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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 11, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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live where you live. this is "abc 7 news." >> good morning everyone i'm carolyn tyler. thank you for joining us this sunday, march 11th. looets look at the weather. >> we are starting off with lots of fog and low clouds right now. live doppler seven and the satellite image. gray skies over many parts of the bay area. and that means limited visibility in the north bay, santa rosa and petaluma down to zero-mile-per-hour and concord, fairfield and half moon bay. limited visibility at sfo and san carlos. we'll keep track of flight delays. move your clocks forward an hour today.
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sunrise at 7:27 this morning and the temperatures in the 40s and lots of fog and low clouds and mostly sunny and then we have a mild afternoon hitting the low 70s and inland areas and around the bay. but get ready for a wet and wild week, carolyn, i'll have the details coming up. >> thank you francis. we are learning more about the three women killed at the pathway home in yountville and the veterans who took their lives. jennifer golick, jennifer gonzalez and -- and was taken hostage by albert wong and then turned the gun on himself. jennifer golick leaves behind a husband and daughter. she dedicated her life to helping veterans heal. and -- remembered for her
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unconditional love and incredibly giving heart. jennifer and her colleagues died doing the work they were so passionate go. a memorial being planned this month to honor the three women. abc 7 reporter has more details. >> dear god, please bless their families with peace. >> reporter: pathway home -- chr chris steen loeber was his therapist. >> people do suffer. i did for a while. but the ladies helps me get my life back. >> this was his refuge and he was struggling and going through moments. >> reporter: the loss hasn't fully registered for them. evidence in side of madison hall is everywhere. the nonprofit board held a
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emergency meeting to ensure treatment for the remaining six vets would continue offsite. >> the mission of the pathway home is important than ever. if anything, this incident demonstrates how crucial this work is. >> larry camer nknew noknew now health workers shot and killed. he wants to discuss mental health and violence and the memorial at lincoln theater. all of the veteran home residents plan to attend. >> i didn't know them personally, but from what i know about them is that they were very good people that tried to help veterans. >> pathway home established the three brave woman fund to help all three families. >> "abc 7 news." >> we are learning more about what lead up to albert wong's attack on the program and people who worked to help him.
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bill said he needed help beyond what the pathway home could provide and referred to other services. the women were targeted because they were closely involved in his treatment. "abc 7 news" reporter explains. >> reporter: a november picture of christine loeber shows know signs of impending trouble. albert wong who killed her is seen smiling alongside others. two weeks ago he left the program for post-911 veterans. >> a hefrl that indicated to him a better pathway and he didn't like it. >> staet senator says wong was struggling within the program. >> if there's somebody who can't work? the system. it is difficult for other people to get better. >> reporter: was that the case with wong? >> that's my understanding frmgs we spoke with a witness, a
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volunteer and veteran herself. what i heard was a burst of gunfire. at least 12 shots. she and others locked down in the creative arts building. >> on the second flor, an assault weapon, one had a camera on the extension. >> reporter: -- also killed doctors jennifer and shushereba. >> i have seen patients go off. it is not unusual. it's not rare. it is infrequent, thank goodness. >> the pathway home is a nonprofit and funded by local support. the incident underscores the need for veteran care. >> in yountville, abc 7 news.
