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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 12, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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i hate when that happens. i have an alarm that tells me to go to bed. the struggle is real. there's our good morning, america. breaking news. a tourist helicopter going down in new york's frigid east river. >> engine failure. >> you're coming up broken, say that one more time? >> it was a mayday call, laguardia. >> the pilot escapes. but all five passengers on board killed. as divers struggle to get them out of their harnesses. the helicopter flew right over the statue of liberty just before the accident. now the investigation this morning. we're live on the scene with the latest. winter storm warning. a new nor'easter brewing, the third in two weeks, heading for millions along the east coast after pummeling the south overnight. did he confess? the never-before-seen interview. >> i know the facts better than anyone. >> o.j. simpson's long-hidden tape, his hypothetical account of the murders of his ex-wife nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. abc news exclusive. five-time super bowl champion
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tom brady, here live, opening up for the first time about that super bowl loss and how long he'll keep playing. ♪ i want you to stay and "idol" is back. who's wowing katy perry, lionel richie, and luke bryan? ♪ and papa always said to me >> and who's missing the mark? ♪ >> the incredible moments. and the 7-year-old everyone's rooting for. good morning, america. hope you had a good weekend. great to have cecilia back with us. pretty good weekend for dixie, let's take another look at that 7-year-old. ♪ >> she's singing a duet with her sister.
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>> mom can't stand it. >> a surprise for mom. she can't see it. she could hear it. the judges, they were so impressed with dixie that they gave her a golden ticket for hollywood for 2026. >> told her to come back when she has all her teeth grown in. >> i'd never get invited. ake fun of yourself, right? mt goto >> we're going to show more of that later. but we're going to begin with that deadly helicopter crash in new york. that is a live shot of the scene right now. the helicopter underneath those yellow pontoons in the east river. it happened around 7:00 p.m. last night. a tourist chopper landed right there. flipped over in the east river. the pilot managed to escape. all five passengers on board were killed. abc's gio benitez is on the scene with the latest. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the helicopter crashed right behind me here in the east river. it just sank so quickly. that's how witnesses describe
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it. rescuers desperately tried to help the people inside. the midair emergency captured on camera. the pilot of the chopper franticly radioing for help as he crashes into the water. >> zero lima hotel. mayday, mayday, mayday. >> i'm sorry? are you okay? >> engine failure. >> i'm sorry, say it again? >> east river, engine failure. >> you're coming in broken. say one more time. >> it was a mayday call, laguardia. >> reporter: the aircraft flips over in the 40-degree water and begins to sink. >> we're all still really shaken up. there were a lot of screams. it was just -- just really horrifying. >> reporter: the pilot, identified as 33-year-old richard vance, manages to free himself and scream for help from a flotation device. a fireboat brought him to shore. a passenger's gear may have interfered with the controls. >> marine 6 does have one diver in the water. >> reporter: the five passengers who charted the chopper for a photo shoot were harnessed in so tightly, divers struggled to get them out. >> it took awhile for the divers to get these people out. they worked very quickly. as fast as they could.
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>> reporter: two died at the scene, three later in the hospital. moments before the crash witnesses snapped these photos of the helicopter flying over the statue of liberty. at normal altitude. arina tells me she was having dinner in a high-rise when she saw the crash happen. >> it headed toward the water at full speed, it slowed down. it hit the water fairly gently, but then within seconds you started seeing it submerge. >> reporter: the helicopter was operated by the tour company liberty helicopters. its website claims it's been flying safely for over 30 years. but faa records show at least two accidents for liberty helicopters. one in 2009 with an airplane resulted in nine deaths. though the ntsb blamed that crash on many factors, not just the helicopter pilot. we're told that the pilot is okay. he's speaking with investigators. the ntsb is investigating. they'll make a final ruling. right now, officials believe this was just an accident, george. >> thank you, gio.
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let's bring in our aviation expert, steve ganyard, for more. steve, let's put up that video again. tell us what you see happening here. >> george, a single-engine helicopter, when it loses its engine, can actually glide. it uses the energy that's left over in those rotors and can glide to a safe landing. the pilot does a good job getting the helicopter safely into the water. it's a fairly controlled crash. what happened afterwards, when the airplane hits that really cold water and flips upside down, that's where the tragedy occurred. >> yeah, but you're saying if this were a different time of year, it may have been survivable for all the passengers. >> i think so, george. if it were july, when the water was warm, that would have been survivable. that water, at the time of the misshape, was 39 degrees. that's the temperature your refrigerator is at. the shock of the cold, the unexpected in the crash, and that shock can be debilitating.
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people have this four-point harness that they probably never used before. they don't know how to get out of it. you hit the water, the cold water starts rushing in. you panic and you're not able to get yourself out of that helicopter. >> that's a harness military pilots would be trained to get out of. one of the reasons the pilot was able to get out perhaps? >> exactly. the pilot knew what to do because he wears that harness every day. the navy and marine corps, you're trained, you're put in a helo dunker, a machine that takes you underwater and flips you upside-down. it has saved countless lives. these poor civilians out for a nice sunday flight encountered something that was very, very difficult to survive. >> just a shocking tragedy. okay, steve, thanks very much. michael? >> thank you, george. now to that powerful winter storm. a third nor'easter in two weeks. taking aim at the east coast once again. more than 13,000 are still without power from the last storm. the system moving across the south this morning creating dangerous driving conditions. rob is tracking it all. god morning, rob. >> good morning, michael. can you believe it? number three. this one is a little bit different.
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across the midsouth. tennessee valley, heavy snow. look at this. i-65 south of louisville piling up on the roadways, taking the street signs there. also, around lexington and just outside lexington, seeing scenes like this. four, five inches of snow. some reports have measured nine inches. a serious snowstorm already, before it gets to the east coast. we have winter storm warnings posted for the northeast as this thing transforms into a coastal low teaming up with southern energy. by later on tonight, we start to see it probably bomb out. probably a bomb cyclone as far as strength goes. it's going to be a little further offshore which means everybody gets snow. the farther east you go, the more snow you'll get. this could be boston's largest snowstorm of the year. you go back to new york city, maybe one to three, maybe four inches of snow. the winds will be debilitating as well. as things get cranking along the coastline of new england. more on this storm and other winter weather throughout the broadcast. michael? >> all right, cecilia?
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we want to turn to washington. the trump administration is revealing its school safety plan. tom llamas is here. this plan that the president is about to unveil really falls short of that sweeping gun control legislation that he was talking about early on. >> that's right. good morning, guys. the big headline here is that the president, after making the big display in front of all the cameras of what sounded like supporting raising the age limits on certain to 21 from 18, is now backing off that measure. not even mentioning it in the new proposal. so what is the president doing? the white house says they'll work with states to train school personnel to be armed in schools. they're also endorsing a bill to improve background checks, as well. they'll launch a commission led by education secretary betsy devos to examine school safety. devos said her commission would study the culture of violence. we do want to mention that the department of justice followed through on that ban on bump stocks. a device that we all know
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the las vegas shooter used one of those when he killed 58 people. injured another 800 more. >> no comment from the nra yet on the president's proposal. they're now suing the state of florida. >> yes, she a big deal. some used to call florida the gunshine state. florida was regarded as one of the friendlier states for gun owners. friday, they passed new legislation signed into law by republican governor rick scott. he told parkland families, you made your voices heard. this is a credit to those children. the law raises the minimum age to buy a gun and extends the waiting period to three days. the nra going to court arguing age restrictions is unconstitutional, a violation of the second amendment and the 14th amendment. >> also, there's an action on preventing gun violence. there will be a walkout on wednesday, a nationwide walkout. >> yeah, this is something we're watching. we're expecting this to happen. two days, march 14th. what could be a massive demonstration. it's called the enough national school walkout taking place exactly one month after the parkland shooting. organizers claim 2,000 schools
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across the country have registered to participate. the walkout will last for 17 minutes. one for each of the victims killed at the marjory stoneman douglas high school. imagine what that will look like if all those schools participate for those 17 minutes. >> both my kids' schools are part of that. we're getting notice from the schools. we'll be watching that also, the big march coming up at the end of the month. we move on now to the latest on north korea. president trump driving ahead with the planned summit after a snap decision to sit face to face with kim jong-un. the president talked it up at a raucous campaign rally in pennsylvania. our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: president trump seems as positive about this meeting as he possibly could be. even scolding the crowd for booing the north korean leader who he has consistently belittled. president trump sounding optimistic over the weekend at a campaign rally in pittsburgh, after that stunning announcement that the president has agreed to a face-to-face meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un.
