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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  March 8, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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korean leader kim jong-un by may. >> one of the top security officials shared the plans in a meeting outside the white house an hour ago. the talking between -- >> no sitting president has ever met a north korean leader. mr. trump had ruled out direct talks unless the north drastically reduces its nuclear arsenal. >> meantime president trump took a swipe at mayor libby schaaf the same way that jeff sessions did yesterday when he was here in california. >> reporter: and you're right, the chief critic of mayor libby schaaf today is the commander in chief, who as you heard, said she was a disgrace for alerting that i.c.e. would be raiding for undocumented immigrants. prday had his words to say, and
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enides t mentioned libby schaaf by name, but trump took a swipe at schaaf the day after attorney general jeff sessions came to california and also criticized schaaf for blowing the lid off a series of immigration raids planned by ic.e. >> they say 85% of them were criminals, and had criminal records. and the mayor of oakland, she went out and warned them all. >> reporter: today schaaf responded to the criticism in this interview provided to us by the mayor's public affairs office, she says she's getting a lot of support. >> i am so appreciative of the oakland community. i have obviously gotten much criticism, much of it from outside of this community. >> reporter: but some members of the city council are afraid that
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face-offing against president trump pould -- >> our public safety through the police, the housing issues, serving the homeless. but we have to recognize, we're u.s. citizens and don't get caught up in your political game. >> reporter: but this city councilman says bring it on. >> they can do whatever they want. we're going to do what's best for the people of oakland and the east bay. >> schaaf wished the president a happy international women's day. the contra costa county sheriff's office released a statement today alleging multiple allegations against an i.c.e. group banned from visiting immigrants. have accused the sheriff's office for retaliating against them for pub sizing allegations that i.c.e prisoners were being mistreated in richmond. the sheriff's statement cited
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local 20 civic volunteered had violated numerous policies for people who visit the jail, including sending contraband to the inmates. you see an suv flipping over after it hit and killed a tenager. police say it was a hit and run and now they are looking hard for the driver. >> it happened when an suv stopped and began rolling backwa backward, fatally hitting an 18-year-old who was walking on the sidewalk. let's go live in vallejo where a vigil for the victim is about to get under way. >> reporter: people are arriving for that vigil. it was right here that 18-year-old aires buffen, was walking yesterday afternoon, cell phone in her hand, she was face timing with a friend when an suv came rolling down the steep hill, it struck and killed her. people are in deep mourning here.
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>> hit the girl, knocked her down to this area down here. >> reporter: mike cokley heard the crash and saw the after math from his bedroom window as he saw this overturned suv land in front of his driveway. >> tires were still rolling and then i saw a body over across the street in the gutter, so i knew there was a problem. so immediately i called 911. >> reporter: cokley shares a video that shows the driver getting out, looking at the girl and then running up the street. >> he needs to turn himself in now. we know who you are. >> reporter: police are looking for the alleged drive, 29-year-old vincent fitser of vallejo, who they say has a history of violent acts. >> he's he's on the move most of the
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time. we have contacted most of hiss a family members. >> they are grieving the high school senior that was on face time with this woman's daughter at the time ott crash. >> she said she was on the phone and she heard a scream and then the phone fell and she seen the garbage can. she was dead. >> ayres buffin always being happy. that suv may have had a mechanical problem that caused it to roll down the steep hill and up on to the sidewalk. and in just the last few minutes. police told abc7 news that fitz fitzer's previous record includes 31 past crimes. the board agreed to take their demands to the next level. 28-year-old shalene tindle was
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killed by b.a.r.t. police officer joseph matu. body cam video released by b.a.r.t. shows matu responding to shots fired outside the west oakland b.a.r.t. station on january 2, he comes across two men struggling, then screams at them to show their hands and then fires three shots. >> i want an explanation of the reason why this man is still own t the streets of this crime. >> matu is now on desk duty because of threats on his life. right now b.a.r.t. says it's getting a handle on its major delays after a person was hit and killed by a train this afternoon. sky 7 flew above the macarthur station in oakland just after 3:00 this morning. b.a.r.t. tells us that trains are still running and the station has partially reopened,
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but to's no northbound service to pittsburgh and will need to transfer in brooklyn. hundreds of students walked out of class today. they're upset at the deliberately le district leaders. >> reporter: a lot of accusations are being thrown here at the board of the allan rock school district, that's why there's a crowd of people here. in the next 30 minutes, they're about to go into the district office to demand change in leadership. a defiant choice made by hundreds of students at the allen rock school district. they walked out of class and into the street. >> we didn't want to be in trouble, but we thought it was
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important for us to be here. but we had that reassurance when we saw how many people were walking out and supporting us. >> several hundred students left school with parents to protest how the board of trustees manages the district. they marched to the school district office to hold a rally. >> there's no transparency, there's lack of accountability, there's mismanagement of funds, or at the very least, can you prove that there isn't mismanaging of funds? >> reporter: parents say there's been payouts to developers for projects that haven't been built. they're particularly frustrated with three of the five trustees who they say are disrespectful at meeting it. >> they make comments or they make threats about calling the police. and then a lot of our parents over here are immigrants so now they're kind of scared to come back, because they feel they're going to get arrested or maybe immigration comes by. by.