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>> they visited the couple who took albert wong in for several years as a child. dion lim says they are shaken and mentally exhausted. >> wonderful young man. >> cissy and matthew sherr became his guardians at 8-year-old old. >> he was not a bouncing off the walls kind of guy. he was soft spoken. >> they could never imagine wong doing this. >> he was a happy young man. >> a decorated veteran. he severed as an arm my rifle man in afghanistan from 2011 to 2012. he had trouble sleeping and recount the horrors of war. >> they had to look out for each
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other. he saw what you see in the movies. albert had to see that. >> along with mourning the loss of the three woman killed, yountville mayor grieved the man that was responsible. >> we also lost one of our heros who clearly had demons that resulted in the terrible tragedy that we experienced here. >> that's why, again. >> we are shocked to watch that. >> to watch that t that's not our albert. >> dion lim, "abc 7 news." >> they last saw albert a year skpag planned to go to school and get a degree in computing. more on the friends and families remembering the three victims. "abc 7 news" reporter cornell barnard spoke with the friend of one of the woman. >> she was just a really generous and kind person. >> reporter: sindy o'brian
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hugged neighbors. and left an or card outside of loeber's doorstep. >> it is so tragic that this actually happened at the hands of somebody that she was originally trying to help. >> reporter: loeber was the executive director of the pathway home. a nonprofit treating veterans from post-traumatic stress. wong took loeber and two mental health workers hostage. shushereba a clinical skolgs 26 weeks pregnant. and golick, her brother said she was an amazing smart woman and her family is devastated. gary rose is a vet ron who knew all three. >> we lost three beautiful woman and let's hope that the message goes out that we need to help these guys with ptsd more and
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more so this doesn't happen again. >> sindy o'brian is haunted about a conversation she had with loeber. >> i asked if she worried about something like this happening. she was brave and never took that into consideration, i don't think. >> three women helping war vets heal, gone too soon. in napa county "abc 7 news." >> loeber was a instructor, the owner remembers her fondly. >> chris steen was an incredible teach ter. we lost someone fantastic. >> the two bonded due to the east coast views. he describes christine as a possible calming influence and hoping we can -- >> i don't want to polite size
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anything. i want us to have a conversation around mental health and how we can help people have a conversation rather than end it with violence and senseless acts like this. yoga one created this poster to remember her and celebrate her life. >> if you would like to honor the victims go to our facebook page where you can share this badge. such a tragedy. we are turning now to the weather. >> we do have fog right now and around most of the bay area. it is soft at the golden gate bridge. but a lot of sunshine this afternoon and enjoy it while you can. we have quite a bit of rain on the way. how much you can expect in your neighborhood and when the heaviest will hit. the heroic rescue in the south bay. a man
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trust your smile to colgate optic white. welcome back everyone. did you remember to spring forward. it is 5:13 on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our roof camera. it is so foggy out there. where is the ferry building? you can't really see it there. francis is in for lisa argen. she's got your full accuweather forecast coming up. concord police shot a suspect during a traffic stop. near clayton road, the suspect was a passenger in the car. investigators had a warrant out for his arrest as police tried to take him into kous to did i. the suspect took off running and the police open fired. the condition is not known.
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police say he is 40 years old from antioch. in custody after a 16 hour stand off in pomona. following a chase sunday night, shooting the officer through door and a second officer in the face as he was trying to pull his come raid to safety. the suspect gave himself up. the officer was killed 30-year-old gregory. he will not be forgotten. it is a sad day for the pa know ma police department, it's a sad day for law enforcement in general. our officers were out doing what they always do. putting themselves in harms way to protect pomona, a community that we love. >> law enforcement saluted him. and the other officers in
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serious but stable condition after surgery. president trump using his weekly address to attack oakland and the state of california. >> last week warning them and giving them time to scatter and hide. directly threatened the safety of officers and the state of california is sheltering dangerous criminals in a brazen and louless attack on our constitutional system of government. >> and we have yet to hear a response to the latest comments from the governor or mayor. a r >> a hero rick rescue. the fire engulfed the home on bel-air avenue in san jose before 11:00 yesterday morning. the man heard what they thought
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was a car crash and went outside and saw the home split in two t. called o ut to see if anybody inside and heard the woman respond. >> i was able to be there long enough to get her in and out. i was in sandals and shorts. in a moment like that you don't feel or see anything. >> both he and his neighbor are okay. >> we were able to get out and she was fine and stable. and defensively, as you can imagine, a fair amount of shock. >> i would say so. this woman he says is in her 70s or 80s. she was in the bathroom when will the explosion happened. the cause is under investigation. >> we californians back to our old habits. our media parters east bay times reports after 5 years conserving the water use is back where it was before the drought started. residents reduces by less than
