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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 6, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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high clouds and sunshine. so it ought to be a gorgeous sun rise and sunset. #abc7now. >> i have not the best news if you're in oakland. just before you get to the 580 merge. lafayette and trying to get to the bay bridge. that is blocking the slow lane and we're just hearing a new crash with that backup off on the shoulder. southbound 680. all way up there, yes, we have our typical stop and go traffic. crawling along now, we'll check on that up next. >> a magnitude earthquake hit near gilroy around 4:30 this morning and then moments later a 2.6. let us know if you felt it by using #abc7now on social media.
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a housing development near public transportation. >> the bill would force cities to build housing on b.a.r.t. property including parking lots. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. lawmakers behind the plan say families are spending money on housing and too much time commuting to their jobs. >> we don't have decades to wait. we have crises today and we're introducing a bill in the legislature to speed up the process. >> reporter: that's david chu of san francisco. he and timothy grayson are behind the goal of bidding housing next to b.a.r.t. stations. even utilizing parking lots. it requires affordable housing and local governments to change zoning rules to accommodate b.a.r.t.'s plans in order to streamline the process. they would like to see at least 20,000 new housing units built around b.a.r.t. stations in the coming years. >> this will move our region forward with smart transit that
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benefits families, workers, and employers alike. >> reporter: lawmakers hope this will speed up projects. one just broke ground last week near fruitvale that was supposed to open in 2008. the "san francisco chronicle" reports it has been 24 years since the plan was conceived and 14 since the 47-unit first phase opened up. matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. the city council for a village of tiny homes for the homeless to two pieces of land in the city. this is an artist's rendition. you can see what the tiny homes will look like. southwest of the overpass connecting highways 280, 680 and 101 and the other a vta construction staging area near coyote creek. it will hold between 20 and 40 homes. police need your help to identify a man they say was
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peeking over a bathroom stall in the women's restroom in a restaurant. it happened in walnut creek. police say the suspect immediately left the bathroom when he realized the victim saw him. anyone who can identify him is asked to call walnut police. a deadly shooting on highway 1. the victim was identified as 53-year-old gil ber toe martin jr. his body was found last month in the parking lot of gray whale cove and half moon bay. investigators say he had been shot. they are looking to talk to anyone who is driving on highway 1 the night of february 13th. there's a new development in the battle over a controversial statue in san francisco. the sculpture is called early days and it is officially coming down. the arts commission voted unanimously to have this removed. native americans and other supporters are applauding the decision saying the statue is racest and demeaning. it shows a native american man at the feet of a conquering
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spanish cowboy and a catholic missionary. the sculpture is part of the monument cluster near city hall that depicts the founding of our state. other statues will not be affected. polls show the top two candidates to replace jerry brown are neck and neck and they are former san francisco mayor and lieutenant governor gavin newsom and antonio villaraigosa. newsom filed for the race yesterday. joe matthews from media nonprofit says voters' feelings regarding the candidates' respective home towns could impact their decisions. >> so much of their records are tied up in what they did in their cities. you're going to hear as negative -- as much negative spin as possible about the two cities. >> if newsom and villaraigosa are the top two in june they will face off in november. london breed will not be titled acting mayor for the seat this june. a judge ordered the title be
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removed and replaced with president, board of supervisors. that includes any voter materials outside of the booth. breed's opponent sued to have that title removed calling it dishonest. breed had been named acting mayor after ed lee passed away, and that is what she filed at that time. a short stint ended in january when her fellow supervisors voted to install mark farrell as interim mayor. terrifying moments as a california girl slips out of a chair lift. the rescue caught on camera. muni is on the verge of lowering fare prices. that is not the entire story. several chances of rain coming up in my accuweather seven-day forecast. the rainfall amounts not very impressive. i'll have the totals coming up. a live look outside at tahoe. 6:05 in the a.m. keeping you up to date
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go to to learn more. the cost of your morning commute, and i know this will be hard to believe, may soon be going down if you ride muni. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is thinking of reducing some fares especially if you use a monthly pass. muni also plans to introduce a day pass to lure more riders. the mta board of directors will
