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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 3, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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>> announcer: live where you live, this is abc 7 news. halfway down our run about waist-high deep powder, souper fun, then i just heard someone yell and looked back. sue an eight-foot wall of snow and then a second later it hit us. >> tonight we're hearing the story of survival from a man trapped beneath feet of snow in an avalanche at squaw valley on friday. this as drivers face dangerous conditions in the sierra tonight and an avalanche has closed another ski resort. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. it wasn't just the sierra that saw snow today. we did here in the bay area as well. viewers took pictures of the snow piled along the road in saratoga, dusting the trees and clinging to anything it lands on. and more wild weather in the bay
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area today. an abc 7 news viewer sent us this video from concord. that's not snow. hailstones rather. like to check in knew with meteorologist drew tuma. >> really active afternoon with hail for some, rain for others, and we still have some showers out there even at this hour. live doppler 7 tracking it all for you. we'll zoom in a little bit closer to street level on live doppler 7 through the heart of the region right now. a couple of isolated showers at this hour but you notice there's no real pops of yellow or orange. so right now it's really just some light sprinkles at this hour. but the action earlier today, dime-size hail in concord, mill valley, danville seeing pea-size hail and mt. hamilton getting a dusting of snow once again. we still have a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra, have already seen feet of snow there. and future weather showin snow showers continue for the next couple of hours before diminishing as the sun gets up here. we are in store for a chilly night across the region, but we're already tracking our next storm.
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we'll detail that in the forecast in a few minutes. a bay area couple feeling very lucky to be ab live today after they were both buried by an avalanche while skiing at lake tahoe. it happened yesterday at squaw valley, trapping five people under the snow. abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has this remarkable tale of survival. >> reporter: eric, it is an incredible story. that couple walking away after being buried alive. the snow is piling up. check out this picture from nearby alpine meadows. snowfall overnight, 29 inches, bringing avalanche danger there to extreme. >> super stoked to be alive. it's an awesome feeling. >> reporter: snowboarders evan and kahlynn huck from san francisco are feeling incredibly lucky after surviving their first run of the day at squaw valley on friday. >> whiteout. evan says hi. >> reporter: kahlynn shot this video minutes before the avalanche hit. zero visibility but lots of fresh powder. >> it was super fun. then i just heard someone yell and looked back and saw about eight-foot wall of snow and then
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a second later it had hit us. >> reporter: that wall of snow was like a tsunami, overtaking evan. >> i was conscious for about 45 seconds while i was under the snow at first, and then yeah, i kind of ran out of oxygen and passed out. >> reporter: somehow kahlynn was able to free herself from the snow. >> because i was inconsolable. i was hysterical. i was wondering if that was it and that my husband was gone. >> reporter: luckily the tip of evan's snowboard was sticking out of the snow, so good samaritans knew exactly where to dig. watch as evan's face is slowly uncovered. skier joe breault was one of these hereos who dug him out. >> saw him open up his eyes. he's looking right at me. he says, where's my wife? >> reporter: evan and kahlynn were reunited. remarkably both of them were not hurt. >> i was under there for four to six minutes. >> reporter: the ski patrol says three other people were buried by the avalanche. two of them went to the hospital with injuries. evan says he's now got a new lease on life thanks to those fellow boarders and skiers who jumped in to help. >> i was just so impressed by
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their preparation and their training. i want to thank them for really being heroes and saving my life. >> reporter: this couple says they're not afraid, they'll be back on the slopes this weekend. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> an avalanche buried another popular ski area. it happened this morning at mammoth mountain near yosemite. a skier on the chair lift shot this video just before it happened. the ski patrol was working to clear snowy overhangs out of fear the overhangs could trigger an avalanche. two skiers and a half dozen employees were partially buried. no serious injuries resulted. a skier said they were unusual conditions today. >> and at 10:10 i was on a chair lift looking directly at the run the avalanche occurred on. and i saw one guy was -- one guy was buried up to his like i would say chest area, and that was completely before the avalanche. the snow was very deep. >> mammoth mountain said they
