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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 5, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PST

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there are extra police at a san francisco elementary school right now. police aren't taking any chances after a threat was made to a school last month and the person who allegedly made those threats is no longer behind bars. thank you for joining us. i'm jessica castro. san francisco police hope that those extra officers can ease parents' fears. all of this happening at rooftop elementary school in the city's twin peaks neighborhood where we find abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield with what's happening right now. >> reporter: hi, jessica. you can see there is a police car here at the entrance of rooftop elementary school, even
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though school has started, they are still letting everyone know they are watching the entrance points of this campus. this morning before school started, you could see officers out on foot to reassure parents and kids with their presence. last week strict said an adult affiliated with the school made a threat. he was arrested but released yesterday. that's why police are here today. one mom said she has mixed emotions seeing the officers here. >> with them here there's something alarming. the police presence is alarming. without them here i could be calm but unease without the protection. i don't know how to feel right now. and that's hard because -- yeah, yes. the children need to be protected. >> reporter: the district put out a statement saying the san francisco unified school
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district is taking this matter seriously and is working in close coordination with san francisco police department but also does not have any indication at this time that this is a credible threat. the school district is also providing extra emotional support to students and staff given the fears this incident has raised. that's all the details they would give. no one from the school or the district would talk on camera about this issue. parents say they are getting mixed signals and say it was a bit emotional dropping their kids off here today. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. sky7 was in san francisco where officials say a trespassers is dead after getting hit by cal train before 8:00 a.m. near the 22nd street station. trains stopped in both direction while investigators worked the scene. they say about 500 people on the train and no one was hurt. new developments with raiders' linebacker aldon smith.
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tmz reporting he checked into rehab now. all of this comes following a domestic violence case over the weekend in san francisco. police have been looking for smith to question him. 911 audio says a call came in from his fiancee's fifth floor apartment on bush street. >> bit her on the wrist. >> smith has a long history of legal problems. he's been arrested multiple times for driving under the influence. the 49ers released him in 2015 after he was arrested for hit and run, dui and vandalism. the raiders have not commented on the latest case. a santa clara county supervisor is looking to ban gun shows at the county fairgrounds. to do that, the county would likely have to ban guns on all county properties. >> reporter: the county tried to ban gun shows at the fairgrounds back in the '90s but the court
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overturned it. to make the effort stick this time, the ordinance would expand to all county properties, as you said. the santa clara county fairgrounds currently hosts two gun shows a year, netting the county around $12,000. district supervisor is proposing a gun ban ordinance that would change that. >> even though guns are banned from county buildings, they're not banned from all county property like parking lots and parks and the fairgrounds. >> reporter: he says the mass shooting in parkland, florida, spurred the idea. many constituents complained about the gun show billboards from the san jose gun show held at the fairgrounds last month. tomorrow he'll ask the board to vote in favor of having county council draft an ordinance. >> what's a little different is this would apply to all county property, not just the fairgrounds. and i believe that's how all of the surrounding counties here have been able to ban the gun shows on their property.
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>> reporter: he says it would be several weeks before the board would vote on any proposed ordinances that would come from council. the ordinance would, of course, exclude law enforcement and other people that were authorized to carry on those properties. we did reach out to local gun shoal organizers, folks that have had gun shows at the county fairgrounds in the past. they have not returned our calls for comment. live in san jose, abc7 news. movie's biggest night is in the books and some of the biggest stars are waking up with a little extra gold. lara spencer has candid, behind the scenes moments from last night's oscars. >> and the oscar goes to -- jordan peele, "get out." >> reporter: with those words, jordan peele making history, becoming the first african-american to win best original screenplay for his much talked about thriller "get out."
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>> can i tell you the craziest thing is getting up there and seeing just the sea of faces. we have denzel washington right here, meryl streep, you got daniel, the most surreal thing. it's a dream. >> reporter: did you really almost give up writing this? you wrote it, put it down, wrote it, put it down. >> so many times. i walked away. it became -- it was the hardest thing i ever had -- tried to do. it was such a risk. and i thought that there were so many ways it could go wrong. and it did go wron so many ways before i got it right. i kept at it and i just kept trying to make the movie i wished someone would make for me. >> allison janney. >> reporter: her first time attending the oscars and she goes home with best supporting actress. did you write a speech? >> oh, my gosh. if i could show you the pages and pages of speeches.
