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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  March 4, 2018 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, america. this morning the president's remarks. what donald trump said about north korea at washington's annual gridiron dinner as he plays jokester in chief with jabs about jared, his rivals and himself. >> assessing the damage. nasive cleanup under way after that monster nor'easter. >> i've never seen it this bad. >> homes damaged by massive waves and flooding. more than a million without power. and the very close call. >> buried alive. avalanche attacking a snow boarder. >> i heard someone yell and look back and saw that eight foot wall of snow. >> his wife frantic. >> my husband is missing. >> the survivor himself speaking out right here this morning. >> it is all about oscar.
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hollywood's biggest show. the indy spirit awards could hold clues to tonight's event. "gma" sitting down with jimmy kimmel. his plans for the big night. >> maybe black paint applied to my head so people can't see my bald spot. >> from the fashion to the politics. all those redos. it's just hours away. >> live from abc news in new york. this "good morning america." >> you're right. >> debating movies. >> we're arguing about who is going to win tonight. >> happy oscar sunday. ace white house correspondent cecilia vega here with us on set this morning. >> good morning. >> she's here in large measure because paula faris is in hollywood on the red carpet at the dolby theater looking beautiful as always. >> we were debating your dress choice. you won. excellent choice. >> did you like this one? are you guys already bickering?
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that's not a good sign. all in good fun. i didn't get the memo. it's still cold in l.a. it's only 10 degrees above freezing. i'm glad you like the dress, cecelia. there's this really consequential award show. some are calling this the oscars of our generation which adds to the level of pressure on jimmy kimmel who is hosting for the second straight year. i sat down with kimmel to see how he's going to strike the right tone and if he's going to get political. the stars were out at the independent spirit awards. cecelia, dan, ron and adrienne why are we interested? they're almost always a solid predictor. of what's going to happen oscar sunday. i'll see you guys in a little bit. can't wait to talk to you a little bit more. >> we'll be talking to you a lot this morning. you look gorgeous. much more from hollywood coming up. >> you look gorgeous too. >> thank you. love fest on "gma." >> bickering to love fest. >> we want to turn to our top story president trump drawing some laughs not to mention
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raising a few eyebrows on everything from jared kushner to north korea. >> in a time of chaos in the white house even by trump's standards, the president tried a new tactic telling jokes in members of a group he loves to vilify. the news media. david wright has more. good morning. >> good morning dan and cecelia. think of this as donald in the li lion's den. the president and first lady dining with the people he said are fake news. jared kushner and ivanka trump were there too. for more than 100 years the gridiron dinner has been a right of passage for every president except for grover cleveland. last night it was trump. >> reporter: dressed in white tie and tails, president trump showed up for an evening of humor mostly at his own expense at the gridiron dinner. it was closed to cameras. he joked about himself, his rivals and the media. saying it was the most fun he's
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had with them since watching their faces on election night. he took some swipes at some of his enemies saying he knows how to deal with a mad man like kim jong-un saying that's his problem, not mine. he called house democratic nancy pelosi crazy and said former vice president joe biden should not run for president because he says such outrageous things. trump pointedly said he offered to give jeff sessions a ride to the dinner, but sessions recused himself. earlier in the day trump auditioned some material at a mar-a-lago fund raiser. trump joked about china's president. he's now president for life trump said. maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day. last night trump made it back to the white house to catch the cold open of "snl." alec, baldwin again. >> i said i was going to run this country like a business. that business is a waffle house at 2:00 a.m. crazies everywhere. staff walking out in the middle
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of their shift. managers taking money out of the cash register to pay off the russian mob. >> reporter: all this on the day the president escalated talk of a possible trade war. last week after trump threatened new tariffs on steel and aluminum imports canada and the european union threatened to retaliate. trump tweeted if the eu raises their tariffs, he'll slap a hefty tax on european cars. by all accounts, trump's trip to the gridiron was a success. the president showing some good humor. he apologized for being late joking that kushner had a tough time getting through security. >> i thought that was a good joke. >> i don't think jared liked it. >> he was right there too. david "the new york times" reported a new development in special counselor mueller's investigation. kushner could be facing some heat there. >> that's right. kushner's business ties are under scrutiny. mueller is talking with a lebanese business man who made