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expect to be open to normal business tomorrow. a high-risk mission to save a croatian sailor from the middle of the pacific ocean ended late this afternoon. it involved three military units, four aircraft, and as many challenges. abc 7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian has more from moffett field where the agency in charge of the operation is based. >> reporter: this is cell phone video of the military helicopter carrying a sailor with life-threatening internal injuries directly to san jose's regional medical center. the painstaking 13-hour mission is finally complete, and the 54-year-old patient is stable. >> i was really impressed by those guys. they dealt with a lot. >> reporter: it took 25 people to save the man, who was on board a large panamanian cargo ship sailing some 700 miles from california's coast. >> it was probably the most challenging mission i've had. about five aerial refuelings and then a challenging hoist about 30 feet over the superstructure, which is about 200 feet in the
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air. >> it was pretty windy and it was blowing over the top of the ship, so it was kind of rough for the power to hold over. >> reporter: the wind and the distance weren't the only issues. one of the fuel tachkers had a malfunctioning hose. it wouldn't retract. the crew opted to cut it off mid-air. >> we weren't sure in that situation if we were going to have to return to base early, which meant in that case the patient would be at risk if we weren't able to go out and res ki him. >> reporter: that's when the u.s. marines stepped in and showed up with another fully loaded fuel tanker. and after a final 4 1/2-hour flight back to the bay area, this operation is over and this crew can finally have some down time. at mo at moffett field lisa amin gulezian, abc 7 news. abc 7 news was at the ucsf medical center in mission bay for this special event. emily peters suffered a postpartum hemorrhage and needed a massive amount of blood.
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today all the people who donated blood that helped save her met emily in person, and she is clearly thankful for their gift. >> i mean, these people are my heroes. they took their time out of their day to give blood, to go through that process of going to the blood bank and getting screened and, you know, taking a couple hours out of their day to save somebody that they didn't know and that they had no idea who they were going to save. >> emily has a husband as well as a young boy. she says the entire family's doing well and she donates blood as well to pay it forward. an online petition to save a beloved menlo park restaurant has gathered nearly 16,000 signatures. it was the last saturday night at the oasis. the bar and grill is scheduled to close on wednesday. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs has the story. >> yeah, i flew in from fort collins today because i just had to come one more time. >> reporter: the johnson family traveled great distances to eat and drink one more time at the oasis in menlo park.
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>> daughter came all the way out from fort collins, son from fremont, but they've been here since ever. she was on the bar when she was 10 days old. >> had to come one more last grilled cheese, beer, and call it good. >> it used to be grilled cheese and apple juice but now it's grilled cheese and ipa. >> reporter: a disagreement over the lease led the restaurant owners to notify the landlord they'll be leaving after 60 years. the last day is march 7th. >> older brother told me it's like a death in the family. it's really -- sorry to see it go. >> for decades patrons and stanford students have carved their names into the woodworking around the restaurant. locals tell me this place should be a museum. many aren't giving up their beloved watering hole without a fight. an online petition has nearly 16,000 signatures. >> oh, yeah, i signed the online petition. the last i heard was the city manager thought that they had a new concession that was going to come in and buy the name, the oasis trademark and so forth, which would be good.
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but it's never going to be the same. >> reporter: how could you duplicate a place woven into family memories? >> we've been married 46 years, and this is one of the places we came to date. >> reporter: for some it's even a part of their love story-x they're heartbroken at the thought of letting it go. in menlo park, katie utehs, abc 7 news. much more on the oscars straight ahead. >> we are less than 24 hours away from the big show, and there's still so much to do. i'm dion lim in hollywood, and will they get it done in time? let's find out. and from the best movies to the worst. coming up, the one movie that snagged an award no filmmaker wants to get. plus -- concert in the east bay tonight featuring our own dan ashley and a surprise guest. stay with us.
