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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 5, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it will be a little bit quieter this week. we'll have have chances of rain. right now i'm watching the fog. it got thick in petaluma. look at that zero. zero visibility, meaning anywhere from a couple of hundred feet to an eighth of a mile. look at all the stars out there looking from the exploratorium camera. at 7:00, 30 to 38 degrees. they have to get the credit card out, i mean the ice scraper in some neighborhoods. 55 to 56 at noon. about the low 60s at 4:00. and then upper 40s to mid-50s at 7:00. let's see if the commute is that quiet. alexis? >> are you telling me the weather guy doesn't have an ice scrape center. >> i do. >> you're talking about everybody else. we're doing okay. the biggest issue in the central valley. let's go on the traffic maps. still the disabled vehicle westbound 205 at 580. sounds like a broken axle on a mercedes. that's still sitting in the far right lane.
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tow truck should be there any minute. hopefully, we'll get that cleared. about 16 miles an hour approaching that incident and just after that as you get closer to altamont pass. we'll look at drive times in less than ten minutes. thanks, alexis. right now the santa clara fairgrounds hosts two gun shows a year. there's a push to ban them entirely. >> the executive director that wrapped up suggested the board of supervisors, quote, read the constitution. katie yu tis is live for san jose. >> good morning. ken jaeger are approaching him about the issue. they're upset when they see t s advertisements, for gun shows at the county fairgrounds. yeager is proposing a ban on the gun shows. currently it hosts two shows a year. yeager says allowing them sold at the fairgrounds is contrary to a main mission for the health and well-being of our
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residents. he says the mass shooting in parkland, florida, it's part of the rationale for the ban. the code of the west san jose gun show was held here last month. the executive director responded to the proposal saying, quote quote, owning a gun is legal in the united states. even when politicians do silly campaigns like this, we suggest he read the constitution. it wouldn't infringe on their right to own firearms on private property. other supervisors question whether the ordinance would affect them hosting buybacks at the fairgrounds as it has done in the post. the proposal is slated to go before the board of supervisors at tomorrow's meeting. as far as a financial impact, yeager says the gun show last month only netted the county about $6,000 in revenue. >> katie, thank you. lieutenant governor gavin newsom will officially file
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paperwork to become a candidate for governor. it's no secret that he's running. in fact, he was three months after governor brown's reelection in 2015. recent polling says the race for governor is tight right now. the poll last month from the public policy of california. newsom has 23% of likely voters. 21 partly sunny back mayor. $120 million to counter russia and other foreign countries who may want to meddle in our elections. a new report out this morning says none of that money has been spent. this according to "the new york times." also according to the times, not one of the 23 state department analysts tasked with countering moscow's disinformation campaign speaks russian. also a hiring freeze which some say has hindered efforts for much needed experts. >> investigation is ramping up. signs suggest that robert mueller is expanding his probe
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now, looking at potential influence peddling from the middle east. he's focusing on a businessman with close ties to the united arab emirates. he made frequent visits ahead of the trip to that region. he met with steve bannon and jared kushner who came under scrutiny for his security clearance and conflict of interest with the family interest. >> jared has done an outstanding job. i think he's been treated very unfairly. >> the president is bracing for another tough fight when he formalizes his decision to slap tariffs on steel and aluminum putting him at odds with members of his own administration. >> we're learning that for the first time since he was fired by president trump, james comey will sit down with abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos for an exclusive interview. comey served as fbi director from 2013 to 2017. his controversial firing by the president last may was initially blamed on his handling of the
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fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the president later said he was thinking of the russia thing, referring to the russian investigation that comey was overseeing. you can watch the interview during a special set to air april 15th at 10:00 p.m., two days before the release of the memo memoir. jimmy kimmel declared it a night of positivity and led the call for gender equality. >> danya bacchus is live in hollywood with the highlights. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you natasha and reggie. they're breaking down the red carpet here in hollywood. if you're looking for another envelope mistake, last night that didn't happen. there were some surprises in the show and celebrities continued with the political tone set at other awards shows. >> it shaped up to be a great night for "the shape of water." the romantic monster fable winning oscar gold for best picture.
