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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 6, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning, america. winter whiteout. a new nor'easter is on the way. bringing up to a foot of snow to new york city. as a blizzard barrels through the midwest. sparking hundreds of accidents. trucks sliding off roads. and now 21 states are on alert. breaking news. new moves from north korea on nuclear weapons. as kim jong-un makes a rare appearance at a high-stakes meeting with south korea. are peace talks with the u.s. now on the table? bizarre twist in the russia investigation. former trump aide sam nunberg says he believes trump may have done something wrong on the campaign. daring special counsel robert mueller to arrest him. and betrayed by "the bachelor." the stunning proposal. >> becca, will you marry me? >> of course.
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>> then, the shocking split. >> i've had a change of heart. >> was this the biggest twist in "bachelor" history? now host chris harrison will talk about one of the most controversial endings ever. only on "gma" this morning. grabbing the gold. >> this is mine. >> this man caught on camera, charged with trying to steal frances mcdormand's oscar. snapping selfies. the photographer who stopped him. and what we're now learning about his past. and we do say good morning, america. great to have you with us on this tuesday morning. can you imagine that? you win an oscar and moments later, poof, it's gone. >> and then shows up on television, as well. that was a very, very strange story. more on that coming up. breaking news this morning. news out of the koreas, that north korea may be willing to stop nuclear testing if there are talks with the u.s.
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michael, the major storm here at home. >> affecting 50 million americans. heavy snow and strong winds expected. the east coast is bracing for another nor'easter as the midwest faces a blizzard. abc's clayton sandell is there in minneapolis with more. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, michael. people in the twin cities are waking up to a fresh round of snow, about seven inches falling overnight. but it's the commute that's the problem. the roads are slick. state patrol reports 700 spinouts and crashes in the last 24 hours. this morning, the midwest is reeling after a fierce storm, heavy snow, freezing rain, and gale-force winds. parts of the dakotas and minnesota blanketed. by nearly a foot of snow. the roads a mess. in north dakota, watch as this garbage truck slides sideways down the road. >> that is not good. >> superslippery. stay inside. >> reporter: at the minneapolis-st. paul airport, whiteout. plows moving faster than planes. in hazelton, iowa,
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50-mile-an-hour winds. coupled with severe icing made for dangerous conditions. the storm now heading east. where they're still recovering from a deadly nor'easter that pummeled the eastern seaboard, killing nine. this footage along the massachusetts coast showing the full fury of mother nature. as giant waves crash over scituate's seawall. here a section of the seawall collapsing. >> never seen this bad. i'm kind of in awe. just looking how bad it was and how close we were to it all. >> we did lose heat. because of the flooding, i have about 4 1/2 feet of water in my basement right now. >> reporter: and this dash cam video, showing a large branch falling onto power lines as rescuers respond to an accident. a near-miss showing even routine calls can turn dangerous in an instant. this storm is not done. as it moves east. here there is a lot of digging
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out from this heavy, wet snow. michael? >> thank you, clayton. the storm is also heading to the northeast this everybodying. rob, you're tracking it. what can we expect? >> we expect another nor'easter. like the one we had last week. this thing is spinning up here. that part of the storm is maturing. this is what it's done in parts of western minnesota, 14 inches of snow. we still have blizzard warnings out for the plains. this energy will be kicked to a coastal low. we have winter storm warnings now that have been posted for the northeast. these two lows interchange. by the time it gets off the carolina coastline, during the day tomorrow, rain, wind, snow, heavy at times. it's going to be a miserable day with snow piling up. snow along the i-95 corridor. we could see 6 to 12 inches of it, less in the bigger cities. a high-impact event. some schools will be closed. more on this throughout the show. >> thank you, rob. you know, i'm waiting for rob to say, we're going to have 6 days to 12 days of straight sunshine. >> keep waiting on that.
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>> coming in june or may. >> come on, not until then. we have the breaking news overseas now. the leader of north korea making a rare appearance at a high-stakes meeting with south korea. signaling what could be a major change on nuclear weapons. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran has the latest. what's going on here, terry? >> reporter: good morning, robin. this for sure looks like a major breakthrough. this morning, south korean officials returning from talks in north korea, including the meeting with kim jong-un himself. first, the north korean regime wants to talk directly with the u.s. government to discuss denuclearization on the korean peninsula and normalizing relations. second, during negotiations, north korea will halt additional nuclear and missile tests. third, the north has pledged to never use nuclear or conventional weapons with south korea. a direct hotline will be set up between the leaders of north and south korea. and another summit meeting will be held in april. the south korean delegation was
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told north korea believes if military threats are removed, they have no need for nuclear weapons. >> terry, all of this sounds good. the u.s. government has to be wary about such promises. >> reporter: they will certainly start from a position of suspicion, robin. suspicion that kim jong-un is just trying to peel south korea away from the alliance with the u.s. but make no mistake, what happened today, what is happening today, represents an extraordinary new chapter in the tense standoff between the u.s. and north korea. and maybe, just maybe, robin, a hopeful chapter. >> it's promising. all right, terry, thank you. >> we'll watch for the president's response. now to that bizarre turn in the russia investigation. former trump aide sam nunberg says he'll refuse to appear before the special counsel. but he says he believes mueller may have something on president trump. our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas has the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: george, good morning. a little-known adviser to president trump's campaign who
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was fired dominated the headlines yesterday. appearing on major cable news networks. appearances so odd, he was asked if he was intoxicated. by the end of the day, it came to this for sam nunberg. a past political adviser. to then-candidate donald trump. >> i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> i have not had a drink. no, i have not. >> anything else? >> no. >> reporter: in a day of accusations, at one point, nunberg suggesting on cnn that the president knew about the trump tower meeting with the russians set up to get dirt on candidate hillary clinton before it happened. >> there's been a consistent message from team trump, which is that donald trump himself did not know about this meeting. >> what do you think? >> you tell me. >> i mean, it's -- if you see there's something he said, i already saw, that within a week, or he said something, we're going to find something out about hillary clinton within a week. i don't know why he couldn't just admit that he knew about this meeting. >> you believe he knew about
