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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 4, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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abc 7 news. it's so nice seeing you again. >> the presenters from last year's best picture mess up return, this time after a brief moment of panic. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> a better ending. >> "the shape of water." >> as one actress steals the show by celebrating all of her colleagues. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight. they're the best. come on. >> a memorable speech and we'll show you more of it in a few
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minutes. i'm eric tom mags. the 90th oscars went off without a hitch. "the shape of water" floated to the can shop and took best picture. grigor dimitrov also won as director. it's his first win in four nominations gary oldman won for his performance as winston church hill in "darkest hour."r" francis mcdermond took home the best actress. and the bay area did quite well, dion lim joins for hollywood where she has more on the winners. >> what a whirlwind night it has been. good evening to you from the red carpet one last time or maybe i should it's not going to be red much longer we have crews
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waiting in the wing to tear it out. some of the memories that will last for a lifetime are for bay area nominees who won big tonight. people from around the globe come here to watch the oscars and we found some folks from the bay area. >> we're right in front and i get to watch it with my sister. >> a lot of the fans got here for the red carpet fashions hp like rita moreno who wore the same dress she wore in 1962. it all ends here on the red stairs leading into the doll by theatre. where inside nominees from the bay area became winners. sam rockwell a first time nominee winning for best supporting actor in three billboards outside of ebbing, missouri.
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>> he said we have to go, it's grandma. i got in the car and said what's wrong with grandma? he said, nothing, we're going to the movie. >> he won for call me by my name. >> i want to thank the films actors. i wouldn't be standing out here tonight without their inspired help. >> and gary rizzo for the sound mixing team behind the movie dunkirk. >> second time host jimmy kimmel mixing the political with thely hair lou hilarious. >> tell them what they win. >> and no envelope mixup this year. something else we should point out james ivory at 89 years old, oscars oldest winner. dion lim abc 7 news.
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in some ways the oscars were all about change and the diversity behind what some feel is a new day in hollywood. kate larsen is-to-here to break down big moments nk. >> reporter: if you remember, the award seasons started with all black to protest treatment of women. but it culminated tonight with the power behind their film and as activists. >> if i can have all nominees stand with me. >> frances mcdormand using her light to shine a light on all the women nominated this year for academy awards. >> we all have stories to tell and projects we need financed. >> a headline making moment in the me too movement that was at the center of tonight's show. at times subtle like jane
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fonda's times up pin. >> these four women created their own master pieces this year. >> jimmy kimmel joked about harvey weinstein being kicked out of the academy while three of his accusers spoke together on stage. >> the changes we are witnessing are being driven by the powerful sound of new voices, of different voices, of our voices. >> i think we're past the symbolic movements. >> san franciscoans activists was focussed on the time magazine cover. tonight she took a break from the oscars and is working on times up. >> they're working on procedures that start to give women better ways to report and better methods of accountability.
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>> as for frances mcdormand's final line. >> inclusion, writer. >> she's talking about contracts to make sure those making the movies reflect the diversity of our world. >> we'll have more koching up, including the massive party in the bay area for the big night. you can catch dion lim live again tomorrow morning. police are looking for aldon smith, who's had a history of trouble with the law. this time he's wanted for a domestic violence situation over the week. lillian kim has the story. >> this photo from tmz shows aldon smith proposing to his girlfriend last month. but on saturday night there appeared to be trouble between the two and now smith is wanted for questioning over what happened. 911 audio says smith was violent
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with his fiancee. >> he would have had to climb down the fire escape to get out the window. >> is that the only way to get out? >> it's the only way to get out. >> you've never tried it. >> i never tried. >> it smith was a first-round pick by the 49ers seven years ago but was released after a string of arrest. then he joined the raiders and was suspended for a stance abuse violation. his troubles continued with a domestic violence investigation last month. police went to his home to find him to no avail. they're seeking the public's help. >> our investigators are reaching out and asking the suspect smith to call and arrange for an interview. >> as for smith's fiancee, she told us she had nothing to say to the media.