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discuss the fare changes today. it's part of the budget planning process. the board will consider increasing fees for everything from residential parking permits to parking citations. the agency needs to close an anticipated $23 million gap for the coming budget year. you're never seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. temperatures two to seven degrees warmer than yesterday. in fact, getting close to frosty temperatures in sunnyvale and alum rock. a stretch. everybody else in the 30s to low 40s. los altos hills and milpitas at 46 degrees. we have 50 in alameda. 54 at half moon bay. 46 in san pablo. mid-30s in our east bay valleys and mid to upper 30s in the north bay. you can see a gorgeous morning developing from south beach. our roads today isolated fog. now we had reports at about 4:00 really thick up around novato. i haven't seen any since. if you run into some, let me
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know, mike nicco, abc 7. cold this morning for mass transit but comfy this afternoon. and if you're going to be out on the bay not quite as bright as yesterday thanks to the high clouds. we'll take an hour-by-hour look coming at us as quickly as tomorrow. here's alexis. we're looking at heavy traffic still, unfortunately, for the san mateo bridge commute all due to a disabled vehicle right around the high rise blocking the right lane. it's been there since 5:30 and they have not been able to clear that yet. you are jammed back to the toll plaza at this point. and once you make it past that another crash around the 101 interchange. maybe a good day to take dumbarton instead. westbound 80 to the maze. southbound 880 fremont to san jose at 15. northbound 280, you look great in the green at ten minutes. alexis, thank you. facebook responding to a survey asking if an adult man asks a
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14-year-old for explicit photos. >> why bill gates and roger federer played tennis last night. hear what federer had to say about bay area drivers. >> thanks for being up with us on this tuesday. we're expecting a beautiful sun rise today. we could see more of it. the bay area looking beautiful. the bay area looking beautiful. gorgeous sun rise where hais not alws easy. severe plaque psoriasis it's a long-distance run and you have the determination to keep going. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over ten years. it's the #1 escribed biologic by dermatologists. more than 250,000 patients have chosen humira to fight their psoriasis. and they're not backing down. for most patients clearer skin is the proof. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, includg tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma ve happened, as have bld, liver and nervous system problems. serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
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a 5-year-old girl is recovering after she nearly strangled after falling from a ski lift in southern california. take a look at this video. she slipped off her seat at bear mountain resort. look as people catch her below with a tarp there. her ski instructor grabbed her by the hood and held on for over a minute. her mom did not want the child's face on camera. >> she says her tongue hurts and her legs hurt. she has bruises on her neck and legs. thank god, this could have been so much worse. >> the girl's mom and dad say they have no plans to sue, but they do want the resort to do something proactive to make sure this doesn't happen again. it took 32 years but persistence has solved a double murder case. in 1986 best friends michelle xavier and jennifer duey were found dead along the side of mill creek road a little more than a mile east of mission boulevard. they had been shot and stabbed.
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thanks to dna evidence 57-year-old david emery misch went from being a person of interest to the main suspect. he's already serving 18 years to life for a 1989 homicide in alameda county. misch is expected to be arraigned on two counts of murder late they are week. facebook is apologizing after a survey about pedophiles. >> the company asked users whether pedophiles should be able to ask girls for sexual pictures. facebook scratched the survey after it was spotted by media outlets in the uk. the vice president at facebook is calling it a mistake and said it was completely unacceptable. 6:15 now. washington state has thumbed its nose at the trump administration by signing into law its own net neutrality rules. the governor signed the bill yesterday surrounded by supporters. the laurw restores a law that prevents internet service provideers from blocking websites or charging more for faster delivery of certain sites. federal officials stripped away
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those regulations last year. a backlash from employees has prompted united airlines to shell of a quarterly bonus lottery plan that made it more difficult for staff to earn rewards. united had been giving employees bonuses each quarter when they met certain company metrics, but they changed it for a new lottery program in which qualifying employees could enter to win prizes. united's president said executives misjudged how employees would receive the plan. bill gates joined roger federer on the tennis courts in san jose. tennis was not the only reason. >> it was roger federer's foundation to raise money for educational programs to help lift children out of poverty. the u.s. tennis association brought 100 kids from under served communities to watch the match. >> san jose's very special for me. thanks for coming out. i know there's a lot of traffic in this part of the world. i really appreciate it. thank you.