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>> they're not going to send missiles up. think of it. they're not sending missiles up. and i believe that. i believe that. i really do. i think they want to do something. i think they want to make peace. i think it's time. and i think we have shown great strength. >> reporter: trying to sell his supporters on the meeting with the dictator he once called little rocketman. >> kim jong-un. and -- no, it's very positive. no, no. [ crowd booing ] after the meeting, you may do that. but now we have to be very nice. because let's see what happens. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that the demilitarized zone between north and south korea is the most likely location for the meeting which south korea has said could happen as early as may. and over the weekend defense secretary jim mattis leaving questions about north korea to the diplomats, emphasizing just how precarious this new effort remains. >> i do not want to talk about korea at all. i'll leave it to those leading the effort.
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it's that delicate. when you get into a position like this, the potential for misunderstanding remains very high or goes higher. >> reporter: as for the north koreans, as of this morning, they have not uttered a word publicly about the planned meeting since president trump abruptly accepted the north's invitation last week. officials in south korea say they have been kept in the dark, as well, george. >> a lot more to learn about this. let's bring in jon karl for more. jon, we just saw, the president is full speed ahead on this, even though we're seeing the yellow warning flags from some of his own advisers. as martha just pointed out, no direct word from the north koreans. >> no direct word from the north koreans, and if you talk to white house officials, they say it's a chance it gets knocked off. but north korea has no preconditions to meet, other than stopping their current testing of missiles and nuclear
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weapons. george, there is a real hollowed out team on the north korea issue. there is no ambassador to south korea nominated by the president yet. and the point person at the state department on north korea and korean issues generally retired last month and has not been replaced. let's go back to the gun proposals. the president throwing it to a commission. looks like a big cave to the nra. even though he ridiculed the idea of commissions at the rally saturday night. let's take a look. >> blue ribbon committees with your wife, and your wife, and your husband. and they meet and they have a meal. and they talk.lkta, ta.ta two hours later, then they write a report. look, that's what i got in washington. i got all these blue ribbon committees. >> and the president appointed another blue ribbon committee just yesterday, less than 24 hours after saying that. we have this commission on school safety headed up by the education secretary, betsy devos.
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but you're right, george, it looks at least for now like a complete cave to the nra. the president is no longer talking about raising the age to purchase assault weapons as federal law, he has also given up on the idea of universal background checks, something he seemed to clearly endorse after the parkland shooting. >> jon, this of course comes after the nra was in the white house for those meetings with the president. congress was looking for the president to push on gun control. doesn't look like there will be action now that the white house seems to be backing away from these initial talks of strong gun control legislation. >> there was never any appetite for movement on guns among the republican leadership in congress. this would only happen with a big push from the president. there will be this move to tighten the current background check system, and to do some more in terms of securing schools. but those are measures supported by the nra. >> in the meetings you were at, the president was taunting members of congress for being afraid of the nra. jon, quickly before we go, big
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election tomorrow, special election for a congressional seat in pennsylvania, one of the reasons the president was in pennsylvania over the weekend trying to save a republican seat that the president won that district by 20 points. >> he won the district by 20 points. mitt romney won the district by 17 points. the fact that this is a tight race shows you how tough an election cycle this is going to be for republicans. >> and a real bellwether. what happens in that state people are saying could be a sign of what's to come in these midterms. >> michael? now to new concerns over two fertility clinic failures. one at medical facility in california. another in cleveland. this morning, a class action lawsuit was filed. abc's erielle reshef joins us with more. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning, michael. some patients at the clinic in cleveland are facing a grim reality. told their eggs and embryos were destroyed when liquid nitrogen tanks malfunctioned. this morning, one family is suing the hospital over their heartbreak. this morning, the first lawsuit filed against university
7:16 am
hospitals in cleveland, after a freezer malfunction left the viability of 2,000 eggs and embryos in question. >> you know, you put so much faith into the physicians and medical team. and just to have this taken away and to be -- just -- your hopes and dreams destroyed. >> reporter: the lawsuit brought by the ashe family who stored their embryos with the hospital since 2014. >> i find it very hard to believe that in this day and age there are not better safeguards and practices that could be put in place. >> reporter: in a frightening coincidence, the same day the university hospital malfunction occurred, a major problem at another fertility clinic, this time in san francisco. pacific fertility center telling abc news liquid nitrogen in one of its tanks dropped to dangerously low levels compromising eggs and embryos for more than 400 patients. >> we're not saying the tissue is lost. yes, it may be affected and we have to acknowledge that, but our hopes are that it will be a minimal impact.
7:17 am
>> reporter: to test viability, eggs and embryos must be thawed and observed, a process that could take experts months to conclude. the clinic in san francisco tells us, in addition to their current safeguards, they're adding a third system to the tanks. >> it's awful. >> infuriating. sad and scary for them going forward. let's switch gears to tiger woods. pulling out from a come-from-behind victory at the valspar championships with this miraculous 44-foot birdie on the 17th hole. you saw this. >> we're smiling. we watched it. brought back the feeling of joy yesterday. >> you know, he needed another birdie to tie on 18 but came up short. this really was a strong showing for woods returning from back surgery last april. he's not won in five years. yesterday, he put the rest of the tour on notice. it's like old school tiger.
7:18 am
>> when was the last time you saw him smile like that? >> yeah. >> it was really something. >> we both started smiling because i jumped off the couch yesterday when he made that putt. >> the announcers were going crazy. >> just in time to tune up for the masters. hopefully he has a good showing there. rob, you're tuning up with the strong winds from the nor'easter. what's going on with that? >> it did some damage over the weekend just east of dallas. this 70-mile-an-hour winds here. the energy will be transferred to the coastline later on today. we'll start to wind up off the carolina coastline. winds gusting 30, 40 miles per hour there, but 50 in boston, maybe 60 or 70 across the cape. time now for your select cities brought to you by downy.
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hi, there. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. fog, then showers today with mild highs. steady rain and breezy tonight and the storm door is going to stay open for wednesday and thursday with a stronger storm. you can sea some scattered showers today, with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. even some 70s around antioch and san jose. look at the heavier rain tonight, the yellows and the oranges, low to upper 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, thunderstorms with hail and even snow getting more likely by thursday. coming up, the chilling long-hidden interview with o.j. simpson. and this abc news exclusive. five-time super bowl champion tom brady is here live. going to talk football, family, and more, only on "gma." alk football, family, and more, only on "gma." 3, 2, 1... not cool. freezing away fat cells with coolsculpting?