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that meeting? >> i think he knew it. >> reporter: nunberg also said trump may have done something wrong during the campaign. >> do you think they have something on the president? >> i think they may. >> why? >> i think he may have done something during the election. but i don't know that. for sure. >> why do you think that? >> i can't explain it unless you were in there. >> reporter: the white house having to quickly respond. dismissing nunberg, again saying there was no collusion with the russians. >> as we have said many times before, there was no collusion with the trump campaign. anything further on what his actions are, he hasn't worked at the white house. so i certainly can't speak to him or the lack of knowledge he clearly has. >> reporter: nunberg offered no evidence to back up his claims. but he says mueller has subpoenaed any communications, text, messages, and otherwise. any communications he may have had among top trump campaign officials and envventual white
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house aides. >> they sent me a subpoena where they asked me after november 1, 2015, did i communicate with carter page, corey lewandowski? i mean, i despise corey. why would i communicate with him? hope hicks -- >> reporter: nunberg said last night mueller had offered immunity but he was frustrated with the special counsel. all day, he said he would refuse to turn over documents and would not testify. before a grand jury. at one point even saying, arrest me. but by last night, nunberg was suggesting he would end up cooperating. at this point, who knows what's going to happen? >> who knows? thank you, pierre. let's talk about it with dan abrams. he has to cooperate. if he doesn't, he's going to jail. >> that's right, and it would be civil contempt. meaning the idea would be, you've got the key to get out of jail. as soon as you decide to cooperate, as soon as you decide to do what you're legally required to do, you can get out. it's not intended to be a punishment. it's just intended to get someone to do it. they would have to go to court. a court would order it. and that's where he would end
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up. i don't think that's going to happen. i don't think he'll go to that length. >> nunberg may not be the most reliable narrator. the president has said for months, no collusion. no collusion, no collusion. it is clear from the questions mueller is investigating that. >> that's right. you can ignore everything he's saying about his analysis of the situation. you can't ignore what he's saying he's being asked to turn over. because that does tells us wh what's going on in robert mueller's head. if mueller is asking these sorts of questions, it means he is investigating possible collusion. with the trump campaign. we've known that. this is further evidence of that. it means this investigation is heating up. >> there's so much focus on the trump tower meeting in june of 2016. again, nunberg not the most reliable narrator. but what would it mean if president trump knew about that meeting ahead of time? >> this is the single most important meeting that we know about.
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because it was preplanned. it was to get information about hillary clinton. >> on hillary clinton. >> and, so -- and it's with the russians. and so, if he knew about that meeting, that would be a very important point, in the context of this investigation. i think a lot of this investigation starts from the point of that meeting. who knew about it? why did they go? what were they expecting? how was it set up? why was it set up? what information did they have up to that point? that meeting is critical. >> and whether, because we also know from the questions nunberg talks about, people speaking russian in trump tower. questions about president trump's business interests. that's also significant, if he was pursuing this moscow tower. >> that's why, again, they're asking questions about president trump's relationship with russia before 2016 when it comes to financial connections. because you have to be able to look at this as pieces in a puzzle. >> clear the scope of this investigation is wide.
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dan abrams, thank you. we stay with politics. this morning marks a crucial day for the midterm elections. voters are going to the polls in texas to vote in the first primaries. the lone star state kicking off the battle for control of congress. and this year, more than 50 women are running there in texas. our senior congressional kor correspondent mary bruce sat down with some of them. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, robin. welcome to primary season. both parties are closely watching texas this morning, to see how the battle for congress may play out come november. democrats are hoping to seize on enthusiasm. republicans hoping the state will stick to its red roots. deep in the heart of texas this morning, the official kickoff of the critical midterm elections. >> i learned then what it takes to fight back. >> that's why i'm running for congress. >> reporter: democrats are hoping to turn this deep red state blue, fueled by a wave of female candidates. democrat judy canales gets emotional thinking about the moment a friend convinced her to
7:13 am
run. >> they said to me, you said you always wanted to run. and i said, you're right. i did. and i thought, wow, i think this is it. so i thought -- i'm going to go for it. i'm going to go for it. and here i am. sorry about this. >> reporter: no, it's okay. more than 50 women are running for congress in texas alone. across the country, more than 400 female congressional candidates. that's double the number that ran in 2016. >> we feel like it's time for our voices to be heard and for us to have a seat at the table. >> reporter: today's primaries are a critical test for the resistance. a year ago, democrat gina ortiz jones was working for the trump administration. now she's running against his agenda. >> it can't be surprising the number of women running, the number of women of color running. that the people that have the most to lose. you cannot be surprised that they have stepped up and said, you know what,
7:14 am
i'm done assuming somebody is going to do for me that which i can do for myself. >> reporter: democrats are also eyeing the texas seat of senator ted cruz. democrat beto o'rourke has been drawing big crowds and big bucks. now, democrats are focusing on a few critical swing states that were won by hillary clinton and this morning, they do have reason to be optimistic. early voter numbers show democratic turnout is skyrocketing. the big question, will all of this enthusiasm stick come november? robin? >> thank you, mary. >> thank you, robin. now to the newly discovered video showing life inside the so-called california house of horrors, where police say 12 children were held captive. one of the daughters appears to post videos on youtube under a different name. our senior national correspondent matt gutman has the story this morning. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, michael. on the face of it, the videos seem like typical teenage stuff. until you learn that they were created by the 17-year-old daughter who broke out of the house and alerted authorities
7:15 am
just days after what appears to be this experimentation we have discovered on youtube. ♪ i didn't even know >> reporter: this morning, that surprising first glimpse into the home where police say 12 children were tortured and systematically starved for years. that view courtesy of david and louise turpin's 17-year-old daughter. she produced and posted these videos to youtube under an alias. mostly, they're songs she says she wrote herself. we have concealed her identity because she's a minor. ♪ there is a dream ♪ where is the dream >> reporter: the most recent clip posted just seven days before police say she broke out of the perris, california, home, where she and her siblings were, at times, allegedly shackled to beds. she managed to call 911 and alert authorities who you see in this video rescuing the children
7:16 am
and arresting their parents. you discussed the heroics of the 17-year-old girl escaping. >> she has the personality that she's going to -- going to risk herself for others. and she did that. and she managed to get out. and -- we're very glad she did. >> reporter: there's also this video, in which she's playing with one of the family's dogs. it shows those doors smudged with grime, and the clothes piled in the back of the room. authorities say those two dogs and the turpin's youngest child were the only ones who did not suffer from chronic malnutrition when they finally entered the house. their parents, david and louise, seen here shackled in court, face up to life in prison if convicted of a combined 82 charges. including torture, false imprisonment and child endangerment. now the 17-year-old also appears to have had an instagram account. it has more selfies, a couple of pictures of foxes. and of justin bieber.
