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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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asfwreemts agreement is reached. we don't know when or where the meeting will take place, but it will reportedly happen by may. president trump called libby schaaf a disgrace for warning undocumented immigrants i.c.e. planned a series of raids. >> reporter: oakland mayor join rare company today. most city leaders can go a lifetime without butting heads with a sitting president. >> what the oakland mayor did today was a disgrace. >> reporter: jeff sessions came to sacramento to file suit against oakland's sanctuary city policies. >> many of them, 85% of them were criminals and had criminal records. and the mayor of oakland went out, and she went out and warned them all. >> reporter: earlier today,
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shaaph responded to the criticism outside an international women's day gathering in san francisco. in this interview, provided by the mayor's public affairs office, she says she is getting a lot of local support. >> you know, i am so appreciative of the oakland community. i have obviously notten much criticism, but much of it from outside of this community. the city council wonder if facing off against the trump administration could jeopardize sorely-needed federal funding for oakland. >> we need funds for the police, housing issues, serving the homeless, but i think we have to recognize, we're u.s. citizens and don't get caught up in your political game. >> reporter: but this city councilman says bring it on. >> they can threaten all they want. we're going to do what we think is best for oakland and the east bay. >> reporter: mayor shaaph took a final jab at the president today by wishing him a happy international women's day.
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>> we sent out a push alert this morning through the abc news app about the president's comments so you could watch and listen to what he had to say for yourself. the app is free to download and we have versions for apple and android devices. right now we're monitoring heavy traffic on the san mateo bridge. they're now moving a lot faster than they were a while ago. because just before 4:00 p.m. four vehicles were involved in a crash on the eastbound side past the toll plaza. one car was reported to have almost crashed into the water. for a while all lanes were blocked. right now they have reopened. it's back to its usually slowness. bart was closed for hours after a train hit and killed a person. the coroner is now on the scene. part says trains are running through the station and not stopping. a candlelight vigil is getting under way in vallejo for
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a 18-year-old girl who was killed yesterday afternoon. she was walking on a sidewalk when she was hit and killed by a rolling suv. police believe this man, vincent fitzer was behind the wheel. he has previous charges for crimes such as car theft, burglary and narcotics. >> reporter: the 18-year-old was walking on the sidewalk at 3:45 yesterday. she was on face time with this woman's daughter when a suv rolled backwards on this steep hill and struck and killed her. >> she was on the phone and i heard her scream and the phone fe fell. she was dead. >> hit the girl, knocked her down to this area here. >> reporter: mike cokely heard the crash, saw the aftermath from his window and saw the suv land in front of his driveway.
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>> tires were still rolling, and then i saw a body across the street in the gutter. so i knew there was a problem. so immediately i called 911. >> reporter: cokely shared a surveillance video that shows the driver getting out, looking at the injured girl and running up the street. >> he needs to turn his self in. we know who you are. >> reporter: police are looking for the alleged driver, 29 year old vincent fitzer of vallejo who they seixasay has a crimina histohi history including violent acts. they are grieving the death of the senior. she was described as always smiling, always happy. police are investigating the possibility that the 1994 suburban that hit her may have had a mechanical problem that
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caused it to roll backwards, down the steep hill and up onto the sidewalk. in vallejo, leslie brinkley. the park board of directors says it will discuss the incident of a man killed after people swarmed the meeting. 28-year-old shalean tyndall was shot and killed by bart police officer joseph matu on january 3rd. the parents claim their wrongfully qui wrongfully killed and want matu fired. he comes upon two men struggling on the streets, screams for them to show their hands and fires three shots. >> we want to hear your logic for why that man is still walking the streets of our cities and our towns. why is he on his job? >> bart officials say they
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followed all policies before returning the officer to duty. he is now on desk duty due to threats on his life. 19-year-old jesus due war tay died after being shot tuesday night. he was hiding inside the trunk of a car that had been involved in a robbery moments earlier. a handgun was discovered in the trunk of that honda. officers detained two other people who were riding inside the car, victor navarro flores was one of them. four men are in custody, suspected of stealing thousands of dollars in a transnational card-skimming operation. officers made the arrests starting in january. the suspects used cloned debit cards and gift cards to steal money from atms around the east bay. police found several skimming devices used to steal credit
