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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 8, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PST

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live where you live, this is abc 7 news.
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>> a look tonight at live doppler 7. you can see some green over the bay area, and a little more lurking on shore. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim in for ama daetz. depending on the conditions where you are, it could be quite different tonight. >> from the golden gate bridge camera, you see the wet roads. more rain is coming towards the north bay right now. >> so right away lets get to meteorologist drew tuma. >> i have light showers moving through. a cold front is crossing the bay area. live doppler 7 tracking the rain. showers over san francisco right now. and you noticed the motion of this rain. it's moving off to the north and to the east. so i want to time this leading edge of moisture moving into vallejo at 11:08. napa 11:27 and fairfield shortly before 11:40. light to moderate showers. the best chance of finding the moisture will be in the north bay and along the coast. we'll go hour-by-hour, time out the rest of the system and show you another chance of rain coming over part of your
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weekend. i'll have the accuweather forecast in a few minutes. >> sounds good, thanks. the same storm that dumped feet of snow is pounding the northeast tonight. take a look at this. players and coaches from northeastern university's women's basketball team actually pushed their bus after it got stuck in the snow in philadelphia. the team tweeted, quote, that it was fun. now meantime, pedestrians tried not to slip and fall while they crossed snow covered streets in new york city. other folks have faced delays because commuter railroads have reduced service. both new york and pennsylvania have banned large trucks from some roads because of the storm. airlines have also canceled flights. let's move on now. some folks in a community in the bay area are angry tonight after a deadly police shooting in san francisco's mission district. it happened last night. abc 7 news reporter kate larsen has new details. >> in this cell phone video, you can hear san francisco police officers giving commands to an armed robbery isn't tuesday night after one shot and a
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warning. police opened fire, killing the suspect who was hiding in the trunk of the car. [ gunshots ] police say they found a handgun in the trunk. tonight at a march to sfpd's mission station, friends of the suspect, who they identify as 19-year-old jesus adolfo delgado say police used too much force. >> if he had a gun or not, they still should have not shot him 30 times. >> what if they shot once or twice? >> once or twice is still bad. but i would have rather them shot him once or twice than 30 times. >> i actually saw him two weeks ago. >> reporter: susanna rojas says she has known him since he was a child. >> adolfo got scared and he was afraid of being deported so he jumped in the trunk. >> reporter: a memorial now marks the scene of last night's
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shooting next to bullet holes in walls and garage doors. tonight we saw cell phone video that shows what appears to be an arm pop out of a trunk, pointing something right before police opened fire. kate larsen, abc 7 news. happening right now, janitors have walked off the job downtown san francisco in support of international women's day. abc 7 news was in the financial district when janitors went on strike at a building on montgomery street. union leaders say women make up the majority of janitors across the country, and a rally will take place at noon tomorrow, calling for better working conditions and higher pay. >> attorney general jeff sessions blasted state and local leaders during a visit to sacramento today, and they fired back, highlighting the escalating tension between california and the trump administration over the state's immigration policies. >> abc news reporter lilian kim joins us from the newsroom with more on this story. lillian? >> reporter: dion and dan, the attorney general came to talk about the trump administration's
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lawsuit against california. a visit that quickly spark adwar of words. attorney general jeff session spoke before the california peace officer's association in sacramento where he made it clear he is ready to fight. >> california absolutely appears to be is using every power it has, powers it doesn't have to frustrate federal law enforcement. so you can be sure i'm going to use every power i have to stop that. >> sessions says california sanctuary laws are threatening public safety and encourage illegal immigration. he also went on to scold local and state leaders, especially oakland mayor libby schaaf, who nearly two weeks ago warned the public about imminent i.c.e. raids. >> how dare you. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of our law enforcement officers. >> how dare you vilify members of our community by trying to frighten the american public into thinking that all
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undocumented residents are dangerous criminals. >> the governor and the lieutenant governor continued the criticism. >> this is completely unprecedented for the chief law enforcement of the united states to come out here and engage in a political stunt. >> we reject jeff session. we reject the rhetoric. and frankly, the outright lies. >> this is the first lawsuit filed by the justice department against a local or state government over immigration policies. the doj says more could follow. lilian kim, abc 7 news. >> president trump plans to make his first visit to california since being sworn into office more than a year ago. mr. trump will go to san diego to inspect prototypes for the border wall. the president will also attend a fundraiser in beverly hills. president trump is the first president since dwight eisenhower to not visit california during his first year in office. a federal court in san francisco ruled today that a group of young people can sue the federal government for failing to act against global
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warming. some of the 21 plaintiffs argued their case during a hearing in december. the trump administration urged the ninth circuit court of appeals to dismiss the case. the trial will take place in oregon where the original suit was filed. now to a warn to anyone who eats seafood caught locally. certain types may contain toxins that could be hazardous. the alert issued today warns that sport harvested mussels, clams and scallops from drakes's bay, san francisco county and san mateo county could contain dangerous levels of a naturally occurring toxin, and can make people sick. commercially sold seafood is not effective. happening now, people are packed into a beloved south bay restaurant and bar, preparing for its final last call. the oasis beer garden in menlo park is closing its doors after 60 years in business. and it is going out with a bang. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live outside the bar. katie, obviously a mix of emotions tonight.