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>> the crowd made it nice and were friendly even when we missed shots. > >> roger federer is like who is we miss add fed a few shots. they did mention the traffic in this part of the world. >> he's a great tennis player. love watching him play. wish i could have been there. somebody that plays tennis is over at the update desk. >> jessica is a pro. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. >> i heard that. >> and it's 6:17 and we're on channel 7. i feel lucky today. sutro towers showing the colorful sun rise. you see the pink in the distance. a light storm wednesday and thursday. a better chance of rain next week. let's jump right into the
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temperatures. if you want warm weather there's some spring. san jose and morgan hill, 71. the rest of us 65 to 67 degrees, maybe 68. tonight even milder than this morning. mid to upper 40s out to the coast. low to mid-40s inland until you get to the north bay. upper 30s to low 40s for you. to records and no more frost. here is a look at the area of low pressure i'm tracking for our next chance of rain. you can see the high clouds increasing and that will be the case today. we're going to have a fwor just sunrise and sunset. here is what it does tomorrow. at 5:00 everybody dry. by the end of the commute tomorrow evening there's a chance from santa rosa northward it could be wet and you see you get wet during the overnight hours. as the cold front sinks to the south by 4:00 the rain is starting to move into the heart of the bay. it will move through all of the bay and then fall apart. there's a slight chance around the monterey bay and up to the south bay during the evening
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hours we could have more rain. the rain totals in about five minutes. let's focus on the seven-day forecast. the storms are light saturday, sunday and monday. getting lighter. something to keep an eye on, alexis. we will take that, mike. we've had fairly light traffic this morning. however, a couple problems and they just won't seem to go away. into oakland, this crash has been blocking for almost two hours now, westbound 24 just before the 580 merge. make that one hour, i'm sorry. it was about 5:24 when we first got reports of a three-car crash. that has not cleared. we have a secondary crash near broadway. that one is solid all the way back up to highway 13. definitely some delays if you are coming in from the east bay to the bay bridge. a quick check of the richmond side as well. we are looking okay here although some delays starting to build approaching the toll booths. we also have a pretty significant delay across san mateo bridge. we'll check that drive time up
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next. san francisco has unveiled a new design to keep the mentally ill from winding up on its streets. the healing center is located at st. mary's. it includes 54 beds which more than doubles the city's capacity. patients will with diagnoss. it is proven to help in tough cases. and, again, let's not lose focus. this is about getting the people on our streets the help that they need so they can get on their own two feet and on to better lives. >> besides dignity health they are receiving support from ucsf. 6:20 now. i know you're very excited about this. you can now get up close and personal with disney parks without ever leaving your home. new developments overnight and overseas. the european commission pushing back after president trump's threat on new tariffs. here is rob marciano with a look ahead. good morning, coming up a
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former adviser to the president saying he would refuse to testify in the russia investigation. our political team joins us this morning with all the latest. morning with all the latest. pl
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we're back at 6:24 this morning. and here's a look at the rainfall. nothing for tomorrow evening's commute except for maybe clover
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dale and ukiah. thursday morning from the san mateo bridge northward. early risers, by 9:00. the late ones, they'll get wet, also. mike, thank you. 6:24 now. mcdonald's is now cooking with fresh beef. the fast food giant is offering fresh beef in some of its burgers. the switch was announced about a year ago. mcdonald's says it is working to appeal to customers who want fresher food. starting today thousands will begin offering quarter pounders made with fresh meat. california not on the list as of yet. mcdonald's says it will be launching the fresh beef offering in most of the u.s. by may. new this morning you can tour disney parks in your pajamas. google has just launched its street view for 11 disney theme and water parks including in anaheim. you see town square as we wander around. all you do is use street view like you usually would. you find a park, then you can click on the blue icons that take you to different lands in
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the park. and you can see this is from halloween time at disneyland. very crowded disneyland. i hope you have your fast pass. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> this is cool. i like this. >> i've been spending my morning in pandora, the world of avatar. >> i want to see that. >> disney animal kingdom. jimmy kimmel had fun with an oscar winner when he unveiled his oscar wash. >> gary oldman says his statue was grubby after all hands were touching it am he put his award into the washer's conveyor belt. >> there you go. oh, pie goodness. ♪ >> isn't that nice? >> that only cost us $20,000.
