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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 5, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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jordan the king. making news in america this morning -- hollywood's big night. the academy awards shining a light on the me too movement. >> if i fall over, pick me up, cause i've got some things to say. >> the winners, surprises, and afterparties. plus -- >> and the oscar goes to -- >> the moment of redemption for faye dunaway and warren beatty. after their epic mistake last year. nicole kidman stuns a bus full of people. why host jimmy kimmel was giving away a jet ski. we're live in hollywood. the russia investigation. new evidence suggesting special counsel robert mueller may be expanding his focus. why money from the middle east and jared kushner are under the microscope. parts of the east still paralyzed after a nor'easter
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brings historic power outages and flooding. as a new storm starts to take shape. we're track it all. the epic buzzer-beater at a high school basketball game. and why clothing line lacoste is changing its iconic alligator logo. a good monday morning to you all. we begin with the biggest winners in hollywood as the stars mark oscar night with a call for gender equality and inclusion. so the best picture award went to the critically acclaimed fantasy film, "the shape of water" beating out the fan favorite, "get out." the show had its funny parts. it had a more serious tone than last year. abc's danya bacchus joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning to you, kendis and diane. i have to wonder if you were watching the show, kind of secretly hoping for some more envelope drama. while that didn't happen, this year's show did not disappoint.
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as you mentioned, it continued the political tone set at other awards shows. it shaped up to be a great night for "the shape of water." the romantic monster fable winning oscar gold for best picture. presenters warren beatty and faye dunaway acing the ultimate do-over after last year's infamous envelope flub. ♪ this year's awards, a celebration of 90 years of moviemaking. >> we can't let bad behavior slide anymore. the world is watching us. >> reporter: a chance for hollywood to tackle deeper problems. like diversity and gender equality. >> the changes we're witnessing are being driven by the powerful sound of new voices. joining together in a mighty chorus that is finally saying, time's up. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel hosting for the second year in a row. >> our plan is to shine a light on a group of outstanding and inspiring films, each and every
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one of which got crushed by "black panther" this weekend. >> reporter: frances mcdormand paying tribute to the women in the room. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees stand with me in the room tonight. come on. >> reporter: while three widely admired veterans won their first oscars. >> and the winner is gary oldman, "darkest hour." >> put the kettle on. i'm bringing oscar home. >> reporter: sam rockwell for best supporting actor. >> i would like to thank the academy. never thought i would say those words. >> reporter: and allison janney, as expected, clinching the best supporting actress category. >> i did it all by myself. >> reporter: jordan peele making history, too. the first african-american to win best original screen play for "get out." and the running joke at this year's show was just how long the oscars usually run. to speed things up, jimmy kimmel offered a jet ski and a trip to
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lake havasu in arizona for the person who had the shortest acceptance speech. diane and kendis? >> it didn't work. it still ended up being a minute and a half. many funny moments, including when he went to the theater right next door to the dolby that a lot of people are talking about this morning. >> reporter: that's right. they surprised in the middle of the show, surprised a group of moviegoers who thought they were seeing a special screening for "a wrinkle in time." can you imagine, you're in the theater, watching the movie, in walks gal gadot, lupita nyong'o, mark hamill. all of those stars actually came in. they brought snacks. there was a six-foot sub sandwich. they were throwing hot dogs into the audience. it was a funny show this evening. >> i think that was the first time a lot of us saw a hot dog cannon. but i liked it. >> in a movie theater. >> reporter: a hot dog cannon, right. >> we're going to be so disappointed next time we go to
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the movies and none of this happens. >> a love story between a sea monster, and a human, based on a true story wins the academy awards. we'll have much more in a moment on the best picture and the academy awards. but to our other big story. the major developments in the russia investigation. >> robert mueller has reportedly subpoenaed all communications between an unnamed witness and ten other people. axios says those ten are the president and nine political associates. >> a report says mueller is expanding his focus into other areas. arlette saenz joins us with the details. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, kendis and diane. president trump mingled with the media at the gridiron dinner over the weekend. he joked about the state of affairs in the west wing, saying it was another calm week in the white house. new signs are emerging that the special counsel investigation is ramping up. robert mueller is reportedly expanding his probe to look at potential influence peddling not from russia but from the middle east.