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card numbers at gas pumps. revolution books has been the target of several right wing groups that have protested in front of the store. things escalated when a small group threatened to burn the place down. we see the video of when things started to heat up. >> are you so ignorant. [ bleep ]. >> we're going to biurn down yor bookstore. >> reporter: those threats scared some of the volunteers who work at revolution books near the uc berkley campus. >> they came, tried to push their way into our store and then started yelling at us, like you see in the video. >> reporter: redman and others in the store had recorded the entire incident. >> i was here, march 4, april 15, april 27. we ran your stupid [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the store has been under attack ever since last year's pro trump rally in
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berkley. protesters have showed up at the store ten other times. the store sells an array of books, it also promotes those on the revolutionary communist party. >> we stand against white supremacy. we stand against this fascist trump regime. >> reporter: this is video given to abc 7 news of one of the first protests outsides bookstore. >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: volunteers who work at the store say besides berkley police they are relying on the community to protect this local institution, which has been in the neighborhood for three decades. >> we have a text alert system. and weigh a encourage people to volunteer and be in the bookstore. >> reporter: city lights books expressed their support for revolution books stating we stand in solidarity with our fellow book sellers and with all those who exercise their rights to think freely, publish and advocate for their believes. in berkley, leanne melendez, abc
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7 news. for the first time in a year, part of california falls into the extreme drought category. you can see it in red on this map. released today by the u.s. drought monitor, it's just south of santa barara in ventura county. here in the bay area, we are in the lowest drought category wher called abnormally dry. a little bit of rain fell overnight. this is from sunnyvale. rain will return this weekend. spencer christian is here with a preview of what we can expect. >> it couldn't come at a better time. we get march and april rain. that's very, very helpful even after a dry early part of the rainy season. here's a look at rainfall totals. most locations received under a tenth of an inch except in the north bay. let's take a look at current conditions, partly cloudy skies and a storm on the way moving in late saturday into sunday, ranks one on the storm impact scale, expected to produce mainly light
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rain and showers, although there could be some appearance of a brief, heavy downpours. most areas will receive a quarter to a half inch of rain. starting at 8:00 saturday morning, at which point we'll see increasing clouds becoming thicker saturday afternoon as rain moves from the south, southwest. that rain will continue pushing across the entire bay area during the late night and overnight hours. it's going to be very wet overnight saturday night into sunday morning. as you see, sunday will begin with patchy rainfall. it will span more than a couple of days. that's coming up in a little bit. coming up next, find out why rapper snoop dogg is making local headlines. also ahead. >> prices are starting to increase very rapidly. >> hear how the new steel and aluminum tariffs are already affecting petaluma. and a new spoking trend among teenagers which is easy
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the future is for the unafraid. with crispy all white meat chicchicken strips, crunchy asian slaw, fresh cucumbers and a bold gochujang mayo. and i'm challenging you to try it, martha. it's on jack. gosh you smell good. try my new asian fried chicken sandwich. part of the food-truck series. well, this may look like a usb device, and that's what some teenagers say make it easy to use on campus. it's actually a vaporizer made by a san francisco-based company. melanie woodrow explains how underage users are taking advantage of that design. >> reporter: according to its website, jewel accommodates cigarette-like nicotine levels. it looks like a usb drive, a design that some lincoln high school students in san francisco say makes it easy to use right
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on campus. even though the campus is both smoke free. >> they bend under the table and take a little puff. >> reporter: san francisco unified school distribuct is educating students. >> we want them to know that electronic vape products are not safe. >> reporter: they say they don't use jewel but they have ideas why others do. >> it's easier to do. >> it's used for trips. >> reporter: in an e-mail, a spokesperson for jewel writes, we strongly condemn the use of our product by minor, and it is in fact illegal to sell our product to minors. no minor should be in possession of our >> in crass, behiclass, behind back. >> reporter: they want to inform their peers. >> this is a way to get you into smoking. >> reporter: jewel says it's
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working to reduce the number of minors who use tobacco products, which nirtives like limiting website sales to those 21 and over, a secret shopper program and working with schools, law enforcement and community leaders. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. it's international woman's day, and one woman running for mayor of san francisco has an endorsement from snoop dogg. he said it's time an accomplished woman ran the city. there's only been one woman mayor in san francisco history. mayor ed lee died unexpectedly in december. of the eight candidates, six are women. santa clara county supervisor cindy chavez was among those speaking to women about female empowerment. chavez says the time is now to