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isn't that great? >> do you think it's his real oscar? >> i think it is. >> oh, man. >> that's funny. it's pretty soapy and pretty wet, but a cute idea. you can watch live at 11:30 right after abc 7 news at 11:00. there's a new solution that is catching on when it comes to fighting san francisco's outrageous cost of living. adult dorms. >> it might be the craziest story of the morning and we'll get to it. we have some new video and details about this man accused of stealing an oscar trophy from a local winner. >> and would you know what to do if you came across this. they're called calming circles, but drivers say they're having the opposite effect. plus, north korea saying they could be willing to give up their nuclear weapons and nuclear testing but there's a big catch and the president is responding this morning. and things are finally starting to improve on the san mateo bridge. it will take a while to bounce
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back. we have that disabled vehicle clear westbound 92 right around the high rise. 31 minutes from hayward into foster city. we have a couple other slow spots in the east bay.
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6:29 in the morning. will have 6:30. welcome to tuesday, march 6th.
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>> it is time to get up. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. mike nicco? no frost this morning. miler. i overlaid them on live doppler 7, nothing is falling other than a gorgeous colorful sun rise. #abc7now. my 12-hour planner today. 7:00 this morning, 39 to 49 from inland to the coast. look at the low to mid-60s, great time to be outside for lunch, even milder during the afternoon hours. 61 at the coast. mid to upper 60s elsewhere. don't need as heavy a coat at 7:00. hi, alexis. good morning, and we still have trouble in oakland. they have not been able to clear the three-car crash that's been there for over an hour. westbound 24 just before you get to 580, all those folks heading to the bay bridge. unfortunately, a decent backup. i'm not sure what's taking so
6:31 am
long. we did not have any injuries reported with that crash. once you make it past that you have to sit through the backup in the maze approaching the toll plaza and metering lights have been on since 5:21. we'll look at drive times right around 6:40. a mother and son died while skiing in tahoe. it happened just a few feet away from where they were staying. >> they finished their last run of the day at kirkwood mountain resort. amy hollyfield is live at the boy's school in hayes valley where they are mourning him today. amy? >> reporter: hi, natasha. a school spokesperson says they will be doing what they can to help students and staff as they deal with this loss today. 50-year-old olga perkovic and her 7-year-old son, aaron goodstein, were killed after skiing at the kirkwood ski resort. they had just made it back to the edelweiss condo complex seen here in a real estate website photo when snow slid from the roof and just buried them.
6:32 am
aaron was a first grader at french american international school in san francisco's hayes valley. a spokeswoman at the school says they are all in shock. >> conveying our deepest sympathies to the family and we are supporting our students and supporting that family in any way that we can. >> reporter: pictures from the sheriff's office show just how much snow there was in the sierra over the weekend. it led to an avalanche at squaw. there were five people trapped in that. they survived. they got out okay. but a snowboarder was reported missing during a blizzard at squaw and was found dead. as for olga and her son aaron, the two were skiing with olga's two other children and her mother. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and another big story that we're watching, a major breakthrough in talks between north and south korea. north korea is saying this morning it will impose a
6:33 am
moratorium on nuclear and missile tests if the u.s. agrees to hold talks. and now the president is responding on twitter within the last 15 minutes. look at this. saying possible progress being made in talks with north korea. for the first time in many years a serious effort is being made by all parties concerned. the world is watching and waiting. may be false hope, but the u.s. is ready to go hard in either direction. so it looks like the u.s. could be willing to talk but, remember, president trump's tweets don't necessarily translate to white house policy. back to you. >> thank you, jessica. two men from stanislaus county are in jail on suspicion of possessing explosives inside their oakland hotel room. sky 7 was above the hotel last night. the uc berkeley bomb squad searched the home of jeremy and ronald guy, both from river bank. this is a photo of ronald guy getting arrested. the chp was tipped off to the hotel room after jeremy guy was
6:34 am
pulled over. bomb making materials were found inside his car. and this morning police are working with aldon smith's attorney to arrange his surrender. the linebacker is accused of domestic violence. smith's fiancee told tmz she is the victim. they got engaged about two weeks ago. police say smith attacked her saturday night at his home in san francisco. he faces four misdemeanor charges. smith's fiancee said her parents helped check him into rehab. the raiders have released him. pcalled a hero for stopping a woman who stabbed people on a greyhound bus heading to oregon yesterday. police say the suspect boarded in bakersfield. she suddenly grabbed a 3-year-old and put a knife to the girl's neck threatening to kill her. she stabbed the girl's mother who tried to fight back. the bus driver and two passengers jumped in, and those passengers were wounded. nathan of santa cruz is one of the men who stepped in. his wrist and financing efinger cut.