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while the raiders have not respond to our request for comment. in an instagram post toni aldon smith said you are all wrong. police stopped by the apartment after a report that he was there, but they say that was a false alarm. students in the east bay are getting ready to have their names heard. students will join others nationwide to raise awareness for gun reform in the wake of the florida shooting. cornell bernard has that story. >> students from foothill high school spent their afternoon marking orange t-shirts with strong messages. >> this is our way of getting the community involved in the fight for gun reform. >> reporter: she says she and her classmates will wear the t-shirts on march 14th in the walk out. >> 17 people dead, that's insane.
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>> our hope is our lawmakers will listen and we can pass common sense gun reform. >> reporter: that walk out happens at 10:00 a.m. and lasts for 17 minute, one minute for each victim. >> if i found out one of my best friends was killed in the shooting i don't know what i would do. i think it's important weeee our voices to spread awareness. >> reporter: grace cathedral held a forum on gun violence in the u.s. >> we've seen people's lives ripped apart, we want to do what e we can to stop that. >> foothill students raised money to help victims of the shooting. a woman and her dog were rescued from the cliffs this evening. the photo was tweeted by the san francisco fire department that show the rescue.
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a ball went over the cliff and the pit buell we want over after it, whn the dog went over, the owner went over as well. they were rescued by the fire department without injury. still ahead. i'm glad it happened. this is the time. >> the time has come and the warriors are sharing "black panther" with others who may not see the movie. the unique opportunity for teenager that is may not be able to afford a prom dress. i'm meteorologist drew tuma, today was the 15th day in a row
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had a special day watching a movie that is not up for an oscar this year and they did it with the help of a big man with a big heart. >> this is jamal mcgee from the warriors. >> the golden state warriors spend his sunday at the movies with a lot of new friends. >> i want to thank everybody for coming out. i'm glad i could be a part of this. >> he sponsored a trip for a group of youngsters to see the top grossing film in the world right now. >> he's doing ahe's doing that. >> the movie portrays the citizens of a rich, advanced african nation with a king who doubles as a super hero. mcgee said it puts out a message. >> it's an all black movie,
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director, i feel that's empowering for kids in the inner city to see. >> some of the kids were equally excited at meeting the 7 footer. >> he's somebody famous and i see him on tv, and next to him, it's shocking. >> i've seen the movie. i'm going to see it again with the kids. >> indeed "black panther" was king of the box office for a third straight weekend. the film has grossed $500 million domestically the third fastest film to ever reach that amount. >> one of the largest oscar policy happened outside of san francisco in grand fashion tonight. it was the 38th annual of friends. part of the excitement included getting ready for prime time. >> we have 200 volunteers staffing us for two days straight and we've been working
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nonstop from morning tonight. >> all that hard work made for a glamorous evening. abc 7 has been a proud long time sponsor of the party which began as a small engagement at a home nearly four decades ago. tonight's awards touched on the issue of dy veersty and women's voices in the world. but the first person to speak at the oscars lives she brought the treatment of native marl marlon brando sent her on the stage. she has advice for women demanding changes now. >> go girls, you got to speak out. if there's a platform and someone is there to listen, then
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our voices need to be heard and solidarity all together now. >> little feather is battling stage 4 breast cancer. other actresses asked her for advice how they can inspire change. a mural inspired by lady bird is going up in sacramento today. lady bird is set in sacramento, and it was nominated for five awards. it did not win in any category. the film is a teenager with big city dreams. the must recall ral is supposed tuesday. >> we were in alamo with some teenagers looking to get the dress of their dreams. they're going to the prom. all the dresses were donated and they're free. the pop up is normally for teenagers who couldn't afford their dresses. they appreciate the generosity.