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ha ha ha, yay kids! >> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> hi, good morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. a san francisco fertility clinic is apologizing to customers after a liquid nitrogen failure on march 4th may have compromised hundreds of eggs and embryos. an investigation is underway. patients are still anxiously waiting to hear if they were affected. let's turn now to traffic with alexis smith. hi, alexis. >> good morning. i want to take you back to our issue with ace rail this morning. ace 1 was involved in a vehicle strike over an hour ago between fremont and great america. definitely expect some delays with ace train. capitol kcorridor says it is impacting them as well. and we did get a look at the pickup truck that was hit from sky 7. it did not look like it was in good shape. no update on injuries.
7:24 am
and here's a live look at the
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hey, good morning. we begin were kind of cool conditions. mid-40s to mid-50s. we have some patchy dense fog around especially the east bay shoreline and highway 37. it hasn't quite made it down to the san mateo bridge, as you can see, but caution for the fog and the showers for the evening commute. same thing for mass transit and on the bay. my storm impact scale for this afternoon and tomorrow is a 1, as scattered showers develop today, becomes breezy with steadier rain and more rain during the overnight hours and especially during tomorrow morning's commute. then we'll have a chance of thunderstorms tuesday afternoon, wednesday, and thursday with snow levels lowering down to around 3,000 feet by friday. natasha? >> mike, thank you. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and
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and because abreva acts on it... you can too. act on it, with abreva. have you kissed a girl and liked it? >> no, i've never been in a relationship. >> really? >> i can't kiss a girl without being in a relationship. >> come here. >> no, wait, hold on. >> come here right now. >> you can't be -- >> hold on. >> oh! >> whoa! welcome back to "gma." that was not expected. that's "american idol," that's the judge, katy perry, giving one contestant an unexpected surprise. that was his first kiss. we'll have much more on the premiere. and two former "american idol" stars. >> that first kiss. >> not a bad first kiss. >> you get to make that transition. we have a lot of headlines.
7:31 am
the investigation under way in the deadly helicopter crash in manhattan's east river. a tourist chopper landed in the water and flipped over. the pilot was able to escape. but all five passengers on board were killed. and just coming in this morning, a devastating crash overseas. at least 38 people killed. 23 injured when a passenger plane cashed in nepal. the east coast is bracing for a third nor'easter in two weeks. a winter storm warning issued. and also this, march madness is now officially here. the teams have been selected. the top four seeds -- virginia, xavier, villanova, and kansas. athletes were so excited to make it. i love that shot. take a look at the reaction from syracuse there. they're going crazy. >> even my school, texas southern university, made it. i think they play xavier in the first round. the number one seeded team. we got a chance. >> that would be a story. >> oh, yeah. another story we're getting to right now. this newly released o.j. simpson interview.
7:32 am
first taped in 2006 to help sell his controversial book, "if i did it." he discusses how the murders might have gone down. abc's adrienne bankert with the story. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's the newest take in a story that continues to resurface. the interview has people wondering, was this long-lost tape a real murder confession from o.j. simpson? >> i know the facts better than anyone. >> reporter: the question still being asked nearly 25 years later. did o.j. simpson commit murder? >> i don't think any two people could be -- um -- murdered the way they were. without everybody being covered in blood. >> reporter: simpson speaks about the 1994 murders of former wife nicole brown and ron goldman, as if he were there. >> why don't you tell me what might have happened on the night of june 12th, 1994? >> first of all, this is very difficult for me to do this. it's very difficult for me because it's hypothetical. >> reporter: part of a two-hour
7:33 am
special on fox, titled "o.j. simpson, the lost confession." he speaks candidly about his book, "if i did it," a fictionalized hype thet cool book. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: some of his answers chilling. >> you put on a cap and gloves? >> in the hypothetical, i put on a cap and gloves. >> reporter: simpson says for the first time, he was accompanied by a friend named charlie in his so-called hypothetical retelling. >> i always kept a knife in the car for the crazies and stuff because you can't travel with a gun. i remember charlie saying, you ain't bringing that. i didn't. i believe he took it. >> charlie took the knife? >> yeah, in the book. >> reporter: o.j. recalls exchanging words with ron goldman. who had shown up at his ex-wife's home. >> i just remember nicole fell and hurt herself. and, this guy kind of got into a karate thing.
7:34 am
i said, well, you think you can kick my [ bleep ]? i remember grabbing the knife in charlie. to be honest, i don't remember. except i'm standing there and it's all kind of stuff around and -- um -- um -- >> what kind of stuff? >> blood and stuff around. you know, we -- i hate to say this because this is hypothetical. i'm sorry. i know we have to back off again. >> right, right. you write about removing a glove before taking the knife from charlie. >> you know, i had no conscious memory of doing that. but obviously, i must have. because they found a glove there. >> reporter: the interview didn't originally air due to public backlash. >> in the book, you describe in the book taking off your shoes, pants, and shirt and dropping it in a bundle. do you remember that? >> uh, yes. >> reporter: social media erupting overnight. one viewer writes, yes, this is a confession to murder. another tweeting, o.j. has
7:35 am
details and speaks in first person more often than not. his lawyer tells abc news, a lot of people think o.j. simpson is still actively involved in this. he's not. and wants nothing to do with this in 2018. now, the executive producer of the special says the families of the victims gave their blessing to show the interview. you might recall a judge ruled the rights of simpson's book go to the family of ron goldman. but obviously, still a ton of interest in this story. >> it's hard to watch. >> hard to watch. and confusing as to why he would even do it. wow. thank you so much. appreciate that, adrienne. coming up, everybody. that abc news exclusive. five-time super bowl champion tom brady here live in times square. there he is, that handsome fella. times square. there he is, that handsome fella. ♪
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♪ we're back now with five-time super bowl champion, three-time nfl mvp, and 16-time patriots team captain, winning quarterback tom brady, who is now at the center of the new doc series, "tom versus time." mr. brady, thank you for joining me. >> it's good to be with you. >> boy, i've thrown up a lot of numbers. >> i know. i've been around a long time. >> you have accomplished quite a bit in your career so far. i want to take you back to not so long ago, super bowl lii.
7:40 am
final chapter of your docu series focuses after the game. what was in your mind after the loss, after the game? >> it's a process you have to deal with. it's so great to be in that game. but to win that game is very tough. and we had a couple of close losses to the giants, unfortunately. another one against the eagles. i think you realize the sun comes up the next morning. your life goes on. but, you know, those games live with you for the rest of your life. and, that's part of being an athlete. that's part of being in a very competitive sport. it's tough to win that game. i'm proud of our efforts throughout the year. overcame a lot of adversity, like you always need to do to get to that game. just came up a little bit short. >> after the season, you always talk about the next season immediately. you don't bask in the glow of winning or in the agony of the defeat. have you started thinking about next season already? >> yeah, definitely. it's just processing what
7:41 am
happened last season and how you can be better the next season. there's no real formula for it. i think every year is different. there's different things that happen in your life outside of football. my kids are getting older. and i think one thing that is challenging as you get older, there's just different priorities and different commitments. and you have to be able to allocate your time the right way. a lot of people need your time and attention. how you find the balance was a big part of what "tom versus time" was all about. trying to find some balance between my family life, what my kids need, what my wife needs, what my football team needs. >> i remember at a dinner with you, your wife, gisele, she was like, you need to talk to my husband. i've been with him five years. he wants to play ten more years. that was a long time ago. you still say you want to play five more years. >> yeah, i wasn't a great math student back then. she's right, i did say that. when we met, i was 29, 30 years old. i thought, man, if i could get to 40, it would be amazing.