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1% in january. the report shows that the water usage was high in january this year because of the relatively warm weather. governor brown declared the drought over last april. well, this morning most of us waking up feeling gogy after losing an hour of sleep. daylights saving time began at 2:00 in the morning. most of the country can enjoy an extra hour of daylight. continuing a long tradition started by benjamin franklin to conserve energy. >> so thank you for joining us this early morning. here is a look, we are waking up to fog and low clouds. it is all around the bay area and inland areas and visibility is quite limited on parts of the north bay. temperatures right now in the 40s. san francisco, 48, oakland, and
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san jose milder at 52 degrees. live shot in san yoez. here is what you can expect, fog and low clouds sticking around through mid-morning. look for a sunny afternoon and mild temperatures. enjoy it. we have a wet and windy week. here is a forecast animation for the fog and low clouds. in the next few hours we'll see low clouds and by mid-morning it pulls back to the coast and this afternoon, mostly sunny clouds and clouds along the peninsula coast. look for 70s out there. we are mild and pleasant. san rafael, oakland, lots of low 70s. palo alto, san francisco nice and morgan 72 degrees for you there. other night lows, the clouds increasing and waking up to temperatures in the low 50s.
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53 in san francisco, and oakland and 40s in ukiah, and lakeport lots of fog once again. rain chances for the south bay where we get the least amount of rain in the bay area. today, 0% chance. monday, tuesday and wednesday have the umbrella handy into saturday and next weekend. so for the storm coming in tomorrow. we're going to rank it a one, light. light rain, scattered showers and less than tenth of an inch. so we'll see rain monday into tuesday. i'll show you the animation. tomorrow morning, the fog and low clouds. scattered light showers and starts to pick up throughout the day. not too bad. late monday night, into tuesday morning. moderate rain moving into the north bay and spread over night. rainfall amounts quite
5:20 am
impressive. tomorrow, not more than less than a tenth. i'll take you through week. heavier rain, thursday through friday. saturday two to 4 inches in the north bay. one to 2 inches south of san francisco down to san jose. so get ready for this and enjoy the nice day while you can. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast, check out the temperatures in the 70s, mild afternoon but we'll see scattered rain showers monday and then monday night into tuesday we'll see some cold showers. it will be pretty breezy monday night into tuesday. and wednesday, more wet weather. the breeze picks up. thursday and friday, increasing the storm impact scale to two. moderate. a possibility of thunderstorms and low snow levels as well and then lingering showers into next weekend. >> really quite a soaker there.
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>> especially if we get the two to 4 inches over the week. have several umbrellas handy. a less than smooth criminal in northern california animal shelter mocks a chief dubbed the bundling bandit. a reminder, american idol tonight. ryan sea crest and
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a homeowner received late notices from mortgage payments she paid. so she called seven on your side. michael finny for help. >> reporter: lisa rose relaxed in her home in san rafael. she said it was a nice escape but it was a never racking experience with her mortgage company. nation's star changed their name to mr. cooper. she paid her mortgage using money orders from western union. since they capped money orders at $1,000. she had to send multiple payments. payments that mr. cooper lost. >> they had been in the habit of losing one or more of them because the way they process when the checks are received they weren't processing accurately. >> reporter: lisa said this happened twoen months ago and described unwinding the mistake is a big hassle. >> look, i've done my part and
5:25 am
paid on time. my credit is it stake here. >> reporter: lisa felt she was not getting the right support. so we got the attention of one of mr. cooper's top mangers. >> he calls me back quickly. he's very apologetic. >> reporter: mr. cooper told us that we are committed for keeping the dream of homeownership alive and we're glad we helped resolved the issue. the company put in writing its promise in a her credit will not be affected. and western union refunded her for the lost money orders. she is happy she contacted seven on your side for help. >> i think that's what got it resolved so quickly. >> reporter: if you have a problem. contact me through my facebook page or through i'm michael finny, seven on your
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side. car makers kicking it into high gear. chinese auto motor company debuted this high performance, it uses a recharging electrical system. reach ago top speed of 205-mile-per-hour. >> it does 0 to 60 in letsds than three seconds. it is environmentally friendly. >> saying the super car will be available for track use delivered to an exclusive group of customers in the next two years. they are not revealing the exact cost but it is exing pekted to sell for around $1 million. police looking for a bumbling gum ball bandit. posting a video showing the less than smooth criminal.
