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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 7, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> ready. set. >> it's a spectacular leap of faith into -- >> giant hole in the earth. >> whoa. the amazing ride from top to bott bottom. cops trying to solve a burglary mystery. >> trying to whodunnit. >> why it's a lot tougher with the horse mask and beanie. >> trying to remove -- >> fishing line around its neck. >> they're just trying to help a friend out. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web. and a girlfriend's revenge prank. the trouble when the joke goes
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way off course. >> thank the [ bleep ]. >> he should have known better as soon as she was in full hair and makeup, something was up. base jumping, instead of jumping off a cliff we'll be jumping into it. bretty much a journey to the center of the earth. this is video from a couple of years ago but it's a stunningly beautiful country, oman and matt and noah have been given a unique opportunity because an emirates prince has taken them out to this unique jump location >> whoa, a couple years old just by the cameras they're using. >> we get his pov, looking back and this camera shot as well. it's time to jump. back flips it, and then -- see that? that is so cool. for the first second and a half you just see complete blackness,
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until the camera ajusts and reveals oh, the floor! >> first second and a half my heart stopped. where is the exit sign? >> there is no exit sign. there's no stairs, no lift, escalator or anything like that. you essentially have to set up a huge rigging and winch system, attach yourself at the bottom, and then trust in that system, as you strap in, and it starts to lift you out of that hole. >> it lifts you out, you don't have to climb up. >> that would be a nightmare. you can see how the rigging works once we get to the top. they've got this point where it's going over the top. you can hear it really trying to get him up there. before eventually, okay. >> who wants to do it again? >> they do. >> yeah! this crime has authorities scratching their heads trying to figure out whodunit.
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this culprit walks into a spa in russia. you see the suspect open the door and walk through, giving us a good look at their face. >> not exactly. >> i say neigh. pblt! >> the person has a horse mask and a beanie with reggae colors on it. >> you see this person looking around, there's nobody there, giving him, her, it an opportunity to walk down the stairs and, after trying to open a number of doors, he finds exactly what he's looking for. opens the refrigerator where, to his amazement, he's so happy to find snacks and drinks. so he starts loading those up under his coat, and once he's got enough, he stands right back up, walks right back through the hallway, but not before taking --
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>> the fire extinguishier? >> this person then walks right through the door. >> i know this person as greg robolski, our former editor. we have pictures of him in that exact getup. from there over to this next one where a group of thieves partnered up to pull off this heist. quite the expert climbers. >> just monkeying around, eh? >> um-hum. there are three of them and before you know it, these thieves are inside the apartment. >> oh, you little punks. >> we do have pictures of what it looks like inside the apartment, and it looks like they went after the food. >> you little monkeys. hey! >> can you get mad at them though? >> yes. last month, the government in the philippines started asking people to help turtles, if they were caught in cages and nets or anything left behind by
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humans to help the turtles out. this is a diving instructor omar and he stops what he's doing to help this poor turtle out. >> is that like a wire or just heavy fishing line around his left fin? >> it's fishing line around its neck, and it was trying to break free, and it started getting tighter, so omar had his clippers with him. you can see how tight it is around its neck. >> the poor animal. >> the government of the philippines said because of global warming, because of trash left behind by humans that only one in 1,000 of these make it to maturity because of the human impact on the planet. now in this next video you're going to think boy, this tortoise is in a lot of danger. it's near a watering hole. >> oh, ooh! >> don't mind me. don't mind me. whoops. >> we're not going to crush it but they're going to push it
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around. >> they walk around it or over it. they do not step on it. >> that's like being in your car and a heard of godzillas is walking around you. can you imagine what that must be like? >> might be a little nerve-racking and make it walk a little quicker. as you can see at the end of the video where it speeds up. >> run! >> raunz wuns away, but i've ses before, they're sensitive to what's on the ground and there step over them and not step on them. oli, it's not going to take you long to figure out where ilsit is. >> hong kong. >> that's one of ilsite's favorite ground is, james. he likes to cli tall things. today he's solo and he says that may help him slip through and pass security. ilsight likes to leave hess mis.