7:42 am
it would be a great career. 18 years in the nfl. i learned a lot. it's been such a great love for me. i love the sport. i love the competition. i love my teammates. i love working with people that i love to work with. so that part's hard to give up. especially when i feel like i can do it. i look around the league, and i see the other quarterbacks. i think, man, i can do what they do. i want to continue on do it as best as i can. it brings a lot of joy to my life. >> you have your wife. your kids. you have to find that balance. when it does become time to retire, how much does that factor into your decision? >> well, that would be a big part of it. i think, you can't make decisions necessarily just for yourself. i think that's one thing i've learned as i have gotten older. there's, you know, collateral effects to every decision i make. i have a wife that is -- aspires to be a lot of things. she travels a lot. my oldest son lives here in new york. three kids. and you're just always trying to juggle, and you want to be there
7:43 am
for them. and you want to be there for the hockey games, the soccer games. you realize the level of commitment it takes to give as much as you can to the team that needs you. so -- again, i think you're always trying to find that. i think most professionals feel the same way. sometimes it gets out of balance. you have to figure out how to bring it back to a point where it feels great for everybody involved. >> we're going to look at a clip from the final episode of "tom versus time." >> great. >> let's check you out. >> daddy? you know what? read this. >> read this, daddy. >> it says, minnesota. >> super bowl, minnesota super bowl. >> daddy, you know what i'm eating? >> hot chocolate. >> hot chocolate. got it. >> oh, my gosh. >> daddy, we're here to make you win. >> yeah, you are. you're going to help daddy win. >> yes. >> you're going to cheer so loud. >> yes, we are. >> i mean, there's nothing like your family. nothing like your family.
7:44 am
we get to see the real you. i think everybody has this perception of you as a football player. everyone thinks they know tom brady. they know you as player. we get to see behind all the -- everything else with the family. how was it for you to put your kids on tv? to let everybody see your life away from the field? >> well, i think it was a great experience for me. i got to share a lot of things that, you know, a lot of fans never get a chance to see. and i think there's always a balance between, you know, private life and a public life. and i think i chose a very public profession. so, with the amount of fans that have -- really enjoyed the show, when i reflect back and think about the decision to do it, i think what a great decision because so many people have come up to me and said, thanks for doing that it. was cool to see. a lot of young athletes were inspired by the level of work it takes to get to a certain point in your career. and, i think that's been a great payoff for me. it was hard work. we spent a lot of time last offseason. and this season a little bit of
7:45 am
time. but, it was really a -- to me, it was a great series. >> even watching it for myself, i was surprised at the amount of work it takes you to get ready for each season. and the drive you have to do it each season. you're going to come back later. we'll talk more. we got more with tom brady coming up. don't go anywhere. we'll go to cecilia. and there is more coming up. the 16-year-old's chance at redemption. how she wowed the judges on "american idol" this time around. ♪ never sing a lick in this town ♪ time. ♪ never sing a lick in this town ♪ hey! so listen, i was taking another look at your overall financial strategy. you still thinking about opening your own shop? every day. i think there are some ways to help keep you on track. and closer to home. i'm all ears. how did edward jones grow to a trillion dollars in assets under care? thanks. by thinking about your goals as much as you do.
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to learn more. highly anticipated return of "american idol." last night's premiere, one of the top trends on twitter. one of the contestants who wowe harper grace. she was looking for a second chance after this moment on the national stage five years ago. ♪ oh say can you see >> okay. so -- ouch. >> only 11. >> she joked that if you searched the worst national anthem, mine is the very first that pops up. ever. she's right there. >> i don't know about that. >> you know, but she had redemption.
7:50 am
she was only 11 at the time. she got redemption. ♪ i'll give you a good deal on a '67 ♪ ♪ if it's got a sticker on it it's just as good as gone ♪ ♪ >> okay. there you go. so that original country song that she was singing is about having a yard sale after getting her heart broken. it impressed the judges. they can't wait -- we can't wait to see what harper brings to hollywood. we wish her good luck. we have more on "american idol" still ahead. you remember justin guarini and scotty mccreery? they'll be here with much more. >> a lesson, stick to it, practice and get better at it.
7:51 am
7:52 am
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boy, if you went skiing in new england this weekend, it was a dream to behold. look another this -- the selfie sticks out in stratton. you have powder to the sierras. but right now, fog across parts of san francisco. a beautiful day in seattle. several storms coming into the west coast. not just today. tomorrow. wednesday, thursday, friday, one to two feet of snow in the sierras. maybe one to two inches of rain across the volley. snow in the sierras.
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> announcer: good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hey, good monday morning to you. i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. mike nicco, we should not be fooled by the dry weather right now? we have rain on the way? >> absolutely, later on. when you look at this sunrise, that's the cleanest and clearest it's going to be all week. do your yard work today if you can. it will be the driest day. wet evening on the way if you're exercising and showers are coming to the beach after the fog fades. afternoon temperatures, mid- to upper 60s, even a 70 in antioch and san jose. today and tomorrow, we've got showers becoming steady rain tonight and then thunderstorms tomorrow and gusty breezes to 45 miles per hour. and an even stronger storm wednesday and thursday. what have you got, alexis? >> unfortunately, a sad update to our situation with ace rail here this morning. ace 1 hit a vehicle in fremont and that pickup truck driver has died. this is now a fatality investigation so expect lengthy
7:57 am
delays if you're riding ace or capitol corridor this morning. no estimate on when those trains will start moving. >> i am sorry to hear that. thank you, alexis. we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our a soh my gosh!ll hi! you look amazing! how are you? dad: steven, can i have a minute? tonight's a big night. i want to make sure you understand how special sara is. yes, sir. dad: so treat her with respect. of course.
7:58 am
dad: and don't assume being her date means anything more than that. one more thing, steven. have fun, bud. ♪ thanks, dad. ♪
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. a new storm is brewing. the third nor'easter in just two weeks. the system going across the country now. dangerous morning commutes for so many as the east coast hunkers down for more snow. new fertility clinic failure. a second clinic now reporting a critical malfunction. eggs and embryos potentially damaged. thousands of patients worried after their possible loss. a class action lawsuit field this morning. dr. ashton here to break it all down. country collapse. tim mcgraw slumping to his knees in the middle of a concert. his wife, country star faith hill, taking the stage, telling fans he could not come back out. so what really happened to the superstar? ♪ sun starts setting "american idol" is back. going coast to coast to find the next big star. >> you're going to hollywood.