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>> reporter: you have to save those. >> i have. i'm going to take a picture when i get home and some day i'll post them on -- it's pretty funny. all these brilliant writer friends of mine have all contributed and gwynn me ideas. i've stolen from every single one of them. >> reporter: congratulations to frances? >> darling -- >> the greatest. >> tequila -- >> reporter: seconds after her best actress triumph, a fly-by by frances mcdormand. all women just want to say thank you. >> well, we know it's theater, don't we. >> bye. >> look around, ladies and gentlemen, because we all have stories to tell. >> that was the best moment. to make all the women stand up. it was special. one of my favorite moments of the night. >> reporter: another favorite moment -- >> well, this, of course, that is my ultimate favorite moment ever. >> frances mcdormand took home the statue for best actress for her role in "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri." she is just one of several oscar
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winners with bay area ties. by the way, her trophy was stolen from the governor's ball last night, but police were able to find it and arrested the alleged culprit. daley city native sam rockwell took best supporting actor and "coco" won for best animated feature. gary lucas won for sound mixing for dunkirk. and he gave a shout out to his daughters. >> to my daughters, i love you. hang onto your dreams. they are so, so valuable. >> being here was really cool. >> what do you want to say about your dad? >> he's really good at what he does. and i hope he does other great things in the future. >> so do we. last but not least, berkeley born james ivory won for best adapted screenplay for "call me by your name." for a complete list of winners,
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go to abc7 news went inside the dolby theater this morning. that's where kelly ripa and ryan seacrest were up early for their annual after oscar. joining them was allison janney. we caught up with them after the show and dished on everything from the oscars to the upcoming return of "american idol." >> the contestants are fantastic, the judges are having fun. just a little tease, kelly ripa is auditioning for "american idol." she's going in front of the judges. we're going to show that -- that audition will air soon. >> lives are going to change. canhat the magic sauce is from my perspective as the original viewer of "american idol"? ryan is the magic sauce, because there's nobody that can do what he does to the point where it looks easy, but it's not easy to handle the emotions of people, to keep a show moving along, to keep conversations happening, to
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reign in the judges. it's all him. he makes -- it's a big magic trick, what he does. >> what she said, sure. >> mark your calendars. we are just six days away from the return of "american idol." you can watch the premiere with ryan, lionel, katy and luke this sunday at 8:00 p.m. right here only on abc 7. after the break, an important and startling study parents need to know about. the new number out this morning regarding child overdoses and ways to protect your kids. they may be younger, but are they more savvy? the crime targeting those in their 20s and missing the mark with grandparents. good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. while we're enjoying sunshine and spring-like temperatures the next couple of days, i'll be tracking our next chance of rain that will take the 70s. we'll only in the 60s today, but we're going to get the 70s before that rain rolls in. we'll be back in the 60s and 50s then. i'll show you coming up. plus, the fbi investigating more claims of sexual assault on commercial airplanes than ever
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before. are airlines doing enough to stop it and what can you do? find out tonight on abc7 news at 11:00.
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welcome back. we're learning this morning that the first time since he was fired by president trump, james comey will sit down with george stephanopoulos for an interview. comey's controversial firing by the president last may was initially blamed on his handling of the fbi's investigation into
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hillary clinton's private e-mail server. the president said later he was, quote, thinking about this russian thing, and you can watch the interview during a "20/20" special set to air april 15, two days before the release of comey's memoir. happening today, lieutenant governor newsom will officially fire paperwork to be candidate for governor. he'll make the move this afternoon at san francisco city hall. he made the announcement he was running three months after governor brown's re-election. recent polling shows the race for governor is pretty tight. the poll last month from the public policy institute of california shows newsom has 23% of support of likely voters, 21% of people back former l.a. mayor vil ga rosa. a new study published in journal pediatric shows the number of children admitted to
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hospitals for opioid overdoses has doubled since 2004, and that's about 60,000 each year. researchers believe it's caused by children taking prescription medications after discovering them at home. authorities say remember to lock up medicine, keep it out of children's reach and sight, and never tell them medicine is candy. and now your morning money report. new data shows millenials reported losing money to financial scams more than their grandparents. the federal trade commission reports 40% of americans in their 20s who reported fraud last year say they lost money to scams, that's 40% compared to only 18% of americans 70 years or old. those reported in their 70s was about $600, for millenniials on about 400 bucks. "black panther" is a cash cow. topping the box office for the thirds straight week and has taken in nearly $1 billion in the global market.
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"black panther" is now the third fastest movie to hit $500 million in domestic ticket sales. it could face its bigst challenge next week when disney released "a wrinkle in time". an incredible act of kindness. a live look at our east bay hills camera. meteorologist mike nicco is coming up with today's accuweather forecast.