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he does leave his mark. >> makes it easieror found him. >> he finds the top of the building, the construction crane. >> you're not getting help from the likes of the city. it's pretty dark up there, makes it dangerous. >> it's raining, the crane is wet, causing even more danger. natural light begins to come in, as the sun starts to rise on his day. >> wait, that can only mean there are more people starting to show up. >> yeah, i would imagine so, too but that's not his most immediate worry. >> guys, the crane is [ bleep ] broken. >> oh. >> how is he going to get back down? >> the ladder that he's climbing up is rusted through. he even questions his decision of being up there, but it stop him? >> oh my gosh, do not tell me he keeps going. >> of course. three points of contact, that's your safety net. gets to the top, of course, gets his selfie but keep in mind, this is just the half way point. you've gotten to the top, time
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to go back down, on his way down he does leave another calling card for the crane operator, leaves that, and continues on his way down, past some noises that he hears. and even past an employee or two. once again, ilsight gives them the slip. a dispute at a restaurant gets heated, and then it blows up. what happens when the tip goes from bad to brawl. and a makeup tutorial to transform into her adorable pooch. >> wow, this is so goofy and i love it. >> see the priceless reaction when nimbus meets his doggy doppleganger. brought to you by olive garden's neverending classics, all the helpings you want of all the classics you love. want of all the classics you love. because the best things in life should be never ending. for a limited time, only at olive garden.
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cortizone-10. you ask the internet and the internet often will answer. this is promise fans channel. >> hi everyone. >> she does some makeup tutorials but the internet asked her, why don't you make yourself look like your dog nimbus. nimbus is pretty white and fluffy. >> like a nimbus cloud. >> this year is the year of the dog so today i'll transform myself into this fluffy white cloud, so hopefully it will turn out well and i could get a reaction from him. >> let's see what she puts on this prosthetic nose. >> already seems like she's making too much of this. just shave the dog and stick its fur on your face and you're done. >> that's all it takes. >> she says it's an easy makeup job. she puts the nose on, gets the white base and covers her face. the toughest part is the nose, getting the shading okay.
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she makes the black nose with a little pink on it, gets around the eyes and puts that black outline around the eyes. >> rebarkable. >> she puts the link to where she actually bought this. >> oh good. >> when it comes to looking like the dog she's like i'll get one of the furry coats. then she's got to get some ears. >> wow, this is so goofy and i love it. >> am i watching spaceballs? >> not only is it a makeup tutorial, it is a dog prank. >> bring him over. >> oh, he's sniffing you. >> he's pushing me. he's like shaking. >> he's like a kid going in to kiss grandma. >> he's like is this almost over? help me. blink if you need help. >> well done. pushing, shoving, yelling and screaming. this isn't off to a good start and certainly isn't going to end
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well. we know where this is going. let's tell you where it's starting in a seafood restaurant in the state of jahore. the guy in the middle in the blue shorts is a key member in this entire match. let's call it. the pushing gets more and more, and then it blows up. chairs go flying and smashing, and the fight is on. >> so what happened? >> some reports say this could be part of a love triangle. others are saying this is a disagreement between some local malaysian folks and visiting vietnamese people. looks like the fight is out of him. he stands up barely, tries to grab his shoes, and it looks like these guys are giving him a break and saying okay, you're done. get out of here. we're not going to harm you anymore. wrong. >> whoa! just stay down dude, stay down or leave. >> he doesn't. it appears he continues to
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antagonize the situation, and down goes our man in the blue shorts again, apparently he said enough to trigger more people after him. this is brutal to watch. >> they're not going to stop until they've killed him. >> yeah. >> can't you just walk around with a taser and get all of them? >> police did get involved but not on this night. they only got involved after they saw the video. they were able to make 17 arr t arrests. charges are pending at the moment. no reports on the severity of the injuries as a result of this. ryan is going for a cart ride inside a mall. >> he still hasn't been spotted? >> see it next "right this minute." and still to come, a pool pro shows off his trick shot skills, and it is wild. see how he sinks them with effortless style. >> oh! plus michelle spots her birthday surprise. >> you're joking, right? >> no. >> she looks horrified.