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>> thank you so much. it's a great thing they're doing. they helped me try to find my sizes and the colors. yeah, just thank you. >> next weekend is the last weekend of the prom dress pop up. girls can try on as many dresses as they like before they choose one. lately sleeveless has not been the way to go because of the temperatures at all. >> it's been 15 days in a row where temperatures have been below normal for this time of the year. we're up a little as we head into the week and then we track more moisture. live doper 7 clear as could be. today a lot of sunshine during the daylight hours and tonight equally as calm. the picture outside, the san francisco skyline, a starry night ahead, not a cloud in the vantage point we're expecting a sunny start to the new work and school week. temperature-wise, we've been in
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this pattern where it's been chilly in the overnight hours. 37 in santa rosa, 38 in san francisco, 37 in san jose. so here's a call from accue weather, over the next 12 hours we'll have clear skies. that allows good cool be. we cool off rapidly without any cloud cover over head. 29 the overnight low in santa rosa and napa. 37 in oakland. 40 in san francisco. dropped to the freezing mark in liver more tomorrow morning. the 12-hour planner on your monday, nice looking day. sunshine from the get-go but 7:00 in the morning is cold. we have temperatures in the 20s and 30s. the sun going to be effective at warming us up and by 4:00, temperatures go back to near average for the first time in almost two weeks with most of us going back into the 60s tomorrow afternoon. highs o 64 and sunny.
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a high of 61 in oakland, where we should be this time of year. 62 in antioch. half moon bay spot on after rvvr for early march. and future track shows 70s will make a come back in a couple spots, probably best bet in the south bay. 72 in san jose on tuesday. that's going to be warm. 70 in santa rosa, a lot of mid and upper 60s, five degrees above normal tuesday afternoon. we're tracking the next chance of moisture moving in on wednesday. the storm impact scale we use it exclusively here at abc 7, we rank our storms from one to five, the system coming in on wednesday night, a light system, just some light showers, the best chance looks to be the north bay to see the moisture
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and generally less than a quarter inch of rain. we start the clock at 2:00 in the afternoon. we see increasing clouds we're dry. the rain arrives likely after sundown, future weather at 8:00. tracking the showers into the north bay. early into tuesday morning there may be a spotty shower in the south bay but the system is going to really fall apart as it moves through. so minimal rainfall with this system next week. the next seven days, tomorrow nothing but sunshine, cold in the morning, sunny afternoon. we're back to average. tuesday is the pick of the week. we have 70s makes a come back. even wednesday we hold onto the warmth the showers move in at night. isolated at best thursday and friday. and saturday night we spring forward, daylight savings begin. that means sunset is well after 7:00 p.m. next week. >> bye-bye hour sleep. next the incredible gift
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that allows
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a huge gift to the california academy of sciences will allow every child in san francisco to take a free field trip every year. the con key largo reports a $20 million donation will be announced tomorrow. the program will cover all students from kindergarten through 5th grade forever. it pays for transportation, tickets and just about everything else. mike shoeman is a big oscar fan. >> no awards tonight but i have some highlights talking college women's basketball. stanford is denied back-to-back
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. the sharks had a power outage at the tank tonight against columbus. the problem was they were 0 for 4 on the power play. and falino would make them play. mow la know fires on the net, 2-0 jackets after one. sharks down 3-0, they get the next two. bobrovsky makes a nice save, the blue jackets win 4-2. the sharks are back on the ice thursday at home against st. louis. >> i don't think we had the same
11:30 pm
level of urgency as they did. i thought the last five minutes of the second period is when we started to take over the game. any time you get down three goals it's tough and we weren't able to come back tonight. >> those are going to happen. i like the response, we hung in there and pushed to the buzzer like this group's done all year but it wasn't enough tonight. stanford's quest to go back to back was rejected by oregon. the cardinals taking on the ducks in the title game. first time oregon playing for the pac 12 champion. that layup had oregon up at half. inesku stole the show, oregon wins the pac 12 championship for the first time in school history 77-57. >> i was ready to go.
