat to her or her family. she's received a lot of support from people in oakland. richmond police need your help to catch a dog thief. the entire theft was caught by an owner's security camera. the male suspect reached down,
5:37 am
picked up a frenchy and takes off. hre is a closer look at the dog mac and the suspect. mac is 1 1/2 years old. it happened earlier this week on murdoch street in richmond near the st. cornelus catholic church. if you have seen this dog or the suspect, you are urged to contact richmond police or send us a message on the abc 7 news facebook page and we'll pass it along. happening today, an east bay teen is helping to make dreams come true for as many girls as possible this prom season by hold ago free pop up shop. carly glassen started collecting donated dresses and partnered with the founder of east bay dress day. it's a nonprofit that offered donated prom dresses to teens. you can drop it off at the shop at alamo plaza. the pop-up is this weekend and by appointment only. happening today, baseball season is just around the corner and the san jose giants are hiring for the upcoming season.
5:38 am
available positions including concessions, food and beverage, merchandise, field staff and ticket takers. all applicants must be at least 16 years old. the giants home opener is april 12th. the job fair runs from 10:00 until 12:30 today at municipal stadium on east alma avenue in san jose. still ahead, one of the oscar favorites this year is also a bay area favorite. we head to sam rockwell's old high school where students are excited about the actor's chances to win this weekend. but first, a live look outside from our abc 7 exploratorium camera. you can see the cloud cover out there over the financial district of san francisco. lisa will have your
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is it climate change or something else? the study says the average snowfall has declined by about 30%. the hardest hit regions are eastern oregon and northern nevada. california has seen the most gains in its snowpack since 1955, but the recent drought all but wiped away those gains. the study was a combined study from oregon state university and ucla. happening today, hundreds of people will jump into the bay as part of the annual polar then runners will cool off as they plunge into aquatic park. this year's goal is to raise $230,000. the race starts at 10:00 this morning. the polar plunge is at noon. oh, my goodness. what will the weather be like
5:42 am
around noon in san francisco? >> skvery chilly. i suppose if you avoid the heart attack, that's good for you, right? get the circulation going. a live look outside from our tower camera. mid 40s, san francisco and oakland, those are the mild locations. 37 livermore. 42 in mountain view. scattered showers increase through yao the early morning hours and pockets of sun, perhaps a thunderstorm and auto look at more showers in the extended outlook a few minutes away. also ahead, another ankle injury for steph curry takes him out of the game in atlanta. but could the warriors hang on against the
5:43 am
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hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪ fans will be watching with interest when two of the top nba
5:45 am
teams take to the courts. the celtics take on the rockets at the toyota center. tip-off at 5:30 p.m. on abc 7. the warriors trail houston by percentage points in the race to the top seed in the western conference. when the game ends, toyota after the game at 8:00 p.m. they'll have analysis of the game and the latest on the warriors push for the playoffs. league sources tell espn that the splash brothes, steph and klay will be playing at augusta national golf club today before taking a private plane back to the bay area. and last night, curry left the game.against the atlanta hawks after tweaking his ankle. larry beal has more in this morning's sports report. good morning, everybody. the warriors wrapped up a three-game road trip in atlanta last night. but then steph curry tweaks his ankle, again.
5:46 am
and this game ended up going down to the wire. steph for president. curry lands on pachulia's foot, rolls his right ankle and had to go back to the locker room. ex warrior ken putting them up. steph is back. 25 at the half, left in the third with 28 to rest his ankle. hawks would not go away. final seconds of the third, dennis schruder, it's going up and it's going down. the half-court heave, look at andre. basemore kept the hawks coming and coming and coming. he had 29. hawks won't go away. steve kerr, we're not going to let this slip away, are we? k.d. missed a free throw.
5:47 am
andre takes it away from baseer more. the hammer to finish it off. 114-109, warrior, your final. they have won five straight to keep the heat on the rockets. women's hoops, stanford's caow. that's all you need, really, from that game. tara now 41-4 in the pac-12 tournament. stanford, the winner, will face arizona state in the semis and cal lost to ucla. the 49ers and the raiders both finished last season at 6-10. so they had to flip a coin at the nfl combine to decide who would get the ninth pick in the draft and who would get ten. new raiders coach jon gruden thrilled that the nfl in the network wanted to televise it live. >> jon gruden, you asked is this live. your thoughts on the fact that we are doing this live?
5:48 am
>> let's get on with this, men. >> no need to call it in the air. simply flip the coin. and it's san francisco. john lynch, who are you picking at ninth overall? >> no comment. >> funny stuff there. giants and reds, cactus league action in scottsdale. madison ries madison retired all nine. kyle jenson, support to start the year aaa in sacramento, but he now has four home runs this spring, so who knows. steven dugger making his own bid to show he belongs in the big leagues, center fielder of the future, deep to right and aloha. but the giants bullpen would give it up and the giants fall 3-2. that's a wrapping on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil.