5:27 am
including sub titles highlighting him breaking his prize and mocking him by calling him a baller, gum baller for grabbing a dollar in quarters. he missed a donation box full of cash a few feet away. the shelter says you feel bad for him when you realize he stol from an animal shelter. >> still to come on abc 7 mornings. president trump mocks a california congressman. what he said about maxine waters who called for him to be impeached. napa county adding fol
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good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather, with our meteorologist.
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>> good morning everyone. starting with fog and -- here is a satellite image with the gray areas. visibility less than a mile, in santa rosa, petaluma, napa and half moon bay and concord and san carlos. be careful. low clouds on the san mateo bridge and sun vise with daylights starting todd. 7:27 a.m. and by noon, mostly sunny and pulling back to the coast. check out the temperatures this afternoon. mild in the low 70s around the bay and inland areas and enjoy the sunshine. lots of wet weather coming up. the tragedy in yountville. graduates of the pathway home returned last night to remember the three women killed friday. memorial service monday march 19th, open to the public.
5:31 am
you can find the details on our website and we're learning more about the victims. they are jennifer loeber and joan f jennifer golick and shushereba was 7 months pregnant. >> he wanted to go back to school and get a degree and do something with that degree. >> a mill berry couple raised the couple for several years. they describe him as calm and soft spoken. he severed in afghanistan and when he came home, he had trouble sleeping and would recount the horrors of war. they became his legal guardians when he was eight years old. we vetted the most comprehensive list for veterans and the families on the website. go to
5:32 am
he fin issued six hours testimony before a washington grand jury yesterday. "abc 7 news" reporter talks to sam about his revealing courtroom encounter. >> reporter: under the glaring spotlight of the russia investigation allegation, testifying for six hours in front of the grand jury. >> i'm going to be the first one in history to say i'm not going. >> reporter: after making headlines on a media melt down. some questioning his state of mind. >> i'm talking to you and i smelled alcohol on your breath. >> i have not had a drink. >> do you think it is is is
5:33 am
mustn' hunt. >> no. i think i leads to people in the campaign. >> he worked for trump from 2011 to 2015. he was fired for posting racist comments on facebook. and later sued. >> i never worked with anybody unethical. i never had. >>. >> reporter: special council robert mueller team questioned him. >> do you know of contact between the president and russians and do you think it shaped his foreign policy? >> i think -- >> while he doesn't think he colluded he is worried about the firing of fbi james comb my. >> i'm very worried about a lot of people investigated. >> i'm the most worried about the president because he'
5:34 am
president of the united states. >> "abc 7 news" washington. questioning the intelligence of the congresswoman maxine waters. >> she is a very low iq individual. weil impeach him. we will impeach the president -- but he hasn't done anything wrong. it doesn't matter, we will impeach him. she is a low iq individual. she can't help. >> she has not responded. president trump said she should take an iq test. she calls that a racist one. "abc 7 news" reporter linda lopez has more. >> president trump energying the crowd on the campaign tour.
5:35 am
>> steel is back -- >> at a rally for pennsylvania state rick saccone. tackled his feekt campaign topics and the fake media. >> i believe they want to do something. i believe they want to make peace. i think it is time. and i think we've shown great strength. >> president trump won the 18 congressional -- saccone is attempting to play off the popularity. lock in a tight race against democrat conor lamb a federal prosecutor who never ran for office. the seat in republican hands became vacant after tim murphy resigned amid a personal scandal. >> saccone, we have to have him. >> the rally originally scheduled for mid february was postponed after the school shooting in parkland, florida.