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>> i'm more than willing to listen. i have been doing that, we need to sit down and continue this line of communication. >> reporter: the school board meeting starts at 5:30, parents and students are going to be heading inside. they say it's an election year and many of them say that they won't be re-electing the trustees, if they don't see a change. students talk about it and now one supervisor something about it. the new concerns over high-speed rail and the worry it could make some animals go extinct. the sun is shining right now, but rain is returning this weekend. i'll have your timeline coming up. also ahead, scientists proof that truth is no match for fiction on twitter. and
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the public commentary about whether to drill offshore ends today. the state this week released its battle plan to fight the expansion of offshore drilling. it includes the land department refusing to permit drillers to bring oil to land. oil-gas activity off the coast has formally opposed trump's plan for new drilling in pacific waters. according to our m partner mercury news with the high-speed rail trains includes a lot of open space where wildlife live.
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video from pathways for wildlife shows a bob cat in coyote value. and ecologists want to make sure the tunnels and bridges don't impede wide life habitats. areas that are cut off can go extinct. the majority of monuments in america are centered around men. but a santa clara county supervisor plans to give women their rightful place in history. >> reporter: these young women are taking part in a discussion on gender and equality. future leaders all engaged in the present. >> there's so many issues we haven't touched on, but we're still using our building blocks of our society to make those better. >> reporter: across the campus, a separate gathering on this international women's day, several members of the community coming together for a big
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announcement. supervisor cindy chavez says it's time to recognize women's accomplishments around the county. she's going to ask the board for $5 million to build monuments in their honor. >> monuments, art, renaming streets, dedicating parks. we're going to put our mark on this county. >> reporter: there's some significant history behind the proposal. in the 1970s, san jose was known as the feminist capital of the world, electing the first female male of a major american city. >> these days we hear more about gender disparity and cultural harassment in silicon valley, and i think it's great to call attention to that other history of women leaders and women's empowerment. >> reporter: turning words into action and a positive influence for generations of women to come.
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all right, new study finds just how fast fake news can travel on twitter. mit researchers released details of a so-year study. they found the average false study takes about 10 hours to reach 1,800 users, it takes about 60 hours for the true news to reach the same number of people. here's the theory about why. >> when you see something that's interesting or evokes an emot n emotional reaction, you want to share it. or you say oh, my gosh, i can't believe this is true and so you share it immediately. >> it's not just bots, it's humans spreading those bogus stories for the reasons she just described. according to the chronicle, the consumer product safety commission took action after receiving a report that the candle holders
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the promotional items were manufactured in china. a growing number of california teenagers are taking advantage of the state's preregister to vote system. data released by the secretary of state shows nearly 89,000, 16 and 17-year-olds have registered under the system. almost 44% declined to register as no party. 37% registered at democrats. the teens will automatically become registered on their 18th birthdayed a long as they're a u.s. citizen and a california resident. a lot of people put off filing their taxes until the very last minute. but filing sooner rather than later has big benefits including protecting yourself against identity theft. >> patrick says filing taxes is a headache. it but every year, he gathers
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his paper work and tackles taxes well ahead of the deadline. >> i want to get my refund back as quickly as possible. >> reporter: getting an early refund is -- you can also protect against scammers using your social security number attempting to collect yourry fund. the number of victims of identity theft on tax returns has fallen by about 2/3 since se 2015 due to better security. >> after all, there were 143 million people in the equifax breach that were affected last year. >> you protection pin number. it gives an extra layer of security. you'll need to provitd that pin along with your social security number on your returns.
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>> if you yo money to the irs, don't feel that filing early means you have to pay early. >> getting the return done early, gives you time to figure out how to pay, but keep in mind, using your credit card to pay your taxes could trigger additional fees, plus a convenience fee. the irs says more than 70% of taxpayers will get a retwund this year. the irs says 9 out of 10 refunds are issued within three weeks. > . hi, there, everyone. enjoy this break that we're in, because we have more, much-needed rain coming our way. we do have clouds around and we did have some rain between last night and this morning. just about everyone hered a measurable rain, with the exception of redwood city and a
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trace amount in san jose. .07 inch in san francisco, .15 in oakland and about .05 in liver more. if you didn't get enough, look at our rain chances. it's actually really good news, we need the rain and we have level 1 and level 2 storms between this weekend all the way through most of the workweek next week. all right, i'm going to break it down for you in just a moment. but right now i want to show you a lovely picture from our east bay hills camera. we're seeing a mixture of low clouds and higher level clouds as well. here's a look at the temperatures, 54 in san francisco, 59 in oakland, san jose, gilroy. temperatures today, we were in the low 60s to middle 50s. here's a look at a picture from our sutro tower camera, this looks almost like summer, mid 60s santa rosa, napa, novato.