7:17 am
now, an attorney for some of the siblings says they're recovering physically and are working on their life skills and their dreams. some hope to become doctors, nurses, even investigators. michael? >> thank you, matt. we hope they can become anything that they want to become. they deserve it. we're going to turn now to tense moments on a plane as a passenger tries to open a door mid-flight. video shows other passengers quickly wrestling the woman to the floor of the plane. this happened on a skywest flight from san francisco to boise, idaho. the woman may have been in mental distress and was taken for an evaluation when the plane landed. the police are still investigating. let's get back to rob now with more on the nor'easter. rob? >> there's still a quarter million people without power. trees down. lots of damage in those same areas that are going to get more in the way of wind from this developing nor'easter, as we get the energy kicked to the coastline. by tomorrow afternoon, gusting to 50 miles an hour in atlantic
7:18 am
city. 50-plus on the eastern coast of massachusetts. this may hang around a little bit longer as well. with some snow to boot. some places over a foot of snow. right now, your tuesday trivia brought to you by bounty. good morning i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. your accuweather highlights, more cloud and warmth today. you will need gun glasses, milder tomorrow morning the weekend dryer. temperatures today, mid to upper
7:19 am
60s until you get to the south bay and north bay where you'll get 70s. and 30s around lakeport and ukiah. michael asked for ten days of sunshine earlier in the show. tell that to my boy, frosty, here in utah. you have to embrace winter. he's going to hold on to it as long as he can. >> i'm sorry, frosty. >> we're all feeling that. thank you so much, rob. coming up, how did her oscar end up in the hands of someone else? what we're learning about that man's past. and -- i know you watched "the bachelor" last night. i was up late. i was blindsided like the rest of you. we're going talk to chris harrison when we come back. he'll tell us all about it. oing talk to chris harrison when we come back. he'll tell us all about it.
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so you can too. good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings and making headlines this morning a san francisco mother and son were killed in a freak accident while skiing. 50-year-old olga and her seven-year-old son were buried in tahoe. they made it back to the condo on sunday. our hearts go out to that family. some better news hopefully in traffic. >> it is still rough, we had three issues this morning. the only lingering one in the tunnel in caldecott and the fire department is on the scene and
7:24 am
four vehicles. heavy delays back in lafayette and once you make it back in the metering lights, ♪ ♪ hello? hello!
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♪ hello? hello. hello? hello. ♪ hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. ♪ ♪ hello? can i help you? hello! hello? hello!!! hello hello!!! ♪
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning, you notice the change have you been outside yet. milder out there and cool. you can see mid to upper 30s midland and low to mid 40s around the bay and san francisco and the coast. mass transit cold this morning and comfy and not quite as bright if you are on the bay today. my accuweather seven-day forecast a couple of light storms wednesday night into thursday and the weekend storms are trending dryer. >> thank you. and we'll have another "abc 7 news" update in 30 minutes and always on the news app and join us weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 join us weekdays 4:30 to 7:00 the news continues with "good
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at the all-new ♪ ♪ and take you down welcome back to "gma." that's country star luke bryan rocking a special "gma" concert. singing "my kind of night." that was at the grand ole opry. now he's on to something else. he's taking on "american idol." he's a judge on the hit show this season. he'll be here live to tell us all about it. and that's coming up later on in the show. >> we love luke. >> i love him. can't wait. >> we have both been to his place in tennessee. >> the catfish farm. >> no catfish today. also right now, a lot of headlines. east coast bracing for another nor'easter. 21 states under alert for dangerous snow, rain, and wind. more than 200,000 customers are still without power from the last storm.
7:31 am
new developments in the fight to make schools safer. florida state senate passed a wide-ranging bill that includes increased funding for gun and school safety. and mental health resources. it also raises the age to buy a gun to 21. and a voluntary program to arm certain school employees. not classroom teachers. the senate did reject a ban on assault weapons. we begin this half hour with the oscar heist. frances mcdormand, delivering the powerful oscar speech. she put her statue on the ground, not realizing she would be separated from it later at the governor's ball. this is the man who swiped it and posted a video of it online before being arrested. you have more on this story, amy. >> just hours from the oscar win and the speech, her statue was stolen from her. and this morning, we're learning more about the man that stole it. claiming he won the award himself for categories that don't exist. it was an ending only hollywood
7:32 am
could write. just hours later, frances mcdormand's oscar not in her hands but with this man. >> look it, baby! i got this tonight. >> reporter: that's 47-year-old terry bryant in a facebook live video accepting congratulations. >> congratulations. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: letting odd partygoers pose. >> this is so heavy. isn't it? hello, this is the real deal. >> reporter: and ready to head to the next party. >> where is the jimmy kimmel party at? >> reporter: according to his social media page, bryant, an aspiring deejay, no stranger to the red carpet. >> after the guy snatched it, he did the smart thing. immediately made a video of himself and put it on facebook. >> reporter: and on oscars sunday, he was at the governor's ball. winners have their statues engraved. at 10:05 p.m., her oscar is being engraved.