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presenters, warren baeatty and faye dunaway get the do-over after the infamous envelope flub. this year's awards a celebration of 90 years of moviemaking. >> we can't let bad behavior slide anymore. the world is watching us. >> a chance for hollywood to tackle deeper problems like diversity and gender equality. >> the changes we're witnessing are driven by the powerful sound of new voices joining together in a mighty chorus finally saying, time's up. >> jimmy kimmel hosting for the second year in a row. >> our plan is to shie a light on a group of outstanding and inspiring films each and every one of which was crushed by black panther this weekend. >> best actress winner frances mcdormand paying tribute to the women in the room. >> if i may be so honored to have all the female nominees in every category stand with me in this room tonight.
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come on. >> while -- each won their first oscars. >> and the winner is gary oldman. >> put the kettle on. i'm bringing oscar home. >> sam rockwell for best supporting actor. >> i'd like to thank the academy, never thought i'd say those words. >> allison janney as expected clinching the best supporting actress category. >> i did all by myself. [ laughter ] >> jordan peele made history too. the first african american to win best original screen play for "get out." >> reporter: we all know that the oscars tends to run long. as an incentive and a running joke, jimmy kimmel offered a jet ski and a trip to lake havasu in arizona with the shortest acceptance speech. that went to the costume designer for p phantom thread.
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mike bridges. p danya bacchus. back to you. >> helen mirren did a beautiful, touching the jet ski and -- >> as a spokes model. >> national weather service great. >> that was a good joke. mike nicco has a look at the day ahead. >> temperatures right now, some in the san ramon valley. danville at 30. we're freezing cold in dublin and pleasanton at 32. we're pretty close in livermore, walnut creek and lafayette at 33. even antioch is chilly this morning at 35. warm spot is brentwood and concord at 37. concord at 37. got oakland at p p you've got low to mid-40s the closer to water. pacifica san francisco and vallejo. the golden gate bridge, it's quiet this morning. the flag a little bit of an offshore breeze. that's going to bring us so much sunshine.
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dry weather if you're out and about. if you're exercising, watch out for the pollen and the chilly temperatures. tree pollen is pretty high. if you're going to play on the bay, just a small chop today. let's talk about the north bay. our 12-hour planner, 36 at 8:00 with a little bit of fog hanging around. we'll be in the hazy sunshine by 10:00 at 49. noon, 57. look at all the sunshine in the afternoon hours with mid-60s from 2:00 to 4:00. already backed up 46 degrees by 8:00. on the peninsula, we start at 40. for most neighborhoods at 8:00. 54 at noon. a little cooler than everybody else. spike to 61 at 4:00. back down to 52 by 8:00. all right. this is just the beginning of a little bit of a warming trend. some neighborhoods could hit 70 tomorrow. i'll tell you about that coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. let's see what alexis is watching this morning. we're enjoying a quiet start to the commute here on this monday morning. southbound 680 heading towards 24. did have a littlebit of
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stop-and-go traffic a few minutes ago. looks like things picked pack up. no major blocking issues. drive times looking great as well. westbound 580, richmond-san rafael bridge. westbound 92 across san mateo, about 12. westbound 84 across the dunbarton bridge. also in the green at ten minutes. we'll take a closer look at mass transit at 5:20. a woman and her dog are safe after being rescued from the cliffs. photos tweeted show the rescue last night. according to authorities, a ball went over the cliff. a pit bull named blueberry went after it. the dog owner went over the cliff too. both were stranded and the dog's owner had a phone. they rescued the dog and the owner and nobody got hurt. people waiting to ride b.a.r.t. to san jose may have to wait longer. the mercury news reports that the projected opening date could be pushed back until next year
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now. b.a.r.t. previously said it wanted to open in june. issues, though, including delays in testing are stalling things. officials say that the opening looks closer to january, maybe even march of 2019. a cancer causing chemical may have tainted food grown on farms. hundreds of farmers are now suing. a case that will be heard today in san francisco. reaching out to small business, internet providers promise you a lot. let's see who delivers more. comcast business offers fast gig-speeds across our network. at&t doesn't. we offer more complete reliability