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several trips to the white house. ahead of president trump's trip to the middle east. it's a sign the mueller probe may be expanding to look at influence peddling overseas. >> let's bring in george stephanopoulos who will be hosting "this week." >> good morning, guys. >> i want to go back to the trade war that president trump seems to be escalating talk of a trade war. >> it seems to have already started. >> there are people in his own party and his own administration who think this is a terrible idea. this week he has to make a decision. and roll out the tariffs if he's going to do it. do we think he's going to do it? >> the president surprised his own team. gary cohn is against it. steve mnuchin is against it. steve mnuchin is against it. the congressional leaders, paul ryan, speaker of the house and mitch mcconnell the leader in the senate are all against it. they are lobbying the president furiously to modify this announcement. before it formally made this week. you'll see a lot of pressure
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from our allies in europe. the president doesn't appear to be baking down. this is the million dollar question. is he going to go forward this week? will he modify it at all? we'll be asking wilbur ross this morning. >> people in his own administration didn't know. >> ross is for it. >> definitely. >> given the turmoil and the craziness of the news, nra and guns seem like a long time ago. >> only wednesday. >> this was a huge headline. in that meeting at the white house, the president seemed to side with the democrats. then he brought the nra in and kind of did a flip flop. where does he stand? >> the president sided with the democrats. he said give me a comprehensive gun control bill that includes universal background checks. he talked about raising the minimum age for gun purchases. then he meets behind closed doors with the nra. they come out tweeting no new gun control. unless the president is behind
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this for a comprehensive plan, it's not going to happen. the chances of anything major getting through now has diminished significantly. now you never know if the president will change again. right now it looks like nothing is going to happen, nothing significant at least. >> we talked about the chaos in the west wing. look at the "washington post." pure madness dark days in the white house when trump shocks and rages. is there a sense when trump feels besieged and isolated, when he's like this, it impacts policy? >> of course it does. you saw it on guns and trade. a lot of reports from inside the white house that actually the reason he decided to go forward with this trade announcement was to show everybody i'm in charge after all these questions about what's going on. no question about that. that pure madness quote comes from a trump ally. this is what's happening right now. what you're seeing in the "washington post" story every
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single day a lot of people inside the white house worried the president is isolated. worried he's on his own right now with cascading consequences. >> love our sunday mornings with george. thank you very much. >> thanks guys. >> big show this morning. former chief of staff reince preibus and chris christie will weigh in on the week in the white house. >> and democratic senator chris murphy, debates and the power house round table. obviously. >> you're there too. >> yeah. >> not power house unless vega is on. thank you, george. >> see you guys. we'll move on to the massive clean up after the nor'easter. flooded homes downed power lines and made a mess on the roads and at the airport. >> eva pilgrim has more on the clean up and ongoing travel mess. >> reporter: this morning millions of americans in the northeast waking up to catastrophic scenes like this. >> the wind was scary.
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>> reporter: major cities stretching from maryland to maine trees split in half, roads collapsed, power lines out. leaving more than a million in the dark. >> it was so devastating. >> reporter: the massive nor'easter turning deadly killing at least eight. all by falling trees. outside boston this tree slamming through a car's windshield and those gusting winds completely uprooting trees in washington, d.c. look at this scene in massachusetts. the tides rising extremely high. those wind gusts causing major flooding. drivers pushing through. others forced to flee their homes. >> i was trying to get out before it's too late. >> i've never seen it this bad. >> reporter: the biggest concern right now for officials -- >> the whole cleanup aspect is troubling. >> reporter: a major push to get piles of debris off the roads. officials deploying the national guard to assist. >> the roads have been slippery. >> reporter: this as the roads, rails and runways desperately try to bounce back.