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>> definitely, dan. and it is still packed inside. mke no mistake. people are having a good time. but there is that aura of sadness, because these are the last few hours for the oasis. as far as when they will physically close their doors tonight, the owner told me that depends on when they run out of food and drinks. >> it's really hard. >> reporter: diana forsyth lives in washington state, but she came back to menlo park to say goodbye to the oasis beer garden on its last day. >> it's where i could always come. and i was surrounded by people who love me, took care of me. and cherished me. >> owner jamie tougas, whose father started the business, said after 60 years they could not come to a lease agreement with the property owner. the decision to close was a hard on him as it was on his customers. >> there is a popcorn machine over there and there is baskets with potato chips and plastic liners that i was taught how to build when i was 4 and 5 years
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old. >> the same age he started hearing the stories that would make the oasis legendary. >> president john f. kennedy came in here and drank beer. jay edgar hoover. >> star athletes, coaches, and countless sports fans. ryan heaps has been a regular for more than 30 years. >> i thought this place was going to outlive me. >> marked on my calendar today. and i was not going to miss coming here. they have the best pizza in this area. >> taste and tradition that won't soon be forgotten. >> oasis! >> reporte >> in menlo park, abc 7 news. >> sad to see them go. a california mcdonald's making a statement tonight. >> why it's turned its golden arches upside down. and the other stores planning to follow suit. a startling new report. the secret relationship between the fbi and one of the country's biggest computer retailers. and she's 96 years young. the nation's oldest park service
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employee is
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pstop messing with your sister! hey! hey! don't make me come back there! so? feels really good.... yeah, i'm gonna buy it. (vo) customer service that goes the extra mile. enterprise makes it easy. an iconic fast food change is honoring women in an eye catching way. josh haskell from our sister
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station in los angeles takes a look. >> i guess somebody is getting fired. they put that sign up backwards. >> reporter: the mcdonald's on n long beach has undergone a makeover. those iconic golden arches upside down. the m's ws in celebration of international women's day. >> all mothers deserve more than mother's day and the birthday as a tribute. because they do a lot for our kids. so it's pretty awesome. >> we spent so much time in history where it was a much more pate trackal sodini society. mcdonald's to say okay, guys, it's off balance, let's celebrate the women in our culture, that's a massive thing. >> reporter: jose was driving by and noticed that something was different about his local mcdonald's. he didn't know thursday was international women's day. but now he does. the lynwood location is the only mcdonald's in the world where the front sign has been flipped. six out of ten mcdonald's restaurant managers are women.