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now that we've had rain and the pollens are high or low. unless you're near the ocean, it gets higher because of the reflection off the water and the sand. ash, juniper and pine, the main tree pollen producers right now. four young san francisco residents have been arrested in connection with a stolen vehicle investigation. the four were arrested yesterday in san bruno near the shops at s tan for an. they hit several vehicles. they tried to runaway but got caught. one was found on the roof of a business. the suspects range in age from 15 to 18. an unusual set of court hearings to get under way in san francisco involving chemical giant monsanto. it's a story that we've been following for years now. hundreds of farmers and cancer victims who have sued the
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company, they claim an active ingredient in the weed killer caused roundup can cause cancer. a federal judge in san francisco will conduct his own review now. he will spend a week to decide whether there is valid scientific evidence to support that claim. in the gma first look, six people miraculously survive an avalanche. >> eva pilgrim spoke to one of the rescued men. >> 29-year-old evan huck surviving a harrowing six minutes after a sweeping avalanche came barreling through squaw valley near lake tahoe on friday afternoon trapping him and five others. >> about a ten-foot wall of snow coming at me at 60 or 70 miles an hour. it felt like getting hit by a truck. >> the snowboard sticking out. good job. >> evan huck's snowboard providing a signal to the searchers and rescue dogs responding. >> that avalanche, one of several tumbling across the country. two snowmobilers losing their
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lives in washington state, including a police officer, james larson. another avalanche near yosemite, burying eight people, all surviving and we'll have complete coverage of dangerous wirpt weather coast to coast at 7:00 a.m. with the gma first look, i'm eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. 5:16 now. today was deadline for daca recipient to apply for status renewal. however, congress failed to pass legislation by this date to ensure protections. they're called dreamers. they're in a legal limbo of sorts. they're accepting renewal applications but some students could experience a lapse in protections while waiting for approval. meantime, they got a shoutout at the oscars. >> like everyone in in room and everyone watching at home, we are dreamers. we grew up dreaming of one day working in the movies. dreams are the foundation of hollywood. and dreams are the foundation of america. >> to all the dreamers out
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there, we stand with you. >> lupita lieu ong owe is -- >> lower court rulings require the government to continue renewing permits under daca while legal challenges make their way through the courts. a little more on the oscars. plenty of social reaction to the best picture win. some people happy for them. a lot of people disappointed. this is my favorite. from josh dick i. he writes truly happy for shape of water and its rabid fin base. get it? >> entertainment writer says i predicted three billboards to win best pic. rooted forget out but happy shape of water won because guillermo del toro is the man. other folks seem a little more critical. editor evan mcmurray said not a single person i know has even mentioned shape of water to me.
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almost nobody could shut up about get out. in fact, a lot of people on social media and twitter this morning saying they thought get out should have taken home the grand prize. natasha. >> a fan favorite. reggie and i have been talking about shape of water for months now. not always positive. >> mama say, if you don't have something nice to say -- so i am. >>. >> you know what, congrats to pixar. they did it again. the emeryville-based studio won another oscar. >> the oscar goes to >> it won for best animated feature. this is the ninth film for which the bay area studio has collected an oscar. it received a golden globe as well. it chronicles a young mexican's m. boy's journey to the land -- pixar is owned by disney, the parent company of abc 7.
5:19 am
fun trivia about this. won best original song. >> it did, didn't it? >> the writer is now a double ee got. he has a emmy, grammy, oscar and tony twice. >> he's on our payroll? >> he works for disney. he wrote "let it go" as well. >> that's your fun fact for the day. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> karnt wait to see what he produces next. a little trip back to spring for a couple of days. then a couple of chances of wet weather. san jose, 280 at 17. it is dry this morning. sunny and dry today everywhere. temperatures getting back close to average. spring has returned for two days and chances of light rain and showers will drop the temperatures back below average. as far as today on the cool side, we've got lakeport, san francisco and half moon bay at 60. last time san francisco was at 60, i think, was january 17th.