6:35 am
>> trying to just hurting the mother and daughter any more than she had tried and done. adrenaline was going. i just didn't want her to hurt anybody. >> the woman ended up stabbing herself in the neck. she is undergoing surgery. the 3-year-old was not hurt. her mother is expected to recover. now to newly discovered video that shows life inside that so-called house of horrors where police say 13 children were held captive in southern california. it appears one of the daughters posted videos on youtube under a different name. the video shows the 17-year-old mostly singing songs she wrote herself. ♪ >> it's just one posted online. the most recent clip was posted seven days before police say she broke out of the home in january. riverside county prosecutors say some of the children were found
6:36 am
chained to beds. their parents, david and louise, face up to life in prison if convicted. 6:35 now. the european commission is preparing retaliatory tariffs on imports of u.s. goods. bloomberg first reported that news this is in response to president trump's threat of new international tariffs on steel and aluminum. republican leaders were asking him to back off. he says he will not. president trump indicated he might exclude canada and mexico from his steel and aluminum tariff proposal if a new nafta deal can be worked out. he called on canada to treat american farmers better and for mexico to do more to stop the flow of illegal drugs into the u.s. developing news now, a former trump campaign aide is making headlines for saying the special counsel in the russia investigation may have incriminating evidence on the president. >> sam nunberg says he is angry about a request to appear before a grand jury and turn over thousands of e-mails and even alleged the president knew about a 2016 trump tower meeting between his son and a russian lawyer. these claims came in a stunning series of interviews.
6:37 am
the white house is denying his accusations. >> he hasn't worked at the white house, so i certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge he clearly has. >> even though nunberg said he would not testify, which could land him in jail for contempt of court, the associated press reports now he says he will find a way to comply with the special counsel. let's talk about what's going on. first we'll start with the kids. look at that. another day of not needing to worry about how to keep them dry as we are going to have just high clouds and sunshine. 39 to 49. that's your 7:00 temperature. not quite as chilly. even milder at maybe recess or lunch. 57 to 62. if they can take their lunch outside, maybe a nice time to do that. during the afternoon hours about 62 to 66 degrees. 5 in menlo park. you were about 30 degrees this time yesterday. about five degrees warmer. 38 in redwood city. foster city 39.