7:33 am
then at 10:35 p.m., the first reports surface that mcdormand's oscar is missing. >> i left my oscar. i lost my oscar. >> reporter: the oscar-winner not yet too worried. shortly after, bryant begins streaming the facebook live video. with his reportedly stolen treasure. >> governor's ball, baby. >> reporter: he reportedly bragged he won for best producer and music. >> academy awards, baby, for music! >> reporter: by 11:50 p.m., he's leaving with oscar. shortly after, he's arrested for grand theft by the lapd. according to his rap sheet, not his first brush with the law. an academy official gave mcdormand's missing oscar back to best actor winner gary oldman. who is pictured holding both statues. the academy telling abc news in a statement that mcdormand and her oscar were happily reunited after a brief separation. now apparently gary oldman was not able to find mcdormand at the governor's ball. he handed it back to an academy
7:34 am
official who eventually, yes, reunited the star with her oscar. how did bryant, a convicted felon, get a legitimate ticket to one of hollywood's most exclusive parties? >> do we know it was legitimate? okay, amy, thank you. let's bring back dan abrams and larry hackett. we have been to the governor's ball. people walking around. the oscars getting engraved. as they're getting something to eat after being on their feet for so long. it's not out of the realm of possibility to see something like this happen. >> oh, no, no. it's a separate ticket. the security is at the front end. it's conceivable somebody had a separate ticket that was at the show, didn't want to go. he got hold of it. you have people sitting down for 3 1/2 hours who are starving and 1500 people moving from one room to another. it's pretty easy. >> it's pretty chaotic. frances got her oscar back.
7:35 am
doesn't want to press charges. >> it could play into it. but it won't decide what happens to him. they have the video. they have him on the video holding it. they have enough evidence now to move forward against him. even if she said, you know what? i don't want to move forward. she could still be called to testify. et cetera. this is not necessarily one of those situations where they'll leave it up to her. but i do think certainly they'll consult with her. >> not the first time he's had a brush with the law. >> that's why they may want to send a message here. this is the case that ends in a plea, right? this is the kind of case they talk to her. she says, come on, let's make this go away. they offer him a misdemeanor, something, just make this go away. this thing ends. >> he's having a good time. he's walking around and taking pictures with other celebrities. >> it ends in plea. and the first joke for next year's oscar awards. jimmy kimmel already has the opening joke. >> what do you make of him making himself at home? >> there's 1500 people.
7:36 am
they're all wandering around. it's an enormous room. listen, you know, i have gone in there hungry, maybe had a glass or two of wine, gone up to celebrities, and said, hey, can i touch that? i asked. >> he didn't try to walk out with it, as far as we know. >> once you're inside, it's not that hard. >> we're making light of it. i'm glad everything worked out. but security, in the times that we're living in right now, dan. >> no, it's important. and i do think that this is going to lead them to re-evaluate who gets tickets, how they get tickets, how tickets get transferred. et cetera. it will be really important to confirm that he had a legitimate ticket. >> going to the event is very difficult. you have to put your name in months ahead of time to get tickets. >> like you said, it's not an easy ticket. >> no. >> thank you, gentlemen. michael? >> thank you, robin.
7:37 am
not an easy ticket. not easy to find love. we have that "bachelor" breakup coming up. stunning fans, including myself. chris harrison is here. we'll tell you what he's revealing when we come back on "gma." we'll tell you what he's revealing when we come back on "gma." ♪ jen, i've got questions. boots or flip-flops? boot! great. smokey or natural eye? ugh, natural. good choice. how about calling or texting? definitely calling. puppies or kitties? sorry, cats. dry eyes or artificial tears? wait, that's a trick question. because they can both get in your way. that's why it is super-important to chat with your eye doctor if you're using artificial tears a lot and your eyes still feel dry. next question. guys, it's time for some eyelove! oatscalled beta-glucan.fiber this fiber really doesn't like cholesterol. so, it shows it a thing or two. which makes quaker oats a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. high five, fiber!
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7:41 am
overnight. arie giving the final rose to becca, proposing to her, then changed his mind. >> the nerve. >> wow. >> i'm not going to say what i was saying to the tv last night. linsey davis is here with the story. linsey, we don't know how this all ends yet. >> reporter: good morning, michael, you're right. you can file this one under, say what? prior to the episode, they said it would rock "bachelor" nation to its core. two women. >> i'm very much in love with arie. i know that he is the guy that i want to be with. >> i have never doubted him and his integrity and what he's saying for a second. >> reporter: along with millions of viewers, driven to the brink by a shockingly callous bachelor. >> i don't think you have anything else to say. like -- i'm not the one for you. i want you to go. >> reporter: during last night's finale, arie, the bachelor known as the kissing bandit, sent
7:42 am
lauren packing. >> i'm so sorry. >> reporter: choosing becca to have and to hold until his dying day. >> becca, will you marry me? >> of course. >> reporter: but then, he did the unthinkable. >> i'm just -- um -- i've had a change of heart. >> you're making me really nervous right now, what's up? >> reporter: a move so bold, it required a split screen. >> how do i start this conversation? the more i hung out with you, the more i felt like i was losing the possibility of maybe reconciling things with lauren. >> so, what? do you want to be back with her? >> i want to see if there's that possibility. >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me? i hate talking about lauren. >> that was wild. 16 years of this and that was -- breathtaking.
7:43 am
um -- it's going to take a little bit of time to process all of that, even for myself. >> i'm not going to hug you good-bye. >> i'm not, i'm just -- >> i feel like my future was ripped away. i can't imagine my life without you. oh, my god. >> i wanted those things for us, too, and i just can't give those to you if i'm in love with someone else. >> there was no way arie was going to do this and look great. but, in my opinion, you don't get to just tell the fairytales. >> now, even though this all took place in one action-packed episode, arie's change of heart actually happened over a series of several weeks. >> oh, that's a lot better. >> it's not just one day. chris harrison actually told us, when they left production in peru, they all thought they were happily in love. he got the call a weeks later. i was still thinking about
7:44 am
lauren. >> and chris is going, fantastic! >> ratings! >> i stayed up late. they give us another day tomorrow. now i have to stay up tonight. >> stay tuned, right? >> listen. i'll be tuned in. we'll have more with chris harrison coming up in our next hour. you try to get away from it. >> hold me back. get away there that remote. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. acronyms are fun. lol laugh out loud, btw by the way, and of course, wbyceiydbo we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours hey, what if i wanted to sell my car? wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo? we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo wbyceiydbo!! wbyceiydbo! wbyceiydbo!!! wbyceiydbo!!! no, no, we're cool. i got you. ok. it's the right thing to do. ♪ carmax music sting
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7:48 am
they are still talking about "the bachelor." just so you know. >> sorry. >> t.j. had a lot of questions. he's here now to talk about the backlash over bonuses at united. united's proposing a lottery to decide who won the rewards. if i were working there, i would be pretty upset, too. >> everybody at home who has a job, $1500 your guaranteed bonus, would you prefer that or the chance at getting a $100,000 bonus? what would you do? >> 1500. >> guaranteed. >> everybody gets it. not a lottery system. that's part of the issue. this is what united was trying to do. united wants to put everyone in a pool where you would get bigger prizes. fewer people would get them. you could get a mercedes. a $2,000 to $5,000 bonus. one employee would get a $100,000 bonus.