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>> we could walk away understanding that we as brand mcdonald's understand the importance of the contribution of women, and we want to say thank you, and that we want to have fun with it. to be able to take our brand, take something so iconic, and flip it just demonstrates, hey, you know, it's something that is important to us. >> 100 mcdonald's locations across the country are also displaying the international women's day packaging. the iconic golden arches at this location will be up for three days. josh haskell, abc 7 news. newly released records show the fbi paid best buy geek squad employees to work as informants. the agency then rewarded them with as much as $500 for flagging indecent material found on customers' computers. that's according to documents released to the electronic frontier foundation. the foundation is concerned the fbi is using geek squad informants to conduct
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warrantless searches. best buy says it does report the discovery of child porn any because it has a moral and some cases legal obligation. but it prohibits employees looking for anything other than what is necessary to solve a customer's problem. a new study may help solve the decades-old mystery of what happened to aviation pioneer amelia earhart. bones found on a remote island in the south pacific in 1940 that were originally thought to belong to a man are now being considered as earhart's. this is according to new research in the journal forensic anthropology. if the bones do indeed belong to her, it would suggest that she died as a castaway on the island. the country's most beloved park ranger was in san francisco tonight sharing stories from a life well lived. abc 7 news was at the san francisco main library tonight where betty reed soskin shared excerpts from her new autobiography, sign my name in
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freedom. she says the positive cultural change in the bay area and america has given her hope. >> all of those things which have been encoded are now obvious for us to see and get at. i have great hope. >> soskin had a book signing after she spoke. at 96, she is the oldest active park ranger in the united states, providing tours to visitors at the rosie the riveter in richmond. she is a force of nature. >> so much energy. >> i know, right? getting to the weather now we had a little bit of a change in the pattern. >> but we do. we're tracking rain. drew tuma is here with that. >> tonight we're seeing the clouds thicken and some showers working through parts of the bay area. live doppler 7 tracking it all for you. let's track it as we get down to street level. live doppler 7 had a couple of showers move over san francisco. they have now hopped over the bay and into the east bay right now. live doppler 7 had a line of
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moderate showers, those pops of yellow on your screen about to work into berkeley. a live update on the air from live doppler. working into berkeley, piedmont, to the north of oakland. very scattered in nature. but they are there. and even into the north bay from san rafael down to larkspur, some light showers. a picture outside. a live look from our exploratorium camera showing the low clouds over san francisco. but the bay bridge toll plaza camera showing you the showers are coming down right now over parts of the east bay. but this is a weak system, and it's a quick moving system. on the storm impact scale tonight, it's a level one. a light system working through at this hour. we have light to moderate showers right now. total rainfall very minimal. less than a quarter inch across the region. and those showers will be gone before the sun gets up here tomorrow. so the thursday morning commute, it will be dry. the bigger picture, live doppler 7 along with satellite showing the storm system swirl off in the pacific. much of the moisture unfortunately is headed into the
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pacific northwest from vancouver, seattle, portland. we're just getting scraped by the tail-end of a cold front that is sparking those light showers. you can see where that cold front is on our temperature map right now. in the north bay, we're in the 40s as that front has already moved through. but to the south we have yet to see that cold air work into the picture. 60 still at oakland at this hour. it is mild in the east bay. 62 in hayward. 61 in san jose and light sprinkles in san francisco. a current temperature 57 degrees. future weather early tomorrow morning, one income the morning. we're still tracking the light showers mainly in the north bay, and right along the coast. but watch what happens. as the cold front moves through early in the morning, it just falls apart. by 7:00 thursday morning, the showers are out of here. but we do have a lot of leftover cloud cover to start the day on your thursday. overnight tonight, here is the call of the cloud cover overhead. not too chilly. mid 40s to low 50s will be your starting temperatures tomorrow morning. so the 12-hour day planner on your thursday. it's a fair amount of cloud cover early on your thursday.
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but the big takeaway, the clouds will be decreasing throughout the day. by the afternoon, it's a lot of sunshine, and temperatures respond accordingly. back into the 60s, if not low |0s in some spots. so it's a mild thursday. once again you do not need the rain gear tomorrow. 70 in san jose. mild 64 in san francisco. the same in oakland. up to 65 in napa and concord up to 68 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next seven days for you. morning clouds and sun on thursday. friday night a light sprinkle perhaps in the south bay. but the better bet for widespread showers will be saturday evening. the next storm a 1 on the impact scale. put the clocks ahead one hour. daylight savings begins sunday. the next chance of any rain comes tuesday. temperatures staying above average the next seven six to seven days. >> feeling more springy. drew, thanks. robots in homes across the country suddenly start laughing without prompting. it's not a sci-fi movie. next, what may be behind this disturbing real life phenomenon. and tomorrow morning on
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it seems amount is on's smart assistant alexa has an unusual sense of humor. >> some devices are creeping out her owners with this unexpected burst of laughter. amazon said today it is working on a fix, and said it is changing the command from alexa laugh to can you laugh when people want the device to laugh. >> people recently began reporting the problem on social media. one man says he heard the laughter as he was about to fall asleep. probably not set him up for a restful sleep. >> nightmare inducing. >> rightition right. sports director larry beil is here. [ laughter ] like this. >> exactly. >> maybe you should ask alexa if the warriors could catch the rockets, because houston never loses anymore. [ laughter ] >> gary! >> wow. >> this is a nightmare. >> vincent price. >> will the streak come to an end for james
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abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening. this has been a down year for pac-12 basketball. but actually, that means opportunity for a school like stanford.