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"the new york times" says mueller is zeroing in on this man, george nader. a lebanese-american businessman with close ties to the united arab emirates. he had frequent meetings at the white house last year ahead of president trump's trip to the region. he met with steve bannon and jared kushner, among others. the at -- president's son-in-law has come under recent scrutiny about his downgraded security clearance and possible conflicts with his family business. the president has defended kushner. >> jared's done an outstanding job. i think he's been treated very unfairly. >> reporter: at the gridiron dinner, the president cracked a joke at his expense, saying they were late to the dinner because jared could not get through security. he made light of his attorney general who last week defended himself following critical tweets from the president. mr. trump joked he offered jeff sessions a ride to the dinner but sessions recused himself. >> i don't think that it would be good for the president for
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attorney general sessions to leave. but i also think the president has made up his mind in regard to how he feels about the recusal. he feels like that was the first sin, the original sin. >> reporter: the president will meet with the prime minister of israel today. but he's also gearing up for a tough fight over tariffs. his decision to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel has put him at odds with officials in his own administration and many republicans. kendis and diane? >> a lot to keep track of. arlette saenz in d.c. thank you. another day without school for west virginia's nearly 300,000 students. the state's teachers enter the 11th day of their strike today. they vowed to continue to walk out after lawmakers refused to approve a 5% pay increase. the republican-led state senate okayed a 4% hike over the weekend. but west virginia's teachers are among the lowest paid in the country. utility crews are scrambling to restore power to the northeast before the next storm
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arrives. a weekend nor'easter knocked down trees and utility poles. workers from as far away as canada are working to fix the damage. it could be days before everyone has power again. let's take a look at your monday morning forecast. ♪ good morning. a blizzard going to strike north, south dakota, parts of it striking minnesota, as well as wisconsin, with a dangerous mix. along with very high winds. 55 to 65-mile-per-hour winds for tuesday, going into tuesday into nebraska as well as south dakota, as well as perhaps 18 inches of snow. throughout north and south dakota in some cases. wednesday going into thursday. another nor'easter strikes the east coast. heavy snowfall and power outages along the northeast. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. ♪ well, still ahead right here, why the clothing line company lacoste is making a change to its iconic logo. caught on camera, an
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airport's roof comes crashing down. so what caused this to happen? and a snowboarder rescued after getting trapped in an
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oh! the sights and sounds of a partial roof collapse at an airport in southeast china. rain and winds of nearly 70 miles an hour brought this down. thankfully, nobody was injured. some cars were damaged. what's being described as a security threat has closed the u.s. embassy in turkey's capital indefinitely. they didn't provide specifics. u.s. citizens in turkey are
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being advised to avoid large crowds and heighten their personal security awareness. at home, florida lawmakers are expect 20d pass a school safety bill today. it does not ban assault rifls. state senators rejected the ban but they did vote to raise the minimum age to purchase guns to 21. the bill includes new security measures and mental health programs in schools. it must be passed by the florida house. and the national rifle association has seen a huge surge in interest since the florida shooting. google searches for memberships are up nearly 5,005,005,005,00 attacks. according to the chicago business journal, the carrier, united, is getting rid of employee bonuses for reaching quarterly goals. instead, workers names will be
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drawn for cash and prizes. >> what? >> top dollar amount is $100,000. 2% of workers are get those bonuses. the iconic lacoste crocodile is taking a breather. lacoste has created a limited edition of polo shirts including ten of the world's most endangered species. proceeds from the shirts will be go toward animal conservation. when we come back, the desperate seven for an nfl player. and the the dramatic moment car ran down a soldier. and we return to the os xarps the moment nicole kidman surprised a bus full of tourists. and the actress who wore the same dress she wore to the oscars more than 50 years ago. le
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the suspect slamming into a police officer as well as two soldiers before another soldier reportedly opened fire on him. the wounded drive sir mow in custody. the police officer and the two soldiers only suffered minor injuries. here at home, severe winter storms dumping feet of snow have triggered a series of avenue lanchts across the west. police officer james larson and another man were killed snowmobiling in washington state. two other men were air lifted to safety. near lake tahoe, an avalanche crashed down on five people. >> i looked behind me. there was a ten-foot wall of snow coming at me. it felt like getting hit by a truck. but then, the it come preetly turned into a nightmare. i was getting tossed around. after about 45 seconds under the snow, i lost consciousness.
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and fell asleep. i woke up five or six minutes later after they uncovered my face. another avalanche at mammoth mountain partially buried eight people after more than fife feet of snow fell over three days. oakland raiders player aldon smith is in trouble again. he fled out a fifth floor window, probably using the fire escape. he hasn't played an nfl game in over two years. he has other legal problems. a week if now, we'll noefr every team playing in march madness the. >> some have already booked their place. let's get the highlights from espn. good morning, america. it's kenny. it's john. it's the tournament. you'll have to get your bracket red zi did i soon. we have five. >> you to know where radford is? in the ncaa tournament.