8:01 am
>> who's wowing the judges and america? >> i'm going to hollywood! whoo! >> and little dixie, who helped her big sister get a golden ticket, already stealing the show. and more from five-time super bowl champ tom brady, right here live, one-on-one, his two big loves, why he just got this haircut, and his secret to staying at the top of his game. and he's here to say -- >> good morning, america! very excited tom brady. >> he sold that "gma" there. >> oh yeah, belted it out. good morning to everyone out there. so happy to have you all with us. >> it's good to be here. there's a lot of excitement still for "black panther" and something called the m'baku challenge. it is taking off. fans film their own version of what characters are saying in
8:02 am
that very first scene. this little guy, he's my favorite, nails it. millions have watched. this morning, he's joining us live. we have a surprise for him. he doesn't know what's coming up. >> we jumped across that m'baku. a lot of news to get to. we'll begin with that new nor'easter, a third in two weeks, taking aim at the east coast. we want to go back to rob who is tracking it as always. hey, rob. >> hey, good morning, again. snow flying across the tennessee valley. these pictures out of nashville, where an inch or two accumulated on the the ground mostly north of nashville. now it's getting into the appalachians. snow in the high country of north carolina. the coastal low beginning to form right now. we got winter storm warnings posted from the mid south all the way to the northeast. here we go. let's time it out. the low begins to strengthen. by 6:00 tonight, rain, a little bit of snow. more snow in parts of virginia. the winds will begin to pick up overnight tonight. the snows don't come in in earnest until tomorrow morning. unlike the last storm, the farther east you are, the
8:03 am
heavier the snow will be and the stronger the winds will be. winds could gust to 60, 70 miles an hour along parts of cape cod. it will finally get out of here wednesday morning before it's all said and done. one to two feet for eastern new england. far lesser the far west you go. >> it's disconcerting to have storms like this in daylight saving time, rob. >> spring is around the corner. i promise. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i have heard you say that before. >> he looks a little too excited to deliver that news. thank you, rob. now to the big change that could be coming to the toy industry. the famous toys "r" us possibly going out of business as soon as this week, leaving $11 billion in toy sales up for grabs. abc's rebecca jarvis is here with more. and rebecca, other stores could benefit from this. boy, what a -- i guess the end of an era. >> who wants to grow up? we're all toys "r" us kids. but the biggest winners here are the usual suspects, the walmarts, targets, amazons of the world. even party city, which recently
8:04 am
hired a top vp from toys "r" us. while shoppers have already been turning to these alternatives, these are places that could win if you see the full-blown toys "r" us closures. this could also open the door for newcomers like international chains or even smaller businesses. we've seen this a little bit in the past. when amazon really takes over a category, for example books, you see the smaller sellers come in after they wipe out some of the bigger names. >> and speaking of which, if they're going to -- going to be done, liquidation will happen. as a consumer, what can you do to get the best deals during liquidation? >> some things to think about here for consumers. first of all, you want to make sure that you're looking at these liquidation sales with a bit of skepticism. early on in liquidation sales, they tend to not be the very best deals. the best deals tend to be at toys "r" us, or whatever
8:05 am
retailer is going out of business, in the week prior to the liquidation sale and at the very end when things really do go on sale, 60% to 70% off. the first few days not the best time to shop. but an important thing for people and we were talking about this last week, use those gift cards now. make the returns now. because that's the thing that might not be honored in the future. >> when you buy it, it's yours. it's final. >> exactly. >> a lot of kids will go to parents today trying to convince them to go to toys "r" us. >> think about how much money we're going to save buying all those toys. thank you, rebecca. we want to turn to royal news this morning. prince harry's bride-to-be, meghan markle, is attending her first official engagement with the queen and the royal family since their christmas gathering. as part of the annual commonwealth service at westminster abbey. led by the queen herself, markle's fiance, harry, and her future in-laws, princess kate and prince william will be by her side. the queen's speech to be featured in the service will celebrate diversity, perhaps a public statement to welcome markle into the royal family. we cannot get enough news there.
8:06 am
>> a good message there. >> it is. it really is. coming up here, new concerns after two fertility clinic failures, potentially affecting thousands of eggs and embryos. dr. ashton here with that. plus, we have more on the exclusive with tom brady. the star quarterback talking about family and letting cameras into his home. and lara, what's going on upstairs? >> "american idol" is back. i'm here with two very familiar faces, justin guarini and scotty mccreery. who do they think has the best shot so far? we'll tell you coming up on "good morning america." you ready? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ hey allergy muddlers: are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day.
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♪ next chapter ♪ narrator: public education has been valued for centuries. man: the direction in which education starts a person will determine their future in life. woman: the highest result of education is tolerance. woman: it's the road to equality and citizenship. man: education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. narrator: brought to you by the california teachers association. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california for all of us. [ cheers and applause ]
8:11 am
welcome back to "gma." welcome to our great audience this monday morning. let me hear how happy you are to be here. [ cheers and applause ] let's get some "pop news" from lara. >> let's get right to it. good morning to you all and to you. so, we'll begin with a scary moment for country music star tim mcgraw. he was on stage for the country to country music festival in dublin, ireland, sunday night when he suddenly collapsed during his performance. his wife, faith hill, taking the stage, telling fans he was severely dehydrated. she made the decision for his own safety he could not come back out. in a statement mcgraw's team said he was looked at by the staff on site, he will be fine. mcgraw had performed friday night, in fact, for the festival with no issues. and he is set to begin a 29-day city soul to soul tour with faith at the end of the month. that will go on without a hitch. >> he's a very fit guy. >> yeah, we hope you're doing
8:12 am
okay. you're flying a lot, you might forget to drink enough water the. that's probably just what happened. i hope he's all right though. also this morning, when your parents meddle in your love life, usually not a great idea. not really welcomed by anyone involved. but when your mom is legendary actress sally field, anything can happen. sally saw adam rippon at the olympics skating and decided that her son had to meet him. her words to her son, quote, he's insanely pretty, sam, find a way. that note went viral online, i'm sure not embarrassing at all for sam. moms sometimes know best. look at what sam tweeted this weekend. a picture of him and adam with a simple note, thanks, mom. >> love it. >> we don't know the details. we do know they met up at the human rights campaign dinner saturday night where adam was being honored. sally, we're so hoping that your son gets to say your famous line, you like me, you really
8:13 am
really like me. we love love. and then finally, this one warmed my heart. an agility competition at the cruff's dog show in birmingham, england. cratu is not having it. the 4-year-old mixed breed has decided to do the course free-style, if you will. a little sniff. a little love. maybe a hug. cracking up the the announcer. >> he's pretty good at the hurdles. >> listen to this. >> get him into there. i shouldn't think so for a second. no. not going in there. not doing it. oh, this is -- hysterical. hey, i'm loving it. this is a turnaround. there's no room. how did he do that? >> he got extra points for that one. cratu, needless to say, he didn't get best in show. but you know what he won? he won all of our hearts this
8:14 am
morning. congratulations, cratu. >> he's an athlete. >> he finished really strong. >> going to the beat of his own drum. >> i liked that. we want to turn now to our "gma" cover story. questions growing over those fertility clinic failures. thousands of eggs and embryos possibly damaged at now two different clinics. abc's erielle reshef is back with more on this. good morning. >> reporter: for patients of both clinics, the devastating news of the malfunctions is now compounded by agonizing wait times to see if the eggs and embryos are viable. this morning, one family in cleveland suing over their fertility nightmare. for the ashe family, a heartbreaking new reality. >> you know, you put so much faith into the physicians and the medical team, and -- like i said, just to have this taken away and to be -- just -- your hopes and dreams destroyed. >> reporter: this morning, they're the first patients to file a lawsuit against university hospitals in cleveland, after a freezer malfunction left the viability of 2,000 eggs and embryos in
8:15 am
question. >> at this point, we don't know the viability of all of the stored eggs and embryos. although we do know some have been impacted. >> reporter: the ashes had been storing their embryos since 2014. >> i find it very hard to believe that in this day and age, there are not better safeguards and practices that could be put in place. >> reporter: and now, an anxious wait for patients at a second clinic after a separate freezer breakdown on the same day. >> because there's an unknown, it's extremely stressful and it's very emotional. >> reporter: san francisco's pacific fertility center telling abc news more than 400 patients may have been affected when liquid nitrogen levels dropped in a tank that houses eggs and embryos. >> i have been practicing in this field with freezing tissue for 35 years. and this is the first event where two tanks of this nature have failed. >> reporter: patients receiving a letter informing them of the issue. it read in part, our most senior embryologists took immediate
8:16 am