7:49 am
the idea there is to incentivize you to say, hey, fewer of you get bigger prizes. all of you, some of you miss out. >> didn't they say attendance. >> perfect attendance. >> they saved money with this, too. >> let's get to the real issue, right? >> we're talking about potentially millions being saved. why a lot of employees said, you're trying to scam us. make me excited to get $100,000. i'm getting nothing. now, this is what happened. online, a revolt. look at some of these comments. i would be embarrassed and mortified to win this lottery. i win at the expense of tens of thousands of fellow employees? no, thanks. someone else said, i can't imagine driving the mercedes into the employee lot while everyone around me is looking at me. if i wanted to play a lottery, i would go to my local 7-eleven. and the other one said, sounds like a game show. they said they put a pause on it. it is asking, do you want the $1500 or would
7:50 am
you like a chance at a new car? >> what are they going to do? what's the future? stick with this? >> you tell me what this statement from the ceo says. our intention was to induce a better, more exciting program. but we misjudged how these changes would be received by many of you. so we are pressing the pause button on these changes to review your feedback and consider the right way to move ahead. >> because a lot of employees said, first, the morale was good. the intent. now with this, it's just the opposite. >> it's actually tied >> it's actually tied to company benchmarks. you're working hard for the company to do better. you only get a chance at a bonus. >> it was a revolt here at the desk. >> yeah. sure was. coming up, a "gma" parenting alert. the possible long-term risk of talking dieting with your teen. dr. ashton weighs in. about your brokerage fees. say carl, n fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $4.95 per trade? uhhh.
7:51 am
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new nivea oil infused lotion. and they're off. the ceremonial start of the iditarod in anchorage over the weekend. a thousand dogs and their best friends going at it. squaw valley, check out the snow. cutting the freshies with the fat skis. gorgeous, blue skies. winds coming to the plains with our system heading toward the northeast. this segment is brought you to by t-mobile. more local news and
7:55 am
7:56 am
. good morning south bay, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning it is 7:56 and i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's check in with mike nicco. it's going to be sunny today, right? >> i think so. clouds from time to time. on the bay today, exercising and beaches it is good because of the light breezes and mild spring like temperatures. mid to upper 60s. 70s in u chi ya. and my accuweather seven-day forecast a lot of light storms on the storm impact scale. not a lot of rain though. >> we have better news on westbound 24. three separate crashes. westbound 24 inside has cleared and sig alert cancelled and delays back up to walnut creek. southbound 680 before 24. all because of this delay.
7:57 am
>> thank you. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on the news app and join us for abc 7 mornings weekdays 4:30 to ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ ♪
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there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. two powerful storms about to pack a punch. a new nor'easter now on the way. up to half a foot of snow coming to new york city. a full-blown blizzard slams the midwest. 21 states on alert right now. parenting alert. why telling your teens to diet could be doing long-term harm. the lemon challenge. we put out the call. eating the lemons to raise awareness about bone marrow donations. this morning, we're sharing the blockbuster response from the rock. ♪ broken glass is this the biggest betrayal in "bachelor" history? the jaw-dropping breakup playing out in real time. "bachelor" nation in an uproar moments after last night's live show. chris harrison one on one in
8:01 am
front of our cameras. what really happened? and why the longtime host says it's not all about the fairytale. ♪ going crazy country music superstar luke bryan shaking things up on "american idol." and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america. >> yeah. good morning, america. big morning here on "gma." we love luke bryan. he's here gearing up for the debut of "american idol" finally this weekend, on sunday. >> it is coming this weekend. michael has to get over "the bachelor" first. i hear the passion and the shock in your voice. you're not alone. check out ben and jason, two former "bachelors" here they are watching. this is their reaction in real time. when they saw the betrayal go down. >> they couldn't believe what arie did either, george, i'm telling you. before we get to that, we are going to get to the powerful storm.
8:02 am
50 million americans in its path. the east coast bracing for another nor'easter as the midwest faces a blizzard. let's go back to abc's clayton sandell in minneapolis. good morning again, clayton. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michael. they're digging out from about seven inches of fresh snow that fell here overnight. not good news on the morning commute, the roads are icy and slick. state patrol telling us they've responded to over 700 spinouts and crashes in the last 24 hours. parts of the plains states seeing blizzard conditions. this storm is moving to the east. it's expected to become another nor'easter by tomorrow, bringing up to a foot of snow. 21 states from the midwest to the northeast are under winter storm alerts. michael? >> thank you so much, clayton. as clayton was telling us, winter storm alerts from montana to maine. let's go to rob who is tracking this system for us. >> still over 200,000 people without power in the northeast.
8:03 am
from this damage. philly, the same area under a winter storm warning. areas that will see the nor'easter beginning to crank up. beginning tonight, into tomorrow morning, by noontime tomorrow, heavier rain along the coast. widespread snow with this event as we go through time, compared to last week. a fair amount of wind and coastal damage. look at this thing track tomorrow into thursday morning, with the wind and snow, 6 to 12 inches just offshore upstate from i-95. the bigger cities are going to see a high-impact event with schools maybe closed tomorrow. robin back to you. more now on the new measures to make schools safer after the shooting in florida. overnight, the state senate passed a bill. approved some measures. rejected others. victor oquendo has more. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's been nearly three weeks since the shooting. senators worked all through the weekend trying to get this done. and late monday night, they passed what is now called the marjory stoneman douglas high school public safety act.