5:36 am
>> such as staffing issues and the russia investigation. linda lopez, "abc 7 news," new york. >> coming up this morning, former obama national security adviser will discuss president trump's plan to meet with north korean leader. it will be the first time where a sitting president and korean -- right here on abc 7. >> hundreds of residents and elected officials gather in baltimore for a special ceremony to honor harriet two statutes were there for decades. last year the mayor of baltimore ordered the removal of all four of the stooch chews and yesterday marked the 105
5:37 am
anniversary of tubman's death also known as harriet tubman day. and the wake of the north bay wildfires. napa county expanding the emergency e alert system. the county adding a larger phone option. it will install a disaster warning sigh ren. the county sends push alerts to cellphones and e-mails. residents have to sign up to receive those messages. happening today, the city of santa rosa will continue the free chipping event for owner ifs burned trees on the property. the green waste removed at no cost. krus out from 9:00 to 2:00 at coffee park at amanda place. still ahead on abc 7 mrnings. the new series" deception"
5:38 am
debuts tonight. working for the fbi. pand here is a live look from te richmond/san rafael bridge. it is extremely foggy out there. don't see much in the way of traffic light. by this afternoon, lots of sunshine. francis is in for lisa this morning and she's ahead with a
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happening today, volunteers of all ages shaving their head to raise money for cancer
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research. the foundation hosts more than 1,000 head shaving events all over the world. three months into 2018, $14 million raised for the cause. today's event starts at the main street plaza 10:00 this morning in martinez. should be nice and dry for that. >> yes. it is going to be warm and sunny later in the afternoon. right now low clouds and fog. here is a live shot of 101 and 880. enjoy the mild weather. it's going to be a wet and wild week with heavy rain coming up on detail. >> thank you. now he will be wearing the red and gold and face his old red and gold and face his old team the sea hawks twice a year. ♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability.
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let's check out sports this afternoon the warriors trying to rebound from the first loss as the all star break. golden state facing the minnesota timberwolves and a possible play off preview. you can watch the game only an abc 7. and then stick around for toyota after the game with larry beil and mike shumann live with post game interviews and warriors ambassador and kerry in studio with analysis. the 49ers made quite a splash signing a long time nfc west rival. the director has the details in this morning sports. good morning everybody. in the hey day of the 49ers sea hawks, richard sherman was public enemy number one. he is now a praud member of the
5:45 am
red and gold. they signed immediately. he once ate his thanksgiving turkey at the 50 yard line and now it is his new home. a three year deal including a $5 million signing bonus. he tore his achilles last november. he turned 30 years old and -- believe he can be effective if he is healthy, a prowill bring attitude and intensity to the defense. the warriors head to minnesota chance to move back and a first place slip away. couldn't stop the blazers. the hottest team in the nba. kevin durant 40 points and the dubs missed steph curry. has a bunch of guys injuried and
5:46 am
made mistakes. fouling three point shooters four times. and ed davis looked like a kbroung shaq. they lost and head to minnesota for a 12:30 tip off today. >> we fought hard. i liked our competitive spirit. we did not play a smart focused game tonight. >> we lost. kevin did a lot of production against everybody. what's our record? >> they are pretty god. >> we have been missing guys all year. nothing changes when they are out. >> go out there and compete and play together and play hard. those three things we should be in every ball game. >> the sharks power play woes continue in the tank. 0-2 yesterday and 1 for the last 31 with the man advantage.