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recognize women for their accomplishments throughout the county. she also announced her plan to ask the board to dedicate up to $5 million to build monuments in their honor. >> monument, arts, changing the names of streets, dedicating parks. we going to put our mark on this county. >> i think it's great to call attention to that other history of women leaders and women's empowerment. >> there is some significant history behind chavez's proposal. san jose was known as the feminist capital in the world in the 1970s, when janet gray hayes was the first mayor of a major american city is. hundreds walked out of class in protest. they are upset at the board of trustees and many are inside a meeting tonight. janine de la vega tells us about the controversy. >> reporter: a defiant choice made by hundreds of students in
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the alan rock school district. they walked out of class and into the street. >> i thought it was important for us to come together and walk out, because we want to prove a point and send a message. >> reporter: children from seshl elementary and middle schools simultaneously left school with parents to protest how the board of trustees manages the district. they marched to hold a rally. >> there's a lack of transparency, definitely a lack of accountability. there's mi there's mismanagement of funds. all right u.s. securities and exchange commission is currently investigating the district's handling of bond funds. there are payouts for projects that haven't been built. >> parents, student, alumni, ex-teachers have cried at the podium, asking the entire school board to do right by the students here in alan rog, making sure that they get back
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to their representation. >> reporter: herrera agrees there are challenges, where many are latino and come from low-income families. >> i am more than willing to listen. i have been doing that. we need to sit down and continue this line of communication. >> reporter: parents and students will be heading inside the board meeting to voice concerns. they won't be reelecting some of the trustees if things don't change. jais is . look at this stunning sunset behind us. >> sometimes you get the prettiest skies right after a storm, right? >> that's true. >> let's check in with spencer christian. >> picture's worth a thousand words. that's like a novel. we've got partly cloudy skies right now. let me give you better views of these clouds. from the east bay hills. absolutely beautiful. it is 53 degrees, oakland, 58.
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low 60s at san jose and gilroy. here's a view from sutro tower. you see some of those clouds sweeping in there, and of course high clouds up a little bit higher in the atmosphere. 62 degrees in santa rosa, napa and novato both at 59 degrees, low 60s at concord, fairfield and livermore. and here's a view from emeryville. and these are our forecast features. another mild day tomorrow with rain arriving saturday afternoon into saturday night. and this unsettled pattern will continue right on into next week, prance everhaps even thro of the week. low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 40s, right around 50 degrees in san francisco. and tomorrow look for partly cloudy skies generally, increasing clouds in the north bay. some isolated showers arable po. it will be a mild day with high temperatures mainly in the upper
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60s to near 70 in most of our inland locations. then comes the storm. a storm of light intensity. but there could be brief downpours from time to time from saturday afternoon into sunday. smo forecast animation starting saturday morning. you can see the increase in the clouds and rain sweeping up from the south and covering all of the bay area by late saturday night and overnight into sunday. on sunday we get an early morning break. more rain is likely to fall. as we get a look at the chances of rain. tomorrow will be a dry day, but 50% to 100% over the six days that follow. looks like tuesday has the lowest chance of rain. but even on tuesday it's a 50% chance. on saturday, a 100% chance of rainfall. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. and six of those days look pretty wet. we'll start with tomorrow which will be mainly dry and partly to
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mostly sunny. rain arrives saturday afternoon. don't forget, we will move our clocks or time-recording device forward one hour as we move into daylight savings time. rain on sunday, rain in the afternoon and evening on monday. a stronger storm comes in on wednesday, we're giving that one a two already. it looks like it's going to be a beefier storm than the one coming up for the weekend. we have wet, unsettled weather coming ahead. >> we'll take more and more precipitation. coming up next, more bad news from the makers of
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exactly four years ago malaysian airlines flight 370 took off. a conversation with mission control was the last time anyone heard from the the 239 people on board have never been found. in 2015, debris from the plane washed ashore on islands off the coast of africa. the search for the plane is the most expensive and complex search in the history of aviation, and it's not over. a texas company is now using
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submarine drones to search an area of the indian ocean not previously examined. they have a 90-day contract which ends next month. snapchat is laying off more than 100 edngineers. employees hit by the layoffs will be notified over the coming days. they have had a backlash because of a major redesign of the app. kylie jenner tweeted her dislike. and the next day, snapchat lost $1 billion in value. the company went public over a year ago and has consistently been trading below its ipo price. tonight is y last night to walk the sonic runway in san jose. after four months, the artwork will come down for the closing ceremony that includes a fashion show with models. the path outside san jose's city hall features it 24 arches filled with l.e.d. lights that respond to music.