6:38 am
low to mid-40s for san mateo, belmont, and the upper 40s at pacifica, daly city. already 55 in half moon bay. 36 right now, palo alto and livermore. san ramone, one of the cool spots. oakland, 37. san rafael, 41. napa and santa rosa dress for 35. look at the gorgeous sun rise developing as the cool colors of the night take over for the warm orange of the sun rise. light breezes on the bay. exercising cool to mild. it will be mild today. here is what i will talk about when we come back, a 1 on our storm impact scale for wednesday night through thursday morning. i'll see you with that. let's see what alexis is tracking. i have good news and bad news for our east bay commuters. we finally have the all clear on this crash westbound 24 right around the 580 merge. that was there for over an hour or so, three vehicles and no injuries. took them a long time to get rid of that one. a crash on the backup at broadway. it was all contained to the
6:39 am
shoulder. however, they are saying the fire department is blocking the left lane. things are definitely slow if you're coming from lafayette, walnut creek. i would plan on some delays if you are trying to get to the bay bridge this morning. a quick check of drive times westbound 580 tracy to dublin, you are in the red, 53 minutes. not terrible but slow. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard, stop and go at 22 minutes. northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino you're okay in the green at 22 minutes. we hearing about a new issue in the south bay. we'll check on that up next. now to a story you'll only see on abc 7 news and tell us do you think you would know what to do with this intersection coming up. laurel heights neighborhood residents are furious over so-called traffic calming circles. >> these have gone up at two intersections on euclid avenue and the main complaint is most drivers don't realize they have to first come to a four-way stop and that is something a typical round about wouldn't have. these are meant to enhance safety. people say they're doing the opposite. >> it is inappropriately big.
6:40 am
it puts pedestrians and bicyclists at risk, and it's difficult for motorists to understand. >> i don't like crossing in this cross walk anymore. i tend to walk out of my way to cross euclid now because it seems as if no one really know what is to do. >> they say neighbors wanted something done after a toddler was critically hurt when a car hit her stroller in 2015. officials say they're going to continue to monitor its impact on the neighborhood. 6:40 now. a san francisco supervisor wants you to decide if ride sharing services should face a tax. a pal lballot measure will be announced. taking services like uber and lyft would generate millions for the city -- taxing, rather. we have not heard specifics. other states have moved forward on charging per trip fees to uber and lyft. it would be on the november ballot if approved. of course parents want to keep their kids healthy, but new research explains why you should not talk to your kids about
6:41 am
dieting. >> is there really such a thing as a classy chicken? apparently so in silicon valley. >> you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. another update on how the markets are doing up next. some people may think that pot stinks, but for cannabis connoisseurs some weed has the coveted scent of fine wine. in tonight's california cannabis watch report we take a closer look at a budding industry that is trying to bring wine and weed together. >> you're going to bring in a pun this morning? >> apparently. >> budding industry. >> what people need to know >> what people need to know before they sip, swirl and
6:42 am
6:43 am
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thanks to our recent storms and snowpack in the sierras are 8 80% higher than last month. it would take at least two moren totals back up to seasonal averages. the overall snowpack is just 39% of average. but it was at record lows before last week's storm, so at least we bounced off that. a look at what's going to happen today. 77 in l.a. to 80 in palm springs. 73 in san diego. 70 in fresno. mid to upper 60s chico, sacramento, pont ray. cloudy and 60. let's take a look at tahoe, there's all that fresh powder waiting for you. today and tomorrow and thursday pretty dry with temperatures warming above average.
6:45 am
a light mix. nothing heavy. light mix. friday through monday. heavier snow next week. until then not much coming that way. >> mike, thank you. stunning video shows airline passengers wrestling a woman to the floor after she tried to open a door mid flight. >> i am god. i am god. i am god. >> you can hear her saying i am god over and over as passengers restrain her with zip ties. this happened on a sky west flight operated by united from sfo to boise. airport officials told police they had an unruly passenger and officers were waiting for her at the gate. >> i'm not surprised passengers got very involved here because that's precisely what's been happening anytime we've had a disruption in a commercial airliners since 9/11. >> the woman is in the care of idaho health officials. prosecutors have not yet decided if they will press charges. another effort under way. >> a bill would essentially force cities to build housing on
6:46 am
b.a.r.t. property including parking lots. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live for us at fremont b.a.r.t. station. good morning, matt. >> reporter: if you lived here, you'd be home right now and living right next to your ride to work. that's the goal of a couple of state lawmakers. they want to build more housing next to b.a.r.t. stations. the bill from david chu and timothy grayson would streamline projects that would require a certain number of affordable housing units. they point to how empty parking lots are at night. >> i think it's a great plan for me because i travel b.a.r.t. regularly, daily. if i could get a house near the b.a.r.t., it would be awesome. i could walk from there, two miles away. i can save money. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.'s vice president of the board of directors says there's no better place to build new housing than around b.a.r.t. stations.