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it was give or take a day or two. 59 in richmond. the ultimate cool spot. everybody else around 61 to 64 degrees. tonight, another chilly one but not as frosty as this morning. mid to upper 30s inland. low to mid-40s around the bay, the coast. redwood city and some of your neighbors in the upper 30s. here's a look at the south bay. drop down to 36 by 7:00. all that sunshine means 22 degrees warmer by noon at 58. 63 at 4:00. grab a coat this evening. 55 degrees. highs today from 62 to 64 degrees. let's go to the peninsula. 38 this morning and 55 by noon. not as warm as the south bay. still pleasant under that sunshine. 60 degrees and a light breeze today. 52 degrees under the stars at 7:00. your highs today from the upper 50s in daly city, pacifica to 60 to 62 for everybody else. the accuweather seven-day forecast, near 70 tomorrow with high clouds and sunshine. the showers will roll in wednesday night, really
5:21 am
dampening thursday's morning commute. isolated shower friday. i hate to say it, we lose an hour of sleep this weekend. move on. >> yeah. don't even go there yet, mike. we are off to a great start on the roads this morning. that is a little bit of good news. we have one trouble spot, will not go away. that's since 4:00 in tracy. right at the 580 interchange. disabled vehicle still sitting in the right lane. the tow truck company says they're still trying to get there. they've been stuck in traffic as well. they should be getting that vehicle hooked up any minute. delays out of the central valley. ace 1 out on time. no delays for ace 3 recorded. b.a.r.t. trains and service, looking good. san francisco bay's ferry. a couple of mechanical issues yesterday. haven't heard about continuing problems today. should be normal service today as well. drive times coming up around 5:30. thanks, alexis. coming up next. the 7 things you need to know as you start your day.
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day after day, after day. because life should have more wishes and less worries. feel the clarity and live claritin ear. it's 5:24 thon monday. here are seven things to know before you go. check this one out. put the umbrella away but grab a heavier coat. we're off to a frosty start in some areas because of the lack of clouds and rain. i'll show you the coldest neighborhoods coming up and spring warmth, too. >> number 2, we're looking pretty good on the roads for the monday morning commute. just really one slow spot. cannot get out of this in tracy. westbound 580 at the 205 interchange, disabled vehicle. you're stop and go for eight miles. police looking for suspended raider aldon smith. he's wanted for questioning for a domestic violence in the city. there's a push to end the gun shows at the santa clara
5:25 am
county fairgrounds. opponents say owning a gun is legal. number 5 from the live desk. oscar winners and attendees spent the night at the governor's ball. partied and eat and drink the night away. it's also where winners get their statues engraved. faye dunaway and warren beatty returned to announce the best picture, the shape much water. and that was the winner. the bay area won big at the oscars. sam rockwell took home best supporting actor for three billboards. he's attended the school of the arts in san francisco. >> he's not the only bay area connection. if you've ever visited here, we will claim you and celebrate you after the oscars last night. >> absolutely. if i have seen you once walking down the street -- bay area we got you. oscar host jimmy kimmel surprised some moviegoers when he and friends from the oscars
5:26 am
crash a screening. >> lupita long owe and lin-manuel miranda walked down the aisles and began handing out candy and brought a hot dog cannon that shot the weaners into the audience. they could not believe their eyes. >> then i saw lupita nyong'o and i was like oh, my god. >> i looked over and it's like lin-manuel miranda. it's like have a starburst. >> that was unreal. oh, my god. >> finishing the movie was like crazy. >> it was insane. >> and then you may have seen kimmel have one moviegoer introduce the next presenters. he did pretty well. he didn't know how to pronounce someone's name. >> tiffany hadish. >> she could pronounce no one's name. >> look at you bringing that up again.