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this morning amtrak announcing it will run most of its full regular schedule. this morning flights appear to be getting back to normal as well. just in time for that next nor'easter heading this way. airlines telling abc news they are already monitoring that storm. guys. >> eva, thank you. sam and i will be braving the travel mess today. we want to start with ron and the headlines. >> good morning to you. >> still working on those headlines. >> right up to the minute. >> you looked surprised. >> i was ready. >> good morning, dan and adrienne and everyone. we'll begin in florida with a surprise reversal in the state in a special saturday session to deal with gun control legislation. law makers agree in a voice vote for a two-year ban on the sale of ar-15 assault rifles, but minutes later in a roll call
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vote it was defeated 20-17. the legislation includes school safety proposals and raising the legal age to buy guns goes to a vote on monday. in michigan the undergrad charged with shooting his parents to death when they came to take him home for spring break. investigators says james eric davis used his father's gun. his father was an illinois police officer but it's unclear if the gun that was used was his service weapon. in west virginia teachers are saying no money, no school. they're refusing to return to work for an eighth day. causing all public schools in the state to be closed. some 20,000 remaining on strike after the senate voted to reduce a proposed 5% pay hike that the teacher's union negotiated with the governor of that state. actor david ogden stiers has died. known for his work on the tv series "mash." he played major charles winchester iii.
7:13 am
he voice animated cogsworth the clock in beauty and the beast. he was 75 years of age. in england "the times" said meghan markle will be baptized before her wedding to prince harry in may. it's not required, but the paper said markle is converting out of respect for the queen. queen elizabeth is the head of the church of england. it's the first time her father will meet prince harry. >> not someone you want to have on your bad side. >> that's a deep moment. >> yes. finally in upstate new york a wild win in high school championship basketball game. check this out. the panthers down by 2 points to the dutchman. check this out. he throws it 70 feet. >> come on. >> steals the ball and makes that shot. they win 52-51.
7:14 am
take the division championship. check this out. that guy who made the winning shot about 75, 80 feet he missed two free throws. >> what? >> with four seconds left in the game. >> hail mary. >> he redeemed himself. everybody is happy. >> i'm flashing forward to every argument he has with his wife for the rest of his life. that shot i made. >> 50 years ago. >> he made history. >> that's amazing. >> it will fade with time. there will be ups and downs. >> let's not talk about the down. let's talk about that shot from 75 feet. >> something else amazing here the rescue of a snow boarder buried alive in a california avalanche. >> this man is lucky to be alive. he's talking about what it was like to see an eight-foot wall of snow heading for him. sam champion, tell us more. >> reporter: this morning the man buried alive by this terrifying avalanche speaks out.
7:15 am
>> i feel incredibly lucky. super stoked to be alive. >> reporter: evan huck at the squaw valley ski resort. >> i heard somebody yell and looked back and saw an eight-foot wall of snow. >> my husband is missing. >> we started to hear a woman scream for her husband. that's when your heart starts racing. >> just keep digging around him. >> reporter: covered in six minutes over 100 rescuers miraculously freeing the snow boarder without injury. just one day later a second avalanche partially burying people at mammoth mountain with no injuries report. closing the resort until sunday. >> one guy was buried to his chest area. that was completely before the avalanche. the snow was very deep. >> reporter: rescue crews searching for six hours. to free everyone. a scary reminder about the
7:16 am
dangers of mountain sports. most avalanche happens after a fresh hit of snow. that's what we saw. we got about five feet of snow in a couple days. still a lot of avalanche condition. i'll tell you the one thing i remember, the equipment buy it. if it's a beacon and you're going skiing. they have beacons that can find you. do that. when you find yourself falling, try to bring your hands up to your face. when you're buried in snow that allows you to beat the snow away from your face and allows you to create a little air pocket and eventually start to give way so you can dig yourself out of the snow if you're lucky. trying to fall with your hands like this is a survival tactic. let's look at the next system. we have fire alerts. i'm concerned about the amount of weather we have to cover here. look at this from new mexico to texas all the way to nebraska. watch this move into the middle of the country. that's snow for the northern parts of midwest and heavy rains for the parts flooding. the mississippi river valley and ohio river valley, more rain.
7:17 am
you don't need it. that low creates this towards minneapolis and duluth. then we'll call it a nor'easter as it exits the east coast on wednesday. we have a lot to talk about. >> in the next half hour w >> in the next half hour we'll cover what will probably be a nor'easter on wednesday. we'll give you all the full details. >> yesterday you were smiling that we were having a nor'easter and you were heading to miami. >> he's leaving.