11:31 pm
i knew we had had unfinished division, i was ready to come out, get the team out. the coaches did a great job, we adjusted from last game and i think we did a great job defensively. spring trainer basketball, chris berman is in the house. marge ron on the hill struck out a pair. butto puig gets it pass mccutchen. williams continues to tear it up. two run score for his 11 and 12th rbi. but the giants fall to the dodgers, 9-3. the a's beat the pa dras but the brandon moss reunion has expired. he will likely retire before playing in the minors. he came back in the offseason, hit 22 home runs for the royals last season. he was previously with the team
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. good evening i'm eric thomas. in the headlines san francisco police are looking for aldon smith. he's wanted in connection with a
11:36 pm
domestic violence incident. 911 audio says a call came from his fiancee's fifth floor apartment last night. smith has a long history of trouble with the law. the 49ers released him in 2015 after a ser rees of arrests. students at foothill high school are making shirts for a walk out planned later this month. they plan to take part in a nationwide protest on march 14th. it's supposed to last 17 minutes, one minute for each of the victims in last month's deadly florida high school shooting. high schoollywood's biggest night did not disappointment. marcie gonzalez reporting tonight from doll by theatre. >> reporter: a night celebrating cinema. >> she's been nominated for 21 oscars. >> starting off with the serious issues impacting hollywood and beyond. >> what's happening with harvey
11:37 pm
and all over is long overdue. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel hosting the awards, the first of the night to focus on the me too and times up movements. >> the changes we are witnessing are being driven by the powerful sound of new voices joining together in a might thety chorus that is finally saying times up. >> reporter: the first oscar going to sam rockwell for best supporting actor. >> i'd like to thank the amend. >> no surprise in the best supporting actress at goir either. >> allison jane. i did it all by myself. >> kobe bryant taking home an award for best short film. the show wrapping up with the biggest awards of the night. >> the winner is gary oldman "darkest hour." >> put the kettle on.
11:38 pm
i'm bringing oscar >> frances mcdormand, "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." >> i'm hyper ventilating a little bit. >> reporter: finally the winner for best picture. >> "the shape of water." >> reporter: presented again by warren betty and after last year's mix up. >> reporter: the starting are heading up to the governor's ball. marcie gonzalez abc news. parts of the northwest are digging out from a powerful nor'easter that caused big problems throughout the region. at least 6 deaths are blamed on the storm. there was major flooding in some states, trees and power lines
11:39 pm
came down. one massachusetts woman had to be rescued after being stranded by floodwaters. >> it was very scary. not like anything we had before. so very scary. >> now you finally got rescued, how do you feel. >> amazing. it's the best feeling. >> late today amtrak said it hopes to resume scheduled train service between d.c. and boston. a brief break from the turmoil for president trump. he attended a fund-raiser on friday and then was back in washington. but he needs to find a new communications director. hope hicks resigned after telling a committee that working for the president required her to tell white lies. >> she did the noble thing in my view, which is if i'm not 100% an asset for the president, i'm going to back away.
11:40 pm
questions still swirl around son-in-law jared kushner, he was stripped of his top security clearance. an emotional reunion in los angeles to bring together families who have been separated for years because of the immigration process. the organization love without borders brought 10 families back together. some families had not seen each other in more than a decade. >> we're witnessing the human benefits of trying to unify families, the ability to hug them and kiss them. that's one thing people haven't been able to do with their family members for decades now. >> the organization discussed visa restrictions and immigration gooid guidelines with the families so they can keep in touch and plan visits with one another. google has grand plans for expansion in the south bay but also looking to expand in the big apple p psychiatric patient they're close to reaching a $2.4 billion deal to buy the
11:41 pm
former nabisco factory. the building that's the size of the city block is home to the chelsea market. google will turn the building reportedly into its east coast headquarters. still ahead, you've seen the highlights of this year's oscar but we'll look back at what made the previous years so special. we're in store for a clear and cold night. the numbers ahead in the accue weather forecast.
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there was quite a moment before the oscars tonight. rit ta moreno walked the red carpet wearing the same dress she wore to the oscars in 1962. she won best supporting actress that night. the 86-year-old is one of the few people that have won an emmy, gram my, oscar and a tony. we'll be showing you the highlights of this year's oscars. let's look back at some of the best moments from the previous 89 years. tom yamos has the store. >> this is the night wars and politics are forgotten. >> that's bob hope opening the 1965 oscars. the same year julie andrews wore for her roll in mary poppins.