5:27 am
>> by the way, not everybody. but a lot of people think tiffany should host next year. >> i agree. >> interesting idea. >> coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the act of kindness. that means every kid in san francisco can go o
5:28 am
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and the wish is you. >> for waking up at 5:29 in the morning. i tried, you guys. >> yeah. >> it's oscars. monday morning. i just thought let's just award the audience sniept th. >> they definitely deserve an award. it's chilly. go back down in the covers. use that credit card to scrape your windshield? >> i have an ice scraper. i have a couple of them. >> so adult. >> they'll need the ice scraper
5:30 am
along with the participation ribbon for waking up. it's all over the north bay. thickest around petaluma with that one-mile visibility right there. less than a mile. now just a couple of hundred feet. that will be that way all the way through 9:00. my planner, chilly this morning. 30 to 37 bay and inland. the coast a little warmer. also breezy along the coast. 43 there. look at the temperatures at noon. there's a one-degree separation. 55 to 56. only about 4 degrees separation at 4:00. 58 to 62. need the sunglasses today. how about on the road. need patience or is it pretty good, alexis? >> pretty good in most areas, mike. we're slow at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights flipped on about 5:18 this morning. no blocking issues but definitely slow as you approach the bay bridge and try to get through the metering lights. check the drive times. here's a look at a lot of green ones at this point. southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma. westbound 580 castro valley to
5:31 am
the maze at 13. northbound 101 between 280, 680 and 85. you look great at 12 minutes. i finally have good news out of central valley. we'll head back there next. the 90th oscars went off without a hitch. we want to talk about the big winners. first of all, "the shape of water" took home the oscar for best picture. >> that's a nice way of saying it. its director, guillermo del toro also won. this is his first oscar win and four nominations. >> gary eldman won for his portrayal of winston churchill. he thanked the man he portrayed in his speech. frances mcdormand took home the statue for her role in three billboards outside ebbing missouri. >> big congratulations to dion lim who spoke to one of the winners. >> she joins us live from
5:32 am
hollywood. good morning, dion. >> reporter: hey there, good morning reggie and natasha. take a look behind me. we have crews busy tearing down the sets from last night and ripping up, ta da, warts of the red carpet. it looks less glamorous like this in hand, right? speaking of the nominees, i had a chance to speak to a sound mixer named gary rizzo. he was nominated for dunkirk. we met up a few weeks before he left for hollywood and he talked about how even though this was his fifth nomination, this one was special pour a few reasons. his dad was with him when the nominations were read and he got to even sit beside the sound mixer he's admire for years, also on ticket. babe best of all, one of his two daughters, 10-year-old louisian a was going to walk the red carpet with him. take a listen at what happened last night. >> to my daughters, i love you. hang on to your treems. they are so, so valuable. >> being here was really cool.
5:33 am
>> what do you want to say about your dad? >> he's really good at what he does. and i hope he does other great things in the future. >> oh, isn't she adorable. not to mention, she had a pretty dress on. congratulations to the whole family. we should point out that gary's friend was nominated for sound mixing for his work in star wars the last jedi. when i asked wren who he thought would win, he said his friend gary. a testament to how talented he is. once again, congratulations. reporting live from hollywood, dion lim. >> i love that interview, dion. that was wonderful hearing from her. thank you so much for that. there are plenty of other people with bay area ties who got oscars. one of the first was sam rockwell. a first-time nominee who attended a school of the arts in san francisco. he won for his role in "three
5:34 am
billboards outside ebbing, missouri." >> when i was 8 years old, i was called into the principal's office and my father was looking sullen. he said we got to go, it's grandma. i said what's wrong with grandma and he said nothing, we're going to movies. james ivory brought home his first oscar for best adapted screen play for call me by your nap. the 89-year-old ivory has been up for an award three times before. he is now the first person to win an oscar. some were about change and diversity and a new day in hollywood. host jimmy kimmel touched on it several times, talking about sexism and the pay gap and joking about harvey weinstein being kicked out of the academy. and the person of the year cover had five women who spoke out about sexual harassment in the workplace. she spoke about time's up in
5:35 am
hollywood. >> they're working on procedures in hollywood to give more women better levels of autonomy. better ways to report and better methods of accountability. >> did you see this powerful moment when frances mcdormand asked all of the female nominees to stand with her. she ended with the phrase inclusion rider. which set off us googling what it is. it's when an actor can stipulate that a certain number of positions in a film can be filled with diverse cast members. she asked everyone to support that movement. we have complete oscars -- the full list of winners on san francisco police are looking for suspended raiders player, aldon smith. >> police say he's connected a domestic violence incident. he may be responding via social media. amy hollyfield is live at the raiders practice facility in
5:36 am
alame alameda. >> reporter: we're watching his instagram account this morning. no posts yet. he wrote last night. he wrote you all are wrong. he posted a picture of the pavement along with that. here's a i can tur from happier times last month when he proposed to his girlfriend at a restaurant. police were called to her apartment for a possible domestic violence. aldon smith had fled before police got there. she was okay. her injuries are not life-threatening. one resident of the apartment building saw the whole thing. >> i seen the police car sitting right here. then one across the street and then the ambulance. and then few minutes later, the two officers came out with the girl, put her in the back of the suv and the other officers got in their car. i never did see paramedics anywhere. >> reporter: smith started out as a 49er. he was a first round draft pick.