6:47 am
the bill may be heard in committee on march 19th. reporting live in free mon, matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you, matt. a san francisco woman has raised thousands of dollars to send food and water to teachers on strike in west virginia. she is head of the united educators of san francisco. she start add ed a go fund me p. teachers are among the lowest paid in the nation and are demanding a 5% raise. today is the ninth consecutive weekday students will be out of school. the go fund me page has now raised more than $17,000. it's surpassed its $15,000 goal. money will go to the three unions on strike. parent encouragement to diet during adolescence is associated with harmful long-term weight related and emotional health outcomes. >> a previous study showed when parents encouraged kids to diet, it led to weight-related issues when they were teenagers. those issues can continue into adulthood according to abc's dr.
6:48 am
general i have ashton. >> you need to emphasize this is about inner health not a number on the scale or necessarily what you can see externally and most importantly you know as a parent, i know as a parent, we have to remember children are looking at our behaviors as well as listening to what we say. we have to walk the walk. >> dr. ashton said parents need to be aware that teenagers need encouragement when their kids adjust to a changing body. you can see the full report on "good morning america" at the top of the hour. and now to your morning money report -- >> amazon will roll out free two-hour delivery from whole food stores to prime members in the east bay. all orders over $35 apply to this. one hour delivery is available for an up charming of $8. it is available in austin, dallas, cincinnati and virginia beach. amazon bought whole foods last year. lyft has announced a partnership with a health care company with the goal of cutting so-called health transportation
6:49 am
gap in half. each year over 3.5 million of us miss our doctor appointments because we don't have a way to get there. the company wants to change that through its digital program lyft concierge. it allows officials to schedule rides for patients. the announcement comes on uber's launch of uber's health last thursday. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning and you can see we're up just a tiny little bit this morning over the 24,000 mark. so let's say you're in your mid-30s, you have a full-time job and you're living where you have to share a kitchen and a bathroom. >> we're talking about dorms for adults. welcome to san francisco. you might call star city an experiment in urban living. the three community homes located in the mission, soma and north beach aim to make the city more affordable. one man said that he can you his monthly rent from $4,100 to
6:50 am
$2,100. >> we talk about gentrification. people just can't live here, can't compete with the salaries that are being paid to tech workers and that drive up the rents. >> it is well decorated but it is still a dorm and it is something most of us gave up when we graduated from college. these communities, though, are just wildly popular. if you want to live there, get in line. there's a wait list of 9,000 applicants. 2,000 more community homes could be available by 2019. grabbing the gold. a man is facing charges for stealing frances mcdormand's oscar for best actress and didn't even try to hide it. he did a facebook live with it. >> got this tonight. >> so heavy, isn't it? hello. this is the real deal. >> do you want a photo? >> i watched that whole facebook live and, let me tell you, it was not a waste of my time because it was something else. 47-year-old terry bryant
6:51 am
accepted congratulations from people, and when they asked what did you win for, he just said, music. he is an aspiring deejay. authorities say he swiped the oscar at the governor's ball in hollywood. lapd arrested him for grand theft as he was trying to leave the party. >> wow. >> also, that's the only way i will ever get an emmy. >> don't do it. not worth it. a new status symbol for the silicon valley has arrived. "the washington post" reports high-end chickens are all the rage right now. they pay up to $350 for one chicken breed and treat them like kings feeding them organic salmon, watermelon, steak. in some instances they put diapers on their broodz. they are valued for their laidback personalities and their colored eggs. >> alexis, someone who is dealing with diapers -- >> i'm having a really hard time with that. >> how fast could you do it?