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less than 24 hours to go now until the 90th oscars, and the rush is on to make sure everything on the red carpet is absolutely perfect for hollywood's biggest night. abc 7 news anchor dion lim joins us from the red carpet outside the dolby theater. and dion, will they be ready? >> reporter: they have to be. the oscars are watched by hundreds of millions of people around the globe. when the plastic comes up, exposing the red carpet below, you know it's almost showtime. no detail too small. making sure the oscars go off without a hitch. 225 countries each year, with media flocking in from around the globe. >> whatever happened to the u.s. is really interesting to the rest of the world. >> reporter: peter yee from abc
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news in taiwan believes the oscars and the "me too" movement has helped women's empowerment in asia. >> they want to learn about america. >> reporter: just outside the red carpet the national hispanic media coalition making their voices heard for more latino representation in hollywood. >> we make up almost 20% of the population, and we deserve to have a seat at the table. we deserve to have our stories told and told by us, not by anyone else. >> reporter: the social statements being made at awards shows not affecting the stars inside like michael strahan, who we saw rehearsing for live on the red carpet. something you don't see on tv is how the red carpet actually has three lanes. the one i'm standing in right now, this is for the a-list celebrities because it's closest to the press. and then think of this middle one as kind of the express lane. it's for the pr people and the publicists and the handlers or the celebrities who have a predetermined interview down the road and they know where to go. finally, this third one, this is only reserved for friends and
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family. by sunday the rehearsal actors will be done strutting their stuff. the velvet ropes all in place. all leading up to the dolby theater and the 90th oscars ceremony inside. even though it's late the folks here say they plan to work around the clock. in hollywood dion lim, abc 7 news. well, film fans in san francisco got one more chance to see five best picture contenders just before the academy awards. abc 7 news was at the amc van ness 14 theater for the best picture showcase. now, moviegoers had the chance to see "dunkirk," "darkest hour," "call me by your name," "the post," and "get out." the first started at noon, the last at 8:15. amc has done this now 12 years in a row. so next year if you find yourself not oscar ready, this could be your shot. >> i love movies. i love tv. and i love that i found this, and i've come to do this two years in a row. >> we bring our blankets and pillows and get comfortable and have a movie marathon. >> the other best picture
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nominees showed last saturday. all of the excitement of the oscars is exclusively here on abc 7. complete coverage begins tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. with on the red carpet. then at 3:30 the oscars opening ceremony and at 5:00 the 90th annual academy awards with your host jimmy kimmel. and tomorrow as you know the best picture will be announced. today the razzies announced the worst picture. >> welcome to the world inside your phone. where everyone's expected to -- >> and the razzie goes to? "the emoji movie." featuring a star-studded cast but it only scored 9% on rotten tomatoes. it also took home worst director, worst screenplay, and worst screen combo. if you've ever wondered what abc 7 news anchor dan ashley does when he's not here, well, listen. ♪
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abc 7 news was at the lesher center for the arts in walnut creek as dan put on his annual rock the casa concert. there wray couple of big names helping him raise money for his group including former guns and roses drummer steven addler. the headliner melissa etheridge. ♪ go on and close your eyes >> the money from tonight's even goes to casa of contra costa county and the friends of camp concord. both help serve underserved children. a lot of fun indoors there. outdoors today it was kind of wild, dude. >> it was wild. some hail, some rain and tonight is all good about the cold. another chilly night on the way. live doppler 7 has a couple of isolated showers still out there. we'll zoom in a little bit closer, first into the north bay. live doppler 7 around novato, san rafael. some light showers.
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you notice there's no real yellows or oranges on live doppler 7, just some green. that means light rain at this hour. as you go a little to the south a couple light showers from hayward to fremont and as they get to the diablo range changing over to a little bit of snow. but this is the end of the system. about an hour left of these showers. they're going to fall apart. and we're in for a weiette chilly evening. pier 15 showing you clouds over san francisco. look at the three-day rainfall total. finally getting a soaking across the region. san rafael coming in just shy of three inches of rain past three days. redwood city close to an inch and 3/4. oakland, san francisco, livermore, and san jose all coming in with more than an inch of rain from this storm system the past three days. not only rain, a lot of snow in the sierra. look at the snowfall totals. kirkwood 75 inches of fresh powder. sierra at tahoe 63 inches. soda springs 59 inches. north star 53 inches. a lot of snow. you get the drift. kingdale 51 inches and bear
11:20 pm
valley 47 inches of snow. and we still have a winter storm warning in effect for the west slope of the sierra, this going until 5:00 early tomorrow morning. could pick up two to four more inches of snow as the system begins to depart. temperaturewise it is chilly, especially in the north bay rate knew. we drop into the 30s with our outdoor san francisco, oakland both at 45 degrees. 43 san jose. 39 the current number in san ramon. here's the call from accuweather. overnight tonight those showers we have right now lasting about the next hour. they're going to fall apart. the mixture of stars and clouds out there, it's cold. in the north bay 20s and 30s your starting temperatures 38 in oakland, 39 in san jose and dropping to 40 in san francisco. live doppler 7 along with satellite see that spin in the atmosphere just to the west of medford, oregon. that's the reason we had the showers today and it's moving toward reno, nevada. and it's going to try to start a coastal sprinkle tomorrow. tomorrow morning it's dry,