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home depot has been hit with a multi-million dollar bill balls of >> we remind you, you can get the latest news at any time with the upgraded news app. it has entansed features, more personalized and you can get more of the
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live where you live. this is abc 7 the trading day was choppy, due to concerns about president tump's new tariffs. at the bell, the big three were all in the green. the dow rose and sganed 12. >> the aluminum and steel
6:30 pm
industries have been ravaged by aggressive practices. it's an assault on our country. >> canada and mexico will be temporarily exempt. he also suggested other countries might be spared. republican senator jeff flake says he will introduce legislation to nullify the tariffs. tesla ceo twitter. musk said the current rules make things difficult like in an olympic event less shoes. china has already shown a willingness to open their markets, and i believe three will do the right thing. >> there is a steel industry in the bay area. we don't make the steel, but
6:31 pm
plenty of companies make steel from the products they import. >> the possibility of tariffs impacted business. >> reporter: a continent away from d.c., far from the political crowd we went to an enterprise that stretches back to 1901. >> most people drive by this place and have no idea what it is until they walk inside. and then they're like oh, my gosh. >> reporter: we tell you how he represent the fifth generation of his family. that is him on the left. van beber brothers have been here through two world wars, a recession and a depression. >> steel is like the building brock block of the world. >> reporter: if you wonder about the effects on steel tariffs on average americans, this were oue a good place to start. >> we've seen a 15% increase,
6:32 pm
and it's adding by day. >> reporter: his company buys steel from local and foreign manufacturers, then turns it into floors or conduits, tractor parts. now those prices are rising. >> a panic buying is what happens. >> reporter: it's a controversial measure. high-level stuff to 31 employees. ty has been here ten years, a craftsman, not an economist. >> it's going to matter a lot. in the end, it's the end-user who's going to end up paying for it. >> we bend it, we roll it, we sell it as is. >> reporter: in petaluma, abc 7 news. home depot was subject
6:33 pm
case across the state. the civil complaint alleges that the illegal behavior had taken place at 300 home depot stores across california. home depot says it will follow the rules from now on. developing news, bart's macarthur station is beginning to reopen. trains going to warm springs and san francisco are stopping at mcarthur, all other trains continue to bypass that station. a person was hit and killed around 3:00 this afternoon. gun control activists are calling on major credit card companies to stop payment processing for gun sales. they delivered petitions with more than 144,000 signatures to visa headquarters in foster city. they claim companies like visa and mastercard have the responsibility to curb and stop the sale of assault weapons across the united states. >> people want to own them then there should be as many speed
6:34 pm
bumps and impedestrianments as there is to buying a car and having insurance for it. >> payment processors like paypal and apple pay have already banned using their services to buy firearm, visa has not yet responded to our requests for comment. fremont's police cleahief w retire. he join the department in 1987 and worked his way up through the ranks before becoming chief in 2013. fremont city leaders will begin a search within the police department to find his successor. cannabis has been legal in california pour mofor more than months now, but a church that uses pot for its services has been raided. >> reporter: at the church of hundred harmonies there are two
6:35 pm
doors, one for the temple hall, a small sanctuary with pulpit and chairs and the other for sacraments. there's a wide variety for people to choose from at prices for the gram. it is central to their religious beliefs. >> it helps our mind, our spirituality. it helps create inner peace, and we want to spread that. we want people to become aware of what this plant is doing for our community. >> reporter: alanna reeves represents otheren churches that work the same way. but to law enforcement, they appear to be unlicensed dispe e dispensaries. they were raided and are now suing. >> the activities are protected under the california constitution, the united states constitution and federal law. laws that place a substantial burden on the free exercise of religion will not be upheld. >> reporter: bettencourt says