6:52 am
>> but why? that's my main question. they're running around outside, right? >> maybe you could bring it inside and then you don't have to clean out the coop afterwards. >> okay. well, they need to get a diaper genies if they're putting a diaper on the chicken. >> the expert. >> i'm telling you, those are lifesavers. >> reggie and i have this idea, so thank you. >> i want a cut of profits. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> hi, mike. >> you know who i feel bad for? the pot bellied pigs. replaced by chickens. let's take a look at sfo where it is clear this morning. let's talk about your accuweather headlines. more clouds, high clouds. you'll still need the sunglasses. tonight mostly cloudy and milder this morning. the weekend is trending drier. let's talk temperatures. 64 at half moon bay. 68 at santa s
6:53 am
morgan hill and santa rosa and ukiah trying to make the leap into the 70s. the rest of us 65 to 69 degrees. tonight mid to upper 40s around the bay and out to the coast. we'll have mid to upper 40s. upper 30s to low 40s in the north bay and our deepest valleys. let's jump ahead, as promised an hour-by-hour look. it could be dry for most of us. possibly wet. by 10:00 you see steady rain in the north bay. and the front moves into the bay right at the beginning of the commute thursday morning at 4:00. it spreads rain just about everywhere by 9:00. even some scattered showers are possible. mainly south of the bay bridge as we head through the afternoon and into the evening hours. rainfall amounts, look at how light they're going to be. a couple hundredths of an inch of rain to a quarter to a half inch in the north bay. not a very strong storm whatsoever. my accuweather seven-day forecast is a one wednesday and thursday.
6:54 am
there's still ones for saturday, sunday and monday even though they're trending drier. alexis? >> i want to head to the south bay where for a brief time we had a report of some metal debris in a tough spot. that was on northbound 87 there right around curtner. they did get the debris out of the way and we're back up to 32 miles an hour. that is starting to improve. also looking quite a bit better westbound 92 across the san mateo bridge. a disabled vehicle blocking the right lane right on the high rise for close to an hour. that did clear up and the drive time is slowly starting to improve. westbound 92 from hayward into foster city you're looking at about 38 minutes. oakland, still having a tough time with a couple earlier crashes. we'll talk about those up next. thanks, alexis. thousands of cannabis convictions in sonoma county could be dismissed. prosecutors are reviewing at least 3,000 prior convictions. they've already reduced or dismissed several dozen. the d.a. says it is in response to this year's legalization of recreational pot.
6:55 am
san francisco dismissed thousands of convictions last month.
6:56 am
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number one, french american international school in san francisco will be helping students today after a 7-year-old student died in tahoe. the two were found buried under three feet of snow at the kirkwood condo complex where they were staying. number two, happening today santa clara county supervisor ken jaeger will ask the board to approve a request to draft an ordinance banning gun shows at the county fair grounds saying gun shows conflict with the county's mission of promoting the health and well-being of its residents. number three, north korea says it will impose a moratorium on nuclear and missile tests if the united states agrees to hold talks. president trump said in a tweet he sees possible progress in north korea although did not say if those talks will actually happen. and number four, check out your accuweather 12-hour planner. milder this morning that leads to milder temperatures this afternoon with high clouds and sunshine. a touch of spring. 24 has been rough this morning. a crash just before 580 has cleared. then another crash right before
6:59 am
broadway. that backup all the way into orinda and a new collision inside the tunnel. a bill for b.a.r.t. stations would require cities to build housing on b.a.r.t. property to help the environment by increasing ridership and getting cars off the road. number seven, you can now tour disney parks in your pajamas. it was just launched by google. you're looking at the indiana jones adventure. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> that is really cool and you can see pandora which i haven't seen before. >> yeah, at animal kingdom. you can go to jungle and see the back side of water. we're back in 25 minutes. >> thanks for joining us. if you snap a photo of a beautiful sun rise out there please hash tag it.
7:00 am
good morning, america. winter whiteout. a new nor'easter is on the way. bringing up to a foot of snow to new york city. as a blizzard barrels through the midwest. sparking hundreds of accidents. trucks sliding off roads. and now 21 states are on alert. breaking news. new moves from north korea on nuclear weapons. as kim jong-un makes a rare appearance at a high-stakes meeting with south korea. are peace talks with the u.s. now on the table? bizarre twist in the russia investigation. former trump aide sam nunberg says he believes trump may have done something wrong on the campaign. daring special counsel robert mueller to arrest him. and betrayed by "the bachelor." the stunning proposal. >> becca, will you marry me?


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