11:21 pm
sunshine and cloud cover. as we go into the afternoon you notice future weather trying to show right along the coast and mainly in our hills could have an isolated light sprinkle. nothing like we experienced today with the hail. and mixed precipitation. most urban areas will stay dry but there's a chance in our hills, especially along the coast of a sprinkle. highs on sunday 53. in san francisco it's going to be a chilly end to the weekend. mind you these numbers some five to eight degrees below normal. 55 behind oakland, 56 in san jose and a high of 55 in santa rosa. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days there's that chance tomorrow in our hills of a sprinkle popping up. by monday it's a cold start but a sunny afternoon brings temperatures back to average. look what happens on tuesday. we really warm up for a day. low 70s return inland and then wenz night our next storm approaches and light showers on and off for thursday and friday. with 1 on the storm impact scale. neither day is a washout. kind of scattered showers around for thursday and friday and
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saturday leftover cloud cover. so it's
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now, that is what you call a cold start to your morning. san francisco police chief bill scott was among the hundreds of people who took the polar plunge today at aquatic park. but the shivering was all for a good cause. the frigid dip helped the special olympics of northern california. in order to participate people needed to raise at least $125. the event started with a fun run. what was the water temperature today? do you remember? >> 51 degrees. >> 51 degrees. yikes. >> good for them. >> well done. you've got sports. >> college hoops heath up as the conference tournaments begin. we'll check in on our local heroes.
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san jose earthquakes opened their season tonight against minnesota united fc with their new coach michael starr who came to san jose from europe. he has his team off to a good start as the quakes hold on to win their opener. the stahre era got off to a good start. hoesen from outside the goal box drills it in for his first of two goals on the nice. 1-0 quakes. a minute later chris wondolowski with a cross. vako with a goal. the quakes hang on to win, 3-2 your final. >> i think the energy level was
11:30 pm
absolutely perfect. i think they followed the game plan in a good way. we controlled the game, especially in the first half were really good. >> we played with a lot of confidence and we know we can create chances and score goals. so yeah, i think we just kept going and tried to find the right guys. and yeah, i think when it started going well then it keeps going well. now to college hoops. the stanford cardinal women are a remarkable 44-12 in the women's tournament under tara vanderveer. they're taking on arizona state in the semis tonight. tara looking to her 13th pac-12 tournament title. alana smith takes it away, goes in for the easy layup. stanford by ten after one quarter. freshman kianna williams had the hot hand for stanford early. 13 points in the first half as the cardinal led by as many as 20. second half, williams still can't miss. the cardinal rolling. boy, she's burying nba threes.
11:31 pm
she finished with a game-high 24. stanford wins it 58-46. they'll face oregon in the final tomorrow night. stanford men and arizona state. regular season final. he's ready. cardinal lost a 14-point second half lead. 42 seconds left, dejaun davis spins lays it in. cardinal up two. cody justice got fouled on the evened had a shot to tie but misses both free throws. pickens a rebound and he's fouled. curtain of distraction. pickens could end the game here but he misses both free throws. josh sharma gets the rebound but he misses the put-back. still a two-point game. again justice fouled on the evened. another chance to tie, misses his first, makes the second. asu down one with five seconds left. stanford's inbound pass goes through the arms of reed travis. asu gets the ball back just four seconds left. on the inbounds pass martin will get the ball. his shot is tipped in the air. nearly goes in. stanford survives 84-83, finishing the year 17-14. cal facing 19th-ranked
11:32 pm
wildcats of arizona. bears playing the cats tough. don coleman hits the three just before the first half buzzer. cal down just three at the break and actually took the lead in the second half. but arizona did just enough thanks to deandre aden, a freshman. 26 points, 20 boards. cats finished on the 13-1 run to win 66-54. take the outright pac-12 conference title tournament next week in vegas. cal ends the regular season with a school record 23 losses. pac-12 men's tournament tips off wednesday in vegas, where cal will face stanford. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. coming up, a mixed bag. we'll tee it up, including steph curry's latest round. houston rockets, outdoor hockey, and meet the sharks' newest player evander kane. stick around. and i thought you were going to say holyfield for a minu
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good evening. thanks for sticking around for the second half hour. i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines a bay area couple is sharing their story of survival after being buried in an avalanche at squaw valley yesterday. they described it as being hit by a snow tsunami with one of them passing out and being under the snow for four to six minutes. both went to the hospital with injuries but say they plan to return to the slopes this weekend. a skier on a chair lift took this video moments before an avalanche at mammoth mountain near yosemite. the ski patrol at the time was trying to clear some dangerous overhangs to avoid a slide. their release ended up burying two skiers and six employees. nobody was seriously hurt. closer thome we saw more wild weather in the bay area.
