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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 8, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." imagine being an adult and hugging your birth mom for the first time. >> in your entire life. >> see sam's emotional journey and the clues that finally led to a family reunion. >> this is really, really amazing. >> a crazy cart rider heads for the mall. >> the mall security already knows ryan. >> why they are not pleased to make his acquaintance again. it's not something you should do on your commute. >> but clearly she was dying to do it. >> see the ultimate hair care multi tasker. >> she had no time to waste.
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>> we have christian, oli, charity, and nick breaking down the on the web. >> we do it over the grand canyon. >> what those crazy "s" theory guys have convinced dhoim. >> we did it for charity. >> let's do it. >> this is what it looks like to give your mother a hug for the very first time in your entire life. because that's sam right there, and she's giving her biological siblings a hug for the first time ever. when she gets through the door she sees her birth mother val. she never seen her in person and this is the first time she's able to give her a hug. when sam was born, her mother and dad at the time decided to give her up for adoption, they were very young and they didn't feel like they could give her the life she deserved. so they chose what she thought was the best thing for sam. she was adopted, but when sam
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turned 18 she decided to look for her biological family. with the help of her adopted family. ten years later she decided to try again and this time she learned there was a photo and letter left behind for her. the problem, the picturend at letter were destroyed. the lawyer that handle the case died ten months before she figured out who he was had the she was able to get a court to reopen her case. she found a birth certificate, so now she has the name, she goes to social media and sure enough, that is how she finds her biological family. fortunately they were able to speak for the first time. she did find out that her parents married four years after she was born and were married for 23 years and they had three other children, so sam learns that nicco, alex, and bree are her full siblings and she meets them on this day as well. >> that's a lot to process. >> right. >> do we know where sam wound up
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compared to her family? >> it sounds like sam grew newspaper oklahoma. this reunion happened in illinois. so they were in different states. >> check thought moment just a little bit after she finally manages to let go of mom, she finds dad. the birth parents are now divorced, but this is a new relationship for her that she'll have the rest of her life to develop and >> okay. is time. >> this is ryan taylor. we know ryan from his bmx stunts and other naughty stunts. in this case, ryan is in milton keys in the uk and he's decided to take his crazy car inside a mall. >> okay. >> the mall security already knows ryan for all the bad reasons. so ryan knows that this is not going to go well for him. he starts the timer to see how long he can ride his crazy car inside the mall. and at first he's taking it kind of easy. he doesn't want to draw too much
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attention too soon, gives one of the employees a high five he's cruises by can i get a high five. >> >> so he cruisings by one of the stores, says hole low to the people in there. >> he's bold. >> that's an understatement. we're just getting started. comes back out of store, starts drifting the crazy car east. >> still hasn't been spotted? >> nope. but that's about to change. here's where he spots his first blue coat security. >> how you doing, boss? >> i'm head ed to the fashion show. >> he starts to spin a tail that he has permission to be there as part some of fashion show. comes across another guard, same story. >> i'm here for the fashion show. >> seems to work. but now starts weaving around the pylons, takes one out and then here's a message over the pa. >> they're calling me by name. >> they know exactly who he is and they say, urbaned, get out. of course he's not going to leave quietly. he starts do a little social
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media while he's scooting through the mall. >> here we go. >> sees another blue coat up ahead, turns around. >> here we go. sorry, guys. >> run. >> drive. >> increases his speed,peed, had he his eye on that ball, you didn't see this >> that was -- >> done. >> -- a good move. >> he gets tackled and they are not playing nice today. >> he's still recording. >> yeah, he's going to keep recording and try to turn this whole thing around on the guards. >> look at this. >> look at that [ bleep ]. >> you ever [ bleep ]. >> he's not resisting but he's certainly not going easy on the guard, particularly this guy. he's got it in for this guy. >> i've got all of you on camera so that's -- >> they take him by the arm and escort him out of the mall,
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reunite him with his crazy cart and tell him return got to go. but do you think he leaves? >> no. >> oh my goodness. >> opens the door again, quickly met by security. somehow he doesn't wind up in the back of a police car, but that's ryan's way, you know, pushing buttons. pushing the envelope. >> this vooes a little bit older but newly uploaded. that's an elephant seal. so does it want to play sore it charge up? >> i think it's a combination those things. that baby elephant seal, not moving fast enough. >> this is nature's version of uncle cry uncle. >> oh r. >> kiddo here was able to roll free and is it a territorial type of display? is he trying certain dominance? >> i think maybe it's a little dominance, maybe big brother getting angry saying get out of my way. these male elephant seals hang
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out in hair rums because once the babies are born their weaned after 23 days and moms leave them and go back into the ocean. >> and deal with the big males. >> i guess that's the way you learn how to hang with the crowd. >> you got to learn the ropes somehow. >> that thing is enormous. >> 8,800 pounds. >> whoa, okay. say uncle. >> uncle. >> a way of life for many grour about the daily grind surround by strangers, but it's got an element of everyone's in it together, an element of community. it's not really the place to be doing this. >> oh, she's applying a perm or hair color? >> she's dyeing her hair. >> she is dyeing her hair while riding the bus to work, from work, i don't know, but clearly she was dying do it. >> no, no, that stuff stinks, zblan that's what i'm thinking about. >> this is really messed up
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especially because she's got dye on her hands, it could get on things dit could dye the passengers clothes. >> this guy instead of dyeing his hair at home would do it at the gym and get his dye all over the sinks and stuff. >> this looks like it might be cellophane too which is -- >> is that good or bad? >> it's a temporary hair color. either way it's a hair color. she should be in a mirror and a space where she can control the situation. >> transportation is all about being in it together especially these two. it's very sweet. here we go. wait, wait. wait, closer, they're going to get -- and then the video ends. >> i love that they eventually did sleep resting on each oth he and that they're both sing sol that when they wake up there's a love connection and now they get to live happily ever after. >> write that screen play. >> i will. >> a police dog arrives on scene. >> ready to get to work.