5:37 am
he was released in 2015 after a number of arrests. he then joined the oakland raiders but has had trouble there since joining the team. in this case, the 911 dispatcher is heard saying the suspect is accused of throwing her around the room, biting her on the wrist and then climbing out the window. police are asking anyone who knows where he might be to give them a call. the oakland raiders have not returned our calls for comment. reporting live in alameda, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. let's talk about other areas where you may have to let the car warm up more or you may have to scrape ice off the windows. we've got 30 in knnovato and saa rosa. we're getting close tiburon and san rafael the warm spots at 3. bodega bay at 43.
5:38 am
daly city, 41. look at this el sobrante 37 along with san carlos. 35 in redwood city. san jose 38. 31 in san ramon. dress for 37 if you're leaving tracy right now. here's a look at walnut creek. an area with frost this morning. the roads, a little bit of fog. it's thick around petaluma. those temperatures near freezing if not below. that means some of that moisture could cling to some of our bridges and overpasses and freezes black ice. we need to be careful with that across the north bay. mass transit, dress for cold stops this morning. mild this afternoon. in the bay, lighter breezes. nice time. especially being outside, instead of staying inside the ferry and watch it rain. you can stay outside and enjoy the sunshine. san francisco at -- still at 10:00, you can see mid-50s from noon to about 6:00. our last stop is our inland east bay valleys, 38 this morning, 57 by noon. low to mid-60s for the afternoon hours. grab a coat this evening.
5:39 am
51 degrees. i'll be back with a look at the next chance of rain, next. here's alexis. good morning, mike. we have not had many incidents to worry about on the commute. finally have good news. our only trouble spot here in tracy. westbound 205 at the 580 interchange, disabled vehicle was there for about an hour and a half. we just got the all clear from chp. that's the good news. all lanes are back open. the bad news, 13 miles per hour. 11 miles an hour as you leave tracy and head towards altamont pass. that's definitely our slowest stretch at the moment. getting word of a new mass transit issue. they're telling us they're delayed up to one hour between sacramento and davis. that's due to a freight train vehicle strike. we're working at getting more details. next traffic update at 5:50. san francisco police stepping up security at twin peaks elementary school after an adult who made threats against the school is released from jail over the weekend. according to the chronicle, san francisco police officers and security guards will be on
5:40 am
patrol at rooftop elementary today. an adult community member made threats of violence against the school last week. that person was arrested after making the threats but has since been released a spokeswoman says there's no reason to believe that the threats are credible. a huge gift to the california academy of sigh sciences will allow them to take a free field trip every year. the donation from arthur and tony recommend by will be announced today. it will cover all students from kindergarten through 5th grade forever. it pays for transportation tickets, just about everything else. the effort to rename a san francisco street after mayor ed lee will move forward today. documents will be officially filed today to rename a street to ed lee street. kearney street is significant because it's historically populated by chinese gun control back in the spotlight. a call for action during the
5:41 am
oscars last night and plans for walkouts in the bay area. after the weekend, rain and
5:42 am
5:43 am
coming up on 5:44 on this monday. look at all that sunshine. just a few clouds in so cal. 69 san diego.
5:44 am
we'll see the low clouds and warmer weather come our way tomorrow. otherwise, monterey, fresno, chico, in the 50s. 38 today in tahoe. total sunshine about 5 to 7 feet of snow to ski in. it's going to be pretty dry with warmer temperatures. 47, close to average tomorrow. 50 wednesday and wintry showers thursday. we'll have a better chance of rain, unfortunately, saturday and rain mixed with snow on sunday. reggie? >> thanks, mike. parts of the northeast are cleaning up and digging out from a powerful nor'easter that caused big problems in the area. at least nine deaths are blamed on that powerful winter storm. trees toppled and power lines came crashing down and major flooding. few areas escape trouble north to cape cod. one massachusetts woman had to be rescued after being stranded by floodwaters. >> it was very scary.