11:37 pm
rain and in the east bay hail briefly came down this afternoon. this video's out of concord. on some of the peaks you'll find a dusting of snow. on the east coast they're digging out tonight following a powerful nor'easter. the storm is blamed for at least eight deaths and has left many people without power. abc's elizabeth hur reports. >> reporter: the two-day monster nor'easter slamming the eastern seaboard from georgia all the way up to maine, causing widespread flooding. abc's gio benitez witnessing the water's force. >> it's just about 12:00 noon here in quincy, massachusetts. that means it's high tide. and just take a look at the incredible force of this sorm system. even as it leaves the area. >> reporter: the powerful storm leaving behind a trail of death and destruction. one of the victims just 6 years old. >> the tree is pinned to a bunk bed. >> reporter: anthony hamilton was asleep on the top bunk when a tree crashed through his family's home. >> it was just a freak accident
11:38 pm
in the milled of the night that took the baby from us. >> reporter: more than a million homes still without electricity with power lines down everywhere, including this mess in waterton, massachusetts. the storm also proving to be a nightmare for travelers. so far more than 4,000 flights have been canceled and 7,000 delayed. trains between washington, d.c. and boston completely shut down for a while with only limited service now restored. out west another winter storm dropped four feet of snow on the sierra nevada, triggering avalanches. one crashing down on five people near lake tahoe. >> we feel incredibly lucky, super stoked to be alive. >> reporter: meanwhile, in a different avalanche in squaw valley a snowboarder was killed. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. what exactly is a bomb cyclone and how has the weather phenomenon been affecting the east coast the past few days? >> it's kind of a new term to the public, but it's just a
11:39 pm
process of a storm rapidly strengthening called bombogenesis. and that's exactly what this storm did off the east coast. look at the radar and satellite view the past 24 hours. see that huge swirl off the eastern seaboard. that was the storm that rap idly strengthened. as it-d as it rode up the coast, not only brought rain and snow but also some very impressive wind gusts. look at this. peak gusts, providence, rhode island 64 miles per hour with boston, massachusetts and new york city, 63-mile-per-hour wind gusts. atlantic city 61. philadelphia, pennsylvania 59-mile-per-hour wind gusts and a similar wind gust clocked in washington, d.c. another storm is headed our way. actually the one that's over us right now. future weather showing us the next system that will crisscross the country is going to do the exact same process rapidly strengthened by wednesday night. they could be look the at the same winds, the same snow, and the same rain. here locally you've got some isolated showers to talk about we'll detail that with live doppler 7 coming up in a few
11:40 pm
minutes. eric? >> drew, thank you. a storm battering the united kingdom caused an unusual phenomenon. check it out. starfish washing up on a beach in kent southeast of london. thousands of them. it's not clear exactly what caused these starfish to wash ashore. usually they're in shallow waters feeding on mussels or mating and rough sea condition cans push them toward land. storm emma has covered parts of england and scotland with ice with temperatures reaching below zero in some areas. the mackinaw straits are straight up blue. drone footage from michigan showing stunning images of ice formations caused by a powerful storm that piled up chunks of glacier-like ice that has snowfall on top. that snow compresses into the ice squeezetion out air bubbles and growing like crystals that block white, making it look blue. it's rare for this weather phenomenon that's already beginning to melt. heavy snow in alaska. the iditarod started with 67 mushers leading their dog across
11:41 pm
the route. this year they opened up the southern route which hasn't had enough snowfall to be used since 2013. overall these teams will trek 998 miles from anchorage to nome. this year anchorage has nearly two feet of snow. in 2016 they had just two inches of snow. a bay area man is helping out a family that lost their car in the san jose floods one year ago. abc 7 muse was in san francisco where the family received their car today. ian ilias inherited a second car after his mom died and it was sitting unused. he remembered seeing a story here on abc 7 news about the family's lost car. sew decided to help. >> it's going to help her get to places to and from, take her kids places. >> one of the teachers from the school, she mentioned how they have to walk to school. i'd rather give it to someone who could use it than have it sitting there or even selling it quite honestly. >> the flood caused more than $100 million in property damage. bargain hunters converged on