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>> see what happens when peta ripa's hot on a suspect's stale. >> you're under arrest. >> let me at 'em, let me at el. and. i just got bought a refrigerator in the year 2018. >> find out why this guy hasn't warmed up to his new ice maker. >> it's spilling everywhere. oh, no. brought to you by all state, are you in good >> i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console playing a little hide and seek. cold. warmer, warmer. up, boiling. jackpot. if you've got cut rate car insurance, you had could beicing up these charges yourself. so get yawl state where you can help be protected from maihem, like me. >> maihem is everywhere.
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are new good hands? >> say it's like stabbing knives, sometimes i have to call in sick. >> any pelvic pain. >> kinda. it's like something is hammering at my uterus, even when it's not my period. >> pain with sex? >> actually, it's all terrible. >> if you have painful periods, pelvic pain in between periods or pain with sex, ask your
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. closed captioning provided by. >> if you battle chronic back pain, turn it off with icy hot smart relief. only smart relief is indicted end pain between brands. turn off pain, smart relief. if you're a sceptic about the talent, the skill that police dogs possess, i think this video might convince that you they are pretty amazing little guys. in fact, this video from australia starts off letting us in on the fact that there was a
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hit-and-run. the suspect took off. that is when they resort to their fellow friends the police dog and you can see him jumping out of the back of that suv wagging its tail ready to get to work. immediately start running through this area, that woman points them in the direction she believes the suspect has gone, leaving a scent behind. they run through this wooded area with the trees. there's got to be an overwhelming a. cents around there. >> it seems like this moment the dog's on the wild chase through the woods but you've got too let him do his training and do what he's trained do. >> they come across this what looks like a muddy river. >> the dog goes right in. >> jumps right in the water. they work their way across. >> dog's doing a great job but didn't notice the zblith and after a slot of sloshing and working their way toward it, check this out.
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>> the dog will be deployed. >> let me at 'em, let me at 'em. >> they do warn the guy if you don't come out and just surrender, we're going to release the hound. >> release the hound. >> the guy chooses the smart thing and just sur renders. and you see the guy being taken away by other officers. good job, ripa. >> you're a good boy, ripa, yeah, you you know all these fancy smanssy appliance, they have all these features, but do they really work? >> i just bought a refrigerator in 2018. i was at the ice dispenser. >> mine's broken. i've got a very expensive refrigerator, doesn't work. >> it's dispensing ice, you should be grateful. >> his problem is that he pults the glass right on top of the designated area and the ice
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doesn't go directly into the glass. i mean, what more do you want, it works. >> his problem is he holds his finger on the button look, it's spilling everywhere. oh, no. >> this is said that his dad was heading up to fix the faucet without turning the water off first. >> take it off with the other one on. >> turning and turning and turning. just put your hand over it. and now it's spraying all over the place hitting him in the face. >> at least his dad didn't dry this under the kitchen sink. >> duck, dad, duck. >> he did it and he saved time. >> complete. >> that's a win. >> job well done, underwatersearch in the name of love. >> careful, zblorth move slowly. >> next, right this minute,
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alexis's man has finally come home. how she delivers the warmest of the welcomes with the sweet surprise. >> that's cool. plus, a man who's dealt with problematic skin for. >> 50 years. >> it's like a gold mine, a real gold mine. >> see what happens when it's time for dock to clea >> oh my goodness. having moderate to severer is rye sis is not easy. humira has a proven track record of being prescribed for over ten years. it's the number one prescribed biologic by determine to gifts. more than 250,000 patients have chosen humira to fight theirer is rye sis and they're not backing down. for most patients, clearer skin is the proof. >> humira can lower your ability to fight infections including tuberculosis, some side
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provided by. why let itchy, irritated stin skeep you from from. cortisone 10 works fast to help sooth irritation and relief itch for ten full hours. cortisone 10. >> when back brain brings you down, trust icy hot patch. >> icy hot, power past pain. home is where the heart is and mine is finally home is what the sign that alexa is holding says. >> oh. >> yep. her heart is met and he has been deployed 11 months, a specialist in the army. >> that's a long time. >> that's a long time to not see someone. >> it's not just her that's there to greet them. their friends and family are also there as well. and then you'll notice alexa is walking up with a little furry friend. he turns around and he's. >> that's a little chocolate labrador. >> now, behind the video, matt has wanted a chocolate lab and one of the guys that he was deployed with had a litter and
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so alexa found out and she went to ping the pup. but as she was on her way back shom she got a call from matt saying hey, honey, i'm home. she went to pick up the pup to picking up herman and surprising him. if you thought that was sweet, you're going to have a sweet tooth after this one. angelo lopez in, iii is in the navy and, well, he's home. >> hey. >> daddy. >> and his daughter angela age 9 and ariana age 6 both greet him. they had no idea he was home a couple days early. he's been serving 13 years he's been deployed in cuba and while they might get accustomed to him being gone, the home coming is always a beautiful thing. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> yes, they hug and kiss and hold and cry. and their mom cand day helps them pull all of this off. he says he hopes to return home for good in 2019. thank you for your service and welcome home.