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thought we'd take a look at yosemite after the dumping of snow they received, over the
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weekend and into the latter parts of last week. we set a record couple -- a couple of record cold low temperatures this morning, san s santa rosa, concord, and this is is my car. that's my car this morning when i went out to get in it this morning. a little frost where i live. current temperatures, rerebounded nicely from the low 30s and mid-40s now into the low to upper firts in most neighborhoods. a little cooler around 46, uciah. total sunshine for the rest of the afternoon hours. try today and temperatures warming back to average. spring warmth means wheel get to 70 before a first of a couple chances of light rain and showers moves in wednesday into thursday. temperature today, 59 in richmond. everybody else at least 60 if not 64 in san sta rosa, napa, and down towards san jose.
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a look at san jose, look at all that clean sunshine from one side of the valley to the other. noon, temperatures in the upper 50s after we hit our high around 2:00 this evening. grab a coat if you plan to head out for kids' activities. passing high clouds and fog tonight, otherwise partly cloudy and almost as cold as this morning. a lot of mid to upper 30s inland and around redwood city, and low to mid-40s for the rest of us. here's what i'm watching for the rest of the week. area of high pressure building in. look at all that sunshine. this low will get close enough and will bring us high clouds and warm temperatures tomorrow and a chance of rain wednesday evening. in fact, here we go. at the beginning of the commute wednesday, a little wetness around santa rosa, cloverdale, not much but a little bit.
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then overnight, that's when everybody else gets their chance of light rain. look at that. less than 0.10 of an inch in most areas, and then scattered showers for thursday afternoon. so this storm significantly weaker than what we dealt with last week. so will all of my storms in the accuweather forecast. after getting near 70 tomorrow and wednesday, we'll have a one on the storm impact scale. that will mess with the morning commute thursday. friday, clouds and sunshine. same thing saturday, even though we are getting hints rain rolls back in and lingers sunday. we spring forward, lose an hour of sleep but our temperatures will roll back into the 50s by sunday. >> that hint of spring is actually, what did you say, wednesday? >> wednesday and tomorrow, too. >> mike, thank you. students in the east bay are getting ready to make their voices heard in the name of gun control. students from foothill high school held a fund-raiser yesterday to help the victims of the florida school shooting. they will join other schools nationwide in a walkout later this month.
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the walkouts are meant to raise awareness for gun reform in the wake of the florida school shootling. students will wear orange t-shirts with messages on them the day of the walkout. >> our hope is that our lawmakers will listen and we can pass common sense gun reform to make our schools safer. >> i found out that one of my best friends was killed in a shoot, i don't know what i would do. i think it's so important that now we can use our voices to spread awareness and make sure that no one has to employ through that again. >> the walkout is scheduled tore march 14th and will last 17 minutes. one minute for every victim of the attack. happening today, people in the north bay will walk out of schools and work for what they call dreamers action day. the march is scheduled for noon. it will start at santa rosa junior college and end at old courthouse square. groups say they will present their demands for daca and immigration reform at the courthouse. a truly remarkable and big announcement of a $20 million donation to allow every single child in san francisco to take a
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free field trip every year. the field trip will be to the california academy of sciences, courtesy of arthur and tony rembay-rock. it will cover all students from kindergarten through fifth great forever. it pays for transportation, tickets and just about everything else. mountain view based google has grand plans for expansion in the south bay but it's looking to expand its 23509 print in the big apple. the tech giant close to reaching a $2.4 billion deal to buy the former nabisco factory in manhattan's meat packing district. the building is the size of a city block. right now it's home to the chelsea market. google will reportedly turn the building into its east coast headquarters. she's no longer in the white house but still captivating audiences. the reason one young girl cannot stop staring a
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a photo of a toddler awe-struck by michelle obama. take a look. she was snapped last week at the national portrait gallery in washington, d.c. her mom says she believes
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michelle obama is a queen and she wants to be a queen as well. i would say the first lady looks quite regal in that photo. >> stunning. >> a huge portrait. pretty cool. thanks for joining us on abc7 news. "who wants to be a millionaire" is next.
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>> welcome to american pride week, where each day, we're saluting ordinary people who go above and beyond in their everyday lives. if anyone deserves to win $1 million, it's these folks. so let's see if they can do it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody, welcome to the show. you ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] let's welcome our first american pride contestant, a combat engineer in the united states marine corps. [cheers and applause] you better give it up. from stevensville, montana, roarke baldwin. [cheers and applause] roarke, good to have you here. >> thank you. thank you. >> seven years in the united states marine corps. >> yes. >> thank you so much for your service. >> my pleasure. >> let me tell you what you're up against today. 14 questions, money values growing from $500 all the way up to that $1 million.


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