action to secure all tissue in that single cryostorage tank. the tank was retired. the facility is operating securely. vials are frozen in liquid nitrogen containers in temperatures around minus 321 degrees fahrenheit. stopping biological activity and ensuring the tissue can be preserved indefinitely. to test viability, the embryos and eggs must be thawed and preserved. a process that could take independent experts months to conclude. centers across the country are responding to this crisis by rechecking their own safeguards. they are also reaching out to the patients to reassure them, while heartbreaking, these kinds of malfunctions are extremely rare. >> so heartbreaking, so infuriating for so many families. let's bring in dr. jennifer ashton. how did this happen? what happened with these tanks? >> we don't know because to be clear, something of this magnitude has never happened before. and to have two such incidents
8:17 am
separated in geographic location, and also happening within 24 hours of each other, time-wise, is really historic. i want to take you through a deep dive of these cryotanks. a lot of people think this is like your refrigerator or freezer at home and as long as it's connected to a power supply, it works. completely different. this does not need power to function, to keep these tissues cold. all it needs liquid nitrogen. we're talking about negative 321 degrees. so this is all dependent on the level of liquid nitrogen. a level of this liquid. when that level starts to drop by usually evaporation because it's checked daily, there are multiple safeguard systems in place. something of this magnitude does not happen because of one error. there have to be multiple failures at various points. there are alarms that go off in the labs, and these labs are staffed seven days a week with human personnel. there's an electronic notification system, cecilia, just like a snow day phone
8:18 am
chain, and it starts notifying personnel. if the first person doesn't pick up, the second person is called. down a chain, so for something of this magnitude to happen is really concerning. >> you could be going through this for a variety of reasons. ivf, egg freezing. you're most concerned as an ob/gyn because of women going through this because of cancer treatments. >> exactly. it's called onco-preservation. it's heartbreaking for everyone involved, including the staff and personnel of these centers. but we have to remember that people freeze eggs and embryos a lot of times before undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. they don't have a second chance. we don't know how many of the tissues are from patients fighting cancer. but we have to remember that that's it for those people. if their tissues are damaged, they don't get a second chance. >> two different clinics we're talking about here. what do we know about what's being done to prevent this from happening again? >> i was on the the phone last night with the president of the american society for reproductive medicine. they're issuing an official statement today. they're offering the full resources of both asrm and sart
8:19 am
to help these clinics investigate what happened. they're putting out a widespread message to reassure both physicians and patients alike that they are not only triple checking but quadruple checking because this is a process that has been safe thus far. >> but this is one of the hardest times for a couple and a woman. this has to be terrifying. >> absolutely. >> thanks, jen. we want to turn over to rob. >> hey, guys. more nor'easter number three coming down the pipe. let's talk about nor'easter number two. what you should do if you're part of the rutgers ski and snowboard team and you have the opportunity to train right outside the school dorm there. down the streets there in new brunswick, they hitched a ride to the car, got the skis out. the meteorology department saying, don't do this. if you're going to do it, grab on to the bumper like we used to do back in the '70s and '80s. be safe out there in this next nor'easter. the snow begins tonight for the northeast and especial
8:20 am
hi, there. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. fog, then showers today with mild highs. steady rain and breezy tonight and the storm door is going to stay open for wednesday and thursday with a stronger storm. you can sea some scattered showers today, with temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s. even some 70s around antioch and san jose. look at the heavier rain tonight, the yellows and the oranges, low to upper 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, thunderstorms with hail and even snow getting more likely by thursday. n well, look who is back. it is new england patriots father of three and the nfl's all-time winningest quarterback, mr. tom brady. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you, guys. thank you. >> i mean, i see so many people are so excited. they're just smiling. they weren't smiling earlier. they're smiling now. >> more patriots fans than giants fans, i think. [ cheers and applause ] >> you know, tom, i'm trying to
8:21 am
be professional here. let's not go there. >> you have never been professional with me. you tried to take my head off. >> that was my job. that was being professional at that time. >> you did a good job. >> one thing about you, you're a very private guy. i want to talk about "tom versus time." because this is really in depth about your life. what made you say, i want to put it out there? i want people to see behind the scenes of my life. you really are private. not much is known about your life at home. >> well, it was a great opportunity. it was perfect timing. we had come off the super bowl. and i guess i was feeling really good when i got asked. the director came and said, look, i think this is a great opportunity and great timing for us to do something like this. it is nice to show so many fans who we really built on the facebook community. i think over 5 million fans and, it's great to show the fans a different part of my life. they see so much football and sunday afternoons and wearing helmets and the intensity and i think all athletes are dealing with a lot of other things as well. there's family issues. and, your family that you're dealing with.
8:22 am
i have three still young children. it was great to show all those fans a different part of my life. >> what is it like to have the cameras follow you not on the field, off the field? was there ever a point where you're like, come on, guys, get the camera away from me? >> not too often. you know, i think it was a great way to show different parts of my life and really getting ready for the season. that's what it primarily was about. what does it take for a 40-year-old to play if the nfl? i felt like i really wanted to show people all the things that i had learned over the years, all the things that were really important to me and show some of the fans, and a lot of the patriots fans, really what it takes to continue to try to achieve at a really high level. >> 40 years old in the nfl is really amazing. i retired at 36. i didn't have anything else. where do you find it? where do you find the energy, the resolve, the everything it takes? how do you dig it up? >> well, i think there's a real love for the sport, a love for the game.
8:23 am
and the love for the competition. >> you love getting hit by guys like me? >> i love to try to avoid getting hit by guys like you. it's very hard for me. it always has been. it's something i really relish. as long as i feel good, as long as i continue to work hard and make the commitment, it requires a lot of discipline. that's one thing god had given me when i was young, discipline to get up and try to make the right decisions. when your priorities are in order and you can make decisions based on what your priorities are, i believe you can extend your career as a lot of athletes are trying to do now. when i first started, it wasn't necessarily like that. i think athletes may look at my situation and say, wow, maybe i could get to 40 also which is pretty cool for me to think about. >> yeah. and you said something -- you said that you wish when you were 22 you were doing the things that you're doing now. >> yeah. >> so what are you doing now? what's the secret? >> well, i would say i was a very late bloomer. you know, through high school and early into college, you
8:24 am
know, i was kind of growing into my body in a lot of ways. i'd say my routine and the things i did weren't very good. they weren't very conducive to my goals, how i was working out, how i was eating and how hydrated i was, how i was taking care of my body. early on in my career, i didn't envision myself being able to continue to play because my arm hurt so bad all the time. i changed my routine, learned a bunch of different things. and tried to apply those things in my life. it really paid off. as i got to 30 years old and 31, 32, i thought, wow, i'm starting to make improvements. that was very motivating for me. when you work hard at certain things and you don't get the benefit, it's really discouraging. i was working hard at the right thing. i thought it was really showing in my performance. i thought, great, if i continue to refine my routine, and again, what i was eating, what i was drinking, the kind of rest i was
8:25 am
getting, and the types of treatment i was doing on my body, it's really shown that you can sustain a certain level of performance over a long period of time. >> i'm making a comeback. >> come on. i'll teach you what to do. just don't hit me. >> i'm going hit you. >> come play for us. then you don't have to hit me. >> that wouldn't -- i better not say that, i'll get in trouble. but another thing, this is all part of the religion of sports. it's a project you and i have been working on, when sports becomes more than just a game. what has been -- what is the fun part? anything that you have found that this is really fun and interesting to be a part of the religion of sports family? >> i think working with you, gotham, and a really talented group of people, i think the content that's been produced is of the highest quality. there are so many correlations between all these religions that we have been a part of our entire life and how those relate to sports. and, you know, i grew up as a catholic boy in a catholic school. and, you know, loving sports. and really finding all these different ways that they really correlate to one another
8:26 am
and exploring those in deep ways. i think the religion of sports team has done such a great job of exploring those things. >> the story becomes the backdrop. it becomes more about the intersection -- when it becomes more than just a sport. >> yeah. >> and i'm just curious for you, do your kids understand how big of a deal you are? >> well, no. i don't think i'm a big deal, first of all. my kids don't either. i think that's pretty great. i think my kids are getting at an age where they are understanding a little bit more. i have a 10-year-old son that lives in new york. he's around a lot of giants and jets fans. i think he understands a little bit about what dad does. he comes up to the games and enjoys it. the two that are with me in boston -- >> you're a big deal to us, man. we appreciate it. >> thanks. reciate it.