7:18 am
>> he's smiling. >> how did this happen? >> the germans have a word for it. take pleasure in other people's suffering. we'll talk more about that in the next half hour. some, we love you. >> more german lessons. the oscars are just a few hours away. this is why cecelia wore green today. >> i forgot it was oscar sunday. >> lime green. >> host jimmy kimmel will be talking about a lot of stuff. we all want to know what that may be. >> paula, save us. >> save me. >> i'm just going to ask you to save us, paula. >> i'll save you guys. jimmy kimmel has his work cut out for him. i don't think anybody has a tougher job than him trying to navigate through a tricky political landscape as well as me too and times up. when it comes to me too and times up, i wouldn't expect kimmel to go there. that will most likely be addressed by ashley judd. and salma hayek.
7:19 am
two of the harvey weinstein accusers. they are presenting. as for getting political, take a look at what kimmel says. >> reporter: the finishing touches in gold. the red carpet rolled out. hollywood's biggest night just hours away. jimmy kimmel is taking on hosting duties for the second year in a row with the current political climate along with the me too and times up movement, it will be a balancing act for the comic. >> are you nervous at all you'll strike the right tone? >> i do worry about that. i have a tendency to not strike the right tone in my life. so, you know, i think about that. >> you got very political over the last year. is it safe to say you'll get political at the oscars? >> i don't know if i will. i look at it like this, if i feel like i have something that hasn't been said or i can deliver more effectively, than someone else, i will say it. >> what do you say to your
7:20 am
critics that say who are you to speak out on these issues? >> i'm an american. that's who i am. it's interesting. people are going with this line of reasoning where they say people in show business shouldn't speak out about politics and, yet, they elected donald trump the president of the united states. i think that argument is pretty well jumped out the window. >> after months of preparing and kimmel is ready, admitting last year he didn't even get nervous. what are you going to be doing? >> i'll probably have a group of people -- i bet my parents will come by, my kids will stop by to wish me well. i'll probably be looking at my script.heo le't alot >> i didn't even know you had one. >> that's because i'm painted.
7:21 am
>> well done. >> he is so funny. humor helps him deal with the heavy. there's a whole lot of heavy this year. you guys we have lots more ahead including a look at the favorites. i know dan one of your favorites for best picture, "dunkirk" we'll talk about that. >> i'm for "the darkest hour" and "the post". those movies really move me. >> what's your favorite paula? >> i wanted "greatest showman," but it wasn't even nominated. why did i even come here? i'm very disappointed you guys. >> to see the bearded lady. >> the song is dominated. >> it is. she's going to be performing. did you see the movie by the way? >> i did. i loved it. >> i have not seen anything. i have no life. so i'm not a good measure of -- >> we are sympatico, sam. >> we are. >> ron and are boycotting it. cecelia is too busy. >> don't boycott, dan. >> i won't.
7:22 am
i will see it. >> see you guys in a bit. >> buy, paula great job. much more from you coming up on "gma." >> i miss you guys. >> we miss you. coming up on "gma" a much more sinister hollywood story. searching for clues in the disappearance of an aspiring actress. with dreams of making it big in the movie biz. >> more from the oscar's red carpet. the meaning behind what some stars will be wearing. we'll be right back. >> "good morning america" brought to you by ihop pancakes, pancakes, pancakes. pancakes pancakes pancakes.