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it's michelle's 40th birthday so it's time to do it big. michelle's husband, spencer, calls her in. >> are you joking? >> no. >> he said this is a celebration. she looks horrified. >> more like shocked. >> oh! >> yes, in front of her is this cute little chocolate lab. >> welcome to your mid life crisis! she can't hand tell, so overcome with emotion. >> i told i had something special for you. >> was that the dog or her? sounded like it could have been from either of them. >> well, who knows, but i think this is love at first sight. >> oh. >> they decide to name the puppy kelsey. she's 13 weeks old. i think she'll give michelle a
3:20 pm
life time of happiness. meet madelyn. headed upstairs. >> how was school? >> good, good. >> forget school. >> they're just doing dog impressions. >> who cares about what happened at school? because right in front of her is a golden doodle puppy they named kevin. >> kevin? awesome. >> kevin. little kevin has his flannel coat on and madelyn is just done. >> i hope this is on a friday because there's no way this kid is getting homework done that day. >> i agree. >> look, kevin's so cute. i want kevin, guys. >> kevin's the best. >> kevin is the best. >> madelyn just wants to love it and hug it and kiss it and kevin's like okay, back hold, hold on, wait a minute, wait a minute. but kevin is going to warm up nicely and get into the cuddle party. all right, stretch it out. stretch out your jaw, because it's going to be dropping, this
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whole video, we haven't seen our buddy florian kohler for a while. doesn't mean he's out of the business of pool trick shots. he is one of the best in business, has multiple guinness world records. >> what?! >> one pool table is not enough for florian. he's 28 years old and the undisputed master of pool trick shots. this entire thing is trick shot after trick shot, and it is wild. >> wow. >> he's originally from vegas. three tables, are you kidding? >> what?! >> plus the model. >> the model has to be a part of it or else this is not going to work. >> a little flair. florian is also known as venom, that's his moniker. >> some of those just defy logic. >> don't they? >> this dude is the real deal. >> watch this midair shot he pulls off. >> oh! >> hits it out of midair and sinks it into this little basketball net. i'll call this one the nutmeg. >> oh!
3:22 pm
okay, you can't miss on that one. >> what do pool tables and trampolines have in common? florian is the glue, and squish into that corner pocket. florian, you're a magician, man. she's trying to get revenge on her man, so -- >> just going to ruin his day. >> i can't do it anymore. >> see what happens when the prank is all about the heartbreak
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you probably have never seen. works every time. ♪ >> i firmly believe that in the future it's going to be easy to spot youtube pranker its because they're all going to be single and die alone. all they ever do is prank each other, their girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, their wife is always the easiest target. brook roberts made his girlfriend think he was cheating on her, she replied making him think she was cheating with his 16-year-old brother. he pretended to propose. which -- >> actually got on the news. >> izy decided she'll return fire. >> i am going to prank brook by pretending that i'm going to break up with him.
3:26 pm
>> just going to ruin his day. >> how are you? >> okay. i'm okay. >> so brook comes in. he sits down, starts, you know, just nattorring away. body language is weird. >> what's wrong? >> the cold shoulder. starting to tick through your mind. what did i do? what did i do? >> i feel like all this is due to like all the time it's always youtube and pranks. >> i only pretended to cheat on you and pretended to propose to you. what's your problem? >> it's like taking over the whole relationship at the moment. >> she's just like oh, man, you got a youtube channel and suddenly it's all about pranks and getting stuff on camera, and before you know it -- >> just [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> where are you going? >> grabs his stuff, he goes out. >> ooh, he mad. >> yeah, but he should have
3:27 pm
known better. as soon as he saw she was in full hair and makeup, something was up. >> important tip here at "right this minute." now izzy of course has a conscience. she gets on the phone, a bit of negotiations, 20 good minutes later he's back. >> i'm really sorry. this is just a prank. >> [ bleep ] joking. >> i'm really. >> upon the reveal of it being a prank, he takes it well. >> why would you [ bleep ] stress me out like that? >> i'm sorry. >> you just ruined the whole [ bleep ] day. >> so he goes storming off. i know what you're thinking. we've seen the pranking videos and i'm suspicious because the brother, the one she fake cheated with before, he comes wruhat happened? >> i pranked him. >> and seamlessly segues into it. >> see you in the next one. >> that's convenient. >> it went a bit too far. that's our show for today. check us out next time on an all new "right this minute."
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tonight, the states of emergency as we come on the air. the massive nor'easter hitting right now. from virginia up through philly, new york city, and new england. up to two feet of snow in some places. thundersnow in new york city. tonight, a teacher on bus duty, struck by lightning holding an umbrella. and our weather team telling us there could be another nor'easter brewing. also breaking tonight, reports hope hicks, who resigned from the white house, had her e-mail hacked. and the porn star now suing the president. her lawyer saying the president must have known about the payment to silence her. there is news coming in now, an apparent accidental shooting at a high school, several hit. and at another school, a student


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