5:45 am
much worse than the snowstorm we had. >> now you finally got rescued. how do you feel? >> amazing. it's the best feeling. >> amtrak yesterday was trying to get back on schedule after train service on the busy northeast corridor between d.c. and boston was interrupted. >> at the oscars, common called out the national rifle association during his performance of the oscar nominated song stand up for something from the movie marshall. the song co-written with diane warren and an dra day has been adopted by gun prevention -- >> tell the nra they're in god's way and to the people of parkland, we say -- send our sentiments of love from the people of africa, haiti to puerto rico. >> some starts wore this orange flag pin on the red carpet. they were created by every town
5:46 am
for gun safety to demand action on gun violence. students in the east bay are getting ready to make their voices heard in the name of gun control. students held a fundraiser yesterday to help the victims of the florida school shooting. they'll join others nationwide in a walkout to raise awareness for gun reform in the wake of the shooting. they'll wear orange t-shirts with messages on them the day of the walkout. >> our hope is that our lawmakers will listen and pass common sense gun reform. >> i found out that one of my best friends was killed in the shooting, i don't know what i would do. now we can use our voice toss spread awareness and make sure no one has to go through that again. >> the walkout scheduled for march 14th and will last 17 minutes, one minute for every victim killed in in the attack. water officials will survey the snow pack. everyone is hoping for better results than february. last month, it found that the
5:47 am
snow was less than a third of norm normal. they're banking on the large amount of snow dumped from last week. the snow pack usually provides us with a third of water. of course, the deeper the snow shall the better. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is with us. >> be interesting to see that. it will be disappointing even with all the snow we received much we're just so far behind. here's a look at what's going on from mt. tamalpais. i'm working right now putting a graphic together to show we're about 50 to 60% of our rain average. each with all that rain we just had. we're not doing as well either. here's a look at mt. tamalpais. a great day if you like sunshine. you can see trying to get an early start from 2600 feet up. my first accuweather highlight. partly cloudy tonight, just about as cold as this morning. a chance of lighter rainfall. actually, chances. here's a look at the next systems. it's going to spin today. then tomorrow, as it throws high
5:48 am
clouds at us tomorrow and then wednesday into thursday, it will come ashore bringing us a chance much wet weather. today, though, with all the sunshine, getting back to average. 59 at richmond. we should put you at 60. you're the only one not in the 60s. don't want to leave you out there. 60 to 64 is the range. tonight, partly cloudy. mid to upper 30s inland and around redwood city and morgan hill. low to mid-40s elsewhere. how about my seven-day forecast. a touch of spring tuesday with thicker clouds wednesday. wednesday night into thursday is when the rain comes in the i'll show you that coming up in the next weather. then we lose an hour of sleep saturday night into sunday with another chance of showers sunday night. hi alexis. >> you gain an hour of daylight, right? >> yes, we do. >> got to look on the positive side. the commute looking positive this monday morning. we have one new issue to talk about on southbound 680 towards sunol. we've got reports of large piece of metal, about ten feet long
5:49 am
there and locking the slow lap, the far right lane. things are slowing down as drivers try to avoid that. you're stop and go up to 580. 101 at 880, things are filling in. we had a crash early that was moved off the shoulder north of there. that's not causing further delays. no delays on southbound 680. another eight minutes on westbound 24 to highway 13. westbound 580 tracy to dublin. trying to bounce fwak frback fr earlier disabled vehicle. a high level south korean delegation meeting with kim jong un today. the whole world is watching this meeting as well. it's the first time that kim jong un is talking face to face with officials from the south since he took power in 2011. his delegation is planning to relay the south korean president, moon jae in's hopes for north korean nuclear
5:50 am
disarmame disarmament. they want that to end. all of this after several weapons tests over the last year by the north, which has really raised concerns all over the world. the south korean delegation will eventually travel here to the united states later this week to brief the american counter parts. back to you. thanks, jessica. happening today, benjamin netanyahu scheduled to meet with president trump at the white house. the two leaders are expected to discuss mr. trump's long awaited mideast peace plan that has yet to materialize. palestinians and other critics insist it will be dead on arrival. israel's government is happy about president trump's recent recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. new at 6:00, the lawsuit going after the majority of the bay area. but first, black panther is king of the box office. kids in oakland treated to a special screening thanks to a warriors star. staring in awe at former staring in awe at former first
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
let's look at how we compared yesterday. first, there's not a cloud in the sky this morning. we are cooler. look at what the warm sunshine does this afternoon. 4 to 8 degrees warmer with temperatures from 60 in san francisco to san jose at 64. natasha. mike, thank you. it's 5:53. have you seen this yet? a photo of a toddler awestruck by the portrait of michelle obama. this is parker curry staring at the portrait of ms. obama last week. this is in washington, d.c. it's been shared and liked thousands of times on social media. parker's mom says her daughter thinks that michelle obama is a queen and parker wants to be a queen someday too. all right.