5:47 am
happy birthday to you. four years old. nice. to nikolas and beats jones. jons sharks did not challenge the play so the goal stood 1-0 caps. most of the game alex denied. club save and a beauty. two goals shy of 600 and jones made 24 saves, saling it with a empty net goal. sharks lose 2-0 and now 3 and 2. scots dale, bren dan belts. coming around, his second homer in the days. giants happy to see that. jared parker injured the shoulder two week in the last season. struggling at the plate. his second homer as the giants muscle up 11-7 and swept the angels 9-8 in split squad
5:48 am
action. second batter of the game, elvis anderson. elvis has left the building. a quick 2-0 lead. giving up two runs. a positive sign for the athletic jake who missed much of last season because of shoulder injury. his third of the year anden ended up loosing a final 8-2. warrior t heart failu-wolves. i'm abc 7, meteorologist in for lisa argen this very early morning. here is a live doppler seven. lots of low clouds and visibility limited in many parts less than a mile. temperatures in the 40s and it is milder in san jose at 52. check out danville, 40s and
5:49 am
fairfield 39 degrees right now. live shot of the golden gate bridge. it is socked in. clouds through mid-morning. and look for sunny conditions and mild temperatures, low 70s in some neighborhoods. and then a wet and windy week ahead. enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. look for 65 in half moon bay. san francisco, and napa and santa row sarks oakland, concord, and livermore 70 and san jose 72 this afternoon. tomorrow morning we'll be waking up to mild temperatures. in the 50s for the most part. low 50s through san francisco and oakland, morgan hill cooler at 49 degrees. and ukiah and lakeport. rain chances for the week and south bay. today, 0. picks up tuesday, wednesday,
5:50 am
thursday, friday. you're going to need the umbrella and will have lingering showers on saturday. so abc 7's storm impact scale ranks one on monday. light storm. light scattered potty rain showers. less than tenth of an inch and then the rain spreads late monday night into tuesday. we'll start to see more moderate rain for. so the forecast animation. monday morning dry and we have the fog and low clouds to deal with. dealing with the spotty showers move through and the heavy moderate rainfall comes in late monday night into tuesday morning. i want to show you the very impressive rain totals through week. we're talking anywhere from two to 4 inches by saturday in the north bay, 3 inches in clover dale and almost that in santa rose and san francisco and san jose and the east bay, one to
5:51 am
2 inches by saturday. so we'll see those lingering showers continue. it's not going to be a complete wash out. wednesday night starts to move again into thursday. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it shows a very nice day with increase in clouts. don't forget to switch your clocks back an hour forward. temperatures still mild. the cold showers move in tuesday, wednesday it starts to get wet and breezy and check out thursday and friday on the storm impact scale. we bump it up to a level two. moderate. there's a chance of thunderstorms as well. low snow levels is a tough dry heading up to tahoe and lingering showers into next weekend. so wet and wild and great ready tr are if. >> i have family coming into time for vacation. they're going to get soaked. >> so they'll have to look for the breaks in between the rain
5:52 am
and we'll have a few thought the week. >> thank you. a brand new show coming to abc 7 starting tonight "deception" a story of a super star magician working for the fbi. marcy gonzalez has a sneak peek. >> reporter: crime solving but with a magical twist. abc 7 latest show deception pair as world famous illusion nis with the fbi. >> that obviously, there's a little bit of knocking of heads. >> your playing did not exemployed it disappeared. >> he used his mastery of magic pulling out every trick in the book and then some. to help the government including
5:53 am
agent cay daniels to catch criminals. using stunts and trick that is leave the show stars baffled. >> it is just fun and cool. it is head straching, how did that. >> reporter: "deception". >> that is tonight at 10:00 premiering here on abc 7. coming up, sunday streets kicking off its tenth year. we'll tell you which neighborhood will transform into a car fre
5:54 am
5:55 am
happening today sunday streets kicking off its 10th season in san braisois avenue t street. valencia transforming into a car free community for everyone to enjoy.
5:56 am
run, walk, bike, find activities like a health and fitness track. and booths to sign up for nonprofits in the city. today is the first of two sunday streets. it runs from 11:00 to 4:00. up next on abc 7 mornings the latest on the tragic shooting in yountville. what inner demons to kill the counselors. and hearing from the couple that helped raise him.
5:57 am
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