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also in virginia. jones. fred brown range. the three is good at the buzzer. libber thety goes down. and radford going to the tournament. one more look. jones, the pullup three. the stunned faces. and then the happy radford folk. radford wins the big south tournament, 55-5, on to the ncaas. >> did you know dave hunsecker used to be the sois of radford? wgc mexico championship. phil mickelson, justin thomas in a playoff. phil for the first win since the open championship in 2013. no. for birdie. e he doesn't have to wait long to get it afterwards. thomas makes bogey on the first playoff hole and phil, his4 h 3rd career win. it just took him 97 tournaments
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to get there. >> he was hoping thomas would miss. >> he did. >> enjoy your news. up next in the pulse, the amazing buzzer. beater at a high school game. and ahead, kobe bryant wins another trophy. why is he so excited about this particular one. >> plus, our first look at the new "mary poppins" movie. all coming up. stick around. before you and your rheumatologist move to another treatment, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. it can reduce pain, swelling and further joint damage, even without methotrexate. xeljanz xr can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma and other cancers have happened. don't start xeljanz xr if you have an infection. tears in the stomach or intestines, low blood cell counts and higher liver tests
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dentists are going to really want to recommend pronamel strong and bright. it's going to give their patients whiter teeth. ♪ time to check "the pulse." starting with memorable moments from the oscars last night. before the show, nicole kid man gave a group of tourists a surprise they won't soon forget. she rolled down her window and blew them some kisses to the fans on a tour bus. rita moreno sparklinged in a
4:22 am
recycled dress. it's the same gown she wore in 196when she won for "west side story." and kobe bryant has an oscar. he took home the award for a short film titled dear basketball. >> she said it was better than wing any of the championships he won. jimmy kimmel made good on his promise. the jet ski went to the phantom thread costume designer mark bridges who spoke for just 36 seconds. and helen mirren went along for the ride. >> she was acting as the spokes model. just after emily blount and others walked the red carpet, our parent company disney surprised us. >> here's a look see at "mary poppins returns 37" ♪
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>> mary poppins! it is wonderful to see you. >> yes, it is, isn't it? >> that's it. >> spit spot. >> "mary poppins returns" picks up 25 years after -- >> did you start reading that with an accent? >> i did. >> 25 years after the original film left off. >> trying to be an actor. any way, it's that time of year for memorable miracle shots. >> it's march madness just outside of new york. ardsley high school. down two to tappan zee high. that's julian. a big man on campus right now. doing that from beyond the half
4:24 am
court. >> unbelievable. watch as the shot goes in. ardsley wins. julia will be playing football in college. he was an all-star quarterback for the team. finally police in england having a good time. >> yeah, their van wis used over. it didn't stop them from using it. >> the officer yudsing his head to break through the thin layer of ice. this was europe's reminder to clear the ice off your car before using it. >> very important. more news after this. r risk of stroke due to afib, a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but no matter where i ride, i go for my best. so if there's something better than warfarin, i'll go for that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin, plus had less major bleeding than warfarin. eliquis had both. don't stop taking eliquis unless your doctor tells you to, as stopping increases your risk of having a stroke. eliquis can cause serious
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good morning. it is monday, march 5th. 4:27 in the a.m., the day after the oscars. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco. >> had to scrape ice this morning, too. off to a cold start in some neighborhoods. hi everybody. that will wake you up. here's a look at the clear sky on live doppler 7. danville, 30, one. cold spots. clear lake at 33. novato at 34. along with livermore. fairfield at 31. got some milder temperatures, oakland at 38. that's still pretty chilly for you. same thing in san jose. 46 in san francisco and half moon bay for the warm spots. less than three minutes away from your accuweather planner. how about the commute
4:28 am
>> early trouble in the area. a disabled vehicle on westbound 580 right at the 205 interchange. tough spot. you can see the red already approaching the traffic flows. the far right lane is blocked. chp arrived on the scene and they have a vehicle with a broken axle slowing you down. we'll check traffic cameras coming up next. >> thanks, alexis. no envelope mishaps this here. te 90th oscars went off without a hitch. >> "the shape of water," fishy love story took home the oscar for best picture. >> guillermo del toro won as best director. >> gary oldman won for his performance as winston churchill. frances mcdormand took the oscar home for her role. she periodically lives in marin county. so we're going to claim her. >> represents. bay area natives did us proud at
4:29 am
the oscars. dion lim is in hollywood with the big winner. >> good morning from the red carpet. even though the awards ceremony is over. the bay area nominees will last for a lifetime. it's broadcast in more than 225 different countries and we even found folks from the bay area. >> very exciting. we get to be here in the front row and enjoy it with my sister, my best friend. >> a lot of fans got here early to see the red carpet fashions. all eyes were on the biggest hits. like rita moreno who wore the same dress she wore when she won the oscar. still rocking it at 86 years old. inside the dolby, nominees became big winners. >> and the oscar goes to -- >> sam rockwell. first time nominee who attended san francisco's school of the arts. winning for best supporting actor in three billboards outside of ebbing missouri. >> he said we got to go.
4:30 am
it's grandma. we got in the car. i said what's wrong with grandma. he said nothing, we're going to the movies. >> brooklyn-based james brought home an oscarment a triumph after not winning three directing oscars. >> i want to thank the emotion filled actors. i wouldn't be standing out here tonight without their inspired help. and gary rizzo from the sound mixing team behind the movie "dunkirk". >> to my daughters, hang on to your dreams, they're so valuable. >> jimmy kimmel mixing the political with the hilarious. >> johnny, tell them what they've won. >> a brand new jet ski. >> much to the relief of the cad may, no envelope mixup this year. at 89 years old, james ivory, the oldest winner for the oscars. dion lim, abc 7 news. dion h


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