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just keeping it interesting. and this is an interesting view from our emeryville camera right now. another mild day tomorrow, rain arrives afternoon/evening. and it's an unsettled pattern into next week. tomorrow morning, the clouds insulate us, it's not going to be cold, low 40s to low 50s to start off your day. tomorrow afternoon, you'll see low clouds, and temperatures low 60s to low 70s. so tomorrow's pretty much a dry break, and then a light level 1 system coming in our storm impact scale. saturday afternoon through sunday, rain turning to showers, most areas will be a quarter to a half-inch. but isolated areas could pick up a quarter-inch of rain and it will be breezy at times. hour by hour, 1:00 saturday, more clouds, 4:00 p.m. spreading rain northwards.
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5:00 hour, most everyone getting some rain. the focus of this rain is the south bay. its widespread rain saturday and as we head into sunday morning, the rain switches over to scattered showers. so i would just hang on to the umbrellas. it's not going to be a washout. but you certainly will need the rain gear. take a look at when you'll need it. accuweather 7-day forecast, level 1 saturday through sunday. don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour before you go to bed. we go to daylight-saving time, yes you lose that hour of sleep, but you gain the hour of daylight. scattered showers on tuesday, cooler weather, and on wednesday, we have a stronger storm, that's going to bring us moderate rain, cooler conditions, more wet weather in the forecast, download the accuweather app and check us the temperatures and live doppler 7. becca may have forgiven alley, but certainly not
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annen internal investigation found four unwanted occasions of his unwanted hugging. the senate did not feel the findings were serious enough to warrant harsher disciplinary action which could have included expulsion. ari was condemned after breaking off his engagement to becca, on this controversial season finale, before reconnecting with lauren, a runner up. becca is from minnesota and now a lawmaker from that state is coming to her rz -- in a tweet,
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congressman drew christianen sen said, i'm a man of my word, here is the bill banning ari. zero tolerance of ari from season 22 of the bachelor. every person in this state has a right to live free from ari in this state. after that gut wrenching finale, he promised to sign that bill if he got 22,000 responses. and an mate for finds his games and scores an oscar alongside kobe bryant. now this legendary illustrate for has a new exhibit in san francisco, we'll have that story next. but first we want to than, a.p. for what he calls crazy clouds in san jose and we would have to agree.
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coming up tonight on abc7 "news at 6:00," the bay area isn't exactly steel country, you'll see how all the talk about tariffs could impact one sonoma county business. of. you're calling me scum? >> the escalating tensions in berkeley, right wing protesters threaten to burn down a right wing bookstore. it's been wowing visitors for months, but if you want to walk the walk, you better act fast. speaking of wowing, visitors to san francisco's presidio have a chance to relive decades of movie magic and maybe even peek behind the curtain to see what's coming next. >> it's all be the weaphelp of of the world's most famous animators. >> reporter: it was another award winning moment for famed animate for glen keen, this time
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for career basketball with nba star kobe bryant. >> there's a moment where they just come through the paper and you look and you recognize, that's him. and that's what happened with the beast. >> now keen's character from beauty and the beast to little mermaid are together at the disney family museum at san francisco's presidipresidio, it chance to see and learn about the techniques that helped them jump off the screen in films like tarzan and aladdin. >> trying to prove to you that these are not flat drawing. >> reporter: keen honed his craft while the characters and creativity are legendary, we believes the future of movie
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magic will have a life all it's own with virtual reality keen recently demonstrated by drawing his character aerial using google's tilt brush system. >> with the goggles on, and i'm drawing, but i'm actually animating a figure that's turning in space around me. that's a dream. >> reporter: it's a dream that could come to life in the next few years, in the same way keen's characters have. >> the exhibit is called make believe, the world of glen keen. it's running through september 3 at the disney family museum. he actually became and an mate for because he was he was looking for colleges, he accidentally dropped his resume off at the wrong college. for all of us here, we appreciate your time.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. north korean dictator kim jong-un sends a message to president trump. he says he will stop firing missiles for now, and he wants a meeting with president trump as soon as possible. word coming in now. president trump says he'll do it. it's breaking now. the president signing those controversial new tariffs for steel and aluminum after losing his top economic adviser who did not want them. tonight, what would a trade war mean for jobs right here at home? a reality check the numbers. the growing outrage over this police video. a man walking home from work, accused of jaywalking, ending up on the ground and beaten. tonight, the police chief offering to resign. the exploding power lines and now could there be a new storm brewing? what the models show at this


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