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good morning. i'm carolyn tyler. commuters hoping to ride bart to san jose may have to wait a little longer according to our media partner, the mercury news. the projected opening date could be pushed back until next year. bart previously said it wanted to open the new barry ess a&mess
7:28 am
and melpita stations in june, but testing is stalling things. officials say it could be closer to january, even march, of 2019. here's lisa with the accuweather forecast. good morning, carolyn. it's 43 downtown, 42 innnnnn and numbers still at or below freezing with fog in many of our north bay valleys. mid-50s today with sunshine. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining
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♪ >> welcome back to "gma." we're on the red carpet outside the dolby theater tonight's 90th academy awards. coming up, we'll dive into the favorites to take home oscar including why there's reason to believe best picture could be a huge surprise for the second year in a row. dan, cecelia. >> you've got us all excited about "i, tonya" >> i loved "i tonya." >> was it nominated for best picture? >> again, i'm not a source of help. >> it was. >> it's a long shot. >> thank you my friend. we will be watching you. >> ron, don't give it away. >> thanks, paula. we'll be back to you later in the show. we want to start this half how
7:31 am
with the search for a young actress gone missing. >> she was last seen near her apartment a week ago. apartment a year ago. zachary kiesch joins us now. >> good morning, dan. she had big dreams and was on track to graduate from acting school in december. le her disappearance came out of the blue for so many. >> reporter: this morning 25-year-old adea shabani is missing. her family and friends are desperate for answers. >> she's a social media person. she loves being around people. this is so unlike her. >> reporter: she moved to los angeles less than two years ago to chase hollywood dreams. her friends say things were going well. then she just disappeared. she was last seen near hollywood boulevard according to the lapd. her mom is heart broken and flew more than 6,000 miles from macedonia to the u.s. to track down her daughter. the family hired a private investigator working alongside the los angeles police. >> people just don't disappear.
7:32 am
someone knows what happened. someone saw something. this is a very crowded area of hollywood. >> reporter: friends say she stopped responding to their texts and calls a week ago. the investigator says the only clues her unlocked apartment door and an anonymous tip. they need the public's help. >> we got some information that we're interested in knowing more about. please call us back. >> reporter: those closest to adea say this is out of character. and they're fearing the worst. >> she's a sweetheart. we want her back. >> the lapd is keeping quiet on the details. the private investigator is calling it an active investigation. meanwhile, her friends keep searching her neighborhood and hanging up missing person fliers. hoping for the best, guys. >> so tough for family and friends. zachary, thank you. time to check the weather and sam champion in for rob marciano. sam, we know you're going to tell us some bad news.
7:33 am
>> for some people it's not what you want in the middle of the week. let's walk you through the next storm. the next nor'easter on the east coast works. tomorrow we have the big snow maker in the northern plains and heavy rain down the middle of the country. the mississippi river. those two lows move east and then hand off their energy to a coastal low off the delmarva peninsula. where that goes is everything. how close it is to the coast, how far away it moves, it's whether we get snow or rain. right now the forecast models saying it's a significant plowable kind of snow. here's the difference between this low and remember friday's low. this one is weaker. it's faster, but it's colder. what this means is not as much coastal flooding, not as much wind damage. although there's wind there. this will move. it will cause a little bit of both of those things. big mix of snow and rain. bi
7:34 am
>> all that weather bright to you by lyrica. my biggest concern today is the high fire danger from texas and nebraska. it's not the time of year people are thinking about fires but they really could break out today. >> you know, we love you -- >> but? >> we're not loving you. >> sorry. >> i love the facts. we've already learned how to survive a avalanche. and we know where the fires are. sam champion is the total package. >> she was like don't go skiing at a time when there's avalanches. >> that's another way. >> my survival tactic is stay close to the couch. at all times. thank you. coming up we're going back to oscar excitement.