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you get hot for one weekend in las vegas, and the pac-12 title plus a trip to the ncaas could be yours. today stanford put cal out of its misery. great inspirational story. honorary captain ty whistler was treated for a brainto. the players just love him. pounding it in to reed travis absorbs the contact. 19 points, 13 rebounds for travis. set the school freshman record 67 on the year. cut the deficit down to single digits be. the cardinal blowing it open. josh sharmer reverse jam. fancy. cardinal up by 24 next possession. dejon davis steal, slam. he had 12. stanford rolls, 76-58. on to the quarters against ucla. and cal's season ends at 8-24. nba tonight. james harden and the rockets with a winning streak, taking on the bucks. how to defend harden? he is left-handed you. have you to overplay the left. jabari parker, overplay the
1:36 am
left. you let him go left. you take away the left, and now he goes right. that didn't work either. just before halftime beats the clock. 21 for harden at the half. giann giann giannis. little man seals the deal. rockets win their 17th straight. 110-99 lead the warriors by one full game. you can't get too excited about spring training. but madison bumgarner looks like he is back to dominating form after he got hurt last year. 15 strikeouts and only 8 innings. mad-bum, his third start in arizona this spring dealing. austin hedges just browsing. and the new padre eric hosmer, a big swing and a miss. bumgarner six k's in three and a third. new giant double to right.
1:37 am
brandon belt scores 1-zip. later brand is on crawford is a looking for a bounceback. kind of like an error. but will get him a base hit. this ends in a 4-4 tie in ten. a's visiting the mariners. sixth inning. it was quiet until sheldon noisy made it noisy. solo homer. we're tied at one. jake smolinski, high deep and alo aloha! this is into the left field beer garden. beer, please. two-run shot. a's up 3-1. and the mariners switch pitchers. it's almost sixth inning. chad pinder swipes right. opposite field homer. a's win it 7-3. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. so some people start to get a little worried about this rocket success here. and they don't ever lose anymore. the warriors may have to win out as klay thompson suggested. >> they don't have a tough
1:38 am
schedule. >> no, warriors have a nice sket schedule. the rockets have a challenging schedule. we keep wait and
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all right. that is our report. as always, we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim. righ tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute."
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as driving accidents go, this is a -- >> relatively low-speed one, but -- >> proof that what you don't see can hurt you. >> i didn't see it. a trail cam catches bears at play time. >> ooh. that was a bear slap. >> why the fun's a little rougher than normal. >> are we still playing or not? aerial refuel something serious business, but. >> make any good food? >> whipped up a few pizzas. >> the friendly banter for crews getting the job done. >> i found myself looking at the stars like, you know, just thinking about space. and look who's posing up a storm. >> daddy miriam, daddy. >> the surprise that's sure to knock her off her feet. >> ooh! i feel sitting here at the "right this minute" desk watching all these dash cams has made me a better driver. none of these instincts would
1:42 am
have helped in either of these videos. first one from thailand, looks like we're leaving some parking area, something like that, and then this happens. >> oh! what the heck? >> yeah, out of nowhere, we see a nomotorcycle enter frame and e guy goes flying. it becomes clear when you back up the video and look at that pickup, the huge pole sticking out the back. >> i didn't see it. >> clearly neither did the rider because look at. . >> he clothes lined himself. >> does a backflip. the bike eventually crashes into the vehicles on the left. i don't have any specific information as to injuries. it was a relatively low speed one but it was a face full of bar. this next video from dash cam owners australia. doesn't matter how defensive you are, sometimes weird stuff just happens. >> tree down, tree down. >> what? >> when a tree


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