8:04 am
and here is what it includes. increased funding for gun and school safety and mental health resources. raises the age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21. it establishes a three-day waiting period for most firearm purchases, and bans bump stocks. there is a provision in the bill to arm certain school employees. but not classroom teachers. that program is named after andy feis, the hero coach at stoneman douglas who died shielding students from gunfire. there were proposals to ban all assault-style rifles. those were rejected. this bill now goes to the house. with a similar version of the bill. the clock is ticking. this legislative session ends on friday. >> they have work to do. victor, thank you. how about a heart-warming moment on the basketball court. fairfield university's tyler nelson. played his last game last night after a standout career. he's the school's all-time leading scorer. he ran off the court. the fans were cheering. but this is the moment.
8:05 am
his coach, his head coach. sidney johnson. the tears flowing. >> oh. >> that's -- you know -- athletics, sports, especially collegiate sports, why i love it so much. and march madness. unfortunately, fairfield is not advancing to the big dance. but they're winners with that emotion they showed on the court. >> yeah. >> touching. >> very touching. congratulations to that young man. coming up, that parenting alert. the possible long-term risks of talking diets with your teens. the new research and the right way to do it. >> all right. the big "bachelor" twist. the reaction in real time. chris harrison taking us behind the scenes. and lara, what's going on upstairs? >> robin, what's going on is right here and right here. i'll take that. i'll take a little bit of that. i'm with country music superstar brand-new "idol" judge luke bryan. you may have heard of him. some stand-ins for his fellow
8:06 am
judge. we'll talk about that and so much more. get up here, you guys. y'all ready? you ready? >> i'm ready. >> let's do it. >> i'm ready. >> let's do it. hey allergy muddlers: are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. and try children's zyrtec® for consistently powerful relief of your kid's allergies. ifwhat would it say?ash tag 80% glowing 50% freckles no matter your skin type, all skin deserves gentleness. that's why dove is sulfate free. the #1 body wash recommended by dermatologists. so this guy brought one to lighten up this watch party.
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ytwo pancakes. two strips ofr bacon. two eggs. if you ask me, that's a pretty good deal. but you didn't ask me. you know what? i'll mind my own business. denny's $4 dollar everyday value slam. available at [ cheers and applause ] all right. great crowd here. on a tuesday. lovely. thank y'all very much. time now for "pop news" fresh from l.a., lara spencer. >> fresh. use that term very loosely. i'm a lot of things. not fresh right now. but i have a lot of news for you. no one can call oscar-winner allison janney a slacker. she won the academy award sunday
8:11 am
night. for best supporting actress. as promised, celebrated into the wee hours. that did not stop her from making to it her day job. an 11:00 a.m. reading monday morning for her sitcom, "mom." upon arrival, a crew member gave janney her wardrobe for the day. it reads, i survived awards season and all i got was this lousy t-shirt. complete with a bird over there representing her character from "i, tonya." of course, she got more than a t-shirt. which she brought to work. there's co-star ana faris. posting a picture remarking in a way i can't read on camera how heavy that little guy really is. >> that's not what she really said. >> nope, nope. i thought i would spare ya. a cute tweet, though. also in the news this morning. you remember our lemons for leukemia challenge that we did last week. a lot of puckered lips in the studio, and all over the country. george, classic moment.
8:12 am
you'll see that video a lot throughout the year. after we took the challenge, we each challenged a celeb. i decided to take on the rock. and as it turns out, the rock was watching. take a look. >> i have been challenged by my good buddy lara spencer. i just happened to have a cool knife in a lemon. i'm going to eat it like this. no, i'm not. that's dangerous. here we go. this is a lemon. here's the thing. it's for a great cause, lemons for leukemia. why eat an amazing tasting orange or grape when you can eat an awful tasting lemon for a great cause? good luck, boys it's a great challenge. thank you, lara. i'm going to -- you're going to pay for the challenge. >> he did it three times. >> he did, he did. >> there's part where he says, you're going to pay dearly for this challenge. >> i was glad. the audience was clapping. obviously, when the rock threatens you, be afraid. >> very, very afraid. >> d.j., thank you.
8:13 am
we challenged. you delivered. that video racking up more than 100,000 views. the lemons for leukemia challenge helping to break a world record. getting more people to sign up to be the match. and, you know, what's great, robin? in that video, he so delivered. he even gave a shoutout to chris betancourt, who is battling leukemia and created the challenge. that is the kind of guy dwayne johnson is. so there you go there. and finally, a popped collar to the rescue? the french polo shirt brand, lacoste, has launched a limited edition line to save endangered species. partnering with the international union for the conservation of nature, replacing the croc logo with ten animals. including the california condor. the sumatra tiger. the burmese roofed turtle. the original idea was to offer only as many of the shirts as
8:14 am
there are remaining animals of that species in the wild. great idea, but, the lacoste website, i'm happy to say, the line ran out so quickly, it had to be restocked. if only we could have the endangered species be restocked. >> support it by going online. >> absolutely. great idea. we applaud. wanted to share wit you. that's it. all done. >> thank you, lara. "gma" cover story now. we cannot get enough of this "bachelor" betrayal last night. new backlash developing over arie. the host, chris harrison, who talked to us right after the show said it was a little much. diane macedo is here with the story. >> reporter: what happens during the bachelor season is for the world to see. after the big engagement, the couple usually has some privacy. this time around, the cameras kept rolling, and the result was an awkward breakup some say shouldn't have been on television. before last night, the craziest
8:15 am
moment in bachelor history was jason mesnick breaking up with fiancee melissa and reuniting with runner-up molly live on national tv. >> it's been a long time. >> yeah, it has. >> reporter: now, "bachelor" nation is stunned over last night's cliffhanger. "gma" caught up with chris harrison after the show. >> that was wild. 16 years of this, and that was breathtaking. it was a lot even for me. it's a lot to take in. >> reporter: he reveals some more about what happened behind the scenes. >> it was about six to eight weeks arie was struggling on this. and finally, it came to a head. he was about to go to another happy couple weekend in los angeles. they were both in town. he came to me and said, i can't fake this for another weekend. i know i really care about lauren. and i -- i want to give this a shot. and that's when he made the choice. >> reporter: the result was "bachelor" arie breaking up with his fiancee becca in a jaw-dropping, unedited scene. an unprecedented and uncomfortable move in reality television.