8:27 am
>> announcer: good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. it has been a long wait, but it looks like san francisco's transbay transit center finally has a completion date. according to the examiner, the contractor for the project says work will be done on june 15th and service should begin by august. once it's open, the transit center will bring 11 bayer transit systems together in just one location. alexis, it's certainly going to be very busy there. >> yeah, it definitely is. we are looking forward to that. unfortunately, we do have an issue with mass transit this morning. ace 1 involved in that vehicle strike between fremont and great america. all trains are holding right now. that is a fatality investigation and this is creating delays for capitol corridor, as well. also have some delays on the
8:28 am
road. you can follow me on twitter, alexis abc well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way.
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one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] ytwo pancakes. two strips ofr bacon. two eggs. if you ask me, that's a pretty good deal. but you didn't ask me. you know what? i'll mind my own business. denny's $4 dollar everyday value slam. available at at home.ld generate your own energy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. all we're starting off with a mixture of sunshine, fog, and cool temperatures. mid-40s to mid-50s. this is about as quiet as our weather is going to get. this evening, that's when the rain starts to roll in. caution for everybody. jessica, the rain only gets heavier through the week. >> okay, have that umbrella handy. mike, thank you.
8:30 am
we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and always on our news [ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "gma," everybody. and as you can hear, we have a great audience with us here this morning. thank you, guys. [ cheers and applause ] and, of course, you're showing up with daylight savings time and all that. who is missing that extra hour of sleep? >> oh, my goodness. >> i felt it today. >> brutal. >> completely threw me off. did not sleep well last night. but you know what? today is a good day for all of us. it is the national napping day. >> who knew? >> so you get a pass. you get a pass. the only condition, no napping during the show. it has to be after the show. you can nap and rest up. who here likes to take a nap? >> oh, i do.
8:31 am
>> are you a napper? >> yeah. >> i'm too groggy. i'm in a bad mood. my husband is like, not going to happen anymore. >> shorter. shorter is better. >> really? >> 10 to 20 minutes. studies show a 10 to 20-minute nap is effective when midday fatigue hits. makes you alert. when you go over that, it puts you in a serious sleep cycle. that's why you're groggy. >> i don't know that i can take naps in the white house. i'll try. >> it's possible. it is possible. >> it is? >> do i take naps? it depends if i have nothing to do. will i take one today? absolutely. it will be longer than 20 minutes. there's an excuse. national napping day. so get a nap in. >> happy national napping day. [ applause ] we're also celebrating today a big birthday. the girl scouts turn 106 years old today. >> wow. >> you seem surprised.
8:32 am
>> you proved a point. 1 out of every 2 adult women are girl scouts. >> i would have done it the other way. i was also a brownie. i'd just like you to know. i was good at cookie sales. >> i can see that. >> the entrepreneur in you. >> very excited. >> you brought up cookies. who do we have here? >> come on in, ladies. [ doorbell rings ] hi, girls. thank you. >> i ate a box this weekend. >> you did? >> i absolutely did. >> i'm going to try one of these. >> thin mints in there? >> you have been a girl scout for 12 years? tell us about the experience. >> i have learned how to be a leader. i've been able to have experiences i wouldn't have normally had, like being on an all-girl scout robotics team. through that i've not only learned robotics but i've learned with how to work with
8:33 am
people like me. >> that's fantastic. >> this is stephanie. stephanie, i want to ask you, what is your favorite part of the girl scout experience? >> definitely being able to meet all these amazing girls. without girl scouts, i wouldn't have been able to meet them. they've become such close friends with me. they're more like sisters now. >> that's great. >> and i have a question for all of you. who sold the most cookies? >> me. >> how many boxes? >> i have sold about 200 so far this season. >> so far. >> and we're still going. >> do you still like to eat the cookies? >> yes. >> these cookies are so much more than what we see on the table for the girl scouts. tell us a little about the role they play, cookie sales for you guys. >> since we're an all-girls robotics team, we use a lot of the proceeds to fund our robot. we do a lot of outreach for girls who may not be exposed to s.t.e.m. >> great.
8:34 am
we'll buy lots of cookies today. michael is going to buy them. >> i'm with you. some of the best friends i have i met in brownies. were you in brownies, too? >> yeah. >> great organization. >> girls, thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> are you going to eat all those? >> i really could eat all these. i'll leave them right there just because. >> one of the rules is sharing. something we learn as girl scouts. >> i was never a girl scout. we have another inspiring story. meet jordan bascombe ralph. he's 7 years old. he's already an internet recreation. his re-creation of "black panther" has gotten 10 million views. [ applause ] it's gotten the attention of "black panther" star michael b.
8:35 am
jordan. it started with the m'baku challenge. now this morning, he and his mother brittni rae are joining us live. good morning. >> good morning. >> and brittni rae -- i love that. wakanda forever. >> wakanda forever. >> how did you first hear about the challenge? >> we didn't actually know it was a challenge. we saw one video after we saw the movie. we thought, wow, we know those lines, too. let's make a video. we love making videos. >> and jordan, did you love the movie, my man? >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> and brittni rae, did you enjoy the movie? how did jordan react when you were in the movie watching it with him?
8:36 am
what was his reaction as it unfolded? >> as soon as we watched it, he wanted to go back and see it again. he normally doesn't stay awake through 2 1/2-hour movies. so i knew that something was different about this movie. >> i want to know how many tubes of your lipstick it took to make him into m'baku. >> about five. >> and he's not the only superfan. you're a superfan, too. >> yes. i'm obsessed. i love this movie. it's more than a movie, it's a movement. >> jordan -- [ applause ] i know you're feeling a little shy. i want to brag about you. michael b. jordan saw your video and he said -- and i quote -- little man, you nailed it. [ cheers and applause ] what do you want to say to michael b. jordan? >> it was cool because somebody in the movie commented on my video.
8:37 am
>> not just somebody. >> can we see it? can we see the m'baku challenge? >> stand up and do it. >> m'baku, what are you doing here? it's challenge day. we have watched and listened from the mountains as the technological advancements have been overseen by a child! you offered to this prince who couldn't even keep his own father, mm? we will not have it. i said we will not have it. i, m'baku, the leader of the tribe, accept your challenge. >> all right. >> wow. >> there you go. >> he's going. [ cheers and applause ] >> a superstar.
8:38 am
>> i know when they do the second one, jordan, i think you should be in it, man. that was strong. we wanted to give you something special so we have some "black panther" toys they're going to bring out to you right there. we have producers who are going to bring those out to you. there we go. he liked it! hey, jordan. hey, jordan. we're not done yet, jordan. everyone was so taken aback by your performance that m'baku himself, winston duke who plays him in the movie, he has a special message for you as well. so take a look at this, jordan. >> i, m'baku, leader of the -- wish to make you an honorary member of my tribe. thank you for killing the m'baku challenge. you're amazing. i love you. you're amazing.
8:39 am
thank you for participating. thank you for making such an amazing video. i couldn't have done it better myself. you did forest. you did everyone's voice. so cool. thank you, thank your family. you guys are awesome. bless. [ applause ] >> what do you think about that, jordan? how cool is that? thumb's up. >> it's very cool. >> you're a man of few words but you're one great young actor, my friend. jordan, thank you. brittni rae, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> it's amazing how shy he is. when he does that, he just comes out of his shell. coming up, "american idol" mania. we have two former stars of the show here live. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. stars of the show here live.