6:36 pm
the sincerity of beliefs, not the form of sacrament is what matters in court. people did not want to be identified on camera, out of concern there could be another raid. >> a really positive movement, and people are trying to put this dark cloud over it, when really, this is something we believe in, and we shouldn't be persecuted because this is something we are realizing helps people. >> reporter: melissa mcbride, abc 7 news. this year's best actress winner made a request to hollywood when she accepted her oscar. >> find out who's taking frances mcdormand up on her challenge. in the fight against sexually transmitted
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engaged in honor of international women's day, this flipped its sign upside down to make a w. mcdonald's has never flipped the golden arches before. during the oscars, frances
6:40 pm
mcdormand made a plea to all of hollywood and one man is taking her up on the offer. >> i have two words ladies and gentlemen, inclusion rider. >> well, michael b. jordan who stars in "black panther" and has a new sci-fi series in the works with netflix says he will include inclusion riders for all products made by his company. it requires studios to hire a diverse crew and cast for a project. today marks the end of the guaranteed space for the fatherless girl statue on wall street. it was installed last year for well's day, opposite the charging bull and proved so popular it that the city extended its permit. more than 40,000 people have signed a petition asking the city to make foreless girl a permanent feature. they will announce what they plan to do next week. now this statue and five others in new york got spcial
6:41 pm
treatment due to old navy. all the historical statues in york were draped in flowers, fresh flowers, to honor international women's day. old navy is a division of gap. new technology leads tonight's bay area business watch. ford has revealed it has a teen in palo alto researching troen cars could work together. it's part of the push to transition no a mobility company. using all that technology from cars to bikes and more. it is the latest part of the bike program called ford go bike. youtube tv has started to karo the mlb network and will sponsor the next two world series games. it is a streaming service for live tv show. youtube has headquarters in san bruno and owned by google. bruno and owned by google. coming up ♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister!
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newly-released analysis finds that every state is at risk of seeing health insurance premiums rose because it's not sure what the federal government is going to do about obamacare.
6:45 pm
it could rise between 12% and 32%. premiums could see an increase between 36% and 94%. california is expected to be in the lower end of that range. now that we can order almost everything online. one entrepreneur wants to do the same for an awkward visit to the doctor. >> jonathan bloom explains the problems getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases. >> reporter: it was valentine's day when the health department made a not so romantic announcement. >> syphilis and chlamydia iss rising. >> reporter: there are new ways to stop the spread of hiv. so officials say get tested. and here at the city clinic, they see about 9,000 people a year. but one entrepreneur says they should be seeing more. >> people by and large in the u.s. are not getting tested.
6:46 pm
only 62% of americans ever test for an infection. >> reporter: laura hopes this will change those numbers. it's a test called "may box." >> how often would you brush your teeth if someone told you you had to go to the dentist every time to do it. >> reporter: it's more expensive. but its makers are hoping to roach a part reach a part of the population that hasn't been willing to go here. >> it's privacy, not being seen by your community. >> reporter: it's an std test for a generation that does everything online. including dating. online dating is one reason infections are up. >> it's traveling rather than being contained in a small social circle. >> reporter: if it comes back positive, the organization reaches out with counseling and in some cases a doctor who can write a prescription after only a phone call.