8:16 am
our "gma" producer snapped this photo of jason mesnick and ben higgins in the green room. as perhaps the most awkward breakup ever played out for viewers to see. the backlash swift and furious. even past "bachelors" are calling out the show. ben writes, how did this breakup end on camera? we don't belong in this conversation. sean lowe posted, make it stop. the show ended with a cliffhanger. will lauren take him back? harrison has hosted "the bachelor" for 16 years. but he says showing it's not all roses is important. >> i expect to catch some heat from this. in my opinion, you don't get to just tell the fairytales. that's not real life. that's not how this works. it's not how my life worked. it's not all about the fairytales. but then there's stuff like this. this real life that happens. it's probably what stirs everybody up. it draws something inside of all of us that we can all -- we have all been there.
8:17 am
>> reporter: now, we should point out the last time this happened, molly did take jason back. they've been together eight years with two kids. and his ex-fiance melissa is married nine years with kids. a happy ending is possible. we'll see how it resolves tonight. at 8:00 p.m. eastern, right here on abc, or at least we think so. >> i got my popcorn ready. now to that "gma" parenting alert. a new study says parents telling their teens to diet could lead to lifelong problems with eating and weight. dr. jennifer ashton is here to explain, and doc, please tell us about this research. >> michael, it's been known for some time that when parents encourage teenagers to diet, it can lead to unhealthy behaviors and unhealthy emotional outcomes. this study for the first time really showed that, when parents encouraged their teens to diet, not only does it have short-term effects but long-term effects for those children when they become adults, 15 years
8:18 am
later, and intergenerationally, meaning it affects their offspring, as well. this is significant. this domino effect goes way into the future. we have to remember, this is occurring at a time where the primary stage of development for teenagers is to become comfortable with a changing body. it becomes like a moving target for them. >> why? why is talking to your kids about dieting, food, how does that affect them in such a long-term way? >> i think we don't know the answer to that. there are some theories. if you look at their image with multiple factors inputting, there's communication, behavior, self-consciousness, peer pressure, social media. everything that they're bombarded with. you take one of their primary influencers, their parents, and say, you need to diet, you need to take your body and actually make less of it, even when that's medically indicated, it can be very disruptive for them. >> and you have a degree in nutrition. how do you talk to your kids about it if they need to lose weight?
8:19 am
>> well, i think that's the million-dollar question. ask for professional help. i think we need to realize that there's the potential for diet to be a four-letter word for our children. and parents need to be aware of that. the other thing is, we need to emphasize that this is about inner health, not a number on the scale. or what you can see externally. most importantly, you know as parent, i know as a parent, we have to remember, children are looking at our behaviors as well as listening to what we say. we have to walk the walk. >> and you think of dieting, young girls, it affects young men as well. >> 100%. this is a major issue for all teens. >> thank you, doc. now over to you, rob. michael, you think we have had winter bad in the states. so has europe. check out this video, your "gma moment." people embracing the snow in glasgow, scotland. isn't that freaky? that'll wake you up in a heartbeat.
8:20 am
good morning i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. your accuweather highlights, more cloud and warmth today. you will need gun glasses, milder tomorrow morning the weekend dryer. temperatures today, mid to upper 60s until you get to the south bay and north bay where you'll get 70s. and 30s around lakeport and ukiah. thank you, rob. what a great crowd we have with us. look at the little ones. march is women's history month. we're celebrating barrier breakers all around the globe. former first daughter and busy mother of two, chelsea clinton is here. her new children's book -- yeah. >> thank you. >> her new book, "she persisted around the world" features 13
8:21 am
incredible women's stories. i love that. there was no applause sign. that came from the heart from the people here. >> thank you, robin. >> always good to see you. >> so happy to be here with you. my first interview since the book came out today. and just to share these remarkable stories of 13 women who have changed the world for the better for all of the children you see today and -- >> and some of the women they will know. some not. was there a story that surprised you? >> well, thank you, robin. a story i've been thinking about a lot this week is viola desmond. who is considered the rosa parks of canada. although her kind of groundbreaking moment came in 1946, before rosa parks famously and thankfully stayed seated on the bus in montgomery. and viola desmond, who really helped catalyze the civil rights movement in canada, this week, will be announced, unveiled on the $10 bill in canada. i'm really excited that canada is doing that. >> that's a big deal.
8:22 am
i can't wait for my little nieces and nephews to read this book. did being a mom inspire you to do this? >> oh, completely. being a mom inspires me now to do everything i do in my life. my children, charlotte and aiden, are the most important part of my life. one of the most gratifying moments for me as an author is the little boys coming up to me and telling me the stories of fierce, remarkable women. >> they need to know these stories as well as the precious little girls. >> absolutely, absolutely. >> your son a little young. charlotte is a little older. have you read it to her? >> i have. she loves both books, thankfully. she's not old enough to be deceitful. so i know she's telling me the truth. she's not even 3 1/2. the story she couldn't get over was that of sissi. the first captain of the brazilian women's soccer team. they couldn't play soccer in brazil, women, until 1979.
8:23 am
it was illegal for girls to play soccer. she had to make her dolls into soccer balls. she had to play soccer in secret. and then she kind of helped create the greatest soccer culture for girls, arguably, in the world. my daughter kept saying, but mom, i play soccer. i know. you play soccer because women like sissi fought for your right and their right to be able to play soccer. >> y'all, the book is absolutely beautiful. your editor. the illustrations. what we're learning, it's a history lesson. it's told through these beautiful, beautiful stories from women all around the world. >> i'm so grateful for my extraordinary illustrator alexandra. thank you for talking about her work, because i think she does help the stories be so inspirational. but also approachable. i want little girls and boys to see themselves in these stories. as they imagine what they want to be and do in the world.