8:40 am
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back now with "a wrinkle in time" and taylor richards, who raised $100,000 for other kids to see the movie with the help of oprah.
8:43 am
taylor got to go to opening night herself. take a look. >> hey, guys. we're at the theater where a bunch of people just watched "a wrinkle in time." how did you like the movie? >> i loved the movie. it was really, really beautiful. >> the critics say a-plus. would you recommend this to others? >> definitely. i would actually watch it again and again. i love it. >> thumbs down or up? >> thumbs up. >> how did you feel about the movie? >> we loved it. >> this movie, full of great messag messages. so what's the best message you took from the movie? >> being yourself is probably the strongest thing you can do for yourself. >> we're here as adults watching a movie about a little girl and self-esteem. we're like, oh, my god, this is fantastic. >> no matter how much darkness there will be, there's always light. >> not to give up on things that would be hard for you. >> my message for the movie is that, like, you can be yourself. >> when you leave the theater, you'll be a warrior.
8:44 am
>> be a warrior. can you? >> i'll try. >> all: be a warrior! good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco. the fog will turn into a partly sunny and kind of hazy morning and then we'll get our first chance of showers around 3:00 and they'll continue to grow through [ cheers and applause ] >> happy monday, everybody. michael and cecilia, back over to you. oh. now we're going to go to the return of "american idol." the journey began last night for a whole new crew of aspiring superstars. >> yeah, here are some of the c top contenders getting golden tickets to hollywood from judges katy perry, lionel richie, and luke bryan. from the first golden ticket to a first kiss. >> oh!
8:45 am
>> reporter: and one singer who hasn't even finished first grade. ♪ ooh >> reporter: "american idol" is back with contestants all hoping to hear those four words --. >> you're going to hollywood. >> reporter: and then there's noah davis. >> what would be the first thing you would do if you win "american idol"? >> i would buy an alpaca. >> reporter: behind the piano. his shot at buying that alpaca. ♪ tell me now tell me now tell me now you know ♪ >> reporter: for every golden ticket -- >> i would vote for this, no. >> it's been a long journey. >> reporter: and others inspi inspiri inspiring. dennis performing with a hole in his guitar. ♪ you say that you care i'm going to hollywood! whoo! >> definitely some inspiring stories from last night's show. we have a couple of guys who know what those contestants are going through.
8:46 am
"american idol" season one runner-up justin guarini and season ten winner scotty mccreery. fellas, welcome to the show. we saw these con yesterday. they made it to hollywood. what is going through their minds? what is next for them? what's the unexpected thing for them? >> i was freaking out. i didn't know what was going on. i was from north carolina bagging groceries. this was a big step. l.a. is a lot different than a small town in usa knock knock. it's a good time. >> when you step into that room, nothing prepares you for it. i had no idea what was going on because it was the first season. the people going to l.a., they have the time to beef up. nothing will prepare you for hollywood, right? nothing. >> and we have seen long lines of the thousands of people just waiting to get the audition. these guys who made it this far had to go through a lot to get to this point. >> there's three rounds before you ever see the real judges. i got to my arena in milwaukee
8:47 am
at 5:30 in the morning thinking i was early. but i was late. i didn't get to audition until 7:30 that night. >> you stayed the the whole day? >> 14-hour day. >> you have to devote yourself to it. without a doubt. >> you definitely have to be committed to that. who were favorites from last night? >> dennis, the gentleman from philadelphia, who you showed. by the way, did you know that philadelphia won the super bowl? the eagles won the super bowl? did you hear that? just wanted to make sure. >> i did realize that and i realized the giants have four and tom brady, he has five himself. >> you gotta start somewhere. you gotta star somewhere. >> philadelphia is like our little stepbrother. philadelphia won. be happy with that. >> it's okay. >> scotty, who did you like? >> i was inspired by ron. that's the american dream. he had the chance to come here from the congo.
8:48 am
i was inspired by that. he has a voice. they say a great singer is someone you can turn on the radio and recognize immediately. >> you have a favorite judge yet? >> lionel richie, without a doubt. someone who has been there, done that. i think the judges, just the panel, they're all phenomenal musicians, they're all phenomenal song writers, they're all phenomenal vocalists. they're at the top of their game. they know what we're going through and what we have been through. >> how nervous are they? >> it's new territory for them, too. i think they'll be great. for me, country music, i think luke's doing a great job so far. >> these guys are trying to get to their dream job. you have a dream job. you have an album coming out. when is it out and when can we get it? >> it comes out friday. it's called "seasons change." coming off my very first number one single. >> yes, sir. yes, sir. >> congratulations. and you have a single, justin. >> i do. jason manz and i are joining forces with random acts, formed by mischa collins.
8:49 am
we're giving 100% of the proceeds to dreams to acts nicaragua which helps people in rural communities who are poor get a free education and work their way out of poverty. it's fantastic. >> great job. congrats on number one. it's amazing what you're doing as well, justin. tune in to "american idol" tonight, 8:00 p.m. eastern. here on abc. we'll be right back. "gma's"
8:50 am
soh my gosh!ll hi! you look amazing! how are you? dad: steven, can i have a minute? tonight's a big night. i want to make sure you understand how special sara is.
8:51 am
yes, sir. dad: so treat her with respect. of course. dad: and don't assume being her date means anything more than that. one more thing, steven. have fun, bud. ♪ thanks, dad. ♪ we're back with the one-in-a-million twins millie and marcia biggs. they're gracing the cover of april's "national geographic." julia mcfarland has their story. >> reporter: meet marcia and millie biggs.
8:52 am
they're twins who have different skin colors. their dad is black. their mom is white. she calls them her one in a million miracle. >> blessed to have two beautiful daughters. >> oh, thanks. i'll pay you later. >> oh thanks. >> reporter: marcia has pale skin, big blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. millie has a darker complexion with dark brown eyes and jet black hair. >> i think it's nice. they can't say you're white or black. you're kind of both. >> reporter: now, they're on the april cover of "national geographic's" issue on race. something beyond their wildest dreams. >> wow. >> reporter: they are often mistaken for friends and often defined by the color of their skin. >> i think racism is a negative thing. >> racism is where somebody judges you by your color, not by your actual self. >> reporter: for marcia and
8:53 am
millie, it bypasses what means the most to them. they're friends who love to be together. it's best to celebrate the skin you're in. >> it's better to be different from other people. you can just be yourself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," julie mcfarland, abc news, birmingham. [ cheers and applause ] >> a terrific message. the april issue of "national geographic" focused on the single topic of race is available ♪
8:54 am
♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit
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8:56 am
well, that was a fun monday morning. >> it's nap time. monday morning. >> it's nap time.
8:57 am
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>> announcer: good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's check in with mike nicco. and it seems we're on the brink of rain. >> we are. we really are. even though most feel like it's just foggy, if not sunny, but things are going to change quickly this afternoon. get all your yard work finished early and then exercising on the beach. we go from fog to train this afternoon through this evening. >> the metering lights are off, but everyone is caught behind this in a crash on westbound 580 approaching the maize. i believe that is the reason why we're seeing so few cars right there. still have this ongoing fatality investigation for the crash involving an ace train this morning, so delays remain there as well. jessica? >> yeah, it's been busy on the roads. time for "live ith kelly & ryan." we'll be back at 11:00 for the
9:00 am
abc 7 midday news and our reporting continues on our new >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the drama "9-1-1", peter krause. and toby from the series "this is us," chris sullivan. find out how to travel for less as we kick off "live"'s march muddy madness week. plus, don't forget to check out our march moneyo an end to win for your chance to win some big bucks. all next on "live!" ♪ and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪


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