7:35 am
>> hey, paula. >> i'm just a little early you guys. coming up the big winners at the independent spirit awards. did they up their chances for an oscar? we have chris connelly next. ♪ for an oscar? we have chris connelly next. fibromyalgia may be invisible to others, but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief for moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain. and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain,
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "gma." we're at the oscars just hours away from the first celebrities making their way down the red carpet. some had a long night probably haven't gone to sleep yet, celebrating their win at the indy spirit awards. these awards tend to foreshadow what's going to happen at the oscars. chris connelly joins me. what are the indys predicting? let's get that crystal ball out. >> they're predicting a night of big love for smaller budgeted movies. these are the movies the indy spirits were created to honor. not the crowd pleasers, the big budget ones that you like. these smaller budget films have become oscar favorites as well. >> reporter: tonight the 90 annual academy awards. jimmy kimmel comedy. >> i would like to bury the hatchet with someone i've had
7:40 am
issues with. >> reporter: lift you out of your seat performances. ♪ >> reporter: acceptance speeches. >> thank you to our incredible cast and crew. >> reporter: plus, remember -- >> there's a mistake. >> reporter: "get out," "lady bird," "i tonya," "three billboards." each made for $20 million or less. which made them eligible for saturday's film independent spirit awards. >> i love the world of independent film making. i think this is where ground breaking things happen. >> you can take a bigger chance because you don't have the pressure of the commercial revenue. you get to do something more intimate. you have to do it for less. >> reporter: nominees savored the indy spirit. >> i tried not to have expectations. you never know where it could
7:41 am
go. i just try and tell the truth. >> reporter: timothee chalamet won the lead, janney supporting female, "get out" for best director and best feature. which each of the last four years has predicted oscar's best picture. what about oscar? frances mcdormand remains the front runner. and best actor gary oldman is the odds on favorite. while those films vie for best picture, "get out" may fulfill its destiny and shock the world. with a surprising win. >> i'm calling it. oscar's producer said they will acknowledge the social movement sweeping now. also hoping to play off any winners. whatever you talk about she asked winners do it in a passionate exciting way.
7:42 am
could be about your uncle charlie. i think it's going to be a big night for uncle charlie. >> i don't have an uncle charlie. hypothetical. >> you're called "get out"? >> i think it's going to be the big surprise. >> and faye dunaway and warren beatty announcing. >> yes. >> chris, great to see. i'll see you at the count down to the oscars. we're going to go take a nap and do countdown to the oscars. that was awkward. coming up on "good morning america" i'm talking oscar fashion. and how the celebs are going to be using what they wear to make a real fashion statement. that's when we come back. thanks, chris. the roasted core wrap. 3, 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting? now that's cool! coolsculpting safely freezes and removes fat cells with little or no downtime. and no surgery. results and patient experience may vary. some rare side effects include temporary numbness,
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♪ welcome back, everyone. we're still outside the hollywood dolby theater. in a few hours the celebs will be walking the red carpet ahead of the oscar ceremony. joining me now is joe zee with some insight. on what we could expect for the big night. let's look at some of the other awards shows. wearing black or the white rose, what do you think will be the biggest trends? >> i think this year more than ever there's such a huge statement behind it. i don't think the oscars are going to be a real fashion mandate. there won't be a color or anything. that will signify the political stance behind it but there are going to be people wearing anti gun violence pins. >> orange pins. >> yes. and also time's up pins will still be around. that idea will still be a big statement. >> in terms of the stand-out stars, who are your predictions?
7:47 am
>> between saoirse ronan and margot robbie they've been unpredictable in the most beautiful way. tonight is this culmination of everything they've done. the oscars is the pinnacle of it all. it's everything. sort of climaxes to the ultimate dresses they'll be wearing. >> so michael strahan our "gma" colleague, he is also covering the big night for the preshow. he posted this video. >> what color am i going to wear? wait and see. >> so. he brought three different colored tuxes for the men. by the way, i'm jealous they only have three options. such a pain to be a woman. >> i think the guys have been bringing their "a" game. the last few years, they've done great. i think timothee chalamet will be incredible. he styles himself.
7:48 am
armie hammer. always looks like old hollywood to me. >> and joe zee by the way. we'll be back with more things oscar and "pop news" and adrienne. stick around. thank you. >> thank you. ♪ adrienne. stick around. thank you. >> thank you.
7:49 am
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♪ ♪ >> "good morning america" brought to you by united health care working to make the system simpler. >> i feel like we haven't heard enough from adrienne bankert in the show. >> dan, you're so kind. i brought food. that's why he's saying such things. big thanks to our crew for setting this up. let me show you. we have popcorn, but also this wonderful spread. we want to thank the little pie company. for these oscar themed goodies. when you can't walk down the red carpet, how about a red velvet whoopi pie. i'm going to have you pass it down.