6:47 pm
if you ask these phones, anythi -- folks, anything that gets people tested is a good thing. >> we need a range of options for how people access our services. >> reporter: jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. a final update on the transit issues. >> bart says the macarthur station has reopened. and regular service is restored or all trains in all directions. >> the macarthur station was closed after a train hit and sadly killed a there's going to be some rain, the tricky question is when. >> we have partly cloudy skies right now. dry overnight with low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. to our north there are patches of green north of ukiah, but it doesn't look like it will reach into the immediate bay area. tomorrow, partly cloudy skies,
6:48 pm
mild conditions. temperatures approaching 70 degrees. on saturday comes the next storm. it ranks one on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intense its, producing height rain and showers. but there could be pockets of heavy downpours from time to time. so here's the seven-day forecast. after tomorrow's dry conditions we have six consecutive days of some rainfall. by the way, over the weekend we move forward to day heiglight ss time. but we will have a rainy spell through next thursday at reilea. >> we need it. larry beil with sports. >> you know, how much do the warriors really want the one seed in the west? perhaps not as much as you'd think. and the
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good evening. 18 games left and the warriors are one game behind the rockets atop the west. which is truly the wild west. because you have 18 teams battling for the final six playoff spots, and they're
6:52 pm
separated by four games. the warriors will host the spurs at oracle. they will be without iguodala who injured his wrist. jordan bell out with an ankle injury. and west just had a cyst removed. the warriors would like to overtake houston for the top spot, but are not overly obsessed with it. >> it is what it is, you know. we're not going to spend the rest of our year trying to fight for the number one seed. if it happens, it happens. if where he' getting better each and every day at the right time, i don't care what we're playing. we'll be just fine. >> wait for it here, wait for it. this is in vegas. oh, my goodness. where did you come from? voila. our producer scott pouring over th -- poring over that video.
6:53 pm
foul trouble hurt him, finished with 13. another freshman with a career high 23. but prince ali with a nice scoop to the hoop. this guy's 6'1", he can jump. might be a lottery ticket if he was taller. eight assists, as eliminat eliminates stanford. the 49ers have signed good win to a three-year extension. the total value of $20 million, with $10 million guaranteed. goodwin coming off his best season as a pro. once jimmy g arrived he was the target, wrapping up 56 catches, a career best, 962 yards. they could still be in the market for a good receiver. baseball news.
6:54 pm
a's and angels. allowed three runs on two hits. drive to right center. mike trout coming out of nowhere. josh vegly tags and scores. a fourrun fifth. chris davis, not quite crushed enough. that's off the wall. a's win jantss a jan jay and th giants are playing the ha mariners. would par that hole and the tee shot near 17 is near perfection. tied for eighth. three shots off the lead, continuing his come back. nick watney. from the bunker, his third shot.
6:55 pm
that's a birdie right there. one back of cory connors. but here's more on tiger and his play. >> i'm still working on it, getting a little better, piece by piece. today was, you know, this was a very good test, you know, with all my things that i've tried to implement, the wind out there is howling, swirling. it's tough. and i felt like i've really controlled the ball well for most of the day. >> the most important thing for tiger was playing two weeks in a row, how's his body holding up. he says he's pain free right now. he's never going to be the guy he was. >> none of us are. >> but he won't help himself by taking shots near trees. move on. >> i'm ready. >> join us tonight on coffee tv channel 13.
6:56 pm
jerry seinfeld did it, now president obama is in talks to do the same thing. we'll explain at 9:00. then at 11:00, a south bay school district is talking about massive staff cuts tonight, and potentially closing schools. right now it's a standing room only crowd. at 8:00, it's "grey's anatomy," "scandal" and "how to get away with murder". >> at 11:35, jimmy kimmel live with kobe bryant and mike epps. >>na >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristin sze. have a good night.
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anif you've got a lifee. you gotta swiffer
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♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a communications executive from south orange, new jersey... a teacher from stamford, connecticut... and our returning champion -- a business owner from atlanta, georgia... ...whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. we are on such a good roll this week with all of our champions winning big, so i don't wanna say anything that might change that.
7:00 pm
so, liz, hannah, and lane, i'll just wish you good luck and put you to work in the jeopardy! round. let's see how well you deal with these categories today... that was a good year. next... i love those. and finally... each correct response will be a word made of the letters -- some of letters in the word "business." lane. state government for $200, please. -lane. -what is recall? -correct. -government, $400. lane again. what is the lieutenant governor? he's the one. government, $600. hannah.


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