8:24 am
>> i know that you said after the election that your mother had some extra time. she was really enjoying being a grandmother. and spending time. how is she doing? >> she's great. aidan calls her gaga. he can't quite get grandmother yet. it's just so meaningful for me to watch the relationship that my children are developing with my mother because i was so close to my grandmother. i'm just very thankful they have that time. >> you dedicate the book to her. dorothy. you have been the same advocate for women and girls. seeing the me too movement and time's up, what does that past year mean to you? >> that hopefully the little girls here won't have to have that moment. their voices will be so valued and listened to. >> you want to hear from them? >> yes. >> i was tough. they can be really tough. >> i'm ready. >> damiana, where are you?
8:25 am
oh, i know this one. uh-oh. what's your question? >> can you share a story about how you didn't take no for an answer? >> that is a great question. that is a great question. i will say, i'm really lucky to always have had parents and my grandmother who always told me that everything just should be yes. but for me, i loved ballet when i was little. i took ballet all the way through school. but i was told very early on that i wasn't going to be that good. that no matter how hard i worked, i wasn't built like a dancer. i could never really excel. but i was lucky enough to have parents who told me, if that's what i loved, it was okay that i wasn't the best. if that gave me joy, i should be doing that. so -- i heard no, but i just decided to answer yes. instead. >> yes. all right. we only have a little time left. 12-year-old emma. emma? where are you? emma?
8:26 am
okay, what's your question? >> how can kids our age use our voice to create change? >> oh. >> well, i would say, whatever issue you really care about, that you're passionate about, is the issue you should start on. the fact that you're here on live television asking a question says to me that you are using your voice already. so just keep using it. stand up for whatever it is you think is right. whether that's at school, in your community, in our country. and make sure you vote when you turn 18. >> all right. thank you, chelsea. beautiful answer. thank y'all very much. "she persisted around the world" is out today.
8:27 am
good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings it's 8:27 b.a.r.t. parking lots could turn into affordable housing. the bill requires them to meet a certain number of affordable housing units. b.a.r.t. has plenty of space, like the parking lot empty. >> it is tough to find a spot during the day and right now a busy bay bridge toll plaza. this is a bunch of people who decided not to take the bridge this morning. 9 metering lights are on and drive time trying to recover on westbound 24. crashes
8:28 am
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> milder morning out there. look at this, only livermore more and santa rosa and ukiah, the commute everybody is good. going green. cold this morning and the mass transit. we have several chances but all light storms. wednesday, thursday and trending
8:30 am
drier this weekend. >> and always on [ cheers and applause ] welcome back. i'm excited. >> really? >> we have an incredible audience. i have to play the drums with them. yes. welcome back to "gma," everybody. we do have -- you've been incredible. >> everybody. >> really have. >> we have to point out. this lovely couple from north carolina. they were here yesterday. and -- they were expecting to be on and something happened. and they changed their flight so they could stay with us and be here today. i know. so that -- that means a lot. >> don't clap for yourself. we're clapping for you. >> are you worried about getting back to north carolina with the weather? no. good? >> not at all. no. >> he's very -- >> stay with us.
8:31 am
>> you're welcome. >> thank you, for staying over. we appreciate that. means a lot to us. and -- just for you two. we have a special guest, y'all. and the way i said that. >> oh, please. >> a hint. country superstar always wows the crowds. one of the judges on the highly anticipated "american idol." give it up for the one, the only luke bryan. >> mwah. >> hey, george. how are you? >> oh, yeah. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> i'll spare you. >> yeah. >> whoo! >> welcome, man. >> that was for you, ashley. the shake was for you. >> i was like, shake it for me, shake it for me, shake it for me. >> we cannot wait for "american
8:32 am
idol." it look like you're having so much fun. you crashed a wedding. >> yes, we crashed a wedding in savannah. and, by the way it is -- we -- we're having a blast with this. you don't expect all the emotions that you -- i have laid awake -- lied awake, laid awake, whatever it is, worrying about did i make the right decision with some of these contestants. >> because you know what a difference it can make in their lives. >> it's so critical. we were -- back to the wedding. we were in savannah, georgia. and i've gt a lot of roots down in savannah. we heard there was a wedding in a -- in like a reception area of right down the road. so we took the camera crews, ran in there, had some fun. they played "country girl shake it for me" there i ham. dancing with the -- dancing with the bride. chpz hpz. >> always having a good time.
8:33 am
>> so much great buzz about your partners. lionel richie. katy perry. we have a sur rise for you. guys, can we find them? we have a purr prize for you. they're here. they're here, everybody. >> you had me there. >> they have the hardest job of palm staying completely still. >> you have had good time with them. can you share with us something we don't know about these two? >> well, lionel, lionel is like our dad. he has to -- rein us back in. katy keeps sacks in stashed behind the -- she's got like -- >> what is her snack of choice? >> oh, gosh, like the ritz. the little ones with the cheese. me, i'm telling, katy is going to be so mad at me. she literally, we can see katy, when it's snack time. like, i need my snacks.
8:34 am
and lionel is -- >> does she get hangry? >> she gets hangry. and lionel is, you know, he's just -- he's lionel richie. >> he's a legend. he's a legend. >> yeah. >> you started with him. were you a little intimidated? >> i have worked with him in the past. the first time i met him, i had to perform with him on the stage at the ryman in nashville. i'm not like a sweater. i'm lucky in that. like i don't, when i walked in and saw lionel richie like -- i had, like -- and lionel is like, what's wrong with you, brother? i'm like, man, i am about to faint. i'm about to faint being around you. but since then, i mean, once you get to know lionel, he's like -- i mean, he's literally the most genuine, kindest person. watching him interact with these kids. i mean, and he's like, you know, back when i was in -- watching
8:35 am
whitney and diana sing and we're like. he drops these names that -- you know, that -- it's normal like, normal life for lionel. i'm like -- >> how is it for you to be a judge? >> it's an interesting -- you know, it's a little out of my comfort zone to just -- pick people apart. you know, but, it -- but you have to.
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