11:46 pm
>> this is ridiculous. >> ridiculous is what happened in 1974 a streaker. >> the only laugh that get in his life is by stripping off and showing his short comings. >> unscripted moments we never forget. ellen's super star selfie. jennifer lawrence tripping for her oscar. and john travolta tripping over his script. but beyond the laugh there are those powerful moments in 1964 sydney portier becoming the first african american to wear best actor. >> because it is a long injury knee to this moment. >> nearly 40 years later in 2002, halle berry would be the first african american woman to
11:47 pm
win best actress. and sally field's speech one of the most misquoted in history. >> you like me. >> cuba gooding jr. >> i love you. >> in 1997 refusing to give up the mic. he should have won an oscar for that acceptance speech. >> i love you all! i love you >> that was tom yamos reporting. here's drew. clear skies out there, temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s. we're used to this pattern but temperatures below average this
11:48 pm
time of year. 29 in santa rosa and napa. 35 in richmond, 36 for redwood city. 40 the low in san francisco. a lot of sunshine on the way for monday. temperatures rebound nicely. 60 in san francisco, 61 oakland, 64 san jose and about 64 in santa rosa. we are tracking some rain. the storm impact scale w comes with a light system wednesday night. best chance does look to be the north bay and rainfall is minimal with this system, less than a quarter inch of rainfall coming our way. the seven day forecast. pick of the week is tuesday, we go back to the 70s. showers at night on wednesday and isolated shower perhaps on thursday and friday. but dry on saturday. >> thank you very much. anthony flurre was talking about a number before. 74. >> you said that was
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. it took a career game from the conference player of the year to keep the stanford cardinal from cutting down the net. stanford taking on the oregon ducks. sabrina on her game, puts oregon up 34-21 at the half. doing the best to keep the cardinals in it but sabrina stole the show at 36 points. gets the basket off the turnover. oregon win it is pac 12 champion for the first time in school history. south men's champion, liberty
11:53 pm
flames taking on the radford high landers. game tied 52-52 not anymore. jones with a three at the buzzer. giving radford the title and sending his team to the big dance since 2009. the sharks feel the sting of the blue jackets tonight at the tank. evander kane nets his first goal. the sharks on the ice against columbus and the sharks 0 for 4 on the power play. nick folino gets it out of the block. the sharks down 1-0. that's kane's first with the sharks, but bobrovsky has 33 saves in the game. the blues win 4-2. >> they were never out of reach,
11:54 pm
the guys came back and gave ourselves a chance but down 3-0 and at the end of the night that's what caught us. >> we found our game a little bit at the end of the third period and got back to how we wanted to play from the start. moving forward we need to bring that from buck drop. >> the san jose earthquakes kicked off their night last night under a new coach who came from sweden. the quakes scored the first three goals but the final minutes minnesota scored twice to make it a game. overall a good game and they know they can improve. >> we can't make mistakes. we have to learn, maybe be more humble if we have a lead like that. play more smarter. but i'm sure we can do it better. >> we're happy with the performance and that's the most important thing. we must analyze this and talk
11:55 pm
about the last 10 minutes in the game. with the nfl draft just 53 days away. this weekend was huge for the top prospects to impress their future bosses at the combine. one player did not disappointment. we start with harrison phillips led all players in the bench press. but the weekend belonged to sha chemogriffin. tonight ran the fastest dash in over a decade. .438. to golf, final round of the world championship in -- world golf championship in mexico. 18th hole just in thomas tied fr the lead. he takes a two stroke lead.
11:56 pm
he would go to a playoff with phil mickelson, five under on the day, needed the birdie putt for the win. just misses. thomas needs to make this putt to extend the playoff. it doesn't fall. mickelson wins for the first tme since 2014. the 47-year-old wins for the first time in 101 tournaments. >> a tough go the last four years not playing my best but to have the belief i was going to get there and break through and do it, it feels incredible. i think more is to come. i'm playing some of my best golf and to culminate here with the world golf championship, it just validates the hard work i've put in. >> good job. nascar kevin harding started second but took the lead two claps in. curt bush and chase elliott expected to do well but they
11:57 pm
bump ending their day. today was about har vik, taking the check erred flag in the second straight week. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. the warriors will be back on the court on tuesday. that's it tonight. i'm eric thomas, for dion lim in
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