5:54 am
taking a lock at the roads this morning. we are seeing businesses at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on. not quite normal if you're riding cap tap corridor. we have an issue around the east davis area. train 521 was about an hour late. train 523, about 15 minutes behind schedule. hopefully this will clear up soon as they take care of this incident. take a look at drive times next. let check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> you can see, as we get out the door at 5:00 wednesday evening to head home, we may have a wet commute around cloverdale and ukiah. the best chance is in the overnight hours. when we wake up at 4:00 thursday morning, we could have less than a tenth of an inch in san jose and .15 in most neighborhoods. a quarter to a half inch in the north bay. then scattered showers for
5:55 am
thursday. the bulk of the rain falls wednesday night. keep that in the back of your mind. we'll keep track of it. notice how the -- not going to put a dent in the rainfall deficit. >> mike, thank you. >> nop shines of waning. black panther is king of the box office. for a third straight weekend, the film grossed $500 million domestically. the third fastest film to reach that point. black panther crushed the new releases by earning $66 million. red sparrow, featuring jennifer lawrence came in second earning $17 million the first weekend. death wish, the remake. followed by game night and peter rabbit. back panther is an empowering experience for many people of color. one of the warriors showed his big heart by treating a group of oakland kids. >> the center magee hosted it
5:56 am
for the after school program for a private screening of black panther. it helps low-income families by providing services. it's about giving back to the community he says. >> it's all-black movie, all-black director. i feel like that's empowering and touching for kids in the inner city to see, people of our color doing great things. >> the marvel movie portrays the heroic citizens much a rich technologically advanced african nation with a king who doubles as a superhero. marvel is owned by disney, abc 7's parent company. about every top social trend is about the oscars. next at 6:00, we're breaking down the most talked about moments. banning gun shows. the push by one local leader to put an end to the events. here's a live look outside at 5:56 as we keep on top of weather and traffic. weather and traffic. we've put
5:57 am
5:58 am
♪ ♪ get high-speed internet from at&t $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. good morning bay area.
5:59 am
i have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen. inclusion rider. >> frances mcdormand gave one of the most talked about speeches of the oscars last night. >> we're going to explain what she metropolitan by inclusion rider. and the oscar goes to -- "the shape of water." >> that was the big winner according to the academy. but the internet this morning is having a completely different reaction. so we'll dive into that as well. we know reggie is having a different reaction, too. >> you have the statistic you told us. >> interesting. "the shape of water" is the highest domestically grossing movie that won in the past five years. >> which is surprising. >> that is surprising. >> a lot of people thought it should have been something else. >> on that positive note. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> let's talk about some sunshine. everybody should be happy with
6:00 am
that after going through what we've been there. that's after some issues. we're dialed down to street level in petaluma to show you some of the streets blanketed by visibility that could be down to a couple of hundred feet. it's going to be like that throughout the morning commute. it does stretch from santa rosa down to san rafael. be careful there. as far as the accuweather 12-hour forecast, we'll get to that next. here's alexis. >> good morning, mike. the san mateo bridge, no fog there. dry pavement this morning. things are moving along really well on westbound 92. for folks in the hayward stretch, you should be fine. quick check of drive times, overall, pretty good. about 19 minutes across the bay bridge and of course the metering lights are on. they've been on since 5:18 this morning. san francisco to sfo, you look great if you're headed to the airport in the green at nine minutes. things are improving on 680 in the


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