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as a woman who enjoys a nice spa day getting a facial scrub, this mystifies me. >> hello, how are up? >> guys, this video was posted by dr. la leek because this patient of his has gone 50 years, 50 years, with black heads covering his eyelids and his upper face. >> 50 years without bathing, taking shower, washing his face, come on. >> black heads have nothing to do would with dirt they have everything do with bacteria that's trapped in there already. >> think of it like this. they'd be like time capsules. >> and tell a story. >> could you analyze these black heads in 50 years of history you'd be able to tell where he's been. >> kind of like core safrps samples from a glacier. >> this one's called oli. >> he has one thing to say about this. >> it's like a gold mine, a real gold mine. >> the black heads are different, i'm like, whoa. >> i like black heads. >> hold up a second.
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look at this. it looks like black barn knackles. >> they're all over his eyelids. >> this is getting serious now. >> you buried the lead, gayle. >> oh my goodness. >> if that interests you, oli, look at this one right here. >> now it looks like little maggots coming >> that's zblos bgross. >> the doctor said he doesn't feel any pain, he's wincing because of the way he's pinching the swin together but. >> there's another eye full. >> it's on both eyes, charity. >> oh my god, poor guy. >> if you'd like to watch both our videos go to or check out our mobile app. the yes theory guys challenged will smith do something exciting and. >> will responds. >> what the hell is helly bungee? >> why it's safe to say there's
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an epic
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it, boom. >> fun to do 0 on a saturday afternoon. >> that's right wharchts is that one word that yes, dearry, you're trying to get everyone to say more? >> yes. >> exactly. they like to throw out suggestions to people and just say grab life by the horns and say yes. well, they came one a doozy the other day. >> this is going to sound crazy, but if we challenge will smith to bunggy? >> why will smith sne actually starred in a youtube channel.
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the thing is will smith international movie star is probably sitting in some swanky house in the middle of nowhere is never going to hear it. >> will? >> boy, do you see me meditate egg? >> you need to check this out. >> i'm trying to get at one with my mind. >> seems he doesn't have the time to get one with his mind, he has to sit down and watch this crazy youtube video. >> what the hell is helly bung gee. >> first i need to know if this is even possible? where? who does this? who's the best in the world? how many people have died doing this. >> so he gets a little minuty will smith and zw a bit of a test flight. so once they feel like they've done enough research, will responds. >> well done, will. >> i got three conditions. one, we do it for charity. >> i mean, man. >> do it, will.
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>> two, we do it after i finish shooting my movie. i don't want to be in breach ofmy contract. and three, most important, nonnegotiate abno nonnegotiable, we do it over the grand can con. >> this is the guy to make happen. >> will smith for tom cruise. you know how to fly a helicopter, right? >> want to see the guys react? okay, they're nice and calm about it. >> check out that youtube channel. >> needs to relax. everyone needs to [ bleep ] relax. >> so they watch the video and whn it's done, they stay calm. >> i'm so happy for them. this is really cool. >> hope you had fun with us today. we appreciate if the you can see more on right this or check you the out
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tonight, breaking news as we come on. president trump himself just moments ago entering the white house briefing room. what he just said about a major announcement coming from south korea on the north. also tonight, the president signing those controversial new tariffs on steel and aluminum. after losing his top economic adviser who did not want them. tonight, what would a trade war mean for jobs right here at home? a reality check and the numbers. the growing outrage over this video. a man walking home from work, accused of jaywalking, ending up on the ground and et bbeaten. tonight, the police chief offering to resign. could there be a new storm brewing? what the models show at this


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