11:42 pm
the east bay today. abc 7 news was along the oakland estuary for the legendary white elephant sale. it's not just about bargains. it's also about finding antiques, collector sets, and one-of-a-kind items. admission is free. it ended at 4:00 this afternoon. but it will continue tomorrow starting at 10:00 in the minoring. proceeds help support the oakland museum of next at
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take a look at this dramatic video from a pizza hut in philadelphia. you can see three suspects with guns jump the counter, shoving an employee. but one of the workers wasn't about to let the robbers get away. he fought back and toppled a metal stand onto them. the suspects then ran off and they're still on the loose tonight. now, more on the 90th annual oscars set for tomorrow night. "this is me" from the movie "the greatest showman" is up for an oscar tomorrow night for best
11:46 pm
original song, and for so many it's much more than a song. it has sparked an entire movement. here's abc 7 news reporter adrienne bankert. ♪ when the sharpest words wanna cut me down ♪ >> reporter: it's the song from the oscar-nominated film "the greatest showman" turned anthem. ♪ this is brave, this is bruised ♪ ♪ this is who i'm meant to be ♪ this is me >> reporter: the words resonate with fans of all ages, colors, and backgrounds who can relate to the pain of being different and the triumph of overcoming, singing this is me. ♪ this is me >> reporter: that unforgettable voice, keala settle, the bearded woman in the movie's ensemble cast. ♪ in this behind-the-scenes rehearsal video raw with passion settle was still grieving the death of her mother, finding
11:47 pm
strength to finish the song with leading man hugh jackman. >> there's a moment in the song that i actually was so scared that i had to actually grab hugh's hand so that i had somebody to hold on to. ♪ this is brave, this is bruised ♪ ♪ this is who i'm meant to be ♪ this is me ♪ >> reporter: this sunday she lives out loud. a dream come true. as she performs at the 90th academy awards. ♪ i'm not scared ♪ i make no pool jazz ♪ this is me >> reporter: adrienne bankert, abc news. let's see what the weather's going to look like here for your oscar party. here's drew. >> it will be dry tomorrow, but right now a couple of showers out there. zoom in a little closer on live doppler 7. show you some isolated showers right now, very light in nature kind of moving from northwest to southeast fashion. and they're going to fall apart in the next hour or so. it's all about the cold right
11:48 pm
now. 30s and 40s. your current temperatures. overnight tonight here's the call. you are coldest spots will be in the north bay. some spots there will drop into the 20s. a lot of 30s out there. so it's a chilly start to your sunday morning. throughout the day on sunday it's just a blend of sun and clouds on your 12-hour planner. we're watching by 4:00 there could be an isolated shower in our hills. nothing widespread, nothing like we just saw today. accuweather seven-day, our next storm, our next chance for everybody to see rain comes late wednesday but into thursday and friday. but a warm-up coming by tuesday. >> all right, sir. thank you very much. okay. steph curry i'm assuming looked great out there today. but out there is not a basketball court. >> yeah. he tested his bum ankle today, and you won't believe where. while the sharks pulled off a great trade earlier this week and already paying dividends. we'll int
11:49 pm
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(door bell rings) (cell phone vibrating) ♪ hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪
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warriors took two days off after going 3-0 on their final east coast road trip. only news that is potentially damaging is steph curry tweaked his bad ankle but it wasn't bad enough to keep him off augusta national. that's right, home of the masters. he played the course today. not sure that's a great idea, but i'd have to say i'd do the same thing. earlier tonight james harden and the rockets going for their 15th straight win and face the celtics. four minutes to go. celtics go up six when terry rozier hits the triple. boston's bench had a season-high 67. but harden helped lead the rockets back. he finished with 26, a perfect 13 of 13 from the free-throw line. tied at 115, trevor ariza slaps the ball away in for the layup. rockets had the lead. ariza with 21. kyrie irving can't believe it. last chance for the celtics. down three with two seconds to go. marcus smart, he's going to get a look. great effort. almost went in. rockets win 123-120. they've now won 15 in a row.