7:53 am
>> give it to claiborne. >> they were handing out the razzies before the oscars. the emoji movie was named worst picture of 2017. it got three other razzies. including worst director. tom cruise's performance in the mummy earned him the worst actor award and tyler perry won for worst actress. for "boo 2." the "baywatch" won the rotten tomato award. so bad you loved it. >> the movie? >> i thought people liked "bay watch" with the rock. are you kidding me? >> i didn't know the emojis were a movie. >> it sounded like such a good idea. >> faye dunaway and warren beatty are rumored to present best picture again. >> "la la land." >> we still haven't forgot about dunaway announcing "la la land" instead of "moonlight."
7:54 am
after the duo was handed the wrong envelope, hollywood loves a happy ending. they will get a second chance. >> it wasn't their fault. >> exactly. all is for given. >> like bonnie and clyde. >> yes. it's all forgiven. "the shape of water" we've been talking a lot about. it's featuring a female lead. as people spill popcorn all over the place. a study by the internet database of films found that oscar nominated movies were 33% more profitable than those with a male lead. "jackie," 38%. florence foster jenkins, did you see that movie? >> no. >> i'm going to keep talking them. it earned a 53% profit. only 28% of films in the last five years had women topping the bill. a popcorn throwing contest now? we'll see if that changes. >> it should change. >> can i have some popcorn?
7:55 am
it's all about equality here, right? we're sharing. >> you can have as much as you want. we should share. >> we're a picture of the future. let's talk about the oscar nominee winners. even without the statue, a company that puts together an unofficial gift bag said goody total more than $100,000. >> i'm in the wrong line of work. >> amen. >> a trip to tanzania, under arm patches for stressful moments. which we all need. >> i didn't know those existed. >> the academy stresses it's not an official gift bag, but it's still swag. it's worth $100,000. >> what do i get for being here? >> popcorn and cookies. >> personally delivered to you. >> did you try any of them? they look delicious. >> no. >> i wanted to point out while we fight over who is not going to eat this we have a huge day of oscar coverage. throughout the day. paula faris leading much of that. 1:00 eastern count down to the oscars.
7:56 am
hosted by paula and chris connelly. 4:30 we're live on facebook and the oscars at 8:00. lot of oscar coverage today. paula, great job. cecelia, thanks for joining us. sam, we love you. good morning, america. cecelia, thanks for joining us. sam, we love you. good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. breaking news out of san francisco. the chp is investigating a crash that has left a pedestrian dead. this is a live look from our sutro tower camera. only one lane of eastbound interstate 80 is open right now. the accident happened around 5:40 this morning. the chp says a car hit a woman
7:57 am
near the fifth street onramp. that driver stayed on the scene. officers say there is no indication of dui. the victim may have been hit several times. it's not clear how she got to that location. the chp hopes to open more lanes in the next 10 to 15 minutes. well, we're just hours away from the oscars, the 38th annual academy of friends gala benefits hiv/aids organizations. the academy of friends started as a small oscar night party. it's now one of the largest contributors to services in the area. the party begins at 5:00 tonight at the city view in san francisco. abc 7 is a proud sponsor. let's get the accuweather forecast now with lisa. >> carolyn, good morning to you. we have a few clouds around here in san francisco and certainly a chilly start to the day.
7:58 am
43 in san francisco, 33 in santa rosa and napa. looking at a few cloudsov over e higher elevations today could squeeze out a sprinkle. otherwise we have partly cloudy skies for the afternoon. low to mid-50s for most, so it's going to be another cool day with the northwesterly flow, and then we get milder in the days ahead with numbers climbing to the low 70s. rain returns late wednesday. carolyn? >> thank you, lisa.
7:59 am
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president trump unleashed on his own. his inner circle shrinking. jared kushner under fire. >> i think he's been treated unfairly. >> privately trump is questioning kushner's role. did he mix his family work with foreign business. was hi he vulnerable to foreign blackmail? is all the chaos crippling the presidency? questions for reince priebus and the ally he chose to run his transition, chris christie. plus -- >> take the guns first. go through due process second. >> the president surprises democrats by backing their calls for sweeping gun legislation before backing down. then he defies his top economic advisers with a surprise announcement on trade. >> what's been allowed to go on for decades is disgraceful.


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