5:49 am
now your accuweather forecast. >> hi there, everybody. mt. tam behind me. we had some snow yesterday. the this morning, looking at some wet pavement in the north bay. more showers on the way. they'll become more widely scattered throughout the afternoon. we have another opportunity for rain. have to wait a couple of days until the end of the week. in fact, by thursday and friday, looking more likely. but several dry and warmer days on the way after today. so another vantage point, the clouds certainly interesting this morning as we look from our exploratorium camera. and you're probably noticing that. if you are heading out early, it's a nice view heading into work. but we are looking at the clouds around the bay this morning. increasing with the showers. so a alive doppler 7 forecast, taking you into livermore, foothills around 680 where we have rain. otherwise, they're widely scattered from, oh, just approaching highway 1 and around the santa cruz mountains. but this is the line that we're watching. this holding together as it
5:50 am
pushes through the bay area, about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. so quarter mile visibility. up to the north in petaluma. hayward, 6 miles. boy, is it chilly out there. mid to low 30s from fairfield, navado, santa rosa, 40 degrees for you in fremont as well as san mateo. we have a high on surf advisory until 9:00 this morning. 10 to 12 feet wave heights with breakers up to 20 feet. it's very dangerous outside. and our highlights include a wintry mix today with snow levels anywhere from 2500 to 3500 feet. freezing cold. we're close to it this morning. and with the clear sky tonight, tomorrow morning, we're going to see some awfully cold temperatures. but we will be dry tomorrow and looking at warlmer conditions a we head towards monday, tuesday and wednesday. we'll time out that rain for you. by about 9:00, you can see the rain continues to sink to the south through about the 10:00, 11:00 hour. pushes over the bay.
5:51 am
you can see a bit of a rain/snow mix here. the higher elevations down around mt. diablo, mt. hamilton, certainly possible. but then as that line pushes through, we'll get into some widely scattered showers, a few more sunny breaks and then the skies clear for a cold evening. so rainfall amounts, around from .1 to .2 as this system pushes on through. and we're still looking at a little bit of snow in the sierra nevada. a few more inches through the next six hours. icy spots. from last night to this morning, it's an additional foot to a foot 1/ foot and a half. highs today, 50s. 52 in napa. then tonight, wow, as the skies clear and we get towards early tomorrow morning, we'll see many temperatures in the low 30s. looking at your accuweather seven-day forecast, a 1 on our storm impact scale today. cold, but dry and sunny
5:52 am
tomorrow. then the temperatures start to climb monday, tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday, we're looking at more scattered showers and hopefully the this one holding together. it was looking promising that it could be maybe a 2 next thursday and friday. but, you know, that's like forever out there, so make sure to download our app and that keeps you up to date. and if you see weather happening where you live, use #abc7now and you might see some of the pictures on the air, right? totally. >> thank you. we're one day what the away from the 90th annual academy awards. yesterday, i visited an old high school in san francisco where they could hardly contain their excitement. inside this glenn park classroom, these students at ruth osawwa have big aspirations. >> it kind of offers me a sense of pride and hope. >> and they're drawing some inspiration from a famous alum. >> i think it's so crazy. i watched a lot of sam rockwell
5:53 am
stuff when i was younger. >> sam rockwell attended here in the mid 80s before moving to pursue him dream as an actor. >> for some people, it's such a big struggle. but if sam rockwell, who came from here, can do it, we have a chance of doing it, too. >> in three billboards, rockwell plays the complicated role of jason dixon, a violent, racist, and templemental police officer, an anti-hero. he's nominated for best supporting actor. >> he was always big. he was the one who you say, oh, that guy. >> some aren't surprised by his success. >> but he started his career slowly through independent work so people could get to know who he was and get right specifically for him and get the interest of people who were really big in the business. >> come on, sweetheart, let's get going. >> students here cheering on the
5:54 am
man who they call one of their own. >> i would love to have an alumni win. that would be amazing. that would be so cool. >> waiting with anticipation come oscar sunday. >> we have complete coverage on abc 7 and on the abc 7 news app, including a list of all the nominees and some of the bay area people nominated for oscars. next, rock picasso where you can hear dan ashley sing and
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back, everyone. happening today, great music for a great cause. abc 7 news anchor dan ashley will be reporting. it's a nonprofit that dan created to raise money and awareness for three causes that provide critical help to underserged children. the event starts at 8:00 tonight. for tickets and information about the chairerty, you can go to rock the
5:57 am
we have a link on our website, abc news on abc 7 mornings at 6:00, a terrifying avalanche at squaw valley. hear from a hero who helped rescue a snowboarder.thanned under the snow. and needles and debris where passengers are supposed to sit. b.a.r.t.'s new efforts to address an issue.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
it's saturday morning. good morning and thanks so much for being with us. let's start with our forecast. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. good morning to you. we have our storm impact scale up. that means we are looking at scattered showers. it's a 1 on our storm impact scale right now throughout the day. some breaks in the clouds now, but still those low snow levels, 25 to 3500 feet and a chance of a thunderstorm. so as we go to the east foot hills, you can see some scattered showers east of 580. more showers approaching highway 1. but this is the line we're watching from searanch that will sink south this morning. three quarter mile visibility in petaluma. we have chilly 30s in the north bay. 37 livermore. 41 in hayward. 38 in morgan hills. you can see the partly cloudy sky in san francisco. showers will be


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