11:53 pm
one away right now. we're trying to figure this thing out. we've got 20 games left. we've got to prepare for something special. we've got to take it one game at a time and have fun with it. all right. randy bennett taking on pepperdine in the west coast quarterfinals. waves with just five wins this season but rolling early after the trey burrhow three. st. mary's roars back. second half landell for the slam and hermanson hit big threes. three big threes, that is, down the stretch. and st. mary's survives. 69-66. they'll play byu in the semis on monday. wgc golf in mexico. ross fisher teeing off the 3rd hole. it's a par 3. he's going to get the bounce. he's going to get the roll. you know it's coming. we call this an ace. he's 5 under for the tournament with that hole in one. adam hadwin also at 5 under. 4 under on the day. tough break to read about a 15-foot break. got to take it up the hill, back
11:54 pm
down. going to catch the slope. that's got it going. come on. there it is for the birdie. phil mickelson later on 6 under 65. birdie on 7. he's tied for second at 11 under. two shots back. 21-year-old sharma from india shot a 2-under 69. he's the leader at 13 under heading into sunday's final round at his first pga event. the sharks made a big trade this past monday, acquiring forward evander kane from buffalo. kane is a big talent with a big personality as well. he's never made the playoffs and hopes to help the sharks make a run at their first stanley cup. i caught up with him on his first day in san jose. >> i was excited. obviously, an opportunity to push for the postseason and join a group like this. just really excited. >> how tough is it to come to a team this late in the year? >> it's never easy. but i think for myself it makes it a little easier knowing quite a few of the guys and the coaching staff from previous
11:55 pm
other tournaments or past years. for me a lot of familiar faces, which is nice, and i think it makes the transition a little easier. >> one of the few power forwards in the league that has the capability of scoring 25 to 35 goals, you know, has the respect because of his toughness and plays with a ton of speed and a lot of physicality. and you know, you can count the number of guys that have those type of dimensions in one package on one hand. >> first time i played with him a few years back and you could see the skill and the power that he has. out here today you just see the shot in person, it carries? weight. definitely excited for that. maple leafs and caps playing outdoors at the navy marine corps memorial stadium. first period tied at 1 tom wilson behind the net finds a wide open alex ovechkin. he doesn't miss. his league-leading 40th. 2-1 caps.
11:56 pm
backstrom drives it in. caps go on to win 5-2. all right. best story of the day at the nfl combine, the linebacker prospect did 20 reps on the 225-pound bench press. the impressive part is he doesn't have a left hand. shakim griffin from central florida only used a prosthetic hand for weight lifting and gym work. he doesn't use it on the field. his left hand was amputated at age 4 because of a prenatal condition. but it never stopped him from playing ball. and today he was determined to put on a show. >> just starting it off i felt the energy from everybody. i mean, my adrenaline was going through the roof, man. so when i heard 16, i thought yeah, i'm going for 20. i'm about to change my whole fitness regimen. i'm going to grind this out. it felt amazing to reach that goal. >> abc 7 news sports report brought to you by river rock casino. and a great story, he has a twin brother shaquille who's already in the nfl playing for seattle. he was redshirted at ucf and he was held back really because of his left hand but he had unbelievable year last year. they went 13-0.
11:57 pm
hopefully he'll end up in the >> i tried to make a joke earlier about evander. >> evander kane. >> and evander holyfield. but apparently there is a relationship. >> his dad was a boxer and named him after evander holyfield. >> see? >> there you go. >> i'm even kind of smart when i don't know. how about that? >> you can't help yourself. >> all right, shu, thanks a lot. that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for dion in hollywood and shu and drew, thanks for joining us. we'll see you later. ♪ ♪
11:58 pm
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